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tv   Despierta America  Univision  August 19, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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that step of faith and he helps us get to where we need to be. but if we stand out here waiting to feel something, then we can be waiting forever because faith is the substance of things that we don't see and the substance of things that we don't feel. it's actually, the bible says, evidence. it's a spiritual evidence that we can put our confidence in god. and, you know, there are all kinds of people who march off to church every sunday and never ever, ever learn how to exercise or release their faith. faith is a force that resides on the inside of us and i think that we can release it three ways, by praying, by saying and by doing. by praying in faith, by saying something in faith. i always talk about
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the importance of confessing god's word out loud. if we don't learn how to stop saying how we feel and what we think and start saying what god says, we're always gonna be in trouble. i don't think i ever do a seminar of any kind, anywhere, that somewhere in that seminar, and possibly several places, i talk about the importance of getting into agreement with god verbally and confessing the word of god out loud. and i can prove it to you many, many, many different places in the bible. so faith is released. when i say i believe i have favor everywhere that i go, that's a scripture. and if i say that, it helps renew my mind again that i can trust god. i can release my faith when i go out of the house for god to give me favor everywhere that i go and make special things happen in my life.
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>> [applauding] >> joyce: but i was with somebody the other day and they didn't get the parking place they wanted and this was what they said, "that figures. that's my luck." >> [laughing] >> joyce: i thought, "well, i hope you're around me long enough for me to change that attitude." 'cause you know what? that's the attitude that the world has and the attitude that i had for a long time, but we can actually release our faith for god to show us favor and do things for us that will leave our mouth hanging open in awe, little things and big things. and to be honest with you, sometimes i even get more excited about the little things than i do some of the big things. how many of you love to just watch god just be with you in your daily life and just make things happen that you know is god just saying, "i'm here, i'm here." >> [applauding] >> joyce: and to be honest with you, when i think about all the year, years and years,
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that i went to church and i loved god. and, yes, i heard about trusting god for salvation and i believed in that and believe i was saved, i would have gone to heaven if i would have died, but i didn't really know anything about faith, not real faith. not--i mean, i knew about faith for salvation, but i didn't know about this wonderful gift of faith that god has given us that can bring healing into our life and can help us live free from guilt and condemnation and can enable us to do great things, things that we don't even know how to do. and i just want to encourage you not to ever get lazy and just let that wonderful gift of faith lie dormant in you while you stand around and wait for some feeling to motivate you to do what you should be doing by faith. and if we're doing it by faith, remember that usually means that we're doing it without
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feeling and, quite often, without seeing the result at that particular moment. the bible says, "when you pray in faith, believe that you receive and you will get it." it doesn't say that you have it yet, but it says, "when you pray, believe that you receive and you will get it." well, what happens between praying, releasing your faith, believing that you receive? what happens between that and when you get it? a lot of patience and a lot of lies from satan. and we're gonna talk all about this. i'm just kind of touching on some of the things that we're gonna deal with here this weekend. so faith does you no good if you don't release it. you release your faith by praying, by saying.
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i mean, you can release your faith all day long just by learning how to confess the word of god out loud. you get up in the morning and say, "god loves me. i'm the righteousness of god in christ. my sins are forgiven. this is gonna be a great day. something good's gonna happen to me today. something good is gonna happen through me today." well, that's kind of a different way of praying. i remember dave saying to me one time--and, you know, god deals with different people in different ways, but i remember dave saying one time, "faith is prayer." and i knew what he meant. like when--just that simple, "i trust you, god." that's prayer. but so often we make such a big ordeal out of prayer and we complicate it and we legalize it to the point where we do it out of duty, but we don't really enjoy it.
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prayer is powerful. it changes things, but we have to pray in faith. now, i believe that we all have, probably, a lot more fears, little ones, lots of little ones maybe some big ones. usually if they're big ones, you know they're there. but i think that we probably all have lots of little fears that we have just gotten used to and we have put up with for so long that we, maybe, don't even realize that we have them. what do you think of that? you think that's possible? how many of you think that may be possible? i wonder how many times we kind of think, "oh, i think i'll do that," and then a fearful thought comes and we just go, "oh, no, i won't do that." and we don't even really stop to say, "well, god, is that something you want me to do?" because when the bible says, "fear not," it's not saying don't feel fear.
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it actually means when you feel fear, don't let it stop you. courage is not the absence of fear. it's pressing forward in the face of fear. so we need to learn how to-- if i'm going to do something and this fearful thought comes, i need to think about what i'm thinking about and realize that that's the devil probably just trying to keep me from something that god wants me to do. and i can address it right then and say, "i'm not gonna live in fear. i will not live in fear." that's a talk-out-loud time. "i will not live in fear because god is with me," and just right on going. just keep right on going. i tell you what, i am mad at the devil because he is stealing people's destinies through fear. and i don't want you to let the devil steal your destiny. i want you to possess
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the promised land, not just go to church and hear about it and talk about it all your life and pray about it, but never really live in the promises of god. i want you to enjoy god and enjoy yourself and enjoy the people around you and do all that you can possibly do with your life for the glory of god. but fear will hinder every bit of that. it's probably pitiful if we would know, if we could pile it all up in a pile, everything that the devil has stolen from everybody in this room corporately through fear. we would be absolutely so aggravated at ourselves for letting the enemy do that. yes, i said letting the enemy do that. there's only one attitude that a christian can have toward fear that is acceptable to god and it is very simply this, "i will not fear. i will not fear."
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now once again, that doesn't mean you won't feel fear. if you don't understand the difference in what i'm talking about, the next time you feel fear you're gonna think, "well, it didn't work for me." >> [laughing] >> joyce: matter of fact, i'm gonna really take a step of faith here and say something, i don't even know that i think you can pray fear away. you know what i think happens when you pray? i think that you should pray that god will give you courage to confront fear when it comes your way. you know why? because satan is always going to try to keep us from going forward, always. what did the apostle paul say in 1 corinthians 16:9, "a wide door of opportunity has opened unto me and with it many adversaries." new level, new devil. that's just the way it works.
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>> [applauding] >> joyce: we pray for promotion and we forget that we're gonna get something along with the promotion. a wide door of opportunity opened unto me and with it many adversaries. don't ask god for something if you're not ready to pay the price to have it. sometimes we ask for god for something, he tries to give it to us and we're like... >> [laughing] >> joyce: "well, i don't understand what's going on." well, it's just the devil trying to scare you. so you need to say, "i will not fear." as long as you know in your heart that what you're doing is what you believe that god is leading you to do or has asked you to do or if it's something in the word of god, then you need to make sure you keep pressing forward. fear means to run from, to take flight. and there are so many different kinds of fears.
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i mean, i--i looked them all up in a dictionary one time and looked them up in an encyclopedia and it's the fear of this and the fear and the fear and the fear and this phobia, phobia, phobia, phobia, phobia. and, you know, i'm gonna preach to myself this weekend as well as you because i don't think that i'm a real fearful person but i do know that there are little fears that i probably put up with in my life and i don't want to because i don't believe that god wants us to have fear of any kind. i believe he wants us to be bold, courageous, confident and full of faith. bold, courageous, confident and full of faith. he wants us to walk with our head up, not hanging down. he wants us to walk with purpose, not shuffle around like we don't-- >> [laughing] >> joyce: doesn't want our hands hanging down. he wants us alert. he doesn't want us inactive because of fear. he wants us active and giving the devil a nervous breakdown every day.
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>> [applauding] >> joyce: "i will not fear. i will not fear. what can man do unto me? if god be for me, who can be against me? if god is on my side, whom shall i fear?" >> [applauding] >> joyce: hallelujah. "but joyce, i don't know what's gonna happen." who does? i don't either. and you know what? even if you think you know, you probably don't. >> [laughing] >> joyce: "well, god told me." yeah, well, he may have told you what's gonna happen, but i bet he didn't tell you when. >> [laughing] >> joyce: and so you'll get tested just like everybody else. "oh, you made that up. god didn't tell you that. it's never gonna happen. you might as well forget it." >> [laughing] >> joyce: how much fear do we really permit in our lives?
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father, i pray right now in jesus' name that any kind of fear that we're permitting in our lives, through laziness or because we've just put up with it so long, we don't even recognize what it is anymore, i pray that you'll reveal it to us and that one by one, we would resist and stand against fear until we are completely free from its torment. in jesus' name, amen. mark 11 is gonna be kind of our founding scripture here this weekend. i want to say this to you enough that you'll leave with it ringing around in your heart. mark 11:22. isn't it so much fun to be together this weekend? >> [applauding] >> joyce: "and jesus, replying, said to them,
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have faith in god [constantly]." i love that. now we can go on and read, "truly i say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea!" see you gotta say something. "and does not doubt," we're gonna deal with that tomorrow night, "at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him. for this reason i am telling you, that whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it]." >> [applauding] >> joyce: and i might as well throw this in for good measure. "and--" "well, just, just stop there, joyce." "and whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone--" if you have anything against anyone, anything against
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anyone-- "forgive him, leave it, drop it, let it go. so that your father in heaven may forgive you your sins and your trespasses leaving them and letting them go." might as well read 26, but-- >> [laughing] >> joyce: i tell ya, it's the ands, the ifs and the buts in the bible that we--just make all the difference in the world. "but if you do not forgive, neither will your father in heaven forgive your failings and shortcomings." now, you know, there's no mystery to that. that doesn't need understanding or interpretation. doesn't even need revelation. if you are mad about anything at anybody, offended, bitter, resentful, no matter what it is. you say, "well, joyce,
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that cannot include what's been done to me." >> [laughing] >> joyce: you know why? because you don't want your faith not to work because of hanging on to some feeling and being mad at somebody who's probably out having a good time and don't even care that you're upset. >> [applauding] >> joyce: amen? >> [applauding] >> joyce: some of you are even mad at people that are dead. >> [laughing] >> joyce: now how dopey is that? >> [laughing] >> joyce: that's sure not gonna help. have faith in god constantly. i love that. that doesn't say, "have faith until there's an unexpected problem, maybe a big one.
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have faith until you have to wait a long time for what you need god to do. have faith until life isn't fair. have faith until somebody treats you wrong. have faith until your enemies appear to be more blessed than you are." there's no until. i love what dave says about faith. he says, "the only end, the only godly end, to faith should be the manifestation of what you're believing for." >> [applauding] >> joyce: amen? in other words, if i'm believing god for a car i need and i get the car i need, then i don't have to have faith for that anymore. now i can use my faith
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on something else. but until i have the manifestation, the only thing that should ever keep me from believing is not how long i wait, not how hard it is, not the lies of satan. the only thing that should ever stop me is if i get the manifestation. and even if we die believing god for something that we never did actually get in reality, god will be pleased. >> [applauding] >> joyce: now you ain't too excited about that. >> [laughing] >> joyce: see, right then when i said that, you got afraid. >> [laughing] >> joyce: "you mean i'm not gonna get it?" >> [laughing] >> joyce: but see, here's the thing. now, look at me, let me tell you something. it's not actually getting what we want that makes us happy. it's the whole attitude of faith that we live in
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and it's in trusting god that we find joy and peace. romans 15:13 says, "joy and peace are found in believing." it doesn't say, "joy and peace are found in getting everything you want." so you can be just as happy if you have a heart full of faith as you would if you actually had the thing. and i know you probably don't believe that, but, it's true. we make ourselves miserable while we wait. you can wait with doubt and unbelief or you can wait with a heart of faith saying, "god, i believe you're working right now and i believe that you're not a man that lies and i believe that you can't be late. and i believe if this is what i'm supposed to have, you're gonna get it to me and nobody's gonna stop you." >> [applauding] >> joyce: and then and then you could add this, "and god, if you don't want me to have it, then i want it." >> [applauding]
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>> joyce: 'cause the truth is now, listen, i mean if you've prayed in faith and you're willing to wait and what you've asked for is something that god wants you to have, then what's there to worry about? 'cause nobody can stop him. nobody. >> [applauding] >> joyce: no devil, nobody. nobody. >> joyce: well, 1 john 4:18 teaches us that perfect love casts out fear. and, you know, you can have confidence that god has a perfect love for you. he has a perfect love for all of us and he is working out everything on our behalf, even when it doesn't look like it. now i want you to remember that. even though, maybe, your circumstances today don't look that great, god loves you and he has a good plan for you and he is working behind the scenes bringing that good plan to pass.
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but he needs you to get in agreement with him and believe that. i'm offering you some very special resources today, a new devotional called "trusting god day by day." that's one devotional for every day of the year. or just think about it, 365 little mini teachings to keep you on the right track. and then also an audio devotional, a 21-day devotional, on "secrets to trusting god." you know what? we just want to fill you with ways and reminders to trust god. so you can listen to these 21 secrets, get a jump start, start reading your book every day and you can come into a place where you are receiving all that god has for you because you're not living in doubt and fear. you're living in trust. >> announcer: don't spend another day focused on the worries and cares of this world. change your perspective by learning to trust god day by day. for a limited time,
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>> maher: the iraqi christians are persecuted intentionally in iraq, so all the families are leaving. the majority has come to lebanon because they feel safe, because there's a big christian community. when we looked around and saw the need of the iraqis, we felt the lord is leading us to target this group of people with a love and compassion we can provide. we're here visiting a family, and we're bringing them some food and hygiene items, some blankets and pillows. a family of manahel that have been here for a bit over a year, and a couple of family members are still missing, kidnapped in iraq, and they don't know anything about them. so we're here just to show them our love, and compassion, and support, to show them that we care for them and for their physical needs. >> announcer: the computer
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cc by aberdeen captioning 1-800-688-6621 >> female announcer: coming up on "destined to reign." >> so if you believe the good news, something happens to you, god releases the power of god and the word "power" there in the greek is dunamis.
