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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> debris was bounce off the car, and everyone was stopping but i didn't feel like being in a tornado. >> reporter: it took down power lines and ripped down trees and roofs. this is surveillance of the storm moving through that warehouse district. >> all of a sudden, the wind picked up. it just blew everything in front of my eyes. >> reporter: the storm also blew the letters off the giant hangar where the goodyear blimp is housed and caused widespread damage in the sand and spurs north. >> by the time i even made it into the tack room, it kind of all had broke loose. so it was a very fast and furious time, probably less than 30 seconds. >> reporter: horse trailers were flipped on their side. this 1 moved 100 feet. >> incredible. to pick a trailer up? that's a four-horse trailer. you know, that's easily, 5, 6 tons. >> reporter: in lighthouse
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up from the storm's aftermath. >> we don't have electricity but from what i understand, everybody is okay. and that's the main thing. >> reporter: no injuries reported but there were a couple of horses hurt in the stables in pompano beach but they are doing fine tonight. we keep seeing fpl trucks going by, working to restore the power lost in the neighborhood. back to you, elliot. >> joan, thank you, and our live team coverage continues in northwest miami-dade. peter dench spent the day in the area, and peter, what did you find in. >> reporter: elliot to give you a strength of the tornado, this is what it did after touching down, snapping off the telephone pole right here at the base, and take a look at this. it toppled over into the yard here leading to a potentially dangerous situation after
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the pole got tangled up with the wires on the ground and hundreds of trees damaged or destroyed around northeast and northwest miami-dade and one building was even evacuated. >> walk to the 4th floor. >> reporter: cell phone video shows how a tornado tore open the roof here, so bad that all residents were evacuated. >> i looked out my window and saw the tornado coming across the lake. and within minutes, everything turned dark. it was absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: the tornado spawned a striking sight this early morning in the dark skies above miami-dade. bands of rain swirled in the wind. >> the winds were strong, and came on very fast and ended just as quickly. when we opened the front door,
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>> reporter: dominic's father was injured by flying debris as the wind shattered the glass of his apartment. >> it was a completely surreal experience. as you can see here, the extent of the damage but we blessed. everything is okay. >> reporter: chopper 4 shows roof damage to the units at northeast 195th street and 10th avenue. not far away, the twister's strong winds displaced tiles on the roofs of condominiums. we drove all over northwest miami-dade and spotted hundreds of trees ripped out or torn apart. a swing set ended up in this pool and a fallen power line sparked a fire in the shed. >> and i called my son and i said, peter, it must be a tornado. >> reporter: so many trees knocked down in freddie smith's neighborhood that parts of it
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aside from a toppled telephone pole, it caused damage around northeast and northwest miami- dade but one man was injured by the flying debris, but fortunately, no reports of serious injuries from the elliot? >> thank you, peter, and the hollywood area was hit hard with severe weather and heavy rain and intense winds that toppled trees into homes and cars there. cbs4's ted scouten is live with the damage there. hey, ted. >> reporter: hey, elliot. you know, it was not a tornado that hit here but a severe thunderstorm with heavy wind. it took two trees and pushed them into the trailer. and it so happened that two people were home at the time right in the corner here. >> my wall came down on my -- on my head. >> reporter: with a tree and her ceiling on top of her, summer manning was trapped. >> i was buried underneath
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>> reporter: a powerful storm had just moved through whenever two trees fell on the manning's home. summer's husband was in the front end of the trailer and he was able to rescue his wife. >> i was able to use myself as a gap to push up the weight and drag her from underneath. >> reporter: they were stucked stuck -- stuck inside the smashed trailer. >> the front door was completely blocked but we were able to exit this area, there you go. >> her husband and i were able to push it away. we had to carry her out much she was hurt. her head was hurt. her neck was hurt. >> reporter: the lopez family was jolted out of bed. >> we went to the bathroom. i pulled everybody there because i felt the house had wings. wewould fly. >> reporter: and a tree left a
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>> and we just felt like a boom, like a bump, and now, a big tree. it was inside my house. >> reporter: with so much rain falling so quickly, some intersections were flooded and the lights were out making it tough for the morning drivers but the cars weren't going anywhere after a light pole fell on them. >> you can see the damage that knocked out the window there and it pierced the top of her car there and bounced back and damaged the window over here. >> reporter: and right now, a live look down arthur street. this is near north 50th avenue or 58th, rather. and you can see that there are power trucks over here and they are still trying to restore the power in the area and a lot of areas where trees are still down in this part of town with a lot of wires wrapped in there, and they have to get the wires unwrapped from the trees before they can restore the power to the homes in the area.
