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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> pelley: cyber war, how russian hackers crashed the democratic party. >> you were up against two adversaries. it wasn't just drum. it was also the russians. >> pelley: also tonight, the assad's bombing resumes. civilians are trapped as the world watches. four years after sandy hook, a video designed to head off another tragedy. >> they're saying i should have been able to recognize the signals that the kid was giving. >> pelley: and we'll remember one of the tv fathers we knew best. ? don't waste another minut
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: u.s. intelligence is working against a deadline of january 20th, the day president obama leaves office, to complete the investigation he ordered of attempts by foreign hackers to influence the election. one focus is the russian break-in at the democratic national committee. we know a lot more about that tonight thanks to jeff pegues. >> reporter: investigators believe the attack began in july the presidential election. thousands of e-mails were sent to hundreds of organizations. ultimately the hackers known as cozy bear and tied to russian intelligence burrowed into the computers of the democratic national committee, and they stole documents and e-mails that would later come back to haunt democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. adam hodge is with the d.n.c. >> this is unprecedented.
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the entire democratic party with one goal, and that was to help donald trump. >> reporter: the u.s. intelligence communitys split on whether the hacks were intended to help mr. trump, but since at least 2010, u.s. intelligence analysts have been warning of russian cyber intrusion and information warfare. a 2013 threat assessment concluded russia is among three countries focusing on using internet content that might contribute to instability and regime change. with the d.n.c. hack, an f.b.i. agent first noticed these suspicious activities earlier this year. he called the d.n.c. and was transferred to a help desk. his calls went ignored. >> it took several months before the d.n.c. realized that it had been contacted by the f.b.i. >> to verify the authenticity of the f.b.i. agent that said who he said he said he was. >> a couple of months?
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that's the reality. >> reporter: president-elect trp has brushed off allegations that the russians were trying to boost his candidacy. he recently tweeted, "unless you catch hackers in the act, it's hard to determine who is doing it." brought up before the election. >> pelley: jeff pegues for us tonight. donald trump's election could cost him a prized possession. he rtly cverted a washington landmark enter a luxury hotel.but the old post on 1899 is government, and that's a prob here's julianna goldman. >> one, two, three. [applause] >> reporter: to build his newist hotel here in the nation's capital, president-elect donald trump leased the building from the federal government. the contract included a standard clause that says, "no u.s. elected official can be part of the lease or privy to any benefit from the deal." that means the day mr. trump takes office, he'll be in breech
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financial ties to the hotel. >> they need to resolve it as soon as possible. >> reporter: congressman elijah cummings says a top official from the general services administration, which oversees the property, recently told democrats they tried to reach the trump team but haven't heard back. >> we want the american people to have trust in the decisions that the president makes, and by eliminating these conflicts, you then open a doo for that. >> reporter: while he's in the legally obligated, mr. trump has sa he'll separate himself from his businesses but t weehi postponed a conference to lay out how he'll do it. instead he tweeted prior to his inauguration he'll turn over his business to his two adult son, also problematic since they're actively involved in the transition, and the d.c. hotel is a prime example according to steven sciewner, an expert on government contracts at the george washington university law
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servant negotiating with the president's adult children knowing that their supervisor wa appointed by the president. >> reporter: the g.s.a. said they will wait to see what from trump does with his businesses before taking any action. the trump organization did not respond to our request for comment. >> pelley: julianna goldman, thanks. mr. trump met today in new york with billionaires who, for the most part, did not support him. and he had a message for the chief executives valley. major garrett is covering the transition. major? >> reporter: scott, the president-elect told technology executives he wanted to work with them, but one company was con conspicuously absent, america's most influential twitter user did not invite that social media company to the meeting. c.e.o.s from apple, amazon, microsoft and google as well as others were summoned to trump tower, but twitter, according to the trump transition, was not invited because it lacked the economic clout of the other invited companies.
