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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. we start at 5 with breaking news. >> a police chase east of cleveland ending in a pretty nasty crash. and nick foley is there trying to get new information. can you tell us? >> reporter: we're at the intersection of eddie road and euclid avenue in east cleveland and this is where the high- speed chase came to an end and began from what we understand talking to the police officers in wickli if, f. i have new information to tell you. what we understand now is a traffic stop and the police officer went to the car and that is when the driver left the screen striking the officer. we understand he's okay at this point and that began the high- speed chase that came down euclid avenue. police found on euclid avenue and to eddie road and euclid avenue and this is where it ended. you can see the aftermath and
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the sidewalk here through the mcdonald's parking lot here on euclid avenue in east cleveland and came to a rest near an apartment building. from what i understand, the officers told me that ems responded the same way and removed the driver from the vehicle and she was alive and not responsive at the time. she was in serious condition and transported to a nearby hospital. that is really what we know at this point and it was a high- speed chase that began in wick cliff after the driver was stuck and striking a police officer who was out of his car attempting to talk to the driver and that is the point when we know here we're at euclid and east, i should say, euclid and eddie road here in east cleveland and back to you. >> thank you. and get a check on weather and traffic. >> and it's hump day and that is very cloudy out there and ton iss of -- tons of clouds to start off the morning and not bad. 56 in cleveland and akron and we're starting off mild.
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time of the year. the normal high is 49 and we surpassed that. 52 in wooster; 56, millishesburg and track about the rest of the day. and we could stand to see a few sprinkles. the spotty showers expected after lunch today and the highs are going to top off in the mid- to upper 50s and that is a look at the power-of-5 forecast. the only issues we have are a lane blocked because of that police-involved incident and elsewhere, we're okay and a 13 minute ride eastbound crocker to the inner belt and euclid and eddie, that is where nick foley was reporting from and we got some lane closures there because of the incident and also, police telling me in brooklyn, they're responding to an incident on 480 and unclear the exact details. i will let you know as soon as i find out and let's go outside to 76 right now. traffic is still very quiet. grit's a nice start at least on the highways and over to you
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and developing right now in brussels, isis is threatening -- the other countries who are against them. >> and 34 people killed in the attacks at the airport and subway station and there is new information about three suspects? >> and reporting the airport suicide bombers were brothers, khalid and ibrahim elbakraoui. they were known by police and there is a look for a third person, the man you saw in the white coat continuing -- and raids continue across the city. we'll keep you updated and you mentioned the death toll at 34, dozens hurt and officials hope to get into the terminal building to assess the damage today and figure out when the airport can reopen. and this morning, we're learning about the victims, too. >> and some were americans, one heading to northeast ohio and sarah phinney joins us live in cleveland with the story. >> reporter: jackie, terrence,
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french missionary was on the way to an assignment here in cleveland. the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints said that she did not make her flight and is hospitalized with injuries and three missionaries from you the out were escorting her and they're injured. cameras were rolling as mason spoke to the parents for the first time since the attacks and this was mason's third brush with terrorism. he was a block away from the boston marathon bombings and also in france during the paris attacks. his parents gave an update on his condition. >> he is safe and he's okay. he's in the hospital being treated by medical professionals and he's recovering from some blast injuries to his leg and to his head and hand. >> reporter: and john wells said that he's going to europe
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the governor of utah where the three missionaries were from tweeting saying he was absolutely heartbroken. live in cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. >> and also this morning, more about a startup company here in akron with employees in belgium. >> and the company's owner is still overseas right now. we were able to track him down and talk to him on skype. he said the case western -- is a case western reverb engineering graduate. his girlfriend -- and they're both okay. so are other employees. with isis taking responsibility for the attacks, he knows his home country faces uncertainty. >> belgium, um, don't know how to react or how to -- but they did -- some people are feeling like why are we even expecting them in the country and they do things to our innocent lives. >> and they don't believe the attacks will impact their business, and they won't live
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forth between the u.s. and belgium. the u.s. state department is warning americans of the risks of travelling to europe. while there is no specific threat against the u.s., homeland security is stepping up security at the airports nationwide. security is also increasing at one world trade center in new york city. meanwhile, here in denver international airport, they still have people on edge. the fbi and bomb squad were called in after a couple of unattended boxes were spotted near a door. part of the airport's main terminal evacuated here and investigators found the boxes had oil and spices inside. and from the eiffel tower to all over europe, tributes pouring in. and slow -- with the colors of the belgium flag and the terminal tower in cleveland. president obama ordered flags at government buildings to be flown at half-staff until sunset on saturday. and many are commenting on a big mistake in nyc. one world trade center was let
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of red , yellow and black for belgium's flag, it was lit in red, white, and blue last night. and here at home, in portage county, shut down for the rest of the week. meg shaw is in the newsram to tell us about it. what illness is it? >> reporter: it's called shigellosis. -- shigellosis. an untestinal disease caused by bacteria and symptoms can last up to a week. there are two confirmed cases and five pending cases within the district. people can have diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps. others will show no symptoms and be able to spread the bacteria on to others. the school district. s parents to know they're closing the schools two days ahead of spring break. and they want to decrease the number of students getting sick. again, all women's schools are closed today, tomorrow, and all of next week, which is their spring break.
