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tv   Primer Impacto  Univision  August 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this is going to be the last time. it's time for a lindsay update, hit it! first of all, she needs to lay off whatever it is that's making her face so puffy. she's -- you're ruining your looks, lindsay. here's the thing, lindsay lohan was caught in another lie. she's in l.a. to attend court this morning, but she wasn't planning on going. she has a new lawyer because she fired her old lawyer. according to tmz, her new lawyer submitted a doctor's note claiming that sheindsay was too sick to fly on account of everybody in the tri-state area is so fluish. right, right. so she's too sick to fly. he said something about an upper respiratory infection or something like that. well, then tmz posted a picture of lindsay shopping downtown in
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cigarettes. i know. i know. lindsay, you are a mess. so according to tmz, when lindsay found out about these pictures, she panicked and then decided to fly back to l.a. after all. so she took like the absolute last flight -- i don't know what time that would be, 1:00 in the morning, 12:00 at night, who knows -- she got her behind in l.a. to go to court. when she got there, she wasn't able to check into a hotel too easily. she was rejected by two santa monica hotels on account of her reputation. it's -- please lock her up. it's bad. it's really bad. i think that she has something that i would call starlet fever. it's, you know, when you're addicted to the spotlight. you will do anything for the spotlight. unfortunately all the things
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you're doing are the wrong things, lyndsey. i'm tired of wishing you well so i'll just wish you, just go away. go away. okay, so the new details that have emerged with that brawl bex#q' chris brown and frank ocean have chris brown looking like he's innocent after all. didn't you think he was guilty? don't you just think he'suilty of everything? me, o. but you know what? thank god for surveillance cameras. i know, exactly. okay, so they got into this brawl over a parking spot outside of the recording studio. first of all, the parking lot is probably no bigger than the parking lot at cbs. every space is a good space. you know what i mean? why are we fighting over this? so according to tm chris felt disrespected after frank refused to shake his hand. and that apparently is where the fight started. now chris' lawyer is saying that
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the surveillance tape proves that chris didn't throw any punches, even though he was spotted yesterday wearing a cast on what would be i guess the punching hand , you know. i know. he's another one. you know, when he first came out, dow remember how cute and seemingly innocent? i mean, i don't know whether it's the weight loss, between the weight loss, the blonde hair and tattoos, just you've ruined your looks. i know your fans like you, but i just remember him fom the beginning. anyway, frank allegedly says that he wants chris charged. i know! and if that happens, chris' probation cob uld be revoked. i mean, he's still free to walk around, but probation would be revoked. i'm following this story because i find it very interesting. you know, i'm glad for surveillance cameras because,
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ike i was saying being i totally thought chris was guilty. but he's not. frank ocean is the guilty party. [ applause ] and so then chris hasn't commented publicly, but he did post this jesus painting and he wrote, painting the way i feel today. sit down. sit down, chris. sit down and be still and behave. all right, so beverly hills housewife brandi glanville, she holds nothing back. we know she's a free talker and to me that's part of her charm. but a life and style" magazine has a look at her new book. isn't that a great name, "drinking & tweeting"? she revealed details about her split from her ex-husband eddie cibrian. apparently -- now you know eddie is married to leeann rimes, they met four years ago on the set --
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they were both filming "northern lights" for lifetime. remember that? that's where the passion started. well, brandi tells this story about how she went to the set i guess to visit eddie and eddie an leann did not know that brandi was walking up behind them. she got there just in time to see leann smear frosting on her -- outside of her clothes but on her clothing, on her chest, and hear her say to eddie, do you want to lick it off? hold on, hold on. and eddie looked at her, as brandi recounts, with hungry eyes. can you -- can you imagine? she caught them red-handed. by the way, eddie's eyes always look hungry. it's the way they're shaped. they always look hungry. [ applause ]
