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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news this sunday morning: one man dead and 9 others injured r plus the death of fidel castro. the celebration in miami, they contrast to the candlelight vigil in havana. good morning. thank you for joining us today. let's get a quick check of your sunday morning weather. >> you will notice as soon as you step outside this morning it is a bit of a cooler start compared to yesterday. the numbers are generally about 5 - 10 degrees cooler thanks to
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through the area yesterday. max defender 8 is scanning the skies. downtown tampa starting off at 59. this time yesterday we were in the low 60s. we have north winds at 5 miles- per-hour in the dewpoint has come down. we are waking up to 48 in crystal river. 7 burkesville. 55 or toe, plant city and apollo beach. it will be breezy for the first half of the day with winds coming in from the northeast . th through the area, but there is also a good supply of sunshine. we will call it comfortably cool with temperatures right around 60. by the afternoon a high of 79, still above average but the lower humidity will make it feel different compared to yesterday. the humidity comes back along with better rain chances. one man is dead and 9 others injured during a shooting
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130 this morning. you are looking at it right there. at this hour, it is still not clear what motivated the shooting. 2 men have been arrested on firearms charges. flags at half staff in havana and no shift in the us government posture toward cuba following the death of fidel castro. 2 years ago we began storing diplomatic relations. the president has taken numerous steps to lift the us trem congress has the authority to do that. a little more than 24 hours since the non-troll -- announcement of his death and this morning there still celebration in miami. we're joined this morning with more reaction. >> reporter: good morning from little have any neighborhood where it has been more than 24 hours since we have learned of
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first glance you see these are people who are smiling, having a good time, celebrating but when you scratch the surface you see emotions run way deep. she has been waiting for this news for more than a decade. >> my mom died 2 years ago and she wasn't able to see this. the first thing to the cemetery and put the cuban and american flag. >> reporter: how special with this have been for her? >> i am sure she is celebrating . >> reporter: saturday night hundreds if not thousands celebrated singing the song of freedom. the artist joined in on the celebration. for cuban-american david, the focus isn't on celebrity
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>> actually just passed away a couple of months ago and he always said he would love to have seen this day and i feel like we're representing him by being here. >> reporter: the multitude of miami cubans hopeful that the death of the face of cuban revolution will lead to change in cuba but right now they are remembering those from the past . >> he has done so much to the families, to the whole world, that this is a way -- we have to celebrate his death starting to think a little bit more about what for the cuban communities both in cuba and here in the united states. we will explore that a little bit more this morning. >> reaction to fidel castro's passing is mixed. memory -- many old cuban-americans remember his memory in his heyday.
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this happened and it was really nice. >> tampa has one of the largest cuban-american populations in the us. they hope this will mean better relations. >> it has been too long for the cuban community and the united states approach. it is better to have an approach than to fight for nothing.>> they have never strayed from the belief that one day cuba would again be feet -- free. the passing of fidel castro leaves hopes that they will turn on the people of cuba will
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>> the president reflected his dramatic policy shifts 2 years ago to normalize relations with the island nation. initially donald trump tweeted, fidel castro is that followed by a minute later in the day calling him a brutal dictator with a legacy of firing squads, death and unimaginable suffering . marco rubio weighing in on twitter saying, president obama issued a pathetic statement on the death of dictator de thousands he killed and in prison. we continue to track the death of fidel castro as it unfolds in miami and cuba. we will bring you the updates as it happens right here and online. this morning tampa police need your help finding a missing elderly man. this is dan david sure last seen just before 9 friday night in the 8800 block of 14th street north. according to a report, he may
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. if you see him, you are urged not to go near him but instead call tampa police. multiple southbound lanes of i 275 are closed as police investigated crash near fowler avenue. a tow truck driver was hit by vehicle. no word this morning on his condition. we're working to get more details and will bring you any update. runs in families pay their final last 2 stinky -- tuskegee airmen . he was a master sergeant in the tuskegee airmen, that of course the first african-american aviation squadron in us armed forces history. his family walk from his home -- walked from his home to his church. >> he served his country with the distinction of the tuskegee
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husband in this community. >> rogers received the congressional gold medal in 2013 . his portrait hangs in the st. petersburg museum of history . one person dead and another critically injured after a shooting in broward county. the jewelry store owner shot one of his employees and then turned the gun on himself. the owner died at the scene and the employee in critical condition. no word on a motive hillary clinton's campaign says it will take part to push for recounts in several key states joining jill stein. the green party claims in an effort to ensure the integrity of elections that they are filing presidential recounts in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. experts urge the campaign to investigate the election in the 3 states because of noticeable differences be try between
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benefit of one candidate over the other, we're doing this for the benefit of the american public so that we can trust that our votes are counted. >> wisconsin is the first state to file for that recount. president-elect trump is calling the recount a scam, a change from weeks ago when he called the presidential election rigged. the donald trump campaign had pain little attention to the recount push, but that changed now that hillary clinton is joining the efforts. in a statement donald trump declared that the people have spoken and the election is over. there is a new millionaire in american with the 400 and -- where the $420 million ticket was sold is just ahead. plus, how google is helping to fight terrorism at home. you are watching news channel 8 today.
