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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. announcer: news channel 5 attics is brought to you by: mr. hero. live at five always investigating, always on your side, news channel 5 starts now. all new at 6 we're bringing you continuing coverage of an exclusive five on your side investigation we first told you about last night. >> cleveland water customers charged hundreds, in some cases thousands of dollars for water they didn't use. >> the way they treat you is so -- unfair, so belittling. >> we have the overwhelming response after our investigation aired. >> reporter: new frustration
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five app, i was able to get one city leader to respond to my questions, and the division of water, as well. take a look. david from lynnherst doesn't water down his emotions. >> the frustration is the highest of any organization. >> he didn't turn his meter on. he and his wife noticed no bills and called to see why. he said he was trying to do the right thing but got the run around and bills totaling nearly $1,700 that needed to be paid right away. >> 30 days, demand notice, instantly going to turn off the water. >> reporter: after the news channel 5 investigation into water bills last night, people have been sounding off. pay whatever they say or else, charges for water when it was never on.
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>> we get numerous complaints on a weekly basis. we'll always be able to find a resolution. >> reporter: the chairman of the water department told me he wasn't away of any problems. >> if it's something that needs to be refined or updated we can look into that, as well. >> we wantedton are you committed into looking into it? >> yes, david says he's willing to pay for fair charges but one conversation with a water rep was hard to swallow. >> he said i don't have to talk to you -- we wanted to know, are you committed to looking into it. >> he said i don't have to talk to you. >> how does that make you feel? >> more than angry. >> reporter: water reps tell me they need a little more time to research david's case but they are looking into it, and as far as the response to our investigation, part of that response included that they told me they were willing to talk to anybody about problems with water bills, and that they do hand out literature telling them their rights to go before the water review board. i have much more of their response and more information about people's frustrations on
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reporting live in downtown cleveland, jonathan walsh news channel 5. is it an invasion of privacy? a legal battle unfolding between the federal government over your right to privacy. >> a federal judge ruled the company must help the fbi crack one of the phones of the san bernardino shooters but apple says the government is overseeing their bounds and that would lead to every smart phone on the planet vulnerable. if that technology ends up in the wrong hands. >> and it's not just the fbi; it's law enforcement agencies all across the country. tracy carloss joins us live from the newsroom. >> just about everybody uses cell phones and that includes criminals. >> had there's a lot of information that is kept right here in the palm of your hand. cracking cell phone technology looks so easy on tv crime shows
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northeast ohio tell me it is anything but. it's a what jamie walsh does daily at the lake county crime lab. >> the apple iphones they're extremely difficult. the newer ones are basically impossible. >> walsh extracts information from cell phones to help police catch cases. >> not just pictures and contacts, but also the wifis they were connected to, location data, through gps and pretty much anything that was put on the phone, we would be able to get off. >> police detective jim schultz tells me cell phones are treasure troves of information that can be the keys of unlocking crimes. >> they use their cell phones for drug transactions, coordinating events with other criminals, they even log their locations down so geo tracking has been a big help with us in investigations.
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>> but police sources explain to me that law enforcement technology is not keeping up with cell phone advancements and without passwords they can't break the iron clad connection. >> if apple puts in a back door to eye message and gives fbi the key, other bad actors are going to find a way in to that same back door. >> reporter: now police tell me they use cell phones as just one tool to get information and help solve crimes. if they keep the get information from cell phones, they explain they can still solve the crimes with other investigative tolls. in the newsroom, news channel 5. we're continuing to follow developments in the story we broke on news met a security guard who was stabbed s investigating how this happened.
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the question, how did the suspect get two knives inside? >> reporter: suma is investigating this had tonight. the hospital will not comment on any security matters but here's what we've learned so far. the victim, 54-year-old art belcher had emergency surgery and he's in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery according to suma. 33-year-old andrew wallace pulled out a knife inside the psych ward and stabbed the unarmed guard in the neck and tom has. after he was found, officers recovered a singled knife. when and how the convicted felon got them is in question is. he traveled to st. thomas for an unknown mental health concern and the attack happened on the fifth floor. a security expert i talked to wonders if the suspect was checked or even patted down. >> if you're going to transport
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the intensity of checking them or the need to check them for any kind of weapons or variations of weapons, increases. >> and wallace is charged with felonious assault tonight. a judge set his bond in akron municipal court at $100,000 today. bob jones news channel 5. new tonight at sex, a body found buried of a cleveland says the body of -- tonight at 6:00, police found the body in a backyard while investigating a missing person's case, and the cause of death has not yet been determined. a man in jail right now after his gun misfired while he was cleaning it and the bullets hit his neighbor on ellen page drive around 10:30. police say web was cleaning his gun when it discharged into his downstairs neighbor's apartment.