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the on winner in this entire story is eddie because eddie in my mind -- he's a beautiful-looking man, but i must say in my mind he he's a j lo jigolo. when leann's money runs out, he'll get with the next money woman. women have been doing that to men for ages so, you know, men are now getting hipo the game and some of them who do that to us, eddie to me in my mind is one of those. you know, all of this back-and-forth bickering between leann and brandi could be squashed if one of them just ignored the other. being that brooandi is on reali tv so she has to talk, leann, ignore her. act like she's dead to you. the best way to get back at somebody is to ignore them. [ applause ] i mean, even had when you talk bad about them, you're still putting the energy into talking bad. there are so many people in my past life, you know, that you're
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dead to me. whenever i get asked about them, do you know what i always say? wendy, how is sue schmo? i said, who? wendy, you used to work together. i say, who? make her dead to you, leann. anyway, moving on, you know, brandi also in the book reveals that she got revenge on eddie by getting a $12,000 vaginal rejuvenation surgery and charged it on his credit card. now, this is one o those surgeries, much like butt implants, that i'm not co-signing on. you know, you do what you want, girls, what makes you happy. i had to ask, what is this vaginal rejuvenation? it's when they go on the inside of you and they apparently scrape off bad and tighten good and -- i just don't know why she
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din't do kegals or something like that. and how much rejuvenation do you need? i mean, kegel -- let's kegel throughout the entire rest of the hot topics. everybody do it. kegel. do it. by the way, they even sell weights for that. you start with the one-pound weight and work your way up to the five-pound weight in. ask your gyn. she knows. in other housewives news, in tlarn atlanta, nene and greg leakes, they may be getting wedding spin-off. gee, we didn't see that coming. [ applause ] media is reporting that there's a bravo insider that says that nene has already hired a wedding planner and that nene would like to have cynthia
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bailey as her maid of honor. well, that's how you know it's all for tv because normally if you're going to get married you have a friend from your real life not your tv life. and they're saying that nene could algedly pocket as much as $5 milln for the wedding show, which i think the money is terrific but the way going about getting it is not. i'm not a wedding person. and also, nobody wants to see an old lady get remarried to her old man on tv. i mean, i'm older than nene so i say that out of love. i don't evenee these two having sex, in my mind. and even though nene, you know, used to work the pole in a previous life, she's just not -- she's not the sex girl to me and she's also not the girl girl. like i don't see her picking out a dress, picking out china, picking out flowers. i don't see any of it.
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and greg, i just -- you know the reality show i would like to see if you're going to do one, please nothis stupid wedding show, i would like to see nene goes to hollywood and talk to agents and managers. and if you want to tape chaos at home, you have greg living in the house but sleeping -- this nene is not the real nene trying to be a girl pulling at her dress and everything. nene, you're a big-mouthed eedk girl. i know i'm a big-mouthed black girl, too. look, nene, the reality show should be that you're looking for jobs, meeting with agtsents that greg lives in the house but sleeps in the other bedroom, that you're co-parenting and that. not the wedding show. by the way, greg, i forgot to compliment you on your big white new teeth last time you were here. congratulations! i mean, that is t first thing that people do, you know when they get the money. they get their teeth. let me tell you something, i'd
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do the same thing. i'm just waiting to my teeth to start coming loose. when they do, i'm going to buy the biggest, whites esst chickl you could possibly imagine. anyway, so demi moore. i know. guess who she reportedly is getting close to. russell brand. i said the same thing. i said the same thing. i don't believe they're having sex, though. i mean, bruce has moved on and started a new life and the girls are now old enough. a woman can have friends. to me, they're not hooking up. these two are not hooking up. please say it's not true. but acording to the sun demi and russell apparently have become special friend over their love of yoga and -- oh,i ingod,
