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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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won't forget it. >> are you ready to experience that history? the calves kick season tonight. >> and the indians will start the world series journey. >> the eyes of the nation are all right here on our city. it's been a fantastic year and the city is getting ready. so is a former indian. meet the last living player who won a world series here in cleveland. much more on title tuesday ahead. we've got to talk to
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that's all there it is that's all you need to know. a whole lot happening in terms of sports. the weather is pretty quiet. we'll take that. power five radar. there's nothing to be found out there. as we go through the morning hours it will be on the childly side. check out some of these readings. medinawooster. riding high pof everybody else. 50 youngstown 42. so certainly a bit of a cold start. in the metro as things go on for this morning. they move toward the 50s later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about game one forecast here in just a bit. >> thanks. for the most part the highways are looking good. all in the green. as we head to the richfield area an accident on 271 north. traffic is so light so a lot of the red is cars urn the speed limit.
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there. you can see our view. look what's shining bright. progressive field. we are ready for game one of world series. over to you. >> shining bright. >> the calves start their title- defending seasons. >> >> it's all happening on the same day. many are calling it cleveland christmas. >> i like the sound of that. live team coverage for you all morning long. meg shaw inside progressiv to break down the historic day, hey. >> hey. gorpg, guys. yes. it's a human day for cleveland. really part of a huge year. you know what is? we are ready for it. we are so pumped. all of that excitement leading town this title tuesday. so let's talk about what's happening here in just a matter of hours. 70,000 people are going to be here at both progressive field for the world
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on top of all of those thousands of others are flooding downtown because they want to be a part of it. they want to take in the excitement. we are talking some very big crowds. the city says bring it on. it's got a plan. plus, you know what? i think we know a thing or two about handling a crowd. we had the rnc and gave our forces some training ground. as for getting around here rta does say it's ready. they are expanded service for all of those extra people. they're also going to be putting some more staff at rta stations downtown for you too. now, moving on here, he is the last living player from the 1948 world series team. this is such a cool story. the last time our team held a title was then.
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to speak with him. you got his incredible story. >> yeah. 95-year-old robinson lived with his wife in texas. they are huge ranger fans but had he still roots for cleveland. he says playing and winning with the tribe was the highlight of his career. >> in the 1948 world series is all over. >> the' 48 season was really a season to remember. >> eddie robinson played 13 seasons with nine different teams and a phone conversation he says winning l world series with cleveland will always stick out. >> we were up, we were down and -- but we prevailed. >> celebrations these days are different than what he remembers. >> it's a very different picture. >> he still vividly recalls rided down euclid in
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>> robinson believes he's seen it all in baseball but says -- >> every year something happens that i haven't seen before. that's what makes the game such a wonderful game. >> i think it's just so cool to hear how vivid his memory is from 1948. hear what he has to say about this year's team and what he says about the world series. live at karina? what a story. thank you so much for sharing. obviously a lot going on here. i want to go ahead and break it all down for you. if you're going either game kind of common sense but bears reminding you do want to get here early, okay? big crowds. the indians start at 8:08. the cavs 7:30 but lots of pregame festivities.
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fans should be in their seat by 7:30 if you want to see the full pregame show. the ceremonial first pitch. so you know what? just a little bit going on here downtown today. >> a little. >> we'll check in with karina a little later on for more on title thanks. >> cleveland christmas. we want to get you caught up on the other top stories. and new developments on a story brought to you this week. >> a person is being held with a shocking fine. in our tech center with more. >> police believe this guy was actually killed in north olmstead but his body was found miles away. a woman picking mushrooms made this gruesome
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olmstead detectives. it led police to a possible sptd and that information came in last night. that man is being interviewed. no charges have been filed yet but because of that police are not releasing the name. the coroner has not ruled a cause of death but cleveland police say they don't think it was natural. there's much more to the story. we're tboik to continue to follow it as we expect more information to be today. download our app for the latest updates. >> sarah, thank you. a city in crisis. it was hit hard by the closure. now getting help from the state. a grant worth more than a million dollars will have help -- as for the -- in the next two months. >> 4:37 on your title tuesday.