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chest, and was taken to a hospital where the bullet was are moved. webb who had a previous felony conviction is not supposed to be in possession of a gun. he's currently being held on bond in the stark county jail. police still investigating what happened to a 19-year-old woman when she was shot and killed. the 25-year-old woman called 911 after crystal schafer was shot in her home. she was taken to southwest general and the man was taken into custody. police say charges have not yet been filed. a mass olin doctor's office was raided -- massoli new doctor's office was raided this morning, premier family practice, on fulton road. the investigation is in the beginning stages. let's get a check of the weather. >> the arctic air returning
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you can see all of these cool colors, as in cold. 28 degrees, detroit, cleveland, falling further. 27 degrees right now. let's zoom on in, get you a better view of our power five doppler radar, plus temps. elyria, 27, 28 in wooster, 34 dover new philly, because there's cold front right here just about to move in and sweep temps. your radar does include some snow showers, but they are fading fast. we're not going to be dealing with the flurries much longer, another hour or two, especially southern portions. your evening timeline, you gotta bundle up. because by 10 p.m. we're at 20 degrees. skies clearing out, we're already seeing some clearing over downtown cleveland. everyone should see a mainly clear skies, especially after midnight, that's going to allow
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i've got 50 degrees weather for your weekend coming up. don't go away. traffic deaths, an 8% increase between 2014 and 15, that's the largest increase in half a century. more than 28,000 people were killed making it the deadliest driving year since 2008. in ohio, 1,073 people died in traffic accidents last year. the political rhetoric is building with ohio's primary now less than a month away. we are committed to keeping you informed. what the candidates are saying, and if their statements are true. our investigative team worked with politif a.c.t. have been looking into tim mcginty's lead. >> reporter:.
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made up of his team the investigation, and he's nearly halfway to his goal of prosecuting on nearly 1,000 rape cases and has a 91% conviction rate. we wanted to know if the numbers add up. according to our politif a.c.t. editor, what you see is what you get. in the goal was to have 1,000, he has despite the 444 defendants -- in indicted 444 defendants as of rape, and that is experts we consulted could be interpreted. the political ad season is just beginning and you and county on us to continue to dig into the candidates' claims until the november election. on your side, i'm investigator sarah ferguson.
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the case against reggie rucker. hes he had questions years ago. we'll bringing you the interview you'll see only here on news channel 5. >> plus, a carbon monoxide detector and a local family says it has proof the device can save your life. their survival story coming up. >> and if you see news happening
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. . a day after word came down a former browns player is under investigation, a former colleague saw it. we'll have more on a story you'll only see at five. >> reporter: terrell first met rucker when he began working for the peace makers alliance and began to notice inconsistencies with how the program was run. yesterday we told you rucker was using funds to pay off his gambling debts and other bills. the u.s. attorney's office says he took more than $100,000 to put in his personal bank account.
