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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, campus attack horror at ohio state. a driver slams into a crowd, then goes on a terrifying stabbing spree. we have new details on the suspect, as the fbi investigates. terrorism? with no evidence, president-elect trump pushes baseless claims that millions voted illegally, in an election that he won. plus, palace intrigue. are there warring factions inside trump tower? we're live from havana where thousands are lining up to bid farewell for castro. what's next for cuba? banned for life.
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passenger on board. and football to farming. an nfl star to walked away from millions and then found new success on the field. "nightly news" begins right now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. reporting tonight from havana. good evening. we'll have coverage of a remarkable outpouring in the streets here today over the death of off with late details on today's bloody knife attack on the campus of ohio state university. the suspect, who injured 11 people, after plowing his car into pedestrians, and then attacking people with a knife, was identified late today as a somali-born, osu student. his rampage ended when he was shot and killed by police. the campus put on lockdown, leaving thousands confused and terrified. the fbi has joined the investigation and this
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terrorism. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. >> we have several pedestrians struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: a chaotic scene at ohio state university this morning. >> shots fired, one down. >> reporter: students just getting back to class, after the long holiday weekend, when the university tweeted a shelter in place alert, at 9:56 a.m. just six minutes later, another more urgent alert. the 60,000-student campus was locked down. images emerging of students barricaded in cl surrounding buildings. >> and i heard five or six gun shots going off, and then sirens. >> i was going to class and just saw people were running. and was nervous. >> reporter: eyewitness nicole was walking to her first class, when she saw a gray car plow into people on the sidewalk. >> that car just swerved and just hit, like ran into the whole group of people. and it hit a cop really bad. i could tell he was in
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at students. >> reporter: police say it was a deliberate akts. >> after hitting pedestrians, the suspect cut multiple individuals. the officer engaged the suspect and shot and killed the suspect. >> reporter: social media posts showed a body laying on the ground. that body, the lone suspect, identified by officials as 18-year-old osu freshman abdul razak ali art an. his photo shows his car arriving on campus moments before the attack. despite reports of campus, only his car and a knife were used by the suspect the only gun was followed by the osu police. >> the officer being in the right place at the right time. he was able to see this whole thing happen and take immediate action. >> reporter: 11 people were hurt, a mix of faculty, staff, and students. thankfully all are expected to survive. students here at ohio state were still riding high after a
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the governor of ohio, john kasich, who got his start here, called the school magnificent, tough, and strong. and as an example of that, lester, classes are set to resume tomorrow. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. now the big question everyone's asking this evening, that, of course, is why did this happen. investigators are looking into the attacker's background, trying to find out what motivated him. our justice correspondent pete williams has been working his sources and has late details >> reporter: police and federal agents tonight are searching the apartment where they say the attacker abdul razak ali artan lived. they're going through his social media and interviewing family and friends, looking for a motive. law enforcement officials say shortly before art an plowed into students with a car, this rant was posted on what appears to be his facebook page, saying attacks on muslims around the world, quote, led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. authorities say he was
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came to the u.s. through jfk airport in 2014. he was a lawful, permanent u.s. resident. investigators are looking at whether he was inspired by overseas terrorist propaganda. both isis and al qaeda have urged followers to carry out attacks with vehicles or knives. just two months ago, isis claimed credit for a knife attack that hurt nine people at a minnesota shopping mall. and french police say a truck attack in july that killed 84 people in nice was inspired university police say they're confident artan came to the campus alone and carried out the attack by himself. now they're investigating whether anyone else was involved in planning it. lester? >> pete williams, thank you. there's high drama once again tonight at trump tower. president-elect trump pushing baseless claims that millions voted illegally in the election, costing him the popular vote. there's no evidence of that. meantime, there are reports of deep divisions over perhaps
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before making office. we get details from nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: reality show drama at trump tower's revolving door with another possible pick for secretary of state. retired general david petraeus. >> very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. >> reporter: a top transition source tells nbc news, petraeus is being considered for multiple high-level post,s, despite pleading guilty for mishandling classified information, and donatr for doing the same. later cleared by the fbi. petraeus's appearance highlighting the infighting over who should lead the state department. in trump's orbit, backers of rudy guiliani, a long-time loyalist, and mitt romney, a former never trump leader, coming under unusually public scorn from one of trump's top aides. >> we don't know if he voted for donald trump. >> reporter: romney, set to visit new york tomorrow for more talks with the president-elect, who's stayed silent so far
