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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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in a rare loss of composure the people's pope lost his cool. when he shouted in crowded mexico. good morning. thank you for making us part of your morning. >> the ladies are with us. let's start off with the forecast. we're waking up to a nice quiet start. i can smile a little more. yesterday was a busy and active day. we had the two tornadoes that rolled through. that's not the case this morning. looking back on yesterday we cut in helped warning about what was going on. we'll be f-1 tornado confirmed in broward around pompano beach about 7:10 am.
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the northeast miami-dade county be f-1 tornado around 7:51 7:50 1 am. nothing like that this morning. the radar is dry and rain free and the winds out of the north from 7-10 miles per hour. we are waking up to a cooler start with low to mid-60s. i needed a jacket this morning so i'm urging many of you to take the light sweater or light jacket with you. you won't need this afternoon because highs climb to the upper 70s. lots of sunshine. the full forecast coming up. let's check traffic. we have the stalled tractor- trailer i-95 northbound at sheridan street in broward county.
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move over one lane. there's not much going on now. traffic lights a malfunctioning on the turnpike and us 27 so treat the intersection as a four way stop the only other issue is the garbage truck that fell over 95 a few days ago southbound at sw. devon st. the garden things to be repaired to the exit ramp is still shut down. we're keeping our eye on the storms. 2 commuters driving rain and a major mess left behind. parts of south florida are cleaning up after being taken by storm. >> potato in miami-dade county started near sun life stadium and trouble toward aventura. >> one hour earlier a tornado touched down to pompano beach airport. and traveled into lighthouse point. both teachers and wind speeds of 90 miles per hour. >> it all happened in the middle of the morning rush- hour. >> gaby fleischman is live at
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latest. >> reporter: if you guys to prove to help powerful the tornado was, look up. that is a large trampoline loan from someone's backyard ended up tangled around the power lines. this was a fast-moving storm they did a lot of damage. cameras in miramar pompano and throughout broward county captured the storm that rolled through tuesday morning. people safe the sound of the storm was terrifying. >> like car engines. a bunch of car engines at once. >> like a freight train coming through. >> reporter: in pompano beach anthony gotti of the file cloud on his right as he drove long dixie highway. >> i was afraid to get out. everyone was stockton i did not want to sit in the middle of a otranto. >> reporter: the national weather service is a veto act winds up to 100 miles per hour and caused damage over a 3 mile stretch. it ripped off groups, toppled
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over horse trailers and cost cuts and gashes on horses in pompano beach. at the goodyear blimp hangar the storm ripped letters from the building. in lighthouse point residents of the afternoon cleaning up debris and counting their blessings. >> everyone is okay so that's amazing. >> reporter:@tequesta cove in miramar surveillance cameras captured this. wicked wind scattering trees and plants everywhere. and bringing down a large coconut tree. >> i was a sandwich. >> the tree fell right in front of her car as she was driving to work. another tree fell directly behind her. a few blocks away a homeowner's camera saw this. 15 seconds of intense wins. the weather carried away wooden fences and damaged more trees than anyone could count debris burst through a window of alex carmona's mercedes. despite the damage he's thankful the cost is in dollars and not lives.
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a wake-up call. >> reporter: florida power & light says this point most people have power back on. there are still a few scattered outages in the area. we asked the national weather service if the wild weather in miramar was also a tornado been they say likely not. just a very strong winds about 60-70 miles per hour. one of the tomatoes destroyed hundreds of trees in northeast and northwest miami- dade. enough down fences and caused injuries and damaged roofs leading to evacuation of one building. this is cell phone video from inside the fourth floor of the building were a section of the roof was torn off. all the residents were evacuated. >> i looked out my window and saw the tornado coming across the lake. and within minutes everything turned dark. it was terrifying. >> i called my son and said it must be a tornado. >> reporter: a fallen powerline sparked a fire in a shed and
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was hit by flying debris. trees fell on one couple's trailer the woman looked at the homes of everything came crashing down trapping her and her husband inside. a neighbor heard their calls for help and managed to rip a hole in the side of the trailers they could get out. a light pole fell on the cars. one of them was brand-new. viewers have been sitting in pictures. this is a tree toppled over the roof of her home. talen sent this picture of a massive tree uprooting a sidewalk in pembroke pines. this image of the tree that fell on top of a car. if you see something happening especially if it's related to our weather and you can do so safely, step a picture or shoot video and send it to us at
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a scare in the air for a pilot after he is forced to make an emergency landing on us 27. you're looking at live pictures of the plane this morning. the fire department tells us the people on board both are okay. it's not clear what went wrong to force them to land. a water advisory is in effect in fort lauderdale following a sewer main break. it led to some major flooding in the area of nw. 5th st. and nw. 4th avenue. authorities issued a precautionary advisory to avoid water related recreation activities in the area. remains in effect until further notice. an 18-year-old is under arrest after he's accused opposing as a doctor. he was apparently so successful that he was running his own medical clinic in west palm beach. he was raised by the palm beach county sheriff's office after performing an exam on a female undercover deputy. he claims he did nothing wrong.
