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tv   CBS 58 News at Noon  CBS  December 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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3 the death of a 2-year-old who fell out of a window last summer has milwaukee city leaders taking action. this morning a common council committee took up a proposal that would require landlords to put screens on windows that open. . cbs 58's kyle aevermann was there and joins us live from that's new at noon...kyle? 3 3 there was some hesitation in the last common council meeting about passing an ordinance requiring window screens because of how it could affect those who live in high rises. this morning city staff presented a substitute ordinance to the zoning, neighborhoods, and development committee.before this morning's meeting, screens were not required for openable
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floor. city staff believe that may be because screens were originally called insect screens, and at the time of the initial ordinance it wasn't believed insects flew higher than the substitute ordinance would require all openable windows, regardless of floor, to have a screen.this will only be required for rental units, and not will be the responsibility of the landlord to install and maintain them, not the tenant. the change to the ordinance comes after two year old michael mccly woke up froa a window, got stuck and died. ald. khalif rainey "i thought this was the least that we could do to make sure we have the safety measures, the precautions, in place as a city for those who are renters. just to make sure they have adequate living, just to make sure they can avoid situations as this." 16 secs. 3 the substitute passed unanimously this morning. alderman rainey says he will work towards establishing a
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examine all the codes and ordinances to make sure everyone has the necessities for adequate living. a violent crash that trapped a driver shut down a section of highway 100 for more than 4 hours this morning. greenfield police say around 5-15, a car driven by a 33-year-old greenfield man was heading east on morgan when it slammed into a semi traveling south on used equipment to free the driver from the mangled car. he was taken to froedtert hospital but his condition has not been released. the southbound lanes of highway 100 reopened shortly before 10 this morning. the semi driver was not injured. a driver lost control and hit the front of a house in west allis last night. the crash happened around 10 near 60th and orchard. we spoke with a woman who lives at the home...she was sleeping when the car hit the front porch. 3 i thought my granddaughter fell out of bed at first
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back to sleep and she called and said somebody hit the house." police are investigating but right now 'do not' believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. no it's not sunny, but at least it seems a little brighter and pehaps a few degrees warmer outside today than yesterday. rebecca's here with your first look at ready weather. rebecca in wx center toss back to mi 3 toss back to mike
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new at noon...milwaukee county leaders are closer to regulating the use of the popular "pokemon go" phone game in county parks. parks.this morning all four members of the parks, energy and environment committee voted in favor of an proposal that would force game develpers to obtain a permit before placing any "augmented reality locations" in a county park. earlier this year when local parks were flooded with gamers - looking for game-related items in the parks. sup. sheldon a. wasserman - 3rd dist.we had a developer come in and basically experiment on our population with a new electronic game a new way of playing games in milwaukee county and really this is a worldwide problem problem the county board is scheduled to vote on the measure at its next meeting 3 they're billboards with a potentially live-saving message. a public awareness
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of prescription painkillers and dangers of heroin was launched this morning. the drug enforcement administration, cvs stores and the hupy and abraham law firm are behind the 8-week billboard campaign that aims to reduce the risk of addiction and save lives. robert bell, dea assistant special agent in charge"this initiative offers hope, hope that we can prevent misuse of these substances and hope for those in the grips of dependence as well as hope for those for there families with guidance to treatment" treatment" the mike examiner the county is on pace this year to significantly eclipse the 231 heroin and opiate overdose deaths recorded in 2015. here's a way you can help others this holiday 58 has teamed up with the salvation army and steinhafels to make sure local kids have a gift to open on christmas morni. morning.starting now - we're asking families who can to donate new- unwrapped toys at
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placing them in one of these blue bins...the toys go to the "salvation army toy shop" which provides parents with the opportunity to "shop" for new toys.. and then surprise their children on christmas morning. dirk stallmann - steinhafel's marketing director:"it's one of those things where everybody should hgave something under the tree for xmas its a universal experience so anytime that we can do that and extend that out to the community you're never gonna lose" lose" steinhafels will be collecting toys now thru december 18th this week, more than 5-thousand m-p-s students will take home free books - meant to build up a home library of their's a literacy inititive called "my very own library" in partnership with the united way which provides students with the opportunity to choose books to take home to read. 3 natosha harris - principal, hopkins lloyd community school "so we wanna encourage our students to read 20 minutes each night so that when they get the opportunity to choose these books they are able to go home and have some books that interest them."
