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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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meredith: first at 11:00, breaking news in orlando. a man is shot when bullets fly at a condo complex. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. this happened along south semoran boulevard at the southbrook condos. that' s where several shots were fired, some hit cars and a building where people live. wesh 2' s chris hush is live on the scene with the details. chris? chris: you can take a look at the damage. that is a condominium that actually a bulletin went through the window into the living room. -- a bullet went in through the window into the living room. a bullet went through the window right here. there are actually several cars in the parking lot that have the same exact damage. let' s went lighting according to this happened after 8:30 is evening at the southbrook boulevard.
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another man. who lived here, and at some point one of the men opened fire from the parking lot. bullets struck almost everything . including a man in his 40' s. we spoke with a resident, and he heard the shots and came running to the scene to actually help. he saw several men get into a red car and speed off. he also tells me he saw the victim, who he says was conscious and talking. >> it was pop, pop. pop pop pop. he was laying on the floor. so when are sucking to 911, they were on the phone with the same people, where he was hit, and i was like, i don' t know. i just need to get an apartment number to send him to. so i walked over there to see what he needed and waited until the cops showed up. chris: we will bring you back live to the scene where you can see the damage from all of the
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parking lot. we do not have a word on the gunman if he was captured or in custody. we don' t know what happened with the other men who were with him. they are still conducting an investigation. they are still on scene. we have crews fixing up the place. there is so much damage because of the amount of gunfire, the amount of bullets that went flying. we will stay on top of this and bring you the latest tomorrow morning on wesh 2 news sunrise. meredith: a fire engine is heading to a call when it crashed right in the middle of fire officials say three people were taken to the hospital with head and neck injuries. the fire engine received enough damage that it had to be towed away along with two other vehicles involved. tonight, we spoke to one woman chaos. this. i am bracing myself, that fire truck is going fast.
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meredith: it just happened on curry ford road. we are still waiting to hear from orlando police on the investigation. fire officials say the firefighters on the truck were not hurt. jim: tonight, we' re learning more about what happened after a child was hit by a truck in brevard county. police say the 8-year-old boy was hit by a gas company vehicle along north carpenter road in titusville. the driver of the truck did remain on scene, and is cooperating with investigators. the little boy suffered injuries to his head and arm and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we spoke with a woman who tried to help the boy right after he was hit. >> i presumed he was not breathing when i got there. it was less than 30 seconds that he came to. he was stable until they got here. consciousness and could talk. jim: there is no worthwhile -- word white the child was in the street or if the driver will face charges. meredith: tens of thousands of students and staff at america' s second-largest college have their personal information compromised. we' re talking names and social
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s matt lupoli is live at the campus, and spoke with one woman who says she' s a victim. matt: that is right, she' s called the hotline at the university set up for anyone who is concerned. when she got through, she heard bad news. >> i just gave them my name and they told me, yeah, you have been targeted in the security breach. matt: this ucf student is also a university employee, she doesn' t want her job in jeopardy, so we aren' t giving her name. but she says it' s possible hackers have it, and even her she' s not alone. an internal investigation into unauthorized network access found nearly 63,000 others could be compromised. >> hopefully, knock on wood, everything will be ok. knowing your identity could be in the hands of somoeone else. >> a social security records breach is the worst of its kind, second to medical breaches that
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information. matt: cyber security expert gary miliefsky tells us once someone has your name and social security number, they can pretend to be you, and get credit in your name. but breach victims can take action. gary says start by going to the social security website and opening an account. >> if you don' t open your account now, one day one of the hackers will and they will and they can take advantange of your social security, medicaid, medicare. in addition contact all of the three credit brueaus, experian, trans union and equifax and get a credit freeze and tell them you have been a victim of fraud. matt: it is also important to know that you see officials say medical records and credit card records were not at all a part of this breach. along with a hotline, they have set up a website for information on on both of those, go to matt lupoli, wesh 2 news.