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between twitter and the trump team. during the campaign in its latter stage, tru officials wanted the social media company to create a custom icon to accompany mr. trump's nickname and hashtag for hillary clinton, "crooked hillary." twitter initially agreed but later backed out, rejecting the emoji's design. scott, there is no proof that disagreement had anything to do with twitter's absence today. >> pelley: major, thyo the president also told those executives he would do everything he can to support innovation. the president-elect's first overseas crisis is likely to be syria, and today the agony of aleppo deepened as a negotiated ceasefire failed the minute it began. tonight time-lapse video shows the eiffel tower going dark in solidarity with aleppo, a city that oncead two million residents, now reduced to ruin
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the u.s. blames syria's assad dictatorshipnd its ally, russia and iran, for prolonging the fight. we have more now from holly williams. >> reporter: the buses waiting in aleppo this morning supposed to evacuate fighters and civilians from the last remaining rebel-held section of the city. [explosion] instead the ceasefire collapsed. there was shelling, more air strikes, and the buses went away empty. several thousand civilian, member, women and children, are holed up in around two square miles of territory with aleppo now nearly entirely under the syrian regime control. it's major victory for the regime after four years of fighting in the city. but it was won by indiscriminately killing civilians, which help -- with
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syria's president, bashar al assad, called for rebels and castigated the west for troing to protect them. >> it doesn't matter what they ask. the translation of their statement is for russia, please stop the advancement of the syrian army against the terrorists. >> reporter: the u.s. has condemned the regime and its friends in russia and iran, but in five years of civil war, america has avoided a confrontation with the syrian regime. fearing a dangerous escalation and perhaps conflict with russia, the pre of that policy has been paid by syrian civilians with their lives. the united nations human rights chief said today the bombardment of civilians in aleppo by the syrian regime and its allies is almost certainly a violation of international law, and, scott,
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>> pelley: holly williams for us in istanbul. today the federal reserve raised a key interest rate a quarter of a point, a milestone in the recovery from the great recession. senior business correspondent anthony mason is here. anthony? >> reporter: scott, the vote was unanimous. the fed raised rates for the first time this year and only the second time since the 2008 recession. once more the fed forecasts it will hike rates three more times next year in 2017. we et continue to perform well, said chair janet yellen, citing improving jobs numbers, unemployment is now at 4.6%, and the economy has added 180,000 jobs monthhis year. but wall street was not celebrating. the dow, which had been within striking distance of 20,000, fell 118 points, snapping a post-election rally that had lasted seven straight sessions. but the dow is still up 8% since the trump victory.
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this mean to most folks? >> well, until the trump economic policy is in place, scott, it is really not clear. fed chair janet yellen said there has been a cloud of uncertainty hanging over that, but it is clear the fed wants to continue to raise rates by next year, the question is by how much. >> pelley: anthony mason, thank you. today one of the three survivors of the charleston church massacre told a jury she came face to face with the gunman. that man, dylann roof, isn trial for and he could face the death penalty. mark strassmann is in charleston. >> he's coming, he's come, he's coming. please! >> reporter: that 911 call from the night of the massacre was played for dylann roof's jury. >> he shot the master. he shot all the men in the church. please come right away. >> reporter: the caller was survivor polly shepperd. >> there are so many people hurt. oh, my god. >> reporter: today in federal
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that as the faithful shut their eyes for the closing prayer, shots rang out. she hid under a table. dead and dying people lay around her. then roof spotted her. shepperd: i was praying allowed. he told me to shut up. roof asked, "did i shoot you?" she said, "no." he said, "i'm not going to. i'm going the leave you to tel the story." roof remembered that moment in his videotaped confession to f.b.i. agents the day after the murders. >> one woman, i didn't shoot her at all. >> reporter: but while shepperdestified today, roof would not look at her. [gunfire] yesterday jurors saw this video roof took of himself firing a glock .45 pistol in his backyard. the same weapon he breakthrough to the murderous rampage at the mother emanuel church less than two months later. a medical examiner testified
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suzy jackson, at 87, the oldest victim, was shot ten times. eric manning, the pastor at mother emanuel, sees deeper meaning in polly shepperd's survival. >> she stood in the face of evil and evil backed down. >> reporter: when shepperd finished testifying and left the stand, mos t courtroom stood up out of respect. roof stayed seated. scott, closing arguments are set for tomorrow morning. >> pelley: mark strassmann for us. mark, thank you. this morning in newtown, connecticut, they paused for 15 minutes, exactly four years after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. 26 people were killed then. 20 of them werirste f graders. this month sandy hook promise, started by family members,
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toward the warning signs of a tragedy. here's dr. jon lapook. ? got some news today from the radio man ? broke the word somber... ? >> reporter: it seems to be a charming story of young love. >> have a good summer. >> you too. >> reporter: two teens flirting. then... >> oh, my god. >> do you like to write? >> yes, that's what i do. >> reporter: terror. as the scenes are replayed, we realize what we've missed, a troubled student, getting bullied, posting a disturbing selfie, gesturing violently, but as the ad points out, no one noticed.
