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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, everybody. this is leon bibb. today, about 90 minutes, the uber driver accused of a shooting spree where six were murdered in michigan will face a judge. investigators in kalamazoo won't say what set him off. this afternoon, we're hearing from the passengerrings who picked up between the deadly shooting rage. elizabeth has more from kalamazoo. >> reporter: six people are dead.
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in custody but so far, no motives. >> shots fired. we have one right now. >> reporter: according to police, the mayhem in michigan started shortly before 6 saturday evening in this residential complex. a woman was shot several times and she survived. four hours later, in the car dealership parking lot a father and son were shot and killed. minutes later, outside of the cracker barrel restaurant, five people were shot, four of them died, including retired teacher mary. the victims apparently selected at random. >> and this is your worst nightmare. >> reporter: hours later, the suspect uber driver was taken to custody without incident. police are now looking into reports that he was working between shootings. this man who asked to remain anonymous was one of the customerrings during the rampage. >> i had -- customers during the rampage. >> i jokingly said you're not the shooter, are you? he said no. i said are you sure?
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>> reporter: and matt mullen he said he drove with him for an hour before the first shooting. >> we were driving through medians and the lawn and spreading along and finally once we came to a stop, i jumped out caster and ran away. >> there was nothing in the background to indicate he was a problem. >> reporter: police have new home for the youngest victim. the 14-year-old girl was initially believed to be brain dead and eventually managed to give doctors two thumbs up. elizabeth herr, new york. and here in northeast ohio, a local pot -- hospital emergency room remained closed this afternoon following a fire there last night. the patients in southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights were evacuated after flames broke out. the cleaning utility room. the area has smoke and water damage. southwest general is still treating walk-in patients but ambulances are being diverted to other hospitals. and a man found dead in a
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he was crushed by a trash compactor. the medical examiner made that announcement. a driver with republic waste services found the body saturday morning. the police believe the victim was homeless and had been sleeping in a dumpster. a 17-year-old cleveland boy died when he was thrown from a stolen minivan driven by a 14- year-old. the cleveland police said the 14-year-old crashed into a car on east 30 street in community college avenue in cleveland. the impact pushed the minivan into a utility pole and that is when the 17-year-old willie workman was ejected from the the driver and another passenger were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. this inmate is on the loose. he escaped from a cleveland correctionical facility, a halfway house on east 55th street. codie lee broke out of the oriana house friday night. the cuyahoga under key sheriff said lee kicked out the window. earlier this month, two other inmates escaped from that same facility.
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nicholas. something is on the way. >> and you know it, look at the green grass, leon. my goodness. is that green grass? it looks like that and that is seeming eerily green. >> you know what it is? it's the wall. that is kind of the way the sunlight is hitting it. >> and the grass is not always greener on the other side, brother. >> hey, leon. thanks. 37 in downtown cleveland and that looks green. almost like artificial turf. the temperatures in the upper 30s and a couple of lower 40s today. and we're dry tomorrow. the water picture shows what is going on and not finding anything. as we head south and west, a bit of a warm air moving in and we're in the 40s tomorrow. and then all eyes shift to the south and west. right now, you can't tell. storm system that is going to move up through the mississippi valley and take up gulf moisture and end up affecting us middle of the week. right now, the big question on
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is it going to be snow? much? we'll talk about that coming up. hour-by-hour, though, for today, the temperatures in the 30s for the most part and pleasantly cold tonight, upper 20s and lower 30s. we'll talk about the big time storm system the midof the week coming up, leon. >> okay -- middle of the week coming up, leon. akron firefighters foundwoman in the lake. she is now hospitalized. we don't know her condition nor summit lake. and in the meantime, in bath township, the fire department there issued a warning about thin ice after two dogs fell into a lake. this is bike and video of a lab and a bug pulled from icy waters. when first responders arrived, the dogs were treading water for 15 minutes. >> when i saw them in there and i thought oh, my god, there is no way to get them out. >> and the story from bath,
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hypothermia and are expected to make recoveries. another closure begins on affected is the westbound lane and there is a construction project underway to connect neighborhoods to lake erie. sarah phinney shows us the best ways to get around that construction site. >> reporter: the edgewater exit and entrance ramps on the west days. want to remember. to get to the park, take a right on west boulevard, go east on the shoreway and then take the west 73rd exit. and you get back on the west shoreway and go east to west 45th street exit and go on the shore to west 49th and merge. the construction is part of the lake front west project, aiming to transform the 2 1/2-mile stretch into a boulevard and helps with connecting nearby neighborhoods with a lake. we have a list of the detours on the news net 5 app. the ramps are expected to be
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sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you for your report, sarah. the tallest building on the cleveland skyline is on the cell block. the owner of keith center, columbia property trust s in talks with the perspective buyer. the deal would include the 57- story key tower and, tacked marriott hotel. the sell is expected to close within the next few months. and cuyahoga county -- a key value of $231 million. and it's official. the former cavs fan favorite anderson berejon will be suiting up for golden state. he changed the twitter phase this morning, adding the warriors logo. and they traited him out of portland last week, but the trailblazers were standing and that gave him the right to sign with any team. he signed with the western conference powerhouse, golden state warriors. and coming up, the war on
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there are new calls to end the iphone encryption debate. >> a report reveals a major crisis in hollywood. and it's not only affecting the oscars. noon hour. i'm leon bibb.