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god releases his dynamite in your life and that dynamite will save you in whatever areas of your life need saving. [music] >> announcer: as our way of saying thank you for your gift of any amount this month, joseph prince ministries would like to bless you with joseph's latest two-sermon audio series, "receiving from jesus." discover how you can receive jesus' peace that passes all understanding and find divine rest for your soul, as well as god's promised victory over every circumstance. separately, for a specific gift to the ministry this month, you can receive a special resource bundle. this bundle contains a beautiful leather-bound special gift edition of joseph's latest book, "provision promises."
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be encouraged by the truths presented in this book about the lord's love and grace toward you. this bundle also includes joseph's latest two-sermon audio series, "receiving from jesus." to order these resources, call us toll free at 1-877-901-4300 or visit us at today. >> announcer: today with joseph prince. >> i really believe that the gospel of jesus christ that is being revealed in these last days, amen, the true gospel that paul preached, is now being revealed and we thank god we believe that it is the gospel of grace. amen? there's a lot of people saying that we are the preaching the gospel of jesus christ, but when you listen, all right, what you are listening is nothing more than old testament, all right? it is actually telling you
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you're going back to your works. i'm hearing, even on christian television, people saying things like, "don't think you'll make heaven. don't think you'll make it to heaven," all right? and it's back to your lifestyle again. let me just tell you this, okay, lifestyle is important because it tells you you belong to jesus. it tells you you are saved. but let me just say this, once you are saved, the blood of jesus is not like the blood of bulls and goats. the blood of bulls and goats cover your sins for one year. the blood of jesus washes your sins forever. amen? the blood of bulls and goats provide redemption in a temporal sense, all right, for a year, but the blood of jesus, the bible tells us in hebrews, has obtained for us eternal redemption. amen. jesus says of those who believe on him, "i give them eternal life and they shall never perish." what is it about never that we don't understand? "oh, pastor, but if they go back into sin, what is it?" everybody sins after
7:30 am
they are saved. we don't encourage that, all right, but let me just tell you this, if you talk about a sin can cause someone to lose their salvation, then i have two questions for you; what sin will cause them to lose their salvation? number two, how many times, who predicts, alright, who can say how many times then they lose their salvation? amen. if the first adam, when he sinned, he made the whole world, everyone who was born after him became sinners by his sin, amen? they sin not because, all right, they have a problem, they want to rebel against god. it is already in their blood because of adam's sin, so adam's sin made everyone sinners. you follow me so far? how is it that a sinner cannot renounce his position as a sinner? can a sinner renounce his position? let's say a sinner does not want
7:31 am
to receive jesus, all right, to obtain salvation but he says that "well, i hear that adam made me a sinner so i renounce by my free choice." some people say, "well, pastor prince, people have a free choice." okay, let's use that reasoning. a sinner has a free choice. can a sinner, using his free choice, renounce his sinnerhood? can that happen? no, that means free choice cannot undue what the first adam did. and we are saying that free choice can undue what the last adam, jesus christ, did. something is terribly wrong. church, what the first adam did is more powerful than what the last adam did. the last adam is jesus christ, all right? we say the last adam because the bible uses that word second adam, all right, and he is the federal head of the human race, just like the first adam was. so i'm here to tell you when the bible says they shall never perish, they shall never perish.
7:32 am
and then jesus goes on to say that "my father is greater than all and no one can pluck them out of my father's hand," all right? and the word "man" there is in italics in your bible. it is not no man. it is man, demons, devil, yourself. no one means no one can pluck him out of his hands, all right? no one can pluck himself even out of his hands. can i have a good amen? so we are secure. it is only when you are secure that it affects your performance, it affects your lifestyle. amen. we want a lifestyle of holiness. holiness means set apart. people must look at you and see a difference in your life. amen? that is to glorify jesus, the one who died for you, the one who loved you, gave his life for you, but it is not a necessity for your salvation, which is eternal. amen, church? all right, we are saved and saved forever because of
7:33 am
the blood of jesus. amen? so this is dangerous. when we start saying that you can lose your salvation, then people are insecure. they do not know "at what point i'll lose my salvation, which sin will cause me to lose my salvation." so these people will have this so-called audience of theirs under their control to say whatever they want to say so that they will step in line, all right, and use that a leverage. i don't believe that. i believe that the gospel of jesus christ-- "well, pastor prince, the bible says what shall we say then? shall we sin more that grace may abound?" that is exactly what they accuse the apostle paul of and that's what people accuse me of. and i'm so glad i'm accused of the same accusation that paul was accused of because many preachers are not accused of the same accusation. if you are accused of the same accusation, probably you are preaching the same gospel paul preached. amen, church? and the apostle paul says this in romans chapter 1, all right?
7:34 am
and by the way, his answer is god forbid or in the original, it says, "may it never be." it cannot be, all right? if you believe you are saved and justified by faith, amen, the fruits of it is a holy lifestyle. now, doesn't mean perfect lifestyle, doesn't mean that you will not fall into sin, but your heart is for god. it's one thing about someone who delight in their sins, have no compunction about living in sin, enjoy living in sin, compared to someone who is in sin, they know they're in sin, but every day they're groaning that they're in sin. in their heart, they don't like it, all right, anymore than a sheep found in the mud enjoys it the way a pig does, but a sheep will never enjoy the mud. amen? so there are people in the mud. they need help. amen? but they're not enjoying what they--because they are saved. can i have a good amen? so i don't know why i'm saying all this but, you know, it's important that you hear this.
7:35 am
and i get angry sometime because people don't understand, you know, they think that "well, it's up the you whether you believe once saved, always saved. you know, some people are armenian and calvinistic." it's not a matter of that. go back to the bible and study for yourself. when jesus says, "i give them eternal life," what is eternal life? until your next sin? you don't play around with language, folks. amen. if jesus didn't obtain for us eternal life, if he said they shall never perish, but they could perish, he should told us, all right? now it's one thing to be in church and you are a professor, professing salvation, all right, compared to a possessor of salvation. we can't tell what is saved and who is not, that's true. but if something lives like the devil, i question whether he's born again, whether she's born again. they might have a cross, they might say they are christians, but they are professors, not possessors. that's a different story.
7:36 am
but true possessors of salvation cannot enjoy sin. all right, they might enjoy it for a while, but they always come up groaning and, "why did i do that? why?" that is a true believer. romans 1, "i'm not ashamed of the gospel of christ." paul says, "i'm not ashamed of the god news of christ, for it is the power of god unto salvation." and i've said this again and again, all right, and it bears repeating, i will proclaim this and i will proclaim the gospel until jesus returns. amen. the gospel is good news and whenever you believe the good news, something happens to you, the power of god is released into your life for your salvation. now, you must understand one thing, salvation in the bible, all right, is not just saved from hell. it's not just saved from eternal destruction and that's why some people, they have this idea and they misinterpret the bible saying things like, when they say the word "saved," it's always referring to saved
7:37 am
from hell, going to heaven. for example, he that endures to the end, shall be saved. "you see, pastor prince, it's those who endure to the end shall be saved." are you sure you're enduring? so the word "saved" there for them is that those who endure, they'll be saved from hell. now you're putting it back salvation by works, all right? what it's saying for the jews of that day is that if they endure on, they'll be delivered because jesus christ is coming back, because the word "saved" is also deliverance and preservation from danger and destruction. when jesus told the woman who touched him, all right, who got healed, jesus turned around and the greek says, "your faith has sozoed," where you get the word "salvation." the word salvation is soteria, the big word, the noun, but the shorter version is sozo. your faith has sozoed you. it's used for healing. it's used for deliverance. it's used for salvation. it's used for anything that says temporal and eternal. so you cannot look at every verse and say, "well,
7:38 am
he that endures to the end. now the criteria is endurance." well, are you sure you're enduring? now you got a problem, right or not? he's talking about the end times when the jews in jerusalem and all that, jesus says, "flee to the mountains," and all that, jesus talk about, "he that endures till the end shall be saved." it's not referring to saved from hell, going to heaven. he's saying, "if you endure, you--i'll return and you'll be saved." amen? and that's in the context of the signs of times. read it up, okay? so if you believe the good news, something happens to you, god releases the power of god, and the word "power" there in the greek is dunamis. god releases his dynamite in your life and that dynamite will save you in whatever areas of your life need saving. if you are sick, all right, and you believe the good news, the power of god is released to save you in that area. if you got mental oppression, you're always oppressed, you are depressed, when you believe the good news, the power of god is released to save your mind.
7:39 am
amen. turn to your neighbor and say, "you need this, brother." i remember years ago, many years ago now, when i was a teenager and i believed the gospel. i was saved in my church then. i was a youth leader. i mean i was studying the bible. i was reading the word. i was on fire for jesus, but i believed a lie, thanks to some preachers that i was reading after. they left the impression that yes, the unpardonable sin, all right? by the way, that's another teaching altogether. you cannot find any sin that god can not forgive in the writings of paul, all right? now people compare jesus' writings and paul's writings. they say, "matthew, mark, luke and john are jesus' words." paul's letters are jesus' words,
7:40 am
the difference is that matthew, mark, luke and john are jesus' words in a limited way. he's there as a prophet to the house of israel. he said at the end of his life, "i have many things to say unto you, but you are not yet able. but when the holy spirit comes, he will guide you into all truth." so actually what jesus said to the jews in matthew, mark, luke and john are very limited, it's baby, baby food, so to speak. but jesus who was raised from the dead ascended and glorified, raised the apostle paul gave him strong meat. amen? and the letters of paul himself says, "are not my words, but they are the words of the living god." so if we have our bibles in red, we should not just have it in matthew, mark, luke and john, but all the letters of paul, as well as all the letters of peter, james, john. amen. amen? i say paul specifically because
7:41 am
paul is an apostle to the sinners and also to the believers who are non jews, gentiles. the rest are apostles, peter, james and john are apostles to the jews. are you with me so far? and i remember as a young man, i believed i could commit the unpardonable sin. i said that to say this, that the unpardonable sin was before jesus died, all right? now jesus said that, that in the age to come when he returns, when he deals with the jews again, this thing will be revived again. you cannot reject jesus christ continually, all right, that sin will apply. but in between, all right, the dispensation of grace which now we are in, all right, there is no unforgiven sin. in fact, you cannot commit that sin. you know why? because unpardonable sin is a constant rejection of jesus christ, rejecting the holy spirit's appeal, all right, for you to accept jesus. you constantly reject him, at
7:42 am
a certain point you become hard and there are people who have become so hard, they cannot feel anymore, you know, conviction and that's sad. anyway, you understand, you cannot commit that sin if you're a possessor of eternal life. and all the possessors of eternal life said? the bible says language like in paul's letters, "having forgiven you all trespasses." there is no warning from paul that there is a sin that is unforgiven, no such thing, all right, for the church, okay? rest easy. so when i started believing that i could commit the unpardonable sin and the devil convinced me that i have committed the unpardonable sin, guess what. i started manifesting mental problems. now some of you are saying, "now i know. that explains it," all right? i really, really thought that, you know, i would lose my mind. i went for prayer, for help, went to this man of god, went to this pastor, went to this person. i really wanted someone
7:43 am
to pray for me. someone says i was demon possessed. i said, "okay. cast the devil's out." so i went for deliverance here. i went for deliverance there. one guy put his hand on my stomach yelled, "come out all your tribes." and i went for somebody else, you know, and he told me to cough, i coughed, whatever it is, whatever it takes to set me free. and no one ever told me, "what are you believing?" and it all happened because i believed i could commit the unpardonable sin and the devil convinced me i had committed the unpardonable sin. so i went down orchard road, got people saved. they were all saved and many of them had tears in their eyes when they got saved. i will go down there and witness, pass tracks, witness to them and they got saved. there were tears in their eyes but i believed that i was going to hell. i just hope that when these people go to heaven, god will see them and god asks, "who got your saved?" all right, they--and they say, "joseph prince," then god will remember me in hell. that was really my reasoning because as far as i was
7:44 am
concerned, i was gone. nobody ever asked me, "what do you believe?" i can tell you, any area of unsoundness, any area where it's not saved, that to that extent, either you have heard something about the gospel, something good but you don't believe it, or you have not heard the gospel 'cause every time you hear the gospel, it is the power of god to your salvation. can i have a good amen, church? because this is something crucial that we need to settle once and for all. "pastor prince, everywhere they are preaching the gospel of christ." thank god more and more are hearing what the gospel really is. but what is the gospel of christ? what is the gospel that paul preached that released in power of god unto salvation? the next verse says, "for in this gospel, in it, the righteousness of god is revealed," which is a gift. amen? but today's gospel, when i hear some people preach the gospel, man's sin is revealed all the time. now, there is a place to talk
7:45 am
about man's sin, but it's not the revelation of the gospel, the revelation of the gospel in that gospel, the gift of righteousness is revealed from faith to faith. amen? i mean, you don't tell people how bad they are, they know how bad they are. their wives tell them all the time. amen? what they need to know is that there is a gift available that can make them righteous in spite of their performance and if the gift is received, it will affect their performance even. amen? praise god. you know, people have wrong ideas about god and even preachers. so i'm letting go right now. i'm going all the way, okay, church? all right, i'm telling you right now the problem is that-- you know i love preachers. i'm a preacher myself but, i'm here to tell you that some of the bondage that people are in is because of erroneous preaching, and we need to own up. this idea to get, you know, make people feel insecure when god
7:46 am
has given them all kinds of assurance. these things are written that you may know you have eternal life. and then we are telling people, you know, we cannot say that we are saved. no one knows for sure. imagine my daughter. i tell my daughter i'm bringing her to the zoo this saturday, all right? and then someone comes to her and says, "did your dad tell you that he's bringing you to the zoo?" "well, i dare not say my dad says he's bringing me to the zoo lest i be found a liar. i hope he will bring me." now, by saying that she doesn't realize she's making me a liar. are you listening, all right? no, jessica will say, "if my dad says it, it's good." amen? "i know my dad's word. i'm preparing already to go." amen? "i'm getting a new kind of like attire whatever it is 'cause we're gonna have fun. we're gonna get wet over there." amen? so the thing is this, church, we don't realize by trying to be fake, you know, in a quasi humble way, you know, we are--
7:47 am
we are actually maligning god. hmm? "well, pastor prince, let go, pastor." yes, i am. i want to tell you a beautiful story, and this story's in my heart but we are in the time of the tabernacle of david. we are in a season of the key of david. like i said before, the year-- this year's theme is the key of david. and if you say, "well, pastor prince, why do we have a theme anyway? you know, every day is christmas. every day is grace. instead of saying the year of grace, why do we have a theme?" you don't understand. you don't understand human nature and as a pastor, as a leader, as a preacher, we need to understand human nature. people can focus only on one thing at a time. another thing is that when there's a theme and it happens during that year, they are able to give god praise and worship, all right? and they know that it's a theme of the year. god is working. they can see god working, opening doors, shutting doors, opening doors, shutting doors.