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welcome back. 612 your time. across america, someone in tennessee is waking up as a millionaire. that is where the million dollars ticket -- the $425 million jack pot ticket was sold. as of yet no one has stepped forward to claim the prize. the winning numbers are 17, 19, 21, 37, or
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a civil rights group is calling for more protection of mosques. at least 3 mosques received letters praising president-elect from and praising muslim genocide. the letter was addressed to the children of satan and said donald trump will cleanse america and to make it shine again. >> from san bernardino to orlando recent terror attacks have raised concerns about americans being radicalized not in war zones get an exclusive look to how they are responding. >> this may not look like the latest front in the fight against terrorism, but here at google researchers believe they could be on to a new way to combat isis. >> jasmine green is the head of research and development at google's technology incubator for political problems.
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bedroom blacklist. like many of the estimated 30,000 foreigners who have joined isis from around the world. >> we believe there is an opportunity to use the internet to get to those potential recruits before isis. >> they call it redirect. >> we all have the experience of searching for something like a pair and then finding an ad for those sneakers pop up later. we had use that same principle consumers of isis's messages online. >> if i am a young person out there sympathetic to joining isis. what is the process i go through ? >> you would likely search for a term. you would interest and we would show you an ad link to your search. you would click on it and be taken to a video like this.
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teaching against isis and not supporting it. >> anything is worth trying but at least make it harder for them so we can save our children . >> he was a normal little boy. it was happening upstairs in our bedroom. >> like many online recruits he drifted away from family and friends eventually joining a terrorist group. >> he was killed in this terrtt >> the group used a video of his death is propaganda. >> no mother should have to see that. that was also. as a mother there was nothing i could do. >> he also fell into radicalism online. >> people need to know that anyone can become radicalized. >> he was considering a bomb attack in london but pulled back.
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moderate scholars in the mountains. >> he was not up part of redirect the things that could discourage others. it appears some may be listening. in a week pilot program -- in a 8 week pilot program it had reached 321,000 individuals. >> the elegant new york tower of president-elect donald trump is getting a deflated new name. tower as doctor tower.-- dot tower -- duck tower. this morning no comment from president-elect trump were google. >> over or -- uber or lyft ?
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>> reporter: it has become the norm, popping in and uber -- an uber or a lyft. despite some high profile incidents, this woman in atlanta who got a black eye after she says a uber driver punched her and a charlotte manda said his uber driver got violent after talk turned to politics found a website called who is driving you that claims to track every incident with uber and lyft. there are pages of entries. but passengers said they feel pretty safe. some frequent writers were surprise will pointed out a big difference between the 2 companies. both uber and lyft to background checks, a lyft goes one step further, you have
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michael drives for both companies. what you think that lift -- lyft goes that extra mile ? >> it is pretty important because someone has put eyeballs on who the driver is. >> he also said they inspected his car in person. it appears neither country -- companies require drivers to take care recalls . 20 percent of drivers don't bother to fix the problematic part. lyft told us drivers have a strong personal incentive to make sure condition. in addition to a safety inspection they make a continuous representation that their vehicles meet industry safety standards and all motor vehicle requirements of it's kind. uber mac give us the statement, under law every vehicle must be inspected annually and same goes for rideshare companies.