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a man already in jail in orlando, is now charged with the rape of an ohio state student that happened nearly five years ago. police say 33-year-old travis niemi broke into the 22-year-old' s apartment, beat her up, and then raped her. that happened back in june 2011. then just last november, niemi was arrested for breaking into a business in orlando. his blood from that scene was entered in the dna database, and columbus, ohio police say it matched their unsolved rape. jim: new tonight, a deltona woman is accused of driving drunk and then crashing her suv while her 3-year-old child sat unbuckled in the back seat. 29-year-old teresa knudson was arrested last night in orange city and charged with dui and child neglect. witnesses told police she was driving recklessly along east graves avenue near a shopping plaza. they say she nearly hit one person before crashing into a fence. but she kept going, hitting a light post, before finally being pulled over. her child was not hurt. meredith: new tonight, family and friends remember a 15-year-old shot and killed in
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s summer knowles has the emotional plea from his family to help find his killer. >> become out with a great kid. summer: is that of balloons, dozens of family members held their umbrellas on central state -- street in altamonte springs where they gathered to river -- remember this boy. his loved ones consoled each other while standing in a circ le, he was killed writing in his mother' s car not far from home. this woman represents that call. -- remembers the exact call. >> have mercy on my son. i keep telling myself my baby is coming back. he is coming home. he is not.
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summer: police say a man standing in the middle of the central street fired at the car investigators do not believe it neither does his mother. >> told at my -- pull out a gun and shoot at my car. my baby was just 15 years old. who meant to do that to him? what made you hurt my child? he was just an innocent kid. tell me the truth. i think i can find it in my heart to forgive him. i think i can, i just want the truth. summer: the suspect is still at large. if anyone has information on what happened, you are asked to call the sheriff' s office immediately. summer knowles, wesh 2 news. meredith: hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-head tonight in new hampshire. it' s the first one-on-one debate of the democratic presidential contest.
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journal poll, sanders maintains a 20-point lead over clinton among likely democratic primary voters in new hampshire. wesh 2' s angela taylor is live in studio with some of the highlights from tonight' s debate. angela: meredith with just five , days before the new hampshire primary, tonight' s debate focused on the differences between the two democrats. hillary clinton attacked her democratic opponent saying bernie sanders is making promises he can' t keep. that quickly led to a back-and-forth about health care, and she addressed sanders' campaign promise to provide universal health care for all and free college tuition. >> the republicans want to repeal the affordable care act. i want to approve it -- improve it, get drug costs down. it is better than starting all over again. let' s make it work. sanders: i am on the committee.
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while we are waiting to pass a accurate. msnbc and almost didn' it was only within the past few days that the democratic sanctioned the head-head battle. jim? jim: thank you. four people are taken into custody late this afternoon after a routine traffic stop turns into a two city chase. it' s a story you' ll see only on wesh 2. deputies say they started tracking a vehicle that fled a traffic stop with two separate helicopters from both the orange county and seminole county sheriff' s departments. it came to a screeching halt at the aqua links apartments complex. law enforcement honed in on one apartment, pulled several men out, and detaining four people. >> was coming into the complex, i saw a helicopter and then i saw a lot of police cars at the entrance. so didn' t know what was going on. it was scary. i was like, what is going on, i don'
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jim: wesh 2 news is still working to learn more about why the car took off and whether the four men will be charged. meredith: a man is shot and killed and a deputy is rushed to the hospital after a confrontation in marion county. here' s a look at the car 31-year-old cristian dubrino was in. it was severely damaged during the shoot-out. cell phone video captured dubrino with a gun to his head, witnesses say deputies tried for several minutes to convince him to put the gun down and surrender. at one point, deputies say dubrino fired at them, so they shot back. ron carangi: it was crazy you know, all of a sudden badadaddaddada, you know, it was crazy. that, that you know was sad. that was a sad moment, you know. meredith: sergeant daniel trammell was released from the hospital but has either two bullets or two bullet fragments in his leg. jim: just 24 hours after governor rick scott declares health emergencies because of nine confirmed cases of the zika virus in florida, several more
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the cases are in santa rosa, hillsborough, lee, and miami-dade counties. those are the same areas were where the health emergency was issued. today, broward county was also added to the list. governor scott is asking the cdc for more than 1000 zika antibody test kits. scott says these kits can help diagnose women or travelers who may have picked up the virus while traveling to south america. right now, pregnant women are most vulnerable. meredith: still ahead, a wesh 2 exclusive in the murder of a local lottery winner. michelle: did you kill abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely not, and god knows i' m innocent. jim: we' re one-on-one with dee dee moore, who tells us her side of the story about what really happened the night abraham shakespeare was killed. meredith: also, he' s not even 10-years-old, but this child is armed and dangerous. watch as he robs a grocery store at gunpoint, and hear what his mother is saying about his crime. tony? tony: the rain is almost over.
