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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  July 16, 2009 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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across the world, details of his lifeare in "my remkable journey. we are glad you havjoined us. >> therere so many things wal- mart is looking forward to doing, helping people bill stronger communities and relationships. >> natioide insurance supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationde insurance. working to irove financial
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leracy and the econic power that comes with it. >> and by contritions to your pbs station from viers like you. thank you. tavis: welcome larry king ck to thprogram. for 25ears he has had onef the most unique jobs i television, as the host of "larry king ve" and he is the founder of the larry king cardiac foundation. heas proved life-saving tatment. he has a n memr, "m y remaable jurney." >> iay have been everywhere
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b this is mhome. tavis:hen you are in my audience or not near me, you are my vorite person in broadcasting. we need more people like yo -- tavis:t is my dream to sit in for larry king. >> you a terrific and this is a great spot r you to be. tavis: i enjoy being here on pb. i was reading an article and in e article you sid that u thought that chaie rose had one of the be jobs on television, and u explain why you felt this way. you think that he has a good on public broadcastg. >> t. hasne hour. he has one hour.
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you can choose any essed that ou wt, you can do any subject, and there are n commercials. if younterview someone and the basic thi tt you like is askingquestions, what is te worst thing that can happen we will be back in 60 seconds. do not forget to watch tomoow, i will ha t wing ding person who jumped off o the alladin corporation -- alladin coporation. you may envy the salary we g. there is qui p quo. and you have a tremendous job. i would le to do, i would like to do your guest tomorrow, chairman of t deral reserve. weould have yim on -- h on
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cnn if he would lead into the financi crisis and this wld have to relat to the news. i would like have tem when there is no financl crisis. tavis: toyour point, how did you develop such a curiosity as a ild, where did this come from? >> i not kn ifhere was an answ. i was a nutt kid. wanted t ask the bus driver w he wanted to drive, would wondered if they were sittg down or standing up. why do you want to fly the plane? i am a sports fan. would gto add this field -- its field -- ebbots fiel
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i never asked for an autograph, and i would ask theoach, why id you bnt? why d youant a run on the second inning? why is my life thing. im the kd of guy you did no want to ext to on the airplan i would love to askyou qustions now-- questions now. i do not know whe this came from my yoger brother is a lawyer, he is very intligent and i wou not callim an overl curious person my father die thats my brother i the mdle. that i me o the left, that is my aunt sylvia. the lite boy on thleft just
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got the gsses and they were given to me by the city of new york. we weren reli, theity bought me glasses. they took me to coney island. tavis: being on reef, wat do you make ofthis being such a story. i have to envy your sary. what do you make of the life you've crafted. >> i never forgetbout this, many pple who had depression childhood,hey want to be buried with their money. this has never happened. if you nee a dollar, my shirt -- tavis:an i have the suspenders? >> sell them on e0y.
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always stayed withe. my friends are with me ery day. being poo aught me a lot about things, wh the nominee for the supreme court says thaher baground was helping her decide things, people criticize this. but eryone's background has something tdo with how ty came out. if i ws the son of a banker, and i had a house in farmgdale and horses, i think th i would be ing something else, so we carry with us these tngs that we carry wi us. there is no joke abo welfare. 99% of the peop on is do not want to be there, this is making you feel gratitude but you also feel sad because u have to be
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n the circumstan to geto that place. i was ithat circumstance. father di, i saide was leaving me. i thought death was a betrayal. tavis: how does a child navigate the journey whenhe feels that he h been betrayed. >> i never real got over it until this minute, i have never been er this. i am ad over indulgent parent. i amacko. wedid this earl so i coul be at chance's play to seeim play babe ruth. they are my life. my father sood tome, but he left me. he lost a son before i was born. one daye was ge.
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i am nine years old and o day he is nothere anymore. relativ y, larry, you are e man of the family, youhave o take care of you brothernd mother, yo have t deler grocies. why am i in this psition? he left. i didn' go to his funeral. wnt to hisrave. i think about m. my brother has no memo. i remembe hm. i ok this as beayal. the tng i look for is loyalty. that theighest degree. that i what i lik abou frank sinatra. there is no greater trait than to be loy to h job and
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fellow people. i felt disloyalty. he wasn't, he died. it was a myth. aptioning made possible by kcet public tetavis: frank sinae funniest stories in the book is funny butnformative. thetory of sinatra an jackie gleason. i will l you tell the sto. >> it is a great sry. jackie befriended me. i am at a dinner, honoring jackiegleason. he was on my shownd i would go see the scriptwriting, when they puhis togethe for the honeymooners. he was a very -- he was an
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insomniac. he didn't read fiction, but people and science. i was there with a doctor, and heaid, whatis impossible. he pointe at theoctor. t doctor said, ty will never make blood in laborato. blood willot be in a lab. you may get gransu-- trafusions. he said it to . i said do a local show from 9:012:00. frank satra too myhow for three hours. nobody is bigger. he says, when is he dark
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he is not working nextonday. you got him. i said, how? [laughter] i said i am goingack on the air, to promte sinra. the phones are ringing. management calls. he you lost your mind. jackie said it. management call we have an ad inthe miami hald. we call the hotel wehre he is per-- where he iserforming. are you sure he's coming. jackie says h's coming i go on five after:00. nobody went he. the secretaries staye home. three minutess to 9:00,
