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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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right now, one for the white house. donald trump stumps in south florida , while marco rubio hopes his home state delivers him a much-needed victory. two women injured when a boat once a ground. will tell you what officers believe played a role. it is march 14, thank you for being here with us this morning.
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>> good morning, right now we're taking the life you from our this campaign camera in miami. it will remain dark for a little longer, because of the fact that we had time change this past weekend. the sun will rise at 7:32 am. we are waking up to mount a muggy out there and visibility is down because apache dense fog -- of patchy dense fog in places. we have plenty of moisture as well as the winds lightning up. we are seeing a boundary just to our north. there could be a couple spotty showers this afternoon. look at these highs, it is almost going to be summerlike steamy around here. we will have the rest of your forecast ahead. waistcoat a check of your traffic. for those of you driving on
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south of open park boulevard. take a, you are seeing the right lanes are blocked off. what we're hearing from highway patrol is this is a stalled car. let's talk about miami-dade county this morning, the accident on i-95 at 1/51 that has since clear. but watch out, we have the festival yesterday and they are still a low closure as a result. the exit ramp is still closed off. we are following breaking news out of hollywood where a car slammed into a building. we are live at the scene with the details. >>reporter: unfortunately, hollywood police have confirmed one person died and another was transported to the hospital. we are just behind the publix shopping center on young circle. you can see the huge hole in
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westbound on hollywood boulevard and those familiar note there is a curve that appears to the right. it appears they missed the curve and slammed into the building. we are told it is part of a publix. we spoke with family and friends of the victims off- camera, they did not want to speak on camera. they did confirm the driver, a male, he did not make it. the female passenger was transported to the hospital. again, police have confirmed one fatality and we are waiting for the public information officer from hollywood police to arrive on the scene and give us more information as to exactly how this happened. it appears they miss a curve and slammed into the building. we of course will stay out here all morning long and bring you more information as we get it. we are live in hollywood,
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five states, florida, ohio, north carolina, missouri, and illinois hold primaries tomorrow with 350 delegates of the graphs. over the weekend, violence at rallies had candidates on both runner..champion is in miami with the latest.>>reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton to questions on a range of issues ohio voters during a town hall sunday night. but violence at a recent donald trump rallies took center stage and both candidates took a. >> -- took aim. >> humidifier and then throws his hands up and claims he should be held responsible.>> i would hope that mr. trump told it down big time and tells his supporters that violence is not acceptable. >>reporter: sanders holds a narrow lead over clinton, but trails her in crucial primaries in florida and illinois.
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on the weekend events. >> all over the world they are talking about what took place and they are talking about us and how well we humbly. donald trump still leaves his republican rivals here in florida. running third in polls, marco rubio hopes his home state delivers have a much-needed victory. john kasich is vying for a win in ohio where polls show that he could beat donald trump . >> i believe after tuesday we will continue to roll. >>reporter: donald trump is about a third of the way to the nomination with ted cruz close behind. florida is make or break for marco rubio and ohio is a much -- must win from john k-6 tomorrow. rubio needs all the help he can
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the latest news poll. stay with cbs 4 for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 . we will also have a special edition of cbs 4 this morning leading up to florida's primary. look for complete election coverage today and tomorrow right here on cbs 4 two people were hurt in a boating accident in key biscayne. they were transported to area hospitals. we have more on what went wrong. >>reporter: a 32 foot boat left the marina early sunday with 13 people on their way back, the driver cut sharply towards the inlet, subtly ran a brown.. so sudden and severe that one woman blew out of the bow. >> they were speeding in an area where you can go full throttle. unfortunately, they made a turn shopper that you were supposed
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bottom. >>reporter: fire rescue rushville woman thrown in the water over to a landing area where a chopper flew her to the hospital. another woman was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. hours later, four people were still waiting for high tide after refusing to be told. alcohol was not a factor here, but inexperience was. >> inexperience is a great part. unfortunately, we have new equipment that helps us with navigation. if you do not have one, you should know the areas that you are voting. -- boating. >>reporter: four people remain all night on the boat out there, stranded and waiting for high tide, the two women were