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. despite filing a last- minute emergency motion, bill cosby's wife camill is expected to answer questions related to her husband's defamation
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a judge last night rejected her latest request to stop her deposition today in massachusetts. she claimed she did not have any relevant information in the case. several women are suing bill cosby, accusing him of sexually assaulting him decades ago. and it's not just the on cars that lack diversity, according to a new study from the university of southern california, researchers found films in television produced by major media companies in the words of the researchers, whitewashed. women, people of color and people in the lgbt community are still fighting what has been termed an epidemic of invisibility. >> i think that the prequel to oscars snow white is hollywood snow white. i think our studdie makes it clear. hollywood is a straight white boy's club and we see this across the media. >> reporter: the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences recently announced changes to the on cas -- oscars, including doubling the amount of women and minorities by 2020 and adding several
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governors. and this is jason nicholas looking at the forecast. >> and we're talking about a big time mid-week winter storm. how will it affect you snow, rain, and a mix? we'll brick it down coming up
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. there is a new twist in that fight between apple and the fbi. and the agency's director is writing a blunt letter about the dispute as protestors plan to block or back apple in a symbol in more than 30 cities. bazi kanani has the latest on the story. >> reporter: a new plea in the iphone battle pitting security against privacy. the fbi against apple. the fbi director writes we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land. i hope thoughtful people will take the time to understand that. director james colby defends his agency's demands that apple belonging to farouk. the shooter in san bernadino. who, along with his wife, killed 49 people. the fbi said his phone might have critical additional clues in the investigation including whether others were involved.
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the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow the lead. in a new blog post and press release, apple is working to rally public opinion taking to the airways. >> and there is no limit to what the government could require apple to do. if it succeeds this way. >> reporter: the attorney whose wife died in one of the planes used in the 9/11 attacks, is helping apple fight a court order to unlock his phone and he said creating a way to override a phone's passcode would put the privacy and security of all apple customers at risk. >> and this is a pandora's box. we can't surrender our civil liberties and use the -- of victory. >> reporter: some of the victims plan to support the fbi in this legal battle. their attorney said they will file a legal brief with the court. bazi kanani, abc news, washington.
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released a new report showing certain types of laminate flooring made by lumber liquidators have a greater risk of causing health problems. people exposed to formaldehyde are three times likely to get chancer -- cancer than previously estimated. the shares plunged 15% this morning, following the release of that report. and tailers across the country are pulling hoverboards from the shelves after the government declared no two- wheel scooter is safe. hoverboards have sparked more including in ohio. the hoverboards are sent to -- subject to recall and anyone who had one should be refunded. >> and we shocking new images from figi show the devastation there. twenty people are dead and thousands are staying in emergency shelters. after their homes were damaged or flooded and most of the country doesn't have
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state of emergency for the next 30 days. >> oh, man. >> the times there. >> and that time of the year. getting those tropical systems. northeast ohio? >> we have a couple of quiet days today and certainly and things are going -- interesting wet, rainy day. to track snow potentially. and some worth watching. that is a big storm system and a lot can change, too. and nothing to worry about, afternoon. and plenty of sunshine. the temperatures are chilly. you know what, for the end of february, saturday was a crazy day and we'll have more coming up on the now cleveland at 4:00. saturday's high temperature was 67 degrees and that didn't break a record. when you go back one year ago 17 below. you do the math and 84 degrees year.
