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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EST

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amy sweezey is joining us. amy: we have lots of sunshine to start off again, but the subtle differences, it will be warmer today than yesterday and we will end up developing a few scattered clouds this afternoon. we will still have plenty of sun but it will not be that blue sky and. like we had on sunday -- and. -- full sun like we had on sunday. you can see lots of 40' s north and west. 42 in dunnellon, 44 in such a. the villages and okahumpka at 45. lake mary is at 52 and apopka is at 42. 50 degrees in winter park, 54 in sanford and pine grove. volusia county, upper 40'
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53 point orange but 63 melbourne beach. all of the locations close to the water are warmer but further inland we are much colder. it is a cool start. we will get lots of sunshine early today and a few clouds developing this afternoon. the east wind will kick up today in the middle to upper 70' let' s get a traffic update. ted: a crash in lee county on the turnpike just before u.s. 27, not currently blocking. we are keeping an eye on it. westbound i-4 from just before ivanhoe, the left lane taken out from construction, domain or delays. a live look at the 408, westbound looking good. jason: this morning, a major road in downtown orlando will
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michelle: alex middle rail is live at garland avenue today. howell this impact traffic? alex: this is going to be a big change for drivers. garland avenue is closed from colonial drive to mark street. you can see that road closure sign, and this is going to be long-term. it is going to be like this for over a year as part of the i-4 alternate cons -- project. garland has to be closed for construction of a new eastbound i-4 exit ramp from colonial drive. you will have to take a detour. the recommendation is that you use orange avenue or magnolia closure. hundreds of informational mailers have been distributed in the areas. you are going to see these warning signs, including this road closure sign on garland. 14 months is the current timeline but transportation
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modified or extended if there are weather delays or other unforeseen conditions. the bottom line -- pay attention if you are driving downtown today and watch out for this closure. jason: thank you. 5:02. deputies want to know who opened fire on them at a restaurant last night. it happened as they were investigating a trespassing call on saturday night at mr. gyro' s on west colonial drive. that' s near pine hills road. they reported like it was sounding from the front of the business and in their direction. >> usually a lot of people like this place. we are open late and we have a lot of people, night. jason: deputies say the suspect took off right after the gunfire. michelle: this morning, we are waiting to find out whether charges will be filed in a deadly crash in daytona beach. police say one man was hit and
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near nova road and brentwood we' re told the driver who hit him did remain on the scene and s identity has not been released. also this morning, several bikers are recovering after a nasty crash in sanford. jazmin walker is here in studio with how it happened. jazmin: two dozen bikers, on a memorial ride to remember a friend who recently passed away and sometime a car clipped one of the bikes. witnesses say a car turned into the bike' s path on county road 46-a, not far from the 417, this -- from the 417. witnesses say the car was making a left turn and drove into the bikes path. the driver -- the bicyclist is critically injured but is expected to survive. a woman riding on the back of that bike was also hurt, as well
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the troopers have not said if the driver did not yield will be charged. jason: turning now to commitment to build his momentum and central florida after his second win on the campaign trail. tonight he will be in sanford after winning puerto rico. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> big topics and tomorrow' s michigan primary. >> people are not paying a water bill for poisoned water. >> democrats want michigan' s governor to resign. our poll shows hillary clinton with a 17 point lead in michigan and far ahead in the delegate count after last weekend.
