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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good wednesday morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> thank you for making us part of your morning. let's get started with lissette gonzalez with the forecast. what a difference a day makes. yesterday we had the tornadoes and this morning we are nice and quiet. let's talk about what happened in broward and pompano beach as the first tornado ef 1 peak wind gust estimate that 90-100 miles per hour the second northeast miami-dade county also ef 1 the peak wind gust as
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per hour. -- 90-100 miles per hour. will cover all of that demonstrate the morning the radar is dry and we are seeing the wind flow light out of the northwest from 510. temperatures are cooler with low to mid 60s in comparison to 70s yesterday. plenty of sunshine today with highs in the upper 70s. let's check traffic. we have construction in broward on 95 around stirling road and sheridan. in both directions up and down 95 you can see flashing lights. let's talk about an accident on the palmetto south by 103rd st. the right lane is blocked. construction that has always shut down on the palmetto northbound at sw.
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and the garbage truck that fell over 95 the guardrail still needs repairs to the exit ramp is still shut down. i called my son instead it's a tornado. >> tornadoes touched down first in broward and then miami dade. team coverage in south florida again. the storms rolled into south florida. >> a major mess is left in some areas. the cleanup is in full swing. carey codd start charging coverage. >> reporter: cameras throughout our county kept the storm that will through tuesday morning. people say the sound of the storm was terrifying >> like car engines.
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>> like a freight train coming through. >> reporter: anthony sriracha got video of funnel cloud on highway. >> i was ready to get out. everyone was stopped i just reporter: tornado packed winds up to 100 miles per hour and cause damage over three-mile stretch. it ripped off roofs and toppled trees and power lines. toss tours trailers and even caused cuts and gashes on some horses. at the goodyear blimp hangar the storm ripped letters from the building. @lighthouse point residents that afternoon cleaning up debris and counting your blessings. >> everyone is okay so that's amazing. >> reporter: surveillance cameras in miramar recorded this. wicked wind scattering trees and plants everywhere and bringing down a large coconut tree. >> barbara ingram says the tree fell right in front of her car she was driving to work while
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a few blocks away a homeowner's camera saw this. 15 seconds of intense winds. it carried away with intense and damaged trees than anyone could count. something burst through a window of alex carmona's mercedes but despite the damage he's thankful the cost is in dollars and not lives. >> that is mother nature giving us a wake-up call. >> reporter: i spoke to some residents on lighthouse point and they said most of them had the power back. we also asked the national weather service if the weather we saw in miramar other surveillance video was also a tornado. they told me likely not. just very strong wind between 60-70 miles per hour. in fort lauderdale severe storms caused a boat to overturn in the water. the owner who lives on this catamaran was on board at the time and was trapped inside he was able to escape on his own.
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completely submerged. hang tester is a north miami day. >> reporter: cleanup and repair are hard at it. lots of trees into electrical wires. >> how about your lights? >> lineman working hard to get electrical backup going door-to- door. counting -- >> i just heard boom >> reporter: it happened so quickly. this is what 90-100 mile-per- hour winds will do an f-1 tornado will produce. broken trees cars damaged and street signs down. 95 a tractor-trailer toppled and its roof ripped open. apartment house roof destroyed. >> the wood was incredibly strong. it came on likely and ended just as quickly >> reporter: it if you buy a mile path in area between east
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aventura cutting across the area at times they will have 50 yard wide swath. bucking down a power line into a shed reducing the fire. >> it came down -- >> broward county there were no tornadoes just heavy wind doing the damage. this couple trapped in their mobile home as a tree came crashing down. william manning got out along with a friend had to tear down a trailer wall to get his wife out. as we said the hard part is yet to come. today for most folks will be dealing with insurance adjusters and trying to contact contractors to fix roofs and windows and doors. and also contracted to get debris removed. it could take weeks.
