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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hills avenue. meredith: he will be taken to arnold palmer hospital. wesh 2 heads to the scene and we will bring you more information. jim: now to breaking news out of orange county. that' s where chopper two was over the scene of a crash that may have involved a fire truck. it is kind of across the median on the right side of your spring -- screen. this is happening at curry ford road and bahia avenue. right now, it' s unclear what caused the wreck, or if there are any injuries. the crash is causing some road closures, so if you' re headed to the area, find another route. meredith: the outbreak of the zika virus in florida is causing concern. jim: there are 12 cases of the mosquito borne illness in our state areas . governor scott has called emergency in these five counties. meredith: all-new tonight, for the senator bill nelson is calling on the president to have
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residents and tourists safe. reporter: maria ortiz' s due date is just two weeks away, and though she misses her parents t visited them in puerto rico. >> no, no really, i' m glad i' m here right now instead of being home in puerto rico because of all of those things. reporter: her doctor says maria is full term and the zika virus is less critical for her than a woman in her first trimester. >> when all the organs are developing, if they get infected with the zika virus during that period of time, it can affect brain development. reporter: speaking in tampa today governor rick scott says he' s going to do everyting to keep the state safe. that includes requesting one thousand zika test kits from the cdc and purchase 4,000 more, but the tests won' t be mandatory. >> we are going to get ahead of this. we are going to make sure our residents and citizens are safe. always prepare for the worst and
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reporter: as it relates to tourism, the heatlh and safety top priority. with local health officials and we have a long-standing and aggressive anti-mosquito program." the governor says more than $1 million was allocated in the last fiscal year for mosquito control. seaworld adds, "like most in our industry, we stay in contact with local, state and federal health officials for the latest updates and to determine the most appropriate course of action." and for carnival cruise line, "pregnant women who wish to cancel their cruise will be provided alternate itinerary options that do not include destinations on the u.s. centers for disease control' s list of zika transmission areas. alternately, those guests may request a future cruise credit and re-schedule their voyage at a later date." >> we want to keep everyone informed, we want to keep everybody healthy. we want tourists to know if they come to florida they will be safe. jim: while 12 cases are travel related, the mosquito that carries that virus is common in our state.
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executive order giving special attention to mosquito spray in residential areas. meredith: the commute was west. it could be several hours before the rain clears out. let' s go to tony mainolfi. how was it looking? tony: a few more hours before this rain gets out. let' s check the live shot coming from daytona beach. a heavy rain falling a daytona beach, nearly an inch of rain here. temperatures dropped significantly into the mid-60' s. you can see a lot of orange and red. that is the moderate to heavy rain. there are some claps of thunder but nothing severe. this is flagler county, moderate to heavy rain. daytona beach, i-4 to deltona and the land, moderate to heavy rain. at glencoe and edgewater, and further to the south, forced city, pine hills, big batch of moderate to heavy rain. lighter amounts of shower
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that is at osceola county. you can see this line with the cold front spreading through central and southern brevard county by the time we get to 9:00 to 11:00. the big story behind that, windy and colder air. i will talk more on the weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. jim: thank you. for people are taken into custody after a routine traffic stop turns into a pursuit which started in orlando and ended in sanford. they tracked this with two separate helicopters from orange and seminole county sheriff' s department. they came to a screeching halt at the aqua links apartment complex. they honed in on one apartment and detained for people. >> all i know it is when i was calling them to come to the complex, i saw a helicopter and a lot of police cars at the entrance. i did not know what was going on. it was scary. i was not knowing what was going on.
