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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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at 11:00. >> a police officer killed on her very first day on the job, the suspected killer a pentagon employee. >> plus more support for donald trump tonight. good evening. i'm rod carter. >> and i'm melanie michael. thank you for joining us. we'll begin with breaking news out of pasco county tonight, fire destroyed two mobile homes this evening in odessa at a mobile home park south of state road 54. news channel 8 chip osowski is live for us tonight. some of the pets i understand did not make it out of the fire. >> reporter: that's right, rod.
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still a very active scene out here. i want to show you one of the mobile homes. that is the mobile home where two dogs did not make it out, but there were no other injuries. fire crews got the call before 8:00 sunday evening. they tell us the fire started in one mobile home on bella bella lane in odessa and then spread to an adjacent home. no one was in that home at the time, but the two family dogs were. a pasco county sheriff's deputy did try getting the dogs out but just wasn't able to. sandy olen berger lives in the home with her family and was in a meeting at a time when the fire broke out. she's grateful no one was home at the time but heartbroken her dogs didn't make it out safely. >> i'm not holding up very good because i just found my dogs. both my dogs are gone. i just thank god i'm alive. i might not have a house, but very my family and i have my life.
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though. >> reporter: firefighters spent several hours here they're still here as you can see at this hour. they did locate the two dogs in that back bedroom. as you can see, both mobile homes are a total loss. a third mobile home did suffer minor damage right now. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. >> chip osowski reporting live for us tonight, thank you. of course, get breaking news at any time. download the free news channel 8 app. the alerts will come directly to your mobile device. new information in the case of a baby girl abducted from a south florida home at gunpoint, tonight a woman and a 14-year- old boy are held without bail. 23-year-old stephanie augustin and her teen-age cousin are charged with kidnapping and several other charges. investigators say 2-month-old taraji kemp was taken from her home friday night by two intruders and late yesterday
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found safe in orlando. around the same time police took augustin into custody in pierce, florida. mother. new information about a boater who drowned in plant creek road. investigators tell us two men were in a small boat that capsized. one of the men swam to shore, but the other one apparently could not swim. drowned. the other man was not hurt. st. petersburg police investigating a pedestrian trash on 34th street south. officers tell us tonight a man was hit by a car while crossing the road between 14th and 15th avenue south, not in a cruck. right now he is at the hospital with -- crosswalk. right now he is at the hospital with life threatening injuries. the driver did stop. hillsborough deputies have yet to make an rest in a cockfighting ring. around a -- an arrest in a cockfighting ring. around a dozen men escaped into
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a number of caged chickens were found living and will have to be euthanized because they are considered dangerous trained fighters. today dozen of tow trucks drove in unison to remember a tow truck driver killed in a hit and run crash. >> the 43-year-old was helping a strand understand driver on earlier this month. today friends paid their respects to roger perez-borroto by driving in a procession across the bridge where he died, family and friends still coming to grips with this loss. >> you know, you have moments where it doesn't dawn to you and then there's those brief moments of silence when you go to bed that your mind starts to wander off and it's like you get hit by like -- it feels like you got hit by a train. >> the driver who hit perez- borroto, allison huffman, has since been arrested. a virginia police officer on her very first day on the job gunned down in the line of duty, rod has been looking into
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a lot of people talking about this just saying her very first day. >> police say 28-year-old ashley guindon, a former marine corps reservist who was fatally shot on her first day on patrol and they say the man responsible, an army staff sergeant assigned to pentagon. it was a tragic and deadly night in virginia. >> as i understand it, he's in the army. he's stationed at the pentagon. >> reporter: an active sergeants named ronald hamilton, a man -- sergeant named ronald hamilton, a man assigned to the pentagon, in jail tonight. he opened fire on prince william police officers as they responded to a home for a domestic dispute call. rookie officer ashley guindon later died from her injuries. >> this morning yesterday and her shift, this was their first day working, so the whole thing is just tragic. >> reporter: when more officers arrived on scene, hamilton allegedly surrendered to police and then authorities found his wife, 29-year-old
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gunshot wounds -- hamilton dead, from gunshot wounds. >> hamilton has been charged at this point with capital murder of a police officer, first degree murder involving his life. >> reporter: officer begin done was a marine with -- guindon was a marine with florida ties and this was her second time entering police training. the county police chief said when she returned, it was obvious she was driven, passionate and exceedingly intelligent. >> we were struck by her passion to do this job. >> reporter: just hours after officer ashley guindon was gunned down police and firefighters gave her a very moving tribute. take a look at the video you see there, her fellow officers lining the roads there to honor their new now fallen colleague. tonight hundreds of people braved the cold air to pay their respects to the officer in a candlelight vigil, a very moving sight indeed to see. the other two officers wounded
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who served more than eight years as a police officer and 33-year-old david mccune who was actually with the department more than 10 years. doctors say they expect them to fully recover. however, those two officers do have a very long road in front of them. now to our your vote coverage and the race for the white house, it is shaping up to be a very busy year. all the candidates were, in fact, busy on the campaign trail today ahead of super tuesday this week and donald trump announced a big surprise. u.s. senator jeff sessions of alabama is throwing his support behind the billionaire. jennifer johnson has our your vote coverage from washington tonight. >> reporter: fresh off her huge win in south carolina, hillary clinton worked the crowd sunday in tennessee, a super tuesday state. tuesday. important. >> reporter: clinton clobbered bernie sanders by roughly 50 percentage points. >> we got decimated.