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check the picture drivers license and car and confirm that before you get in. >> driving around the area this morning you have crystal clear conditions. max defender 8 painting out a picture-perfect scene for us this morning with not a drop of rain in sight. we didn't have shower activity yesterday despite a cold front slicing through the area. outside right now looking at the view from veterans for, it is quiet now we're just starting to get the view color in the sky as we get closer and closer to our sunrise. notice the temperatures are cooler this morning. with your headlines. the sunday we will call it stellar, little bit breezy at time. we do have changes early in the week. we will transition hour winds which will get us toward a mild
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improve our rain chances slightly. for today 60 degrees at 8:00 with a good amount of sunshine and passing clouds. right now we're at 75 degrees, very comfortable with the lower humidity. it will be breezy for the first half of the day. later on the winds starts to relax . our teddy bear roundup now underway. we are collecting brand-new teddy bears. once again we are partnering with the rough riders. we had many drop off locations if you are out and about don't forget to get a brand-new teddy bear. here's a look at the numbers, 40s for brooksville, 59 temple, 55 apollo beach. these numbers compared to yesterday about 5 to 10 degrees cooler locally. how about 20 degrees cooler back toward charlotte. it is 27 in charlotte now. worries and 50s locally. the core of the cold air sitting
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some high clouds across the area and it looks like that will continue. right now nothing is out there but the areas in yellow and red, that is where we will monitor where we could see some delays. the forecast looks like this, 80 for tomorrow. temperature start warming up and look a mornings. it will be mild and muggy. we have 20 percent rain chance on thursday. that will be the next front and at this point next weekend be 50s. >> what we do need is rain and you are saying practically we're not going to get any? >> 20 percent is being a little bit optimistic.
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good morning the uss goals have already bullsmatched -- have already matched history. how would a great win feel against usf . they could possibly sneak into the american conference title game to win. let's take a look at what happened . >> they trail 7 nothing early.
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right up the middle he goes and gone. missed one tackle there. 43 yards on the touchdown. next possession for ucf. to juan brown to jefferson. he scoops it and gets into the end zone. the bulls take the lead 14?7. 2nd quarter, 17 - 7. maxes on the whole to develop. some horribly -- horrible tackling by the night . 24 - 7 but here comes uc christian on the reverse. look at him throw downfield to smith. great catch and then splits the defense on a 72 yard touchdown completion. that is a 10 point game. 3rd quarter, defense for ucf trying to keep an eye on mac for the past but it is not a pass, clinton on the keeper. 62 yards on that score. 31?14
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touchdown and then flowers will steal it. the bulls pull away. 48 - 31. usf does not advance to the american conference title. >> gators offense struggles all night. appleby fumbles. walker will recover for the knowles. has done all year, 17 yards easy. score for him 7 - zero. the office later getting up to 3rd and 10. look at rudolph go, 46 yard 17 - 6. 4th quarter. this is another third-down play. stephenson up the middle 26 yards for the touchdown. knowles polo a 24 - 6. a little wonder by the fsu
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it for the gator's touchdown but those are the only touchdown -- touchdowns for the night.they have 4 straight win over the nights .-- knights . >> miami was trailing duke early on. they take the lead for good. this is about the all-time leader. 40 - 21 the final. don't forget the box -- bucs hosting the seattle seahawks. we will have a complete wrap up tonight on the beau bishop.