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thank you, ted, and this tractor trailer was no match for mother nature. it tossed it over like a toy on i-95 in north east miami-dade. it snarled traffic and shut down the northbound lanes for clean up. but the driver was not hurt. a live look from the camera in doral after a wild start to the day, and now, the weather is a lot calmer right now. so have we seen the last of the severe weather? let's check with craig setzer. craig? we have seen the last of that system, and has moved to alabama and mississippi and surprisingly held together right into south florida. i say that's surprising because it looked like we would see early morning thunderstorm bus not this severe. the radar was indicating the storms already, and some of
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northeast broward, a tornado from pompano beach to lighthouse point and the rest of the line of thunderstorms sunk to the south with a lot of wind damage. and these are strong or damaging wind reports around central or south broward. look at this building in downtown fort lauderdale. 74miles per hour for the wind gusts in pompano beach and broward. and here's a look at a couple of fronts headed our way, and that means quieter weather. the detailed forecast coming up. >> good to hear, craig. thank you. and if you have pictures or video of today's tornadoes or damage, send it to us. a man is in jail accused of killing his mother on valentine's day. 35-year-old pedro mesa is charged with second degree murder. police say that they got a call on valentine's day that a man was naked and beating a woman. police arrived and found the woman in the front yard of a home southwest 197th avenue
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she was taken to the hospital where she died. mesa was arrested on the screen and jailed without bond. and the u.s. government has announced it has signed an agreement with cuba to restore commercial air travel. u.s. airlines can start bidding on routes for more than 100 flights a day. the agreement allows 20 daily flights to havana including the charter flights. the applications will be submitted to the department of transportation to get the routes. and the crucial first in the south primary takes place on saturday. republican candidates have not wasted any time trying to connect with undecided voters as much as possible. polls so donald trump is far ahead in south carolina with ted cruz in second place in the polling. former governor ted bush was
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appearing with his brother yesterday. he said he is not backing down despite polls showing him far behind. up next, he opened fire in a crowd and now video of a teen shopping for guns. and helping to stop the spread of the zika virus. what world health officials are saying about stopping the disease in its tracks. . and music's biggest night is now in the history books but it didn't come without technical difficulties. what adele is saying about her grammy performance when cbs4
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new at 6:00, he was given a second chance at life but instead, a south florida teenager convicted of attempted murder is back in jail. we have video of a young man making a series of mistakes thanked -- that could keep him behind bars until he is middle age. >> reporter: it's clear will campbell has a penchant for guns and has good aim. >> shoot for the head, man. shoot for the head. >> reporter: he had a friend shoot video of him at a
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the trouble is, he is on probation. he is not allowed near a gun let alone target practice. he took a plea deal giving him credit for time serve inside jail for opening pyre on a crowded teen club in 2014 wounding more than a dozen young people. despite wearing the gps ankle monitor, his probation office said he visited a gun shop, went shooting with his friend and several other placeses when he should have been at home or work and now he is not going anywhere. >> mr. cample is out on felony probation. >> reporter: campbell was rebooked in jail and his attorney released a statement saying in part, there is a lot more to the story than what is shown in the video. we are under an investigation of our own as well as having
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mental health and functioning disabilities. it was recommend that does he head to prison and when he was busted with a gun, he said in colorful language that he knows he messed up. campbell remains locked up at the pretrial detention center and have a probation violation series. his decision to pick up a gun again could cost him the next 30 years of his life. a murder mystery in miami. police are gathering clues into how two women ended up dead. this happened at 7:00 last night at 75th and northeast miami court. police say they got calls about shots fired in the area and the victims' bodies were discovered in a back apartment unit. if you have any information on the case, you're asked to call miami-dade crime stoppers, 305- 471-tips. the city of miami garbage
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95 guardrail and plunged 100 pete into a park had two cameras on board. the videos have been sent to a company in california to be reviewed. the driver was has been with the city for 9 years. he is severely injured but is expected to survive. a cbs4 health alert. it might be necessary to use controversial methods like genetically modified mosquitoes to wipe out the zika virus that has been linked to a spike in babies born with abnormally small heads. we are keeping our eyes on a storm that passed through this morning, leaving a path of destruction behind. the viewers sent us in great pictures and video.
