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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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[shouting] adrian: trump jolts. a security scare for the republican front runner, secret service agents rushing to the stage. a fiery crash on i-4 leaves one person dead and closes the interstate for hours. but first tonight the faa is , investigating after a plane went down your local neighborhood, killing both people on board. good evening, i' m adrian whitsett. tonight, we have learned that plane is a home built a single engine aircraft. it went down not far from south lake hospital in clermont this morning. wesh 2' s matt grant reports, some believe the pilot' s last-minute decision saved lives. matt: a headset dangles amidst the twisted blue and yellow wreckage, all that' s left after this single-engine two-seater went down just before 9:00 a.m., killing both people on board. no one else was injured. mark wells: like an explosion, almost like a backfire but it wasn'
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t. matt: mark wells was outside his home at the time, the plane narrowly missing him. mark wells: i think the guy knew he was in trouble, and the field back there is the perfect place. he was trying to save everybody else, i guess. matt: the aircraft went down in an empty field behind the skytop view rehab center at south lake hospital in clermont, an area surrounded by residential homes. witnesses reported seeing fuel leaking from the wreckage, but the crash did not cause a fire. wells rushed to help, but there was nothing he could do. >> so i went ahead and approach and i saw the guy was gone. matt: right now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to crash. witnesses reported seeing it come in at a steep angle from the west before hitting the ground. investigators combed the wreckage of the vans rv-8a, an experimental aircraft which is sold in kits and built at home. faa records show the 2002 aircraft is registered near chicago to a pilot with ties to volusia county. >> at this time, we do not know where the plane took off from, nor do we know what their
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destination was. matt: the identities of the pilot and passenger have not been released pending family notification. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> i mean, it was that close, and i' m thankful for the guy who gave his life to protect us, i matt: in clermont, matt grant, wesh 2 news. adrian: new tonight, police are telling us a girlfriend confessed to shooting and killing her boyfriend in apopka. 34-year-old sean ware was shot last night on east 13th street. and died at the hospital. police say his girlfriend is cooperating with detectives and so far, hasn' t been charged. investigators aren' t telling us what may have prompted the shooting. and six members of a family are hurt from bird shot that hit them at a gun range in marion county. deputies tell us this afternoon, a double barrel antique shotgun went off as it was being loaded along forest road. four children, ranging between 8 and 15-years-old, along with their father and grandfather,
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t appear to be anything criminal. tonight, traffic on i-4 is moving again after this fiery crash shut down lanes for hours. police say one person died after crashing into the concrete pillar that holds the maitland boulevard exit sign this morning. from the camera at our studios in winter park, you can see an ambulance arrive around 7:00 this morning. police say the driver killed has person' s name isn' t yet being released. we' re learning new information about an awful accident that left two people dead in flagler county. cooper say a driver tried to pass a car last night on a1a at driftway terrace when he slammed head-on into another vehicle. robert and kathleen boos of palm coast died. the driver who troopers say was trying to pass a car was critically injured. a woman in a third car was also badly hurt. tonight, troopers may be closing in on the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist in downtown orlando and took off. troopers now say the driver responsible sped away from a
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traffic stop right before the deadly crash. 52-year-old charles mcmurray of portland it was hit and killed on his bike at lexington avenue and west colonial. troopers say they later found the nissan altima, believed to be involved, abandoned. they haven' t released the name of the possible driver. the orlando officer caught on video fighting with a homeless man last year was given an oral reprimand. officer james wilson and a man named terre johnson brawling on ossie street in august. officer: are you threatening me, mr. johnson? terre johnson: no, i' m not threatening -- officer: i feel threatened. adrian: we just obtained the internal investigation report on wilson. reading in part that officer wilson repeatedly used insolent language in a mocking manner toward mr. johnson. prior to the incident. and that wilson told investigators it was not per policy, and it could have been better. for this, the department gave him an oral reprimand. terre johnson was acquitted of
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battery on law enforcement in his trial back in december. new tonight, a man is recovering after shooting himself while in line at a lake county grocery store. 74-year-old had a gun in his pocket when he was inside the winn-dixie on state road 19 this afternoon. when he reached for change in the checkout lane and accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the leg. that man went to the hospital. police say he has a concealed carry permit. late breaking tonight in in commitment 2016, florida senator marco review pick a win in the washington dc caucus. he beat john kasich just 50 votes. donald trump wasn' t third of followed by ted cruz. this comes after they make a final push for primaries in florida. wesh 2' s matt lupoli reports trump is now making some accusations about florida' s early voting system. matt: elections officials predict floridians will have
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cast as many as two million votes during the early voting period before polls even open for tuesday' s primary election. those votes are now at the center of an argument between state officials and the gop front-runner. >> thank you, get him out. matt: donald trump is calling the early vote dishonest on his twitter account, accusing florida senator marco rubio of rigging it, and calling on law enforcement to look into it. state elections officials are disputing his claim, saying they' ve heard nothing of problems, irregularities, or formal complaints. marco rubio: we have disagreements, of course we do. we' re americans. we have an opinion about everything, but we cannot allow american politics to become like the comments section of a blog, where people think they can say whatever they want and there won' t be consequences for it. matt: senator rubio is making a big push to win at home, with several campaign stops across the state, many here in central florida. polls show trump leading, but wesh 2 political analyst eddie be on rubio' s side.
