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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:43pm EST

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now, a vigil held for a 14- year-old shot and killed by another teenager. the police say they were playing with guns. family members said this was a horrific accident in the teenagers were friends. tonight the shooter is facing charges. we are live at the miami gardens police department with the story. >>reporter: we spoke to people on both sides of this tragedy, the heartbroken family of a 14- year-old boy shot and killed and a determined attorney of the accused shooter. loved ones hugged and cried, gathering for vigils outside the home where taveras was shot and killed on saturday. >> he was sweet and funny and always laughing. always dancing and making jokes. he was beautiful and i am glad we were able to be here to celebrate his life.
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leave at a young age. >>reporter: police say 14-year- old friend was showing a gun to taveras and another friend when killing taveras. police arrested a friend who remains unidentified because he is a minor. >> we can't believe what happened. >>reporter: the attorney says he is remorseful and devastated about what happened. >> he is in shock. he is upset about all of this. when everything is said and done, this is a tragic accident, no more and no less. >>reporter: at the vigil tonight the candles eliminated a picture of the 14-year-old. poster sending a message we have heard too often. save the children, stop the gun violence. we will always love you no matter what. my mom did the best that she could. we love you baby.
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where the gun came from. the police continue to investigate. a judge released the shooter sending him back home. he is charged with manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. we are alive that miami gardens police department. a two-month-old baby that was kidnapped by family member has just arrived home with her mother. this is new video. little taraj kemp was taken out of her family's car and enter her home in fort lauderdale. she was kept overnight at a hospital in orlando for evaluation. an amber alert was issued for taraj kemp yesterday. she was found yesterday afternoon in orlando. stephanie augustine and her 14- year-old cousin broke into the home and took the baby. a neighbor heard the mother screaming. >> they took my daughter, i want my daughter back is what she was saying.
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>>reporter: investigators say that the suspect was on her way back to south florida when they arrested her. she is facing several charges including aggravated child abuse, armed burglary and kidnapping in the teenagers facing charges of armed burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. donald trump is facing criticism tonight after he refused to distance himself from a controversial endorsement. meanwhile, trump and clinton are leading in key states on super tuesday. don champion begins team coverage. >>reporter: republican front- runner donald trump campaigned in alabama sunday afternoon. earlier he appeared on cnn's state of the union and refused to denounce an endorsement for a kkk leader, david duke. >> honestly i don't know.
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i don't believe i have ever matt him. i don't know anything about him. >>reporter: other candidate slammed trump for not condemning the support. smith there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke and the ku klux klan. >> we don't have a place for white supremacist in america. >>reporter: 1500 delegates are up for grabs, the candidates are hitting key states in the south while courting voters in the south today hillary clinton also attacked trump. a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows clinton ahead of sanders in georgia, virginia and texas, and sanders admits he has worked to do after losing carolinas democratic primary.
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african-american voters. >>reporter: trump is ahead in georgia and virginia but trails tran29 vanessa home state of texas. don champion, cbs news, new york. clinton will be here in miami on super tuesday but her husband is in town campaigning for. bill clinton held a rally in miami gardens at the ferguson recreational complex. he was joined by frederica wilson. clinton lost his voice cheering for his wife's victory saturday in the south carolina primary. he told the crowd. the republican rivals don't want her to win the nomination because she will be done. >> everything hillary accomplished as secretary of state and in the white house. she had some good republican supporting her. now they are mean to her she left the secretary of state's office because they said oh my goodness.
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what will he say? >> clinton also address the recent shooting death of king carter and he honored mothers have lost their children to gun violence, including the mother of trained on martin. also the democratic national committee vice chair and now she is stepping down from her post to throw her weight behind bernie sanders. the hawaii representative, gabbard, is one of the first female combat, but-i been combat veterans to serve in congress pay she stressed the importance of having a commander-in-chief who debbie wasserman schultz resignation. on the eve of early voting in miami-dade county, marco rubio opened his miami headquarters. this is his first campaign office in the state located at 7575 west flagler st. along with some south florida congressional supporters who are there. speaking on his
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virginia today. >> i want this to be your second home. you can sleep at home. that's okay. when you get up in the morning, come here and work the phones, work the precinct. you will have friends say, please give me a bumper sticker. he will tell them were to come to get a bumper sticker. he will give them a yard sign. we want to south florida to be marco rubio country. >> rubio is expected to spend super tuesday here in miami. trump is expected to spend super tuesday and west palm beach. it's a big day for candidates because 13 states will be voting in the republican primary. remember florida is a closed primary state. that means you can only vote for the party in which you are registered. as we mentioned, early voting begins tomorrow in miami-dade county ready for march 13.