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cleveland and we're in the middle of both of those temperatures currently. upper 30s and near 40s and 42, 43 with late february sunshine and that is not that bad. every day gets longer and longer, the sun is stronger and stronger and feels better. no to the south and west, some sunshine and clouds. temps, 40 to 45 and you look out here now and you're look jason, what is the big deal? we have snow into salt lake and that is right. mountain snow for the colorado rockies and what are you talking about? what happens, you start to get that spin in the atmosphere here and what happens as that system moves out of new mexico and out of texas and oklahoma, it picks up gulf moisture and gets into cold air as well and we have a major winter storm. and that is being born right now, when we have that worm warnings and advisories out for
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mountains of northern new mexico and the mountains into colorado and this is something we're going to watch here the next few days, affecting us wednesday and thursday. and we're falling from the upper 30s and upper 20s. hour-by-hour, 7:00, and 20s and 30s. a chilly night ahead and some clouds tomorrow and doings better temperaturewise into the 40s tomorrow and this is what we're watching when you wake up on wednesday. grab the rain gear and that is how it looks now. and that looks like the area of low pressure is into northern ohio and means the snow is in indiana and michigan. this can change, though. rain for us on wednesday and all day wednesday. scattered showers, 30s and 40s and that changeover from rain to snow will happen thursday morning and that is coming into western ohio. i can't overemphasize a change of track of 50-miles on the storm is a big deal. and if that track moves farther
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eastern ohio, we bring that heavy snow from indiana and michigan into ohio. and there is still a lot that can happen on this thing wednesday and thursday, 38 today and we're quiet today, tonight, and tomorrow. it's after that that things get interesting. a few clouds around and calling the seven-day forecast and we're quiet tomorrow and it's wednesday now looking like rain and no for thursday-friday and we're not talking about a huge winter storm here. we're talking about a few inches of snow and that depends on the track of the system. all right, we're on the radio, too, clevelands star 102 95
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. there is spring in the air and you don't have to travel to the tropics to escape them. the cleveland botanical gardens orchid mania is going on and this features the sites, smells and colors of cuba. no question. >> and you said we're going weather. that signs interesting. >> and there you go. today and tomorrow, no big deal, leon. the four corners. and that is out west. looks like we'll have rain to snow on wednesday and thursday and we're still watching. and a lot can change. >> i still prefer the quiet side like today.
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. hi, i'm sarah carps. feels home -- field home solutions specializes in kitchen and bathroom and renovations. the president eric field is here to main is what his company can offer if you're interested in planning a kitchen or bath renovation. thank you for being here. >> thank you, sarah. >> and i love learning more about renovation and seems like a popular thing to do. walk me through what a typical renovation looks like? know, we first get there and we go in the kitchen and tear the cabinets out, prep the job and custom make everything. we don't have a lot of prep work, so we're age to do the
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start to finish, no mess. bathrooms, woke know day and major remodel. >> and that seems like a quick turnaround and that is amazing. what are the most popular reasons people do renovations in the home? >> the number one renovation is in the bathrooms. >> uh-huh. >> and a lot of people are tearing their tubs out and go into a walk-in shower. people are over 55. >> yeah. >> and they want to stay in their home longer. and they want to get rid of the old tile and go to the new styles and the subways, you know, no grout and things today. they want to update the new countertops and pencil edges on the new laminates and all the features making the kitchen more utilized when you utilize the space to cook in. >> absolutely. and once your customers know about you, what sets you apart? >> we are the number one manufacturer and produce all of our own products in the kitchen and our crews are all employees and they only work in the
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able to do the kitchens in two to three days and this is all we do and that is all they do is the bath connection and they understand the pluming and what we're doing and it's custom made. >> thank you very much for being here.
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a paraglider crash landing on a rock is high drama, but i don't that is hollywood could even write the rest of this story, what happens when the pilot's pushing into a sea cave and his hopes forn a drone? these guys can't believe they just found a baby elephant. see the journey to find came from. a wife claims her husband fgs cheating on valentine's day. how she's going to river dance him right out of plus the buzz word for your


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