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where's the raid or lysol or something? anyway, they both love yoga and apparently they both have a similar sense of humor. reportedly they're both recently single. they're both trying to focus on their sobriety. i just think they're special friends. do you think -- please say itjr ain't so. was walking jimmy kimmel the other night -- by the way, jimmy, congratulations on everything. you're the new king of late night. i know! [ applause [ you know when ty tied jimmy up with t duct tape did you see demi on that show? i liked that. she looked present and aware and alive. i liked seeing you there. yep, there she is. demi, you're a mess. thank you. so i love kiss and tell books because they reveal so much. now, i wouldn't be the one to do it, but the best people to do kiss and tell books are uslly
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people that don't have a degree of fame. that way they can really tell it like it is. so there is this former actress who we've never heard of, and she slept with some of the most legendary stars in hollywood. that's her. do you recognize her? good. her name is carol mallory, and she's now 71 years old. she's a professor and an author. well -- yeah! that's good 71, thgh, isn't it? no, i would have thought that was bad 65, not 71. so she's writing and talking. she once romanced robert de niro. and she said he does something that i hate. he always left his socks on during sex. i don't know why that bothers me, but it just bothers me a lot. anyway, they had an affair for 14 days, and a year later he got married. but carol said she would have
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appreciated a phone call from him. apparently you didn't read the rules of random hooking up and jumping off. you all don't get that kind of respect. why would he call you and tell you he's did you and he's done with you. noyou're writing the book. carol also had a one-night stand with richard gere. this is back i think during "american jigolo" days. i don't know. she says he was a very giving lover. his gymnastics skills were very apparent in the bedroom. and he did not hold back. g she also had a romance wh the pink panther actor peter sellers, and she revealed something about him which i apparently -- apparently only me and carol like it. she loved his body hair. i mean, that's not -- only on a white man or like a brown man do
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i like a lot of body hair. not on a black man with all those -- not that. maybe on a black man if he's half black, half white but his hair is more smooth. you know, that taco meat all over, ew! but i must say -- by a show of -- claps or hands? claps. what woman in the audience besides me enjoys body hair? look, some of my gays are cla h clapping, too. hey! we've got a great show for you today. we are going to show you how to look like a star with the celebrity workout craze soulcycle. plus, we've got another fabulous "live like lie star" giveaway. and comedian russell peters will join us for laughs. t up next, t star, music star
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ask if xeljanz is right for you. >> wendy: our first guest is the front man of the hit band sugar ray. he's also here today with a big surprise. please welcome to our show my friend mark mcgrath. [ cheers and applause ] >> you have the best audience! >> wendy: i know! >> thank you. your staff, everybody backstage -- >> wendy: i know. thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> it's great. you're like family. >> wendy: we are. there's something about you that just makes me smile. you have a bit of the cuckoo in a good way. >> definitely. >> wendy: but you have your twins, your wife, you were on celebrity apprentice. you have this legendary sugar ray group. you have a lot going on in your life. >> i've been very blessed. the propecia and veneers keep me in the game. i love my family. i make a living playing music, and i'm on "the wendy williams show"! >> wendy: congratulations on getting married after 18 years of cohabitating. >> you know, to marry the most beautiful woman in the world takes 18 years to convince her. it took me a while. wendy, your voice was in my consciousness. i'm like, i cannot go back on
5:20 pm
"the wendy williams show" and not be rried. honestly, you were in my thinking. >> wendy: yeah. >> we got married in santa barbara, it was beautiful. >> wendy:s was it expensive? >> yes. but i gave carin my wife a budget. we got married on a monday at 12:00 in the afternoon, which s is -- >> wendy: cheaper than sunday! >> you've got it. when you get married on a monday, you find out who your real friends are. it's a small wedding on purpose. >> wendy: how many people did you have there? >> 60 people, friends and family. my little boys were the ring bearer and flower girl. look at that. >> wendy: how old are they ow? >> they'll be 3 april 29th. the thing is, someone lied to me abthe terrible twos. >> wendy: what did they tell you? >> i thought it was just 2 years old, right?