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your time now 6:33 p or good morning on this sunday --. good morning on this sunday. one man is injured -- dead and 9 others injured. this was after a shooting after
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called the shooting senseless and tragic. >> will continue to work hard to make sure we find the people that did this just like we have done in previous shootings. it is unacceptable in the violence continues to spin out of control with people brandishing weapons whenever they think they can and it is really unfortunate. >> 2 men arrested in connection to the shooting on gun charges. tampa police looking for this elderly man seen friday night on 14th street north. according to her report, he may be armed and a danger to himself. if you see him you are urged not to go near him but instead call tampa police. >> all southbound lanes of i 275 are back opened after an investigation of a crash. the tow truck driver was hit i vehicle. right now no word on his condition -- by a vehicle .
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condition. very good news today for the weather. we had to thumbs-up. it was pretty nice yesterday but the big difference is the humidity will be lower. we have little bit of a breeze out there and you will notice a cooler start. we have 55 degrees north breeze averaging around 5 miles-per-hour and max defender 8, good news and a clean sweep. 58 sebring. 62 st. petersburg. 55 clearwater by hour the numbers get just about as warm as yesterday but the big difference is the humidity is lower. your temperatures hit 79 but the humidity level, the mugginess starts to climb especially through the middle of next week . it will feel sticky before we get another big drop in that moisture. that is thanks to our next cold front which could bring a few more showers. we
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complete forecast. >> right now morning fidel castro in havana. hundreds of students held a candlelight vigil saturday night. many students yelled fidel and i am fidel. this was the university where he studied before starting the revolution. 9 days of mourning have been declared in cuba and flags are at half staff. a very different scene in miami were cuban exiles in we had been in little havana since the news first broke in joins us with reaction. >> reporter: good morning from the little havana neighborhood where it has been more than 24 hours since the cuban community has learned of fidel castro's death. they have all gathered in the heart of miami's cuban community . at first glance you see
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celebrating but when you scratch the surface you see emotions run deep. he has been waiting for this news -- she has been waiting for this news for decades but there is someone missing. >> my mother died 2 years ago and she was able to see this. the first thing we did was go to the cemetery and put her cuban and american flag. >> so you're thinking of her today. how special would this have been? >> all my god. i'm sure not thousands celebrated singing the song of freedom. the artist also joined in on the celebration. for this cuban-american the focus is not on celebrity appearances but rather his grandfather. he actually passed with couple of months ago and he always said he would love to have seen the state. i feel like i'm representing my family and him by being here.
6:38 am
face of the cuban revolution will lead to change but for right now they are living this moment paul remembering those from their past -- and remembering those from their past. >> we have to figure out what this means for the states. we will explore that a little bit more later this morning. in other news: a duck hunter is recovering after being attacked by an alligator in the everglades. the victim and his friends had just loaded their kayaks and were waiting through the water when he taught he kicked a log but it was not a log it was an 8 - 10 foot gator and it bit him. it left a 10 inch gash on his leg but he is expected to be okay.
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into a bridge. the american star passed under the lift bridge without problems saturday night but currents caused it to drift back toward the bench -- bridge. no word on if there is damage on the bridge . holiday shoppers setting a new record this week. customer spent more than $3 billion shopping online on brak friday -- black friday and that from last year. multiple purchases were up 33 percent to $1.2 billion. the company suggest the increase shows customer's desires to wait impact malls and retail stores. now to a consumer alert. did you get a video on your iphone and you're not sure where it came from? >> be careful opening that. there's a 5 2nd video that is being passed around is causing
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the inconvenience is having to reset your phone. >> that could be very irritating. >> that could be very irritating and i'm glad it has not happened to me. i notice from walking outside this morning at 3 am it was nice. we are a little bit cooler. >> the word i'm going to use is refreshing. >> also refreshing into the day. we had we had a beautiful sunrise. will have your full forecast
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time now 6:43 on this sunday morning. hopefully you weekend. whatever you were doing getting outside or perhaps doing some that holiday shopping. it was big news yesterday good news, it is nicer for today. >> we have another big reminder as you are headed out to eat -- doing your holiday shopping. don't forget to go pick out a new teddy bear. we are collecting brand-new teddy bears to send to people