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pockets of rain at palm bay.
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jim: tonight, wesh 2 goes to prison, to talk with the woman convicted of killing a local man who became a multi-millionaire by winning the lottery. meredith: it' s been three years since dee dee moore was found guilty, and now she' s talking to wesh 2' s michelle meredith and still says she' s innocent. michelle: as i watched you walk in the door, my first thought was she does not look like a killer. >> not, not at all. it hurts to even be called that. michelle: it' s been close three years since dee dee moore became an inmate at the lowell correctional institution in ocala, convicted of killing lottery winner abraham shakespeare. do you every wish, dee dee, you had never met abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely. absolutely. michelle: why? >> because i wouldn' t be in prison for something i didn' t
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s a different woman now. gone are her locks of blonde hair. but one thing has not changed. did you kill abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely not, and god knows i am innocent. michelle: but in december 2012, a jury saw it differently. dee dee moore was found guilty, accused of befriending the multi-million dollar lottery winner, gaining shakespeare' s trust, gaining control of his finances, shooting him in cold blood, then burying him under a slab of concrete in her backyard. >> he was like me. he liked to make people smile. he liked to make people smile. michelle: dee dee claims she didn' t need to kill abraham shakespeare for his money. he gave it away. >> everybody knew he' d do anything for me. anything. michelle: did you have a relationship? >> nope, friendship only. michelle: dee dee said she did bury something under that concrete slab, but it wasn' t
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it was $1 million shakespeare >> i' ll pay you $300,000 if you let me bury the money in your yard. i was like, ok, sure, i don' t care. michelle: how did shakespeare' s body get there? dee dee says the real killers put it there by digging a trench. >> so what we are thinking is that they trenched up underneath here. underneath the concrete, got out the money and put his body in it' s place, so that i would get the blame for it. michelle: some people at this point might be saying this is crazy. >> it is. it' s like a nightmare. michelle: what' s that? >> it' s like a nightmare you can' t wake up from. michelle: now dee dee moore wakes up every day in prison sentenced to life and , experiences the perks and pitfalls of being a celebrity inmate. >> i' ve had stuff stolen from me in here to ebay. michelle: like what?
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panties. >> i had my panties stolen, taken to ebay. michelle: dee dee told me she thought one day she might become a celebrity. but not for this. michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jim: wet, rainy night across central florida. windshield wipers working overtime in daytona beach, and we have some pretty impressive rainfall totals. meredith: we want to know when we will be drying out. tony mainolfi is here to answer that. tony: in the next hour or two we will be drying out. the wind chill is a big factor tomorrow morning. a little bite to the step tomorrow morning. let' s take you outside and show you the live look at lake eola. we have got a wet evening that is beginning to dry out. the temperatures are falling 58 degrees. look at the wind out of the northwest at about 14 miles per hour. running through orlando, off to
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steadier rains are off to the east, a few parting showers over the next hour or two. the main show is about to end. palm coast, over 2.5 inches of rain. flagler county, down to bithlo. we have wet roads. i-95 still wet with ongoing showers expected over the next hour. moderate rain from the south side of poinciana right over the florida turnpike. this will lift north. there is another ribbon of rain behind this. the rain will linger for another hour or two across southern brevard county, where most of the day we are warm in the 80' s. now you are falling back to the 60' s and the rain is picking up. daytona beach 2.57 inches of rain, good enough for record rainfall for the day. the overall big winner, rainbow springs in western marion county, 3.07 inches of rain. temperatures and low 50' s north
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still around 65 at cocoa beach on south. . windy and cold tomorrow morning, grab that jacket. afternoon tomorrow. ocala melbourne at 53. wind chill at 5:00 a.m., 38 s sanford. how about 7:38, wind chill above freezing. s. that is what you need a jacket. the wind also a concern for the atlas five launch. saturday, not tomorrow. check with amy sweezey. a gorgeous afternoon, but sunshine will not warm you up. afternoon highs 50' s to 60' s. normal highs for this time of year should be right in the low evan these.
