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that's been falling in the new river valley since earlier this afternoon was a band account a move it ahead of the rest of it so now here comes the smells of the deeper blue colors showing where it's reaching the ground have some reports of vent mount it snowing there even across roman valley getting some snow showers right now not you look at some the deeper colors on a radar you can see there's an meaning taking place parts of botta todd county headed upfor the allegheny highlands and also back towards blacksburg radford lasted over into a parts of carroll county that's were phonic some of those heavier bands right now that i see in the cell give a couple hours it will moved in slowly but surely overnight. the thing is anything that falls is can a stick right away with these temperatures in the teens in the twenties and start eating right now and hot springs would got twenty degrees in danville so a very very cold night ahead with that snow developing it we been telling you for days as an identity in all snow event soaks will take the best chance for snow is now through about midday on monday and we start to get that mixing taken
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freezing rain all rain late monday night could see anywhere from three to as much is six inches of snow across a good portion of the area a little less across the south ready for the snow. this time, they're running into a different type of fight with the winter weather. heilman explains about this storm -- and how vdot is planning to handle it. well nadia, the snow is bad enough -- but it's those low temperatures that make tackling this storm even more difficult. we were checking in on some of the preps with vdot this afternoon. they tell us when temperatures are in the low 20's, salt doesn't work as effectively. and the pre- treatment doesn't work as well, either. vdot had a small window today to pre- treat some of those interstates and major roads. even so, they're urging folks to stay home and travel later in the week because monday's commute is expected to be pretty difficult. once the snow
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be salting the roads. they'll be "pre- wetting" the salt with liquid calcium chloride to jumpstart the melting process. either way, vdot and roanoke city crews say this cold will make travel difficult. jason bond, vdot spokeman " it means that pavement temperatures are going to be cold and any precipitation we see over the next day or so is going to stick and stick very quickly." bob bengtson, roanoke director of public works "our crews will be challenged just to stay on the arterial routes keeping those clear before we can even venture on residential streets, likely on tuesday. " vdot says it could be later in the week before they get to those secondary roads. we're live in roanoke, christian heilman wdbj7. new tonight: a henry county deputy is in the hospital after losing control of his vehicle while responding to a call. it happened just after midnight. deputy z. b. smith was responding to a call about a man threatening to jump off the river hill bridge on greensboro road. smith lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of tensbury drive. he was airlifted to
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hospital and is in stable condition. state police are investigating the accident. state police are continuing to investigate a crash in campbell county. it happened just before 10 last night on route 622. a toyota was driving east when it ran off the left side of the road. the car hit a mailbox then an embankment. the driver, david johnson, a toddler and another passenger died at the scene. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. state police are investigating a deadly force shooting in buckingham county. officials say a teen was shot after deputies say he attacked one of them. it happened just before 1pm yesterday. police say the man attacked two people at a store. he then broke into a nearby home and assaulted an older couple. authorities say when they arrived, the teen jumped through a window and lunged for them. he died at the scene. protestors were out today to speak out about the preservation efforts for slave houses at the greenfield plantation. a few days ago we
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county is planning to move the buildings starting next week. an official schedule has not yet been set. demostrators say they're taking a stand against the erasure of local history. liniel gregory/ demonstrator: "these are the citizens of botetourt county that represent all of the citizens of botetourt county in opposing the movement of these quarters up here on the hill, that have been here 200 years and represent history and heritage to the boutetourt people." the city plans to move the slave houses to make room for an industrial building. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived in texas today. officers led a convoy of five vehicles to an el paso funeral home. flags are at half- staff at the supreme court, the white house and elsewhere in honor of the late justice. scalia's sudden death has touched off a political fight over his successor. president obama says he'll nominate someone "in due time," despite calls from republicans to leave that choice to the next president. the death of the conservative means
