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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM Sunday  NBC  March 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> and there is that attitude coming through again. it's been a good week indeed, but will that bogey be the one that costs him? we go back to the tee at 18, and jason day is in command, as you said, johnny. >> he is. going with the 3 wood. if he can put the ball on the fairway, he can actually play sort of a safe shot, roger. >> you've got to hit it. they're cheering for him. i don't know. so many guys hit it right on 18 when they're nervous. >> add them to the list. >> and that is only one out of players that hit the greens from over there. one out of 18. >> that might be a break, actually, if it's trampled down where they've been. >> it's possible. >> that lands well right of the gallery row. >> that's one shot you cannot hit on 18 with the back right
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that's like saying i've got no chance. >> so here is troy merritt, two double bogeys on his card and a miraculous save for par at the last. >> probably going to make birdie and win it outright. got to hit a good drive, though. short hitter. a little fade out there. >> that would be appropriate, wouldn't it? >> yeah. hit the fairway, troy. >> in the middle. >> a little idaho special right down the middle. >> got all these bombers out here taking charge in arnie's court. troy merritt is slowly picking them apart, but he trails jason day by one. jason day, looked like he really had it, put it on the rough at 18. but on the previous hole, this is what got him to the 17 under number. one moment he's a spectator next he's being surprised by pga tour pro
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this was the scene just a moment ago. kevin chappell who just bogeyed the 18th, coming over to the king to say hello and hoping somehow, some way, he's going to get the trophy from him. there's his wife, elizabeth, and there's his baby, wyatt, who has
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thrilled to see dad, as he continues to wait for his first pga tour win. we go right back out to the right rough and get a report on jason day's lie, roger. >> a little bit of a fluffy lie, but boy, this is the area where the traffic has trampled down the grass, makes this thing much simpler. but going at the hole, johnny, is really out of the question. he is going to have to negotiate and hit it over the water, really, to get it on the green if he can and get it to stop before the back bunkers. i think it's a bit of a fly or lie myself from 195. >> yeah. like i said, as far as hitting the green in regulation from the right rough, 119 on the weekend. but not many guys hit it far enough right to be in the trampled-down area. so you really have been fortunate. and of course, we saw him on number 9, it looked like he was in trouble on number 9 and hit this high towering shot within a
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it's a similar kind of shot. >> yeah, i mean, that's a pretty good-looking lie. that looks like somebody teed it up. >> this is a very good break to be in this situation over here. but the whole thing is how the ball comes out of the grass. if it comes out landing softly, you know, it's really an outstanding break. but if it comes out shooting, that's a different story. >> i don't think it's the kind of lie that you would come up short and go on the rocks or the water. >> i hit it 276, the tee shot. >> if it goes in that back bunker, at least i have a chance. >> i agree.
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>> yeah. >> that's the shortest point. okay? just a good, solid swing if it goes through, get a good up and down. >> good advice. visualization big time here. part of every preshot routine, visualize the shot and then execute. >> what a crescendo to the florida swing right here. >> i can't tell if it buried or not. it better not if he wants to win. >> it's okay. >> not bad. he's a great bunker player.
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balls buried. day fortunate there. so here is the other third party still in this thing, troy merritt, at 16 under. >> absolutely. he's got the shot, that high fade with a fade of hole location, he could just steal this tournament with a perfect shot here and a birdie, with day maybe not getting up and in. >> got 187 left to the hole. >> look, roger. >> oh! >> a heartbreaker. an absolute heartbreaker. just flared it out. you could see that left arm,
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just stayed out in front of him. >> and another example, again, of some of the shots that were coming out on the practice tee earlier today. and a costly miss at the worst possible time for troy merritt. and arnie saw it all unfold. and, again, merritt, the very first tournament that he's played in of arnie. never met arnold palmer as we send you down to mark rolfing. >> thank you very much, dan. as we watch this unfold, kevin, ten minutes ago you were out there. what is going through your mind right now? >> you know, i survived. that was kind of the goal of the week for me, not feeling well, was just to get in 72 holes, and i did. and to have i achance to win, that's all i can ask for. i feel like i handled myself really well. i'd love to have the tee shot back on 18, but, you know, hopefully i'll get that chance. we'll see what happens here with jason. >> this attitude adjustment sort of that you've made, all smiles all day, looking at the bright side of things. did that really help carrying you through what had to be a
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you know, i just -- i don't have any energy to waste. you know, getting upset or getting down, you know, that's wasted energy. so for me, it was trying to find the positive in everything and really enjoy the walk out there and look people in the eyes and get to enjoy the fans and their reactions. >> regardless of the outcome, congratulations. great performance. >> thank you. >> kevin chappell continues the agonizing wait. and merritt is about to hit his fourth. we said it a long time ago, we continue to say it every year, this 18th hole just has a huge par seemingly every year in this tournament. good and bad. >> right here. >> it's from 140 now. so hard to keep your attention
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good shot. >> and that's what merritt was trying to do, become the first since robert gomez to win this tournament in his very first try. so up comes jason day. we will get a report on this bunker shot from roger and how difficult it is. but we've seen his boyhood idol so many times through the years pull off birdies to win here at bay hill. and as we talked about earlier, jason day has gotten closer and texted tiger a lot for advice on how to put away tournaments, how to handle yourself as one of the top ranked players in the world, and there's the good lie. it's a long bunker shot, but that is what separates jason day from winning this tournament, up
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under. >> that definitely was a poor second shot with that good break on the lie. long bunker shot, the average from the hole? 12 feet from the hole? >> 12, 10 feet, i would think. the good news about this, johnny, if you hit it the right distance, that's the issue everything wants to feed to where that hole is. you know, you throw it up there on the left side of the green, it wants to get over there toward the hole. and i think the key is just -- you know, i can say, hitting it the right distance, really, to get yourself a makable putt. >> yeah, if he can knock it in there inside six feet, my hat is off for him. there's no doubt about it. there's a lot of pressure here. he has not, as, dan, had his best stuff, especially tee to green the last couple days, not hitting maybe just half the greens in regulation.