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are expected to be okay. hear more of your monday morning headlines, crews are searching for a man who went out on a lake on a waverunner and didn't return. authorities are looking for the 36 romance, a father of three. he went out all blue lagoon lake saturday night. crews found his waverunner covered in debris. they say that he was not wearing a life vest in math and speeding. police also looking for a man accused of robbing and sexually assaulting a woman. it happened on the 1300 block of granada boulevard around seven yesterday morning. police believe the man was a lead man about 35 years old and scene in a white should be orban. police in prince george county maryland are calling the fatal shooting of a police officer and unprovoked attack. authorities say a government fired at officer that he saw outside of a police station. this prompted a gun battle that
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he was only day shy of his 29th birthday and an undercover narcotics officer. police are looking for that these who burglarized several cars. it happened early yesterday morning outside of an apartment building your first three. the fees shatter car windows to get the items inside. >> this is the first time this is ever occurred out here that we are aware of. so some young kid, some grown- ups may be broke and thinking they would get something out of these vehicles. i have no idea. >> if you saw anything suspicious in that area call police. in world news, the united states is condemning yesterday's carbaugh attack in the turkish capital. this morning, turkish media says it's military has carried out airstrikes in northern iraq. the explosion killed 37 and injured 125 others. authorities say a car bomb went off close to bus stop. police believe militants carried out the attack and that
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and the -- at least 16 are dead on the ivory coast. al qaeda has claimed responsibility. the government says 14 civilians and two soldiers were among those killed. the actress who met with mexican drug lord el chapo is denying she received any money from him. kate del castillo says she only met with him to document his life for it will be. she and sean penn met with him last year and a remote area of mexico. according to the new yorker, she claims the account that was told never happened. the new yorker said sean penn maintains his story. still to come, apple has a new design for some of its
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streets of little a bang it for a festival. we will take you to the celebration after the break. plus, a new link to sleep problems and cancer. what a just released study revealed in this morning's healthwatch. let's talk about the weather, we are waking up to some foggy conditions and spots
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and we are talking (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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i moved to boston when i was two. there was 14 of us in a four bedroom apartment in the projects in boston. to be the first, actually, kid to buy a house in my family... ...i just realized that, i'm the first kid to buy a house...'s a very proud moment. whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it.
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this past weekend we had to spring forward, this daylight savings time change is not a favorite of many, but it is okay. we are going to help you get up and get going. also, we will have to wait an hour later for the sunrise, right now it is dark and we are waking up to fog and very muggy conditions. here is the main weather concerned this morning, we have dense fog reducing visibility
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miles in miami. drive cautiously. the reason for the fall, low- level moisture. all these ingredients coming together to produce low clouds. no rain as of yet, however we could see spotty showers later ron. future radar relatively quiet for much of the morning. right now, models indicating we could see scattered showers here and there, but nothing too widespread. looked this mess across the midshipman atlantic and even into the northeast, new england area. an area of low pressure spinning across portions of the tennessee river valley and the west coast is getting drenched.
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across portions of omaha and kansas city and even around portions of carolina. here in south florida it will be very warm with highs in the upper 80s and humid with afternoon showers and about a 20% chance of rain. the good news is it is not windy like last week, just a slight risk of recurrence. tonight, 70 degrees and mild and muggy. tomorrow, we are talking upper 80s and very warm and humid. that will be the deal through wednesday and thursday peer we will start to be showers on friday and better rain chances as we can. let's get a check of your traffic. we still have that alert on i-95 northbound. plenty of police cruisers out there. the florida highway reporting -- patrol reporting this. let's talk about some issues in miami-dade county, north w. 42nd avenue. says you are jumping off on 42nd and you will see the left lane blocked. then we have a well closer because of the festival yesterday.
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exit ramp.. washington avenue, we are getting a word of shutdowns in both directions. it has been four years since the hurricanes made it to the big dance, here is your money morning dose monday morning sports report. >> it must be march because college basketball teams from behind -- around the country have put on those dancing shoes. miami players going crazy yesterday when they found out they were the number three seed. they will face buffalo on thursday. it is the first time in four years they have gone to the big dance and the only member of that team is ready to soak up one more run with the hurricanes. >> it really feels different. my freshman year, i wasn't playing much. the guys that were playing,
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i didn't know what was going on. i was excited because they were excited.>> on the diamond tomorrow and taking on the massive jupiter, john carlos gets hosed down there in the second inning. it looks like he was trying to test the sword the. 11 runs and 15 his. that is going to do it for sports. now it is time for talking with joe. >> first thing in the morning and i am ready to go. i have my brackets. i want walter to get that pool going. put a little bit of you know what in there to have a little fun.