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frank get out. he is still ling, jim, nice guy. sinatra says, "who is lry king?" isay, "me." he says, let's go. i walk along and jim says to me, i don't know how you got him, but he pays me not too this. we sit down, and i did sothing i do today. te best thing -- t best thing to be yourself and honest wi your audience. i uld have begun in that place by saying, frank sinat, a great legend i admirey life, that's what they would do, i. i said my guest is frank
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sinatra. why areou here? why would heome to my show? he was taken by that. he said, well, i was working at a coury club, closing night, saturday night. i call jackie, andaid i couldn't make it up. could you do the show? gleason came and did a good sw. i said, jackie, i owe youwon. our years later, i get message, and i call him. i say, jackie, it's frank he say this is the one. tavis: that iswhy that story is nformative. it goes back to that principle, loyalty rank held h to i ande
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wodse that chip, if you have a chip from sinatr for a kid on aadio show. >vis: wh do you make of jack doing that for y? >> h was largerthan life, and he knew that he had a friend. how coul i everot be nice to him. i don't know if it was selfish. it was glorious thing to do. the night before jackie died, i got a call from his publicist, and there was a list o people toay goodbye to, and i was on the list. there is something to y for being like there is a sce in "fiddler the roof," he is in russia with
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five daughte. jewish and very orthodox. his first daughter marries a christian. they cometo him, howcould you ermit this. he say sto iike hi i like him. wh are you going to do? tavis: we knowou are jewish, speaking of jews and christians. >> really? big story, colinowell and me and nobowere at a par, nobody ws dancin ree years in row, 'd do the dance. i sai this is unbelievable. a jew iand a black in the hse
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of e "wasngton post," a he said, you're jesh? tavis: i willlways remembe wh you celebted a major niversary on cnn, bryant gumble w interviewing y on your set an he was asking you the o person you would be that you wod want to intervie your answer was, god, and i would ask him, did heave a n. that is a powerful- >> think of i. t coul be -- it could b funny or serious. you have him next tueay. i have god on tuesday booked for tuesy, for th ould promote
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him. tavis: for the hour. >> then pris hilton is there, you have to bump godo thuray. he n wait. th you have him. first qution, d you have a child? now, from that answer, we can move society, thinkof al that. supposing he said yes, and he says chrsit i the beg-- christ in the beginning. th he says no, ethical chaos. thene says a woman. aye. madonna was her name. whatould th average person think of? i wold ak, did you have a
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child. iould a lincoln tod, what do you mke of wha's happened? look atsociety an the president, tll me, prident lincoln, did you bet on that? i can't thi of the answer. it would be incredible. jefferson. what is that in the sky? an airplane. a what? an airplan expln that. those this go throu myd. if you could send me back 200 ars, what could i show them to do? what could i teach tm? notng. could you build a tv? airple? tavis: no >> we're dumb.
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we couldn't show them a thing. vis: wh are some of the this that have most surprised you in yur lifetime? >> the first major surprie as a -- surprise as a broadcaster was sputnik. a psychogist would say this changed amica. we werelways first, nobody beat us in channg the worl. the vaccine where weured polio, and he says, when russia did something befre us, going into space,his threw us and forced us tohange coursend cognize the other people the rise of the civil rhts
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movement, the death of knedy. that was unbelievable. to live, itry to imagine the mode news world aswe know it with that story. we see the mrderer captured, the alleg murderer, we see him shot on le television, no trial, we witness a tee day funeral, every world leader walki our streets it w -- tavis: wh wuld cnn have done with tt? >> boy oh boy. in 1963 wewould do this f a year, this was continuing. this was big. i look forurprises all the time.
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if i had to pick one bigge surpri, it was 9/11 what do you say abo this? tavis: many people were not surprised by this, because we had been so fornate or lcky, blessed to never have been hit by this terroristttack, some peole said that th was coming. >> a nuclear bomb mes from iran or something. and then they take or the airplanes, and ey kill themselves in the procss, of taking dn builngs. to pl-- to plan this, w should nt have been surised. we d been very lucky.
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but the method of this, unbeliable. tais: i want togo back to somethin that you soke about in the beginning,the concept of loyalty in your li. these friends you hav breakfast with, ery day,what is this like when you get together ery day? >> woody allen movie [laughter] youave to see it with larry david. tavis: i haven't seen it. >> "whatever works" is better than "ann hall." we s down ur of us, and somemes other people. andarbara walts, madine albright. pele talk about it. joe torre. wesolve everyroblem known to
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maind. todayweook care of iran. folks, iran is over. [lauter] sid a -- they voted again me. sically it is sports and the wors thing about gting older is health. how are yo doing, got pain in the shoulder. mike wallace said it to me, ou'll ge older. you will n feel better tomorrow than you did today. [laughter] tavis:reatdvice from mike wallace. it is always a delight and a joy to be in your company, to have u here a pleasur ur book is "my remarkae
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journey." thank you. >> any time. tavis: that is the show for tonight. catch me on pri, and will see you next timen pbs. wl see you next time. and,s always keep the faith. >> for more information, visi og harbor" and actress and singer dla reese. >> there are so many thgs wal- marts looking forward to, helping people and building stronger communiti and relationshi.
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>> nationwidinsurance supports tavis smiley. tavis a nationwide insurance, rking to imove financial literacynd te net -- t ecomic power
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captioni sponsored by wpbt >> susie: the fed's retation has been tarnished so says aey rert on reforming financial relation. it's cauthor, william donaldson, says systemic risk regutor is needed now and it shouldn't be the federal reserve. >> they were buyina corpse wh they thought they were


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