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chance at life but instead a teenager convicted of attempted murder is back in jail. video post on social media appears to show 18-year-old will campbell at a gunshot and gun range doing target practice. he took a plea deal for one year of time served and probation for attempted murder. gives to opening fire on a crowded tenet club meeting more than a dozen on probation he's not supposed to go anywhere except court-approved vices like home and work. he currently is not supposed to possess a gun his attorney says his client is undergoing mental and intellectual evaluations. at a transcendent him for violating probation. he could face 30 years in prison. we're learning more about the truck and the driver who went off 95 ramp in miami. there was a lot of equipment on the truck which could play a big role in helping
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wrong. the truck was equipped with video cameras that record during a crash or a sudden stop. those cameras were destroyed but a hard drive also in the truck was recovered and may shed light into what happened. >> the equipment is most record whenever there's an incident recent on the brakes or something like that. >> the camera system hard drive is being shipped to san diego in hopes of retrieving images from inside the truck cab. police looking for burglars this morning who robbed an antique store in deerfield beach. one man tried to smash the front glass door and took them several attempts before he was able to get inside. his partner in crime joined him in stealing paintings worth tens of thousands of dollars. anyone with information is urged to call police. pope francis will become the first pope to visit us mexican border he will celebrate mass before hundreds of thousands of the figures from the border with texas. look at this of pope francis
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someone in the crowd who pulled him down onto a child in a wheelchair. the pope looks like he is somewhat angry says do not be selfish. announcement was made over the pa system asking the crowd to keep calm near the pope. he wrapped up his five-day visit to mexico tonight. i think it's the first time we ever seen him angry. >> you don't want to be scolded by the pope. talk about smart phone peek details on a phone that is waterproof and not all. the new rules require stores to carry more than 160 items that are considered healthy. the top dog. details those results from the westminster dog show coming up. watch sia and james corden get we do with -- wiki
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we're waking up with the 60s. 50s and 40s around the rest of the state.
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what if you had twins? i'm looking. 33 weeks pregnant. we can joke around because the weather is quiet. what do you think? the belly is growing. the baby is healthy and soon she will be here. we're waking up to dry quiet start with our camera in broward county. what a difference a day makes. we're not seeing any active weather like we had yesterday. it was nonstop. we were busy giving you the warnings and heads up. we still have the damage left behind that will look at to the day. the f-1 tornado 7:10 am. we broke into at this morning
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pete wind gusts 90-100. we had wind gusts estimated 90- 100 miles per hour for the second tornado. it was a while day of weather. many of you wondering what was going on. we can blame it on a stronger el nio. warmer ocean waters in the pacific tends to lead to a stronger southern jetstream. what happens is in the mid-to upper levels of the atmosphere we have the wind flowing out of the west. and then we have the southern wind from the surface. and through the morning i explained this to you how with some of these cells we could see the turning of the wind and changing direction as we go up in the atmosphere. that's waits the rotation and that is what led to the tornadoes. we will see these conditions favorable for tornadoes throughout the winter as long as we have el nio.
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no severe weather. low to mid- 60s in broward and dade county. it's cooler out. another front will roll through tonight and it will be breezy tomorrow and friday we see a few sprinkles. lots of sunshine this weekend and temperatures will be warmer. today highs into the upper 70s. you won't be in the jacket this afternoon but waves 2-4 feet and tonight and tomorrow morning wake up with 50s. and 75 for the high. loads -- lows in the low 60s friday through the weekend. highs in the upper 70s with sunshine. let's check traffic. 95 at sheridan street we have the stalled tractor-trailer blocking the right lane. you can see flares and cones
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this is northbound in broward approaching sheridan street. north of sheridan street we have some left over construction. this is 95 as your jumping onto sheridan street. be careful on that approach as well. sheridan street area northbound will be affected by construction and the stalled car. that's all we have out. the rest of the roads are looking okay. the heat simperman packing and was somehow scare for chris bosh. good morning the heat is
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after the all-star break the players are worrying and wondering about the status of all-star chris bosh. him of his fellow officers of the weekend in toronto but did not play. he thought was a strained calf it turned out he's got blood clots again. he might be a spectator again like he was last year. he missed the rest of the season after last year's all- star break because he was on blood thinners. peta: physical activity and you might be faced the same scenario this time. apparently he is trying to see if you can get back on the court. the heat taking a social media to say so long to birdman. chris anderson traded to memphis grizzlies as part of a three team swap. they will get back guard brian roberts and from charlotte in until. he was eugene helping the heat when in 2013. he was a big presence off the bench but now he's heading to memphis where mario chalmers already is.
