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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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a group of fans is planning to ?sue? the n-f-l - after last weekend's hall of fame game was canceled because of poor field conditions. conditions.the issue stemmed from paint used on the logo at mid-field and in the end-zones zonesleaving portions of the field dangerously - fans say they aren't being compensated fairly for the n-f- l's mistake ... cbs-58s evan kruegel spoke with their attorney and joins us in the studio to explain the nfl has agreed to refund ticket's to the game - but fans say they're still out hundreds of dollars for travel, food, and hotels - money they want the nfl - to pay back "what a joke!"as fans streamed out of the canceled hall of fame game - frustration was hard to miss"there were a lot of people that were booing" "i feel really bad for all the people that traveled here from all over the country."now that frustration - has turned into
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:"those fans are entitled to be compensated for their expenses as a result of this decable."attorney michael avenatti (av-eh-netty) is representing over a hundred fans from across the country, including packers fans, arguing the league isn't doing enough "what they've offered to do is refund the face value of the tickets to the original purchaser of the ticket. many of these fans actually paid above face value tickets on the secondary market, so those fans would be left out in the cold."avenatti says the n-f-l should also refund travel expenses - like hotel rooms and airplane tickets. he argues the bad paint job was a human error - not an act of god. "no one is looking for a lottery ticket here. not our clients, and certainly not our firm. we just want these people made whole." the lawsuit would represent every ticket holder at the
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be filed by the end of the week.bill? 3 if you're heading up to lambeau field for the preason game on friday... remember the stadium now has metal detectors.last year, they were only at one gate..but due to a league-wide mandate, they will be at ?all gates? this season. there will also be express lanes at each gate for fans entering the stadium without bags or stadium seats. seats.and don't foreget.... you can watch friday's packers game against the cleveland browns on our sis w-m-l-w the m. and tune starting at six to catch another showing of our brett favre special, "making of a legend." a fire sparked in lithiom batteries and burned for hours in franklin. started late this morning at s & c electric factory..a company that provides equipment electrical power systems. the franklin fire department says a large number of lithiom ion batteries caught workers tells us alarms went off and everyone got out
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"i was on the other side of the building doing completely innocuous testing, but it seemed like everyone was at the muster point there were nobody left inside there were no injures" injures"the fire department says one firefighter was injured... but won't give details. still no word on a cause. the company released a statment saying..."our team followed strict safety protocols and quickly evacuated all team members; we are grateful that no injuries resulted from this incident and are thankful to the local fire department and emergency response teams for their quick action and continued support. a fire in sheboygan falls causes heavy damage to an apartment complex.... this video, after the fire was put out, shows extensive damage to the roof.the fire was reported on the second floor of the complex.officials have not offered much information about the word of injuries yet. we're learning new details tonight about an f-b-i raid in milwaukee.a search warrant says a group of people used different businesses to defraud the goverment of millions of 58's kristen barbaresi joins us
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according to the nearly 50 page warrant this scam went on for more than a decade--with the scammers defrauding the government of hundreds of millions of dollars. fbi agents raided a building on florist avenue in milwaukee last week... along with a home in meno fallsthe feds are after six people... who investigators say cooked up a scheme to win government contracts meant for the disabled and disadvantaged to do it... they found people who requirements of a service-disabled veteran"these people were ied nstall the owners of construction companies... but in reality were just figureheadsone man who claimed to own and work full time at one of these construciton companies... according to dmv and bank records... actually lived and worked in minnesota the fbi says these fake business owners were in on the scam... and the con went so far that an informant told the fbi that "to create the illusion [he]
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an office was maintained for him in the building with personal effects and papers on the desk."the fbi says this went on for 15 years! and won 260-million dollars worth of veterans affairs and defense contracts... 260 million that was meant to go to the disabled and disavantaged. and if you're curious how they used some of the money-- bank records show it went to hotel stays, plastic surgery, harley davison-- even home remodels. because official charges have not been filed we are not naming the people or businesses involved. a 38-year-old milwaukee man died when the car he was working on... fell on top of happened at the man's house near 41st and glendale. police tell us the car fell off the jack and crushed him to death. 3 exactly one week ago, a franklin man died when a car fell on top of him.greenfield police say he was changing a
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when the jack broke, pinning the 22-year-old undernearth. both incidents are considered accidents. 3 we are just three months away from november's election.. that will decide a new president.a new marquette university law school poll shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump has widened here in wisconsin. wisconsin.among registered wisconsin voters, clinton is ahead by 10 points.... points....and among likely wisconisn voters that lead is even bigger for clinton... at 15 points. 17-26 "where we are right now at a 15 point lead is about wheree out with a 14 point obama victo" victory." speaker of the house paul ryan has one of the highest statewide favorability ratings ever measured in the poll's 4-year existence... he's at 54 percent.governor scott walker's is 38 percent.and senator ron johnson trails challenger russ feingold by 6 points in the race for u-s senate. 3 cbs news confirms the secret service has ?not? formally investigated the remarks