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broadview middle school in danbury, connecticut, watched the video online. declan jakobson is an eighth grader. >> it was saying i should have been able to recognize the signals that the kid was giving. >> reporter: his school has adopted a violence prevention program, developed by sandy hook promise, called "say something." what are you taught are the warning signs? >> when people isolate themselves, when they're being bullied, a lot of times that will lead to something, or when they're obsessed with death, gun, things like that, they also teach yoo adult. >> reporter: psychiatrist dr. harold schwartz co-authored a 2013 report on the newtown shooter. >> risk signs appear in many people who never perpetrate violence, so what we can do that will be most effective will be to create prevention programs. >> reporter: research shows school shooters have often communicated their plans beforehand to social media, texting or conversations.
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report. for school children, we need to try to end the code of silence. >> reporter: avery marquis spoke up after seeing another student bullied. snitching on somebody?ht be >> no, because in the schl we make it such a big thing that it's not snitching. it's saying something for everybody's safety. >> reporter: i asked some of the students if their role in trying the prevent violence was placing too much pressure on them, but they told feel empowered by the program, appreciating what a difference they can make by focusing on somebody they might normally not even see. >> pelley: if you see something, say something. jon, thank you. coming up on the "cbs evening news," temperatures fall as quickly as the snow, and later hollywood hits chosen for
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first demarco morgan in upstate new york. demarco? >> reporter: scott, the people here in watertown are in for a listening night. up to two feet of snow could blanket the northern and western part of the state by the end of the week. heavy lake-effect snow and a blizzard warning in calumet, michigan, stopped some drivers right in their tracks, making walking the quickest mode of transportation, even in four degrees. further east, in york, white-out conditionsforc a battle between man and nature. the combination of snowfall and whipping 45mph winds led to stressful, white-knuckle driving in watertown. a steady band of snow started falling early this morning, enough to keep plow driver bruce reome busy. >> the main thing that really surprises me when i'm out here doing this is people don't slow down. i see people pass me when i'm out clearing the road, and a
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>> reporter: i'm jamie yuccas? stillwater, minnesota, where it is currently three degrees, but with the wind-chill it feels like it's 14 below. those are perfect conditions to make these man-made ice castles, but not so great if you're not bundled up. exposed skin can get frostbite in minutes, and, scott, tomorrow morning it's supposed to only be 10 degrees below zero. >> pelley: demarco morgan and jamie yuccas in the fortress of solitude, thanks. up next, "thelma and louise"
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>> pelley: well, that will keep you up at night. "the birds" is one of 25 classic movies that the library of congress added today to the national film registry. to be preserved for their cultural importance.
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king," "the breakfast club," "the princess bride." >> hello. my name is inigo montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die. >> pelley: and "thelma and louise." today yahoo said it fell victim to what isel data breech ever at an e-mail provider. hackers are believed to have stolen data for more than one bill user accounts in august of 2013. the data include e-mail addresses, birth dates and security questions, a separate breech was announced in september involving half a billion yahoo accounts. up next we'll remember alan
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>> pelley: television has made dozens of sitcom dads part of our popular culture. one of the most famous was played by alan thicke, who died of a heart attack yesterday at the ag o 69. ? show me that smile again show me that senile >> reporter: hard to believe, but it was 31 years ago that alan thicke introduced us to dr. jason seaver, the warm and upbeat tv dad on "growing pains" ? head out on the highway ? >> reporter: the roll of wise and loving father wasn't a stretch of thicke, a devoted dad to three boys. ? if you can't hear ? including music star robin thicke. >> i think all three of my boys are quite fabulous.
5:58 pm
we're very close. >> reporter: robin posted on his instagram, he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had. >> the red hot chili peppers. >> reporter: before "growing pains," alan thicke hosted his own talkw ? now the move don't move to the theme of just one drum ? >> reporter: and composed the themes for "different strokes" and the "facts of life." ? you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and ? >> reporter: wayne gretzky tweeted, "he was a wonderful father, husband and friend." ? we got each other ? nine words that speak volumes about alan thicke's life well lived. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the "cb evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all
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captioning sponsor this is "jeopa please welcome today's contestants -- an astronomer from sanose, california... a law student from greenwich, connecticut... a science content developer from austin, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
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susanna and edward, you are the challengers today. i welcome you and wish you all good luck. we're now starting the jeopardy! round, with these categories in play. will give you the literary lines. you give us the literary work they are from. those two letters coming up in each correct response. off you go, amp. much bigger than a breadbox for $200, please. edward. what is a blue whale? blue whale -- right you are. do representin' for $200. cindy. who is newt gingrich? yes.


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