7:48 am
amen. you know, the thing is that if you use that reasoning on your wife saying that "every day, darling, every day is special with you, darling. every day is anniversary." and then she don't see any special, you know, gifts and flowers or restaurants, you know, that kind of dining her and flirting with her, wooing her, it's just words. how many of you know that god wants us to celebrate, all right, our special occasions because it means a lot. even the patriarchs, they would have an altar at different seasons of their life. all right, you can say put and altar everywhere. no, to commemorate a special time. so likewise, the theme of year for this church--i cannot speak for other churches, this church, is a year of open doors and closed doors. open doors, doors that are good for you. so when you see it happen, you know that god is working in the church and not only in the church, in your life and you're able to give him praise and worship. and god used the word "key of david," so we are
7:49 am
going back to the story of david and we are looking at a lot of truths there. and the truth i want to share with you real quick is the story of david and his understanding of covenant. you know when god makes a covenant with you, it is this, the idea of covenant, god says in psalms 89, "my covenant i will not break, nor alter the thing that has gone out of my lips, or the word that's gone out of my lips." god does not break covenant. today, we don't have an understanding of covenant because we are people that go by contract. now contract is not covenant, all right? when you break a contract, you pay a penalty, a fine, usually, all right, it might be even imprisonment or whatever. but a covenant, when you break a covenant, you die. so a covenant is something they use in ancient times, especially in israel, all right? and they call it covenant of blood, all right? in hebrew, beriyth, covenant. what they do is that if two persons cut a covenant, okay
7:50 am
what they do is that they do a small incision on their wrist, all right, and the other person cut his wrist, they will join their wrists together, now their blood flow as one. and then they will exchange, all right, their garments. they will take off their outer jacket, pass it to the other person. the person will pass his jacket over, which means your position, "i'm a beggar, you're a prince, now i have your jacket. i'm no more a beggar, i'm a prince." exchange of positions, amen. >> announcer: thank you for tuning into our broadcast. you have watched highlights of a sermon by joseph prince. to order an audio cd of the full sermon, which is approximately 60 minutes long, call the toll-free number at 1-877-901-4300 or log onto now. >> announcer: next on "destined to reign." >> jonathan is a picture of yonathan in hebrew. the name means a gift of god.
7:51 am
he represents jesus christ. don't forget, jesus christ came as a man. the bible says his body was in the likeness of sinful flesh. he did not have sinful flesh. he came in the likeness of sinful flesh. he lived among us. he lived as a human being. he was from saul's family. jesus came representing the human race, but there was no sin in him. he knew no sin. he did no sin. [music] >> announcer: as our way of saying thank you for your gift of any amount this month, joseph prince ministries would like to bless you with joseph's latest two-sermon audio series, "receiving from jesus." discover how you can receive jesus' peace that passes all understanding and find divine rest for your soul, as well as god's promised victory
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duane overturf: hi! we're the overturf family from northridge, california. this is our daughter lindsey and our dogs shiloh and amber. all: welcome to dog tales! chorus: ♪ dog tales alex paen: dog tales! [barks] chorus: ♪ dog tales alex: america's premiere dog lover's magazine show. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] [barking] [barking] chorus: ♪ dog tales
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8:28 am
lindsey was born. she's just been great with her, and we're just--she's just a wonderful, wonderful dog. duane: shiloh is a standard poodle, and we kind of inherited and adopted shiloh from a prior customer who found that he was a little bit more dog than she was ready for. catherine: shiloh is a very fast runner. lindsey overturf: like that! catherine: yeah! yeah. he really, really is fast, isn't he? we love to watch him go. yeah. he really is-- lindsey: fast as a bunny. catherine: yeah. faster, huh? yeah. he's a really fast dog, so we like watching him run. and amber, i think her funniest story is she likes to o imb trees. we are just so thrilled. we're just so thrilled. we're just so happy, duane and i, when we--when lindsey was born and having our dogs, we're just a complete family. man: ♪ love my dog [catherine laughs] alex: our thanks to the overturf family for inviting us to their home and sharing their dog tales.
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man: ♪ love my dog, love my dog, love my dog, love my dog ♪ alex: here now is today's featured dog tales story. graphic: feature story-- preventing dog bites... alex: most dogs are quite friendly and won't bite. but always assume that a dog could bite unless you know him well. ifaw, the international fund for animal welfare, offers the following good advice: always ask the dog's owner before you pet a dog you don't know, and approach the owner, not the dog, without making direct eye contact with the pooch because he or she may think you're challenging them. if an owner says it's ok to pet the dog, offer the dog your closed fist a few inches from his nose, and try crouching down to his level, if you're an adult. if he sniffs it, then try scratching his chest or back. don't thump the dog on top of its head like you're dribbling a basketball. and only
8:30 am
have one person pet a dog at a time. it's overwhelming for most dogs to be surrounded by a group of people he doesn't know. if a dog doesn't approach you and show interest in your outstretched fist, he may not want to be petted. remember, a wagging tail doesn't always mean the dog is friendly or happy. it actually means the dog is excited. and sometimes, that excitement can lead to a bite. never leave toddldrs and young children unattended with any dog, even your own. toddlers are at particular risk for dog bites because they are on the dog's level, and they tend to make direct eye contact, act differently from most people, and are grabby. don't approach a growling or snarling dog. instead, try to back away without making eye contact. don't try to physically break up a fight between your dog and another dog. you're more likely to get bitten yourself than to stop the attack. and never hit or hurt your dog. this will only make the dog more likely to
8:31 am
bite. if a dog is chasing you, make like a tree--that is, don't run. stand perfectly still. if a dog does start to attack you, turn into a turtle. roll up in a ball with your face on the ground and your hands on the back of your neck. if you've been bitten by a dog and there's any bleeding, you should seek medical attention and make sure that the dog is up to date on his rabies vaccinations. and finally, if your dog bites people or you're worried that he might, seek professional help from a behaviorist or trainer experienced in biting dogs. here's a helpful training tip for all dog owners. graphic: training tip--boundary stay... janine pierce: one kind of stay behavior that we like to teach our dogs is called a boundary stay. it means, "don't come through that doorway," or "don't cross this line." to teach your dog how to do a boundary stay, start in a narrow area, like a doorway, that you can block easily if he tries to make a break for it. have some nice
8:32 am
treats on you. and pick a word, like, "wait there," or maybe, "no dogs." stand on the other side of the doorway, and if he holds back, or especially if he backs up, throw some treats behind him so he learns that staying behind that line is a great place to be. pretty soon, your dog will be eagerly waiting for you to say, "wait there," because he knows he'll get something good for staying back behind those doors you don't want him to go through. graphic: dog tales pet gallery... man: ♪ my friend, where'd you get that silly grin? has it been always there above your chin? and i would do anything, i'd do anything for you, for you and that silly grin ♪
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my friend ♪ alex: put your dog on tv. show us a picture of your lovable pooch and we'll showcase him or her on dog tales. for details, visit our web site, next up, our spotlight breed, plus where you can go to adopt a new friend, and much, much more on dog tales. [dogs barking] [ female announcer ] pamprin stops all the symptoms of your period. ♪ pain relievers -- they don't compare. pamprin's not just pain relief. it's period relief.
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chorus: ♪ dog tales [dogs barking] alex: time now for our spotlight breed. graphic: spotlight breed-- french bull dog. man: ♪ i'm a very special dog,
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everybody loves me, i'm a bundle of joy with a pedigree ♪ ilisa gillmer: rocky is a french bull dog, and french bull dogs are a purebred dog. they were original derived from the english bull dog, a lot bigger, and they wanted to develop a smaller dog that was very compact, humorous. it was actually bred in the mid-1800s. now, the reason i got him is, i was observing these dogs for a couple of years, and they are extremely humorous, funny, and they have, like, a little attitude, like the winston churchill dog. and they get a lot of attention. french bull dogs are extremely good with children and older people. they're extremely playful. they don't bark a lot. they don't do anything sudden or unusual or growl. they're not aggressive dogs, if they're bred properly. one thing to note especially is, a french bull dog, because of
8:38 am
the small nose and a litite bit of breathing problems, can get overheated more than the average dog, and they can get cold more than the average dog 'cause they have short hair. [indistinct] french bull dogs, by breed, are known to be extremely affectionate. they bond very well with their owners. in fact, they don't want to leave your side, which i wasn't used to 'cause i hadn't had a dog before. if i leave for a few minutes and he's still with a friend, he will stand at attention like an army sergeant until i get back. they are really easy to be with 'cause they'll follow your schedule. graphic: breed--french bull dog. country of origin--england. temperament--playful. additional comments--prone to eye/breathing problems, high maintenance dogs, good with older people. man: ♪ everybody loves me alex: for books about dogs, here's some recommended titles from scholastic publications--
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helping children around the world to read and learn. the puppy place: maggie and max, by ellen miles. charles and lizzie peterson help lots of adorable puppies find new homes, but then they meet a st. bernard puppy with an unusual friend, a helpless kitten. and this pair needs to stick together. will charles and lizzie find a way to keep these two together forever? the puppy place: princess. it seems like it's going to be just a normal peterson family trip for haircuts--that is, until charles meets princess, a spoiled but irresistible yorkie pup. she belongs to one of the stylists, but princess' owner is moving and can't take the puppy with her. the puppy place: pugsley. lizzie meets a lovable pup named pugsley. however, she quickly learns his nickname is mr. pest and that he didn't get that nickname for nothing. will lizzie figure out how to get pugsley to behave? for more information on these and other books about dogs, visit
8:40 am looking for a new best friend? try your local animal shelter. graphic: shelters across the u.s. man: ♪ well, we found him lying low in a shelter downtown, we took him on home, showed him around, in a very short time, it was plain to see he's lucky dog, we're lucky we, when we go out walking, we're safe and sound, down by the river where the sun go down, it's a real nice place, we can all run free, lucky dog, lucky we, oh, lucky dog, oh, lucky we, mister lucky dog, and lucky we ♪
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alex: give these precious pooches a good and safe home. for more information, visit our web site, let's now pay a visit to our doggie doctor. graphic: doggie doctor-- diarrhea... dr. frank lavac: diarrhea's a very common problem we see in dogs. diarrhea can be caused by many different things, including dietary indiscretion, which means eating something that they shouldn't have eaten, caused by viruses, toxicity, bacteria, parasites. so there are really many causes. if you see blood in your dog's diarrhea, that requires immediate attention. you should go to your veterinarian right away. if you just see the run-of-the-mill diarrhea, where the dog is still acting normal, you should start feeding cooked white rice and contact your veterinarian. your veterinarian will determine, at that point, whether you need to come in immediately or set up an appointment. in most cases, diarrhea will clear up in 1-2 days. alex: here's a helpful grooming tip for all dog owners.
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graphic: grooming tip--flea bath... lynda schulke: if your dog has fleas and you'd like to give it a flea bath, you can use one of 2 different kinds of flea shampoos on the market. there's both the pesticidal kind and the natural, herbal kind. they both work. when you get your dog in the tub and you lather it up, one of the main things you need to remember is, using the manufacturer's directions on the bottle, that you need to leave the shampoo on your dog anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes even up to 20 on the herbal ones that use a drying technique to kill the fleas. a lot of people, they don't leave the flea shampoo on long enough, and they end up with still-live fleas crawling around on their dog. after you've let your dog soak the required amount of time, make sure you rinse your dog really well. then you can dry your dog with a towel and the normal blow-drying techniques. alex: next up, ask the vet-- questions you want answered, and much, much more on dog tales.
