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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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gun heist in hillsborough county and you have to see it to believe it. there is a $10,000 reward up for grabs. for information on who is behind the burglary, candace mccowan has more on the nearly 3 dozen guns stolen.>> reporter: the bars were no match for the truck or suv that slammed into the front of this store. it was a planned operation, the smash followed by the grab. 8 to 12 people running insi covered, grabbing guns off the walls and out of cases. in less than two minutes, they were gone. >> from what i know, a couple cars were waiting outside. >> reporter: the fta regulates the sale of guns but it's up to shop owners to protect their stores. >> we did have state-of-the-art security and bars on the window
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>> reporter: but not enough to stop this from happening. the guns are now in the hands of criminals. in hillsborough county, candace mccowan news channel 8. a 14-year-old polk county boy is dead after an accidental shooting. kyler daughtry was shot by his 16-year-old friend at the lakmar resort hotel. another teenager who was with them said the shotgun accidentally went off while the 16-year-old was showing off the gun. >> originally, the shotgun was for whatever reason, they loaded the shotgun and it went off. >> reporter: at this point, this appears to be an accident. no charges have been filed but deputies are still investigating. a former polk county teacher who admitted to having sex with three students will not get a reduced sentence. a judge decided jennifer fichter must continue serving his 22 year sentence. her attorneys argued the victims were willing
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jail to get treatment. afterwords, her family and the victim's family got into a heated exchange. >> you have no place. >> stop it. >> i don't hate you. i don't hate you either but let me tell you something. is your son alive? is he alive? >> your daughter is to. >> my daughter -- >> stop, stop.>> fichter's attorney has 30 the decision. the wildfires scouring the tennessee you mountains are forcing thousands to flee to safety. the scene in and around gatlinburg is utter devastation. hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, flames beginning to damage the edge of the dollywood theme park. now, 8 on your side special coverage on the death of fidel castro. thousands are pouring into revolution plaza in havana,
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the tribute is part of nine days of mourning across the island nation and news channel 8 will have a crew there every single day. a massive public memorial will be held tonight for fidel castro. news channel 8 is in the middle of this historic event. jeff patterson is the only reporter in the area covering castro's death. he joins us from havana. >> reporter: cuba is in nine days of mourning and things coming here to revolution plaza to say a final goodbye. one of the most remarkable things we have seen in havana is scene. a line of people who have come to the place where fidel castro made many political speeches. until just a few years ago, he was the only leader some cubans had ever known. >> for education, for culture, for sports, cuba was an important country. >> reporter: ivan waited in line with his entire family,
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havana to be part of history but we found people from all over the world in line. one group of dutch tourists just happened to be in havana when the news of castro's death brought to the world.>> we heard about the dying of fidel castro so we took a cab and went here. >> reporter: they came to stand in line with native cubans because while many americans have always thought as fidel castro as a dangerous, communist dictator, the view in the netherlands is different. >> people. we like the cuban people also so it is no problem for us to stand in their world and bring him a last goodbye. >> reporter: we also found one group of americans in line from new jersey. they sailed from key west to bring medical supplies to a church. >> we feel bad for the cuban people that they lost their leader and we hope that this will lead to a little bit of
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>> reporter: these observances will last through tonight with leaders from around the world who have come here to be part of it. in havana, jeff patterson news channel 8. >> again, jeff will be reporting from cuba all week in the wake of catherine -- castro's death his next report is tonight at 11:00. sunny earlier today. really is kind of hard for reports to get out to us but it's extraordinary that he is there at such a historic time. >> cuba is only 90 miles away. >> a 44 minute flight. >> that short? not even an hour. >> from miami. let's take a look at our dry situation. i tell you it has been extremely dry for the month of november, only .01. as it adds up, we only have about 1.40 inches for the entire month so you can see it could be the second driest november on record.
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that is the recent. november is typically the driest month of the year. our 8 temperature outlook was one today. we are expecting something similar tomorrow. a cold front for thursday will drop the temperature closer to normal. friday looks very nice. rain chances are low but that is no surprise. then they will jump back above the average line again. temps are in the 70s, a few upper 60s in weeki wachee, 73 degrees in st. peters. equally important in the mid- 60s, very high this time of year. we will see of this trend will continue in your forecast shortly. a quick reminder, the eighth annual kindness day is just eight days away. it's december 9 on south parker street.
