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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> good evening. a man accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver over the weekend went before a judge this morning. troopers say leando chorale is perez -- leondro corrales perez hit randy hand when he was helping someone on the side of the road. family says thanksgiving was supposed to be his left -- last shift. >> he loved the tow truck and he was a big old teddy bear. he would give you the shirt off his back. he never went without a smile.>> the mi a memorial this saturday at 11 am. perez's bond was set at $100,000. this marks the third time this year a tow truck driver has been hit by a suspected drunk driver while working on the side of the road. and now the sister of one of those victims is on a mission to stop the deaths. candace mccowan spoke with her
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>> we are having some technical difficulties but we do have information about a deadly motorcycle crash in pasco county. the victim has been identified as robert cartwright. we of a local band called the bearded brothers band. the crash happened on u.s. 19 last night. investigators say an suv turned into the path of cartwright's vehicle. no charges have been filed. breaking news right now. plant city police continue to investigate it but -- a deadly stabbing just before 1:30 pm this afternoon. police found a woman suffering from a stab wound.
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the identity of that victim yet. also breaking tonight, a former hillsborough county teacher is accused of molesting a young girl. jared santiago was arrested for an incident in 2014. the victim was eight years old at the time. santiago resigned from his teaching job at eisenhower middle school. investigators tell us the victim was not one of his students. the bay area has a new bishop tonight. pope francis called on bishop gregory parkes pensacola area and service the new bishop of the second largest diocese in the state. as anthony allred shows us, bishop parkes is no stranger to the tampa bay area. >> may you have as much joy and happiness as this great diocese has brought to me. >> reporter: retiring bishop robert lynch introduced his successor to a group of loyal
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bishop parkes is no stranger to the bay area. he worked in the banking industry in tampa and attended christ the king and south tampa.>> really in a certain sense, the origin of the foundation in my vocation was discerned here. in our diocese. >> reporter: as for parishioners after 20 years, they hate to see bishop lynch goal but they are happy to welcome back one of their own. bishop parkes installment ceremony is the first week in january and he says he can't wait to in st. petersburg, anthony allred, news channel 8. the 36 annual lakeland christmas parade is not until thursday but that has not stopped some people from trying to secure a prime viewing spot already. this event with more than 100 flood straws a huge crowd for sure and we found people are already placing their chairs along the parade route despite pleas from the city not to do so until the night before the parade.>> whatever you do,
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don't cover sidewalks and whatever you do, don't chain them to light poles and city fixtures because we will cut the lock and remove the chairs. >> last year about 50,000 people attended the parade. city officials believe they will exceed that number this year. the parade kicks off at 7:00 on thursday night and it is always a great time every year. kindness day is coming up in 11 days. accepting teddy bears for the rough riders. toy donations for toys for tots. food donations for feeding tampa bay. and blood donations for oneblood . that is december 9 at our news channel 8 studios on south parker street in tampa. we always have goodie bags to give away. some great people help us pull this off every year. it's a great time. >> a one-stop shop to give during the holidays. we would welcome that. >> chief meteorologist steve jerve in the house right now. a decent weekend weatherwise.
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we had a cold front pass through so sunday was a little cooler but we definitely in the range of excellent weather. >> exactly.>> we are in the zone. >> that hand movement was odd.>> this was taken today. we had a little precipitation taking place. i got this earlier from brandon. also a similar looking window shot from a different angle. this is over the riverview area. there was a shower detected that created this rainbow. just signs it doesn't actually rain in november but not much. as we look ahead to our temperatures, it will be warm, well above normal but next couple of days. keeping in mind the average high is 75 degrees, we're looking at highs in the low 80s but by the end of the week, temperatures will drop near- normal as a cold front passes
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as for temperatures, zephyrhills apollo beach, winter haven 71 degrees. brooksville, brinton, clearwater, 73 degrees. very pleasant night, comfortable. we will talk about those mentioned just and look for any better rain chances coming up. still ahead: >> ever wonder how amazon ships so many different projects so quickly? wonder no more. will take you inside a local amazon facility. today i'm trying to help pounds of cloves and only got four back. when the owner brushed her off,
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are cozying up with their computers to score big holiday meals. news 10 like that an inside look at the amazon fulfillment center and ruskin where workers pick, pack and ship your orders. mary mcguire hazy online shopping scoop. >> reporter: here in ruskin, it's kind of like santa's workshop except it's a lot noisier. that's because these conveyor belts are working overtime this cyber monday. forget black friday. today may be one of the biggest shopping days of the year computers for cyber monday, workers and robots right here in the bay area are helping make it all possible. >> the robots will help maximize the storage space so actually have robots carrying stacks of products to the associates and then they pick from that. then they will put it in the tote behind us and the associates packet so they all work seamlessly together. >> reporter: last year on cyber monday, amazon customers