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chorus: ♪ dog tales [barking] alex: time to ask the vet. graphic: ask the vet--second opinions... dr. karen halligan: i had a viewer write to me and ask me about getting a second opinion. he was a little uneasy about it, but you shouldn't be. it's ok to ask your vet if you want to get a second opinion, especially if they want you to go to a specialist. there are doctors
8:45 am
that are trained in certain types of fields--oncology, cancer; dermatology, skin; ophthalmology, eye. and if it's a serious problem and your vet is having trouble diagnosing it, they can refer you to a specialist for a second opinion. make sure you get a copy of your records and x-rays. but the x-rays need to go back to the clinic where they were taken. and remember, if you have any questions, make sure you ask your own veterinarian. graphic: dog tales info--there are about 45 million dogs in the united states. owners spend more than $40 billion annually on food, care, supplies, boarding, and grooming. dog tales pet gallery... man: ♪ look at me, look at me, i'm your best friend, the only one guaranteed, your best friend, when you're away, right here i'll stay, you can count on me,
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chorus: ♪ dog tales [dog barking] alex: time to check our dog tales mail bag. chorus: ♪ gonna read the dog tales mail ♪ alex: dave from champaign, illinois writes, "i can't tell you how much i love my dog billy. he's so much fun and full of joy. he never acts badly or disobeys me. he also loves my brothers and doesn't bite them, even when they playfully tease him with his toys." maureen from hartford, connecticut tells us, "i have 3 dogs, and each has its own personality. they all love to sleep together, cuddling up next to one another. what a beautiful sight! my 3 boys are a treasure and keep me busy every day, but i'm not complaining. having them is the best thing that ever happened to me." and diane from lubbock, texas writes, "my dog charlie walks with me every day. he is such a close companion. i don't know
8:51 am
what i would do without him. one time, he even got splattered with mud, and he ran down the street to shake it off, making sure he didn't get me dirty." chorus: ♪ aroo, dog tales mail ♪ alex: you can contact us at and that's all for today. thanks for watching. here's what's coming up. alex: on the next dog tales, learn about the pekingese. plus, we'll meet a family with a very sweet dog who has learned to adjust to her special needs. it's a touching story of love and commitment, and you'll learn what you can do to help canines with special needs. these stories and all the latest news from the dog world, next time on dog tales! [barking] chorus: ♪ dog tales [barking] [barks]
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thank you so much. perhaps you're wondering why my sofa has been replaced by a treadmill. today we are getting physical with some of the latest trends in health and fitness no matter what your size, age or interests. and new ways to use the treadmill are among them. our first guest lost 70 pounds by moving her entire life onto a treadmill. take a look at her story. - hi, i'm jenny hutt. a few years ago, i was fat... like really fat. now that i'm not fat-- it's been about two years that i've been this weight-- i do everything i can to never get fat again. and i know there are many moms who feel like they have no time to workout, but go to a soulcycle class if you can, bar method class if you can, if you can't, then go up and down your stairs six times. pretend you forgot something. play games with yourself to get you to move more. working out clears your head.
8:58 am
it's not just about weight. you'll be happy. - amazing. - ( applause ) - please welcome the host of "just jenny" on sirius xm and my friend jennifer koppelman hutt. yay! - ( cheers and applause ) - whoo! well, i'm going really slow. - oh, my gosh. - i have to jump off and give you a hug. - hi. - mwah! - you look so cute. - oh, my gosh. well, let's see if i can do this. - hi, guys. - we've known each other for a really long time. we met, actually, in mexico. - in 2004. it was december 2004. - you're crazy that you remember that. - i know. i'm a weirdo. - okay, so 70 pounds on the treadmill. - yes. i mean, i also changed my diet. but yeah, i spent an enormous amount of time-- - okay, you're already going way way way faster than me. and you're on an incline. - all right, i'll lower it. i'll lower it, i'll lower it. - you're showing off. - sorry, i don't mean to be. - so how do you do it and how do you not get bored? - well, i have this thing. it's really inexpensive, by the way. it's called a surfshelf. like 30 bucks. and i hang it over the treadmill and i keep my laptop on it.
8:59 am
so i can surf the web. i always have my cellphone. i have a television. i just do everything on the treadmill. and you go really really slowly, like really slowly. - like how slow? - 2.0, 2.5-- - i'm going 2.6 right now. - so what? but then you raise the incline, and once you start raising the incline-- - to what? - like high. - like how high? - like 10, 11, 12. but you build up into it. initially, just move. - but what caused you to make this change? - um, in 2008, my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. and-- yeah-- and she was young. she was only 65. and it made me assess my life and that was pretty much the pivotal moment. i was also turning 40. i was 38. and so by 39, i was definitely walking into the mid-life crisis. and this was all part of it. - how long did it take you to lose the weight? and did you have a goal in mind? - my initial goal was to not be obese and to be able to face the number on the scale.
9:00 am
so-- 'cause initially i would get weighed at weight watchers or at my doctor's office. - now are you out of breath at all? - yeah. - you are? - totally. what do you mean? i'm on tv, i'm on a treadmill. there's a room full of people. - yeah, but you look so good, your hair's so good. - yeah, 'cause somebody did my hair and my makeup. hello? - ( chuckles ) - but-- so to answer your question, i initially would have to get on the scale backwards with my ears covered, 'cause, i don't know, i was digital, but i still thought i'd hear something. and then when i was told that i had reached a certain number that classified me as just overweight... - mm-hmm. - ...i thought that was gonna be enough, 'cause i really wasn't thinking that i'd get to be this size a person-- which, by the way, i'm normal-sized, but i'm not hollywood thin. like, people are really thin in l.a. - how has your eating changed now? are you on a diet? is it a lifestyle change? - yeah, sure. yeah, i mean i can't eat everything i want, all the time at all. if i'm gonna eat junk, that's gonna end up my meal. so i try not to do that, but there are definitely days
9:01 am
that it's all just junk food, which-- if i'm gonna have a cupcake, that's gonna be dinner. it just has to be. - so you're a conscious eater... - yes yes. - ...on just everything you put in your mouth. - yes. - and as far as-- you ever not exercise? - do you skip days? - nope. i try to exercise seven. it ends up being six... - okay. - ...just because life can get in the way. - right right. - like a sick kid. if i have to-- there has to be priorities. - what do your kids think of the new you? - the kids? well, as i said, i did go through a little bit of a midlife crisis through all this, so when i first lost weight, i was dressing a little too provocatively. - ( laughter ) - 'cause it was fun! it was like the first time in my life i was like, "hey, i got boobs and i can wear tight clothes!" - what did your daughter think? - ( laughs ) my daughter... was a little concerned. she was more concerned than my husband, who thought it was funny. my daughter was worried i had a boyfriend. - ( laughter ) - and my husband was like, "please, god, let her have a boyfriend."
9:02 am
and my son just wanted me to cover up. he would be happy if nobody ever looked at me. - right right right. so what advice do you have for other women out there that are maybe turning 40 or looking in the mirror and knowing that they're really not healthy? - i think, in all seriousness, i got to such a low place that i really thought either i was gonna die or i was gonna find a way to like myself enough to take care of myself. but it was like it felt like i was gonna die. and i think you have to get to that moment where you realize that you matter and you want to change something in you. and the change can be so small. it doesn't have to be a big deal. it doesn't have to be like, "i'm gonna set out to be a different person, and to look totally like someone else." not even kinda. if you're at the worst possible place, then every day, you're gonna be a little better. just look at it like that. - well, your story is really inspiring. - thanks, ricki. - i'm so happy for you. and i know the treadmill isn't the only thing you do to be fit.
9:03 am
coming up next, it's the fitness trend popular among folks such as bradley cooper, brooke shields, kelly ripa and me. we're checking out soulcycle after the break. but first, let's check in with sophie chiche owner of shape house-- and i am out of breath-- who set up a sweat machine in our green room. she says you can burn more than 1,000 calories in just an hour of using it. and all you have to do is lie down. sophie, what's going on back there? - well, here we are, about to set up craig right here. he's gonna be sweating in this infrared blanket while the show is happening for an hour and he's gonna be sweating. - so 1,000 calories and he's basically sleeping? - pretty much, if he wants to. - that seems too good to be true. we're gonna check back with you, sophie and craig, later in the show more fitness when we come back. don't go away. - ( cheers, applause ) - ricki: is anybody sweating back there? - yeah, ricki! - knees up to your chest, hips over the saddle.
9:04 am
push up, drop. yeah! - and still to come... - and you were worried that it would affect your career, losing this weight. - yeah, when you're a big guy and and that's what your career has become, it's tricky, because then you drop it, and then i could lose my job or something. imagine a new level refined, perfected. at pixel level. breathtaking. new l'oreal texture perfector. advanced skincare with two powerful ingredients that work with skin. refine texture reduce pores diminish lines for every skin type. even close up, skin looks remarkable. new youth code texture perfector. only from l'oreal paris. texture perfected. we're worth it. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them
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♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. an intense ache all over. it was hard to do what mattered. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia... thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain. for some, as early as the first week otreatment. now, i can do more with the ones i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or sicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muse pain with fever, or tired feeling. common sideffects e dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legsnd feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely toisuse lyrica.
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with less fibromyalgia pain, i'm feeling better with lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. widoes your dog food have?n, i'm feeling better with lyrica. 18 pernt? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogcrave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at - if you're gonna be out of breath, be out of breath. - all right! - welcome back! we are back with my friend jenny hutt and we're ready to get physical with some cycling. along with celebrities such as bradley cooper and brooke shields-- they are addicted to new york and hollywood's hottest fitness craze, soulcycle. take a look. it looks like a spin class and it sounds like a dance party, but soulcycle is like nothing you've ever seen. it's a full-body, mind workout combining cardio and weights with inspirational life coaching. classes are done by candlelight, giving riders a calming place to clear their minds and refresh their bodies and spirits. an avid soulcyclist myself, i find the classes
9:07 am
to be a place of fitness, peace and of family that recharges my body and rejuvenates my soul. - joining us now is one of my favorite soulcycle instructors, angela davis. - hi. - thank you so much! - whoo! - so tell everyone who doesn't know-- what makes soulcycle different from other spinning classes? - what makes soulcycle different is that it's a full-body workout. so not only is it an intense cardio workout, lower body, heart, but we're also gonna grab one- to five-pound weights and do an upper-body workout. - and it's-- i don't like to exercise, you guys. i swear. she loves the treadmill. i don't know what she's thinking. she's crazy. but soulcycle, it's such a fun time. and there's all different sizes, all different kinds of people. - absolutely . - and it's really motivated. yeah, i love it. - it's for everybody. - so yeah, tell everybody. people have transformed themselves both physically and mentally through coming to your class. - well, it's much bigger than the bike. it's-- we like to make it bigger than just the physical part of it.
9:08 am
we ride together as a family as a team, as a pack, as a community, and when we're riding together, we're pushing each other. and you can work so much harder with your team, with your family, with your tribe, than by yourself. - and it's all over the country, which is also what makes it so good, 'cause once you're a part of soulcycle, you're literally a part of it everywhere. and i always say it's the kool-aid that i wanna keep drinking. they can't give me enough. i so like it. - ( laughter ) - take us through some of the signature moves. - okay, so we're gonna start class. if we can get the music started-- everyone's done a quick safety check. we've checked the knobs, we're all secure. so we're just in the saddle, softening the elbows here, knees inside the pelvis, taking all the pressure off the lower back, slight bend in the elbows, protecting the wrists we like to set our intention at the beginning of class. we like to set a goal for the ride. so we set our intention at the beginning of class and we set a goal for the ride. turning our legs over, getting our blood flowing. so what we're gonna do with our hands in first-- now just so we know, you all have at least two turns on the wheel. all have at least two turns on the wheel, okay?
9:09 am
that's just a flat line flat on the road. so here we go, turning it over. we're gonna move into some abdominal crunches. hands in first. here we go. pushing down. nice and smooth. feeling that movement in your core. so again, it's a full-body workout, not just the cardio portion. four, three, two, one. so nice and smooth, hands back in first. so what we're gonna do is we're gonna add another turn. gently coming up out of the saddle. into what we like to call classic jog. so hands all the way on third. pulling your belly button into your spine. - you're going fast with the resistance. - how do we look? - you got that? - yeah. - ( cheers, applause ) - let me just say this isn't quite like the music you play in your class - no, it's not. no. - they play the best music ever at soulcycle-- it really does feel like a party. - we do. it's a cardio party. we pride ourselves on our music. every class is different. every playlist is different. but this is a classic jog.
9:10 am
with soulcycle, all the movements come from the core, so pulling your belly button into your spine, making sure your chest is nice and wide. so we're gonna travel back for two counts, shifting your hips over the saddle for two. three, two, one, here we go. back for two. nice little travel. there you go, jenny. gorgeous. nice, ricki. so bringing your knees up to your chest in your travel, keeping your chest nice and wide. perfect. we're gonna move our hands to the metal bar and move into some pushups. here we go. four, three, two, one. push up, drop. yeah! nice. one thing i have to say about this class is i sweat more in this than in anything i've ever done. - you're drenched. you're drenched. - yeah. - how many calories do you burn during this thing? - 500 to 700. hands in third. - in 45 minutes? - 45 minutes. - damn. - 500 to 700 calories.