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collect donations for toys for tots, teddy bears for the rough riders, food donations for feuding tampa bay, and blood donations for oneblood. still ahead, downtown clearwater in the waterfront -- and the waterfront is changing. see the plans coming up. i have an update on a family that fell victim to a rental scam and thought they had figured out a way to stay home for the holidays but now they've been totold they have
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y26hsy y16fy clearwater officials are transforming downtowns waterfront and we're finally getting a firsthand look at the draft that could change at all. jamel lanee' shows us the revitalization plan. >> reporter: this is the only reason vasco comes to downtown clearwater. to fish. >> i live five minutes away and i drive right past here because it has nothing to offer.
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with these renderings after an outcry from residents who wants change. potentially, downtown clearwater and its waterfront could look like this: new green space going to added parks, restaurants, pedestrian friendly paths, and an event loan with a new amphitheater. the goal, to put downtown clearwater on the map as a must visit destination. >> i think it's an opportunity for a much more utilized waterfront. i think it will be a much i think it will engage them. i think improves the interactivity between downtown clearwater and the waterfront. >> reporter: jamel lanee', news channel 8. coming up, an oscar-winning movie gets a one day we release. also ahead, a family scammed into renting a house and now has tomorrow to leave. shannon behnken shows us how to
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the dallas of 23 points and the nasdaq finished up 11. a 8 on your side consumer alert. following 450 fires and
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the recall by the manufacturer involves dehumidifiers sold under 13 different brands including frigidaire, ge and kenmore. the company first announced the recall in 2013 but people are still using the units so the company is re-announcing the recall. happening tomorrow, at&t will launch three new streaming services, directv now, free view, and full screen. directv customers will be able to get more than 60 channels for 35 bucks a month and 120 for $70 a month. the service is available on all internet connected devices. gun background checks hit a new record number on black friday. the fbi says it processed 185,713 background checks for gun buyers through the national instant criminal background check system. that's about 400 more checks on black friday in 2015 and a new
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record, cyber monday was the biggest online sales day in history. according to adobe digital insights, consumers spent $3.45 million online that day. that's about 12% more on sales and cyber monday 2015. this is what black friday looked like in many stores across this country. let's just say there was a lot of pushing and shoving over deals and it was a slightly different story in canada. watch this. walking in single file while being cheered on by employees. the video is posted on youtube and it hasn't been authenticated yet but it looks pretty real. it's definitely funny. tonight, something to sing about for the musical hamilton park>> ? i'm patiently waiting, patiently smashing your expectations. >> according to the new york
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thanksgiving week setting a new record. the times reported wicked previously held that record. movie fans have a limited time opportunity to see a classic on the big screen again.>> it's like tiffany's. >> the jewelry store? >> that's right. >> i'm crazy about tiffany's. >> if you are crazy about breakfast at tiffany's, catch the oscar-winning film starring audrey hepburn. turner classic movies is releasing it in select theaters tomorrow night only. we did a little research and found it is playing in only a few theaters in the bay area. this is a map of the eight locations from citrus park to sarasota, largo to liquid. the movie starts at 7:00. if you've been cheated, when you need help, she is on your side. better call behnken.
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don't own and it's happening all over the tampa bay area. tomorrow, a pasco county family will be forced to move a home they were tricked into renting. shannon behnken joins me now with this families story and the information you need to protect yourself. >> reporter: unless something happens quickly. dana molina is just one day from being homeless. >> -- >> here it is christmas and i have my kids and i have to be out on the street. i dot >> reporter: all because she and her husband fell victim to a rental scam. the real owner of the house wantsthem out. there is a story playing out all over tampa bay. she saw a sign advertising this home on bluebird in holiday. the rent was $800 a month and the house was a dream.
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walked in, i saw my children growing up there. it reminded me of my grandmother's house. >> reporter: a few days in, the sheriff showed up with bad news. this woman, trisha lamb, their supposedly in lord, didn't own the home. she was arrested and has done this before in hillsboro and pasco county. marina applied to rent a house from the real owner but didn't qualify. >> it's scary that after wednesday i want have a place to live. enforcement can't keep up but there are ways to protect yourself. make sure the person you rent from owns a home. this is easy. just look up the house on your county appraiser website, talk to neighbors and make sure they know your new landlord, and don't pay in cash. search for the home address online. if it is a scam, you might find multiple ads and red flags. as for melina, she hopes her story will help others and she hopes someone will offer her another chance. >> that's all i want is someone to give my family a chance to live, that's all. that's all i want.