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amendment people might be able to do something if hillary clinton as presdient tries to take their guns away. critics say it was inciting violence. trump says he was encouraging pro-gun voters to go to the polls.running mate, mike pence, is scheduled to be in milwaukee tomorrow night. 3 trump's comments are overshadowing a potential scandal involving bill clinton's charitable email from a foundation aide to secretary hillary clinton's deputy chief of staff asked a favor for someone looking for a job. anot connect one of the foudation's top donors to someone with influence from lebanon.a clinton spokeperson denies any connection. 3 one day after the primary election here in wisconsin, a new ruling on the state's on again, off again voter i-d law. law. a federal appeals court overturned part of a ruling last month which blocked part of the law that requires voters to show a photo i-d at the polls.that means.... if the presidential election was held tomorrow, you ?would? still have to show your id to
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new at 10 -- milwaukee police chief ed flynn talking violent crime and how it's is affecting cities across the u-s.he was in chicago today.. saying the state's gun laws have created an environment where criminals find it more risky to be caught ?without? their gun than it is to be caught ?with? it. it.59-1:11 the percentage of firearm related homicides has increased, and the number of non-fatal shootings have increased every single year. madison doesn't care. and every chance they get to change a gun law in favor of easier access to firearms they o do flynn says he state isn't willing to help with gun laws, the federal government can step in. a bartender hit by gunfire during a robbery is speaking out tonight. tonight.kurt klessig was hit by bullets when police shot and killed an armed suspect at union avenue tap in sheboygan last month. doctors were able to save his arm after several surgeries, but he's struggling to regain feeling in his hand. 47-1:00 "i've got mimimal use of my thumb. minimal use of my pointer finger. so i'm having
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that. they said it could be up to a year, ." ." klessig and his fiance are greateful the community raised more than 5 thousand dollars to help with expenses. he says he has no ill will towards the officer who shot him. a cudahy 9-1-1 dispatcher is facing some potentially serious charges tonight... tonight...authorities tell us she is being investigated by the milwaukee county d-a for "misconduct in public office". the woman is administrative leave, pending a criminal investigation.we are working to get more details on just what happened. 3 a homeless sex offender is charged with exposing himself near the fox river trail in waukesha.according to the criminal complaint, witnesses saw timothy inzeo sitting on a bench near the riverwalk with his genitals showing through his shorts.a woman told him to cover up, but she says he ignored her so she called police.inzeo was taken into custody.he said he apologized to the woman and did not
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3 the man captured on surveillance video trying to abduct a 7-year-old girl was sentenced this morning.marquis johnson will spend the next 25 years under the care of the state department of health and family was in june of last year when johnson scooped up the girl... she was able to kick free.he originally told the court he thought she was his daughter.. but he doesn't have a daughter. the d-n-r is investigating vandalsim at popular state park. somebody spray-painted more than a dozen signs throughout devil's lake state park. some will have to park's main entrance sign. milwaukee county is facing a 56-million dollar budget gap. leaders insist the only way to fill it is to raise prices on the things ?you? use. 58's eric levy is live at the lakefront to break it all down for us.eric? 3 bill--less money coming from the state and other sources is where this all begins...then it eventually snowballs down and could ultimately hit you in the wallet.costing you more to ride the bus.... an extra
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or make you pay to go to the beach or the park.not a lot of support for that. "it's gorgeous here, i love it, i love it."it's a summer afternoon at bradford beach with mary musselman and family.. family..."our kids enjoy it, we enjoy it, it's gorgeous, it's like a safe haven."but that safe haven may cost the musselman family some money soon.making beachgoers lakefront visitors pay to park would generate an estimated one point five million dollars. maybe not, though, if enough people have mary's feelings about it..."i won't be coming to the beach." "expenses are higher than what we have in for revenue at this point."the county is considering an extra car registration worth 20 to 50 dollars to support the bus system, parkways and highways. speaking of the bus about charging you a quarter more to ride.the budget director says things like debts are being paid,
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workforce, too... too..."but some of those large challenges on pensions, healthcare expenses and transportation infrastructure are gonna continue to be real challenges in to the future." as for potential lakefront parking costs, kelly henning is against it. it."this is a huge part of, kinda, the culture of milwaukee, too. and i think that would change how people feel about this whole experience. and i don't think it would change in a positive way." actually happens when the budget is presented to the county board later this year. live, el, cbs 58... michele...back to you. how about chachi at the convent? convention? ralph malph is in town. donny most talks about life after happy days and his one time castmate's appearance at the republican national
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3 and a football pro sees what it's like training to become a firefighterdrew?