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out why the car took off and whether the or men will be charged. meredith: a man is shot and killed, and a deputy is rushed to the hospital after a confrontation in marion county. here' s a look at the car 31-year-old cristiaan dubrino was in. it was severely damaged during the shoot-out. cell phone video captured dubrino with a gun to his head, witnesses say deputies tried for several minutes to convince him to put the gun down and surrender. at one point, deputies say dubrino fired at them, so they shot back. ron carangi: it was crazy, you know, all of a sudden badadaddaddada, you know it was crazy. that that, you know, was sad. that was a sad moment, you know. meredith: sergeant daniel trammell was released from the hospital but has either two bullets or two bullet fragments in his leg. an apopka man has been arrested and charged with killing his roommate three months ago. police say paul neff was arrested today. they say he shot and killed sean davis back in november, in the apartment where they lived. neff actually called 911
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fire in self defense. homicide investigators say there appeared to be some time in between the moment neff shot davis and when he called 911. they also say in the days leading up to davis' s death, neff sent him text messages telling him he' d kill him. jim: major security breach on the ucf campus. the social security numbers of tens of thousands of employees and students have been compromised. amanda ober reports, over 63,000 victims begetting letters they go out tomorrow. amanda: the unprecedented breach that hacked the social security numbers and names of 63,000 employees and students here on the ucf campus was the talk of the town today. >> i have a brother in law up north who texted me because he somehow knew about it and he said, are you doing ok? i heard you got hacked. >> we want everyone involved to take this seriously. amanda: ucf officials say the
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january 8th when they learned information for about 600 current and former student athletes had been hacked. on january 15, they discovered the breach extended to tens of thousands of ucf employees stretching as far back as the 1980' s. >> social security numbers are certainly the most sensitive data involved. what' s not included are credit card numbers, grades, medical information, that kind of information is not involved at all. amanda: ucf says police were notified as soon as the hack was discovered and they reached out to a national forensics firm. as for why it took several weeks to announce the news the school , simply says the investigation took some time and they moved as fast as they could. a letter to each victim will be mailed out tomorrow. meantime a website and a call center are up ad running to questions. you can find a link on our website,
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breaking news from titusville where an eight-year-old has been hit by a car. meredith: dan billow has the latest from the scene. dan: on north carpenter road in titusville, a lot of concern after an eight-year-old was hit by a truck. you can see the gas company truck, and you can see police marking the area. the eight-year-old had serious head injuries and a broken arm. if we moved to the left, we should be able to see the driver of that truck. he is still here, cooperating with police. he is in the blue shirt. near him as a woman in a dark shirt who helped the little boy. was there, trying to put pressure on his wins and keep him safe. -- wounds and keep him safe. they have not been able to fly him to the hospital because of the helicopter. he is going on the ground, a
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popular -- two arnold palmer. he has a serious head injury and a broken bone. it is a serious matter here. police will be telling us eventually if they are going to file charges of for exactly how this happened. dan billow, wesh 2 news. meredith: daytona beach police say a man sexually assaulted his 13-year-old neighbor while the child was visiting they say the boy had to fight the suspect off. 53-yea-old john worling is charged with kidnapping, lewd and lascivious battery and aggravated child abuse. the victim told police he stayed home from school and went to worling' s house on grandview avenue to play video games. he says worling suddenly pulled the victims pants down and performed a sex act on him. the victim says he kicked at worling and though worling tried to stop him, the boy got out the door and ran home. his grandmother, who we are not identifying, is very worried about her grandson. >> in his mind, i think he' s going to be messed up, probably forever.
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meredith: the family says worling often gave the victim gifts but they thought he was just being nice. jim: we are learning new information tonight about a shooting at a tax office in cocoa yesterday. turns out the gunfire started in a dispute over a fee. bullet holes still pepper the walls inside the office, as well as the pawn shop next door. the owner of the shop was shot in the leg. a witness who was in the tax office at the time says the gunman stormed in angry over a $100 fee. an office employee and the gunman were shot. investigators have not said who fired the shots or whether anyone will be charged with a crime. all new at 6:00 an alert about a , skimming device found on a gas pump in kissimmee. police just released these photos of the device found during a routine inspection of one of the pumps at a 7/11 on west vine street. the department is urging anyone who may have used that location to check their bank accounts. if you find any fraudulent charges, you should contact your bank immediately.
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lord -- murder about local lottery winner. meredith: adrian shakespeare. >> everyone knew he would do anything for me. michelle: did you have a relationship? note -- >> french it only. meredith: hear more about shakespeare. jim: problems with people trying to file taxes online. what the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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michelle: did you kill abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely not, and god knows i' m innocent. jim: tonight a wesh 2 news exclusive interview from prison with the woman convicted in the murder of a local lottery winner. meredith: dee dee moore first made national headlines when she was arrested in the death of abraham shakespeare. she has had years to reflect on her case and her conviction. jim: in this exclusive interview, wesh 2' s michelle meredith lets dee dee tell her side of the story. and in case you are still
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michelle: as i watched you walk in the door, my first thought was, she does not look like a killer. >> not at all. it hurts to even be called that. michelle: it' s been close three years since dee dee moore became an inmate at the lowell correctional institution in ocala. convicted of killing lottery winner abraham shakespeare. do you ever wish, dee dee, you had never met abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely. absolutely. michelle: why? >> because i wouldn' t be in prison for something i did not do. michelle: she' s a different woman now. gone are her locks of blonde hair. but one thing has not changed. did you kill abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely not, and god knows i' m innocent. >> you were sentenced to life imprisonment. michelle: but in december 2012,