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his unsubstantiated twitter claims that millions of people voted illegally. now, now pushback from the election offices where he claimed voter misconduct. new hampshire, virginia, and california, all denying it. >> these allegations and accusations of people voting illegally in california and other states are unfounded. unless mr. trump has evidence. if he does, bring it forward. >> reporter: donald trump's transition team, today providing 45 pages of documents they say backs up voter fraud nbc news political unit and other independent fact checkers. >> it's really unprecedented in american history to have a candidate who wowon the election, deuncing the election after the fact is unfair. >> reporter: the president-elect slashing out not just at the system but at a recount initiated by the green party, happening in wisconsin and new tonight now, pennsylvania also. this recount, has almost no chance of actually changing the
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president-elect's team has been making. lester? >> all right, hallie jackson, thank you very much. back here in havana at the plaza of the revolution, there's no end in sight to this line of people going inside the memorial here to pay respects to fidel castro. the line goes as far as you can see. they go inside past photos, and sign a pledge of loyalty to the ideals of fidel castro. this is not the passing of an era, as this is still a communist country in the brother raul, but it comes at a critical time in the relationship between the u.s. and cuba. the massive line snaked into the square. tens of thousands stood in the hot sun, clutching flags and photos, waiting hours to pay their respects to their controversial, former leader, fidel castro. >> it's important for people to be here and everybody is here. precisely because of what he said. >> you see soldiers
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top of each hour, the booms of 21-cannon salutes echo through havana during this official nine-day period of mourning. out of power for a decade now, in death as in life, his name sparks deep emotions. castro, the hero and freedom fighter. castro, the ruthless tyrant. the world that even some here still debate his legacy. >> love it or hate it, he was an incredible man. you can agree or not with him, but he was >> reporter: castro rose to power in 1959, leading a guerrilla force that toppled cuba's u.s.-backed dictator. at first he championed democracy. >> i did not come, i do not agree with communist. >> reporter: but before long, established a communist state. over the decades, castro boosted health care and literacy for the poor, but it came with a price. denying cubans basic
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forcing more than a million people to flee the island. in miami, news of castro's death sparked celebrations. >> i just wish my dad would have been here to see this, to hear it himself. he died like three years ago. but i'm sure he knows. >> reporter: president obama recently has worked to thaw tensions between the two countries, loosening trade restrictions, re-opening the u.s. embassy in havana. another major milestone, decades departed the u.s. for havana today. but just as that plane took off, president-elect donald trump tweeted that he may reverse the plan to open cuba. the relationship between these two countries, as complicated as ever. and to punctuate that, the white house said today that neither president obama or vice president biden plan to attend castro's funeral. back in the u.s., jury selection began
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shocked the nation. dillon roof is accused of killing nine african american worshippers at a church in charleston, south carolina last year. today the judge ruled he can act as his own attorney. >> reporter: wearing his striped jumpsuit in court today, dylann roof began representing himself. the judge granted the request to serve as his own lawyer, but warned it was strategically unwise. ruth as the judge questioned potential jurors. one juror said the death penalty is always justice for murder. roof faces 33 federal hate crime charges for the massacre of nine worshippers at a black church in charleston in june of 2015. the survivors say they forgive roof and some even say they don't believe in the death penalty, even in this case. now they may have to testify in court. >> one of dylann
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put the victims of the crime right in front of him, make them as uncomfortable as possible. >> reporter: it could take weeks for a jury is selected and opening statements scheduled. kerry sanders, nbc news. turning overseas where the battle for aleppo appears to have reached a brutal turning point. syrian troops have now seized large stwawaths of that city, forcing thousands to flee, including a brave 7-year-old girl we met last month who captured the world's attention by sharing her struggl media. we get the latest from nbc's richard engel. >> reporter: the syrian regime today bombed neighborhoods in aleppo into submission. for months, 7-year-old bana ala bed and her mother have been tweeting a voice of resistance from rebel-held eastern aleppo. when we filmed at her home last month, bana said, we have the right to live. we're not terrorists. now she's on the run. one of her last tweets
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she later wrote, i got minor injury. i didn't sleep since yesterday. i am hungry. i want to live. i don't want to die. bana's home was near a northern park in aleppo where rebel defenses collapsed. rights groups say the rebels have lost a third of their territory in aleppo since saturday. we managed to speak to bana's mother tonight who said here daughter is okay, but the situation in aleppo is desperate. >> ale i aleppo, it's suffering very much. >> reporter: today, syrian state tv showed civilians celebrating as they left rebel areas and changed sides. syria wants to show aleppo is being liberated. activists say they and the city are being decimated. the syrian regime has long maintained if it can retake all of aleppo, syria's second
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stores, even before today. cyber monday and with the rise in online spending comes fears over package thieves stealing those deliveries. nbc's jo ling kent has that story and how to fight back. >> reporter: cyber monday, zooming towards a new record. americans now on pace to spend a whopping $3.4 billion online today. up 9% from last year. mobile is the driving force. more than half of online shoppers but as a record number of orders from amazon and other online retailers fly out the door, there is growing concern this year that those packages make it safely into your hands. porch prowlers caught on camera, pilfering packages in broad daylight. >> we are tired of stuff happening on our street. >> reporter: one woman posi posi posing a ther with a baby in a stroller, swiping a package.