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among older african american it was pathetic. >> reporter: a new nbc wall street journal poll those donald trump trailing ted cruz in cruz's homestate of texas on super tuesday, but trump beating both cruz and marco rubio in georgia and tennessee with 30 and 40% of the votes. cruz and rubio are attacking trump, cruz about taxes, rubio saying trump's a fraud. >> the time has come to remove the mask and unveil him for what he is. donald trump is nothing but a first rate con artist who is trying to carry out the ultimate con. >> the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes suggests that there's a bombshell there. >> reporter: trump says he has released his financial records but can't show his tax returns because he's under an irs audit. >> and until the audit is completed obviously i wouldn't show anything. i'll show it a soon as it's completed. i have nothing to -- show it as soon as it's completed. i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: cruz said the
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unstoppable if he has victory super tuesday. there are 595 delegates at stake on super tuesday, why it's so critical for them all. >> and that new nbc news poll released today shows hillary clinton with a huge lead over bernie sanders in three key super tuesday states. clinton's biggest lead is in georgia with 64% compared to 30% for sanders. in tennessee clinton is ahead by 26 points and in texas she is up by 21. the hulk hogan versus gawker trial gets underway this week in st. petersburg. friday the two sides went over last minute details with the judge. hogan claims the website violated his privacy by posting portions of a sex tape of him. jury selection begins tuesday, opening statements expected to begin march 7th. erin andrews' civil trial
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hotel will head -- against a nashville marriott hotel will head into a big second week tomorrow. >> jurors will hear from the key players in this place all centered around a stalker spying on the sportscaster taking nude videos of her through a peephole in her hotel room. tomorrow we will here from andrews' mother paula and also from the man accused of stalking her. however, michael barrett will not be inside the courtroom. instead attorneys will show video of his deposition and then either late tomorrow or early tuesday erin andrews herself is expected to take the stand. it has already as i mentioned been an emotional trial. last week erin's father steve, our own investigative reporter, a senior investigative reporter, took the stand and got very upset explaining how he felt after those videos came out. >> the first time in my life as
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i didn't know if she was safe or not. i feared for her life. >> another difficult moment in court, erin andrews excused herself when jurors watched those nude videos recorded of her that are still online today. andrews is suing marriott for $75 million for giving her stalker the room right next to hers. marriott maintains it did nothing wrong. we'll keep you posted on the goings on tomorrow. a pastor gunned down in his church office this morning, coming up witnesses describe surprising gunman. >> plus after months of renovations to pier 60 on finally finished. improvements there. >> we had a beautiful weekend temperature-wise, temps on the way up, looking at highs near 80 degrees by tuesday. you'll have the rest of your seven-day in just a bit. >> plus here's what you'll see tomorrow at 6 a.m.