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getting million of americans health cover but the cost is about to go all the way up. for cleveland fans today is a lot like christmas.
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good tuesday morning to you. the temperature is cold in some
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right along the north shore. things are a little bit warmer. that's a relative term. as you head off to work here's what to expect. temperatures in the 40s am chilly start. i think 51 and going home. how are the roads looking this morning? >> not too bad. floing just fine in both directions. i just spoke with richfield police. 271 at 303. they say it should be cleared up soon. >> heated meetings. seven hills finally has a plan population. >> in a unanimous vote they passed a deer program so residents have been rallying against it calling it inhumane. instead of killing the deer they prefer birth control or relocation but this new plan allows the police chief to issue permanents medical marijuana won't be coming to cleveland any time soon. tonight a one-year delay on growing. processing, and selling it. council wants more time to
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have done the same since medical marijuana became illegal. the state has not figured out all of its regulations. diswhrfntle new details about our veterans being forced to pay the government ten of thousands of dollars. what they did wrong and why they say it wasn't their fault. >> and indians fans trying to keep the curse of the billy goat alive. more coverage next.
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at least 59 people are dead and a hundred are hurt. an al qaeda-linked militant group is responsible. terrence? >> new information on that man hunt going on in oklahoma. >> right now police are looking for the suspect accused of killing two people
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police say this man you see here michael vance shot and killed his awnlt and uncle then live streamed his escape on facebook. it's put a small police department in a huge bind here. >> it's two-thirds of my department was shot. it was around shift change. i had three guys on. it looks like i'm going to be down two vehicles out of three and two officers out of three. >> so vance carjacked a man and his pregnant wife this crime spree unfold. thousands of u.s. service members are paying back the military. all of them got enlistment bonuses back in the early 2000s. close to 10,000 national guard soldiers have to pay back some if not all of a $15,000 bonus they got for ?? reenlisting. many owe more than that.
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over $25,000 and that's because they've been charging me interest. i feel betrayed that i gave them my time and now they want my money back. >> the bonuses were supposed to go to soldiers with skills in high demand but it paid out bonuses to guards mep in all 50 states who never should qualify for the extra cash. some of the soldiers are now suing. another bad news a new report says health care prem year. a jump of 22% for the affordable care act silver plan. it will cost around $300 a month. it's being blamed on insures raising prices. about 80% receive federal subsidies. >> all right. we know today is a big day. so is that forecast a winner? >> you know it can be worse
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right? 4:46. the basics for today as baseball fever. more like late fall. some areas this morning. it's winter-like temperatures. literating flirting with freezing. you don't want that thing following you around if something happens tonight. 35 right now in medina. cold temperatures if you're right along the north shore. this is where 47 as well in -- get in a chilly if not cool morning. it's going to warm but that's a relative term. here we are by 8:00 still on the colder side. toward the lunch hour today. many of us finally get closer to 50 degrees. we'll see some passing clouds here and there. i think we see more in the way of sunshine today than we saw yesterday. as far as the afternoon goes we're still below the
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degrees. many of us struggling to reach the lower 50s now. what about tonight? this is what many folks have their eye on. going to a watch party. whatever it may be it's going to be chilly tonight. most of the game this evening as the american league champion indians take game one off the series. what about tomorrow's forecast? there is a chance of showers. let me quickly walk you through that. here's what may happenit advanced futurecast. for wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening. a system to the west draws closer to the area. 6:00 on wednesday night. watch what happens though after about 8:00, 9:00 as this system gets closer. if this game runs a little bit late there could be some showers in the area after around 9:00 to 10:00 or so. we're going to fine tube the forecast and keep eyes on that. just know it's a possibility. no rain for today. still below the average temperature should be in the
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miles an hour. i'll show you the seven-day forecast. we got a small warm up coming our way but it's small and short lived. rain showers look to dominate our forecast over the next seven days >> . all right. thanks. we are tracking one accident. news 5 traffic center. that's 271 north right at 303. just spoke with richfield police as we zoom in. it's going to be cleared soon. a little bit of slowdown in those northbound lanes right before the accide cleared out. shouldn't get in your way. as we head to the bridge, fully open in both directions and the ramps you see here in that graphic they are back open as well. access from the jennings freeway. looking okay. just checked those drive times. that eastbound lanes. both the