5:21 pm
no, the terrible twos are two years, 2 to 4. the birthday is coming up in april, all right, the terrible twos are over. i was with a woman athe park saying, thank god the terrible twos are over. she goes, how old are your kids? i said, they'lle 3 in april she said, no, it's two years. my heart dropped out of my chest. it's tough. >> wendy: i don't miss those years. >> no. but it's great. i know i'll miss them, but when you're in them it's tough. myoy and my disharmony is in stereo. i love them dearly, but i'm ready for the terrible twos to be over. >> wendy: why don't you wear a wedding ring? just asking. just asking, mark. >> i lost my wedding ring. >> wendy: you just got married! >> just got married. i lost my ring. my wife, god bless her, she knew i would lose it so we purposely got one sort of cheap so we could lose. so i believe i'll get a tattoo
5:22 pm
so i won't lose that one. >> wendy: i was thinking of doing that, too. >> really? >> wendy: i was thinking of geing a ring tattoo, but i'm so scared it will hurt close to the bone. >> doesn't feel good, wendy. anywhere you think it will hurt it hurts. but it will hurt so good because she'll be mine forever. >> wendy: yes, yes. >> you guys are buying that? >> wendy: oh, mr. mcgrath, we love you. so you played at one of the inauguration parties or a few of them. what were you doing? >> yeah. we played sundance on saturday night with my band, sort of an all-star group of guys. courtney love was supposed to close the show. she didn't quite make it, god bless courtney. but we ended up doing the show, it was great. then we went to the inauguration and played the green ball with and sheila e. if you've never seen her play -- >> wendy: i've seen her on tv once. >> guess at we had to do, follow shei e.
5:23 pm
>> wendy: she's incredible. >> all this energy, she looks stunning, beautiful. can't wait to play my acoustic rock 'n' roll jam after that. know what i mean? it was great. we were there for the inauguration, you feel like part of history. while something special is happening in the air, i think i'll appreciate it more as it goes on. it was an honor. >> wendy: what about beyonce lip-syncin she didn't do it! >> do you know her well? [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: is that a big deal to you? >> if i was lip-syncing our performances in our day, we'd still be selling out madison square garden. if it was anybody but beyonce, i might frown. it's beyonce, guys. she can sing. you never know about technical issues or things like that. in a time like that, i'm
5:24 pm
curious, wendy, to see her this sunday at the super bowl. >> wendy: she'll definitely be lip-syncing there. >> everybody es that, but maybe she'll bust outñfi live performance because of the criticize. >> wendy: i'd rather see her dance and shake it at the super bowl. >> do women think that way? i want to hear singing. i don't want to see chris brown going -- i want to see the singing. chris brown probably wasn't the guy to pick there. >> wendy: he's a great dancer. >> yeah. i want to hear the singing, i don't care you can do the apprentice. you're not going back to the all-stars? >> i was going to go back until i found out they had gary busey back. just kidding! i love gary. gary -- i lost to gary busey in a battle of wits in the boardroom. that's all i've got to say. >> wendy: yeah. >> it's funny, you know celebrity apprentice has a sense of humor when they bring the all-stars back and it's gary
5:25 pm
busey and dennis rodman. >> wendy: right. >> it will be great viewing. i'm glad to have a seat on the couch to watch this one. who is going to win, wendy? >> wendy: i don't know who's all in it. >> breitt michaels, marilu henner -- >> wendy: the person will be the one with the richest friends. >> here's the other problem, i don't have a million dollars on me. i can't call a friend and say -- if you don't have thick pockets, don't go on celebrity apprentice. >> wendy: we're going to take a break. mark has a big surprise for one lucky audience member so keep it here.