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pictures or video. keep them coming. a scare in the airport after pilot had to make an emergency landing on us 27. the people on board both are okay but it's not clear what went wrong that force them to land last night. a water advisory is in effect in fort lauderdale following a sewer main break. you can see from chopper 4 it's a major flooding in the area of nw. 5th st. and fourth avenue. a precautionary advisory to avoid water related the creation activities in the area. it will remain in effect until further notice. we're hearing from a palm beach county teenager accused of posing as a doctor he calls himself doctor malachi lebron sent he was arrested by the sheriff's office after allegedly
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female undercover deputy. >> on her because the accusations and allegations. but this is not the first time i've been accused and i will pursue this and when i do you guys will be the first to know. >> he went as far as to open up his own doctor's office and even had a website. look at this video. deputies in the case chase a man driving a backhoe on the 7 mile bridge. it went on for 90 minutes. he stole the backhoe and first use it to dump some boulders on north and the bridge. then he took the backhoe on a joyride back and forth while deputies tried to stop him. these spike strips to puncture the tires and that driver sits in jail if they think he stole the backhoe from the city park in marathon. apple fires back against court orders to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino
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campaign 2016. donald trump takes aim at president barack obama. jeb bush post a picture on social media. palm mccartney is denied access to a grammys after party.
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the forecast coming up. yesterday was one of those days that was going nonstop.
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morning about potential for strong to severe storms and we cut into national cbs this morning to give you a heads up about the tornadoes or possible tornadoes that later were confirmed. now everyone is picking up the pieces. thankfully the weather is cooperating as we continue to assess the damage and destruction left behind. i'm happy to share with you that this morning we are enjoying a nice quiet start. yesterday was one of those days we had the f-1 tornado in broward and palm beach -- pompano beach counties. that was from 710 to 7 like 16 -- 7:10-7:16. and 7:51-7:59 was the second one.
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weather and also across the gulf coast into the panhandle. you might wonder what's going on. why are we seeing these twisters during the winter? we can blame it on the strong el nio. we have the warm ocean water in the pacific that leads to the subtropical jet stream and these fronts. only have that strong southern jetstream and the winds aloft out of the west but the surface wind out of the south which is something i explained through the morning -- we get windshear meaning a turning of the wind in the atmosphere and that leads to favorable conditions for tornadoes. we might see more of this in the coming weeks as we continue to see the el nio hanging on. in the meantime this morning the radar is rain free and we're seeing the winds of from the northwest from seven from 7- 10 miles per hour. temperatures are cooler. low to mid 60s in broward and
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into tomorrow here comes the second front. it's a breezy cold one and dry as well. friday sun at times with a few sprinkles possible. the weekend is looking great with lots of sunshine and warmer. today we're talking highs in the upper 70s. nice and dry so you don't have to worry about the wet weather. waves 2-4 feet and tomorrow highs upper 50s for many of you. -- lois mid-50s. highs upper 70s. pleasant sunshine for the weekend. let's check traffic. an updated live shot of the camera shot earlier. i-95 at stirling road. we have construction on this northbound side talking the left lane. that has since cleared. up here you see plenty of
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rangers are finally clearing up the construction on 95 southbound. good news there. let's talk about the accident in palmetto. it is still blocking the right lane. there is traffic lights malfunctioning on the turnpike where it meets us 27 so treat that as a four way stop construction cleared on the palmetto northbound at sw. 8th st. days before the south carolina primary republican candidate donald trump is sending off a direct attack from president barack obama this comes as democratic candidate some for miami -- minority votes. >> reporter: donald trump took aim at president barack obama in south carolina tuesday night. moments after the commander in chief said this. >> i continue to believe mr.
