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tv   News 7 Sunday Morning  CBS  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm chris hurst. sunny skies out there for you this should get a little bit warmer too. meterologist lindsey pleasant first alert good morning lindsey! therighti sure do crystal last weekend of february is beautifully under abundant sunshine effect that is what we're waking up to this morning with temperatures running in the thirties and forties that will help set the stage for very warm afternoon and forty four degrees right now toronto thirty three degrees in danville resident rooftops or hot springs that are rolling in the middle stories and its forty one degrees amy can relax hour by hour temperatures will soar into the lower middle sixties this red line indicates the normal temperature typically we see a continuing coverage
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shooting in roanoke county. police say the suspect is dead in the incident that happened friday night near route 419. officers responded was waving a gun in the parking lot of a walgreens near brambleton avenue. shot, and he died at the hospital. the officers involved are on administrative leave as police continue to investigate. officer was killed her first day on the job domestic call. county police department identified the fallen officer as ashley guindon. she had just been sworn-in to the department friday. two other officers were injured in the shooting. one was in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds and another officer was stable. authorities say when officers arrived at the scene, they found a woman killed in connection to the incident. the suspect was taken into custody. the execution of a virginia man has been put on hold. ricky gray was convicted of killing a family of four back in 2006.
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scheduled for march 16-th. a federal appeals court ruled to hold it off on friday. that will give the supreme court more time to decide whether or not to intervene. a navy petty officer in norfolk has been dishonorably discharged after admitting he secretly recorded seven co-workers in a restroom. the virginia-pilot reports that the officer agreed to a plea deal at his sentencing on friday. as part of that deal, he'll also be imprisoned for two years and have his title taken away. the man was a watch commander on the aircraft carrier enterprise. the recordings happened between march 20-13 and march 20-14. appomattox county is still cleaning up after wednesday's tornado ripped through the area. repair work is well underway at evergreen united methodist church. the storm severely damaged the roof and smashed windows. while church members fixed the physical damage, they're also dealing with the death of one of their members. keith harris died in the storm.
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quiet man who was always at church early. gus paulette: "this is part of life that we don't understand sometimes. why things happen like this." ricky harris, keith's nephew: "you never know when the last time you're going to see one of your loved ones here on this earth." today's service will be held in the basement. members don't have a timetable for repairs to be complete, but want to fix it quickly so they can begin helping others in the community. nonprofit mercy chefs is making sure no one goes without food in appomattox. volunteers have been making hot homemade meals from a mobile kitchen for two days. wdbj7's noell saunders tells us how they've been working around the clock cooking for others. mercy chef feeds hundreds of people in appomattox. volunteers arrived at evergreen baptist church at 3 in morning to start meal prepping for the day. (nats) head chef and founder gary leblanc started the company 10 ten years ago in portsmouth, virginia. since then, mercy chefs has served
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people nationwide. "it's an incredible thing to go out in the field and share a meal with folks. something amazing happens over a shared meal" breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. leblanc says public service has always been his passion. "it was a call from the lord to go feed people. i just get great satisfaction coming out and doing this" a team of student volunteers from neighboring buckingham county offered their service too. culinary instructor sandi hawk says when she heard the news she took action. to me about doing it. i we had to come" while many are trying to get their lives back in be the least of their "we were so glad that we could come with this effort and help everybody in the community. i cannot imagine what these people are going through" responded to more than 50 disasters. volunteers even packed meals and transported
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couldn't make it to the church. "we come into every disaster whether its a thousand people or two hundred thousand people. with that same heart we go and find victims and bring comfort to them the best we can and help them get back to normal as quickly as possible" noell saunders, wdbj7. still tough to wrap your head around such powerful tornadoes in virginia in february and lindsey anderson says we'll see rain again soon. greateris its exactly right chris you are watching her next chance for rain come rolling monday morning mainly towards the nouns that rain will fall apart the majority of the shower stall comp until wednesday morning why not on that coming up. but first i want to begin with the beautiful sunrise from the late checkout is crystal clear skies and definitely indication or going to see some beautiful weather come this afternoon high-pressure
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the southwest abundant sunshine also with the overheads and can be really pleasant but with those clear skies last night on it temperatures fell very quickly were still fairly cool towards a newer valley mountain empire in the middle thirties from blacksburg wytheville and bloomfield lower to middle thirties in southside but in roanoke already warming up to