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though, if your child is showing symptoms of shigellosis after spring break next week, don't send them to school without contacting an official first. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and developing this morning, the attempted robber inside a metro pcs store. three men walked into the store and this is on east 110th street and superior. one pulled out a gun and grabbed from behind the counter and told them to get out. the suspect started shooting as they left and an innocent man was caught in the cross fire. if you recognize them, call police. we learned that jimmy demora has been moved to a federal facility and west virginia. he spent the last two years in california prison. the six-year-old is serving a 28 year prison sentence after convicted of corruption. he's maintained the innocent and. to a health alert for ohio aps this morning, the cdc
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on antioverdose efforts, including making the antioverdose drug narcan available. and there is life-threatening affect to how much is being used. and it's used to give patients many other life-saving drugs. when the five-year-old needed medicine after a seizure earlier this month, the ambulance was part of those applicators. >> and because they're administering medication to people that are overdosing from heroin. >> the conquer township fire chief said they have extra applicators. and a look at headlines around ohio now, this cute bear didn't fool police in central ohio. a clerk at a shipping business thought something was slimming when a man wanted to send just the bear. the worker noticed the bear was heavy and he kept giving that information on the address, though, she ripped the bear open and found a pint-sized bottle with liquid -- . >> of coating -- codeine. >> of codeine in there. okay, you can get that
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with the prescription rather. and police say that mixed with pop is known as purple dran -- tranq or -- and a team in trouble. reporting here that a perriesburg high school student is under arrest facing charges after being caught videotaping a fellow student in a school bathroom and sending the video to other students. the police are continuing to investigate if any other students were involved here. and now, 5:09. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. it's wednesday. what happened to the week. >> and this is coming up for you this morning. scammer are back at it again. who they're targeting now and how you can avoid falling for their e-mail. >> and you're watching good morning cleveland.
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. 5:13. and breaking overnight from the live desk. the race for the white house. victories for all but one candidate in yesterday's primaries and caucuses. our governor, john kasich, the only candidate without win. arizona goes -- donald trump adding 58 delegates to bring
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cruz taking utah. he now has 465 delegates. as for the democrats, hillary clinton takes arizona and she's at 1,681 delegates. bernie sanders wins idaho and utah and trails behind with 927 delegates. speaking of the republicans, the race for the white house is more than a feud between donald trump and ted cruz on twitter. getting involved. trump is threatening to, quote, spill the beans on cruz's wife. and this is after an antitrump super pack posted a racy image of the bottom air's wife from her modeling days. cruz denies his campaign had anything to do with it and calling trump classless. >> and right now, president obama is in argentina after a historic trip to cuba. he has a full day planned, including meetings for the country's president and wrapping up with a former state dinner and cultural event. the president attended a baseball game between the cuban national team and tampa bay rays.
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keeping -- skipping out because of the terrorist attacks in belgium and he said they wanted to take the lives of ordinary people and he is not giving in to the mentality. >> and a new video sending a clear warning sign across the country. and can't -- leads to dangerous consequences. they were caught on the camera playing with the gas can when suddenly one of the boys is engulfed in flames. two were badly burned and a third showed up at the hospital later with serious burns. boys were trying to set a cardboard box on fire. and in texas, a driver has a handful of strangers to thank for pulling him from the burning car. the 26-year-old lost control and hit a tree. witnesses ran from a nearby gas station and braved intense flames to pull him out and one pulled the strength -- to reach inside and the driver stuffer ised severe burns in his legs and is expected to be okay.