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eddie fernandez: what we are seeing is a very real possibility that the come back kid marco rubio could actually pull ahead of trump in this cycle. matt: we have learned tonight more than 1.8 million early votes have already been cast. for most counties, early voting ended tonight, but it continues orange polling locations like the library here in winter park. volunteers told us they have run into some upset independent voters. the what remind us especially for tuesday that florida is a closed primary, that means only registered republicans and registered democrats can participate. reporting live in winter park, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: thanks. protesters spark another security concern at a donald trump rally. [shouting] adrian: secret service agents
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event in ohio three of trump' s campaign says the agents acted when a man tried to breach the security buffer. a trump spokeswoman says the man was removed rapidly and professionally. trump remained on stage as his supporters shouted his name and usa. donald trump: thank you for the warning. i was ready for ' em, but it' s much easier if the cops do it, don' t we agree? adrian: and at another rally , trump blamed democratic senator bernie sanders supporters for troubled at his rally. sanders says that trump is a pathological liar. three of the four republican candidates are set up to appear on nbc' s meet the press tomorrow. trump, cruz, and kasich will discuss their campaigns. meet the press airs tomorrow morning at 9:00 here on wesh 2. our commitment 2016 coverage continues inside and the wesh 2 mobile app. there, you can read why some 17-year-olds may be able to vote in tuesday' s primary and which candidate might get the most
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benefit from that. hundreds of people are rescued today as waters continue to rise in louisiana. in ponchatoula, emergency crews and volunteers used boats and atv' s to rescue people from the floodwaters. entire families with their pets were takent o safety. storm systems have been moving through the region since tuesday dropping up to 14 inches of rain , in some areas. authorities estimate some 600 people have been rescued in louisiana alone in the last week. nearly still in shelters. half hundreds of homes are also damaged. florida lawmakers are home from this year' s legislative session in tallahassee. because unlike last year it , ended on time. the legislature passed about 275 bills this year, the most important, the $82.3 billion spending plan for the state. that didn' t happen during last year' s session, when lawmakers went home without a budget agreement. they had to go back to tallahassee so they could approve it.
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deputy try to figure out why a driver was going the wrong way, cracking into a florida deputy and killing him and his dog. staying on the trail, [indiscernible] eric: we are also tracking a warm night across central florida, 72, not moving much
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adrian: as you can hear, or steady deputies have one of their k-nines and their chopper to thank for busting some burglary suspects. the sheriff' s office just released this video of two suspects being arrested in apopka last month. they were wanted for breaking into a verizon store on north orange blossom trail. the eventually were found near some homes. the suspects gave up as soon as they were found. tonight, law enforcement is mourning the loss of one of their own. 30-year-old hillsborough county deputy john robert kotfila, jr. was killed when he was hit by a wrong-way driver early this morning on a tampa expressway. he was a six-year veteran of the force. investigators are looking into why the driver of the other car ignored wrong-way warning signs.
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much bigger issue between . at this time of night, there is a lot of people that have been can you make alcoholic beverages -- consuming alcoholic beverages out on the road. when he to be attention what we are doing on the road. adrian: there shall trying to find out if alcohol was a factor. the driver going the wrong way also died. a man is accused of plowing a snowmobile into two dog teams in alaska. now, he' s saying sorry for the action. 26-year-old arnold demoski says he was drunk when he hit two separate teams in separate incidents and had no idea of the damage he did until he sobered up. that' s when he called police and confessed. one dog was killed in the incident, three others were injured. there musters were ok. -- there must sure mushers were ok. demoski is now facing assault and other charges. the same disease that inspired the ice bucket challenge was at the center of a walk in downtown orlando today.
