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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 25, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, painful procedure, a florida dentist accused of performing needless operation on children without parents saying okay. allegedly billing medicaid for >> he don't care about innocent children. >> and the mother who rallied other parents to take him down. >> sometimes it feels like it's flown by, plus ellen pompeii owe takes us into the "grey". are her days off camera as steamy and dreamy? she talks mother hood and why she chose to extend her stay at seattle grace hospital.
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grey. grey?
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to provoke outrage, especially among parents. it involves a dentist who is accused of performing unnecessary and extremely painful procedures on low income children while charging the government huge sums of money for his handy work. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: a hoard of angry moms armed with plaque cards. not what you'd expect to see at >> reporter: families claiming he wrecked their kid's mouths, all the while making a mint from medicaid. >> what would you say to him if he was sitting here? >> i do want to ask him questions. >> like what? >> why? what were you thinking? >> reporter: the beginning of the end for him came when brandy took her daughter to his clinic.
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known for being one of a few who helped kids from low income families on medicaid. >> he says one of her teeth needs to be removed as soon as possible. it was an emergency removal. >> reporter: a routine procedure to extract a tiny tooth. she says after three hours in the lobby. >> the nurse assistant said there's been an accident. that's when i seen the blood. >> reporter: she's in a hallway bleeding. >> uh-huh. blood on the floor and everything. she was she was face first on the show. >> she has scratches, bruises, and a mouth full of blood where she spits out a different story. >> she says, mommy, they're lying to you. he was choking me while he was pulling my teeth. >> reporter: you said the doctor was choking you? >> two hands? one hand? >> one hand. >> reporter: did it hurt? a lot? did you say anything so him?
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>> reporter: what did he say? >> he said no. >> reporter: it's hard for you to hear that? >> yeah. i trusted hip. and to know that i put her through that by trusting him, it hurts. >> on the way home, brandy takes a closer look inside her mouth, and she says she makes a grim discovery. >> all four on the bottom and all four on the top are gone. >> reporter: she was scheduled to go in for one tooth extraction? >> and come out missing all of then. >> reporter: brandy wanted to see the dentist, but the attorney she calls won't touch the case. >> what you have in his case is five-year-old, six-year-old, seven-year-olds who must confront a dentist that's been a dentist in this town for 50 years. it's the worst he said she said to be a part of. >> reporter: but brandy is determined to raise hell and
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in april last year she hits a big nerve with one click of a button online. >> i hesitated at first doing it, but then i just hit post and it posted it. within an hour it was going crazy. >> brandy had a post shared 350,000 times. in a town where there's less than a million people. brad and angelina share levels was pretty >> reporter: within 24 hours protesters hit outside the clinic. >> reporter: protesters are in front of his office in their second week despite all of that, the dentist is still open for dentist. >> reporter: did you ever see him? >> uh-huh. every day, flicking us the bird. >> reporter: fingers fly and tempers flair. >> who here has had healthy teeth pulled?
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families with similar complaints and the outrage there was palpable. who in this room has a child who none of them teeth came out actually? >> he has never lost a tooth naturally. >> reporter: because they were all pulled by him? >> the permanents need to come in so we need to remove him. that's what he said to me. >> he don't care about people or innocent children who can't even defend >> reporter: this woman recorded this on her smart phone. her son screaming as 16 metal caps were implanted in his mouth unexpectedly, says his mom. was there ever any explanation for the 16 caps? >> nothing. >> reporter: disturbing as it looks, dentists argue it can prevent serious problems
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frequently. that video also going viral, and now an attorney felt he had a case. >> i said, all right, i'm taking the cases. i put it out there. the next day we got 60 phone calls. >> reporter: phillips and his staff go to work on 131 individual civil actions against dr. snyder. >> and then you see the bruising and the neck marks. to found out a medical shocking. >> reporter: he's raising questions about many of dr. schneider's methods. like the use of restraints called a papoose board. >> you could call it a baby straight jacket. >> reporter: dr. michael davis is a dentist ethics expert. >> an unethical doctor wants to do as much dentistry as you can
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>> so you don't want to coax the kid to opening their mouth. you need them in there, mouth open. >> get them this, get them out, make the dollars. >> reporter: florida medicaid records indicate he made a lot of them off the poor. nearly 4 million in government payments in only five years. recently a few states have begun to regulate or limit controversial treatments such as how long a child can be restrained in a papoose board and the number of pro child might be subjected to in a single visit, but florida is not one of them. so papoose boards remain legal there. >> i know. i'm sorry. it was just we want to make sure. >> reporter: at first here an a local tv station, dr. schneider seemed almost cordial in defense of his methods. >> with the help of a parent in a professional manner and using a board, we wrap them so they
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themselves. >> reporter: but shortly after that interview yar, his clinic s its doors. by voluntarily turning over his license, he avoids an investigation. but his problems have only begun. last november he was arrested and charged with 11 counts of medicaid provider fraud and one count of scheming with intent to defraud. after his release we paid to visit to his clini t has anything to say. no answer. suddenly his station wagon rolls into the alley. where are you going? stop. just stop for one second. i ask him about the allegations of choking and other abuse. when you see this video, of these kids, you've seen this on facebook. this kid is screaming. what's going on here? his denial is laced with profani profanity. he says all the allegations are
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medical practice was in no way an admission of guilt. he insists he was a great dentist practicing for over 50 years. the next day a process server approaches dr. schneider in the driveway of his home with a bag full of legal notices and a camera crew hired by the family's legal team. in their video, schneider runs his car into his front lawn. he then tosses that heavy bag full of civil attacks the camera, hurls a flashlight, and finally throws a can of shaving cream. in recent months he has settled 104 of the total 131 lawsuits including those brought by the families without admitting any wrong doing. though things are not likely to get better for him any time soon, his wife as filed for divorce. his bank moved to forclose on
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and he still faces a possible criminal trial after pleading not. he'll be back in court in january for a hearing on a defense motion to avoid a trial by having him declared mentally inconvi incompetent. the . >> i think he's an old, greedy, sell fish man. >> reporter: for "nightline," coming up, ellen pompeo takes us behind the scenes of "grey's anatomy," and later a look at oprah's 2016 list of favorite things just on time for
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many women may fantasize about playing doctor with the dreamy cast of "grey's anatomy," but ellen pompeo has been doing it for over 12 seasons. and tonight the fictional head of surgery opens up another tour of her life in and out of hospital scrubs. look at this. it's the emergency entrance. >> yes. this is the emergency room. over there is where i think the clinic is. >> reporter: after more than a dozen seasons of "grey's anatomy," ellen pompeo is living a life as racy as ever.
