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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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any day we will get some great news there. she's going to be on tonight and tomorrow night for craig. a lot of moving parts but rook at the radar. we have moving showers moving forward broward. that's where a cold front that will knock us down from the middle 80s which is what we are seeing lately into the lower 70s today. live look outside fort lauderdale camera. we have 65 in fort lauderdale. the wind is blowing at 13 miles per hour. there have been a few showers since midnight. we are pretty much mid to upper 60s across the board. here's the forecast. 70 at 10:00. mostly cloudy. by 2:00, more sunshine, windy, and we will talk about the rest of the week in just a few minutes. good morning. not a bad ride at all so far. it has been pretty quiet. a few from griffin road just south of 595, all good to go.
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sheraton put they're picking up all of the overnight stuff throughout broward and dade county. we will look at hialeah. still moving easily from the big curve down through hialeah and beyond. that's traffic. back to you. a historic visit and a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> and now at 5:00 for the first time since 1928, a sitting u.s. president is in cuba, but here at home, some cuban americans say it is a historic slap in the face. >> it is a photo open by the castros and they're playing that president. >> team coverage of the president's historic event starts now. >> for his historic trip to lay island, he wants to late -- lay out his vision for the future which is brighter than the past. moments after air force one
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sent out a tweet saying just touched down here looking forward too meeting and and hearing directly -- to meeting and hearing directly from the cuban people. the president did not witness this scene first hand. a protest in havana by the ladys in white calling for freedom in cuba was broken up by a mob of procommunist demonstrators. in of the women were dragged away and put into a bus as they shouted. >> let's take you now to havana where -- and elliott rodriguez have more. >> reporter: air force one touched down at 4:45. the first family arriving here in havana met by cuban dignitaries at the airport. noticeably absent was castro but the president will meet with him during this agenda here on the island, much of that including direct interaction with the people anticipating his visit.
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at the -- when president obama arrived at the airport, he became the first u.s. president in 88 years to set foot on cuban soil. the first stop was the american embassy. >> this is an -- and new agreements and commercial deals to build new ties between our people and to lay out my vision for a future that's brighter than the past. >> the first family took a cultural tour of old havana with the much anticipated fanfare, the streets shut down as people from all over the world gather today witness history. >> i think it is overwhelming. we're so excited and so happy. i am not sure what the implications are of the stalemate breaking but i mope it is good for everybody.
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cathedral meeting ortega who was influential. >> if not today or tomorrow, soon we cannot live like this. this american is working on a new fast and furious movie shot in cuba. >> it opened the doors for cuba and for us as well to come down and be able to spends our money and, you know, have fun. >> this philosophy student who support it is castro regime says he's cautious about american foreign policy but, he too, is excited about this next step. >> you know what, people, cubans, we are and we talk. of course we are, we feel joy when we talk to americans or columbiaens, it doesn't -- columbians, we want to know the world and hope the world wants to know us. >> elliott rodriguez was there as some testify best known made
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-- some of the best known made their voices heard. >> on palm sunday, the ladies in white attended church not listening after the group's leader received an invitation to meet president obama. she said she's not hopeful. >> president obama said he would visit when cuba started respecting human rights, she said, adding that's not happening. we march with pain, this woman told me as ladies continued walking down smith avenue. >> the white house says they're getting unfettered access but the ladys in white say that's not exact think case because in have been detained and some are under house arrest. >> long-time human rights activist will also meet with president obama. >> i hope the president bring it is message that we will soon see an end to this dictatorship, he said.
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their march, we saw signs of support for the cuban regime. this large rally organized by the government included hundreds of young people. , and the crowd got louder the ladys in white were bussed away with a -- bussed away with a plus escort as it continued. at least three of the ladies in white were taken away in police cars after the confrontation that actually happens practically every sunday when the ladies in white come face to face with government supporters. there's also news on the business front from cuba. >> reporter: we have learned that the hotel chain has just signed a contract chain to renovate and rent three hotels here on the islands, returning the chain to cuba for the first time in more than half a serge x-ray the ceo of marriott is here as -- hear than half a century. the ceo of marriott is here as well.
