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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. jim: a non-stop barrage of breaking news at 11:00 tonight, starting with a violent and bloody scene in winter park. meredith: it appears to people are dead in a shooting. this is on comstock avenue near fairbanks, and it remains a very active scene. chris hush was first on the scene. chris, what can you tell us? chris: here is that we know. winter park police responded after 10:00 for a report of gunshots, which round up and up being a shooting. when they got here, it was immediate clear that there were two deceased individuals. one body was found in the back of the house, the other on the sidewalk across from that same home. investigators told the off-camera they heard arguing, and in the gunshots. we are waiting for more from police. police are distorting this
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very clear that there were two people deceased. officers do confirm there was some kind of shooting tonight. we do expect to have an update in just a little bit. the i/o just arrived on scene. we do not have the identity of the victims, the two individuals , but we know that two people are dead and we are waiting for an update in just a little bit. when we get one, we' ll come right back here. chris hush, wesh 2 news. jim: also tonight, glass-breaking, cell phone snatching thieves rob a store, all while customers look-on in horror. it' s unfolding near the altamonte mall right now. meredith: wesh 2' s summer knowles joins us live. and summer, they made off with thousands of dollars worth of cell phones. summer: more than $10,000. this was around 8:00 in this verizon wireless store. this store is closed for the
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you can observe none of the glass windows or the door was broken. the crux walked in during normal business hours. two men. they walked in, smashed a some display cases and made off with $15,000 worth of cell phones. this happened with more than a dozen customers inside. the man did not appear to be armed and no one was injured. police are looking for at least a two suspects, those you see in showed you. possibly a third person. if you recognize either of them, call the altamonte springs police department immediately. summer knowles, wesh 2 news. jim: breaking now highway patrol troopers say after receiving an anonymous tip, they have located the vehicle believed to be involved in a deadly hit-and-run where a jogger was killed. troopers say the 1998 jeep
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consistent with this crash and will be checked for evidence. 39-year-old jason rodeghier was run down while jogging on satellite boulevard in cocoa monday morning. the vehicle kept on going. troopers are not saying where . breaking news on the ucf campus , campus police have given the all clear because the building smell. students have been cleared out of the college of optics and photonics building. the scene. firefighters are there checking on this. and there is no word if anyone was injured or needed treatment. meredith: a crash leaves a pedestrian dead in orange county. it' s unfolding on orange avenue at lancaster road. that' s in the pine castle area. we are told a 42-year-old man doing off of the links bus tried to cross the street. we don' t know if the driver will be facing charges. jim: also breaking in the last hour, wesh 2 news has learned president barack obama will visit cuba next month. the white house is expected to officially announce the trip tomorrow.
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comes after the obama administration formally reopened ties with havana in 2014. the american embassy was flag was raised at the compound -- and a u.s. flag was raised at the compound is havana back in august. developing right now, searchers retrace their steps in all-out effort to find a missing newborn in an orlando neighborhood. meredith: tonight, police are preparing to take a second look at dumpsters from an apartment complex. and police say the mother told them she left the baby on the doorstep at the willow bend apartments monday. jim: wesh 2' s chris hush reports, complete strangers are now looking for the newborn, nicknamed baby willow. chris: where is baby willow? after more than 24 hours of searching, two separate searches of the willow bend apartment complex have turned up nothing. on wednesday night, dumpster, some hauled away in crime tape work taken for examination.
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chris: volunteers from different a memorial and joined the search. get together on this. >> are you awake? chris: the mother of the newborn seems uninterested in front of a judge and set federal bond at $50,000 for child neglect and lawful desertion of a child. her boyfriend did not answer the door wednesday night, but told where richardson may have discarded the baby. police have not been able to get her to talk. she had passed run-ins with the law. we found a 2009 a law enforcement officer. according to the report, she claims that she did not take her medication for mental disorders act.