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the end of the last season there was perhaps a new love interest. is meredith ready and do we get more than one soul mate in life? >> you can have a sole mate in her 20s, and in your 40s you're somebody different. >> reporter: over the years we've watched dr. grey grow from an love confident head of surgery. >> i get to be smart and funny and drive every story. >> reporter: fans into seen grey through love and loss. from near death experiences to that shocking car crash that took the life of her romantic soul mate on the show, dr. derek jep part. >> it's okay. you do.
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tank, but t hotter than ever, attracting a new generation of fans, making it abc's most popular drama. >> i think social media and digital streaming as helped it. also the older viewers who have been with us since the beginning, i think the change is precisely what makes them stay in the show. >> reporter: there's no change in store with her who decided staying put was a smart career move. he was headed to snagging movie roles. she didn't land her big tv breakthrough in greys until she was 33. three years later, her contract was up for renegotiation. >> if i go, i have to go out and get jobs at 36 and deal with am i good enough or smart enough or talented enough. >> reporter: am i young enough. >> yes. and at that point you really
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ego from everything. >> reporter: it seems like there aren't as many meaty roles for women as a certain age. >> we're seeing it change but not dramatically enough. >> reporter: when you age on television, what makes it so hard? >> your ego. to see your skin doesn't look the same. >> reporter: but you are a poster child for aging gracefully. you don't want to cover up every flaw or wrinkle that comes your way. >> i are a necessity. nobody is perfect. i'm not and i'm okay with that. >> there's something glorious about aging. >> really, all you have in your youth is your looks. >> reporter: when the looks fade, what are you left with? >> hopefully a fantastic character, integrity and a soul. >> reporter: she glue up in massachusetts and lost her mother at four.
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pay you parent. >> it's informed my whole life. i am incredibly in touch with my emotions. >> reporter: she draws on that experience when she plays meredith grey, and it even shapes the way she parents. >> i'm probably a little overprotective and overbearing. i tell my daughter how amazing she is probably too much. >> reporter: she and her husband are >> i'm raising biracial kids. >> as am i. >> reporter: i'm curious what if any special lessons you impart to your children. >> i don't necessarily speak to my children about race. i make sure they have friends of all ethnicities. >> mommy, why did maggie stop having sex with him. >> reporter: how does your
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i don't drink. very rarely. and if i drink, i wouldn't drink out of the bottle. i'd pour it in a glass. i don't have sex in cars. >> you mind moving this? >> reporter: the one thing she and her character do have in common is the fact that they're both working moms. >> we lean on each other. that's not a sign of weakness or bad parenting if that's where you're going. it takes a village, and we have a village. >> reporter: at some p there's a world for ellen pompeo beyond grey's. >> i think i'd like to conquer something like producing. it's challenging. but i got to beat it. i got to get it. >> reporter: if she's at all like her dmeredith grey, you ca count her out. up next, oprah's 2016 list of favorite things and she reveals what she wants for
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and finally tonight, just in time for gift giving season,
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maybe it will give you black friday shopping inspiration. here's bryron pitts. >> reporter: it's that time of year. oprah's favorite things. it's even parodied on snl. oprah's favorite things for 2016. from a free app to a favorite television. oprah giving a look to her selection process. her list including a pasta pot that drains it. >> why hasn't someone thought of this before? >> reporter: a suitcase with it own charging dock. >> smartest lug dpaj ever. >> reporter: pajamas, available for $40. but all oprah wants for christmas. >> i think the most special gift is words that come from
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hanukkah list. happy thanksgiving. thank you for watching us, and we're online at and
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coming to you from hollywood, almost live. it's "comics unleashed" with your host byron allen. tonight, byron welcomes -- gene austin sara -- guy who thinks -- is a delicious new candy bar byron allen! [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. yes, welcome to "comics


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