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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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any information what so ever about this story and about this homicide, they were successful. somebody helped out the police and tonight two guys are in jail. here's how it came down. the case was coming together late yesterday afternoon. miami-dade police saying they were making a routine community police visit to the scene where 6-year-old king carter was shot by a stray bullet saturday afternoon. >> we are asking for help from those in the community. a lot of times we feel the community knows more or as much as we do. >> reporter: later that evening a second night in the row a community rally at the shooting scene. folks determined to get justice. cbs 4 cameras were there when a community activist tells the crowd someone turned themselves in.
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by early wednesday morning warrants were prepared and two young men detained. eventually arrested. they are 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old irwin presley. both wrapped up by police with community help in less than four days. presley has a criminal history. both now jailed at the county detention center. in a break from a code of silence, the community got involved producing a flow of information. >> everybody asked the community please help us. and they did. and so as the mayor said and as the chief said of homicide, you covered it. the message got out there. and immediately we started to get leads. >> reporter: while sorting out just what happened why teens with guns should shoot it out and a stray bullet could take a young life, it is a story not new in south florida.
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they are punking each other out on facebook saying derogatory comments to each other. we have to work together to stop our youth from going to guns to resolve that issue happening on the social media. >> reporter: both suspects face second degree murder charges. we have our eye on a storm tonight rolling into south florida as we speak. let's look at the radar. you can see it comes in from the west. it is raining in parts of broward county. >> here's a live look outside as we watch the storm move in. the blue skies will be disappearing soon. craig is here in weather control with an update. >> this is part of the big storm system affecting us. the storm system that affected much of the country with blizzard conditions and a tornado outbreak. yesterday we had it in the deep south. today it moved up to the east and carolinas and mid-atlantic states. we have a strong cold front headed our way. that comes through later tonight.
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line of thunderstorms pushing into broward. much of the activity along alligator alley in the west. heavier showers along the salt grass expressway approaching 441 and the turnpike. that activity will sweep through south florida through the night. big line of storms will be working through the keys in the evening hours. tonight gusty storms early. cooler later tonight. overnight lows tomorrow morning will be in the mid 60s. this morning we only saw mid 70s. tomorrow increasing sun. not as warm. 15 degrees cooler. the sun lasts through friday. i'll have more on the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, craig. reminder you can check weather any time. download the cbs miami weather app to your i-phone or android. new details tonight on a south florida attorney arrested on federal child porn charges. 47-year-old is facing several battery.
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investigation started when he started communicating with an undercover detective online. he is currently held in jail with no bond. a man is under arrest tonight after a chaotic chain of events at the mall last night. michael guzman and his wife were having dinner at a restaurant when they began arguing. police say guzman pulled his wife out, pushed her into a car and drove away. the woman opened the door and jumped out of the vehicle. officers tried to stop guzman but he droved up to them forcing an officer to fire his weapon. guzman was later arrested. in campaign 2016 plenty florida voters have been busy this week casting absentee ballots. 353,000 ballots have been returned. 187,000 are from republican voters.
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15th. miami-dade elections department and south florida voters are getting primed for the polls. >> reporter: it is called a confidence test, third and final dry run to make sure miami-dade's 1500 voting machines are ready for the primary election. indications are they'll get a lot of use. >> there is a spike in registration and party changes for this election. if we look at historical stats, one would think the voter turnout for this election could be 35 and 40%. >> reporter: miami-dade has 1.3 million registered voters. 163,000 absentee ballots have been sent. 37,000 returned. if you compare that to the last big presidential primary when 66,000 absentee ballots were returned in miami-dade we are
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in broward county there is a surge too, 1.1 million registered voters. 100,000 absentee ballots requested and sent. 13,200 returned. the unfolding drama in the democratic race as the republican side has voters paying attention. >> have you made up your mind about the election? >> absolutely. donald trump. he is not a politician. it is real simple. >> i'm a bernie supporter. bernie sanders. >> and why? >> i think the guy is most genuine. yeah, he is a politician but he is not a politician. >> reporter: other voters say they have not made up their minds awaiting the choices. >> i'm still listening to the debates. it is a real interesting race.
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hopefully this will spur a change over the next few elections we'll get people not just showing up to the polls but interested in what candidates have to say. >> we are three weeks away from the primary. on monday miami-dade begins early voting. broward county early voting begins march 5th. >> thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day. for information on early roading in miami-dade, broward county and palm beach county head to 2016. when people talk about the dangers of smoking they probably didn't think about this. look at this. the man's pants on fire. that's next. you can do much more than like a post on someone's facebook page.