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she is still trying to expect of her 13-year-old what he found in the parking lot, the placenta of baby willow. >> you can' t really explain it in any way. meredith: we ask the city what it was doing with the managed the on, but they would not confirm. susan richardson has not posted bond and remains in the orange county jail. jim: new tonight, we' re talking to a store clerk who had a gun shoved in his face during a valentine' s day robbery and he walks us through the frightening video. surveillance video shows a man in a black hoodie with a red bandana covering his face barging into the dollar general on east colonial drive in orange county not far from semoran boulevard. gunpoint to fill a book bag with money. at one point the gunman is even demanding another employee to the victim asked us not to show his face during his interview. reporter: is it still bothering you?
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>> you can get is taking a toll on him? >> i think it is. jim: you' re asked to call the sheriff' s office if you can help track down the masked man. meredith: new tonight, we just got our hands on some chopper video showing a chase involving two men wanted in connection to several robberies in orange county. deputies say the video shows nathanial woods and john powel leading police and deputies on a chase after the two allegedly pistol whipped and robbed a tourist. it happened at a hotel along international drive last week. the suspects' car crashes into a pole and the two take off on foot with one officer running right behind them. eventually, they surrender and are arrested. police say the pair could be responsible for as many as five other robberies. right now, a fire has been contained in brevard county. crews battled the blaze at an abandoned trailer in some woods off of burgess avenue near the county jail in sharpes. the fire spread to some tires, sending thick black smoke in the air. we' re working to find out what caused the fire. no one was hurt. jim: now to some new video of
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dirt bikes out of a business in lake county. elite power sports provided this surveillance video showing two men trying to break into the store along south bay street in eustis. the men at first struggle to get in, but then use a hammer to break through a steel garage door. the business also provided us with this picture of the two bikes that were taken. one is a yamaha and the other a honda. both worth about $3000. meredith: republican residential can -- contenders are making one last town hall before the crucial south carolina primary. angela taylor is live with highlights. angela: the town halls are being split over two nights, tonight featuring ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio. earlier today, marco rubio got the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. and speaking at the town hall, he spoke about apple opposing a court order to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters.
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-- final information on that phone. that could lead us to preventing future attacks. i think we are going to have to find a way forward by working with silicon valley in the tech industry on this. angela: tomorrow' s town hall lineup included former florida governor jeb bush, john kasich, and donald trump. and speaking of trump, he' s fallen behind ted cruz in the national gop race. that' s according to the results of a brand-new nbc news-wall street journal poll. cruz is the first choice of 28% of republican primary voters, while trump gets 26%. they' re followed by marco rubio at 17%. bush is in sixth place at 4%. now on the democratic side of things, likely democratic caucus goers in nevada are split almost evenly between hillary clinton and bernie sanders ahead of saturday' s caucuses. according to a new cnn poll, clinton leads sanders by just 1% at 48% to 47%. though clinton holds an edge over sanders on handling a range of top issues, the results suggest the extremely close race could come down to the candidates' opinions on the economy.
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meredith: angela, and don' t forget, our own adrian whitsett will be heading to south carolina for this weekend' s primary. look for his live reports throughout the day on friday and saturday. you can always get the latest updates on the wesh 2 app. jim: history is made tonight as orange county public schools names the teacher of the year. this is joanna lopez who teaches spanish colonial high school. she is the first hispanic teacher to ever win the award. we' ll introduce you to the new power couple. meredith: we meet the couple that has cashed in the last months $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. jim: this purpose and regrets robbing the walgreens after coming forth -- face-to-face with the customer. tony: a gorgeous afternoon with highs in the mid-70' s.
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jim: two deadly mass shooting tonight in winter park. meredith: let' s go back to chris hush with new information. chris: we just got an update from police. they are not looking for a suspect. we have two males found dead outside of a home. we will show you the scene, still very active. police arriving as we are speaking.
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reports of gunfire, and we did speak to family members of the deceased individuals. they told me they hold arguing and then gunshots. when they came out, they found the two bodies. when we arrived, there was a body behind the house and also a body on the sidewalk just a few feet on the home. the identities and relationships are not being confirmed right now by police, but we do a no again they are not looking for a suspect. we are also told this is not being investigated as a murder suicide. it is not being investigated as a murder suicide. that is very important. two males deceased, a double shooting, still a lot to go. stay with us here, wesh 2 news sunrise, we will have more information as we can get from police. chris hush, wesh 2 news.