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tonight. it could also turn into one of the biggest nightmares. here's what you need it know. first there will not be any parking in many of those roads including prospect avenue -- the parking restrictions will be today and tomorrow. they start at noon and end add 2 in the morning. more parking information. all you need to do is head to our news 5 app. for everything else that you need to know ab karina. morning. >> oh, good morning, kristen. 15 hours from now it's going to look quite a bit different. that's how far away we are from the start of the world series here in cleveland. i just can't get enough of that. you know, it's the first world series to be played here in cleveland in 20 years. very exciting for all of us. the first two games they'll be here at home in cleveland. as we look ahead to game three,
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you can still catch them at progressive field. they are being played in chicago. the tribe hosting watch parties all weekend long. you are going to need a ticket for them though. yesterday, you may have seen a little talk on social media about thieves up to 220 attached to those tickets it was all just a mistake. they say anyone who will pay that fee you are going to get a refund. if you want to go to the you may have take out a loan. they're a little pricey. since they haven't been in the world series since 1945, their fans are a little eager. kind of understandable. driving prices, box seats are selling for about $50,000. we even saw one person who was asking for a million. don't know if they're going to get that but if you don't ask you'll never know; right? some animals are being thrown
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>> that's right. you know, the cubs have this goat curse. so clevelanders are going around progressive field over the weekend. they thought, hey, you know what? let's keep this alive for the cubs and bring our goats around. >> trying to bring a goat to a cubs game. they've been cursed ever since then. if you have a goat, why no the? bring is downtown. >> yes the only goats that we greatest of all time. nailed it. all right, guys. it's 4:52 right now. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate you joining us on this title tuesday. here's what's coming up. following just a horrible trend in cleveland. dog abuse. it's on the rise. more on what's causing the increase. >> those that work with at-risk children say they aren't getting the money they need to make a difference. >> the wall street stocks.
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it's a cold start this morning. temperatures will probably fall a few more degrees as we head towards sunrise this morning. look at these readings here. we're talking 42 at youngstown. 37 in canton. 35 in wooster. television little cold in some areas. things will warm up especially by the lunch hour.
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noon here in cleveland. 51 by 5:00. a little breeze today out the north at around 8 co18 miles. inner belt bridge fully open east and westbound. that's going to help; right? when we get to the world series game. if you plan on going there today, wouldn't be too much of an issue. traffic will be con guested. give yourself some extra time. access will be easier with those two lanes now open. as you get to the rarp same northbound. our folks out west looking okay right now. flowing just fine in both direction on # 0. over to you. >> news 5 uncovering a sad trend here in ohio. there's a spike in the number of dog abuse cases. the cleveland apo says they're seeing twice as many cases as they did this time last year. they say they're taking in more dogs. there isn't a specific reason here since the cases range from general miscarriage and dog fighting and
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cases involving multiples of animals in one home. >> another new trend here, people leaving their dogs at say cant homes to protect the property. al control says that's not illegal as long as they have food and shelter. here's a look at what we're working on at 5:00 for you. we won't know the future until election day but there are some major changes happening on the campus already. >> big day for our fans. you know, northeast ohio. >> it is a special day in cleveland. cleveland is in the spotlight. the cavs roll out the banner. indians go for the title. we are live at the heart of it
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love that music. now at 5:00 it's time to rally together for title tuesday. cleefnltd is the center of attention in the sport world ton. game one of the world series as our championship cavs raise the bapper to kick off a new season. >> but we have live team coverage of where all of the action is going down. downtown. in the center of it all. >> meg shaw introduces us to the longest living indians player from the last break in a cleveland murder case. what police are now telling us about the body found near the do. >> some security measures you can take to keep your family safe. looking live outside. we have to get to that all important game-day forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. it is a little on the chilly if


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