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adrian: wesh 2' s jim payne and see -- emceeing the walk to defeat als at lake eola today. als progressively paralyzes its victims, attacking nerve cells and pathways in the brain or spinal cord. the goal of the two-mile trek is to make a difference for als patients living in central florida. all of the money raised goes directly to support cutting-edge research programs and patient care. a great event at lake eola, couldn' t ask for a better morning. is the kind of whether we are going to see at least a little bit the next couple of days. nice on sunday. that we clear out for another week or so. it is plenty warm, 72 in sanford , 72 orlando. off two degrees. 75 in ocala. 70 five in cocoa.
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only reference to temperatures last night to right now, we are comparatively speaking five to seven degrees warmer for most of us. a little it of a similar story on the coast, you get the idea. we are going to watch these readings. there is rain in the gulf of mexico. will find 63 in ocala, 65 in the villages, 68 clermont, 65 kissimmee. the forecast low. 63 ocala, 63 deland. same thing new smyrna beach. melbourne, palm bay, 68, 67 in titusville. as we look at the afternoon. we get showers and thunderstorms in town, 80 to 86 degrees is the temperature range depending on where you are.
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83 in the villages, 85 orlando, 83 in sanford, 82 titusville. i want to show you the weekend forecast. starting at 7:30, dave will be tracking this on sunrise. we will be driving until 1:00 -- dry until 1:00. we have popcorn showers developing around town. if you are going to spring training, the nationals welcoming the cardinals up i-95 from jupiter, it is 85 degrees for the first pitch at 1:05, but the rain will be knocking at your doorstep not long after. houston astros welcoming the braves all the way from disney, 84. it will be warmer in the interior, but the rainfall will be approaching. golf forecast really similar. 81, then you get the rain beginning, skies darkening as
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that cold front, the week cold front moves in. you can see green blobs. that weak front sweeps through, but we have enough moisture to: a shower. -- to call it a shower. we will look at the forecast high, 87, 88 tuesday. spring does not even start for another seven days. spring if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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adrian: right now the orlando magic are in portland facing off against the trail blazers. let' s look at the score, portland to head 4-36. about -- the magic ended a three-game losing streak last night against the sacramento kings. they return home to face the denver nuggets on tuesday. some of the best golfers in the world will converge on the bay hill club and lodge next week for the 38th edition of the arnold palmer invitational. it' s an enormous undertaking for the folks who put this tournament together, and as pat clarke tells us tonight, a true labor of love for the many who work behind the scenes. pat: still five days from round
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one of the arnold palmer invitational, yet bay hill was a bustle of activity. the countless volunteers who really are the backbone of this event gather here for the annual breakfast and peptalk, delivered by tournament chairman jerry stattlemeyer. >> you see each other once a year, but we all collectively gather and we have a purpose. we have a reason to be here, and we have a mission. what is so cool is that everyone is here for that same reason. they have the same goal. >> they do it all with a smile and with mr. palmer' s kindness and humbleness and heart of service. pat: bay hill will launch the arnie' s army charitable service, during tournament week and the , king himself surprised the volunteers saturday morning on the ninth fairway where all were part of a promotional campaign video for the new initiative, which will provide financial support to organizations that helps children and families. >> what is really special is that this volunteer group, they
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army, because you become a member of arnie' s army by either giving your time, your money, and yourself. they have become official members, they got a t-shirt. s army. s make it the best week ever. pat: fans that come to the hill will see a course that may be in the best shape it has ever been, work done this past summer appears to have paid off. this field is now set at orlando' s own rite of spring, waiting to unfold over the next week. >> this is where it starts, these folks give us their time. that is what volunteering and charities are all about, giving time and energy and money. so to kind of be here at kickoff tells a story and i am proud to
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adrian: always a fun (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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adrian: we just learned the names of the two people killed in today' s plane crash in clermont. claire monfils say the pilot is david sheehan, and james coast from oklahoma. they were the only two on board with a single engine plane crashed this morning near south lake hospital. eric: it is going to be a quiet start to the day. temperatures will be rather warm.
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