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and lynchburg and three five44 41 and lynchburg and 35 right now in lewisburg g4 forecast is on wind direction the winds are shifting from the south southwest today there will be a slight breeze between 10, maybe 15 mi./h but it is going to usher in some very warm temperatures. afternoon highs reaching the lower to middle 60s. check out almost wall-to-wall sunshine, and in fact temperatures the mild overnight thinks of the southwesterly flow and will more cloud cover roofing and 66 as her-from lake 65 in fincastle. daytime highs in the middle 60s versus virginia install sites so pleasant to go outside and enjoy if you can 66. we are high in danville for the new river valley mountain empire right 60 will do it mostly sunny skies and for the high winds upper fifties lower sixties from moderate down to newcastle absolutely gorgeous i think hike might be in your plans now the spring weather definitely got had this countdown going on in my head so how about twenty more days until the first day of spring with the equinox comes in when to spring for fourteen more days until that happens we are inching 14 more days until that happens we are a little bit closer to some springtime weather will forties expected overnight tonight clouds move and certainly not as one with mitch he once is a lower lynchburg and 39 in lewisburg and the watching effects from amount removed and it's very weak draw a few rain showers possible towards the mountains but it falls apart as it moves across the blue ridge and interest much drier air increasing sunshine expected on monday with more rain arriving tuesday night into wednesday morning at all mapped out for you. or seven day planner look here daytime
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we are still in the lower to middle sixties showers arrive late tuesday night into early wednesday and not much colder air is brought to the area upper forties near fifty degrees for the end of the week and iraq e the c-d-c has learned more about how effective this year's flu vaccine is. your hometown health is coming up after the break. and marijuana could be sending more people to the hospital in colorado. why experts think more education is needed for cannabis consumers. plus a popular sandwich chain says it's adding antibiotic- free chicken to the menu. when the new
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restaurants. youlook back at eight eleven on the sunday morning in temperatures already in the low forties from roanoke and it's a lynchburg lower thirties in danville and blacksburg looking at abundant sunshine outside that would be the case for the afternoon helping to warm temperatures up into the middle and upper 40s are 60s chair sunset 612 the days are definitely getting longer and are overnight lows will be modeled as well this warm stretch of weather will continue into the week where temperatures are
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hometown health: this season's flu vaccine cuts the chance of getting the flu by nearly 60- percent. that's according to the centers for disease control and prevention. that makes it one of the more effective flu vaccines in recent years. by comparison, last season's flu shot only reduced flu risk by just 20-percent. meantime, the cdc says 13 children have died from flu this season. adult deaths were not tracked. the cdc also notes that it's still not too late to get a flu shot if you haven't received one yet. marijuana related hospital visits have risen in colorado after retail marjiuana became legal there in 20-12. according to research published in the new england journal of medicine, the incidents are increasing more dramatically among out-of-state visitors. the study reviewed er visits at more than 100 hospitals from 20-12 to 20-14, the years voters approved retail pot and sales began. out-of-state visitor trips to the er for marijuana-related symptoms rose
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that time with symptoms like heartbeat. for people living in colorado, trips rose by 44-percent. experts say the results show more education is needed for consumers at pot retailers. sandwich chain subway says it's adding antibiotic-free chicken to its menu. the company claims it beat out its fast- food rivals to become the first major chain to make the change in all stores. the antibiotic-free rotisserie-style chicken sandwich will be available on march 1st. mcdonald's announced a similar move a year ago, but is still working on how to implement it in restaurants. chick-fil-a says it's reached 23-percent of its goal to eliminate antibiotics, with full conversion expected by 20-19. many fast food companies have committed in recent years to selling cleaner ingredients. that's due in part to years of public health warnings about antibiotics in food. we've got a tasty and filling recipe to show you this morning on weekend diner. when we return,
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spanish rice & eggs. and later on in sports, saturday was a big day for college basketball teams around our area. we have highlights from some of
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games. ingredients: -cooking spray -2 cups of cooked rice or cup instant rice -1 jar (16 oz.) salsa -4 eggs - - cup cheddar or cheese instructions: skillet with spray. pour in water and
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boiling; stir in instant rice; cover pan and remove from heat, letting it stand for 5 minutes until rice is cooked. fluff rice. if using cooked rice: put rice in a skillet and gently heat bit. stir in salsa and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until bubbly and heated through - about 2 to 5 minutes. with back of spoon, make 4 indentations (about 2 inches in diameter) in mixture. crack and slip an egg into each indentation. cover. cook over medium heat until whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard - about 5 to 6 minutes. sprinkle with cheese. cover and let stand until cheese is melted.
