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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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we'll have more on the preparations for the snow..but we have an update now on the emergency situation at lake com. como. that's in walworth you can see from the map, a few miles west of lake geneva. cbs 58's kristen barbaresi is at the scene right now...and she joins us live....kristen,
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filled with snow. snow.dpw briefed reporters about those preparations cbs 58's amanda devoe is live with the key points of the plan..amanda? the city wants you to know that crews will be out in full force to make sure the roads are safe to drive. the milwaukee department of public works says anti-icing operations started on wednesday. crews are brining the streets with salt and water to keep the snow from sticking to the pavement. 102 streets starting tomorrow. dpw says 350 workers will be out over the course of the storm, and they're prepared to work 12 hour shifts. dpw also says they are monitoring the storm, and will do whatever it takes to keep the roads safe, reminding drivers to be patient with plow trucks as they remove snow. laura daniels, director of operations, dpw "it's important for us to get the snow moved and especially with a storm of this sizable predicted amounts that we don't leave snow there because it'll just compound future storms. we need to get through
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this weekend's snow operation is expected to cost around 1 and a half million dollars. dpw also says to make sure follow the rules for street parking so you don't get ticketed or towed. live in downtown mke, ad cbs 58 news. 3 as you know, winter parking rules took effect at the beginning of this month, and with snow coming, especially important for the plow crews. some residential streets won't allow parking 'at all' when the snow total reaches 4-inches or higher. pay special attention to the signs through the weekend to avoid problems. we also have the updated parking rules posted on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. 3 and some of you may be planning a trip to green bay for sunday's packers-seahawks game. the pack played in the snow last sunday....and it may be even more challenging this
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until 3-25, but unless there's a change in the forecast, you'll be driving through the snow. please allow yourself plenty of time to get to the game and back. road conditions could be very slippery. 3 and if you haven't done it already, this would be a great time to download the cbs 58 "ready weather"'ll help you keep track of the storm's movements on live radar. the app is ?free? and available for apple and android. 3 3 disturbing new information on the story we broke last night.. gargae by an out of control car in okauchee.the woman who rents the home to the victim is speaking out.. out.. and only to cbs 58's april dovorany who joins us now live......april? the homeowner tells me- her tenant larry hansen was doing what he loves ...working on cars in this garage behind me when a car came crashing into him. we were st the chaotic scene last night.homeowner lisa marks told us- a driver came off highway 16, drove into an
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finally landing in this garage...where larry hansen was working on his car. last night witnesses told us the driver got out of her car and was arguing with police. marks tells us-police told her that driver is being held for questioning, and while her home is damaged, her greatest concern is hansen. he was pinned in the wreckage...with his legs badly injured. (lisa marks/homeowner) 1940 unfortunately pushed him and his car into the back of the garage and a block cinder wa life and his ability to walk again. very ubfortubate situation police say-speed and alcohol are likely factors in this crash. meanwhile hansen's family has set up a gofundmr page, we have a link to it on our website. live near ok lake ad cbs 58 a sheriff's deputy recovering tonight after getting rear ended and then tossed upside down in her squad car. happened early this
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sheboygan county.the driver says he had cruise control on, but got distracted by the dog in his car causing him to strike the deputy's squad car from behind.the car rolled over.. the driver who caused the crash ..then helped free the deputy who were told should make a full recovery. milwaukee police are asking for help finding a 30-year old . woman. her name is 'sabrina allen'. she was last seen on tuesday near third and nash...and police tell us she has health issues. allen is around 5-6...230 pounds. she was last seen blue knee-length coat with green lining... black shoes with white stripes and pink lining...if you recognize her -- call milwaukee police district five police? at 414-935-7251. 3 a woman who worked at the enterprise credit union in brookfield and her finacee are accused of cashing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of phony checks. a criminal complaint says anna cha-ra'-
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checks in 6-different bank accounts. the bank found out after an audit uncovered a 300-thousand dollar discrepancy. according to the complaint, the couple used the money to buy percocet pills. they're due in court later this month. if you've shopped at macy's you've probably seen those "believe" signs in the store. well today, the company is marking ?national? believe day in a heartwarming way. way. -nats-"and are you all ready for christmas?""yeah. i'm gonna see santa tomorrow." tomorrow." 4 year old athena is battling leukemia....and macy's is helping the make-a-wish foundation make athena's wish come true. on national believe day, macy's doubles its contribution to make-a-wish....that will help send athena on a trip to paris for her fifth birthday next year. "her dad took her brother to paris for his graduation, germany and paris and always said he'd take her. unfortunately he's passed now so she still wants to go 'cause her dad promised to take her there." there."
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wish is granted, it helps give a child extra energy, it gives them hope, it gives them strength to battle their life threatening medical conditions." conditions." athena is just one of the many kids who will see their wishes come true, thanks to make-a- wish and to contributions like those from macy's. 3 next at five, wisconsin's presidential vote recount approaches the finish line. we'll have a live report from one of the counties just finishing its work. 3 and summerfest anniversary party next year..,.why you'll be freefalling in 2017..when we come back.