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way to the international space station. and it's from cape canaveral last night, carrying more than three tons of supplies and science investigation, including the first theed printer to go into space and this is not returning to earth. instead, the crash will be deliberately set on fire so nasa can learn about fire in space. and also happening right now, eagle eye sky watcher is getting ready to watch a lunar eclipse this morning and it's not a full lunar eclipse. >> and that's right, it's called a eclipse and not as spectacular or noticeable. if you look at the full moon in the western sky shortly before dawn and the skies are clear, which we're going to talk about, you may notice there is a slightly darker than usual. it will be at the peak around 7:48 this morning. >> okay and we will set an alarm and get ready for that, somara. >> and we probably won't see it and look at the radar. you can see it now. this is really, really cloudy out there and we have the satellite on here and lots of
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going to be a cloudy day ahead as we expect rain chance and it mean a good amount of sun farther south of akron. the temperatures right now, 56 degrees to start in cleveland. 58 in menner and we're looking at 52 in wooster and this is a warm start. think about it. monday and tuesday, starting off in the 20s and 30s. we're off to a great start today and as we head throughout the day and seeing improving conditions with the temperatures. we're not cooling down too much for wednesday or thursday and 5:15 p.m., head into the afternoon. notice how we're still dry and activity to the north of the lake and there is a chance that part of that can stag and counties could see cloudy showers and into new philadelphia. expect it to reach the low 60s today and instead along the lake shore, look at the 50s and heading into thursday morning and this is after the morning rush hour. the rain moves in and it's moderate to heavy and by the afternoon, we factor in the heating and get the energy to
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and we could see them thursday afternoon. heavy rains possible visually in tuscaroras county. by friday, no, i don't know what to tell you about it. it won't go away. and there is a look at your power of five seven-day forecast. and that is a brief chance of snow. not much in the way of accumulation friday morning and we rebound to warmer air and higher temps by easter weekend. >> at least we have that, right? and get the look on the odot camera at 77 and 490. and a quiet spot. elsewhere, we're dealing with issues and head to our maps now. call the brooklyn police. they're investigating a car versus a deer incident on 480 and tiatenem. we have a couple of lanes closed because of that and we move northeast. we have some construction projects happening. so, commercial road closed between central and canal from 9-3 and over one street. we got canal road closed entirely from 90 to 9-3 and
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and to a consumer alert you that will see on 5. a warning from the fbi. to local businesses. cybercriminals are looking for new targets and you might be on the list. >> and this is in all 50 states and countries around the globe targeted here. the criminal sends an e-mail from what, peers to be the ceo of a company asking someone in accounts payable to do a wire transfer. asap. the criminals use the information to make the e-mail look real. >> and they referenced the ceo is travelling and got finished with a conference or is heading to a conference or something that is legitimately true. and so, the person has no -- that this is a legit mat e-mail from the consider, fo or ceo. >> that type of cybercrime starts 270% increase in just the past year. and this morning, we're learning a financial group is challenging huntington bank's proposal to buy first merritt.
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city called inknow inner city press -- to extend public hearings on that buyout. and they claimed the deal will not only hurt consumers but businesses. and coming up for you, it's one of the worst -- to open up the freezer to find somebody swiped your ice cream. day. >> all right, and speaking of getting recognized internationally for theirs and though these bricks can be used in more than one way. cleveland.
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. good morning to you. it's 5:22 right now. sad news from cincinnati this morning. the cheetah who gave birth to the five cute cubs via rare c- section died. the cubs are doing great with round-the-clock care. they opened their eyes and started eating and there is an australian shepherd dog helping to keep them warm. and some cool news out of stark county. the repository reporting the county's highest number of participants in their mass tournament this year. more than 750 students from 19 area school districts took part and there were dozens of winners in each of the divisions ranging from grades 5- 7. the university of akron is getting credit for one of the best startup ideas in the world.