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i said, she is messing with me. she really is. jim: a local couple keep the life-changing secret for weeks. today they reveal they had the cash winning powerball tickets. meredith: they chose to take a lump sum, which was $328 million. wesh 2' s matt lupoli has new info on the couple who just hit the jackpot. emily ralston: everyone was talking about it everywhere you went, and there was a lot of speculation about who it was. matt: a mega mystery in melbourne beach about who won historic millions from powerball is over. alexandar mcfarlane: it was funny to watch it on tv and people were all excited. we had friends from alaska call up and ask, we never play so it wouldn' t be us. we said, we never play. matt: for some reason she still can' t fathom, many people falsely though heather coalter was the winner. heather coalter: i felt really afraid. you know, people thought i was
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and every night i just kept , hoping, let this be the day someone comes out. [applause] matt: finally someone, the real winner, did come out, 70-year-old maureen smith accepted the lump sum with husband david kaltschmidt. the couple kept their secret since january 13, only telling close family last week. maureen smith: that was hard, really hard, especially when everyone was saying you know, , you' re from melbourne beach, did you win? do you know who won? no. [laughter] matt: maureen says she wants to use the money to help her family and that the winnings won' t change too much, but david will retire from his job as an engineer. david kaltschmidt: instead of designing airplanes, i' ll be doing charities and tax strategies and things and investments. >> i think it might make me less friendly. matt: the winning ticket was purchased at this publix on a1a in melbourne beach. maureen says she always gets the same numbers here. the store also gets $100,000 for
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in melbourne beach, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. meredith: a lucky couple. orlando ranks in the country second when it comes to rental prices for one bedroom apartments. that has a lot of people feeling blocked out of the rental market. the harvard joint center for housing says the median income for renters in metro orlando is $35,000 and the midpoint rent is $1000. that means orlando-area renters are considered rent burdened because they spend more than 30% , of their income on household costs. >> is pretty expensive. you compare it to other cities like new york, my friends living in new york pay less than we do. meredith: golden rule, which is a sanford non-profit that helps people find housing says many times, its clients are better off buying than renting. that' s because a mortgage on a starter home can be less than current rental prices. but many households that rent don' t have the credit score or savings to qualify for a mortgage. jim: new tonight, a robbery gone wrong for a man near tampa. this is robert nemeth and there' s a reason he looks a little bloody and bruised.
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this is video of him trying to rob a walgreen' s pharmacy on sunday. he tells the pharmacist he has a gun and demands her to give him drugs. but that customer right there wasn' t buying it at all. doesn' t think he is much of a threat and goes right after. nemeth wasn' t able to put up much of a fight, and the customer hold him down until police arrived. talk about taking the law into your own hands. the sunshine state gets a little national love as a local beach is named the best in the country. trip advisor released its annual rankings and clearwater beach came in at number one. the beach is listed as a great vacation spot because of its mix of beach scenes, water sports, restaurants, and hotels. several other florida beaches made the list, including siesta beach, saint pete beach, pensacola, st. augustine, and panama city beach. florida made up 10 of the top 25 beaches on the list, more than any other state, with california and hawaii following behind. in florida right there.
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it was a bit breezy by the coast. tony: over the next couple of days, fantastic weather. why not make the trip to the coast. it will be a little cooler than what we have seen the last couple of days. i will show you this picture from vicki. this is a fantastic shot. live picture over lake eola, we are in good shape. my temperature at 60 degrees. it has been dropping to to three degrees per hour. jacksonville, orlando, that is the wind flow. northeast to southwest. water temperatures in the low 60' s, so afternoon highs with this type of flow will be considerably cooler along the coast in comparison to the interior, 52 in ocala. the morning commute, no fog, light jacket, temperatures in the 50' s. morning lows north and west,
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somerville, ocala, around 42, 43. clermont, eustis, mid 40' s. palm coast, bunnell, mid 40' s. daytona beach 48. set up tomorrow we have the onshore flow, lots of sunshine. a few clouds later in the day, as and moisture. -- atlantic moisture. notice north and east a little cooler with the influence of the relatively chiller atlantic waters. also, pollen count will behind. -- high. the other thing we have to watch is right here on the coast. the wind is northeast, 25. there are breakers, but offshore five to seven foot seas. we have a small craft advisory in effect through tomorrow.