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wisconsin recount of the presidential votes will very likely continue until it's finished. a federal judge today refused to grant donald trump supporters request to stop the recount immediately....saying that the count is almost finished and would probably not change the outcome. dozens of counties have already completed their counts and waukesha is wrapping up its work today. that's where cbs 58's david ade joins us
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the last few ballots went through machines here around 10-30 this officials are dealing with some formalities... before sending final numbers to the state this weekend. all but eight counties have made the recount official.the state tells us... so far... this recount hasn't changed much... hillary clinton has cut into donald trump's lead by just 49 votes.(but we have seen more than 13-hundred votes added into the mix.... locally.. here are some of the counties with more votes te the recount.we don't have final word on milwaukee county's numbers yet...earlier today... i spoke with waukesha county's clerk about her recount. other clerks say any changes to vote totals were mostly human error... not the vote counting machines that were heavily criticized by recount in waukesha county... david ade.. cbs 58 news.
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donald trump got a visit in new york today from house speaker paul ryan.but the janesville republican was ?not? there to talk about a possible position in trump's administration. "we had a great meeting to talk about our transition, we're very excited about getting to work and hitting the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track. thanks guys." guys."the president-elect is visiting grand rapids, michigan as part of his "thank you" tour tonight...that tour will bring trump to state fair park in west allis next tuesday. with a distinctly latin flavor. flavor. -nats music, dancing- dancing- a band played puerto rican and american holiday music at several milwaukee locations, starting at the united community center's senior facility. shake a leg and spread some holiday cheer..felix navidad!! "now i don't care about the 2 below zero or 16 below...we don't care. you have the
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warm." from there the band went to city hall makig other stops as well to give as many as possible a taste of christmas can catch them at the cafe el sol on 9th and washington at 6-30 tonight. 3 3 3 winter storm watch saturday 6pm - monday 12 amtonight: some clouds while staying partly cloudy. lows in the low teens with wind chills from 00 to 100. wind: w 5-10 mph. weekend: saturday starts out with a little bit of sunshine before clouds increase. stays chill saturday with highs in the low 20s but feeling closer to 100. snow arrives by saturday late afternoon or early evening. light snow continuous saturday night and all day sunday before wrapping up monday morning. highs on sunday will be close to the freezing mark in the lower 30s. by noon sunday most of southeast wisconsin will have 3-5" of snow on the ground with an additional 2" to 4" possible through sunday night. the snow looks to wrap up by
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-nats-"she was an american gir" girl.." no one has played summerfest's marcus amphitheater more than tom it's no big surprise to hear that the veteran rocker will be back for the 50th anniversary of the big gig next year. but there's a twist -- summerfest announced today that petty will play ?two? nights....july 4th and 5th...with special guest, chris stapleton who wa big gig. everybody's watching that injury report... hoping for health for a big game sunday at lambeau... 3 we'll check in with a current ?and? a former packer, as the preps for seattle are underway! it's next. 3
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kyler fackrell, nick perry out. clay matthews, damarious randall among six packers questionable.... mike pennel is out sunday - and every game for the rest of the year. that means more time for dean lowry. he's with c-b-s 58's scott grodsky. 3 3 scott: for rookie dean lowry, this is going to be your first taste of that game against seattle. it's sort of turned into a rivalry for the packers. what have the older guys it?lowry: it's always a very intense game. dating back the past few years, it's been a close, competitive game. it's going to come down to the fourth quarter, so we have to have that momentum going to stay the course of the game. so i think that we'll be ready for it.scott: last game against the texans, the memory i'm sure you'll never forget. your first sack. walk me through that. what was that like?lowry: it was a second quarter play, second and ten, a play action play. i read it pretty quickly, shot upfield
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pretty cool moment. first sack, at lambeau field too, so it was definitely an exciting time.scott: might be snowing again on sunday. does that give you guys a bit of an advantage, you have the experience, getting the cleats ready and everything else, and seattle won't?lowry: yeah, i think so. being up here throughout the year, the first time being cold up here this time of year, so i think it's an adjustment, but i think getting out there today and being cold and getting used to that weather is going to be, i think, to our advantage sunday. you're hoping that they don't bring in another earl thomas that can replace earl i think the packers can take some shots down the field but kam chancellor is just as good as earl thomas. the seattle seahawks struggling with key injuries also--butgary ellerson isn't quick to count out the league's top scoring defense. earl arms asks the former packers running back how they can win their third in a row tonight during chalk talk on the cbs 58 news at 10. another setback for u-f-c fighter anthony pettis. the milwaukee native failed to make weight for tomorrow night's featherweight fight at
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pounds over the 1-hundred-45 pound limit. he can still fight, but it won't be for the interim featherweight title. and u-f-c president dana white is not happy - he says pettis is too old and too big to make that weight. pettis also has to pay a fine - 20 percent of his winnings from the fight. the good news, brewers fans? dexter fowler has left the cubs. the bad news? he's still a rival. fowler signs with the cardinals - a five year deal worth more than 82 million dollars. he was a free agent last year, but came back to chicago on a one-year deal and that worked out o-k fowler, who won a world series and cashed in.
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a search continues on icy a search continues on icy lake
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>> pelley: running for their lives. cbs news is inside aleppo as assad's noose tightens and the innocent flee. >> reporter: these families have been walking for well over eight hours. they don't really care where they're going, they tell >> pelley: also tonight, once once-leading contender rudy giuliani is out of the running for secretary of state. jurors hear a killer confess to a massacre. >> roof: i went to that church in charleston, and i did it. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a war correspondent for a war that ended more than 70 years ago. >> there are really super hero world war ii vet out there, and


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