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her ping pong table in her neighbor's yard, and christina hodge, a cbs4 producer, sent us this on her way to work, and anthony's video is showing the wild ride that commuters dealt with a tornado over a busy highway, and craig setzer, el nino is to blame? yeah. and a live picture right now of the sun just setting. the broward camera is looking west from downtown fort lauderdale. 73 in key west and the stickiness, 0. dry air swept in after the storms this morning and the heaviest rainfall amounts in broward.
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wind gusts anywhere from 24 to 74 miles per hour from the earlier storms. the high temperatures, normal, 78, and we were in the upper 70s to low 80s everywhere. the sun came out as predicted, and the storms moved out as predicted but what we didn't predict is how strong the storms were this morning. that was not expected but the storms showed up on schedule. the radar is quiet and the storms are gone. the first weak cold front tonight won't do a lot for us. tomorrow, looking great, nice and dry and upper 70sto low 60s. on thursday, the breeze picks up with the passage of the next cold front and winds will bring in a few clouds, low to mid-70s for highs, and on friday, maybe a spotty sprinkle on the ocean breeze. by the time the weekend arrives, high pressure is settling over us, and looking great, a lot of sun and warmer,
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the forecast for tonight, a quiet night, no storms in the forecast and low in the low 60s for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine and nice and dry and a few spots may break into the low 80s. boaters, 10 to 15 and tomorrow, looking pretty good. the next day, the winds out of of the north east and here is the forecast into the weekend. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and highs in the 70s and not as warm for thursday and friday and the weekend, elliot is looking very nice. back to you. >> i like that craig, thank you. pop queen taylor swift opened the grammy awards and took home the top prize. "1989"earned her her second album of the year award, and
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for record of the year for "uptown funk." and singer adele returned to the stage singing "all i ask." but many were asking if she was off her game. she sounds great but the usually flawless singer sounded flat on tv. she tweeted that the mics fell on the strings of the guitar, but she said, quote, because of it, i'm treating eyewitness news an in-n-out burger. i agree with her. and matheson hammock park is a pressure, and nature lovers and their pets have populated it but they say it's being threatened with a mega plan from the county. >> it makes it into a secret
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that's the difference. >> tonight, we investigate all sides of what some are calling trouble in paradise and what it might cost you. watch the matheson hammock park battle tonight on cbs4 news at 11:00. coming up in sports,
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if it wasn't for bad luck, the heat valid no luck at all. at least for chris bosh, they caught it early. it's turning into a nightmare for the second straight season. he might have to shut it down because of blood clots. he was out to rest a sore calf and turns out it's a blood clot again. he's back on blood thinners and unclear how long he might be sidelined this time. last year, it was several months. losing posh is a huge blow to the team that keeps trying to reboot. the heat return to practice tomorrow. meantime, so long birdman, traded to memphis in a 3-team deal and this move, folks, is all about the money. anderson was huge in the lebron era helping the heat to win the championships, but this season,
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the meet -- heat get a point guard. and a dazzling performance last night by the cats' goaltender. montoya slams the door with a final save. way to go, al. the win snaps a 2-game skid. >> i was happy with the way that the guys battled. we didn't want to get in the streak of losing games. it was an embarrassing week, and a big two points. a stunning statement from ronda roussey after losing in november saying she was thinking about suicide but her boyfriend changed her mind. and big league advice for the canes.
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make a return trip to the finals, but you could say that the team almost sounds upset. >> i was walking up the steps, and i looked at my phone and it was a delivery to my house, omaha steaks. >> before last year, we were expected to go to omaha, and last year, going to omaha was good and everything, but everybody is saying it's not good if you don't win.
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finally tonight, you can ride like 007. james bonds' most recent ride is set to go up for auction. the super car is expected to sell for $2.1 million. but you can't actually drive it on the road it. doesn't have road certification since it was built for the last
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thank you for joining us. the cbs evening news >> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south, including a tornado on an interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to plant the crops they need to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time for america's top dogs. >> it doesn't get any better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, the president weighed in on the political phenomenon that is donald trump. president obama was answering a


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