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pieces of advice that tiger gave him. if you don't have your "a" game, figure out another way. but just get it done. and an up and down here will get it done. dge of that bunker i would think, and let it kick right and spin right a little down the hill a little bit. >> made great contact. >> where's my hat? i've got to tip it. >> very impressive.
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off for par and the title, it would just be a microcosm of what he's done a lot this week. >> and he knows this is one of the great bunker shots of his career. people are loving it. he could make par here after the birdie at 17, that would be really strong. >> kevin chappell watching it all unfold on the monitor. knowing that jason day from that distance right there could prevent him from breaking through for the first time on the pga tour. while we have a moment, remind you of next week on tour, huge event. another world golf championship. first ever at austin country club in texas for the wgc-dell match play. and then the tour also at the puerto rico open beginning thursday at 10:30 a.m. eastern time on golf channel.
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just a short time ago, troy merritt was right there. before the water, second at 18. >> still focused, though. he'll probably wake up in the middle of the night tonight, thinking, what did i do? >> you've really got to dig deep in these situations after you've just had your heart kind of broken. they're still playing for a lot of serious money. >> moves right all the way. >> can you see a sort of classic putt when guys are really nervous. chappell did it. merritt did it.
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leave the face open short right. >> or if any kind of adrenaline you had thinking you had a chance to win is just drained by watching the second go in the water. this will not be a day that troy merritt will soon forget. incredible magic all day long to stay in it till the end. and with one swing of the club, he takes himself out of it. >> great week for him, though. >> so jason day is this par putt away from winning for the eighth time in his career. and after the historic season last year, truly proving that his game is in shape even though, again, it hasn't been his "a" game. but with a masters looming, a place that chappell would like to get to with a victory. >> it's a fast little putt, but it's not -- not much breaking it, is it, roger? it really doesn't break much. maybe right-center or something.
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depending. >> -- but what there is will be to the left. >> inside the hole for sure. >> it would be doubly satisfying, getting a win where his boyhood idol won so many times, and winning at arnold's place. and in the end, it is jason day who emerges from the pack and wins the 2016 arnold palmer invitational. wire to wire. but it took the last putt at the
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victory. what another sunday at bay hill. jason day by one over chappell who will continue the wait for his first pga tour title. stenson, three back along with troy merritt. so the fedexcup standings up to the minute. adam scott remaining on top. and the rest of the top ten as we send you down to steve sands. >> dan, thank you. jason, tiger woods won this tournament eight times. he was your boyhood idol. arnold palmer's event. what does it mean to be the champion right here at bay hill? >> it means the world. i mean, i had a text from tiger this morning. i mean, i just ground it out today. it wasn't the best day that i had, but just to be able to get it done when i wasn't quite on. >> congratulations. go enjoy your family. >> thanks, mate. cheers. >> dan? >> the family making another winning appearance with jason day, the champion of arnie's event.