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-- leap year and we get an extra day this month. i'm leigh spann and i'll explain what it has to do with earth's trip around the sun. >> plus weather and traffic on
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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the suspect in the deadly
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expected in court on monday. reverend william schooler was gunned down in his own church in dayton this morning. police tell us the suspect is his younger brother daniel schooler who was arrested at the scene. witnesses say they heard shots fired while the choir was singing and it quickly became chaos when everyone took off running. >> after prayer he got up and he went back in our pastor's shots. wasn't a minute and i heard two shots and so i just got everybody out of the church. we just kept hearing shooting, shooting, bang, bang, bang. >> oh, my goodness. the dayton daily news says that the younger schooler has a history of violence and "court documents suggesting that he may be mentally ill." church services, of course, canceled the rest of the day. four people including two children were reportedly killed in a small plane crash near an airport in southeast texas this morning. a pilot landing at the airport spotted the crash site in the
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the faa is investigating this crash. a teacher in volusia county says she's heartbroken and her career will never be the same after detectives tell us three 12-year-old girls tried to poison us. the deltona middle schoolers spiked their teacher's soda with red pep are flakes in retaliation -- pepper flakes in retaliation for her sending one of them to the principal's office. the teacher suffered stomach pain and shortness of breath. her neighbor feels they should be held accountable. >> it's a tower thing. i don't why they've lost -- a terrible thing. i don't understand why they've lost respect. they've got to be held accountable for their actions or they'll never stop. >> one of the girls told investigators their original plan was to vandalize the teacher 's car with paint. tonight they remain locked up in juvenile detention.
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migrants were picked up by a carnival cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. pittsburgh steelers star james harrison posted a rescue of that photos on his instagram page. the cruise was a legend theme cruise that takes athletes and musicians on a trip traveling from miami to cozumel, mexico. tonight for the third time in recent days spacex called off the launch of its falcon 9 rocket from cape canaveral. the satellite would bring internet and phone access to people in asia. after five months of renovation and construction to clearwater beach's pier 60 is completed and it's gorgeous. news channel 8's mary mcguire shows you some of the changes visitors will see during the beach season. >> reporter: clearwater beach was just named the best beach in the united states by and it's pretty
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sunshine and just beautiful sand, a lot of areas to walk that are safe. >> reporter: beach's white sand and sparkling water is actually what prompted many of the changes and upgrades to pier 60 parker. 60 -- park. >> the beach looks awesome and welcoming. it's great. it's really going to improve business out here. >> reporter: by redesigning and expanding the park, pedestrians will be able to move and flow more free. the project included regrading the park to make an amphitheaterlike setting for movies and events allowing the city of clearwater to bring back the popular sunset cinema movie screenings on friday and saturday nights. visitors from the north are loving all of the changes. >> i got exercise the day before i left with my snowblower and shovel. we got a nice dump of snow about 8 or 9 inches to remind us even though it was a mild winter it still was winter, so nice to come down here and see the blue skies instead of the gray skies.
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beach walk and more open green space. in clearwater i'm mary mcguire, news channel 8. >> just beautiful. no. 1 in america. we love that. those changes aren't finished just yet. the city also plans on improving the women's restroom in the barefoot beach house on gulf view boulevard. it was a nice weekend, but time to say bye bye weekend. hello workweek. tomorrow will be a dry day 74 degrees the high, heading into tuesday dry weather, near 80. wednesday a spotty shower or two, not much rain, high of 75. moving into thursday, a dry day and 72 and then on friday maybe one or two rogue little showers and a high temperature again in the 70s as we'll be all week long, so pretty good looking week. right now we're 61 in tampa. the temperature drops in a hurry heading north.