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portions or 4 regular portions. ingredients: -cooking spray -2 cups of cooked rice or -1 cup water and 1 cup instant rice -1 jar (16 oz.) salsa -4 eggs - - cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar or monterey jack cheese instructions: evenly coat a 10" skillet with spray. if using instant rice: pour in water and bring to boiling; stir in instant rice; cover pan and remove from heat, letting it stand for 5 minutes until rice is cooked. fluff rice. if using cooked rice: put rice in a skillet and gently heat bit. stir in salsa and cook over medium heat, stirring
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bubbly and heated through - about 2 to 5 minutes. with back of spoon, make 4 indentations (about 2 inches in diameter) in mixture. crack and slip an egg into each indentation. cover. cook over medium heat until whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard - about 5 to 6 minutes. sprinkle with cheese. cover and let stand until cheese is melted. serves 2 large portions or 4 regular portions. ingredients: -cooking spray -2 cups of cooked rice or -1 cup water and 1 cup instant rice -1 jar (16 oz.) salsa -4 eggs - - cup shredded reduced-fat
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cheese instructions: evenly coat a 10" skillet with spray. if using instant rice: pour in water and bring to boiling; stir in instant rice; cover pan and remove from heat, letting it stand for 5 minutes until rice is cooked. fluff rice. if using cooked rice: put rice in a skillet and gently heat bit. stir in salsa and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until bubbly and heated through - about 2 to 5 minutes. with back of spoon, make 4 indentations (about 2 inches in diameter) in mixture. crack and slip an egg into each indentation. cover. cook over medium heat until whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard - about 5 to 6 minutes. sprinkle with cheese. cover
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cheese is me saya springlike afternoon is upon us high-pressure in place that means winds will be coming from the south southwest warm temperatures up very quickly or if the numbers in the forty so far this morning setting the stage upper sixties later on today wide pictures from all across her areas the show of beautiful blue skies and check out your golf forecast that's right and can undergo forecasts to season eight a.m.
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temperature by one 1 am. temperatures will reach 58 and by 3 pm exceed four degrees of your tee times are in north carolina. karen loftus has the highlights, plus the results from other teams in our area. good morning everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. the virginia cavaliers suffered a tough loss this week, on the road at miami. but they had to let that go quickly and prepare to take on 7th-ranked north carolina. the wahoos needing a win to stay in the hunt for the acc regular season championship. and as usual, malcolm brogdon putting his team on his back. he knocks-down multiple three- pointers in the opening few minutes. this one making it 13-7 right out of the gate. brogdon then, spreading it around. he finds devon hall for a three of his own. but it really was all about brogdon in the first half. the head-fake, and then buries the mid-range jumper. brogdon with 17 in the first alone. uva up three at the break. brogdon then
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where he left off. the drive, and the reverse. making it look way too easy. he finished with 26 on the night. then it's brogdon distributing again, finding an open london perrantes for three. unc closes the gap, but devon hall is there for the jam, to extend the lead to 69-60. hall with a big 11 points. the tar heels cut the lead to three, but anthony gill gets it to go in the paint, and uva rides it out from there, getting a big win, 79-74. here's zac glover with more from charlottesville. zac glover: "all the hype of a top ten match-up, all the hype that comes with college gameday, and the necessity to win in a playoff-type atmosphere late in the regular season. uva proved they can handle all of the above in their big win over carolina." malcolm brogdon: "it definitely felt like a postseason atmosphere. you're playing one of the best team, people say that they're the best team in the country, the most talented team. in this type of atmosphere, it's a very special thing, it's a very special moment, and this game does determine a lot coming down the stretch for the acc
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kind of lived off of our success last year, and not in a were 16-1, and we always won. when struggle, then you learn. we realize how fine of a line it is from this year, struggled in some season, as of late. i guys that are understanding, at least we were tonight, and have tight games, and learned a lot through probably more through the losses." roy williams: "their offense was more aggressive than our defense was, and their defense was more aggressive than our offense was. i think they were the actors and we were the reactors all night. zac glover: "so with the win, the cavaliers keep their hopes of a third consecutive acc regular season championship alive, but first things first, still two more regular season games to go. a trip to clemson, and then a home game against louisville next week. in charlottesville, zac glover, wdbj7." onto the big south conference-- liberty hosting gardner- webb in their final game of the regular
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the second half, until ryan kemrite sinks the shot from beyond the arc. he finished with 12 points, as liberty takes the 68-67 lead. then adding to that lead, it's john dawson from long range. three of his 16. liberty with 17 made-threes in the game which proved to be the difference in a tight one. freshman caleb homesley pulled his weight for sure in this one, getting the shot to go and the foul. he led the way with 22 points as liberty wins it 86-81. in the southern conference, vmi hosting the citadel in a return of former keydets' head coach duggar baucom to lexington. the keydets doing everything they can to spoil his trip back to cameron hall. julian eleby knocking down the three. he had 21 on the day. phillip anglade with good production too on senior day, throwing- down two of his 12. vmi building the lead throughout the first half. austin vereen left open in the corner, and he connects from long range. qj peterson fresh off of a 46-point performance on thursday night. he puts-in 26, along with 11 rebounds, as vmi takes down the
