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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. good evening. we begin with breaking news.
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the job tonight fired for using excessive force at a traffic stop and then lying about it in his report. dash cam and surveillance video from the mobil gas station on 4th street north in st. petersburg sews what happened. gut wayne rag near was arresting her battery on a officer resisting an arrest. he wrote a report woman kale up aggressively and shoved him. the sheriff fired wagner for using unnecessary force that is against policy and most importantly for lying about it and no knot telling the truth that is something that will not stands. i've been very clear about that, that people make mistakes, people use bad judgment. there need to be consequences for those actions. >> deputy wagner had been on the force for just more than 2
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than a hundred people. 86 passengers and 18 crew members showed signs of the virus on a holland america ship that left italy earlier this month and arrive in tampa this morning. the cruise line said they ramped up cleaning procedures on the ship and passengers with symptoms were isolated to their cabins. first it was mold problems at a largo school. now parents tell us there are water issues at another play to academy location. bo concerns. >>reporter: months after 8 on your side investigation into mold concerns at the play to can academy in largo. parents at the clearwater campus are coming forward about what's leaks at that school. >> i don't know if the board ace wear there have been water intrusion issues in the building. >>reporter: parent katherine schmidt wrote a letter to members involving water on the walls after hurricane hermine. she asked about the watermark but was told nothing was wrong. >> an e-mail should have been sent out by the principal
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not sent buried in an e-mail update to parents almost a month after the incident. >>reporter: largo campus parents said they are still dealing with mold issues. >> the largo campus was promised work to be done in the modular buildings due to mold. >>reporter: we trilled to get s ceo to talk about this on camera but he declined. he also refused to address any of the parents issues during the meeting. reporting in largo jamel lanee' news channel 8. >> back in custody after escaping. tonight there are questions about how he managed managed to get away. joseph flag ban was working at a poke county maintenance facility well eastling stole truck and took off. court documents show he was arrested in september for petty thrift which was his third conviction on that charge. he was granted trustee status for good behavior and that allowed him to work outside under some supervision. >> this is a isolated
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be held accountable for it. >> here's the thing. flanagin had fewer than 300 days of his sentence left to serve burks now he's facing grand theft and escape charges and those carry a possible 15 year sentence. emotional reunion this afternoon in pasco county. a 911 dispatcher got to meet the man she helped save. jerry karlsson's wife tells us f demedeiros her husband wouldn't be alive today. chip osowski joins us in trinity with the details i love this story chip.
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>>reporter: dispatcher rebecca difficult medeiros met jerry cal son and his wife linda on the first time on friday. >> winded up breaking 6 ribs actually. >> that's what cpr does. >> they told us if we hadn't done that he wouldn't be here. >> that's right. and it's the best six ribs you've ever break. >>reporter: october 8th the call came? !. >> he was talking and laughing now he's going into responding please hurry. >> he's unresponsive. >> he's having like laich a seizure, something. >>reporter: demedeiros like all communication specialsists take calls on people's worst days it's their job to stay cool and that's exactly what she did. linda karlsson believes jerry is here today because of rebecca. >> if it wasn't for her he
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>> tonight senator bill bill nelson is calling on the u.s. attorney general to look spoon alleged practice of selling your drivers record information. but as rod carter reports the department of motor vehicles says the senator has it all wrong. >>reporter: when people get a license to drive is it their information? >> i think that that should be illegal. >>reporter: senator bill nelson based on a local news investigation sent attorney general loretta lynch to look into the state's alleged practice of selling driver's license info. >> it's not only unconscionable but it may well be that it is illegal irk however today the dmv released a statement saying the senator
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highway safety and motor vehicles does not sell driver or motor vehicle information. they went on to point out the driver privacy protection act restricts public access to info like social security numbers driver's license numbers, i.d. card numbers, names addresses telephone numbers and much more. that is something drivers certainly welcome. in tampa, rod carter news channel 8. chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us right now you see that happy face he has. it's and we have big changes this weekend too. >> i know. it's going to be so festive and turkey ish. >> for about 5 it's going to warm right back up again. >> can't we have some joy for a minute? >> no i can't. >> wow. >> no actually it's going to be beautiful this weekend. just two different kinds of days. saturday 79 degrees we expect toy a few clouds later in day ace cold front moves into the area. cooler and breezy for sunday as the effects of the cold front
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chilly. also great news from the weather world we're actually launching nasa is a new goes r weather satellite essentially the next generation of weather satellites giving us better today take realtime lightning. saturday 5:42. they have canceled this a couple of times but we have'nt an o to monitor that launch. he's already seen in it the clean room and we'll look forward to the data great shot here this is from robert. robert thames and that is beautiful sunset. few clouds in the excite but mostly clear conditions overall. 64 zephyrhills now 62 weeki wachee temps falling fast northern areas. still drier air in place. upper 60s winter haven break lakeland sebring. # 1 in st. petersburg. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast i'll try to find some joy coming up.