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and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. >> you're lucky i did not run last time because you would have been a one term president. >> he commands double-digit lead in the palmetto state yesterday he and marco rubio best rival ted cruz for being dishonest. >> i've never seen a human being lie so much. >> he didn't tell the truth about ben carson iowa. >> reporter: the texas senator fired back. >> they don't respond on substance they just scream liar >> reporter: on the democratic side were clinton is trying to maintain a lead in south carolina. tuesday she and bernie sanders courted minority voters. >> it's not enough for your economic plan to be break up the bank >> you need a plan to address the generations of underinvestment and neglect. >> we need to provide substantial help. >> reporter: democrats hold their primary in south carolina one week from saturday. we have continuing coverage of
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day. senate republicans are bound to block anyone president barack obama nominates to the supreme court pulling the death of justice antonin scalia. the unexpected vacancy is at the center of a political war republicans insist they will block any nomination because they say that task should fall to the next president. president barack obama says he will nominate a replacement in due time. >> we're going to find someone who is an outstanding legal mind. someone who cares deeply about our democracy and cares about rule of law. i intend to do my job between now and january 20 and january 20, 2017 and expect them to do their job as well. >> the funeral will be held at 11 am saturday at the national shrine of the immaculate conception the mass will be open to friends and family members. the company says it will fight a judge ordered to fight help the fbi among the cell phone belonged by one of
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bernardino terror attack. the iphone was used by syed farook opened fire at holiday party in december. 14 people were killed. the fbi has said he has tried to unlock the phone for two months without success. apple argues the judge's order was undermined encryption by creating a backdoor that could be used on other future devices. let's find out what's trending on social media. >> good morning we will keep talking about the 2016 election. jeb bush is coming under fire for a tweet that has one word. the former florida governor posted on twitter the word america with an image of a government had governor jeb bush engraved on it. he was immediately ridiculed and walked on social media. edward started even got in this saying tweet -- delete your account he got the weapon after supporting a been manufacturing facility.
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paul mccartney was turned away at the grammy after party not once but twice. he went to argyll in hollywood to attend a party hosted by tied up. security was not impressed and told him and foo fighters drummer they were not welcome. in the exclusive tmz video interpol say how bip and you have to get? with another hit now the club was not denied entrance but instead there was a mixup that he was in the wrong place. bruce springsteen rocks the bb&t center last night. there are pictures courtesy of our news partner at the miami herald the boss and the e street band are celebrate 30th anniversary. his fifth album river and release of the ties that bind the river collection. that the entire title.
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mine is a daily routine. what else might be in that glass besides wine? it might surprise you. >> when you drink a glass of wine especially a relatively inexpensive wine you're drinking a huge amount of compounds and chemicals that you have no idea are present in the line. >> what types of attitudes are we talking about? should you be concerned? we have that report coming up tonight at 11. it could be an important clue into why a city garbage truck plunged 100 feet off of 95. that in mexico. what made the pope angry as he greeted his followers. stephen colbert takes a late show phone call from donald trump.
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south florida today. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates.
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welcome back. donald trump called into many television shows in his life
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show with stephen colbert to the list. >> this is donald trump. hello stephen. >> donald trump. [ cheering ] >> i've got to make sure this is really you. and not someone abusing the trump phone. to something open donald trump would say. >> i could say you're fired. >> trump was asked a string of questions from what he was wearing to what he would do about his potty mouth for the campaign trail. don't miss the late show with stephen colbert weeknights and 11:35 immediately after cbs 4 news at 11. sports illustrated swimsuit model walked the red carpet. the model celebrated the launch of this year's swimsuit issue. they will take over the park in
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lisa petrillo will be there and look for a live report on the news at 5. >> i have feeling that park will be jammed. let's check the roads. 95 at sheridan street we have a new problem. a stalled out truck on the northbound side. please move over a lane. time for the bus stop forecast. make sure the kids have their jackets were light sweater we are cooler out this morning in the 60s courtesy of the front that spawned the severe weather yesterday.
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with plenty of sunshine and upper 70s. the full forecast coming up. we take you to the
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the results coming up. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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cleaning up the mess after tornadoes take south florida i
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in a rare loss of composure the people's pope lost his cool. when he shouted in crowded mexico. good morning. thank you for making us part of your morning. >> the ladies are with us. let's start off with the forecast. we're waking up to a nice quiet start. i can smile a little more. yesterday was a busy and active day. we had the two tornadoes that rolled through. that's not the case this morning. looking back on yesterday we cut in helped warning about what was going on. we'll be f-1 tornado confirmed in broward around pompano beach about 7:10 am.


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