9:11 am
so good, right? - yeah. all right, so what we're gonna do, is we're gonna have a seat. i want you to put another turn on the wheel, - because we're gonna grab out weights. - all right. - is that cool? - yeah. - so another turn on the wheel, reach behind you, grab your weights. - for the record, i'm only using one-pound, 'cause i have an injury. - i use one-pounds too. - so elbows all the way out. still turning our legs over-- - please ignore the hang under my arms. i'm 43. that's the best i can do. - what are we trying to accomplish during our workout? - so we're gonna work-- well, it's a full-body workout, so we're trying to accomplish-- let's move into some bicep curls-- is burning calories, getting into a mental space. we set our intention at the beginning of a class, and we're coming from a place of "yes, i can. yes, i will." so basically, what we wanna accomplish is-- i'm blanking. - feeling the best we can, right? body, spirit and mind. well, audience, i've great news for you. everyone is getting a free pass to soulcycle here...
9:12 am
- ( cheers ) - whoo! thank you so much, ladies! up next, actor stephen kramer glickman, star of nickelodeon's "big time rush," shares his transformation weight-loss story. don't go anywhere. - what made you ready this time? - we were somewhere, in the middle of the forest and i had a real health scare where we were shooting. - and later... - while that was happening, they realized that all these other things were happening-- people's skin were improving, cellulite was going away and calories were burning. - cellulite was going away?! - yes, ma'am. - sign my ass up! - ( laughter )
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
- for most actors, the better your physical condition, the bigger your career. not so for our next guest. he plays a big guy on nickelodeon's "big time rush." take a look at his weight-loss journey. - it was a year ago. i was a successful hollywood actor finishing the second season of my hit tv show "big time rush." but i was in big trouble. at 350 pounds, i was overweight and unhealthy. as an actor, i never felt my weight held me back. in fact it was an asset as i always saw myself as the funny, fat, loudmouth guy. as a stand-up comedian, it worked perfectly. but i was really unhealthy and getting worse. then in october of 2011, i was filming a movie in canada when i had a scary realization. i was on diabetic medication
9:16 am
and i was the heaviest i'd ever been. i knew at that moment i had to change my life. i started working out with eric the trainer and i went on a strict diet plan. it took work, but now a year and a half later and 100 pounds lighter, i'm medication free and i have a new vision of my life. the funny, loudmouth, over-the-top, but healthy comedian. - amazing. please welcome stephen kramer glickman. yeah. amazing. it's a pleasure. - how are you? i'm so good. - good to see you. - i'm sweaty. i'm sweaty. you smell great. don't worry. terrific. you look terrific. - that is incredible. tell everybody how did you do it? was it just eric the trainer motivating you? - he changed my life, man. he changed my life. - you were worried that it would affect your career, losing this weight? - yeah. when you're a big guy and that's what your career has become-- it's like you're the funny, big guy.
9:17 am
- honey, i know it. i was the big girl. - yeah, it's tricky because then you drop it and then what-- who is that person? what kind of career will that person have? i was really afraid to do it because i thought if i did it, i would just lose-- i could lose my job or something. and uh, thank god when i-- when i dropped it, i dropped like 80 pounds when i came back to season three from doing the movie-- - so how long? how long did it take to do 80 pounds? - 80 pounds was like-- - eric: a blur. - it was like that. - no, come on. come on, really? - i think i lost-- i think the 80 pounds went within about 8 months of working out. it was like working out and just changing like my eating-- like everything. it was like-- - so okay. so how hard was that? - it was difficult. but when it comes to weight loss, i grew up during the diet crazes. like i did the weight watchers and jenny craig and all those. all those can-- - we're like soul mates 'cause i did too. - i know. and they're tricky because when you lose--
9:18 am
like those can work for people. i've seen them work for people, but you have to be ready to do it. i just never was ready. like i never wanted to make that kind of change in my life. - what made you ready this time? - i was sick all the time. like i was getting-- like aside from the prediabetic stuff, and having to take my blood sugar, and things just being out of control, i was getting panic attacks all the time. i was getting like heart problems where i was constantly like having chest pains. feeling sick in my stomach all the time. i was getting tonsillitis, which is like a really-- - all this was contributing? - it was all because of being unhealthy. - wow. - i didn't know really like what to do. but it just-- when you've been unhealthy for so long, it just kind of becomes part of your thing. you're like, well, i'm the guy who brings the pills with me whenever i go out.
9:19 am
you get used to it after a while. that's a real danger is getting comfortable in... your... your... being overweight. - you got complacent. - yeah, i got complacent. - and you're a young guy. - yeah, so i had this incident happen that's totally bizarre. my mom and like-- - who's here, who came in from canada. - my mom's here. yay. - hi, mom. - my mom and my sister had been like really behind me, like always kind of like pushing and saying like "you should try to lose weight and your so unhealthy. we want the best for you." i like-- i'd hear it and it would just kind of sit there. and i was out in vancouver, canada. i was shooting "big time movie," which was like a ton of fun to do. but i kept getting sick when i was out there. we were in the middle of the forest somewhere. and i had like a real health scare when we were shooting and i felt terrible. i was in my dressing room. i talked to my mom on the phone.
9:20 am
i was like i feel so bad. i feel so sick. she was like, "you need to lose weight. you need to lose weight." i was like, yeah, when there's a sign for me to lose weight-- i'm a successful actor on a very successful teen show. like i'm okay. when there's a sign, i'll do it. thanks a lot, mom. hung up, got off the phone with her. i'm sitting there in my dressing room. we had these plastic fireplaces in the dressing room... to keep us warm because it's vancouver. it's freezing. my fireplace is on. it's fake though. it's plastic logs. then you hear like a bang. i was like-- i look over and the light's out in the fireplace. i was like, oh, that's weird. that's a weird thing. i go back to my computer and i'm working. then i see it comes back on, the fireplace. - that was a sign? - well, i was like, oh yeah. so i look over at the fireplace and it's on actual fire. - so that was your sign? - yeah. my trailer starting going up in flames. - oh my gosh. five minutes after i talked to my mom on the phone. i was like i need to grab my-- i grab my computer
9:21 am
and my suit and i ran out of my trailer. i yell out to some guy-- like some p.a.-- i was like, "my fireplace is on fire!" he was like, it's supposed to be like that. i was like, it's on actual-- i turn back. and my whole trailer is like up in blazes. - oh my goodness. - i was like that's the thing-- that's it! that's the sign! - well, let me bring in eric the trainer. how has it been working with him? it must be so thrilling for you to help and help these people just have this incredible transformation. - it is thrilling. all we did was, actually, three things. we aligned his exercise, his diet, and his sleep, sleep being the most important. sleep is when physical transformation happens. so by prioritizing sleep in his life, that's when we saw the real change occur. - wow. so what advice do you have for other people that want to do this too? - the thing that i did while i was doing the weight loss was i documented it. i have so many kid fans that i-- i just kept sending out pictures. like i've lost 10 pounds. here's a picture of me on the scale. here's me at 20 pounds. i just kept doing this to these kids
9:22 am
so that they could see that like it's a real thing. it doesn't-- you don't need to have surgery. you don't need to have-- i've been-- i haven't weighed what i weigh right now since i was 15. - wow. wow. - it's a huge change to my life. it feels amazing. i went from-- to give you an idea. i was a 5xl tee-shirt and now i'm a 2xl. - incredible. yay. yay. - i feel like... - amazing. - and for hanukah this year, my lovely girlfriend got me my first pair of size 40 pants, which i've never been able to wear before. - well, where them well. pleasure to have you here. - it's great. thanks for having me. - you can catch stephen kramer glickman on nickelodeon's "big time rush." be sure to catch out his comedy album stories for grown-ups. and everyone in the audience is going home with a copy! yay! it's an embarrassment of riches. up next, we're keeping the focus on fitness
9:23 am
with a machine that can burn more than 1,000 calories an hour. and all you have to do is lie down. you don't want to miss this. stay with us. the drink that gives hollywood a red-carpet-ready body. tell us about your famous green smoothie. - so this is my going green smoothie. and this is what i have all my clients drink. it's what they start their day with. another viva dare. our fans think there's a rule that a paper towel can't handle this. fans? now that's tough when wet. [ peggy ] grab viva and break the rules on all your tough messes. this is what they do for fun. [ superfan ] helper help line. we're on our way. you have got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken! that's really good. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] we're here to help.
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- i'm making snow angels. oh, the things we do to get the bodies we want. perhaps you're wondering why i'm dressed like the michelin man. it is because i'm about to try a european beauty treatment-- ooh-- that claims to purify my system and improve my wellbeing. it feels kind of tingly too. here to tell us all about it is the owner of the los angeles urban sweat lodge, shape house-- sophie chiche. nice to see you, sophie. - nice to you wrapped-- look at her! - it's awesome. tell me about this contraption. - so we found it in europe. it's a machine that's used for people who've had heart problems. they use the machine because it relaxes your heart by basically doing the job of your heart. while that was happening, they realized
9:27 am
that all these other things were happening. people's skin were improving, and cellulite was going away and calories were burning. - cellulite was going away? - yes, ma'am. - sign my ass up. - absolutely. - wow. - so as-- as it was doing all these-- as it was doing all these wonderful things for your heart and really relaxing, it was also doing all these really incredible things for beauty. so they ended up using the machine for beauty treatments as well. - so how does it work? what i'm feeling is like pressure. it feels like it's getting like your blood pressure taken a little bit. - absolutely. - but not as painful. - no, it's not painful. it's not meant to be painful. but it is exactly the same feeling. it's like: pressure, release, pressure, release. it's gonna move through your body. so at first it's on your arms-- i don't know. right now you are on-- actually your whole body is being pressurized right now. so it's in the relaxing that actually-- your lymphatic system gets a way to push everything out of your system, which is how you detox by doing this. - now you know your stuff. you used to weigh 320 pounds. - yes, ma'am. i'm a soul sister too. - wow. how did you do it? - it's a long journey. i've lost 160,
9:28 am
so it's a long ride. in the beginning it was really more about the emotional, the psychological, aspect of why did i want to be so hidden in my own castle. there were psychological reasons. as i was letting that go, i found all these other ways. i started dancing because my body was releasing weight and i had more energy. pretty much we discovered this technology. so right now we're seeing the lymphatic drainage, which is what you're doing. but there's someone else doing something else in the green room. - right, right, right. yes. - which is where i lost-- my last 40 pounds were lost doing this. - yes. earlier we set up craig on the sweat machine in our green room. he promised to sweat up a storm over the course of the show. let's check in with him now. craig, how's it going in there? hot enough for you? - it's hot. if i had hair, it would be drenched by now. - ( laughter ) - so you're not moving, but yet you're drenched. so it's like a pool of water under you? - so actually yeah. i'm sitting here. i'm actually not too hot. i'm very comfortable. but i can feel-- i'm wearing a sauna suit
9:29 am
and it is filling up. i'm practically swimming right now. - wow. how will you be able to tell how much he's perspired-- - oh, you're gonna see it. when we're gonna go at the end, he's gonna show us probably a bit of a gallon of sweat is gonna come out of what he's doing right now. - yes, absolutely. - so if you say you lost the last 40 pounds by using that, how often would you do that? - i do it every other day. i still do. i'm still losing. i'm still wanting to lose a few more pounds. so i'm still doing it. - at your place-- i'm sorry the name of your place again is? - it's called shape house. - shape house. you go there and you can watch movies. you can watch tv. - absolutely. you're laying for 55 minutes. the first 30, 40 minutes, super comfortable. the last 10 minutes, we're gonna see what's happening with craig. the last 10 minutes-- definitely get me out of here. it's very hot. - sophie, expect to see me. - oh please any day. - you and me. you and me. - any day, you and me. - all right. sophie is sending everyone in our audience home with a free sweat session at her studio. so i'll see you there! whoo! up next, nutritionist to the stars kimberly snyder will share her natural recipes that promise to have you glowing from the inside out.
9:30 am
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- today we are talking about how to make our bodies the best they can be. when stars such as drew barrymore, channing tatum, and fergie want to look and feel amazing for performances and shoots, they turn to our next guest. she's the best-selling author of "the beauty detox solution" and has just released it's eagerly awaited sequel... please welcome kimberly snyder. my new best friend. great to meet you and have you here. okay, so how is your nutritional philosophy different from what we've heard before? - well, it's different in that it focuses on the body as a whole unit. most people just focus on calories, carbs, numbers, but we need to focus on the body and how it works and breaks down the food. so my philosophy is based on energy.
9:34 am
digestion takes a lot of our body's energy. so if we can actually make our body use less energy in digestion, it's easier for our bodies to detox, rebuild our skin, our hair, look better, and have more energy in general. - and you're definitely walking the walk 'cause look at her. right? i mean... - well, anybody can do this. anybody can do this. i have gone through my own transformation as well. - we talked before the show. you're so inspiring. tell us about your famous green smoothie. so this is my going green smoothie. this is what i have all my clients drink. it's what they start their day with and it's really easy to make. you can make it at home. what this does is it gives your body a boost of everything that you need. so it's all the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, antioxidants, and fiber. in nature there's fiber in juice in the fruits and vegetables. so we're not taking out the fiber. it's not a juice. to me, these are the real super-foods. they are accessible. they're local. spinach has all these different-- everything has all these different minerals and enzymes. it's all about energy too. it's like we're always looking for caffeine and sugar. you should really be focusing on changing your diet. - ( sad tone ) okay. - and spending all the money on all those different products.