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stop the good work that cleveland peace makers alliance is all about. >> if convicted, rucker faces jail time and will have to pay back all of that money. danita. new details tonight about the unsafe lead levels in one ohio community. the ohio epa finished its review and what unfolded in sea bring, and as a result, the agency fired two employees and demoted another for their actions after test results showed high lead levels in the water there. meanwhile, the new round of tests show recent water samples are below the standards for lead and waited months to notify people about high levels of lead coming from pipes. more than a dozen people continue to recover tonight after they were poisoned from a carbon monoxide leak. six are still being treated at area hospitals and seven were released after it was discovered the poisonous gas was leaking
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worked on so investigators are looking into the work that was done to it. and that carbon monoxide scare is a reminder to have working detectors in your home. >> a family heard the lifesaving beep, and gary turned it on nine years ago. it took a while to determine what it was. >> the detector saved us from probably getting sick and actually, you know, it was up high enough that we don't know if we'd have went to sleep, we don't know what would have happened in the morning. >> we were told a crack in the furnace filled his home with deadly levels of carbon monoxide. a special honor tonight for a legacy baseball player. the ohio house designated ohio as moses fleetwood day. his pro career was cut short because of a color barrier and
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let's get a check on the weather tonight. >> i'm a coming, i'm adjusting. i'm pressing play. latest models. >> sometime, he wants to be with us sometimes he doesn't. i don't know. >> you know, the restraining order says i have to stay ten feet away from you. >> yes, it does. i do have one against you. >> i've got a little yellow tape right here. all right. if he comes any closer, you'll get zapped. the old ankle bractlet sounds the alarm. it is chilly out there right now. temps in the 20s. ashtabula, 24 degrees. the good news is, if snow is slowing you down earlier today, that's not going to be the case for much longer because the snow is fading out, dryer air moving in and actually we're beginning to see a little sunshine. skies clearing out over downtown cleveland and the northern most
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at 34, and ravenna, 26. 23, dew points, cold air settling in, calm winds. if winds stay quiet, and i think they will overnight tonight, and if you clear out, and i think they're going to, the clouds are going to clear out for the most part tonight, single digit lows are possible, ravenna, akron, canton, wooster, medina, single digit lows for a lot of inlandaries from the lake tonight. the winds have shifted around, 27 degrees, 19 is the current dew points and that'll continue to fall, as well as dryer air works in. high today, 32. we should be at 38, so another below normal kind of day. and look at this, 20 point five inches of snow, for the season, that is still number 2 on the all-time least snowiest seasons. i know we've got a while to go. we've got a few more weeks of
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we're in the top ten and i think we've got a great shot at staying top ten, least amount of snow winters for greater cleave land and akron. here's the front moving through. we've got a little high pressure digging in and that's going to clear out and cool us down. tomorrow's going to be chilly. low 30s here, but then, the warm up commences. we're going to begin to see temps rising. i think tomorrow night temp gas up and friday and saturday, upper 40s to near 50 friday. it's going to be very windy and saturday we're talking lower and middle 50s. saturday's the day, probably can get outside and maybe just breathe a little bit and remember spring is coming up in about 18 weeks. 11 degrees tonight. even flurries, fading away fast. we've got clearing skies, going to be very cold tonight. 32 tomorrow, mainly sunny, staying chilly for one more day at least. all right.
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there's your single digits down to nine. tomorrow, 32. 32 degrees with sunshine. we'll take it. how about the seven-day. let's show you friday. windy, rain, 50. dry on saturday, 54. a few showers sunday. mid-40s and 30s for next week. >> all right. sounds good. andy is in and i guess we're on the clock, so to speak. >> you have been traded to abc network. go get your replacement. you're out of here. >> it's been nice. >> okay, thanks, bye-bye. >> sorry. >> sit down. >> all a mistake. let's than 24 hours from the nba trade deadline. we'll talk about the cavs next. don't sit back and watch we'll tell you who the names are next. >> she high tailed it out of here.
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anderson, miles, they've all had their names go in and out of the trade rumor mill, less than 24 hours away. also, there's talk into the cavs having bryan anderson of new orleans. the deadline is tomorrow at 3:00. even with that deadline looming, the cavs have a game against the bulls at the q. they can't worry about what they can't control. >> you control what you can control and that's not something any one of us can control. the trade deadline happens and
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and teams that don't make moves, and we are all here to find out what happens. there's nothing, we're ready to go. but i'm in a mind-set i'm ready to get these guys ready for tomorrow. >> and the cavs play on news channel 5 sunday at 330 time, the cavs in oklahoma city followed by the post game shore. we're looking forward to seeing you on sunday. it's about 30 degrees here, 85 in goodyear, arizona. the indians pitchers and much caers getting a few -- pitchers and catchers getting a new look at the equipment truck rolled ago. pitchers and catcher the report, full team reports on sunday. ule be at spring training next -- i'll be at spring training through next sunday, and the 80ing birthday and the browns browns will honor him.
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would you like to see the next person be get a statue. paul brown is leading the way. i would think jim brown would say jean hickerson, the man who being blood for him. maybe mark. >> i'm just on the jumbotron giving you weather. >> that big enough for you, mark? >> no, it's too big. >> all right. we'll be back here tonight for news channel 5 at 11. >> maybe. >> have a great evening.
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breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three days before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. a judge now demanding apple help the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the


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