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even bigger. the online retailer can be a one-stop shop for customers with toys and electronics among the most coveted items. >> we scour for deals everyday to meet or beat all of the prices for our customers. >> reporter: if you're looking for something you can't find in a big box store, look for the handmade section. rachel o'neill is an artist and business owner in sarasota who handcuffs items that can be shipped directly to you. >> you ar are definitely able to shop small even on amazon. >> reporter: another new feature that amazon is introducing is package x-ray. using the amazon app you can scan the shipping label of a box to see what's inside before actually opening it. reporting and ruskin, mary mcguire news channel 8. >> but before you log on for those deals, 8 on your side has
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yourself. use a separate credit card for online shopping that way if hackers get your information, the rest of your credit line and bank accounts will be safe. pay attention to your statements after purchases for any unusual micro charges. hackers hope you won't notice a few dollars missing from your account. coming up after losing the shirt off her back and so much more at a laundromat, a woman knew she better call behnken. also ahead, how to win three super -- free super bowl
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on wall street today, the dow dropped 54 points and the nasdaq was down 30. the first direct commercial flight to havana, cuba took off from miami this morning and 50 the flight landed in havana about 8:30 pm local time. there have been charter flights to other provinces since september but this was the first regularly scheduled commercial flight to the cuban capital in more than half a century. >> i think a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get to experience the country in a different way. >> i am a tourist and i would
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club. >> 170 passengers and six crew members took the 44 minute flight. jetblue also launched service to havana from new york. a number of airlines including frontier, southwest, spirit and united also start flights to cuba in the coming weeks. jeff patterson just landed in havana this afternoon. he will bring us live reports from cuba beginning tonight. one man in las vegas found a unique and downright smelly way to get back at porch pirates targeting his neighborhood. eric snow put out what he likes to call the bait pack. surveillance cameras cut the two thieves rolling up to his home to steal the package but what was inside? snow describes it as reprocessed dog chow. in case you are not tracking, he means a box of dog poop. >> hopefully these people will
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doing it. >> pretty brilliant. snow and his neighbors will keep an eye out over the next several days to see if their stinky tactic keeps the thieves away. ever heard of rudolph the red nosed pizza delivery guy? domino's is testing the reindeer delivery method in northern japan. reindeer trainers are exploring different delivery options such as mounting a delivery case on a reindeer's back or requiring them to drive a zz devices -- but what goes great with pizzas beer. what goes great with peers watching the super bowl in person. hagel can and a bud light pack could when you super bowl tickets for life. bud light is randomly placing 37,000 cold cans in select 1824 and -- 18, 24 and 32 packs from
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if you find a gold can, you can enter for a ticket to win super bowl tickets each year for up to 51 years. an early christmas present for star wars fans. advance tickets for robe one went on sale today. you are looking at the new trailer which was just released by disney. robe one is a spinoff from disney and a prequel that revolves around a group of rebels seeking to still plans for the death star. robe one, a star wars story opens december been cheated, when you need help, she is on your side. better call behnken. >> reporter: special performance cloves, gone. a bradenton musician claims should drop of 38 pounds of cloves at a laundromat and got back just 4 pounds of her items. when she says the business honorably for off she knew she better call behnken. >> these are now my clothes. >> reporter: sandy's closet is
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the she considers costumes for her work as a musician. >> i could never replace these wild things. >> reporter: was committing she wears is one-of-a-kind, clothes from her travel as a piano player and singer. now, half of her wardrobe is gone. after she dropped off clothing to be cleaned at manatee laundry. >> i have a lot of boutique type clothes that i travel around to find that i just couldn't replace and i was devastated. i was absolute >> reporter: she has used manatee laundry numerous times with no problems but when she dropped off her expensive performance cloves, she had an uneasy feeling. >> they didn't write down the items, they didn't pull it out, they just put it on a scale and get a ticket. >> reporter: she insists she dropped off 38 pounds of cloves. but when she picked them up,
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clothes were returned. >> i ended up talking to the owner to start to go over the things and he was like you know you have nothing in writing. you can't prove it. >> reporter: so i paid laundromat a visit and wasn't exactly greeted warmly. >> we are just trying to help her. is the owner here? can you just give me some information? come on, you can't talk to me? the owner did call me back and was polite but insisted he doesn't believe her story. >> why would anyone make up a story like this and go to this that leaves cindy with little hope she will ever perform in her special outfits again. this problem does not have a simple solution but there is a big lesson here. don't drop off important items without an itemized list so if something like this does happen, you will have some kind of proof. shannon behnken, 8 on your side.