9:35 am
- it just doesn't sound as much fun. - well, try it. try it and you'll see what i mean. - all right. - i know it looks really green, but there is that-- - cheers, cheers-- - there's that fruit component, which really helps to balance it. there's a lot of lemon. so it's actually-- and i'll say-- especially some of my male clients that have hated vegetables, this is a way-- - it's good. i mean it's really good. it's not a margarita, guys. but it's good and it tastes really clean and fresh. you know what it is? the experience-- most people don't last on diets because they don't feel good and they don't have any energy. but when you start having this, you start to feel good. the pounds start to melt off. this is alkalizing your body so you're not holding onto all those acidic toxins-- - that sounds good to me. - distorting your fat cells. so your skin starts to look better. you start to look younger. and that's the experience, which pushes you to keep going. - okay, okay. what else do we have? so here is some great, easy workout and energizing snacks. we have hummus, crunchy veggie sticks. i find with a lot of clients, especially in the afternoon, you want something crunchy. so the veggie sticks act as the carrier for the dip.
9:36 am
hummus is really easy to get. it's a great inexpensive food. it has energizing carbs. it has some protein, a little bit of fat. so it's just a great plant-based snack. - i happen to love hummus. - keep it in the fridge at work. - and tomatoes. i want to talk about kale because i just want to point out that some of the strongest animals on earth such as gorillas eat a completely plant-based diet. so a big misconception that i want to talk about is that you can only get protein from animal products. it's not true. you don't have to be a full vegetarian if you don't want to, but i think most people in general just focus on the animal protein. and they don't focus on eating whole foods anymore. kale is fantastic. it has a ton of amino acids, minerals, calcium that your body can actually assimilate, and retain, and hold on to. - okay. - so you can make kale salad. you could just work more greens into your diet-- - okay. - for energy. now here-- - oatmeal? - well, here we have some coconut water, which is a natural, great, workout drink. now here's one of my favorite energy foods.
9:37 am
- my husband likes that. - have you seen these? - i don't like chia seeds. - well, you know what? chia seeds, if you're looking for energy and if you're looking to lose weight, these are one of your best friends. when you soak them in water-- never have them dry. some people just poor them dry into a smoothie. you have to hydrate them first. that way they form a gel. they swell 15 times their size. soluble and insoluble fiber, which keeps you full. - okay. - so less apt to snack on all those other foods. it just helps... antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, protein. - ( despondently ) okay. - here's a new recipe from my new book. it's a quinoa recipe. it's called my ten-veggie quinoa recipe. - that looks delicious. - it's delicious. it's so easy to make. it has all these different antioxidant-rich vegetables in it. quinoa is a lot of protein. so it's something that you can make. you can pack it for lunch or dinner. it keeps well for about 5 to 7 days. it's something that you can make in a couple minutes. it's really healthy and delicious. - thank you so much. how about a hand for kimberly? kimberly is sending everyone in our audience home with her brand-new book,
9:38 am
the beauty detox foods. you lucky audience. thank you so much. - thank you, ricki. nice to meet you. - it's so great to meet you. i will see you again. - okay. - how does jennifer aniston maintain her lean body? that is the question of the century. up next, her yoga instructor shares some of her body-firming techniques we all can do when we come back. the moves that keep the stars in shape. - now we're gonna go ahead into a temple pose. so you're gonna squat down. - yeah. - right? just visualize yourself. visualize your body, perfect, the way you want to. ricki, i feel like you're gonna levitate. and i'm here to talk about your bums. these are bum-wipes. do you think that would be quite an interesting addition to your dry routine? yes. so you like using them? i do. because you feel... ultimately clean, i guess. you're welcome to borrow my container.
9:39 am
it's new, look at that. would you ever use these? i think i should. would you like to have a go? yeah, we could do that. it's awesome! [ cherry ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. so let's talk about your bum on facebook. where to next? - go to... and be a part of the conversation.
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9:41 am
- welcome back. i could not be more excited to introduce you to our next guest. she and i have literally been friends i think ever since i moved to hollywood
9:42 am
when i was 20 years old. she was at my 21st birthday party. you may remember her from such hits as "teen witch," "dirty dancing" the tv series, and on "cheers." she is also the woman behind some of the best bodies in hollywood like jennifer aniston, kate beckinsale, and oscar-winner jennifer lawrence. she has a brand-new book called "yogalosophy: the 28 days to the ultimate mind-body makeover" coming out later this spring. she's one of my best friends for more than 20 years. mandy ingber. yay! - hi. - hi, honey. - hi, baby. - so happy to have you here. it's surreal. - this is awesome. i can't even believe it. - and the fact that you're here to talk about your new book. - i'm so excited to share that with you. - so tell everybody about it. you had a video that was so successful. your yogalosophy video. - yes, which i created. it's actually a yoga hybrid. so it pairs a basic yoga pose with a basic toning exercise. so it's like a yoga workout.
9:43 am
i found-- across the board-- working with celebrities or group classes, which i've been teaching for 20 years, or even myself, the primary thing is really getting your mind in the right place. i'm really into loving your body into shape. - no matter what you look like-- no matter what physical issues you may have? - that's right. you can always start fresh every single day by just-- exercise, for me, is a way to really develop that relationship and to love myself. so i'm really into that. so the 28 days gives you 28 ways to do that. so i'm gonna share that with you. sometimes it's like these goals are so lofty. like losing a lot of weight feels like insurmountable. it's really daunting. so we want to give ourselves little short-term goals that we can accomplish so that we can feel like we're having a win all the time. - yay. - so... - yay. well, okay-- do some poses with me. - okay, okay. so today what we're gonna do is we're actually going to-- in the fitness part of my book, there is a yoga pose component. - ooh, it's like an african tribe vibe. yeah. - yeah, whoo. now i'm getting into a vibe. okay, so there's a yoga pose component.
9:44 am
- okay. - then there is the yoga-hybrid and a cardio activity. so we're going to start in a yoga pose. - okay. - let's start in chair. - somehow you're gonna look a lot better than i do doing this. - well, you know what? it's really about how we feel. so let's kind of sink down into a chair pose. just like you're sinking into an imaginary chair. this is also called lighting bolt. okay, so you want to get into the pose and focus on your breathing. - with my ankles together? - you know what, you can have your feet apart or together. - okay. - okay, so you got choices. - i always like to have choices. - i do too. okay so this is the yoga part so you want to connect with your breathing. you want to connect with your position, the energy in your body. - yeah. now we're imagining that you guys aren't even here. - okay. ( laughs ) so now going to actually step the feet apart. we're gonna go into the toning part of it. you're gonna shove your hips back and then up. squeeze your butt on the way up. so this is how you get that nice toned tush. that little jennifer aniston tushie. - really? is this how she got it? - are you cl-- well, this is how i got mine.
9:45 am
all right, so beautiful. this is the toning part of it. now we're going to add a cardio component. come on, dancing with the stars, come on. dancing with the stars, whoo. okay, so this is gonna get your heart rate up. it's gonna start to pump the blood to your extremities. - i already had my heart rate up with soulcycle. come on. - ( laughs ) - soulcycle? you have to mention soulcycle during my segment too? jeez. all right, so now we're going to go into a temple pose. so you're gonna squat down. good. chest lifted. - i'm good at this one. - and just breathe-- yeah. this is familiar isn't it. we're just gonna hang out here in this position. and just feel the power in your legs. - yeah. - right. and just visualize yourself. visualize your body, perfect, the way you want to. ricki, i feel like you're gonna levitate. - i'm gonna give birth baby. - all right. all right, let's go ahead and give birth to our gorgeous legs. squeeze and lift. so this is the toning part. all right so... beautiful. - what i love about you, mandy, is like you give these amazing intentions and like the positive attitude that you have. - thanks, babe. - i love it. - we're just playing right now. like that's kind of what we're going.
9:46 am
it just feels good to move the body. okay, so go ahead and step back and do a crescent pose. so your arms extend up. your good at this. - i am. - so you're just gonna hold here. - i love myself. - ( applause ) - that's right. that's right, right? that's what it's all about. now we're just gonna lunge. so can you do this with your knee? - yeah, i can do it. it's just not graceful. - okay, that's all right. so squeeze and up. nice. and the beauty is that in... - okay, is this my cue? - no, but this is good. this means that your inner thighs are working. the wobbling is actually good. - okay. yeah? - all right. - good shaking. good shaking. - good shaking, baby. - guess what? everyone is going home with a copy of mandy's new book.... as well as her workout dvd. everyone is getting a yoga mat by marika. wow. thank you, mandy. i love you so much. - thank you. - more from our fitness gurus right after this. don't go away.
9:47 am
want to get in the best shape of your life? join us for a challenge like no other, the change challenge. expert advice and community support will help you transform your body and your life one small change at a time. log onto to find out more.
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- promotional consideration for... is sponsored in part by... new citracal sugar free chocolate chews. giving you calcium plus d, in a tasty little package. shaq 1, pain 0. [ male announcer ] new icy hot advanced patch with 50% more medicine. pain over. - welcome back.
9:51 am
today we've been getting physical. yes, stand up. what's your question? - how would you, the detox person-- how would you alter-- - that's kimberly. - thank you, kimberly, how would you alter the master cleanse diet? - well, there's a lot of different all juice all liquid fasts. the problem with that-- i mean it can help a lot of people. it can definitely be beneficial. at glow bio i have a cleanse designed that has a juice component, but we fortify it with probiotics and you're getting smoothies. you're getting fiber. and you're also getting different boosters because the definition of cleanse is the toxins have to leave the body. so if you've eaten a really acidic diet, and you're kicking it up with all these liquids and different enzymes and you're not pulling it out with a fiber, you can actually reabsorb a lot of the toxins. now you've brought them up to the surface. it doesn't put you on the path for better long-term eating habits. - let me check in. let me check back in with craig who's been sweating under that infrared blanket for an hour. how you feeling, craig? wow. - i feel wet, but i feel great. the last 30 minutes, my heart is racing
9:52 am
like i'm doing an aerobics class. - what you got in the bag? - oh, i got what i collected in sweat and i still have some more right here. - oh my goodness. - but i feel great. totally detoxed here. - that's incredible. well, thank you so much for being our guinea pig. i appreciate it. - my pleasure. - oh my goodness. jenny, what do you do to control the cravings? do you ever cheat on your diet? - of course. - yeah. all the time. but i'm one of those calorie counters. i know it's counterintuitive to what kimberly believes. and by the way, i think what you do is way more correct than what i do. the fact is sometimes i eat junk. but i count everything. - sophie, what can people do to detox if they don't have access to your machines. - seriously read kimberly's book. that's the start. food is one of the places we can learn to let our body detox very naturally. and just use-- as she was sharing with us on the show-- a lot of the foods we can eat that are very accessible can help detox. sweating is the key. sweating is the key. whatever way you get-- even if it's in your bathtub and that's all you can do,
9:53 am
break a sweat in your bathtub. - so i've done something really good for myself this past hour? - you really did. you really did. - okay. stephen, what is the most challenging part of maintaining your weight loss? - well, i love going to the gym and love working with eric, but because i'm shooting my show, "big time rush," right now and we're in our season four, i don't have as much time to go and work out every single day like i used to. so right now i'll go a couple days a week. and then on the off days, i'll go hiking with my girlfriend or i'll go do other stuff to like keep maintaining it-- keep it up. - mandy, what is the key to getting defined arms like yourself and jennifer aniston? - thank you. you know, the sun salutations that you do in yoga are repetitive. you really don't need to use weights necessarily. you can actually use your own body's weight to get the definition. so the sun salutations are really awesome. but just like with anything, if that doesn't feel good to you, you can always get a pair of light weights and just do some light repetitions. it's really what you-- it's really whatever you're attracted to,
9:54 am
you know, that you can do regularly that is gonna make the difference. - it's great to have you all here. thank you so much. i want to thank all of my guests for being here today for getting us all excited about getting into the best shape of our lives. remember to consult a physician before you begin any exercise program. for those of you who are feeling out of touch with your bodies and hesitant to start, i want to quote the immortal words of our supervising producer ianthe jones. you've got to break down in order to have a breakthrough. there you go. thank you for watching. see you next time.
9:55 am
9:56 am
and now, enter the courtroom for judge mathis. plaintiff heather thorson says soon after her 17-year-old son was born, the defendant, his father, disappeared.
9:57 am
heather claims despite the fact that the defendant is a dead-beat dad, her son didn't want his father to go to jail because he wanted a relationship with him. heather's suing because she claims the defendant is $85,000 behind in child support. defendant chad voss admits he abandoned his son after he was born but claims it was because his son was very ill and he didn't know how to handle it. chad said that he was a dead-beat dad and deeply regrets not being there for his children but is currently making payments towards his back support. >> tell me what happened? >> i met chad 18 years ago. we had a child. he was born at 21 weeks of pregnancy. he was 12 ounces. very sick for seven months. chas was in and out of our lives for that period ofnçnwç time. we married briefly for insurance purposes.