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3 charges are expected against a man who dodged police for three hours climb to the top of trump tower in new york city.a man used suction cups to scale the tower.officers tried to get him to climb into the building by smashing out windows but he kept going.he got to the 21st floor when two officers pulled him in through a windown they had removed. reliving happy days tonight at the wisconsin state fair. potsi, the fonz, and ralph malph are in town for the debut of their live show about the iconic t-v series. before they hit the stage.. donny
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3 don most, actor: i think people have adopted us as their family here in milwaukee and so its always a treat." treat."singing singing the actor who made ralph malph famous is returning to his first love singing in happy days live. a show featuring music, clips from the iconic sit com and stories from the set like how he borrowed his late great director jerry paris. he would crack jokes and say i still got it. so one day it wasn't in the script i told ron just wait. they went nuts they loved it. they started writing it in, all the time. time.with time and the passing of paris and show creator gary marshal, most has embraced his role in american culture. culture.there was a point when
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was a monkey on my back but as years have gone by and i've been able to do many other things i think i have better persepctive and appreciated everything in a better way. way.michele: how about that chachi? scott baoi at the rnc were you like little chachi what are you doing up donny: that was a mind bender. ya know he speaks his mind and i admire that he's standing up for what he believes in. in fact it is a respect and work ethic they honed all those years ago that sustains their friendships to this day. day.something about this group of people that seemed perfect for the roles and in life we had that same camraderie and love and it really was
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singing fades out and although the song is seared in his mind-- most does not perform the happy days theme song..he prefers bill haley's rock around the clock which was the original song for the series in its early years. donny most and his 'happy days' co star anson williams spent their morning judging which state fair vendor has b fierce... starting out with 30 entries for the "golden spork awards".in the end... only one vendor came out on top -- sprecher's root beer float cake.former packers player and lambeau leap invetor leroy butler was also on the judging panel. 3 and tomorrow... cbs 58's michael schlesinger will be eating all the cream puffs he can in the state fair's cream puff eating starts
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head out there and cheer him on! 3 tonight: few clouds with warm and humid conditions. lows in the lower 70s.thursday: temps push toward the upper 80s to 90 degrees with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph. there is a chance for a shower or storm during the afternoon; however, better chances arrives late thursday night into friday of the week: friday should clear out with highs in the middle 80s. lower humidity with a high near 80
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it's going to cost you less at the gas pump this fall.gas prices are expected to drop ?below? two dollars a gallon this fall... and stay there through the winter. the u-s energy department made the prediction based on the prolonged slump in oil prices and the switch to the winter blend of gasoline...which is cheaper to make.right now the average price for a gallon in
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back-to-school shopping can be hard for some families... espcially families on a strict . budget.a national survey says nearly 30 percent of parents polled say back-to-school shopping puts a strain on family financesshopping and retail experts say budgets for back to school shopping are increasing, partly because of the cost of electronics. 3 volunteers at the m-l-k community center were busy filling 5-thousand backpacks with back-to-school essentials today.the backpacks are for the king back-to-school parents make sure their kids will have what they need for the year ahead. 4:48:48-55i don't have to worry that i don't have the things other kids have, it puts them on a level playing field with other students students the annual back to school festival is saturday morning at 11-30 at the m-l-k community center on vliet street. n-f-l star and pewaukee native jj watt is trying a different kind of workout -- training with members of the pewaukee fire department. "how's it feel?" "i am hot.