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we'll check-in with division 3 post- season basketball in the odac and hit the track for the nascar action in atlanta, coming-up later. when we come back the next possible mayor of roanoke will be live in studio. where councilman sherman lea wants city to go. stay with us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency.
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what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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good sunday morning everyone, i'm chris hurst. thursday was an important day for our next guest, not because of what he did, but for what others didn't do. roanoke city republicans were set to nominate kevin settles for mayor, but he withdrew just hours beforehand. that same day councilman david trinkle announced he would not run as an independent after losing the democratic primary to sherman lea. reverend lea joins us this morning in studio a. good to have you with us. right now you're running with only one other challenger. odds are you'll be the next mayor of roanoke. what have the past few days been like as you
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tuesday is the last day for any independent candidates to file to run against you. businessman mark lucas is running as an independent. do you wish that there was more competition from all parties in this important election
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what does it mean to you to have david trinkle's endorsement after such a close primary
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when trinkle announced he wouldn't run as an independent he brought up the democratic primary vote a couple weeks ago. the lines were extremely long, many felt disenfranchised to wait that long. the news of the lines spread fast and it's possible because of social media some decided to not even show up. trinkle on thursday said "i will play a role in affecting change in the primary process to break a pattern of voting challenges so that people can easily participate without hurdles. i look forward to that opportunity." turnout was still strong but you won by a slim margin. could the outcome have changed if the poll books were
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if elected, you've said jobs and continued economic development are a top priority. what jobs are out there as doubts continue to loom over some of our largest private employers like norfolk southern and advance autoparts? finally, this week will be the last for your police chief chris perkins before he retires on tuesday. thoughts on him, his interim replacement deputy chief tim jones and what you want in our
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do you know what your bishop will be preaching about this morning? get ready for a warm spring-like preaching about this
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get ready for a warm spring-like afternoon. let's turn things over to meteorologist lindsey anderson with your first alert forecast. niceand thank you chris this is my type of skiing weather is beautiful sunny skies warm
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workout and not a bad afternoon to get the slow temperatures right now running in the middle for use in roanoke's two. still in the upper twenties chicago wins out of the last ten to fifteen miles per hour will do it for the afternoons slight breeze will continue through the day forty five degrees right now rocky mountains forty one degrees and hurt and thirty seven and blacksburg meanwhile mountain empire holding the upper thirties 10 to 15 mi./h will do it for the afternoons slight breeze will continue through the day 45 right now. rocky mountains 41 and hurt and 37 and blacksburg. meanwhile mountain empire holding the upper stories and low 40s from oak creek wytheville so with the pleasant search of the day setting the stage up for very warm afternoon as high-pressure is in place when coming out of the south southwest ushering the southerly warm air max wannamaker is to the west of us across the central plains and will slowly gathers strength not a lot of moisture is associated with this though the frontal boundary will reach our area early tomorrow morning clearing the blue ridge tomorrow afternoon here it is in the forecast model
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just a few light rain showers possibleacross the mountains along the western slopes, but as it crosses the blue ridge. it falls apart intros drier air, increasing sunshine expected on monday and another system moves in from the south in the west reunion a lot more moisture is poignant from the golf of mexico. some steadier showers possible late tuesday night into wednesday morning, but let's focus on the sunshine and warm springlike temperatures today by 1 pm will reach 60 3 pm exceed five and we are mild overnight with temperature slowly dropping from their ap and fifty four degrees and 54 and by around midnight being your fifteenth figure your daytime highs across the region sixty three movie are high having ten fifty nine and bloomfield sixty six in martinsville and lynchburg there will be a slight breeze but luckily it will be in room one at bat overnight temperatures will drop into the lower middle forties cloud rising movement as well we will call it partly cloudy still comfortable start
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quickly from their reaching the low sixties monday afternoon here are a few spotty showers but i expect most of the activities stay towards the mountains showers will arrive late tuesday into early wednesday morning clout stick around for the as part of the week we are much cooler as well or keep an eye out on friday morning world could see an early rings no nicks for right now as i south carolina chose hillary clinton as the winner in the democratic presidential primary. who voted for her and why they say she's the right woman for the job. and a former tuskeegee airman talked about his experiences in world war 2.