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march in miami-dade county early voting gets underway of march 5 and broward county and 15. remember to stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 miami beach, the >>reporter: causeway is set to reopen tomorrow after nine months of getting rerouted to travel between miami and miami beach. drivers will be able to take the venetian causeway starting at noon tomorrow. the 730 foot stretch of the bridge connecting the venetian island to the mainland's was completely restructured. ribbon ceremony will be held for the project that is finishing on schedule. vanessa will be there with a live report tomorrow on cbs4 news at noon. still ahead, tonight the mother of a woman beaten by a remake she found on craigslist,
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doing. a memorial for an officer killed on her first day on patrol with the virginia police department. a small airplane crashes into a tree, leaving the pilot dangling from the aircraft in midair. after a beautiful weekend i am tracking a weather system heading our direction. i will let you know what that means for monday. and well march come in like a
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i will get your an update on a miami woman attacked by a remake she found on craigslist. her mother said she is in a coma has made some eye movement. daniel jones mother shed this picture on facebook today. her daughter is in the hospital in critical condition. she has been hospitalized since valentine's day. her attacker is byron mitchell. this been charged with attempted murder. he told police they were in a relationship, but mitchell was her daughter's new remake that she found on craigslist. an army staff sgt. is facing murder charges after he killed his wife and opened fire on three police officers and a dc suburb. the officer was killed on her first day back on the job. brian webb reports.
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and prayers part of a memorial for officer trained 15 on her first day on patrol with the prince william police department and virginia. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor of lashley. it would discredit her memory and a selfless service. if we did anything but that. >> an officer down. i don't know where the suspect is. >>reporter: officers, including trafficking were responding to a domestic dispute 30 miles outside washington dc. police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, and active-duty army staff sgt. assigned to the pentagon. he shot and killed his wife and opened fire on the officers. >> it was scary. i heard the shots back to back. >>reporter: yellow tape roped off the crime scene on sunday. residents pay their respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering.
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something so stupid? it's so sad. >>reporter: and try 15. a six year marine corps member was sworn in on friday. this post was welcoming her and another officer with the words, be safe. tonight. the victims of a mass shooting at a kansas manufacturing plant are speaking out. sedric ford shot 17 people, including coworkers thursday. he killed three people before police shot and killed him. adam miller came face-to-face with ford. >> i saw him come around the corner and he looked confused so i told him, he needed to run that there was a fire. and he just looked confused so i told him again and he said i know he shot me. >> investigators believe ford acted out of violence after being served with a protective order taken out by an ex- girlfriend.
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into a tree in pennsylvania, trapping the pilot inside, suspended in midair. it took several hours to pull him to safety. he suffered from minor scrapes but the airplane is not going anywhere. it will stay in the tree until the national transportation safety board has finished its investigation. the third time was not the charm for a private space company calling off the launch of a falcon nine rocket. after similar cancellations in recent days, on the website. they say the rocket and its payload are fine but it is not saying why the launch was scrubbed again. one of the previous launches was canceled because of problems with the propeller. it carries a satellite delivery internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. john gerard is joining me now. happy weekend. >> be happy weekend is now over.
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be a pretty decent day we get past a few sprinkles. nothing big heading our direction. even though we are in a el nio pattern. it has gone awol. it has gone missing for a few days but a good bit of a break from the stormy weather-if the weather. the radar is clear that over the next 12 hours a few blips and a few blobs on the radar sprinkles and light showers. a few popping up any time until 11 am. more of a concentration off the broward county coast but the main take away from that, it will be isolated and widely separated. just be aware there might be a few raindrops early in the day. 73, was the hyatt miami and below the normal of 79 in fort lauderdale. the entire weekend. we were below normal. will take it.
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summer days. we had one of those days today. hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy it. there's an upper-level disturbance fishing some clouds in our direction. it will give us just enough of a bomb to get us a few sprinkles in the morning. 65 in miami and 66 and key west committee is 63%. the wind is calm and the winds are 10 miles an hour. the way things are shaping up, not too bad temperature wise the south. we will continue to see some pleasant temperatures. satellite. clouds on top of the ocean coming into the westward they will thicken up and we will see more sunshine in the afternoon but we will see some sprinkles and showers coming through later tonight and early in the day tomorrow.