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outdoor weather. a lot of events, a lot of folks in town for the races. we head up north, we have the powershares q qqq 300. the temperature at 71, 6:00 at 65. on sunday, a great day for the daytona 500, awesome weather. falling to the evening. as we look ahead to the upcoming tuesday and wednesday, we have a area of low pressure developing. this will produce a line of thunderstorms. we' ll find to this and -- fine tune this and give it to you early next week. there is the star system on tuesday. showers and storms behind that front as we get into wednesday. meredith: the brand-new daytona speedway swells with fans as the doors swing wide for an open house. jim: and as the nba trade deadline draws close word tonight the magic might make more moves. stewart: the magic made a splash shipping one of their most
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now there' s word tonight the roster shakeup might be far from over. who is saying what involving
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stewart: word tonight another magic man may be on the way out of orlando via a trade. espn reporting tonight the cleveland cavaliers want to swap veteran forward anderson varejao to the magic for fellow veteran channing frye. yesterday the magic dealt forward tobias harris to the pistons. and tonight, we' re hearing from head coach scott skiles for the first time since the move. >> one guy i really, really like is gone and two guys i really, really like are coming in. it does not happen often. i asked the have relationships with them already. so if there is already a silver lining, for me personally in the whole thing, i have two guys coming in i am ready know well. stewart: first practice after the all-star break and the new-look roster is top of mind. magic get brandon jennings and ersan ilyasova, a couple of veterans who could help during a possible playoff run. yes, i said playoffs. both played for skiles when he stalked the sidelines in milwaukee. magic start the second half of the season friday night at home against the mavericks. think of this as as the ultimate
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nascar enthusiasts getting a chance to check out the new digs at daytona. and all they have to do is show up. daytona international speedway held an open house that continued well after sunset. race fans are getting a first-hand look at the new stadium. the new seating areas and the new concessions. >> it is really amazing here. all of what they did. stewart: the daytona rising project added an all-new front stretch with new entrances into fan zones and more than 101,000 spacious seats in the grandstands. for the first time in nearly a decade, the daytona 500 is a sellout. the green flag drops sunday. of course with the daytona 500 , just a couple days away, we' ve prepared a special look at the speedway construction project. from the air, the track, and those brand new seats, we' ll give you views of the daytona international speedway that you' ve never seen before. be sure to join us for our half-hour special, daytona
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right here on wesh 2. orlando' s new women' s pro soccer team today releasing details about its first two games. the orlando pride opens its inaugural season april 17, against the portland thorns on the road. that' s a sunday. newly signed pride star alex morgan will return to the pacific northwest to face her old team. the pride' s home opener will be april 23 at the citrus bowl, when they face the houston dash. the rest of the schedule will be released tomorrow. and ucf outscores the memphis tigers in the second half of their game tonight in tennessee, and still lose big. check out the store, 73-56 is your final.
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>> i think i might have pulled something on that last joke. i think i might not be able to go on. can you help me out? [applause] meredith: just like old times. that was a clip of "the tonight show," coming up right after our newscast. leno filling in for jimmy fallon during his monlogue. tonight' s guests inlcude leno, jennifer lopez, and snoop dog. jim: good luck getting your spot back after that. never give up your place on the
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tony: it might be better than the republican debate. let' s look at the forecast for tomorrow morning, bright sunshine, 50 degrees by the afternoon. room temperature, around 73 degrees. let' s look at the forecast. great forecast, friday through sunday 73 to 77, overnight lows in the 50' s. we will watch this storm system ons tuesday. a big cool down behind it. we will have to find two and the timing, but wednesday and thursday will be a lot cooler. jim: donald trump online one for you. that' s our newscast for tonight you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at or the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: thanks for watching. we hope you' ll join us again tomorrow night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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