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some of the most divisive national issues. the six remaining republican presidential candidates faced off last night in what's being called the fiercest debate yet. two cbs polls provide a fresh snapshot of the candidates and where they stand with voters. craig boswell reports. (nats) florida republican senator marco rubio was out looking for votes sunday in south carolina. he said he is the only conservative who can unite the party (sot: sen. marco rubio/presidential candidate) (14:38:44) if you nominate me we will unify and grow this party and we will unify and grow this country,. rubio is riding a wave after a strong debate performance saturday night. 32 percent of republicans and independents in a cbs news poll declared him the winner. (sot: mos) i thought rubio did a very nice job. donald trump finished 2nd in the poll. the billionaire businessman clashed with rubio and sen. ted cruz over various issues. (cruz) "right now as a candidate he supports funding for planned parenthood" (trump) "you know you are the single biggest liar up here worse than jeb bush." on face the nation,
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cruz. sot: trump from ftn i say can't lie and then hold up the bible. okay? he sot: cruz from abc cbs the sudden death justice also been on the voters we spoke to. should president obama nominate the next justice? sot: mos yes he should. he he has the ability to do that. for the democrats, bernie sanders made the rounds on the sunday programswhile hillary clinton campaigned in nevada. craig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina president obama and russian putin spoke on the phone today. about the syria peace process and anti-terror efforts. the kremlin says both presidents support a ceasefire in syria and a syria support group meeting in munich. they say the phone call was initiated by the u-s. president obama is facing criticism for proposed budget cuts for anti-terorrism funds. the white house proposal cuts nearly
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programs. the recently released budget would take money from the urban security initiative. that program helps cities prevent, respond to and attacks. today, new york senator charles schumer called the measure "ill advised" and said it "makes no sense." he's pushing the president to reconsider the cuts. search and rescue crews in taiwan have called off efforts to find survivors. this, one week after a deadly earthquake there. 116 people were killed and nearly 300 were rescued after a high rise tower collapsed. many of those survivors are still in the hospital. three former executives of the company that built the apartment were arrested earlier in the week. they face charges for negligence that caused death. pope francis held an open-air mass in one of mexico city's most violent suburbs and huge crowds gathered to see him. more than 300- thousand people came to watch the pope celebrate sunday mass. this will likely be his
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on his way to one of the most dangerous areas of the city, about 2-million people greeted the holy father with ballons and vatican flags. during his homily he addressed violence head on and moved many. esperanza vargas lopez: "el nos da mucho amor (radia mucho amor, es lo que nos gusta. es muy sencillo, muy humilde) he gives us so much love - she said. he radiates love. he's so simple, so humble." 10-thousand police officers and guards were on duty to keep the pope safe during this stop. pope francis now heads to the northern and southern u-s borders of the country. you're watching your hometown news leader, wdbj7. coming up, how a group is helping local artists in one hometown sell their work. and a new winter staple in downtown roanoke comes to a close. why some braved
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local artists. the 2nd sunday art market was held today at the city market building in downtown roanoke. the event is geared towards helping artists who want a local, cost effective
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and selling their art. organizers say it's beneficial to artists in many different ways. jessica minnix/art market coordinator:"it helps them get out in their community, get some exposure and it also helps them network with each other." the event featured many different kinds of art including paintings, photographs, and jewlery. a utah teen managed to make valentine's day special, for about 800 girls! the high school senior bought a flower for every girl at his school. he recruited some friends to help pass them out just before school ended on it cost the teen nearly 500-dollars to been saving for though he has a girlfriend, he says no one should be left out on the special holiday. his girlfriend agrees. hayden's girlfriend: "to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him." this valentine's day why send flowers when you can send a potato?