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"we'll get a taste of it today and see how it goes." "yeah we " will." he's in a new educational video on heat safety... showing watt going through the training session with firefighters -- in full gear and on an 86-degree day.watt, who's dad is a retired firefighter, says firefighters don't get the recognition they deserve. 2:48-56they're the ones that save lives... between them, the police, and the military... those are people that are doing stuff that matters... they're our true heroes. i'm st all" if you'd like to check out the entire video, we've got it posted on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. 3 the packers all-time leading receiver is spreading the message of a healthy lifestyle. donald drivers 'driven to a better health family challenge' promotes health and wellness to wisconsin families. the winner of this years challenge is a disabled veteran who built a greenhouse in her backyard so her family would have locally grown, fresh food year-round.
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grapes and if we can grow all these things indoors and bring it to the table then all the better05:05:22-31people think that you have to change over night, and that's the hardest thing to do. so we try to teach that it's just baby steps. if you take each step one by one and we want to make sure everyone's healthy healthy nicole santos says she hopes to build a larger-scale greenhouse with a therapy education center inside for disabled children and veterans. 3 and the packers are getting ready for their first preseason game...we'll have a
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way.
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you know, after two spinal infusions--doctors told me i can't play major league baseball anymore. ....and just like that prince fielder says good-bye to baseball. the first baseman hitting 319 career home runs in 12 seasons... his first
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the brewers certainly not forgetting about the time prince had in milwaukee. this post from their facebook page to the guy who was an all-star three times with the crew... "hats off. thanks for the memor" memories."ryan braun his teammate for five of those seasons... and they both knew how to bring in runs. braun tying the game against atlanta with his 58th rbi of the year... second on the team. first--this guy. he's no prince fielder but chris carter hits monster home runs in his own two on... 26th homer of the year. he leads the crew in both rbi and homers. enough for bernie to celebrate with a slide. chase anderson gets the win while tyler thornberg gets the save. kirk niewenheis there for the final out... so the brewers finally get one from atlanta. 4-3... series finale tomorrow at 1:10. jared cook signed by green bay this summer to give aaron rodgers another weapon to work
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only thing is... we haven't even seen him in that offense- -until now. scott grodsky has more from training camp. it's the end of a long and excruciating wait for packers wide receiver ty montgomery and linebacker sam barrington....after months sidelined by injury they are finally back in practice with their teammates. teammates. montgomery: "i felt like i was waiting on christmas, waiting on santa claus for the guys upstairs to give me good news about being able to return to practice." practice."barrington: "yesterday i woke up i was like "do i know how to play oo there and it was fun being out there my legs feel good."new tight end jared cook was also activated off the physically unable to perform list...the 6 foot 5 monster has already wowed his new teammates with some sensational catches... catches... janis: "he's a big guy, he can stretch the field, and i think he's gonna make a lot of big plays for us." us."cook: "football withdrawals, it's not easy when you are so accustomed to just being out there, it's all
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have one more practice before hitting the field for their first preseason game friday on wmlw. reporting at lambeau field, scott grodsky cbs58 sports 3
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10:32 pm includes a crispy graham cookie double dipped in icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling.the new cookies will be available in select markets during the 20-17 cookie season. 3 the iowa state fair is celebrating star trek's 50th anniversary.the fair is featuring butter sculptures of the 'star trek' cast. rivde state fair... and the town is officially accepted as the future birthplace of captian james kirk. 3 some olympic champions are coming to milwaukee this fall. members of this year's "final five" at the olympics are part of kellogg's 'tour of gymnastic champions'. yesterday, the "final five" won the gold medal in the gymnastics team each tour stop, local gymnasts are expected to join the cast. the tour makes a stop at the bradley center october 14. 3
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and humid conditions. lows in the lower 70s.thursday: temps push toward the upper 80s to 90 degrees with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph. there is a chance for a shower or storm during the afternoon; however, better chances arrives late thursday night into friday of the week: friday should clear out with highs in the middle 80s. lower humidity with a high near 80 over the weekend. we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news a-mthanks for joining us.good
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