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i love cheese. dad's night. helper makes daddy the man. yes. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] hey, america, we're here to help. >> wendy: we're back. so mark mcgrath is here still and you're taking your music to the high seas. tell us all about the mark mcgrath and friends cruise. >> yes, indeed. the mark mcgrath and friends cruise sets sail in october. basically it's three fun-filled days with some of the biggest multiplatinum acts of the'90s, smash mouth, n blossom, sugar ray, spin doctors, fny. it will be fun music, free cocktails in the morning. you're all welcome. >> wendy:yes. so right now mark has a surprise for one lucky audience member who will be cruising and
5:29 pm
boozing. >> yes, indeed. one lucky member gets airfare for two to miami. >> wendy: i've got it. hold on. the winner is -- diana lopez! >> diana lopez! >> wendy: oh, my gosh, so great. >>iana lopez, you've got two tickets from your hometown to miami, plus a glorious cabin on the "ss mcgrath." welcome aboard! are you excited? >> i'm so excited. this is so crazy. oh, my gosh, i get to meet you, too. >> well, hopefully it gets better from here, all right? welcome aboard the "ss mcgrath". >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> wendy: mark is not the ty to be hiding in his cabin so i'm sure it will be a lot of fun and interaction. for more information about the mark mcgrath and friends cruise go to
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up next, we're going to learn how to do what the stars do. they soulcycle. we're going do work out like a star. mark, stay here! work out with me! i've got to go change. we'll be back. unwrap your paradise. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate.
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>> wendy: all week long we're showing you how to live like a star. today we're going to learn how to stay in shape with the fitness craze a lot of stars enjoy like bradley cooper, katy perry and our lovely kelly ripa. please welcome soulcycle master strubl instructor laurie cole. hi, laurie! how you doin'? and mark mcgrath, who's got the weirdest socks and whitest legs i've ever seen. >> you didn't tell me my irish legs would be seen. >> wendy: tell us about soulcycle. >> we've made indoor cycling a full-body workout. we use little weights to simultaneously work the upper body as well as the cardiovascular exercise.
5:35 pm
>> wendy: you do it with low lights and candles? >> in the dashrk, candle lit, n pressure of watching each other. you can just be one with the pack. >> wendy: let's get started and continue to chat. >> the first thing is we've got to hit the music. we are big on the music. >> wendy: this is my first time doing soulcycling. >> you're in great shape. you'll be great. we come into first position. you'll soften your elbows right here and relax your shoulders. the key is to actually get the obliques and abs -- >> wendy: i'm sweating my wig out! >> you're going to drop your right elbow to your right hip and go just like this. these are called your obliques. this is where you get the definition in your abs. >> wendy: you're supposed to hold the stomach in until your naval feels like it's into your spine. >> then abdominal crunches, just
5:36 pm
curving your torso. almost like a sit- on a bike. >> i've never done one. >> no? you just have a six-pack naturally. >> a beer belly. >> then we lift out of the saddle into a classic jog. reach all the way out -- >> uh-oh! >> i know. you can do it. [ cheers and applause ] now we're going to do some push-ups here. just inhale as you push, inexhale. >> wendy: by the way, what she didn't explain to you, this feels so weird, is the sneakers are attached to the pedals. so you literally can't get off and go home. >> you can't go anywhere. now we're going to go into the arm phase. you can sit. you're going to grab the weights under your tushie. >> i need a beer. >> i know! what we do is we're going to do an abbreviated version of the arm series all we're going to do is pedal while we do upper body.
5:37 pm
eventually one or two pounds becomes very heavy. >> wendy: this is full-body workout. >> you like it? >> yes. >> wendy: i like it enough. you know, katie couric has asked me to soulcycle with her so many times. >> she's been quite a few times. let's put the weights down. we do that traditionally for five or six minutes of the class. >> wendy: i'm sliding here. >> remember it's all dark and you are sweating bullets. it's a great cardiovascular. here we go. as we finish, we're going to sprint to the finish line, as hard as you can, everything you've got. >> wendy: bradley cooper showed up just the other day? is that true? [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy! wendy! wendy! >> wendy, you're so good. you can have a whole conversation while with we go. finish line! you made it to the finish!
5:38 pm
>> wendy: yes! if you want to soulcycle like the stars do, go to to find your soulcycle near you. everyone in the studio audience is going home with their first free cla to soulcycle! keep it here, everybody. up next, the comedian russell peters is joining us. thank you. [ boy ] the first day is when you tell people -- okay, someone who you really are. you don't want to look like you're trying too hard, but you do want to look cool. i heard from my friend's cousin that someone was shopping at jcpenney.