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michigan and is already s home state. >> i 170% of the vote. >> but he is trailing back home. he is not giving up. neither is ted cruz. >> we have got to unite and that is what we are seeing happening. >> trump thinks republicans will unite behind him. >> ima am a unifier, i am very much a unifier. >> the next test tomorrow in michigan. mississippi, idaho, and hawaii also vote tomorrow. tracy potts in washington. s rally tonight starts at 7:00 at the international airport. the latest poll results on air and inside our wesh two mobile app. michelle: america is remembering former first lady nancy reagan. she died yesterday at her home in los angeles from congestive
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s coverage of her life. andrea: good morning. nancy reagan played such a large role in american history, not only as first lady but as the political advisor and the protector of the president ronald reagan especially because , of that 1981 assassination attempt only months into his presidency. after that, she was fiercely protective of him, but she also realized that he did not have the political antenna about people who were in it for themselves that she had and that she could protect him from self-serving cabinet officers or chief of staff in the case of donald reagan, whom she ended up engineering to be fired by the vice president george bush. we' ll have a lot more from those who worked for her, those who knew her well, and all of the reminiscences coming up on today. jason: 5:07 on your monday. new this morning, north korea is
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the united states and south korea. the associated press reports, it' s their reaction to the joined military drills by the u.s. and south koreans, which start today. kim jong un calls the drills invasion rehearsals. those drills are set to last through the end of april. today the united states olympic the zika virus. the committee formed an advisory protect athletes from zika. it is currently prevalent in brazil where the summer olympics are set to take place. in florida, 46 cases of the virus are confirmed. all of those cases are travel related. michelle: investigators are looking for the guy they say might be behind a couple of mcdonald' s robberies. over the weekend they released this sketch of the man they say robbed the restaurant on university boulevard, near full sail university back on february 15. this is surveillance video of the incident. detectives say he might be the same man who hit the mcdonald' s on aloma avenue in winter park a week ago. jason: this morning, the coast guard says it has suspended it'
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search for a cruise ship passenger, who fell overboard off the florida coast. officials say 46-year-old david mas men went over the deck of the royal caribbean' s navigator of the seas on saturday. the ship was near key largo when he fell. the coast guard says it covered more than 1600 square nautical miles in its search. michelle: a second person has died in california as a series of el nio-inspired storms hit the area over the weekend. emergency crews say one person died on saturday afternoon after their car went off the roadway and hit several trees. officials say wet roads and speeding contributed to the accident. another woman died when the car she was riding in drove into high water and became submerged. the driver did survive. storms are expected in that area throughout the day. jason: 5:09, let' s turn to our forecast. it was a little bit cooler this morning that i wanted it to be. michelle: amy, there is one
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amy: we are in the upper 60' s and parts of brevard county, but that is an isolated location. most of us are starting off pretty cool. we will get lots of sunshine like yesterday, just a few scattered clouds, and the temperatures will make it into the mid to upper 70' s. here is the numbers we are starting this morning, it is 43 in ocala, or the eight home coast, and 46 -- 48 palm coast and 46 in the villages. there is the warm spot, right near the sand and brevard county and over toward i-95, melbourne at the airport reporting 66, 67 at cocoa beach. it is because of the wind. we have the breeze coming in off the ocean and that is keeping us warmer. plenty of sunshine today , just a few clouds this afternoon, and
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into the mid to upper 70' s. ted: watch out for road work on i-4 westbound just before ivanhoe to about the area of the 408. it is going to take out a left lane. no major delays at this point in time. a crash on the turnpike northbound in lake county just before u.s. 27. it is off to the side, but keeping an eye on it. looking good elsewhere on i-4 and the 408.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard,
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needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> you are watching wesh two news. jason: right now, orange county deputies looking for a shooter, who opened fire at them outside a busy local restaurant over the weekend. deputies were responding to a trespassing call. no one was hurt. michelle: a marion county deputy set to go on trial today, in connection with the alleged beating of a suspect that was caught on video.
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civil rights violations. four other deputies have already pleaded guilty to the charges. jason: after winning yesterday' s republican primary in puerto rico, florida senator marco rubio is beginning the most important week of his presidential campaign, desperately needing a win in his home state. he is bringing his campaign to central florida, after an appearance in tampa this afternoon. he will be in sanford at a rally tonight. the lions are off to a thrilling losing their first game yesterday. michelle: if you left early, you really missed out. brett connolly is in studio with the excitement on and off the field. brett: what an incredible finish, two goals for the lions in the final minute. this is what the anticipated to be the first loss of the season, and they have to sheepishly tell their coworkers they were in the ball but were not a witness. nearly 60,000 packed the citrus