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snapchat over the hill it can exposure kids in way is they probably don't understand. three ways to keep your kids safe. only dealing with heart issues he's trying to convince the va he's married but these things take time.
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tonight for parents. there's a smartphone app that some say is making snapchat look over the hill by comparison. it's called musically. and it can be confusing for parents to figure out. that's why we'll explain how it all works. >>reporter: unless you live with a pre-teen you probably have never heard musically. on the surface it's a cute app but like all social media
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don't understand. musicly is a music video making app users known as museers create 15 second blimp sink videos more than 70 million accounts have been created most by middle schoolers. profiles include a nickname, photo, muser name and bio. there's also the option to link to other social media profiles most link through st account is private. go to the profile switch on the private account button that enshoes only people approved to follow the accounting see their videos. to further privacy switch on hide location info. to block a user from contacting your child or to report inappropriate content, go to the offending user's profile and click on those 3 dots in the top right. then select block user or
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child from downloading musically or any app. apple's eye tunes store android play store have parental controls available in your settings. those controls include a variety of ways to block your child from using a variety of apps. back to you. >> thank you meredith. coming up target 8 investigate a new case of incredible incompetence at the va. also ahead winner winner chicken wing dinner. how you can enjoy endless chicken wings from th after thanksgiving until the end of the year.
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in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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. on wall street today the dow dropped 35 points the s & p 500 lost 5 the nasdaq was down 12. fiat chrysler is recalling nearly 8,902,016 vehicles for two separate problems. the first recall involves nearly 35,000 jeep grand cherokee suvs and dodge durango suvs worldwide. a fuel problem could catch fire. dodge dart compact vehicles electrical issues can cause the wipers to fail. if you're flying for
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hundreds of workers at o'hare international airport are threatening to strike during thanksgiving wick week employees including baggage handlers and we'll chair attendance have been fighting for wage ink crease and human rights. sick participate department of aviation does not anticipates any disruption but we will see. fan duel and draft kings are teaming up they officially announce their plans today to merge into a single company. they will continue to operate separately under their individual brands merger goes through the approval process. we've all seen it at work many employees show up even when they are under the weather which experts say proves that some of us have a lot to learn when it comes to sic etiquette. 65% of americans try to tough it out if they think they have a cold which put co-workers at
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take precautions. >> when you cough or sneeze you cough into the left shoulder you're left arm the crook of that arm when he blow your nose you use your left- hand blow your nose, throw away the tissue immediately and sanitize. >> experts say those who can should consider working from home when illness strikes. mcdonald's is going upscale sort of. the fast food giant mcdonald's is also ruling out touch screen ordering and mobile pay options. changes are already showing up at the golden arches here in florida as well as new york and california. so be on the lookout. if you love wings and who doesn't, hooters has a deal for you on black friday and cyber monday. get this, on both days hooters will offer what it calls endless craving cards for a hundred bucks each. it will give you $20 a day worth of hooters menu items through the end of the year.
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offered in two ways on black friday and on cyber monday they will be available on hooters web site. how much ace happy birthday dress worth? if it's the storm fitting one marilyn monroe wore during her happy birthday song to president john f. kennedy try $4.8 million. it was purchased by ripley's believe it or not. julian's auction house said the gown was so tight monroe had to be sewn into it. it l hospitalized and dealing with heart issues a veteran is trying to convince the va that he is married and has been for more than 30 years. target 8 senior investigators steve andrews found it's taken a little time. 9 years. >>reporter: keith and debbie addis took a short stroll
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>> i don't know what's hag with this congestive heart failure thing. >>reporter: keith is trying to tie up loose winds the va. >> she can apply for my benefits if something happens to me. >>reporter: but there's one small va snafu preventing that from happening. >> they have let got me down on a single status. >> he served in the air force in the 70 he and debbie married in the 80s. he receives a small disability check for injury he suffered in the air force. he's tried for 9 years to get the va to change his >> quite honestly when you call they say that many you for your service we're not going to do anything for you. >>reporter: he provided the va with their marriage license birth certificates, tax forms. >> they said, your wife's middle initial is not right. well, they made out the form. >>reporter: five months ago he asked congressman tom rooney for help. >> it's become urgent since i got into this heart failure situation. >>reporter: keith is running out of patience he worries he's running out of time.