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there are in who support the president's trip but there are still also who see this trip as the deal with the devil. cbs 4 gabby joins our team coverage live from havana. >> we do have a lot of mixed reaction here in south florida. in people are hopeful it will bring about change for the cuban people but others say the only one who wins in this arrangement is castro. >> as president obama boarded air force one bound for cuba sunday, crowds marched in little havana against the presidential visit to the communist nation. >> we are here begin a movement. >> florida lieutenant governor for, a first generation himself who's now running for senate was at the march. he says since easing u.s. cuba
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there hasn't been any reduction of oppression. in fact there has been an increase of oppression and political beating against people who are simply seeking to have rights we take for grabbed here in the united states of america. >> in fact more than 50 demonstrators were arrested in the streets of havana. they're the ladys in white, wifes of jailed anticast row activist who march to every sunday as they have for years. >> i hope that tonight, somebody, something to bah ma whats in havana today. >> -- to. >> change versus been made for the worse. >> they were expecting, you know, some sort of good feelings about any kind of change, at least in term of
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this is not the right message to send. they could have handled it differently but again, their insis tent is we're not going change domestically. to them the most important thing the lifting of the embargo. >> that professor you heard there also telling us he believes if change ever really happens it will be when that embargo is lifted. we are live from miami, cbs 4 this morning. thank you. the tampa bay rays are ready for game in cuba against the cuba national team. they tweeted it picture of the staff members arriving on sunday. the game is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon in front of 55,000 baseball fans, including president obama and castro. here are some of the highlights toffy ten rare for today. in the morning he will meet with cast row and will also have a meeting with -- and the president and first lady will
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the president will not meet with fidel castro. our cbs 4 team will remain there for the rest of the president's meeting. now at 5:00, the broward sheriff is investigating after a man was shot during a road rage incident. this all happened ton 1300 block of south west 48th near fort lauderdale. they were called out to the scene around 615 tim last night the man was rush today hospital where he later died. the shooter remained at the scene and it is unclear if the shooter will face any charges. >> a man is missing after jumping to the water. our news partner report the man is 31-year-old paul nowers from new york. a total of 16 people were on two rental boats. they were pushed toward shore for bad weather and one anchor
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that's when they jumped in to help out but flowers never returned. >> they try today swim up to that person and couldn't get up to him. they lost silted site of him. >> rescue crews continue to search throughout the night. there were reports that flowers was picked up by another boat but hasn't been confirmed. >> a university of miami student has died after being rush today hospital during the ultra music festival this weekend. the chief of security says adam levine was treated and transport today hospital. he died early saturday morning. he was a senior at um and majoring in political science. he was part of the -- fraternity. the cause of death has not been released. a university official issued a statement saying in part, i know the um community will join me in supporting addsal's family and friends and --
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yesterday marked it last day of the ultra musical festival. driving in that area, should get back to normal today. time now 5:12, straight ahead, the run for the white house. >> presidential hopefuls hit the campaign trail ahead of the contest tomorrow. pope francis embraces social media once again and has no shortage of followers. getting personal with bert reynolds, the actor reveals the biggest regret straight ahead. . >> showers on if radar.
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s0q time for traffic and weather. it is 65 in west palm beach. 65 orlando. there's a cold front pushing through right now. look at the cooler temperatures on the other side. gainesville is 48. we will see some of the cooler temperatures to night with lows in the 50s. and maybe some upper 40s. now that it is officially spring, we have a cool front. it is a weird situation. you can see a line of showers pushing to east. right about 10:00 that will be off the coast, but behind that is drier air. we will see increasing sunshine as we head toward the midday and afternoon hours.