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they can -- and harvest in times. the bricks can also be repurposed to build homes. the team was one of six finalists that worked on ideas to double the income of people living in crowded urban spaces. >> and we really care about people all over the world who don't have the same access to resources that we do and so, here at akron, we can come up with the great ideas and we can shane and we can kind of beat some of the top students in the world with our idea. >> and incredible. the students are competing for a global wild card slot and a chance at $1 million in seed money. we wish them the best of luck. >> if you have those, you would have a -- and right, somara? >> okay and let's look at the temperatures. mother nature is giving us one for the win this morning. 56 degrees in cleveland. i am not complaining.
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-- 52 in wooster and 53 in ashland. the temperatures are deviating from the number, depending on where you live. today's highs are in the mid- 50s and however, a few counties will be warmer than that and that is for people living south of u.s. 30. as far as conditions go, we're remaining cloudy and this is a catch. along the lakeshore, you can see a chance of showers. kristen. >> thank you. and not too much going on the highways and we have an incident on 480 on eastbound and a couple of lane closures and in brooklyn, police investigating that one and elsewhere, 71, 490 and 77, the the ride into the city and all of the green arrows indicating we're nice and smooth and it's quiet in those areas. >> and breezy on a hump day. thank you. and trending right now, talk about a late fee. a library book that is nearly 50 years overdue is returnd to
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checked out by a student who left to join the marines. >> he said it was gathered from the dorm room and sent to his parents and he found the book in a box of things. the university, though is going to wave his 350 late fee. >> my goodness. >> and that adds up. >> if you have a lover affair with an ice cream, listen to what they came up with. a lock to protect your favorite ice cream. a three-number combo lock. and it prevents moochers from amazon. what do you think? >> it will come in handy. >> uh-huh. here. and if you prefer salty over sweet, it's your day. it's national chip and dip day. >> and a special thank you goes out to them and they make it possible.
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coming up next for you, a breast-feeding mom's complaints are heard loud and clear. the cleveland museum is apologizing. >> and concerns to airports around the world and that vulnerability we found here at cleveland-hopkins. >> and as we go to break, let's look at last night's winning lotto numbers.
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. now at 5:30, a stomach bug shutting down an entire school district and what is being done to kids in classrooms. >> and new information about the suspect and warnings about travelling to europe. as the world tries to come to grips with another major attack. >> and sarah finny with one victim on the way to cleveland and corrina pysa is at the live desk with the latest on a massive manhunt. and first, breaking news for you. >> a high-speed police chase ends in a serious crash and nick foley is at the scene. they just cleared the wreckage. what is the latest here? >> reporter: it was a wild scene to say the least. we're at the intersection of euclid avenue and eddie road here. and this is the eastbound lane of euclid avenue and this is where the section came. and i want to tell you how it began and it began as we understand a traffic stop in
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off striking the officer and told that that driver is okay and then it came here through down euclid avenue and you're look at the video here from what happened, actually, and this car jumped the curb and struck a teller, struck a hydrant and rolled a couple of tames and came to rest and this is a crazy scene this morning and we spoke to a mcdonald's employee, i should say, who was inside and heard it all go down. take a listen. >> and i heard it like a train derailed and look -- and it was after that. and swarmed the whole place and it was over there in the parking lot. >> reporter: i am told by officers that was a female driver. the only person in the car and she was alive when they got to her but unresponsive and in serious condition, transported
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this began all the way down euclid avenue and ending here and mcdonald's at eddie road and euclid avenue and back to you. and thank you. more news breaking overnight. a meth lab bust at a home in akron and inside, police found all kinds of drug paraphernalia. glass bottles, funnels, chemicals, pills and a gas mask and there were also three children under 18 years old inside. one man arrested and police say they have been aware of him for awhile. we'll keep you updated. and let's get a check on weather and traffic starting with somara. >> and i have news for you and it's that time of the year again. spring severe weather awareness week and let's see what is going on to start the week off. a tornado drill and this is going to be statewide. everyone in ohio will be hearing sirens go off and this
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weather today and the sirens will sound off at 9:50 a.m. feel free to reach out to me on facebook and twitter and instagram and we're going to take a look, though, at some thunderstorms we have moving in tomorrow and later for now, though. and let's check on the road with kristen. >> and we do have the lane restrictions happening on 490 east and westbound and that is going on all week and we have a half hour left this morning for that and we're looking okay, 71 and 77, not seeing problems for 92 or 71, checking in just fine, too and check outside to show you the drive time speeds and you will -- the inner belt on 90 eastbound and 11 minutes for you, richmond and 90 on 271 northbound and this is akron, the 15-minute ride if you're taking 77 northbound and that live look, our odot camera showing 71 and west 25th still quiet and over to you. and the images are still haunting 24 hours later and at least 34 people killed in the