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people's property, seeing that people are away, they're at work, two-family incomes, people are working longer, darkness this time of year. and they take packages. >> reporter: 23 million people have had packages stolen before they could open them. experts say to redirect them to a secure location, an amazon locker or fedex ofss. use smart gadgets for your home. a video door bell has a camera that keeps an eye on your doors a smart garage door opener which you can control from anywhere, to allow a delivery person to make a drop-off inside. and an alarm if someone takes a package off a motion-detecting plate. with more deliveries ever this year than before, smart technology ensuring those precious gifts make it into the right hands. up next, the shocking moments when a plane passenger
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delta airlines today took the unusual step of banning a passenger for life after he was caught on video unleashing an obscenity-laced rant, berating and insulting fellow passengers who voted for hillary clinton. the flight to pittsburgh was still at the gate in atlanta when it happened. the video quickly went viral on social media. delta now says it should have removed that passenger rather than letting him fly. today the ceo of the airline apologize customers who were on board that flight. and a shocking scene aboard a united airlines flight today from new orleans to houston. after landing a passenger allegedly pulled the emergency exit and jumped out, as the plane taxied to the terminal. we get more from our miguel almaguer. >> a lady just opened the door and jumped out of the plane. >> reporter: a stunned passenger in houston recorded the incidents just after it unfolded. united airlines flight
6:53 pm
from new orleans, sitting near the terminal with an emergency exit wide open, after a woman reportedly opened the door and bolted. jumping onto the tarmac, running away from the plane. the jarring exit recorded on surveillance camera. as passengers took pictures of law enforcement later boarding the plane with the woman in custody. this isn't the first unruly exit. in april, a united airlines flight attendant pulled slid off a plane, also in houston. six years ago, a jetblue flight attendant did the same thing. a security camera, catching the man in the act. back in houston, no word today on the passenger's motive during this moat unusual exit. miguel almaguer, nbc news. up next here tonight, the nfl star who traded the why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated?
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do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas? for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. every monday we like to end our broadcast with something uplifting, and i think this story fits the bill. it's about an nfl star earning millions on the grid iron. at the height of his career, he decides to leave it all behind
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nbc's kevin tibbles tells us how he's giving back in our newest inspiring america report. >> reporter: a new day peaks over the carolina fields. as the gentle giant stirs. >> never stop giving. never stop loving. never stop growing. >> reporter: jason brown is big. football player big. 6'3", 320. and, yes, seven years as a pro center with the nfl's ravens and rams. >> when i the same age that my older brother was when he was killed serving our country in afghanistan. and it really caused me to take an examination of my life. >> reporter: brown walked away from a $37 million contract and hung up his cleats. >> i wear size 16 shoe. and he wore a size 14 shoe. and to tell you the truth, i still
6:58 pm
religious and devoted to his family, he too wanted to serve. but instead of the military, jason brown bought a farm. >> how did you learn how to farm? >> you know, when i tell people that i learned to farm from watching videos on youtube. i get a lot of laughs and a get a lot of chuckles. >> reporter: he calls it first fruits farm. >> jason grows food to give it away. >> reporter: where the first harvest is all donated to feed the hungry. >> we have a list of names and we share. because sharing is 250,000 pounds of sweet potatoes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and lining up in the dirt alongside the volunteers on harvest day, the former football player who used to snap the ball in front of millions from the line of scrimmage. >> this is the most wonderful thing that you could possibly do. >> i really don't want any type of notoriety other than for people to say, you know what, that's just some kid from the country that can play a little bit
6:59 pm
if he can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: for this mountain of a man, helping those less fortunate reaps the best bounty of all. kevin tibbles, nbc news, lewisburg, north carolina. and that's going to do it for us on a coming up on at 7:00, another tow truck tragedy. another driver's sister tells us about her mission to stop these deaths. and more on people trying to secure their spots for the
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