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assembly related to the program at the hopkins lloyd community school where children heard from author sundee frazier - who read portions from her book "cleo edison oliver, playground millionaire." coming up on the cbs 58 news at noon... the latest on potential criminal charges related to a tragic warehouse fire in oakland... plus - the brewers are getting a little younger... details on
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the grim work continues at the site of a last friday's deadly warehouse fire in oakland. most of the 36 victims have been identified and search crews don't expect to find any more, but firefighters must still examine portions of the building that have so far, proven too dangerous to search. edward lawrence has the latest from the scene. 3 ?ad lib? toss back 3 3 scene.latest from the lawrence has the search. edward dangerous to search. edward lawrence has the latest from the scene. fire crews resumed search and recovery efforts at the scene of friday night's fire at a dance party in an oakland, california warehouse. thirty- six bodies have been recovered so far. twenty-six of them, positively identified.(sot)"we have nine tentative ids, and
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remaining."overnight, workers removed parts of a wall. one area of the gutted building, which served as an artist residence and party space, is still too unstable to search. (sot - )"there's one corner that remains unstable. that's another thing that we're gonna be doing throughout the day today is stabilizing that corner so that we can search that last section." (gfx in) property records show there were numerous complaints against the building including two just last month citing "a ton of garbage an "illegal interior building structure." (gfx out)(standup bridge:)the makeshift memorial outside the warehouse is growing with each day. people from all over - some with no connection to the fire - are stopping by to pay their respects.(sot)"it's heartbreaking..."guillermo lesh used to live around the corner and has dj'd for similar parties in the past. he says he wonders if young people will learn the lessons of friday's tragedy.(sot) "these are very underground parties and it's very hard to
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what caused the fire. rain is expected to hamper those efforts later today. edward lawrence for cbs news, oakland, california. 3 3
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the milwaukee brewers made a move this morning for some has sent relief pitcher tyler thornburg to the boston red sox in exchange for infielder travis shaw and two prospects. after dealing away their top two relievers last season, thornburg finished as the closer for the brew crew, appearing in 67 games and putting up a decent 2-point 1-5 earned run average. shaw is a 26-year-old left handed hitter who could play third base. he hit 16 home runs last
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the trade in our afternoon newscasts. 3 after appearing in sturtevant and downtown mlwaukee last night...the canadian pacific holiday train continues to make its way through the area. the train with 14 cars decked out in holiday lights will stop at the harwood avenue crossing in wauwatosa at 4-45 this afternoon and stay there until 5-30 before heading out to hartland and then onto watertown. the wauwatosa event benefits the "tosa cares food pantry".attendees a bring food and cash donations to the event. 3 coming up on your cbs money watch report... the supreme court weighs in on the fued between apple and samsung... the winners and
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3 in today's money watch report... 3 the supreme court is siding with smartphone maker samsung in its high-profile patent dispute with apple over design of the iphone. today - the justices threw out a 399 million dollar
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copying parts of the iphone's design. the court said samsung may not be required to pay all the profits it earned from 11 phone models because the features at issue are only a tiny part of the's not entiurely over yet however. the case now returns to a lower court for further proceedings. starting next year furniture retailer ikea will offer parental leave for new moms and dads - up to four paid months if the employee has been with the company for at least one as other tech companies like netflix are improving their parental leave policies. the u-s lags behind many nations. an ikea store being built in oak creek is scheduled to open in the summer of 2018. google's going more green.the company says renewable energy will power its offices in dozens of cities next year. google plans to buy enough renewable energy to power all of its operations in 2017.that
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says its long-term goal is to run on clean zero-carbon energy full-time every day of the year.for now-- google uses power purchase agreements.the company buys renewable energy from wind or solar energy developers... sells the energy back to the grid at a wholesale price... and receives certificates to use for its businesses. 3 -- talk over live big board -- board -- -- talk over live big board --
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it's time for news on the go... a recap of all your top stories happening at noon. after a two year old died from getting stuck and falling out of a window, milwaukee city leaders have been working to prevent another tragedy from happening. this morning the zoning, neighborhoods, and development committee ordinance to require all openable windows, regardless of which floor they're on, to have a screen.this will only be required for rental units, and not will be the responsibility of the landlord to install and maintain them, not the tenant. the ordinance now goes before the full common council./ a violent crash trapped a driver and shut down a section of highway 100 for more than 4 hours this morning. greenfield police say a car driven by a 33-year-old greenfield man was
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slammed into a semi traveling south on highway 100.he was taken to froedtert hospital but his condition has not been released. 3 a billboard campaign addressing the misuse of prescription painkillers and dangers of heroin was launched this morning. the drug enforcement administration, cvs stores and the hupy and abraham law firm are behind the 8-week public awareness campaign that aims to reduce the risk of addiction and save lives. and that is your cbs 58 news on the go. 3 3 58 news on the and that
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3 and that is your cbs 58 news on the go. 3 stay tuned to cbs 58 all afternoon... coming up at 2 its jeopardy...then at 3 its dr. phil with... then stay with us this
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? >> eric: you're thinking. thinking is good. >> steffy: i'm thinking i have to be careful. >> eric: why? >> steffy: i'm starting to take it seriously that you really want me to run forrester creations. and i don't want to make a decision for the wrong reason. >> eric: and w the wrong reason? >> steffy: no, i don't -- i don't -- [ sighs ] i don't know. maybe it's not a wrong decision. it's like... i've always wanted this to happen. i just didn't think it -- it would. i mean, i had this -- this fantasy in my head that you and -- and dad and -- and grandma would just come to me and say that i was the only one. i was -- [ sighs ] i was the only one that could lead our family and our company forward. and knowing that you have faith in my judgment and my abilities


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