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the lines were down two but it would quickly begin to change in the box. the lions are down to-one with starts to happen. pretty much the length of the field, you are thinking, no way. it is adrian thin turk with the equalizer. those that stuck around treated to an unbelievable finish. >> it was like a 12th man out there. we were two goals down and they kept leaving us. stayed with us. brett: a 2-2 tie. 60,147 and the stands but many missing the incredible comeback. next up for the lions, the chicago at home on friday at
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of the season but it is never over until it is over. the florida bar is helping a new app will help system. the florida bar president says the goal is to help young adults confront the legal realities of becoming an adult. that includes being charged as an adult for a crime, being able to sign contracts and understanding laws regulating worker safety. the app and website are called, michelle: the florida highway patrol says there will be more click it or ticket patrols on the road for spring break. they say in 2015, 21% of those who were killed in crashes weren' t wearing their seat belts. they want to catch drivers who don' t buckle up. this runs from march 14 during the peak of spring break. they' re also cracking down on drunk drivers with more patrols. jason: drivers will continue to feel pain at the pump this week as gas prices are making an upward trend. prices jumped by an average of
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week. right now we are paying $1.80 in orlando and around $1.82 in daytona beach. s not all bad news. prices are still 62 cents lower compared to this time last year. if you were out at the mall at mellenia on friday you might have seen this guy walking heels on a platter. brett connolly and i were selling shoes for charity. the luncheon and shoe auction, helped raise money for easter seals florida. this will support camp challenge in sorrento, and the daybreak adult day center in winter park. it was a sell out, raising $200,000 for the programs which serve adults and children with disabilities. such a great cause. that is a fun luncheon. michelle: fantastic. let' s talk about our weather. it seems like we have been on such a streak i fear it will end. amy: not until next weekend,
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this week, the temperatures will keep creeping higher and higher. some complaints of it being too hot for later in the week. we have clear skies, a breeze coming in off the ocean, mainly just in brevard county at this point, but the wind will continue to pick up after school. lower 40' s north and west. if you are in melbourne, it is much warmer where we are in the upper 60' s. most of us are in the low to mid 50' s along the i-4 corridor and cooler to the west. the villages at 46, 52 in sanford and 55 in orlando. our temperatures have dropped. it is a little cooler than normal, except for melbourne at the airport where we have the warmer temperature thanks to the wind. it big ridge of high pressure is building in and that is a strong ridge of high pressure.
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and the rest of the week, you the east coast of people all the way into parts of virginia. it will be a nice couple days for a lot of the eastern half of the country. springs. these highs are a couple of degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. still lots of blue sky and sunshine but i anticipate couple of scattered clouds this afternoon, unlike yesterday. 74, daytona beach and merritt island and 75 is the high in palm bay. it is monday, maybe you are sending the kids back to school. we have an east breeze and the one thing we need to keep in mind is a high risk of recurrence. this swell is coming in -- four rip currents.
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tide is moving out this morning until lunchtime. bike week is underway as well in daytona beach. we have lots of sunshine for the next couple of days. the wind becoming in off the ocean and that will keep daytona beach and all of the coast a little cooler. the inland spots will make it into the low and mid 80' s. the 80' s will return tomorrow for the inland areas, where' s the coast will stay a little cooler -- where is -- whereas the coast will stay a little cooler. if you look at the forecast, you see the numbers creeping up each afternoon. by friday we will be in the 80' s and keeping the rain out of the forecast until next week. ted: just before ivanhoe on i-4 westbound we have a left lane taken out. we are making progress with the
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there is a crash that is not blocking anything or causing a big stir. in volusia county northbound just before 44, you will lose 80 lane for road work. jason: one of the most iconic football players is stepping off the field. deadfall is hanging on at the box -- dead pool is hanging on at the box office but it is not number one.
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you can catch it on wesh jason: after 18 years on the football field, nfl quarterback peyton manning is saying goodbye. michelle: we kind of thought this was coming. he is going to make the official announcement at 1:00 today, and his career. ll leave as the nfl' s all time leading passer and winning-est starting quarterback. manning is the only one to win super bowls with two different teams, the indianapolis colts and most recently, the denver broncos. jason: two brothers are celebrating this morning after purchasing winning powerball state. james stocklas won the $291
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vacation in the florida keys. his brother took, a prize, just not so large, seven dollars. the brothers are from pennsylvania. this is the second big powerball win in florida in the last few months. a melbourne beach couple won part of a $1.5 billion jackpot earlier in the year. michelle: animals ruled the big screen this weekend. disney' s "zootopia" took the top spot earning $73 million. , that' s the best debut ever for a disney animated film. even beating "frozen." it' s about animals running a city. jason: the total global hall is more than $230 million. in second place was the action packed thriller "london has fallen" with $21 million. gerard butler and morgan freeman are the stars of this sequel to "olympus has fallen." michelle: and "deadpool" dropped to third after staying in the top spot for weeks. it' s still earned over $16
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jason: a former marion county deputy is now heading to trial.