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hurricanes getting ready for another run at the college world series. jim morris's squad ranks third in the preseason polls they get up from a visit from a former alone. charles johnson was a catcher with the case before leaving to pursue a career in the big leagues. he's back trying to get his degree in says it's not easy. >> i've been taking two classes a semester i'm supposed to graduate last semester but i withdrew because i had a math course and it was hard. [ laughter ]. >> i can only imagine. the name of the class was finite math. it's time for talking with joe. good morning.
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>> a big shout out to my big boy who's turning 11 today. it's a good day. >> happy birthday. >> let's talk about the heat. chris bosh on blood thinners again. could this be an issue tax >> yes. i would say this is serious stuff. i always go back to this. when you talk about athletes. the most important thing is their health but in the side of this from pat riley and eric in the harrison family is the got start looking at this this is two years in a row. this could continually be a problem. i'm not a doctor and will not play one but yes. this is a lot of money on the books. it 23+ million dollars next year. it's a big problem if you can't have one of your best players and he cannot play a full season.
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year and without chris bosh, there's a good chance you don't make the playoffs. you might be a 500 team the rest of the way. it is a problem. it something that has to be talked about inside the organization. the reality is chris bosh could be an issue for the rest of his career. >> let's hope he gets better. the heat. they make a trade birdman off to memphis. >> the birdman is long gone. in the name of money and getting under the salary cap. and getting rid of the money so you don't have to pay taxes. goodbye birdman and thank you for a couple of great years. he came in here. i don't think they were expecting much and he was a real spark coming off the bench. he had some big seasons when they were making the championship run. but the salary got old.
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it was time to move on. the birdman in the name of tax savings is long gone. >> i'm going to miss him. joe we will see you soon. thank you. i've had more woman come up to say they left the birdman. >> i think it's the tattoos. we should know who in florida owns a share of the historic $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. the florida lottery has good at a news conference for this afternoon. they tell us there are winners, plural but they are not releasing any details. the winning ticket was purchased and delmar beach and one of three splaying jackpot for the january 13 drying. the other way tickets were purchased in california and tennessee.
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-- shorthaired pointer has been crowned top dog at the 140th westminster dog show. the three-year-old name cj was named best in show last night. his breeder owner and handler says he's in old soul that's a serious show dog. the head judge said he was singled out for being alert bright and attention -- attentive. his grandmother one best in show in 2005. james corden is that it once again on the late show. he spotted sia in la and asked her to take off karaoke carport. -- carpool. >> i feel like i'm just sia.
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>> you are powerful. >> i love that and i love him. they performed some of the biggest songs she has written and performed including chandelier and diamond. he is way into it. you can watch late show with james corden weeknights at 12:30 after the late show with stephen colbert only here on cbs 4. a new recommendations around for parents shopping for their teenager first car. >> if your child is not quite a list drive there is an option which proves toy cars have come along way. tonight at 11 see sports illustrated swimsuit models take south beach by storm.
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welcome back. jill wagner joins us this morning with more details. >> reporter: good morning. the government wants to make healthier options available to people who use food stamps. those rules would require stores to carry at least 168 items that the usda considers healthy. recommendations are also per parents shopping for the teenagers first car. according to the insurance institute for highway safety vehicles for new drivers should be boring and slow. the company says the best midsize car is the 2012 ford fusion and large car is a 2012 buick regal. samsung is upping smartphone game. the new galaxy s7 of reportedly water resistant and come with wireless charging. samsung will announce the phone at an event next week. i love both of those features.
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time. jill is something else about time. tesla has been talking about the affordable vehicle they've been making is about to hit the market. >> it is. if you're a kid. toy cars have come along way. tesla and radio flyer teaming up on an electric model s for kids. it's working headlights music and comes in three colors. the kids version goes 6 miles per hour and starts at $500. more affordable but i'm not sure you will fit in it. >> at least you can save on the gas. my kids would love that. taken by storm tornadoes walk south florida
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done. emergency landing a small plane with two people on board is forced touchdown on a broward county road. a cell phone teenager under arrest accused of posing as a doctor. it is 6 am wednesday wednesday, february 17. >> thank you for joining us. that start with lissette gonzalez with the forecast. good morning. i have good news. we have a dry quiet start compared to yesterday. miami is dry. yesterday we had the severe weather role for with two


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