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the political battle rages on over naming a supreme court replacement for justice antonin scalia. there are reports that the white house is considering the moderate republican governor brian sandoval for the position. ^ the news comes as president obama said it would be difficult for republicans to explain any attempt to block a nomination. >> i recognize the politics are hard for them because the easier thing to do is to give in to the most extreme voices within their party. and stand pat and do nothing. but that's not our job. our job is to fulfill our constitutional duties. >> with the passing of justice scalia, an icon, a lion in the
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of justice scalia everything is on the line. congress, supreme courts, the presidency. >> the president's comments come a day after senate republicans positioned themselves for a fight on any potential white house selection. the supreme court election should be left to the next president and has shown no sign of backing down from that position. a texas court dismissing criminal charges against former texas governor rick perry. perry was indicted for threatening and carrying out state funds for prosecutors. on tonight's tech minute, today facebook announced it is expanding its user's ability to react to something on news feeds. social networking site used to have a thumb's up button if you
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now if you hover your cursor you can chose from like, love, ha ha, wow! sad or angry. >> sometimes people post things that are not good news and you don't want to necessarily want to say like. coming up, pants on fire, surveillance video capturing the danger of egrets. we have the smoking and fiery details behind this story later
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>> reporter: i'm (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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e-cigarette exploding inside a man's pocket. surveillance video shows the man standing in line at the gas station when the battery explodes. he runs outside as an employee uses a fire extinguisher to put it out. the man is recovering from second degree burns. this is a rhino charges an suv driving inside a national park in africa. the video shot by someone in a nearby car. you can see the rhino ramming the car several times. terrified tourists trapped inside. the passengers were able to escape unharmed. that rhino was determined. >> that is his territory.
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golden opportunity tonight to beat the best team in the nba. steph curry and the golden state warriors are in town tonight. >> jim berry is at the american airlines arena with a preview and information we just gotten about chris bosh. >> reporter: that's right. we understand that chris bosh's status for this season might be resolved for the next day or so. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we hear something. teammates tonight will try to cool off the hottest team on the planet. golden state has a style that's hard to match and definitely hard to beat. >> what is the challenge of playing a team like golden >> where do you start? >> reporter: so far this season its own. the team that shot its way to an nba title has improved. >> they are playing exquisite basketball.
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league has figured out what you can do to scheme or slow them down. >> reporter: the warriors are storming through the league with a swagger of a team that feels unbeatable. they nearly have been with a record of 50-5. golden state dominates with ruthless precision. >> they have so many weapons. outside. they can drive. they share the ball well. >> reporter: leading the way is steph curry, the likable mvp whose unlimited shooting range and boyish charm made him the new face of the nba. >> steph looks like he is 12 years old. every kid in america has his jersey. >> how he plays is entertaining basketball but it is not what
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it is enjoy the feel and go out and play with confidence. >> reporter: the wave remembers when the heat was that it team. he is certain his home court will be sizzling with an energy that only comes when you play the best. >> the heat had a four year run. there will be a lot of fans in here looking to watch the golden state show. there will also be a lot of heat fans looking for us to do great things. >> reporter: speaking of d wade here he is on the court warming up getting ready for the big game. heat won three in a row. they would love to make it four and send a message that they can hang with the best. jim berry cbs 4 sports. >> we hope the heat win. either way it will be a good way. weather wise we are watching the storms. we have been through worse. it will be brief downpours. outside radar is fairly active. as computer models indicated
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to weaken as it comes through. it is beginning to do that now. still several bands of heavier downpours. gusty winds with the downpours through the evening hours. heaviest activity is increasing in northern broward. these will be quick movers and gusty downpours here and there. keys will be under the gun for heaviest rain starting in the lower keys up florida bay into the upper keys. in west broward you can see the clouds thickening up. sun breaking through here or there. high today 86. three degrees shy of a record 89. low 74. well below the normal of 63. tomorrow's low is 63. 85 fort lauderdale hollywood. winds blowing south southwest 13 to 22 miles per hour. they have been gusting well over 30 miles per hour in many locations. temperatures still on the warm side mainly in the low 80s. tomorrow ten degrees cooler than these readings now.