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, marco rubio is pushing for support in central florida. the challenge he is facing as he gets ready to rally in sanford today. temperatures are up this morning. who will be up in the 80' s before the week is through. jason: major roadways that will shut down as part of the i-4 ultimate project. thank you for joining us, on this monday morning. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. the weather will not stop you this morning, but you might want to grab a jacket before you head outdoors. here is first alert meteorologist amy sweezey. amy: we have clear skies today, which has allowed our temperatures to drop. we are in 40' s and 50'
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sun comes out. we will top out today in the s. it will be a couple degrees warmer today than yesterday. we' ll have a few scattered clouds this afternoon. not quite as much clear, blue sky as yesterday. it is 43 degrees this morning in ocala. made 60' s along the coast. that is due to the ocean breeze. a few -- inland, you might want a jacket to start off. 78 degrees your height and apopka. 78 in ocoee. 78 in waterford lakes. at the coast, we will be slightly cooler. 74 degrees at daytona beach. 74 in melbourne. let'
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ted: we have a couple of things to talk about on the turnpike. first, we have a crash northbound. it is off to the side there. there is one on the southbound side, in groveland. at this time, neither one is causing delays. we will keep an eye on them just in case. i for construction on ivanhoe boulevard is still there. you might have to move over a little bit for that. michelle: and commitment 2016, just hours from now, the race for the white house will be back in central florida. senator marco rubio brings his campaign to town. jason: he' s looking to lock in his home state, after a big win in puerto rico last night. brett connolly is here with a preview of the rally in sanford. brett: good morning. marco needed to win in puerto rico. he now has 23 delegates. he is still far behind ted cruz and donald trump. many analysts agree that he needs to win in florida to stay
5:33 am
here is a look at some of the info for tonight' s event at the sanford international airport. the doors will open at 6:45. marco rubio is expected to speak an hour later. his campaign has been all over the state in recent weeks. later today, he will stop in tampa, before heading to sanford. he is sounding very confident in his home state. marco rubio: i would say this, we will win the state of florida. we will be donald trump there. brett: despite the confidence, it is donald trump that is expected to win florida. he was at ucf on saturday where thousands packed into the arena. here is nicole killian with a recap on the recent primaries. nikole: today, some of the candidates will campaign in michigan. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will do battle tonight
5:34 am
this comes after a debate last night. over the weekend, bernie sanders beat out hillary clinton in three states. republican donald trump was also successful in cajun country, and picked up kentucky. marco rubio one in order rico. at least two new polls are showing that donald trump and hillary clinton are leading their respective competitors by double digits. in washington, nikole killion, wesh 2 news. brett: florida voters will head to the primary on march 15. that is a week from tomorrow. michelle, back over to you. michelle: thank you, brett. we will have complete coverage from marco rubio' s rally tonight on wesh 2 news. plus, the latest poll results on air, and inside our wesh 2 mobile app. big crowds are expected at the ronald reagan library in california today, to honor first lady nancy reagan. she died, at her home in los angeles, from congestive heart failure.
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to ronald reagan for 52 years, until his death in 2004. she' ll be laid to rest next to him. mourners have already started to leave flowers at the library, in simi valley. nancy reagan was 94-years-old. jason: several bikers are recovering this morning, after they were injured during a memorial ride in sanford. it happened yesterday afternoon on county road 46-a, not far from the 417. witnesses say a car turned left at casa verde boulevard, without yielding to the bikers. a biker, who crashed into the car, was critically injured, but expected to survive. a passenger on that bike was also injured. a second biker also crashed. this morning, a major road in downtown orlando will close for i for construction. michelle: it will be close down for more than a year. alex villarreal is live there today. alex: the good news is that this
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the one used most often. if you do drive on garland avenue, you will want to pay attention this morning. it is closed from colonial drive to marx street. it is going to be like this for over a year. it is all part of the i-4 ultimate project. f-dot says, it is be closed for several reasons. that includes a new entrance ramp. to get around this, you will have to take a detour. the recommendation is you take either orange avenue or magnolia avenue. hundreds of signs will be in the area to remind residents and businesses of the closures. 14 months is the current timeline for this work. transportation officials say that could be modified or extended, if there are some on
5:37 am
-- unf oreseen factors. if you are going to drive this way, stay safe and abide the detours. live in orlando, alex villarreal , wesh 2 news. jason: this morning, deputies are trying to figure out what lead two men to shoot a home in east orange county. our crew spotted at least eight bullet holes in the garage door of the home on moss park ridge drive yesterday. that' s east of the 417. detectives say two men approached the home on sunday, and asked for someone who lived there. when they were told that person wasn' t home, one of the men fired shots at the garage. they then ran away. no one was injured. today, a former marion county deputy goes on trial, in connection to this graphic video. five deputies were caught on camera back in 2014, beating a suspect they were arresting. one of them, jesse terrell is charged with civil rights violations. jazmin walker is here with a
5:38 am