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south carolina chose hillary clinton as the winner in the democratic presidential primary. with her second win in a row, clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. 84 percent of
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voters and nearly 50 percent of female voters chose clinton as their top pick. south carolina voters told cbs news that political experience was an important factor, and that's why clinton had their votes. hillary clinton/presidential candidate: "we are going to fight for every vote. we are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted." sanders continues to push forward, focusing specifically on states like vermont, massachusetts and colorado. with more than 800 delegates up for grabs next tuesday, both candidates are campaigning in as many places as possible. gop presidential candidate marco rubio has released five-years worth of tax returns. his campaign chose to release partial returns, which give a limited look at his finances. democrats and even some republicans are criticizig the limited information. but rubio says the documents show his family's tax rates are in line with the rates paid by americans with similar incomes. g-o-p front-runner
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facing growing pressure to release his tax returns. he says he won't until the i-r-s reviews the documents. rival ted cruz also released the first two pages of his returns. the documents show a 20-14 adjusted income of 1-point-2 million dollars. marco rubio is making a stop in the roanoke valley ahead of super tuesday voting. a rally is scheduled for tonight at roanoke college. doors at the bast center open at 7:30 tonight. the event starts at 8:30. republican frontrunner donald trump will be speaking tomorrow at radford university. a former tuskegee airman shared his experiences as a fighter pilot at the george c. marshall foundation in lexington. lieutenant colonel robert j. friend is the last surviving member of the 332- nd fighter group of the tuskegee airmen. he flew more than 100 combat missions over europe during world war ii. after leaving the army, friend started a career with the air
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the event was part of the "all who want to serve" sequence of the marshall legacy series. the roanoke boat show is back at the berglund center this weekend! the show gives people a unique opportunity to see what dealers on smith mountain lake have to offer. the event includes equipment exhibits, products, services and more. organizers say the show is a great time for people to get to know more about smith mountain lake and hopefully visit. phil rybacki/show coordinator: "the economy is changing. folks are wanting good wholesome family recreation, and smith mountain lake certainly provides it. and we provide the toys to make it even more enjoyable." this is the show's 42-nd year. if you missed out yesterday, you can catch it today from 10-to-5. the last weekend in februrary wraps up
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it's stats exactly right chris is indeed beautiful i will wait we had a nice sunrise photo sent in by say peewee this morning gorgeous afternoon is
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forecast coming up after the breakwelcome back good morning a beautiful start to the day life picture from our synovial camera to show me abundant sunshine they'll contribute for pleasant warm up it will have this after noon now winds will be coming out of the south southwest and now illustrate a lot of work but will be today is that high-pressure system moves the east coast daytime highs in sort into the lower and middle sixties across the board would hold onto this warm through the star of the week sixty three degrees on monday and sixty five by tuesday and called for all move-in
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back behind it rain is possible along with this on tuesday night into wednesday morning wi we've got one last look at sports this morning with more college basketball. here's karen loftus. time to check-in with some d3 basketball and semifinal saturday at the odac tournament. starting with the men, who had the evening games henry taking-on lynchburg. this was quite the one-sided affair from the jump. austen arnold getting the long- range dialed-in. he had 11 of the hornets first 17 points of the game and finished with 16. then it was the bobby ford show. he goes 6 for 9 from beyond the arc, including 4 in a matter of 3 minutes in the first half, giving lynchburg a 20-point lead just 10 minutes into the game. they're onto the championship game with the 94-64 win over emory and henry next-up, another lynchburg school in randolph college, taking-on second- seeded virginia wesleyan. the marlins strike first with a 3-pointer from tim jones. he led all scorers with 24 points, but after that