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get out of the 60s into the 70s. here come the clouds on the satellite ahead of the thunderstorms. you can see the thunderstorm line there and the clouds thickening up. this is part of the big low pressure area over the ohio valley. you can make out the front extending down wrapping around into florida. severe weather ahead of this system. blizzard conditions behind it. for us high rain chances showing up on the computer models. tonight dryer air arrives. here we go into friday, saturday and on to sunday. the dry air sticks around. after tonight it looks like a beautiful several days into the weekend. temperatures cooler than they have been for a week. temperatures over the southeast behind the front in the 40s. in the northeast there is the storm system that is wound up. rain and a mess in the eastern half of the country. for us gusty storms early. cooler late. low near 64. tomorrow look for increasing sunshine. not as warm as today.
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low 70s tomorrow. the mold is low. juniper, oak and pine are high. through the weekend temperatures on the cooler side with sunshine through sunday. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead on cbs 4 news, an unlikely hero. >> a chihauhau being called a lifesaver for what it did when its owner's house caught on fire. >> reporter: you are looking at chef from yo-yo no fort lauderdale.
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the kickoff of the >> reporter: we are going to come in and bring you here. there is going to be 12 chefs participating in this event. the man of the hour himself, it is lee schreger. hello. lee is the founder of the south beach wine and food festival. tell us why you decided to come up to fort lauderdale. >> i learned people in fort lauderdale eat and eat well. it is a great culinary community. it was a natural expansion for us. you couple that with just our need to expand. we have taken over south beach as much as we can get. knowing there is so much great talent and the city of fort lauderdale was so welcoming it made it worthwhile.
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hosted by chef irvine. >> one of the food networks most popular chefs. one of the great names to put out for our first big event in fort lauderdale tonight. >> reporter: standing by is chef baron. what does it feel to be kicking off in fort lauderdale in your back yard? >> incredibly exciting. it is about time people know what fantastic food we are serving here. >> reporter: tell me what you are make. >> it is a new item. it is a scallop with tarragon with oranges and the scallops are sered. here. they'll have full use of the property with chefs all over. the band will start behind me. let's oarlock over here to this beautiful area of water.
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>> they have great restaurants. you only live ones. -- once. here's what is ahead on cbs 4 at 6:00. >> reporter: police make an arrest in connection with the murder of a 6-year-old boy. what we are learning about the two teenagers facing charges. man's best friend helps save his owner's life. donald trump confident coming off of a big win in nevada.
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cruz and marco rubio as they look towards super tuesday. cbs 4 news at 6:00 starting right now. we are following breaking news from hollywood where a small plane landed in the back yard of a home and no one was seriously hurt. kerry cobb is live on the scene with the breaking story. >> reporter: that's the take away from everyone we have spoken with. the job this pilot did in landing the plane in this busy residential neighborhood without seriously injuring himself or others. you can see the plane is being loaded on a flat bed. it will be taken to north perry airport, a few blocks south of where we are standing. aerials from chopper 4 show the amazing landing this pilot did. hollywood police tell us the pilot from pompano beach was on a maintenance run when he encountered engine trouble. he took off from north perry airport, which is a few blocks from where we are. he tried to land there but
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take a look at this video from chopper 4 showing the pilot. he had minor injuries but is expected to be okay. there was one person inside the house. that person was not hurt. a police spokesperson spoke a few minutes ago about the job the pilot did. >> he made a valiant attempt to land the aircraft as best he could without injuring anybody on the ground. >> reporter: an investigator with the faa told me it appears the pilot might have been running low on fuel and dealing with intense winds at the time when he was trying to get back to north perry airport. the national transportation safety board has been called. the investigation continues.
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we have an eye on the storm rolling into south florida bringing rain to some areas. craig is joining was the forecast and when the rain will start. >> the rain is sweeping in south florida. the radar is active with this line of showers and thunderstorms stretching from southwest to northeast. coming into the everglades and broward a heavy cell there moving northeast. the next hour or so the rain is increasing in broward and miami-dade. gusty winds will be the main thing and brief downpours. lower keys. it will sweep in the middle to upper keys. wind gusts well above 30 miles per hour. wind gusts could be stronger as those storms roll through over the next several hours. later on tonight things clear out. our forecast hour-by-hour as we go through the night looks like this. storms through the 7:00 hour. left over showers by 11:00 p.m.


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