jazmin: the suspect being hit, kicked and need on the ground. all it deputies were in suspended. they determined that the suspect was not resisting arrest. the deputy jesse terrel was fired, and he is not fighting those charges. >> i was saddened and upset by it. i can just tell you, i did not leave that desk without emilio making contact -- without immediately making contact with the appropriate authorities. jazmin: authorities -- attorneys say he will plead not guilty. he has a trial today at 9:00 a.m. we will let you know what
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michelle: a man held up a wells fargo on seabreeze boulevard on saturday morning. a customer followed him out of the bank, then found some cash outside the building. we checked with florida' s department of corrections, where carpino is also known as giovanni salletti. he has a lengthy criminal history, including grand theft and forgery. jason: in just a few hours, the volusia county council will hold an emergency meeting that could decide the fate of a statewide fix for juvenile detention costs. the bill would evenly split the cost of detaining juvenile offenders between the state and county governments. however, 22 counties are disputing those costs, and a senate official is requiring all of them to agree on the bills terms before it moves ahead. volusia is the last holdout, voting last thursday not to drop their claims against the bill. if they change that at today' s meeting, senate leaders will forward the measure to the house. michelle: we are heading back into the 70' s today with sunshine. some of us will be even warmer than yesterday.
5:40 am
s get over to amy sweezey with your work week forecast. amy: this week, we will get up to the 80' s before it is over. no big pocket of rain or storms. we will have a dome of high-pressure, keeping us climbing with plenty of sun. we have a cool start this morning, only in the 40' s and 50' s. we will see plenty of sunshine today. unlike yesterday, we will not have that total, crystal clear blue sky. we will see a few clouds scattered about this afternoon. right now, look at the numbers. 43 in ocala. sweatshirts, maybe a couple of layers are a good idea. if you are right along the coast , in brevard county, it is much warmer with that east breeze coming off the ocean. look how quickly we will climb with some sun. mid 70' s by noontime.
5:41 am
s, a few degrees warmer than yesterday. i will take you around, county by county, in just a few minutes. for now, let us get a traffic update with ted noah. ted: we have a crash on the turnpike in the groveland area. this was right by u.s. 27, the -- there was a crash by u.s. 27, but that one is now cleared good we do have some i-4 -- cleared. we do have some i-4 construction here, that is still going on. on southbound i-95 in brevard county, we have a crash off to the side your palm bay road. jason: a downtown ucf campus is closer to being a reality. michelle: how much was set aside for the new campus, and when it
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jason: rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style
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>> you are watching wesh 2. jason: welcome back.
5:45 am
right now, we are getting this live shot. it is 55 degrees in orlando. amy sweezey will have your first alert forecast, straight ahead. michelle: new information today that ucf is closer to building a campus in downtown orlando. jason: this comes after a weekend decision from state lawmakers. brett connolly is here with the new developments. brett: this is a major initiative that is being pushed through. both sides believe that the school will revitalize a portion of the city. legislators have agreed to set aside $20 million for the project. the total cost is expected to be around $75 million. currently, the school is ongoing fundraising efforts. however, this donation from the state certainly helps cover a great portion of the cost. the florida board of governors, just last week, approved the school' s plans for 68 acres in parramore. the new campus will serve 7700 students, coming from ucf and valencia college. the plan now goes to governor rick scott, who has been opposed
5:46 am
in the past. also, state legislators will set aside 75 million dollars for state charter schools. jason, back over to you. jason: brett, thank you. this morning, dozens of stray dogs rescued from miami are here in orlando, waiting to find their forever homes. michelle wacker and her poodle and pooch rescue group was notified of the problem in the redlands. she decided to take a trip there, to rescue as many as she could. in one day, she came back with 52 dogs. her goal is to get every dog rescued. given the care they need, and give them the proper nutrition. the next step is to find them homes. >> after they had been in foster homes for a while, we will put them up for adoption. they should be ready for
5:47 am
jason: you can find more information on how to help these dogs on the poodle and pooch rescue website. this morning, the orlando magic are in california. michelle: the team is taking on the warriors tonight. this is video from the last time the two teams faced off in february at the amway. the magic lost that game in the closing seconds of the third quarter when stephen curry launched a shot from the midcourt and banked it in off the glass. the tipoff for tonight' s game is at 10:30. hopefully, this next game will go better. let' s -- at 10-30. jason: let' s turn now to some fun basketball that occurred in orlando. the wesh 2 all-stars took the court. they took on annunciation catholic academy saturday night in a game that saw action from
5:48 am
angela taylor and adrian whitsett. i hosted and announced at the event. this was a fundraiser for the academy and knights of columbus charities. it was a hard-fought game. the wesh 2 all-stars led for most of the night, but in the end we were taken down by the annunciation knights took down -- knights. the final score was 112 to 107. michelle: amy, we are coming off a beautiful weekend. amy: yes, it does not get much better than this. everyone was talking about how blue the sky was yesterday. we will be warm again today , but if you were clouds around. upper 70' s is where we are headed. we' ll be warmer today than yesterday. temperatures will creep up each day, as we had to friday.