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meanwhile, joe and i want to their three seed in the ncaa tournament. do you think they have a shot?>> it is going to be a tough one. off the bat they should be buffalo and then they are most likely going to play a really good arizona basketball team. they have kansas and villanova. win. listen, it is a team that has a lot of experience and really good thing your players. they are going to have to shoot the ball well. i hate to throw but on the calendar or rodriguez, but if those guys shoe well from the outside they will have a chance to go deep into this tournament, but it will be a tough one for sure. it is hard one should get in the big dance to find that pretty girl. >> what a difference a year makes. last year a much different
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>> they were definitely and. they are a three seed and no one was surprised the fact that they are a three seed coming out of the acc. everybody expected that to be a strong conference and it was. being a three seed is good, just about where everybody thought they would be even though they didn't win the acc tournament. they have improved a lot across the board. i think they can nitgo deep into this tournament and it is nice to not be playing in that tournament. it leaked out on social media and of course people followed on the internet.
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leaked that out. they are going to be unemployed when that investigation gets going. >> lots of fans very excited. thank you so much. do you get out this weekend? thousands packed the street and little havana yesterday. those who attended the block party got the chance to enjoy a variety of food and vendors. the event raises funding for community service projects. now to your health alert, how a bad night's sleep could be linked to cancer. a new study shows how people
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outcomes. here is another reason to eager blueberries, researchers say blueberries may help to fight of alzheimer's. patients with mild cognitive problems who took blueberry powder for four months showed improvements in brain function. previous study showed the fruit may protect against heart disease and cancer. >> i am not a blueberry fan, but i may become one now. also ahead, apple is replacing the genius bar in some of its stores. we will tell you the reason
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welcome back, on your money watch, our gas prices on the rise? plus, are you participating in a march madness pool? we're live this morning from the new york stock exchange with details. >>reporter: have you filled out your march madness brackets? nearly 51,000,000 american workers could participate in office pools this year. an estimate says that caused
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and lost productivity. it says dose they say they should -- last week, the average cost of regular gas rose $.12 nationwide. triple-a say it is typical for this time of the year and more drivers hit the road for spring break. right now the national average is $1.94 per gallon. say goodbye to apples genius bar, apple is replacing it with wooden stools. technicians will sit down next to you. the idea is to make the customer experience more intimate and equal. >> i am always hoping i do not need to go in there at all. >> save here. there is a new path out apparently that is making it very easy and high tech when it comes to worshiping and giving. >>reporter: you can call it
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a new app less parishioners give money to their churches electronically. it works like a paypal for donations, but the good news is that giving has increased because of the convenience of this act. >> and when you want to collect money, easy is always the best way to do it. >> that is right. >> thank you hannah. it is time for dogs and the city. we are joined by the humane society. and this is cici, a distinguished.. >> barry, 10 years old. she is small and she has life in her. she is a purebred. she can have many more years ahead. she is in excellent health and i believe it was an owner
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happen. luckily the person brought her to us. because so many people love to wolof i am sure she will find a great home. we always talk about senior pets , what you get is what you see. very little training involved. she is very happy sitting in your lap and relaxing. you know what, it doesn't require very much training. a lot of people don't want to go through all of that. they just want a pet that will acclimate to them and be cozy and comfortable and she is one of those. >> do you tend to get a lot of senior pets? >> we definitely get some, either they are abandoned, that often they are owner surrenders were people cannot take care of them anymore. dogs -- if you give them a safe place to sleep and a nice home they will be happy. they make great pets. >> they are very resilient.
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lap with no problem and is totally at home. hopefully, we can get her a home very soon. lori, thank you to you and to cici. >> that will do it for cbs 4 this morning at five. next at six, campaign 2016, thousands turn out at a rally for donald trump as he and the rest of the presidential hopefuls viper florida. the florida primary is tomorrow and hundreds of thousands of registered voters in the state have already cast their ballots. we have complete team coverage. and a boat with more than a dozen people on board runs aground. a deadly accident in hollywood where a car crashed into a building. we are live on the scene.
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march 14. >> traffic and weather together on this monday, we are going to start off with our meteorologist. good morning, the winds have called down compared to last week when it was quite blustery. you can see it from our cbs 4 camera so drive cautiously. do -- looked these numbers, we should be waking up in the low 60s. visibility reduced the 4 miles in homestead, 90 pompano beach because of that patchy dense fog. are driving around to work and right now the winds light anywhere from two just keep that in mind as you are driving right now the winds light anywhere from 2 to 9 mouse per


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