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your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> i mentioned the rainbow a couple of minutes ago. a few light showers or streaming across the area. we had a 10% rain chance for the evening moving northwest. don't be completely surprised if you happen to cross a shower. a few drops on the windshield this morning. teddy bear roundup is going on. very excited about that, remembering our friend john winter. the roundup will be taking place until the member n also regions bank is a great place but go to for drop off locations and most importantly, kindness day is coming up on december 9. you can drop off food and bears and toys, brand-new of course and give blood on that day. temperatures will take a big jump tomorrow afternoon. 83 degrees. our normal high this time of
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73 degrees right now. a pleasant evening. dew points are a little high and 63 degrees. that's because we have seen a east and southeast wind. tomorrow, we may see a southerly wind flow. that tends to lift a little moisture and makes it feel a little bit warmer. a cold front across the central part of the country, racing across that area but not much in the way of precept. rain chances do increase a little bit with light showers to the north. the like clouds have been with us. overnight, a few clouds will remain with us and a sunshine will mix in. thanks to the southeast and south flow i was referencing, the same is true on wednesday. on thursday we have that 20% chance of seeing a shower for that day. high temps will fall off a little bit after the front passes through. here is cooler, not cold but still pleasant. a little breeze coming along with it. highs in the upper 70s, close to this -- in the average for
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with another front slated for sunday. nothing really that cold yet moving through the region. >> what did you call it? the excellent zone? of his own of excellence? >> i'm not sure i called it that but i will take credit for it. >> i know the word excellent was in there and i agreed.
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a japanese theme park has apologized for freezing 5000 fish in a skating rink. take a look. space world was forced to close the attraction sunday after what the park manager called brutal public backlash. here is why. they did it on purpose. the winter attraction included fish, crabs, and other shellfish embedded into the ice.
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reuse them as fertilizer. holy cow, look at that. doesn't that with delicious? a chef and avid cubs fans celebrated the teams first world series title in 108 years by creating a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. brilliant. it weighs more than 400 pounds and it's all edible except for the players because they are made out of legos. the seats are made out of crackers. the windows are gelatin. the chef says it took more than 70 hours to build the wrigley field replica. okay, there is cute and then there is ridiculously cute. a dog get a german zoo is helping to rear a one-month-old bingle type -- a set of one- month-old bingle tiger cubs. ever since, they have been
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dog has quickly adopted the role of surrogate parent. >> cute stuff. i like the animal combination stories. >> didn't know that about you. o ? >> all the breaking couples news now on "extra." ? extra, extra ? ? extra, extra ? gaga's split from taylor kinney in her own words. >> just want to you love deeply. and wholesomely and fully as we love you. >> from gaga's new tv tell all, to britney's new hookup with her slumm ber party co-star. new clues katy perry is back with orlando bloom. trump reportedly at war with his right-hand woman, kellyanne conway. new photos today where we just caught her hiding out in a bathing suit. arianna grande, jennifer hudson, derek hough.
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>> oh, my god. kendall jenner and bela hadid jetting into paris for the victoria's secret fashion show. we're behind the scenes with all the supermodels. >> see if we can go in the rough. in the "extra" feed, taylor swift's dance party by the ocean. and dnce live in our h&m times square studio. what happened when joe jonas caught an on sbsessed fan in hi hotel room? >> she walked out and was trying universal studios hollywood the entertainment capital of l.a. ? extra, extra ? hey, everyone, welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. coming up rosie o'donnell playing with fire, how she set up a trump firestorm with a tweet about his son, barron. coming up, mario, tiger's ex lindsay vaughn going public with her new man. it was a holiday weekend packed with couples news starting with lady gaga finally
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>> five years together, their engagement suddenly ending. now the grammy winner opens up on the surprise split with a new message to men and her ex. >> we just want you to love us deeply and as wholesomely and as fully as we love you. >> new video, lady gaga jetting into paris. >> woohho! >> kissing and hugging fans. >> and stopping to sign autogra autographs. just as her first tv her breakup from taylor kinney aired on cbs sunday morning. >> i think women love very hard and sometimes i don't now that that love is met with the type of dignity that we wish it would be met with. >> gaga never mentioning the "chicago fire" star by name during the intervie. two revealing to "extra" they were never really comfortable with all the attention on their relationship. >> we just are really private and more ways than people probably think. >> try to be.


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