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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:00am-4:10am EST

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well good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top stories this wednesday morning, a chickenpox warning for local parents ask kids. eight students at a pinellas county elementary school have the virus. health department officials are now worried that number could go up if children are not vaccinated. the leaders of the armed group occupying a national wildlife refuge in org organize are under arrest. this is exclusive video from our oregon tv station where the
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one person died before agents took him. into custody. and we are waking up this morning to rain here in the bay area. a storm system is moving through right now and it could bring us 2 to 3 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. meteorologist leigh spann is watching this for us. >> you know, we're watching the rain now but it's going to stay with us all day today. so this one batch is coming in off the gulf of mexico and notice the cold front is well back to the west. that's still coming in. and that's why i expect it to be a wet day. it's already been raining for several hours now. so we've picked up about .25 in most places but from north to south, citrus, hernando, pasco, that's this yellow county. sebring getting rain, some coming in across pinellas down thety into manatee and
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now i'm going to put it into a forecast mode. this batch of rain may give us a little bit of a break between 6:00 this morning and 8:00 when a lot of us may be hitting the road. so it will be wet and there will be puddles but maybe not as heavy as it right now. and guess what, more of the rain starts coming in at the lunch break. going to be a wet one. pockets of heavy rain continuing all day to come in off the gulf. we could see 2 to 3 inches of rain on this rainy wednesday. still warm with a high of 71. and tonight, rain continues with a low of 63. i take you hour-by-hour the show you what to expect. no matter what. >> it will be nice if we get a >> yeah. right now, we have a great break right now. looks fantastic on i-75 from brooksville to brandon, that's
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44 minutes on the drive time. sarasota, things look good university to clark. , a fast six minutes. the -- clark, a fast six minutes. just use some caution. a look at weather and traffic >> thank you. developing this morning, searching for a motive in a violent home invasion in hernando county. two women were seriously injured. >> neighbors are shocked this is actually happening inside their gated community. >> reporter: good morning. the two women in such bad shape, they had to be air lifted out of here and one of them clinging to life. >> that's disgusting. >> reporter: neighbors horrified tonight after a vicious home invasion, two women living here at this house on middle fairway drive badly beaten.
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backyard after a nine makes a frantic 911 call hearing the horror coming from next door. >> we have livered here 15, 20 years now and nothing like this ever happened. >> reporter: the suspect breaking into the house, beating the women with some type of object and then taking off. >> within 20 minute, we were able to catch the suspect after a short foot chase. >> reporter: a foot chase that led them less than a mile away from the house to the median of the sun coast parkway. investigators saying tonight it was not random, meaning the victims and the suspect knew each other. >> can you believe it? >> yes, i can believe it. it's dangerous. >> in this day and age, yeah. >> it's always been a safe community. we keep our doors unlocked. >> reporter: and now a neighborhood left to wonder, how could this happen here? this outrageous ordeal. >> what are your thoughts for those women tonight? >> my prayers are out to them. >> reporter: investigators say
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aggravated battery -- likely be aggravated battery but depending on what happens to the women in the hospital, the charges could be upgraded. investigators aren't releasing a motive the home invasion. they stress the victims and suspect most likely knew each other. st. petersburg police are investigating a fatal crash involving a woman in a motorized wheelchair. the driver of a car hit a woman and did stop. the 43-year-old woman in that wheelchair didn't make it, she died. investigators closed the road for several hours but it's back open this morning. the search is on for a hit- and-run driver in tampa. paramedics rushed the motorcyclist to the hospital. he is expected to survive. this morning, parents are
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their children should be vaccinated against the chickenpox. >> news channel 8's lindsey mastis has your morning alert. response online. >> reporter: it is. hundreds of people are sharing and commenting on the story on our wfla facebook page. and because of the state statute, the health department is not naming the elementary school but we know it is in pinellas county and officials sent out letters to parents. the number of chickenpox cases started rising last year. according to the health department, in 2012, there were 16 cases. by the end of last year, there were 38. and now the health department wants all children vaccinated. they're even encouraging families that use medical or religious exemptions to opt out to reconsider. they say symptoms can be serious and lead to complications like pneumonia or even death. and a lot of people are sharing
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opinions on social media this morning. we have laura johnson who writes about her daughter going the through years of chemo. she said she couldn't get vaccinated, it would have been dangerous to walk around unvaccinated. and one writes about her three sons saying exactly one year after the shot, they had an outbreak at the school and they got chickenpox again. so in my opinion, the shot did you want work. but one write, both of her kids had the vaccine, both were exposed on several occasions and neither of them got it. we want to know what you think. you can join the discuss on our wfla facebook page. >> you can follow our morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. a suspected bird thief is
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christopher whip claims he didn't do it -- wipple claims he didn't do it, the bird did. this is him in court now. he claims the bird climbed into his bag and closed the zipper with its beak. bird's fault. >> my goodness. 14 sea the turtles are back in the wild this morning thanks to the florida aquarium. they were rescued in new england during a cold snap in november. the aquarium nursed four back the to health and they released all 14 turtles on the east coast. all right, it's 4:08. blame it on the bird. >> yeah, some interesting theories. i have been tracking rain for more than three hours already this morning. it's been coming down across the entire tampa bay area. and already watching lightning along the manatee county at this point.
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showers but we may get a break between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. before i really ramp those rain chances up. 60% 8:00 to 10:00. 80% during the lunchtime hours and 70% chance in the early hour. and only down to a 60% chance this evening. word to the wise, don't go far from the umbrella. the rainfall amounts we could see between now and 9:00, again some places could pick up to .50. that's the light blue color. but during the midday, that's where rain and totals could stack up to 1, maybe up to 2 inches of rain in places like pinellas county and through the evening. more and more getting into the red color which is 2-plus inches of rain. biggest threat will be the flooding but there could be an isolate strong wind gust. and we dry out not until tomorrow afternoon.


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