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holiday season. we are collecting them all the way through december 19. for a complete list of drop-off locations head over to our website. looking at the view from hunt a of new port richey, the sun is starting to rise. 55 degrees with the steady breeze coming out of the north. freedom plaza, it is a gorgeous guy with -- overhead. when you step out you may need with temperatures in the 50s to around 60 degrees. we have some few high clouds through the beginning of the day. by noon we're at 75 degrees with ample sunshine for the region. his gorgeous this afternoon. 4 pm we're at 79 but chilly and some spots this morning. 52 inverness. 48 crystal river 62 and milder in saint pete. what feels so refreshing this morning, this number, the dewpoints much
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nor -- when that number goes up your comfortable factor goes down. we had a lot of high clouds yesterday with the upper- level flow coming off the gulf of mexico. surface winds coming in from the east .winds coming in out of the northeast. we have drier flow. there could be a few sprinkles. the model tries to bring in excess moisture but i don't think it is going to be able to survive the track into our area. through today and then into early next week a change comes your way with the winds coming out of the southeast . that will help to bring back the moisture and that will be ahead of our next cold front that will roll through later on in the week. the seahawks taking on the bucs . it will be a beautiful afternoon at the football stadium, mostly sunny but a little bit breezy on the field. we will keep our eye on that with the game getting underway
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the temperatures warm up for the next few days. we are back into the low 80s with very warm mornings. it will be stuffy with the humidity on the increase and then we only have a 20 percent rain chance coming your way by thursday. we were hoping to get a little bit more in the way of rain but at this point the rain chance is looking minimal at best. >> i see that zero percent practically every day. >> next weekend, looking great. >> swing. cyber monday may be tomorrow but you can find many deals today. the top 6 website for cyber deals is coming up next. you are watching news channel 8 today. 6:46 your time the
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in the consumer watch, this year cyber monday is set to be
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score online deals right now. we have 6 of the best cyber monday sales. >> reporter: if you are like me you want to do all of your christmas shopping online, and sometimes you do it when you are at work. us news and world report has put together a list for people like us of the top website deals to check out for those cyber monday sales. walmart's cyber monday sale began on friday with the deals on tvs, drones, gaming laptops. they are offering free ship on orders of $50 or more. dell cyber monday sale begins at 8 am. you can expect savings of up to $1300. macy's cyber monday sales begin sunday
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>> if you are looking to get away after the holidays, you may want to check out the travel deals up for grabs on cyber monday. experts say slow summer travel sales should result 2 big deals on airfare and hotels. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be quite cheap. >> beer drinkers are going for gold. of gold gold can could win you super bowl tickets for life. that is from this monday through january her teeth. if you find the gold can you can enter for the chance to win super bowl tickets each year for up to 51 years. taking sand castles to a new level. up next, the
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watching news channel 8 today.
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stands school shares from around the world -- sand sculptures from around the world are wallowing viewers.
6:56 am
artist were challenged to create their sculptures with water, a few hand tools and about 15,000 pounds of sand. sculptures range from a shattered female figure and external part representing -- heart representing heartbreak. the event ends today. >> what a random selection you have there. >> little confused. apparently there is a deeper meaning so amazing sculptures that they are doing. >> there could always be a deeper meaning or you could sit there and go wow. >> it is amazing it is only the 3rd annual. quick check on what is happening for today. we have
6:57 am
79 for your high. overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning a little milder not quite as cool this morning at 63. back up to 80. we will notice an increase in humidity and that will be ahead of a rain chance later this week. highs will come back into the 80s. it will get pretty warm and lows middle and upper 60s. >> it is november, it is fall and it is just kind of warm. >> it is a great-log weekend. what more can you ask for? >> at least we get the not so great weather out of the way so that we can will be next -- nice. following breaking news out of new orleans. one person dead and 9 others injured after a shooting in the french borders. plus, morning fidel castro. the latest from cuba and the celebrations in miami. 6:57 and you are watching news channel 8 today the sunday
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>> tracking breaking news happening right now. one man dead and 9 others injured after shooting in new orleans french quarter. plus, the death of fidel castro. ongoing celebration in miami, a big contrast to this candlelight vigils in havana --


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