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business in washington there's no better way to say "i love you." it's called "mystery potato." workers there write your message on a spud and then send it to whoever you choose. the company originally only sent out a few a day, but after going viral they say business is booming. it has ten contractors that work nationally and internationally to send out the potato- grams. the owners say they're happy to spread valentine's love in a fun way. roanoke's elmwood on ice is coming to a close this weekend. downtown roanoke inc., and the city of roanoke are calling this first year a success. more than 13- thousand people skated at the rink in the 12 weeks it was open. although the temperature has been bitter cold, those who came out to the rink say once they started skating they hardly noticed it. stephanie renberg:"actually, i don't know, one thing for me, whenever i go ice skating as soon as you get on the rink you kind of forget about the cold because you're just doing everything else and so i didn't notice it at all." today is the last day to get out on the rink. after sessions wrap up, crews will start to de-construct the ice and put the
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storage until next season. fast. commute will be a dangeorus one. first alert meteorologist brent watts has the hour by hour forecast. here is a look at the highs, lows and regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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20to snow was a gallon blacksburg at of her about where it's been snowing for a while now already coding the ground and deep but enough that's causing some problems if you're in be trying to drive along those roadways this evening already seeing that move van we saw a few the snow showers this afternoon now really the bulk of the snow starting to shift its way yet this is one piece of it that will move through bring
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additional snow through the first part of tomorrow we start to get that change over to occur will time that inching were some of these deeper blue colors are this is were were get in some of that moderate snow bands across parts of botta bedford county along the i eighty one quarter or in a botta todd rockbridge counties that also a few that heavier bands from july askey details no wine and also in martinsville were it's can a start to pick up two over the next couple hours so could see the snow just yet hang 81 koror and a botta todd rockbridge counties that also a few the heavier bands of july askey details. no wine and also the martinsville were it's can start to pick up soup over the next couple hours so could see the snow just yet. hang tight it will begin as we go through the evening's can a stick right away twelve in hot springs got twenty four roanoke twenty eight in danville twenty five lynchburg still it did feed him bluefield now lows tonight again hold steady snow continues to develop with low temperatures in the upper teens and low twenties soaks heavy snow expected from midnight tonight until about noon on monday could see anywhere from two to four inches on the ground by time you wake up in the morning for morning commute it gets just depends on where you're located with that map in a minute dangerous roads expected were expecting highs
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afternoon about what's going on what i didn't is up but the a forecast model on and also show you what the temperatures a like an you a different levels of the atmosphere is is a model you can look and see what the present type is right there so tomorrow morning when you wake up all snow that's because we got cold air to surface and a couple thousand feet up watch what happens is the day goes on second number right here now starts to go above freezing about 5000 feet out falls down and a snowflake melts in the refreeze as we get some sleet even little bit of ice and still some snow across the highlands or thicken the snow threat begins taper off as far snow by noon and then it changes over to a wintry mix know watch what happens is the day goes on we start to get warmer and warmer and warmer and and the surface temperature number starts to go out susan out can be falling it's all rain late monday night into tuesday could be heavy at times soaks the wind on on with this forecast of students just can be one of those things were to
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the day tomorrow heaviest of snow i west of the rona valley glory could see as much is six to nine inches had up for the allegheny highlands along the virginia west virginia border three to six inches roanoke and 3 to 6 inches roanoke and lynchburg with some locally higher amounts and in lesser amounts as we had towards danville force got this map on her facebook page and wb bj seven .com if you wait get a closer look at that now we also have to talk about not just snow but ice amounts to there were think it's of the highest amounts of ice maybe actually in some of the higher elevations and will happen is will get that warm air the moves in a loft notes that snowflake in the and refreeze as it soaks lab the watson potential for some icing in some of those suspect areas there monitor that for you step snow early in afternoon mix and eventually changing to rain a late tomorrow now these temperatures are deceiving because it lacks you get warmer as the day goes on i temperature watcher take place very very late monday evening got impact days for monday and tuesday on tuesday it will be
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early on and then rain heavy at times through about midday in a tapers off we have a warming trend that moves in as we go through the week with daytona again, where travis wells will have a live report on daytona 500 qualifying from this afternoon. more from the track coming-up next in sports. i want to go up... hello.f i want to go if o come back again...