9:58 am
chad didn't stick around that long. he came back and stole my car and like the car seat and everything. >> he stole your car? >> no. i don't know that drugs was ever -- >> it had some baby stuff in it. he sold the car seat to some resale shops. >> and you don't know why he would have stolen your car? >> we were going through a divorce at the time. he was moving on. >>?÷!, did you prosecute him? >> no. i was very young. >> how old were you? >> i was 18. >> all right. i might go with that. young and naive and perhaps so emotionally distraught you wouldn't know what to do. yeah, i would hope you would have known if you're perhaps 29, 30, if a man abandons you and comes back and steals your car, he needs to go to jail. [ applause ] >> at any rate, we became divorced. was ordered to úgl= child
9:59 am
support. at that time, chad impregnated another woman and shortly after that another one. he was court ordered to pay $35 a week. never did. during the time he took the car he was prosecuted for stealing a credit card out of the car. that was a receipt left in their from before he purchased it. he was charged with credit card fraud. he was in huber on work release and then he took off. we. heard him for years at this point chad owes me $85,000 in child support. >> if he owes 85,000, he needs to go to jail also. >> let me hear your side, son. let me hear your side. >> back when we first met. we had issues, our son was?ha v ill. i did leave. >> why? >> i wasn't in my right frame of mind. >> you a dope addict, crack head? >> no, sir.
10:00 am
no. >> what was wrong with your mind? >> just a lot of stress of dealing with the sickness of our son. >> so you run from it? >> yes, i ran from it. >> let me make an observation on that. people are confused why we have so many single parents raising children, that's the number one reason because the father feels so inept, feels so ashamed that he's unable to take care of the child, so, instead he goes to a life of alcohol and drugs and leaves the household and so your prime example of someone who ran because you had too much stress that you couldn't handle. but, th].qhdblem i had with men who run from their responsibilities because of a little stress, obviously, the woman can stand up to the stress, and she can stand up and solve all the problems, so -- you can stay there and fight it out. [ applause ]
10:01 am
and i say that, that's important for me to say, because i think we know the majority of the households in the black community have single parents and the women are paid a lot less, and so -- and the men don't pay child support because they don't have jobs and as a result, we have a lot of our young kids on the corners being street kids because they don't have a father there to teach them real manhood, because the father is out here trying to cover up his anger and his disappointment with drugs and alcohol, living the self-destructive life himself. so, you ran off and left your family because you couldn't deal with the anger and the stress and what does that lead to? >> well, part of what started that is i was held in contempt for child support because i wasn't paid well, i was residing in wisconsin. i was also on probation for the credit card theft that she was talking. one of the many mistakes i made. >> you had to be on dope.
10:02 am
was you a crack head or something? i never seen anybody do this in their right mind. >> were you an alcoholic? >> i did drink pretty much back then. . you drank every day, all day, but you weren't an alcoholic? >> no, i wouldn'tñ>@d drink al daye, every day. go ahead. sir. >> then i fled to another state. i took off an tried to live another life. live somebody i wasn't. >> what did you become? >> a dead-beat father is what i -- >> you said you were living a life. >> lie. >> as time went by, i had met and got into another relationship we had moved from where we were at to indiana which was a little bit closer and things were bothering me. because i knew that i was always looking over my shoulder. i always had that song in my
10:03 am
mind. >> what bothered you? >> getting in trouble for child support. >> that's the only thing that bothered you about this situation? >> no. not the only thing. >> announcer: more judge mathis when we return. >> the family has been a lot of trouble since we moved on the block. he's going all hour, sometimes all night. >> you nosey. how do you know this is going on all night. pwhen this man is coming and going. >> let me explain. we're the block committee. i'm one of the block committee. >> you're nosey. >> no, we're not nosey. >> how much time did he get? that's what i'm interested in. >> how much time did he get? >> i stood up in court and asked them not to put him in jail, he has four kids in wisconsin, and others. i didn't want the kids to go through that. that wouldn't be fair to any of them. >> tough love with emphasis on
10:04 am
the love. what do you think? i'm naive to the came? >> i don't know how big you think you are in your house but you're very small in the eye of the hershey's s'mores. pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. when the chocolate is hershey's life is delicious. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses, what you wear to bed is your business. ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit for safety information and a free one-month trial.
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the problem i have with men who run from their response acts because of a little stress, dis:g%=um1e"át woman can stand p to the stress and she can stand up and solve all the problems, so -- >> plaintiff, heather thorson, has a 17-year-old son with the defendant and she claims he abandoned their son after he was born and is currently $85,000 behind in child support. >> is this the son? >> can i say something? >> is this the son that you're talking about? >> yes. yes, it is. >> please tell them that you were alcohol addicted or something and you weren't in your right mind. i would hate for this young man to think that you was that weak.
10:07 am
and that inconsiderate that when you did leave, the primary thing that concerns you was going to jail for child support, not the polite of my son, the relationship i don't have with my son. none -- i hate i'm not able to go to baseball games, i hate i'm not able to go to his basketball games. i hate he's not able to go to elmen industry and high school graduations. that's not what you headed. you hated looking over your shoulder because you had to play child support. man, you are the worst. what did you have to say, man? >> before chad left in hubert. he made three other kids in milwaukee. and she's 165,000 in arrears just in wisconsin. and he's been down this entire time. i proceeded to try to find chad
10:08 am
throughout the years because my son does have medical issues that were pretty pertinent to his early birth. finally chad was arrested and chargedith seven counts of failure to support a child. >> executed, he came back to life. >> i'm soefrmt. >> you say he was executed? >> yeah. i did. that's what i was hoping, but -- >> go ahead. >> he was brought back to jail. my son didn'tqq4/a want to see t that time. but my son was obviously excited to get to know who his father was. >> how much time did he get? that's what i'm interested in knowing. >> i stood up in court for my son's request and asked them not to put my son in jail. he has not just four kids in wisconsin but he has others. so i didn't want the kids to have to go through that. that wouldn't be fair to any of them. and it wasn't going to help me get the money. when brad was growing up, it
10:09 am
wasn't about the money. it was more about his health. now it's kind of about the money because he's growing up, he wants to go to college, he's joining the military. he's in civil air patrol. [ applause ] >> i learned a lot about you, young man. you overcame some tremendous obstacles. that says a lot about you. >> thank you. >> we were hoping for the best. when chad came back, we were hoping for a little different results. chad has not been the most dependable. >> he hasn't been the most dependable? oh, you don't say. >> you would think after everything that went and happened you would think -- you know, all these kids are giving him a second chance here in wisconsin. and he was left out. >> what else do you want to say, sir? >> i do feel horrible for what i did. and i'm glad that you am able to
10:10 am
try to have the second chance. i still made some mistakes. >> are you paying child support? >> yes, sir, i am paying child support. i love him to death. i just -- >> when did you begin trying to redeem yourself? >> when did you begi i tried ren i got arrested back in january 2009. >> okay. what have you been doing since that time? >> there's a small percentage that's garnished on my paycheck on a weekly basis. a small percentage goesfe,q0 to the arrearages. the rest goes to current child support. and -- >> what type of association have you had with your children? >> i still have made mistakes. i'm not perfect. i'm trying. i am there. i missed a very important situation with my son in june, because i could not take off work. i asked my boss if i could be there and was told i couldn't take off. >> what shift do you work?
10:11 am
>> i'm a dump truck driver. i work from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> obviously it was between those hours? >> yes, it was. it started i believe 1:00 in the afternoon and we had to be there by 12:30 -- >> how long have you been working there? may of this year. prior to that. i've been an otr driver. >> do you think he has been making his best effort since '09. >> you want to talk? >> state your name. >>ä= brandon voss. >> what do you think since '09. or anything you want to tell me about this. >> he hasn't really -- he tried, but -- i mean, he's tried, but he let me down time after time. making promises, he's putting his girlfriends before me, promised me cars and it just
10:12 am
really hurt. >> i wish i had your other kids in here. how old are they? >> they range from -- 13 being the youngest and the other two are 14. >> i wish i had them in here so they can tell you how they feel about you, too. you had toz/kq feel like the bit loser in civilization. >> i still do. >> announcer: more of judge mathis in a moment. >> you going to fight. you going to steal from each 0o other. you going to hide crack from each other.uáh that's probably where half of the fighting was. you go pick up the dope, you stash a little piece for yourself. >> knowing that a crack head can smell crack in his sleep. [ applause ] >> announcer: and coming up -- >> the less they learn in their household how to be a real woman, they going learn on the street. >> exactly. >> and in a tough neighborhood, it's silly.
10:13 am
>> and in a tough neighborhood, it's silly. you're not learn
10:14 am
10:15 am
are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. do you have a pending lawsuit that you want judge mathis to decide? if so visit us online at
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www.judgemathis >> he hasn't really -- he's tried, but he's let me down time after time breaking promises. it really hurts. >> i wish i had your other kids in here. >> plaintiff, heather thorson > young man, i'md$l. so proud you were able to overcome this and you're able to obtain some success, continue with your success. and use this as a sense of%=is inspiration. all right? that's what i did. my dad wasn't part of my life, either. i didn't really spend more than 30 days with him in my entire life. quite frankly that kind of inspired me to show him. sure enough, oddly enough, i'm told when he was on his death
10:17 am
bed, he saw where i was elected judge, and never had any association with me since i was 12. judge elected in the history of the state. >> awesome. >> got me? he going to beeábragging on me then. >> that's my son. whatever it is. that's my son. that's my son. >> i probably going to say, shut up, you didn't have nothing to do with it. judgment for the plaintiff. how does this go? [ applause ] i hope you try more and put in more effort and you promise stuff, you know, try to keep it, at least. and try to catch up on the child support which will probably take a while, but i want to apologize to both of you. i just -- i feel so bad and i want to move forward.
10:18 am
>> i love you. >> i love you, too. plaintiffs, sharon king and her husband luther have lived on their block since 1991 but ever since the defendant and his family moved in, it's been nothing but problems. sharon said the defendant's 16-year-old daughter who live was him is rude and disrespective and currently pregnant. they're suing for property damage. defendant akbar said he's been a single father to four girls for 13 years and he does the best he can. his daughter admitted being involved in slashing the plaintiff's tires but insists she did not act alone. >> tell me what happened. >> i'm going to start off by saying i'm on the block committee on my block, so we try to, you know, keep the block in peace and in order, and, you know, look out for each other. >> what city? >> philadelphia. >> what part?
10:19 am
>> north. north philadelphia. >> tough part of town? >> yes. very tough, very tough. >> i've been on the block since '91. i never had any problems with any of the neighbors. you know, and since the family of mr. akbar moved on the block, there's been a lot of disappointment and a lot of trouble. this young lady is disrespectful. >> how long ago did the family move in? >> approximately maybe three, four years ago. >> since i've been around the young lady, she's been very disrespectful. very rude. she cusses out the neighborhoods, cusses out adults. she's very disrespectful to her fought. she fights him. >> that's what i was going to ask. is the mother in the home to your knowledge? i don't like talking to a person when they're sitting right there.
10:20 am
>> no, there's not a mother in the home. he's a single father of four children but i think he tries. but the solution is not working. if it's not working, then we need to look at some other services. >> that's a good point. have you suggested any to him? >> yes. and i also -- >> oh, really? >> i also, maybe two summers back, the young lady is 16 now and she's pregnant and i brought it to the father's attention, when he's out at work, you know, how the crowd hangs at his house and some of the young ladies is much older than her. i brought it to the father's attention the boys is on the step and the things that they're doing. >> what do you want to tell me? >> well, i've been having problems with this young lady over here. with sitting 0 on my car, cussing me out. and i -- >> kind of like hanging out in front of the house with other people? >> i'm across the street from her. she has 10, 15 people out sometimes, they are learning on
10:21 am
people's car, tell them to get off the cars, they start cursing you out. he's aware of it, because i spoke to him a couple times. >> and he expresses concern? >> he doesn't deny. >> he isn't defensive? >> so far, you all are good neighbors and he's a good father, so far. let me hear from u-sir. >> i've been raising them for 13 years, fouráuzi girls, like yo said, rough side of time is what it is. i try to do the best i can. i work hard every day. i work every day late nights. >> four girls? and girls -- fathers can do as much as they can to try, but you can't teach her womanhood. so i can see why you might have problems. unless they learn in their household how to be a real woman, they going to learn on the street. >> exactly. >> and in a tough neighborhood in philly, you're not learning
10:22 am
)a."uz courtesy. >> so, i understand your situation. >> stay tuned. the case continues after this. . how are your grades? >> cs, ds. >> a couple cs, a couple of ds as well? >> yeah. >> why did you get ds? >> i failed gym. i know this. >> i failed gym. i know this. >> who
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
unless they learn in their household how to be a real woman, they going to learn on the trestreet. >> exactly. >> in a tough neighborhood in philly, you're not lettering how to]sd >> left, akbar is being sued by the plaintiffs because they claim his daughter who is 16 and pregnant slashed their tires. a? good father and doing his best but you have to do there. he's gone all darks and sometimes all night. >> you nosey. how do you know when this man is coming and going. >> i'm the block committee. c -- >> no, we're not nosey. >> no, i know a lot of block
10:26 am
clubs, when i worked with the mayor in detroit, that was my job to work with hundreds of block clubs in the city. all they did is do community watch. for the most part. that's what they did, and met with each other and came up with ideas on how to deal with vacant lots, vacant houses, getting the grass cut for the vacant lots. they didn't get into what so and so was doing in his house. >> let me explain what the type of block committee we had. totally different than what we descri describing. we reach out to our young people. we try to parent them as well. we do so many different things with our block, we do block parties. we did a park trip. we also -- for school, we give out to every single child on the block whether they were elderly or not. received book backs. >> good. all what you said are beautiful things, i'm proud of you. thank you. but we were talking about how
10:27 am
you know this man's coming and going and how i don't believe that athat's part of the block club strategy. tell me about this lawsuit, you nosey looking at everybody's business. that's why they didn't damage your property. go ahead. i'm messing with you. what happened? >> what we're suing for today is vandalism of our tires. >> my husband can better explain because he came home. >> july 14, we seen the youngk+ lady here and another young lady. she rolled her eyes and everything else. i told my wife. we going to have a problem. i parked my car a block away from the house. because there was no parking on my block. the next morning i came out. i had four flat tires. they was cut all the way down to the ground. >> young man walked past and
10:28 am
told me the girl down the block cut the tires but i didn't want to go on hearsay. so -- i then approached his -- the young lady, the daughter. i approached her and i asked her, did she know what happened to the tires. for a minute or so, she denied it and what i said to her was, i know it's a group of girls that you hang with. it's either you or some of your friends. which one of you all cut the tires. she flat out denied it to my face. later on, they were sitting on the step,s6(çú her and the samep of girls. they were trying to get the story together because they knew i was going to call the police. i told them i was calling the police. then the police came in front of her father, and -- >> what was the result? >> the result was she admitted that she cut the tires. >> to the police? >> to the police, her father --
10:29 am
>> sir, did she admit to cutting them? >> she said a couple friends did it. she didn't want to tell who did it. >> she said she was involved in it. that's what made be say i'll pay for it. being a responsible parent, i'll pay for it. then she said it wasn't her, but some other people who did it. >> let me hear from you. do you want to speed? >> manira akbar. >> what do you want to tell me. >> the night before what happened with the tires, the morning that they came, they -- miss sharon was outside talking to some other neighbors. and i overheard what they were talking about. i called my friend and told her what happened to the tires. she was still asking me, questioning me. the whole time she was blaming somebody else for doing it who was not down there and wasn't seen the whole day before then.