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so you know she's gonna bring it. guess i better bring it, too. how are you gonna handle your first day? [ school bell rings ] [ female announcer ] this weekend, buy more and save more with your jcpenney coupon. come find your first day look at jcpenney.
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>> wendy: i feel so smelly and disgusting now. but that was a really good workout. look, our next guest was named one of "forbes" magazines high heft paid comedians. he performs in sold-out shows all around the world, poking fun at all of our cultural differences. take a look. >> and the cows and indians are skinny as [ bleep ]. skinny! that's why we don't eat beef. nothing to do with religion. it has to do with common sense.
5:42 pm
there's no [ bleep ] beef on the cattle! you don't think indian guys sit around and go, man, i really want a steak. from what? that's not a cow. that's a swollen goat. >> wendy: please welcome the very funny russell peters! hi! [ cheers and applause ] i like how you dress. >> well, thanks. >> wendy: very nice to meet you. >> you, too, wendy. >> wendy: you're very nice -- you're hairy. >> i am. i'm an indian guy. >> wendy: that's what i'm talking about. that's good hair. >> this is how they used to build us, new man 2.0. >> wendy: congratations on breaking comedy sales records all around the world.
5:43 pm
>> thank you. >> wendy: just to fill you in a little bit, you know, russell was also on the "forbes" magazine with the money thing, and your personal style of comedy has been talked about as being different than the other people. >> true. >> wendy: other comedians. talk about it. >> well, i go with racial humor. i do cultural, that's the way i like to go. because race is one thing but culture is very different. >> wendy: right. >> i'm an indian guy but born and raised in canada. when i go to india i look like people but don't sound or act like people. i can get into a cab and they go, are you indian? i go, kind of. then i'm thinking i'm going to get a deal. then when they speak to me, i'm all, poor price. >> wendy: so currently you're on your fourth world tour. >> fourth world tour. >> wendy: and your tour is called notorious? >> it is called notorious as in
5:44 pm
notorious b.i.g. >> wdy: you like hip-hop. >> i used to get otleg you. you're in song within th. >> wend that's when you know you've made it. why biggie? >> he was my favorite rapper. i have at lot of -- [ applause ] i have a lot of rapper friends, and i'm sure many of them that are watching now are going to be pretty mad. i'm going to 0 get like angry text messages. >> wendy: from who? >> yo, son! you didn't mention me, cuz! >> wendy: are you following the chris brown/frank ocean things? >> yeah. chris brown has to stop hitting [ muted ]. that's the problem. if you look -- if you look at chris brown's fight history, he has not fought oneough person
5:45 pm
ever. frank ocean, drake -- toughest guy he fought was rhnna. >> wendy: yay you. now, do you watch -- i heard you like the housewives of atlanta. >> i like kandi. >> wendy: you met her. >> i'm met kandi a couple of times. a week and a half ago i got on a flight and then she walked on right after me. then i was sitting directly in front of her. she was like, nobody's sitting here. so i jumped in her seat then we both fell asleep. then i woke up at the end of e flight and go, finally we slept together. >> wendy: what do you think about nene and greg getting married? >> i think those two guys are going to be really happy, and -- >> wendy: in reality land. >> i don't know, man. i don't get nene. i'm not going to stop somebody
5:46 pm
from getting money. >> wendy: right. by the way, she tweeted me regarding what i was talking about on hot topics. i'll tell you about that later in the show. i don't have it in front of me right now. you're so popular around the world. did you actually crash computers in dubai when the tickets went osale? you outsold madonna s? >> i did. yeah. it's good for me over there, you know? >> wendy: yeah! >> i don't fwant to say i blew p over there, that's not the place you want to blow ip, up, in the middle east. thanks. >> wendy: do you have a favorite accent? >> you know, i enjoy doing all the ones that i get to, you know what i an? i think jamaican is always fun for me. those are the jamaicans in the crowd there. >> wendy: yes. >> people always do jamaicans wrong. they do "cool runnings" jamaicans. that's not how jamaicans are.