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little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled.o)hange your sleep, change your life, to tempur-pedic. qualifying is in the books on an historic day here at the track. it was front row or bust as time trials set the top two spots for next sunday's race. under partly cloudy skies, forty- three drivers took aim at a front row starting spot for next weekend's 58th great american race, including former 500 champions, and pole winners seeking a
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rookies who possess plenty of star power. both chase elliott and ryan blaney had fast hot rods on sunday. blaney was 8th quickest in round one, 7th fastest in round two at 194.746 miles an hour, assuring himself and the wood brothers a starting spot in the daytona 500. ryan blaney/7th quickest in qualifying: i think we had decent speed in our motorcraft/ quiklane ford and i think we brought a great racecar to the track like we do at all the superspeed ways. it's just nice to be back in the swing of things here in daytona. just really cool to be a part of it and you really have got to take this all in. this is a cool event and i'm just happy to be a part of it. elliott was equally impressive, advancing to round two driving the 24 that jeff gordon won the pole with here a year ago. elliott then blistered the track to the tune of 196.314 miles an hour to claim the 500 pole in his debut. at the age of 20, he's the youngest pole sitter in 500 history, following in his famous father's footsteps. bill elliott still holds the
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record. chase elliott/daytona 500 pole winner: i hadn't really even gotten used to the fact that we were here and gonna be in the daytona 500, much less sit on the pole so as i told these other guys, daytona 500 qualifying day is so much about the teams and kind of effort they put in throughout the off season to massage on these cars and find that little bit of speed that is so valuable and is so hard to get today in these single car qualifying efforts at these plate tracks so this is a special day. my first daytona 500 and i'm excited to be a part of it. dale earnhardt, jr. made a run at a top two spot. he was fastest in the first round, but matt kenseth's toyota edged the 88 car for the outside of row one. elliott becomes just the 6th rookie driver to start on the daytona 500 pole. the rest of the starting lineup will be set by thursday's duel qualifying races. and two other quick notes, the cars of kevin harvick and brian vickers failed the post qualifying inspection. they'll start in the rear of the field on thursday. in
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wdbj7. the uva men's basketball team had their seven-game win- streak snapped last night on the road at duke, but it didn't come without some controversy. coming down the stretch, with only seconds remaining, virginia's malcolm brogdon puts in a tough lay-up under the basket, to give the cavaliers the 62-61. the blue devils though, had a chance with only 6 seconds left to make a play. grayson allen gets the shot to go at the buzzer, and while it's tough to see here, other angles showed allen's foot land on the floor before releasing the shot, meaning it could have been called a travel, and uva would have won the game. but the hoos say, what's done is done, and they'll get back to business like they always do. anthony gill, virginia forward: "i think we understand that our basketball doesn't change. you know, uva basketball is not something that is going to just waver. we're not going to back into the gym and change a whole bunch of things. we're just going to go back, and really see what we did that was wrong, and
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can." the virginia tech women have fallen on hard times as of late. after beginning the year with a 13-1 record, the hokies have since gone 2- and-9 in their last eleven games. tech trying to break that pattern today, hosting pittsburgh, and the hokies looking solid in the first quarter. check this out-- hannah young connects on the three-pointer and get the foul for the 4-point play. then it's dominique powell showing-off some range. the long two for her, as the hokies lead it by four. tech the pushing it in transition in the 2nd quarter. chanette hicks up to taijah campbell. the hokies lead by as many as eight, and go into half up 27-20. sidney cook has really been finding her groove lately. two of her game- high 17 here. the hokies maintaining the lead, until pitt goes on a big run late. this three from asia bugg gives the panthers the 53-48 lead with about 90 seconds to play. tech wouldn't score another point, as pitt wins it, 59-48. dennis wolff, virginia tech head coach: "you know, i wasn't happy at half time, i felt like we left a bunch of points out there, and
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opportunities in the first half, and then the second half was just a disaster. they out-toughed us, out- coached us, out- everythinged us, and deserved to win. this team has battled all year, this is a low point for us right
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have a great night we hope to see you back here for wdbj captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> is isis coming here? >> i think isil does want to eventually find its mark here. >> you're expecting an attack in the united states? >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else they need to do. >> the man who was supposed to stop that attack is john brennan, the director of the c.i.a. tonight, in a rare interview, we talked to brennan about a world of trouble. does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> john buretta used to run the organized crime section of the u.s. attorney's office in the
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with a specialty in the mafia. >> who's vinnie gorgeous? >> he was used to names like, genovese and gambino and had never heard of fifa until the case ended up on his desk six years ago. but he knew how the game was played. pay me. you want this? you gotta pay me. >> those are definitely the allegations. >> you gotta pay me $10 million in one case. >> there were many millions in many instances alleged not just for low-level tournaments. but the world cup itself. >> so you're talking about shakedowns? >> absolutely. >> danny clinch has photographed just about every heavyweight in the music world: rappers, rockers, country stars, jazz and pop artists. he's developed friendships with many of his subjects, bruce springsteen included. which gets him up close and personal access. >> how you doing? >> how are you? >> good. >> clinch has documented the history of american music.


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