8:51 am
brown hits a 3 of his own on his way to 16 on the night. then it's josh freund, who just could not miss. he gets back-to-back buckets for the wildcats as part of an 11-oh run they went-on early. as for freund, he made his first 7 shots of the game, and led randolph with 20 points and 11 rebounds. it'll be an all-lynchburg championship game tomorrow, as they go-on to beat virginia wesleyan 69-61. on the women's side, they also had their semifinals. we've got a little dance party there as washington and lee took-on top-seeded lynchburg in the first game. the hornets led by 1 at the half and out of the locker room, lynchburg scored the first ten points of the second half. sammi goldsmith gets two here as she takes the handoff and puts- in the short runner in the paint. but the generals tried to hang in. emily perszyk to paige corvino who knocks-down the baseline jumper. lynchburg was too tough though. caroline naumann with two of her 16 points, as the hornets advance to the championship game 71 to 57. next-up, emory and henry and guilford
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semifinal game. the quakers got off to the quick start in this one. they swing it to the corner for amy steller and she buries the three-ball to open the scoring. later, heaven walters gets free for the backdoor layup to extend the guilford lead in the first half. they are heading to the title game for the fourth time in five years, winning 78-69. finally, one high school game from today. george washington visiting william byrd in the regionals. the terriers trying to chip away at an early deficit. the 3-ball from damon childress helps, bringing byrd with-in 25-15. then devon kasey doing work underneath. picking-up 3 of his own with the bucket and the foul. but on the other end, gw keeps having an answer. isaiah bethel the no-look to amardius jones for the lay-in and the foul as well. then it's bethel finding camryn lewis wide open underneath. george washington goes-on to win it 82-61. the college wrestling season is beginning to wind down, with the ncaa d3 tournament's east regional taking place this weekend at washington and lee. 18 teams competing on four mats in the warner
8:53 am
the 2-day event, with the top 3 teams advancing to the national finals. both washington & lee and ferrum are in the mix to be one of those top three teams, and they also have the advantage of not having to travel far to compete. nathan shearer, washington & lee head coach: "it's nice for the guys to be able to rest and relax and recover, all while not having to do any traveling. so that's always a bonus. we have four guys that are seeded really high. there's a lot of tough competition, but they are all going to be right there. you know, in the moment, you have to execute when the opportunity comes, but i think we're sitting in a good spot." nate yetzer, ferrum head coach: "i'm hoping to win the regional title as a team, and get ten guys in the finals. but you know, i'm not naive. i know that might not be in play for us, but the goal is to get to the ncaa tournament. the top three get to the ncaa tournament. i think we have six, seven, or eight guys capable of doing that. it's just a matter of them going out and believing in our training, and doing what they've done all year." it's the second week of the 2016 nascar season, where all 3 series' are in atlanta this weekend. john hunter nemechek won the trucks race
8:54 am
xfinity series drivers hit the track earlier saturday afternoon. kyle busch on the pole for this one and he makes this race look easy. busch takes the lead 72 laps in, passing brad keselowski, and he stays out front from there-on out. kyle larson tries to make a move in lap 98 to pass busch, but no dice. kyle busch is your winner, leading for 119 laps, and picking-up his first xfinity series victory at atlanta. larson finishes second, erik jones in third. that's your sunday morning look at sports. birthdays for (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for
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a tradition for generations >> good morning, charles osgood to off today i'm jane pauley. this is a special edition of "sunday morning" our oscar issue. an advanced look at hollywood's big night. many a movie in contention, assures that it's based on a true story. but just how true is that claim. that's a question marcia teichner will examine our "sunday morning" cover story. >> when you hear the words, based on a true story, inspired by actual events, what goes through your minds? >> hang on to your hat. >> four of tonight's eight


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