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of us that is not that strong, but our moisture forecast will be tracking the blues and the grains as we head into monday and tuesday, a bump in the moisture. wednesday is what we will have our best rain chance that will be south enough to include a chance of showers on wednesday and another chance on friday. so if you weather systems heading our way this week. nothing really strong. a bit of a beach breeze of 63 and for your monday will be breezy and mild spotty showers in the morning. 77 for your afternoon high. bay waters and moderate chop and the surf at 75. for the last day of february. tomorrow, a few days of spotty showers and the first day of march comes in like a lamb. that was supposed to be a
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out right.>> thank you john. big changes underway at adventure world mall. a big competition at the box office. which may be kicked kung fu panda to third place, next. tomorrow, yoga and beer. brewery owners are bringing the workout inside the workplace.
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the food court at adventura mall was scheduled to be shut down to make way for a three-story complex of restaurants and shops. for the next year and a half shoppers will be without one of the true pleasures of shopping. eating at the food court. the 241,000 square-foot expansion will be complete. next fall. the blockbuster hit, dead pool has topped the box office, starting ryan reynolds. it earned $31.5 million in the third week. total $285 million coming in second at the box office is gods of egypt, featuring gerard butler earning 14 million this weekend and kung fu panda
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how did joe johnson do in
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welcome back. joe johnson, his first game with the heat, how did he do?pretty good. they put them right in the starting lineup.
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garden tonight. joe johnson. wasting little time getting into the starting lineup and how about this? his first shot, a three ball, it's good. this is why they brought him to miami. at times it look like a track meet. the rookie taking flight. miami might have found a new offensive weapon. but old reliable was leading the way. wade a 26 point night with a sweet runner. miami is back in the winning column using eight players to dismantle the next.--the knicks. >> it's very important for this team, with everything we have been dealing with. so it's big for us. they're going to get them more comfortable. >> i guess you could say the heat owner is happy with the
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miami. not only did johnson scored 12 points in his debut, but also three assists, a good start to the seven-time all-star. >> we have a great group of guys put a lot of veteran guys. the police everybody. a great atmosphere. i'm looking forward to it. the florida panthers have reason to be looking over their shoulder. thanks to back-to-back losses, they have a two-point lead of the lightning in the atlantic division. enemy territory today in minnesota. montoya gets level. had to leave the game early with an upper body injury. the coach said he will be fine. florida down by a goal in the second. a tie game heading into the third. breaking free going top shelf, the cats lose this one. >> they held us in there. we had a few lapses like that. the cost is.
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we did not get enough quality chances will have to change something. student the baseball team had a chance to make an early-season state meant with number one florida. they fall flat against the gators. basketball coach making an appearance during the night. it has been 52 years since miami went hitless. jacob hayward strikeout and dalton guthrie noxon a pair but the story of the day, a sophomore, striking out 12 batters for florida. luckily, christopher bar was able to break up the no-hitter in the ninth. >>today we made adjustments with hitters. in particular, pharaoh through outstanding.
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-i, both as much energy and there is no excuse for that. some of the final round of the palm beach gardens, adam scott roles in a birdie on the 18th to go eight under. how about that? scott of a stroke. no problem at all. his donald trump going to be here? to make he might be here. he will be in west palm for
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he has his disney rolling out seasonal prices, hoping to spread out demand. the changes will let visitors look at a calendar 8 to 11 months from now to see which days are value, regular or peak days. it will pay more on peak days. for example, value days at the magic kingdom will cost $105. thus the same as the current one day ticket price paid regular days will be five dollars more and on peak days, the ticket will cost $124. start the cake boss is in south florida making a little girls wish come true. she is being treated for a brain tumor.
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they decorated a case together pick all of that thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. that's our news for now. for more, go to our website cbs if you see news and weather happening and you can capture it safely, send it to us. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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your 24/7 celebrity conversation. kelly clarkson tears for her father inside her musical therapy. that's part of our good week/bad week. >> i don't want to read too much or know too much. >> including chrissy teigen's ivf controversy. plus, are kim and kanye heading for a billion dollar divorce? and music's top diva as the hit-making producer finally speaks out. and ultimate fighting champion ronda rouse owe yrousey's first interview after her suicide confession to ellen. then tiffany theisen kisses


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