5:47 pm
>> wendy: you do it. >> if you talk to old jamaican men, every story has to do with a coconut at some point. you know, no tv in jamaica. what do you have? what we do is we get the coconut and we bore out the coconut. >> wendy: thank you so much for being here, russell. >> thank you for having me. >> wendy: really nice to meet you. notorious world tour, tickets on sale at ticket master now. up next, it's time for our "live up next, it's time for our "live like a star" giveaway and i'lat. with new all natural lean cuisine honestly good. it's frozen like you've never seen. with juicy whole chicken filets, farm selected veggies and whole grain medleys. ♪ and it's undressed. just add the pomegranate sauce yourself. with taste this good, why hide? ♪ why? what were you thinking? new lean cuisine honestly good.
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>> today on "tmz"
5:56 pm
>> so prince harry has some competition in the naked department. justin bieber stripped down but not for a bunch of hot chicks. where's grandma? >> why are you getting naked and speaking to your grandma. >> it's funny. >> she does not want to see your man dong. [laughter] >> selma blair. got her at the grove. she's there with her son arthur. she whips out a boob and starts breastfeeding. arthur is 2. >> when the kid starts asking for the boob s. he too old? >> when the kid has a cookie and try be to dip it into the breast. [laughter] >> scott disick posted a photo of himself on instagram with himself and the whole family. >> what is this called again? >> last supper. >> the power of christ compels you! >> we have to hold kris humphries ex sex tape. it's not the best sex tape i have seen. >> remember, this is the same woman called chewbacca in the meeting. >> i would rather see a
5:57 pm
chewbacca sex tape. >> that would be fun. >> he comes out and is like, i shaved for you. [laughter] >> "tmz" riddle time, what is long, hard, naked and likes to play with itself? >> justin beesh just butt-ass naked with nothing more than a guitar. it's buck naked. >> can it be butt naked too? it could be butt naked. >> you're right. it could be buck butt ass. it's not buck ass. >> whatever! butt naked when he performs a salacious serenade to his grandma! oh, this is getting weirder. >> these were shot last year at his grandmom's house in toronto. he was there for thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving, a time for food, family and flashing your anybodylets to grandma. >> apparently he slept in. everyone starts making noise. family, friends.
5:58 pm
he gets up late. decides to play a joke on everyone. >> hilarity ensues. >> i got to give it to him on this one funny. >> why are you getting naked and speaking to your grandma? >> naked! it's funny. >> it's cute. he's so cute naked! >> it's a little weird. >> you're making a lot of sense. >> ok, ok. we change the scenario wiseguy. what if kate upton goes to her grand month and opens the door and she's naked with a guitar. >> weird! an god, not even passing excuse to see kate upton naked test! >> i don't want to see grandma accidentally seeing my dong. >> "tmz," we don't want our 0 grandmother seeing our dong. >> she does not want to see a mature man dong. >> got it. thanks gentle reference to kate upton. bang, bang, boing, bang! >> how are you doing, bro? >> we have josh duhamel at l.a.x. it was announced recently fergie
5:59 pm
and josh are expecting a baby boy. we say to him, having a girl terrifies me. >> were you kind of relieved when found out you were having a boy? >> i always wanted a boy. i think it's going to be -- someone i know. >> like you're having a little girl, right? >> freaks me out. scary, dude. >> you're having a little girl, aren't you?s0 supposed to be a little more excitement, gary. >> i don't know what want me to say. i'm excited for the guys to come over to the house. >> the best line from larry in the kitchen when he found out as we having a girl. oh, congratulations you're having a girl, gary. just hope she doesn't get my looks. [laughter] >> don't tell me you haven't thought about that. >> oh, dude. >> when my daughter comes out sherks better look like her mom or we're going to have problems. >> you don't want a girl with i goatee. shhea to learn how to play softball, dude. >> teach her how to play field hockey. >>


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