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hundreds more injured. >> and the u.s. is issuing a strong travel warning for europe. the state department said that terrorists are planning more attacks and they're targeting tour sites and transportation. >> and shocking now information about the suicide bomber. let's go to corrina pysa with more. >> reporter: we're learning the master bomb maker in the terrorist attacks is a suspect in yesterday's attacks in brussels. in fact, the daily mail reporting he is the suspect seen here, the man in white who is the focus of a massive manhunt going on right now. the two suicide bombers, the men in black sign in the security image here, were brothers. khalid and ibrahim elbakraoui known to police. ibrahim was the airport bomber, can, halid the bomber at the -- khalid was the bomber at the subway is station and this is
5:35 am
the police finding a nail bomb and flag during the house raid and suspected their part and this is developing by the minute. we'll keep you updated. and we have new information about the victims of the attacks and including one on the way to cleveland. >> and several mormon missionaries were at the airport to make sure she made her plane into the u.s. and sarah finney has more. >> reporter: one of those missionaries has been impacted by terrorism. and he's a block away from a boston marathon bombings in france during the terrorist attacks and now he's recovering from the attacks in brussels. get this, he's 19 years old. abc news is reporting that mason wells has shrapnel injuries and second- and third- degree burns on his face. and he was with two other women missionaries who withent to the airport to help a woman travelling to the u.s. and she was heading to a missionary
5:36 am
she didn't make the flight and is hospitalized with minor injuries. and cameras were rolling as he spoke to the parents the first time since the attack and they're grateful their son is okay and they're hoping the attacks will unify and not divide people. >> and this is a good wake-up call to not only the citizens of america and belgium and france but to the world that we need to come together as humanity and not pull ourselvessa, part. >> i he is planning on travelling to europe to meet up with his son. all three of the american missionaries are from utah and the governor there tweeting he is absolutely heartbroken over what has happened in belgium. live in cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and right now, nearly two dozen students and professors are leaving brussels. they were there as part of a study during spring break. the business school group was at their hotel when the attacks happened and they're all okay.
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the group was going to take public transportation but decided to hire a private bus instead. and this attack highlighting more security concerns at airports around the world and we uncovered one vulnerability here and it went undetected for more than a half hour and at many major airports, the passenger wickup and dropoff area is constantly moving but that is not the case at hopkins. we parked in front of the airport and waited. thirty minutes later, nobody approached our car and turns out there is no set time limit for sitting curbside as long as you don't leave your car. >> and that is a vulnerability. in a public space like any other public space. >> passengers we talked to were concerned about the security flaw but most of edge this do not -- most of them don't want to see a policy change. it makes pickup and dropoff convenient. and now information is coming in by the minute.
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app alerts and straight to your phone. and here at home, developing right now, remains found near a road in lorain county. the discovery made near state route 58 and township. and they believe that if i'm an adult, the officers are working on identifying those remains. we'll continue to follow the is the and -- story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. and developing this morning, the 23-year-old from north carolina is behind bars. he's accused of raping a woman in mount union and according to the police report, he entered her dorm room without her permission and sexually assaulted her. the incident happened on sunday. next on this wednesday, splitting a delegate. the presidential primaries out west are a mixed bag and we have the results. >> and a breastfeeding mom going viral after calling out a local museum and they're
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. good morning and welcome back. we're off to a warm start this morning and however, i have to do a pinpoint forecast. and that is going to vary depending on where you live and north of the redline along the lake shore in the counties. if that is a case, this is a look at the forecast for today. the difference, you're not going to get warm as the highs and reaching the mid- to upper 50s. you stand the stronger chance
5:42 am
later. again, the spotty showers and the big rain maker moving in for your thursday and we'll talk on that those thunderstorms later on in the show for now and over to you. a lot of people online mother. >> and that is because her facebook post shows how she was treated a i -- the's museum locally and you see this. and she's at her sister's wedding at the western serve historical society. she was breast-feeding her 9- month-old son in the bride's maid dress without using a blanket that covers her. an employee approached her and told her she had to huff and she refused. the employee brought over a manager who she said also asked her to move. the museum is responding and apologizing to her saying that they will implement new training for staff. coming up, call her judge sarah. the details are coming up in