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degrees, citrus county right around 45 degrees. satellite and radar picture dry weather, a few high thin clouds worries overnight. heading over to cape canaveral i mentioned earlier today we would have the spacex rocket out of cape canaveral and as it was mentioned a second ago, that was scrubbed. reason it was scrubbed, we had a ship or a boat that came into close proximity to cape canaveral within the range of the protected rockets and they had to wait for that vessel -- rocket and they had to wait for that vessel to leave. by the time that boat left the rocket fuel had actually heated up a bit too much causing them to cancel the launch for tonight because of overheated rocket fuel which wouldn't have given it the propulsion it needed to take off and land. bigger view, high pressure offshore gave us the nice weekend. clouds over the gulf of mexico are moving eastward, so partly
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we have two fronts right now in the country. this first front is going to move eastward and stall in georgia. it will never make it to us. this second front back in oregon and parts of washington will move in wednesday and give us that 20% chance for a light little shower. so here's a closer look. again for the rest of your evening nice weather, temperatures in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. here's a look at the clouds over the gulf of mexico. again these will continue moving inland overnight tonight. so by tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy, temperature right around 55. you'll probably need a light jacket early in the morning, but by afternoon you can get rid of that jacket. we'll have nice weather with a high temperature right around 74. so a bit more cloud cover tomorrow and a bit warmer as well with high temps in the middle 50s of again to start your day -- 50s. again to start your day partly to mostly cloudy, 55 degrees,
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cloudy skies, bit warmer, high near 74 degrees. spring training is getting going. the pirates in bradenton, nice weather, 68 degrees at noon. the detroit tigers in lakeland at 1:05 were looking good with a temperature right around 70 degrees at game time and the obvious reason why spring training is in tampa bay is this right here. we're looking at temperatures all week long in the 70s as we end february and roll into early march. so looks like tomorrow being a leap day, extra day of february will be just fine. then we move into march like a lamb, so looking good. >> yup. >> i like it. no complaints from us. >> yesterday you had a funnier analogy about march coming into march. >> marching in like a poodle. >> 24 hours i still don't know what that means. let's face it. you feel like sardines on the airlines today because you're
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>> you're packed in there. leg room legislation, how a u.s. senator wants to help travelers not have that feeling. >> also ahead why jerky manufacturers are enjoying some
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it seems to be all the rage for snackers, a healthy alternative to chips and chocolate. >> we're talking about beef jerky and sales across country are apparently exploding. >> bohemian garlic? that's it, all right. >> well, it's all about the innovative flavors, just one of the reasons the vacuum sealed moment. people are enjoying the fact that it's high protein, low fat
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>> it's protein, so it's definitely better than potato chips. >> lean, good energy source and when made right, what's not to like? >> all right. i may have to disagree that it's better than potato chips. potato chips are pretty fantastic. jerky sales are up 12% last year across the country with americans spending almost $3 billion with a b on the snack. that's a lot of beef jerky. >> who knew jerky was so big? leg room is shrinking on airlines and now a u.s. senator is trying to do something about that. new york senator chuck schumer says leg room on planes used to be 35 inches but has shrunk now to 31 inches and adds seats are getting more narrow. schumer will introduce assault size guideline amendment to the faa reauthorization act pend -- a seat size guideline amendment
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pending in congress. changes will allow visitors to have eight to 10 days to determine which days are best to visit the magic kingdom. peak days willing $124. epcot, hollywood studios and animal kingdom will cost slightly less. you've heard it's been said disney is the place fairytales come true, but this week the target every character of a fairytale got loss -- the character of a fairytale got lost on a highway. >> reporter: one can only imagine when drivers on california were thinking when this gal localed into sight. it happened once -- gal localed into sight. -- galloped into sight.
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madeira, california, where the unicorn led police on a three hour chase. turns out the unicorn was a phoney. in real life her name is juliette. juliette wears the horn to prose for professional pictures with children, but during -- pose for professional pictures with children, but during a session this week she made a run for the rainbow. >> she got afraid and she runed away. >> reporter: she dash -- she runned away. >> reporter: she dashed away. a situation reminiscent of last year's llama drama in arizona. >> the call came out that the unicorn was in custody. as tense as the situation was, that was the comedic relief that was needed at the time and i laughed and i cried. >> reporter: while juliette escaped the wrath of the law, tatum was not so generous. >> she got a timeout because she was being a bad pony.
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is now gone replaced with two other horns, but at least everyone in this fairytale lived happily ever after. joe fryer, news channel 8. >> she got a timeout because she was a bad pony. >> you should have heard the moaning and groaning in the room. it was horrible. >> there you have it, the cutest part of the day. the best part of the day in sports, rays spring training game is just minutes away. >> cory dickerson reveals why he -- corey dickerson reveals why he would not be here without the help of a special
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final look at your forecast for tomorrow, the week looks >> it does. we're looking at some good numbers, 70s all week long, wrap up february tomorrow. 74, partly cloudy. starting march 1st on tuesday near 80 degrees. so warming up. >> there it is. >> thank you, sir. >> have a wonderful week! don't go anywhere, though, because we have a very special show coming for you. >> yup. coming up dan lucas and paul
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tonight on super sports sunday the bolts blast boston for a sixth straight win, but this one comes with a price. >> the big boys are rolling at the nfl scouting combine. will one of these defensive ends get picked by the bucs? >> and corey dickerson had the big bat in the mile high city. now he tells us about his plans for the trop. >> no pants for the golf course? hey, on super sports sunday we say no problem. let's go. and it's one by the bruins. here's a break-away, the other


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