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between five and ten inches from that very heavy west snow around new york city as well. keep that in mind to make sure the temperatures are on time. near or just above freezing, chicago at 33. kansas city at 33. dallas at 39. it is 33 in cincinnati. and currently snow and 34. here is how the moisture forecast will play out. there's the blob of moisture coming through today. later today, tomorrow and wednesday, the red, yellow and that's the drier air fm watch the greens toward thursday and friday. we will see rain chances rolling back in. passing showers today. especially this morning and sunny, windy and colder this morning. for tonight partly cloudy, breezy and cooler lows near 55. if for boater today, small
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be rough, the sub you have at 77. that's a -- the surf at 77. hey. good morning. may go that could hand because looks a little blustery but so far everybody getting through descently including the palmetto expressway. you can see the camera shake from the wind through that area. this is a look just south of the dolphin expressway. look at the i-95 in dade county, just south of the interchange here at 151st street. in and out of the glades excellent shape. that's traffic. back to you. now to campaign 2016. republican presidential front runner donald trump meets with party leaders in washington today, before delivering remarks at a proisrael conference. cbs 4 don tramp i don't know has the latest --
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runner, donald trump will be in the nation's capitol rallying party leaders behind him. >> if we bring our party together, we will win. we will win by number you have never seen before. >> he's set to meet with two dozen republicans and to deliver a critical speech to america's leading proisrael group, denounce wag they call his hate speech, a -- denouncing what they call his hate speech, they will walk out. >> trump is still posed to beat cruz and kasich in the winner take all state of -- tomorrow. even still the possibility of a contested convention hangs over his head. >> you have to have a majority of the delegates in order to be the nominee. there's nothing magical about the numbers. >> favored to win in utah tomorrow, cruz contends he can stop trump in the delegate count. >> we have a straightforward path to get do 1200 secure the
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>> sanders is counting on wins out west. >> when the voter turn out is high, we win. when the voter turn out is low, we lose. >> clinton leads sanders by close to 800 delegates. don tramp i don't know, cbs news -- don champion, cbs new. >> >> the interview also begin at 8:00 p.m. this comes just before the western tuesday primary contest. and donald trump's campaign manager was again involveed in a physical encounter with someone at a trump rally. it happened on saturday. the footage appears to show him reach for the man's collar as a member of the security detail grabs him from behind the trump campaign claims it was a man next to him that grabbed his collar. stay with cbs 4 and cbs miami for cam page coverage. >> it is time to look at the
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it is cherry blossom in dc and the best time to see blossoms is on wednesday and thursday. also the 43rd emmy daytime awards will be announced on the talk on may 1st in los angeles. this is friday. i should say this friday, rather is good friday. it is a religious holiday commemorating the crucifixion of jesus christ. the stock markets will be closed on friday. >> the rolling stones ground breaking is the first open air concert in the country by a british rock band. time now 5:22. justin beiber posts a throw back picture and the internet is blowing up. >> also, -- reynolds opened up -- the who introduced sean penn
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>> dustin beiber and gomez fans brace yourself your jaws are going to drop. are you ready? justin posted a throw back of a kiss with gomez on instragram. the photo as a much younger couple was captured -- beiber and go maze split in 2014 but one source told people magazine they care about each other and miss each other but they're not getting back together right now. let's just keep hoping, believe believers. the leader of the catholic church going after new voter, a photo of himself praying. the instragram already has more than 1.5 million followers.
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media. he also as a twitter account. trending on our cbs miami facebook page a water spout came dangerously close to -- look at cell phone video of the water spout forming just off the coast. you can see swirling winds over water before quickly dispersing. luckily nobody was hurt but it damaged several -- and several beach chairs on the sand. since saturday evening the story has gotten more than 25,000 hits on cbs miami facebook and has been shared 95 times. go on there and share it yourself. >> but reynolds, the mustache, that laugh, lady, he was one of the biggest stars in the world from smoky and the bandit to cannon there's a new documentary called it bandit that's getting a lot of internet buzz but even more people are talking about what
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yes, this nudity toe he posed for in -- nude photo he posed for. you know the one with all that hair. we will not show you the second part of the photo. >> i don't remember that even though i was around in the 80s. i do remember bo running down the beach. >> that's true. i guess we all have different things we remember from our youth, huh. i don't remember the reynolds thing either but that's just me. we do have showers rolling through this morning and we will let you know what's in
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and the ? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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at 5:30 a big step in improved ties between the u.s. and cuba as president obama arrives in havana for a visit. >> and gun fire erupts at a house party in plantation. it is 523-1:00 on monday, march 21st. -- it is 5:31 on monday march 21st. that's right. a lot of moving parts out there today and speaking of moving parts look at the radar, a few light showers working from west to east across northwest broward, along 595 and alligator alley. it will continue to move east this morning, so by 9:00 or 10:00, it will be off the coast and gone, but you may need the


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