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. 5:45 on your wednesday morning. breaking live now, all but one presidential candidate pulling
5:46 am
primary and caucuses. our governor, john kasich, the only candidate without a win, his rival winning arizona and adding 58 delegates to bring his count to 739. and ted cruz taking utah. he now has 465 delegates. on the democratic side, hillary clinton takes arizona while bernie sanders wins idaho and utah. clinton has 1,661 delegates to sanders ' 927. and we're hearing about an overwhelming voter turnout this morning. in arizona, hundreds of people were in line when donald trump and hillary clinton were declared winners. and a phoenix polling site ran out of ballots and this is the line in boise there. some polling places, rather, had to extend hours to get more people through the line. one site was even turning people away. they arrived after the 7:00 deadline. and 5:46 right now. happening today, an entire
5:47 am
because of a nasty stomach bug. and meg, this is closed through next week because of this? >> reporter: the district is shutting down all schools two days ahead of the spring break and they want all parents to know that the decision is a precautionary measure to help reduce the number of students getting sick. right now, there are two confirmed cases of shigellosis and five pending cases. according to the center for disease control, the sickness usually lasts between 5 and 7 days. people with it can have diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. others will show no symptoms and still be able to spread the bacteria to. the windham schools are closed today, tomorrow, and next week, spring break. the school district is warning parents, though, if your child is showing any signs of shigellosis after spring break next week, don't send them to school without contacting an official first.
5:48 am
and thank you and now let's turn to weather. you're serving up a nice spring day. >> and we're going to see temperatures in the upper 50s again. it's spring and severe weather awareness week. and thunderstorms are definitely going to be taking place in our forecast. and let's take a look at that. that satellite where you can see a good amount of cloud coverage out there. a big cloudy start to the day and here we go. the temperatures right now, 56 degrees in cleveland; 57 in menner and 53 in elyria and norwalk. and this is the thing. we can see upper 40s farther west. and as we head throughout the day; the temperatures will vary depending on where you live. a cold front to the north. if you live along the lake shore, you will skate along the fringe of that cold front and notice the temperatures are 49 degrees in cleveland and into
5:49 am
hope you -- if you live along the lakeshore, the highs are in the upper 50s and as far as rain goes, the bulk of the rain moves in tomorrow and you can get the first round tomorrow morning. we're looking at light to moderate downfalls and into the afternoon that picks up. more moderate to heavy downfalls and not only that, we will see a chance of thunderstorms into your thursday afternoon around 6:00 p.m. and that will sit around -- stick around through thursday evening. the temperatures behind the cold front and that rain is sticking around and turns quickly over snow and we'll be seeing not much in the way of accumulation and we stand to see a chance of a few flakes. the power of five seven-day forecast. with a pretty picture as far as temps go. and we have it on friday and quickly rebound to the 60s by your easter sunday. >> and i'm still looking forward to that. at least we have the weekend. all right, let's go to our maps now and i want to mention work going on state route 18. expect lane restrictions in
5:50 am
they're doing road widening work there and hey, that 480 incident eastbound 480 and teeta men all clear now and the brooklyn police took care of that. 76 and 77 in akron looking fantastic. the ride into the city not seeing problems on 71. typically, we see the slowdowns there and we're in the green and let's go outside for a live look at 71 and it's quiet now. no issues to tell you about. over to you. and this morning, the supreme court ruling on workers' right's case against tyson foods. >> the lawsuit was about overtime pay in an iowa pork plan. they want said to be paid for time they spent putting on protective clothing and gear. and a $5.8 million judgement. the second time the court ruled against the business in a class- action lawsuit. and wrestling star hulk hogan talking about the court win over gawker and you will only see his interview here on abc.
5:51 am
million in the sexy trial. he describes how he felt as the jury and the verdict and reveals how the three-year legal battle took a toll on him. >> and they did everything they could to return him and we were hoping that financially i wouldn't be able to stand the game other than i quit or tap out. >> and his full interview is coming up at 7 this morning on "good morning america." and all rise for judge sarah palin. and that could be the case. you're watching the brand new tv show and sarah palin could be the woman in church and reports saying she signed on to a new reality tv show that will be similar to judge judy. the show is in? beginning sometimes. and to some sad news this morning for craig sager. he revealed he has 32 -- has three to six months to live and has been fighting leukemia since 2014. he's not ready to hang up his crazy suits just yet and plans to continue working through april.