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action, can you get caught up with "golf central." and currently on golf channel, you can watch the pga tour champions. tucson conquistador's classic. and join us next week for the wgc-dell match play. coverage starts wednesday at 2:00 on golf channel, continues saturday at 2:00 on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news. then tonight on nbc starting at 7:00 eastern time, it's "little big shots" and "the carmichael show" followed by the premiere of "crowded," an all-new "hollywood game night." for our golf channel on nbc crew, dan hicks saying so long from the bay hill club and lodge. jason day wins arnie's tournament. and when you win at the king's place at bay hill, the best is saved for last. a handshake with the king himself. jason day wins it here in
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. i'm melanie michael. >> i'm rod carter. thanks so much for joining us this sunday night. it's happened yet again,
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this time a tampa police officer narrowly missed hitting the wrong-way driver and stopped the woman behind the wheel before anyone was hurt. news channel 8's chip osowski was the only reporter at the jail as this driver bonded out today. not too happy to see you, was she? >> reporter: not at all. that driver was 34-year-old aja cancela released this afternoon after posting a $500 bond. can you say anything? >> no, she's not going to say anything. >> reporter: aja cancela walked out of jail shortly after 2:00 sunday afternoon with a relative not pleased to see us. >> get the camera out of my face. >> get in the car, get in the car. >> reporter: investigators tell us she was driving this honda speeding southbound in the northbound lanes of 275. a dui unit officer on his way home had to swerve to miss her. another officer pulled her over and arrested her for driving
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the lord is my shepherd >> reporter: hillsborough county sheriff's deputies gathered friday to bid a final farewell to one of their own who was hit head on in the crosstown expressway. kirby la valley is a former deputy who runs his private investigation service and has worked his share of wrong-way incidents and crashes. >> and it's all the time. these calls are come in every weekend you're getting an alert wrong-way driver, you know in, this area and these deputies and officers are dispatched to the area, but sometimes they're already gone. >> reporter: he, like many, wonders why this keeps happening. >> is it roadway flaws? is it overconsumption? are people just not being responsible when they're either drinking or using drugs and
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>> are you driving under the influence? >> hush. >> reporter: according to aja cancela's jail record she blew below the legal limit. authorities are currently testing to find out if anything else was in her system. >> as for deputy john kotfila, early this morning a motorcade escorted his hearse to tampa international airport where his body was flown back to his home in massachusetts. now the hillsborough county sheriff's office honor guard gave deputy kotfila one final salute. a hit and run crash left a homeless woman in pasco county critically injured. the highway patrol tells us the woman was hit by a truck on palm grove drive at us 301 last night. the driver never stopped. that truck is described as way white four door ford f150 or f250. anyone with information is please asked to call the florida highway patrol. tonight ntsb investigators
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caused a plane to crash at the airport on davis islands in tampa. two people died in a fiery crash late friday morning. eyewitnesses claim they watched as the pilot tried to avoid another plane that was taking off at the same time. we'll be right back with your forecast for the week.
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two 13-year-olds are expected to face charges for stealing a car and crashing it. the teens slammed into a traffic light pole at u.s. 19 and darlington road in pasco county at 4:15 a.m. this morning. it's believed the two may be run-aways. the girls found the car unlocked with the key inside. both girls were injured but should survive. in hillsborough county police are looking for the
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crash involving a bicycle just before 9:00 saturday night in south tampa. police closed inner bay boulevard in both directions at sixth street south for several hours. >> once we arrived on scene unfortunately we did find that subject was deceased and appeared to be a victim of a hit and run crash. >> the police are interviewing witnesses and checking for surveillance videos. anyone with any information is asked to call tampa police. here's a live view right now from sun city center. we have a few clouds passing through, pretty comfortable temperatures. i don't know about you, but this afternoon i was out at the macdill air fest and pretty nice weather, especially compared to the weather the air fest had yesterday where it was postponed because of showers and storms. now we're 72 in tampa, 72 in st. petersburg, 73 sarasota, a bit warmer heading inland to polk county in the upper 70s. throughout the evening
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degrees per hour. so by 10 p.m. we'll be in the middle 60s, a very, very slight chance for an isolated shower over the next hour or two and then it dries out and becomes a little breezy overnight tonight. here's a look at the live satellite and radar picture. right now we don't have any rain anywhere in west central florida. we just have a few clouds and those clouds are exiting as we speak. the cold front has passed through. it's going to get breezy overnight and a northerly wind means cooler temperatures for us. in fact, it means much cooler temperatures to our north. new york city is seeing snow right now. how about that for the first full day of spring and quite a bit of snow is expected for parts of massachusetts and the cape cod area. overnight tonight here at home a few clouds, windy, northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, dropping down to 49 degrees in tampa. surrounding areas will be in the 40s.
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sarasota warmed by the gulf and bay waters in the lower 50s, but kind of cool tonight, probably need a jacket heading out early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon below average, deep blue sunny skies. it's going to be that color right there. a good looking day, but windy and temperatures again below average. we'll have highs in the middle 60s all across the tampa bay area, not much rain because of all the winds helping keep the air mixed up overnight and into the day tomorrow. here's your forecast for tomorrow starting off a little cool in the morning, 49 degrees. in the afternoon we'll be in the middle 60s, but a good dose of sunshine, looking like a nice day. tuesday morning, brr, kind of cool, right? we're in spring now, but temperatures are dropping, 46 degrees tuesday morning, pure blue sunny skies and then the rest of the week looking pretty good until good friday when we see scattered showers and storms returning to the forecast. >> you sure that's not a typo,
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>> i don't think, so double checked it. >> thank you so much, bryan. our keith cate is in cuba and at 11:00 tonight he'll be covering cuba and the president's historic visit. the president landed in cuba a few hours ago. we'll keep you up to date. on nightly news they'll be covering it as well. on this sunday night, historic visit. president obama in havana symbolically opening anigh era in u.s. relations with cuba as some carry on the fight against a still repressive regime. trail of violence at donald trump's campaign events. we speak to a protester who found himself being punched and kicked. distracted driving may have caused a crash that toppled a school bus carrying a high school basketball team. remarkably everyone survived. and, dear, mr. president, one woman's letter from havana gets a response from president


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