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this will lift northeast, and pull away. a little shower saturday night into sunday, but super bowl sunday, good shape. 61 at 2:00 in the afternoon, 55 for the kickoff. your updated seven-day forecast, how about this? a seven-day forecast holding in the 60' s by day and 40' s by night. that is rare, even by our standards. meredith: thank you. police in west palm beach are called to a robbery at a grocery store, only to be surprised that the suspect is just eight years old. take a look at this child as he walks into the store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes. he walks up to a checkout register, and that' s when an employee says the kid pointed a gun at them and demanded money. another employee saw what was going on, and managed to take the gun away from the little boy, which he says was loaded. the child tried to run away, but employees held him down and called police. we spoke to the boy' s mother, who says she' s shocked at what happened.
11:23 pm
s a good boy. on the honor roll. >> you did not see this coming? >> i didn' t see this coming. meredith: the mother says the gun belonged to her and her son must have taken it from her purse. the boy has not been charged yet. jim: crazy world getting crazier. meredith: yeah. tough news tonight for one of nascar' s most popular drivers. jim: and the magic return home in desparate need of a w. stewart: they need it bad. the team welcoming in the clippers and getting some welcome news for all-star weekend. one of their high-flying, up-and-coming, gravity defying young players hopefully takes his talents to another level for
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stewart: when the nba throws its all-star party valentine' s day weekend, the orlando magic' s aaron gordon will be looking for some high-flying love. he' s one of four players selected for the nba slam dunk contest february 13th in toronto. the 20-year-old 6' 9" power forward' s rim-rocking, rack-busting throwdowns are the stuff of legends on youtube. gordon will be competing against defending champ zach lavine for minnesota, detroit' s andre drummond, and will barton of denver. the magic' s elfrid payton and mario hezonja will compete in the all star weekend' s rising
11:27 pm
meantime, the magic welcome in a los angeles clippers team friday night. the magic are 2-14 since the start of january, but they have been competitive in just about all of those matchups, losing 10 of 11, with three of those defeats in overtime, and three others by seven points or fewer. tipoff is set for 7:00 p.m. one of nascar' s all-time greats is going to miss his final shot at winning the daytona 500. tony stewart will not take the green flag after fracturing his vertebrae in an atv accident on sunday. the three-time sprint cup champion had surgery in charlotte yesterday. despite winning series titles in 2002, 2005, and 2011, a win at the daytona 500 has proved to be elusive for stewart. the 500 runs february 21. former florida gators quarterback is the new head coach at edgewater high school. he was on the 2006 national championship team. he went on to play for the orlando predators for a season.
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look at that. that is crazy. i' ve never been this close to a shark. jim: i don' that calm. check this out. fisherman and his son' s close encounter with a great white shark in central florida. meredith: the two from longwood were at ponce inlet in volusia county. the duo originally spotted a group of dolphins, and then things got real interesting when the shark started swimming their way. jim: look at how calm it is. meredith: it really is, so amazing. jim: don' t make a noise, it might get mad. tony: out the door tomorrow morning, it is a whole new season. we are getting a taste of spring fever left the couple of days. windy and cold or, 37 in town, kids at the bus stop will feel like 60' s in the state -- in the sun, but shade will be different. jim: that' s our report for tonight you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at or the wesh 2 mobile app.
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