5:49 am
s, well above average by the end of the week. by next weekend, there will be a little bit of rain coming into the area. our high temperatures today, this is up towards the average. yesterday and today are very march like. by the end of the week, we will not be so march like. we will be much warmer, as we had to the official start of spring. 43 degrees in ocala right now. it is a cool start, especially north and west of i-4. mid-60' s right now. in brevard county, we are a few spots -- in a few spots we are warmer. that is due to the east breeze coming off the ocean. the wind is calm this morning, but some of us to get that breeze off the ocean, making it feel a little bit warmer along the coast.
5:50 am
will become cooler than our inland spots. we will see a couple scattered class today, as the big dome of high-pressure continues to push in and dominate our weather pattern the next couple of days. 78 in claremont today. 78 today in kissimmee and st. cloud. 78 in altamonte springs. 78 in orlando. 74 at daytona beach. at the coast, it will be a few degrees cooler. the water temperatures will be in the 60' s. that will keep us cooler at the beaches. the rip current danger stays strong today as well. this well and east wind is piling up the water along the coast. it will head back out and his narrow channels, which causes
5:51 am
if you get caught in one, the best solution is to swim parallel to the shore. the shore. the 80' s will return it to our inland areas i the end of the week. -- i the end of the week. the end of the week. and your seven-day forecast, we will stay clear and sunny and warm. orlando, the westbound construction here is cleared in ivanhoe -- on ivanhoe boulevard. we have traveled times circulating on the bottom of your screen throughout the show. groveland. we are watching that. we have a live shot here on the left side, that is westbound
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michelle: we jason: a lot of people are preparing for spring break travel this month. and if you haven' t decided where you want to go, you might want to make that decision soon. michelle: travel experts say this is the week to make some critical vacation choices. chris clackum takes a closer look. chris: for a variety of reasons, traveling to a spring break destination will be dramatically different from a year ago. that is thanks in large part to lower gas prices. >> i think that people are looking at lower gas prices, to see where they can go reasonably within that one tank of gas drive. chris: spring break closer to home has done a survey that found -- >> 65% of americans are expecting to hit the road for traveling the spring. chris: if spring breakers choose the flight, air flight costs are also down.
5:56 am
the timing is good also for international flights. >> the average hotel rights -- great this year are lower -- rates are lower this year, too. chris: travel experts say the real key to saving on spring break this year is to book by the end of this week. chris clackum, nbc news. jason: a major road is shutting down as part of the i-4 ultimate construction. michelle: alex villareal is live. alex: garland avenue is that road. coming up, i will tell you what it is closed, and how you can get around it. michelle: one person is in the hospital today, after a deadly crash with a car in a
5:57 am
this was all caught by one wrong turn. amy: we are cool this morning and parts of central florida. along the coast , in brevard county, it will be a little bit warmer this morning. we will see plenty of sunshine today, as our ridge of high pressure built in. i' ll tell you what that means for the rest of our forecast, coming up in our next hour.
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on your first alert forecast >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a ride into danger. a car collides into a group of bikers and seminole county. the crash sends three people to the hospital. jason: a change to your morning drive. a road closure that will last for more than a year. amy: starting cool that being -- ending up warmer than average. your monday forecast straight ahead. michelle: marco rubio is looking to win your vote. where and when he is rallying in central florida today.


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