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it anymore. >> this sounds very simple. >> this should have been like that. this should have been the easiest thing in the world do you have a marriage license yes. >>reporter: frustrated he contacted target 8. i sent an e- mail tuesday morning asking the va to look into this. >> if it's taken me 9 years without me being here how long is it going to take my wife to apply for there benefit she's entitled to. >>reporter: on wednesday afternoon i heard back the issue has been resolved. keith hopes doctors heart problems so these strolls can continue. steve andrews news channel 8. >> keith has not yet heard from the va that the change is official and he told steve given its track record he won't believe it until he sees it. clear skies an drew got a great shot around the tarpon springs area.
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we've had great photographers of late. 9:00 p.m. 69 degrees still comfortable. 62 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 79 at 4:00 p.m. currently 70 tampa international airport. dew point 58 into st. petersburg, 65 degrees. dew point 58 degrees so temps have fallen relatively quickly through the 70s now quickly into the 60s. dew points a little lower that allows the temps to cool off faster. already down to 61 in crystal river. 61 weeki wachee if you're going to be out to football be quite chilly perhaps you probably should get going. 33 degrees right now minneapolis, 41 chicago. cold front crossing the country snow too across the northern part of the country today. maybe up to a foot are 0 head region in minnesota this tracked all the way back into denver, colorado. but that's where its currently location is and the cold front goes all the way down into the southern portion of the country and that is drawing some chill ier air across the u.s. high pressure dominates the region and a few clouds we did see a few of those at sunset.
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know that game is not being played in the of course area. 44 degrees there at arrowhead stadium good game there. high pressure continues to come nature. >> we're waiting on this cold front back to the west. saturday's a warm day and sunday's a cool day. here are the numbers and also on sunday it comes with a cool breeze. 68 degrees. so that will make it feel much chillier. front will pass later on saturday you might notice a few extra clouds saturday. sunday is the day you'll notice more sunshine and il pretty good breeze. chilly on monday morning 47 degrees upper 30s northern areas. and then for tuesday, wednesday there's your warm up up near 80 degrees and then turkey day looks fairly warm at this point upper 70ed. >> did you say upper 30 newscast s northern counties in. >> yeah. that's monday morning. >> wow. that's limits. >> legit winter in florida. >> exactly.
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a place associated with death was the sight of a lifesaving rescue in miami. rescue crews say they were alerted about a faint sound coming from underneath the vault which is used to house cover fins in the cemetery. after arriving to the scene they dug around the vault and finally saw the face a cute little puppy. turns out there were three pup its recovered from the tight spot. they are all in good health. ayres kai group is tryi can be reunited. being a dog friendly show here's another canine. this cattle dog excited to see snowy judgment for enjoyment it's the first big snow for mason county colorado it looks likely he wants to taste as many flakes as he can. >> if he's trying to get everyone he's got a big job. >> he's got some time to kill.
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>> i will. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back tonight at 11:00. reality show cameras, did they trigger her break-up? now on "extra"! ? the pop superstar and her ripped dancer. >> he has a huge crush on her. >> is that what sentam and their explosive new battle. will she give in and cut him from the show. plus mariah's ex nick, breaking news, he's about to be a dad again. surprise kiss, j. lo and marc anthony locking lips as they put on some serious pda. donald trump's secret hollywood supporters. >> the two stars who just came out publicly to announce they're
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about getting engaged. >> would you perform at your own reception? >> mario's in vegas with ricky digging for details. giving us a sneak peek at his new strip show. the energy is going to be amazing. britney's slumber party. >> mario's interview with miles teller takes an unexpected turn. now on "extra," from universal studios, hollywood, the coming up, melania and barron trump, how they caused a commotion at lunch in new york. we're with supermodel gigi hadid as she gets ready to host sunday's amas, new video raising questions about mariah's relationship with her back-up dancer. is that the real reason for her split from james packer. >> in a wedding dress.
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dancer, mariah unfiltered, uncensored. and like you've never seen her before. >> you guys are living for this footage. >> "extra" inside the over-the-top world of music's half billion-dollar superstar. >> don't you dare. >> sneak peeking the new docu-series that reportedly ended her engagement to james packer. >> a lot of people that have hurt me. >> her aussie former fianc? reportedly battling mariah to cut her out of the trailer. >> mariah carey was so upset in the studio she threw her diamonds against the wall. >> but her relationship with dancer bryan tanaka seen on stage and mariah pouring champagne on his bare chest is. >> he does have a crush on her. >> mariah telling mario this about the eight-part event premiering on e. >> we have to go through all the footage.


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