5:52 am
are pouring in for him on social media and lebron james telling him to stay strong with a #cancer sucks. and next on your wednesday morning, broadway in cleveland. a new round of musicals are coming to the playhouse and we have the list. >> and born to be time travelers. how the new york subway went down. just sixth 60 -- 60 seconds
5:53 am
. ladies and gentlemen, i'm sorry is to disrupt your evening commute. i am here to ask for some money. i have invented a time machine and i need the funding to help complete it. thank you. >> and if you have ever been on a new york city subway, you get asked a lot of crazy questions and this is seeming like another weirdo asking for money but it's not. this happens. future versions of people on
5:54 am
you think what is happening here? it turns out it's a prank. improve everywhere. they used four sets of identical twins to play the present and future self. >> and people started thinking it's real but people have great poker faces. they never show any emotion. the craziness is going on and -- >> the fourth set of twins, did you really make a time machine? you know a thing or two. >> and i am a native new yorker. i will say on the subway, you see some strange things on a daily bisis and it doesn't -- basis and doesn't phase you after a certain point. and get to the morning rush hour timeframe. and throughout the day, we're expecting a chance of rain. the good news, it's not impacting the morning rush hour and we'll see cloud coverage though and it will build in through 8:00 a.m. and temperatures are on the rise and starting off cool around 6 and we see the temps rise through 54 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and we stand to see some rain
5:55 am
chance of thunderstorms for your thursday. and we'll take an in-depth look at that soon and for now, over to you. >> and thank you. getting this accident into our traffic center and ingram avenue and 169th street and that is in shaker, 480 eastbound and 77 to 271 and seven minutes, 65 miles per hour and let's go outside and get those live looks for you and we're looking okay now and no major incidents that car versus a deer crash on 480 eastbound and it's been cleared since. and breaking news coming in for a live desk here and multiple news out. jeb bush will endorse ted cruz for the republican party nomination and bush submitting a statement saying that ted is consistent principled conservative who demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests and that is the latest and we'll keep you updated as we learn
5:56 am
and -- this morning, we're learning that a terrifying car jacking. a woman hit in the face with a gun in the westgate shopping center and two men take off with her car. and this happened at 5:30 friday night when the center was packed with people and her car was -- [ indiscernible ] and the suspects are still out there. and we have an update on the fund raiser of the victims in the apartment fire. monday's fund raiser brought in $15 million they said that they had four time numbers of customers they normally see on a monday. and dozens of family were left without a home this month. and big plans moving forward for our -- and the committee approved a plan and here are the changes. new writing and outdoor cafe. on the plaza, six foot high letters spelling out long live
5:57 am
told you about the story last month and the planning commission called them generic and basic and they include famous rockers and the work should be completed in time for the rnc. and -- [ indiscernible ] which broad way plays are coming to cleveland. >> and you can see into the woods and the king and i and this is the list. kicking off the season in october. a 2015 tony winner from best musical and finding neverland in november and a break over christmas and the season wrapped up with an american in paris in late june and july. and most of us will be happy to win the lotto once. >> and imagine hitting it big and hitting it again and again and that happened to a brunswick womwoman who got lucky here and last week, she won the biggest jackpot yet and
5:58 am
mobile gas station and now, first, she thought is, okay, i won $40,000 found out it was more seconds later. >> and i'm talking to my husband and he's like man, you didn't win 40,000 but a million. it's 40,000 for 25 years. >> and incredible. she won $50,100,000 from scratchoffs in 2049. >> and i need to know the gas station she's going to. and next, blast off at a space station. what what can change life in space. >> and a mistake for nypd, how their tribute to brussels went raw.
5:59 am
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. we begin now at 6. >> a high-speed police chase east of the city ending in a serious crash involving an officer and nick foley has the latest. >> reporter: terrence, we are on euclid avenue at the mcdonald's here near the intersection of euclid and eddie road. and we're told that it began in wick live during a routine traffic stop. the police officer tried to approach the vehicle and that is when the driver took off actually striking the officer and heading down euclid and that police officer gave chase and what unfold side the crazy


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