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dee dee moore was found guilty, accused of befriending the mult- million dollar lottery winner, gaining shakespeare' s trust, gaining control of his finances, shooting him in cold blood, then burying him under a slab of concrete in her backyard. >> he was like me. he liked to make people smile. he liked to make people smile. michelle: dee dee claims she didn' t need to kill abraham shakespeare for his money. he gave it away. >> everybody knew he' d do anything for me. anything. michelle: did you have a relationship? >> nope, friendship only. michelle: dee dee said she did bury something under that concrete slab, but it wasn' t abraham shakespeare. it was $1 million shakespeare was trying to hide. >> i' ll pay you $300,000 if you let me bury the money in your yard. i was like, ok, sure, i don' t care. michelle: how did shakespeare' s body get there? dee dee says the real killers put it there by digging a trench. >> so what we are thinking is
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here. underneath the concrete, got out it' s place so that i would get blamed for it. michelle: some people at this point might be saying, this is crazy. it' s like a nightmare. michelle: what is that? >> it' s like a nightmare you can' t wake up from. michelle: now dee dee moore wakes up every day in prison sentenced to life, and experiences the perks and inmate. >> i' ve had stuff stolen from me in here to ebay. michelle: like what? >> the biggest thing was my panties. i had my panties taken to ebay. michelle: dee dee told me she thought one day she might become a celebrity. but not for this. michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jim: dee dee moore says she gets letters from people all over the world saying they support her. she tells wesh 2 news that she
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meredith: taxable for the irs. they have stopped accepting electronic filing due to an outage. a hardwired failure took in a number of services including e-filing and tracking your refund. they have not said what caused this problem. only that they are looking to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. a local cpa is filing returns which the irs will get once the system is back up and running. >> we are continuing to go on as normal. we will file returns as normal, there should not be any thing to worry about. meredith: some refund checks can be delayed a few days. nine out of 10 taxpayers should get the refund within three weeks, which is normal. the agency hopes to have the problem by tomorrow. rain spread across central commute. i have not heard much thunder. tony: there been a couple claps
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let me take you outside. this is what folks are dealing with up north. still raining heavily at daytona beach. outside the wesh 2 studios, if you points the camera north, you can see darker clouds and energy coming in from up north with temperatures already in the 50' s in marion county. cooler weather is headed our way. let' s get into this and show you what is going on. lots of yellow and orange, but not as much as earlier. we have had upwards of three inches of rain, right here in marion county. the bulk of the heavy stuff is pushing over to the forest. heavy over daytona beach, watch travels on i-95 to palm coast, over at flagler beach. another round of moderate to heavy rain is working in. palm coast has had two inches of rain already, and it is still coming done. maybe three inches at the end of it.
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beach, down to oak hill, moderate to heavy rain is moving in. you can see i-4 west, i-95, wet oak hill. this will head your way over the next hour and 45 minutes. -- there is i-4 from lake mary, just feeling in. doctor phillips, the attractions to come. things have been fairly quiet and warm for osceola and brevard counties. give it another two hours, this a of rain will be sinking southeastward to your area. rainbow springs, 3.07 inches of rain with plenty of totals in marion county with two inches. 79 in melbourne, 57 right now in ocala three it the two degrees different alone in the viewing
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orlando 73 down to 58 by the time we come on the air at 11:00 tonight. daytona beach down to 57. it is going to be windy and dan. 55 down to 53 by 11:00, and upper 40' s by daybreak. orlando 47, melbourne 49. it will be a blustery winter day tomorrow. gusty northwest winds, 15 to 20 miles per hour. afternoon highs around 60 degrees. atlas v, a problem with the wind. that will be an issue. we may have to hold that off until saturday. over the weekend, saturday night and sunday a quick shot of rain, but super bowl sunday plans will be dry, and cool. check out the forecast for super bowl sunday, 61. seven-day forecast lows in the 40' s, highs in the 60' s. meredith: thank you.
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and one of the best behind the wheel will not get a last shot in daytona. stewart: he will have to sit out the 500. as golf returns to the olympics
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who can represent team usa stewart: one of the all-time nascar greats will miss his final shot at winning the daytona 500. tony stewart will miss the start of the season after fracturing his vertebrae in an atv accident sunday. the three-time nascar champion had surgery in charlotte yesterday. despite winning series titles in 2002, 2005, and 2011, a win at the daytona 500 has proved to be elusive for stewart. the season-opening daytona 500 is february 21. there' s just one play you need to see from the magic' s heartbreaking loss to the thunder. i have got two words, kevin durant. >> in the thunder now in a tied the game, durant -- he has got it. stewart: here it is. durant knocks down a game-winner with less than a second left. the 27-foot three-pointer ended the game. the oklahoma city thunder take the win 117-114.
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clippers tomorrow. game tips off at 7:00 p.m. at the amway. the dust has settled on national signing day and the recruiting class for florida' s top schools have taken shape. according to espn, fsu tops the list of schools in our state and the nation, edging out alabama who finished in the second spot. uf has the 14th-ranked recruiting class in america, and miami at 22. and rebuilding ucf team is ranked 58th on the list of 100 schools. former florida gators quarterback chris leak is the school. the athletic department made the announcement today. leak was the starter on the gators 2006 national championship team. he went on to play for the orlando predators for a season. leak comes to the eagles from helping the tampa bay bucs with community relations with youth football. golf returns to the olympics this summer in rio. there are four players in line to qualify for team usa. jordan spieth, rickie fowler, bubba watson and dustin johnson are all set to hit the greens for the red, white and blue. they are the highest ranking we' ll have full coverage of the
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wesh 2 august 5 through august 21.
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