10:30 am
they were calling her all kinds of [ bleep ] and other stuff. >> that is not true. >> then she did call the police. they had came.vodç i did not slash any tires. i didn't admit to oh, i slashed tires. i told them i was involved infs it. and it was me and a couple of my friends. >> announcer: judge mathis gives the verdict when we return. and coming up -- >> when my mom got out. she started getting her stuff together. >> when did she get out? >>
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
if you're in chicago and would like to attend a taping of the judge mathis show, call us at 1-866-3-mathis. defendant sultan akbar is being sued by his neighbors because they claim his daughter who is 16 and pregnant slashed their tires. >> what are you doing with your life right now? >> well, i go to school. >> how are your grades? >> they're fine. >> what does that mean?
10:34 am
c, b average? >> well -- >> your last report card, what did you get? >> she had cs and ds? >> a couple cs and a couple ds? >> yeah. >> why did you get ds? >> i failed gym, i know that. >> who fails gym? >> that's the only thing i got an a in. >> that's right. your dad got an "a" in. >> what are you going do when you graduate? >> i'm going college for business. >> two bs, two cs, averages out to b, and another d, that is a "c" average. that determines the school you get in and the big part of that is s.a.t. test to get you in college. let me give you some advice. a very close person to me hung
10:35 am
out the night before until 2 a.m., and they were hung over. the night before the test, make sure you get plenty of rest. wake up and do your best. all right? that's my advice to you. >> what you want? i'm tellingw this girl how to succeed -- >> she's lying to you. she does not go to school. >> sir, sir, i believe her father, he's been very honest. he's doing his best. the guy is raising four girls on his own, doing his best and coming to court. when he says those are the grades, i believe it. he said she told him she was involved and he said he would help. so i'm going to hold him accountable for this, $739, your daughter told you she was involved. you told them you would help pay for it. so i'm going to keep you to that. judge for the plaintiff. have a good day. [ applause ]qcmg=
10:36 am
>> i am sorry for slashing your tires. i'm going try to be respectful. if you cannot tell the truth, i don't know if i can believe what she's saying at this point. as i said, actions speak louder than words. we'll see when we get back if she's going to speak the truth then. >> i'm just saying, maybe they are good neighbors. >> thank you. >> the thing is, in a time where these children right now, you just don't understand what reality is about. and it takes adults to not become children and be adults and deal with them on that level, period. >> you're right. i hope they work out and i hope you are true to your word. okay?
10:37 am
plaintiff shaniqua said she did not have a childhood. she was in and out of foster care and group homes and sug her mother today for bills. defendant, crystal harris admits that she was heavily involved in crack cocaine and often assaulted in front of her children. crystal claims her children were only put in to foster care after she was incarcerated for a crime she did not commit. she believes her daughter is sug for more than she owes. tell me what is going on? >> first of all, i want to say i am not here to hurt my mother. she raised us to the best of her abuild. i did not have an ideal childhood. i dealt with domestic violence. drugs such as marijuana and
10:38 am
crack cocaine. >> who was on crack? >> my mother, some of my family members. things got so bad we had to relocate to where we was living to a different house. things actually got worse. we were in and out of foster homes. in and out of different family members' households. >> because she was getting high? >> yes. >> things got crazy. that led my mother to deincarcerated for an assault charge. i didn't want to comply with the foster home rules, so i was considered a run away. they placed me in a group home which i completed and got out when i was 17. >> what do you do right now? >> i'm in school right now for medical office assistant. >> good. [ applause ]o
10:39 am
i try not to let things thatzia happen in my past define my future. when my mom got out. she started to get herself together, whatever. >> when did she get out? >> she got out in 2008. >> too many¡ years for them to stop? >> a year and a half. she must have beat that person down real bad. >> coming up next on judge matthews. >> i've been watching your show matthews. >> i've been watching your show for 14 seasons, i moms know kids keep throwing you one stain after another. so new all attacks many tough stains better than ever. give us your worst, we'll give it our all. [ woman ] the technology in these pads... best creation ever! [ female announcer ] always infinity. the only pad made with foam not fluff so mind-blowingly thin,
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10:42 am
plaintiff shaniqua says her mother, the defendant was heavily addicted to crack cocai cocaine. after she was incarcerated. shaniqua and her siblings were placed in foster care. >> let me allow her to speak. if you don't mind. >> first of all, your honor, i've been watching your show for 14 seasons, incarcerated and i watched your show and i really enjoy your show. >> thank you. >> shaniqua. like she says is h is four of 11. i was married after i turned 19 years old. i made poor decisions. i was young and dumb.
10:43 am
i did get involved heavily with crack cocaine, marijuana and alcohol and was also involved in a lot of violence and -- >> how old were you when you started using crack? >> actually, my nose was broken. my eye cradle got cracked and i was introduced to cocaine since being brought to the emergency roo room. >> what age? >> that was 21. i was in an abusive relationship. >> it was heavily drugs and violence. the kids became codefendant. >> they started playing different roles. one would get the kids ready, one would call the police. one would hide the little ones. it's nothing that i was proud off and once they got -- they start coming to an effect on them, i immediately took them out and tried to get them into a
10:44 am
safe and stable environment. and i went -- >> because of what. >> the domestic violence. >> if there were no domestic violence, everything would have been fine? >> no, there was drugs. >> let's not forget that part. >> most definitely. >> hold on. i don't want you to shift everything on the domestic violence situation, because any parent would not give up their 7, 11 children, what have you, into foster care because a man is abusing them. they will send him to jail first. [ applause ] >> let's tell it like it is, ma'am. it was a crack addiction that caused your children to be removed not just some guy fighting. if you're all on crack, you
10:45 am
could steal from each other. you pick up the dope, stash a little piece for yourself. time he's ready to sleep it off. go into the bathroom. open up the window of the bathroom. put your little rock in there. smoking it like nothing ever happened. knowing that a crack head can smell crack in his sleep. >> you don't have to tell me that. i can't let you go with that. you're fighting over crack half the time. >> you're absolutely correct, your honor. >> all right. >> but most women get hooked op drugs following some no good man. that's for sure. like you may have followed him and that doesn't sound reasonable. i know you're smarter than that at 21. the reason you got hooked on cocaine, your nose was broken. instead of going to the hospital somebody said here, and you snorted it. with a broken nose?
10:46 am
>> yes, sir. yes, sir. what else you want? >> i would like to reiterate. and my children got placed in foster care when i was incarcerated for a crime that i didn't commit. i went into recovery, i don't know what shamaqua's dates, she seems to get dates wrong. >> how long have you been in recovery? >> i've been in recovery since '9 '98. >> announcer: [ applause ] her dates tend to be wrong. coming out of that relationship with seven children, i didn't do the best of parenting, s shaniqe got 120 days of school. she skipped 120 days of school.
10:47 am
i'm really proud. i'm not trying to down her. that was her past. she had to define the future. she's doing fine now. >> let me hear about the unpaid bills? >> she got herself together. found herself an apartment. she had no credit. she needed phone and cable. i offered to help her those things with the knowledge that she was going to pay the bills. >> how did you help in. >> i got phone in my name and cable in my name for her address. >> okay. and what happened? obviously, she didn't pay it. >> obviously, she didn't pay it. because come, i think may, i had got a bill from the credit department, directv's credit department saying that the bill was outstanding. >> so, how much was it.  this is both the phone and cable bill? >> this is the phone.
10:48 am
[ female announcer ] discover weightless shine.
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that's really good. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] we're here to help. do you have a pending lawsuit that you want judge mathis to decide? if so call 1-888-verdict. orivsity us online at shamiqua said her mother placed them in foster care and did not have a good childhood. >> what do you say, ma'am? she put these in her own name and you failed to pay them? >> well, the cable bill was 600, you say? >> uh-huh. >> i didn't realize it was that. the last i known it should have been about 200. >> based on -- >> i don't know, my last bill. >> what month?
10:52 am
>> november, december. >> so this is five months later. >> that's other siblings. ordered movies. other people were responsible for that bill. i don't order movies. not the movies that was ordered anyways. when i finally -- >> yeah. those were not my movie, though. >> like with a phone bill, i was keeping shamiqua's son. . and? >> she wanted her child not to be in the house without a phone. she came and said let's get a phone, you need to get a phone and she said i'll help you keep the bill up. i know you can't afford it right now. because i couldn't. she said i will help you keep the bill up. and when i got cut off. >> what was that help to be?
10:53 am
>> i don't know, pay the bill. >> pay the whole bill? >> that's not help, that's i'll pay the bill. that's not saying i'll help pay the bill. that's saying i will pay the bill. >> she said she will help me with the phone. she's correct. she didn't say paying the bill, she said i'll help you with the phone. >> did she give you anything on the phone? >> no. >> we're going take a dollar off and make sure she keeps her word. >> ma'am i-grant you your judgment. her only defense today is that one, with the cable bill, last she knew it was $200 and that was in november and the other defense was, other people inñrce household movies and she doesn't watch those type of movies, all she watches is dirty movies, so they couldn't have been hers, i think that's what she said and then on the phone bill she said that you agreed to help. so i'm going to take that into consideration and knock a dollar
10:54 am
off. your judgment is 1,092 as you have requested. i'm not knocking a dollar off. i changed my mind. [ applause ] >> i have no hard feelings and i love you. >> i love you, too. hey, judge mathis i have a question for you, one of my co-workers told a sexual joke that i was offended by, can i sue that for emotional stress or sexual harassment? >> i see that in my courtroom all of the time. >> i see that in my courtroom all of the time. -- captions by vitac --
10:55 am
10:56 am
. today on "america's court" -- >> once you're at a point where he's in the room and you need the inhaler and the door is locked, what did you do? >> first thing i did is he i knocked and then i started banging on the door. and, rks, i did break the door. >> the whole purpose behind law is to right wrong. i want justice to be something that isn't a foreign concept. >> justice knows no boundaries. the truth will be heard. fair, firm, compassionate.
10:57 am
is this america's court with judge ross. jason powell is suing his former friend in the amount of $276.54 in property damage after mr. powell says his bedroom door was broken by mr. downer. >> all rise. remain standing and come to order. this court is now in session. honorable judge ross presiding. all parties have been sworn. >> thank you. you're friends and uyou're suin over a door. go. >> pretty much our parents put us in the same preschool, we've been friends our whole life pretty much. we stayed together throughout college. he graduated a year ahead of me
10:58 am
due to personal issues i had. >> so at least a 15 year relationship. a door gets broken and you all can't work it out. >> yes, sir. >> a door. >> yes, sir. >> a door. >> that's what i had. >> who broke the door? >> i admitted i broke it but there's a good reason i broke it. we're downstairs playing a video game and started having an asthma attack. >> how long have you had the asthma? >> basically all my life. not all my life, but -- >> a number of years. >> yeah. but it hadn't gotten this serious except this situation right here. >> so you hadn't frequently been experiencing it? >> no. if i had any problems, i usually have my in-hainhaler. but my inhaler was in my bag and he took it upstairs. >> you knew he had an issue with
10:59 am
asthma? >> yes, sir. >> so the two of you, you were playing a game or something? >> playing a football game. >> physically playing, tossing a football? >> playing a video game. he had bet at $20. and, yes, he was winning by one and that's when i started having the panic attack. >> can i say something real fast? you were having a panic attack over a video football game with $20 involved? that freaked you out. >> i'm that good. >> seriously, i was having an asthma attack. >> were yyou losing? >> by like a point. >> so all of a sudden at the moment you're losing, you start having an asthma attack. >> i can't control that, your honor. i mean, i have no say over that. we had money on the game. and, yes, i was having an asthma attack. so


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