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>> reporter: this type of scam is so common that on my way back from reporting on this story, another woman called me crying because she also fell victim to the same type of scam and this time it was in pinellis county. shannon behnken 8 on your side. we have an important announcement for frontier communications subscribers. the contract to carry news channel 8 expires tomorrow, november 30 at 5 pm. as of right no by law, frontier communications cannot carry our television stations without an agreement. please know that we have tried hard to reach an agreement with frontier communications and we will continue to negotiate. without fair and equitable treatment, local tv stations cannot continue to provide top- quality news, sports and entertainment that is most important to you. we thank you for your tremendous support. please know that you have many
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channel 8 on great 38 over the air via antenna or switching to an alternate tv pay provider. for further information on this story and to learn more about alternate pay-tv providers, you can visit us online at now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> we have been building up the low-level moisture t way of precipitation as max defender 8 radar has shown us. we see the field of sprinkles offshore but mostly cloudy skies has been the story with clouds rolling in from the west. teddy bear roundup is underway. we are looking for brand-new bears to help the rough riders out. they help out toys for tots. drop off locations at, regions bank, was field shopping centers and of course kindness day as jennifer mentioned is coming up
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a very mild morning. clearing sky at 9 pm. a 10% chance of seeing a shower tomorrow. 83 degrees today. 74 degrees right now. dew point is a little higher such temperatures are falling slower but that makes for a comfortable evening. the clouds are certainly with us. this is often alabama. severe thunderstorms are occurring and could continue to occur for the next several hours. that will eventually move northeast. that is birmingham alabama right there. expecting storms with the passage of this front on thursday. clouds continue to stream from the west. may be a few sprinkles in the gulf of mexico. the front to the north is a warm front. that will provide a lot of instability ahead of that low pressure. you can see the south and south easterly flow in the area. we pick up a bit more low-level moisture and bake few clouds around. a very similar day tomorrow. thursday, a front moves in,
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behind that, slightly cooler conditions. 83 degrees for wednesday, 80 degrees forecast for thursday. as we get into friday, we feel the effects of the front passing meaning cooler and drier air, lowering our temperatures to where they should be for the average this time of year. nice day for saturday, sunday starts to get milder, not a bad stretch of whether overall. a bad stretch of weather so far today. a little higher humidity there me normally expect. >> but not at all unbearable. thank you.
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the last living person to have been born in the 1800s celebrated her 117th birthday today in italy. and mom marino was born in
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emma morano was born in 1899. she eats three eggs a day and no fruits or vegetables. sadly there were no friends or family at her birthday party because she has outlived her eight brothers and sisters. that's kind of a downer. an epic brain cramp at lead but watch what happens. instead of setting up a game- winning shot, the player drowns out the clock and then tries to high-five a teammate. you know those want to get away commercials? lips. -- warps -- whoops. >> you were a player.
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>> that is going to do it for us. we will see you at 11:00. miles from the kids now on ?"extra".s "extra" ? "extra" ? ? ?"extra" "extra" ? brad pitt's lonely holiday weekend holed up in a $34,000 a night prite the kids? the kelly ripa connection to his island escape. is kanye a danger to himself? kim by his side. in a deeply paranoid state. keeping up with kardashians shut down again. shannen doherty, how she's holding up in the fight of her
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>> your first look at schwarzenegger's reboot with boy george, kyle richards and snooki. >> i don't want to be a [ bleep ]. >> tracey has latchler and lauren. >> is the wedding on or off. >> fantastic and makeup-free in their 50s. miley's reinvention. how she went from tween star to raunchy rebel to best music coach on tv. w "the voice." >> "extra," hollywood's entertainment capital of l.a. ?"extra" "extra" ? >> everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, new videos of first selena gomez sightings since publicly revealing her breakdown and the bookshelves spotted carrying. >> also coming up, mario, trump ade kellyanne conway getting a
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first brad and angelina's divorce isn't any friendlier. she spent the holiday with the kids and reports he was by himself on a famous island. >> this is where pitt reportedly escaped since his wife filed papers to end their marriage. miles away in turks and caicos where villas can go for $34 grand a night. brad, who told us they always tried to celebrate thanksgiving somewhere. >> said to stay there with a buddy during the holiday. same location where kelly ripa and her husband vacationed during her tv drama earlier this year. page six reporting angelina wouldn't let pitt see their kids in l.a. the star has been hopscotch the globe with "allied" co-star marion cotillard. >> love and trust. >> angelina has remained


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