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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  January 31, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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championship game. cbs has the big game this year, which means you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 next sunday, as the
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broncos. some people from trying to carve ice sculptures! it was all part of snowfest in michigan. many of the sculptors who were hard at work weren't too happy about watching their creations melt right before their eyes. but, those who aren't fans of the cold temperatures say the warm weather was a nice change. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thanks for watching your hometown
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have a great night. note net >> reporter: today's guest performed in two different sports. gymnastics and soccer. each commreelted the feat in history achievements that brought vict reese. one a vol in the 96 olympics despite having a serious injury. injured afrpgel. and the other made a clutch penalty kick. it is my pleasure to welcome two women i have admired for a long timeful keri strug and brandy chaff ain't. hi.
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>> you will run for children with obesity. >> basically customer and he i are in run for something better program. which is a campaign to get kids out and moving and feeling good about health and fitness. we have a crisis an epidemic in this country about obesity. our young kids are finding younger in the obesity range. what we are trying to do is to get people to come to the website. make a donation of 10 dollars and you get the nice fancy laces. >> yea. >> >> tim: great laces. >> what the significance of the donation and going to the website is that can you be a part of something that gets the country moving for the young generation and make a conference.
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about role models in sports. it is almost impossible in your cases in 1996 and 1999, with the bad ankle and the second vault and your kick with hong was the -- nice. >> i love it. >> tim: in your cases there were so many young girls looked up to you as you did mary lou red lighton. >> it is an honor to be in that role. i know the impact mary lou had to me. i decided i wanted to be a medallist t. took 12 years of hard work and sacrifice but i would not trade it. if i can have half the affect on our youth today she had on my generation i would be proud. >> tim: in the olympics in 96
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it took 45 seconds? your kick took 45 seconds. >> not close to that you had reconstructed knee surgery. missed two years in 87 and 88. >> both acl's reconstructed. that is whatkeri is talking about the journey and the process. when people see us and we show our medal and talk about winning gold medace. it is the process it took to get there that is critical. i'm not here to teach anybody about soccer or about running. but what i want them to see from us is that we started something. set a goal. went through the journal and he got to the finish line. she'll be faster than i am. she says her legs are short. she is quick as a jack rabbit. it is about setting your mind
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she said she learned i learned. everything translate ss and transsends the lean of the game. how to do team work and a good lead and a support system. you know what it is like to be an athlete and what it is like being on a team. i know chuck. i know he is a funny guy and people laugh at him. i think he recognizes the fact that every person who has the luxury of being a professional athlete and put on the spotlight has a sort of encowmentencow endowment they need to give back. you are the popular ones. you should act. >> tim: madonna is the material girl. we will talk more about that
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>> tim: my guests today are
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connected to fabric an ankle bandage for keri and a sport's brafor you. and your book, not about the bra. i will never forget that picture. >> thank you. >> tim: you were on the cover of time. news week and sport's illustrated in the same week. >> yea. >> tim: wow. >> it was crazy. like the tidal said. when i wrote that book with my co-author and we went to the publisher they said, how about this title? it is not about the bra? i said, no. i don't want people to feel that was not spontainious. the more i thought it is not about the bra. it is not about that one ankle. it is a life spent moving toward that goal. >> i like to say that what you see on television it is like,
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like skipping to the last page of a book. >> i thought about gymnastics and the difficulty in gymnastics there is no ball to concentrate on. what do you concentrate on. in a floor exercise. >>you are thinking about each skill as it come. that's what you should be dpoog. we have different elements and you concentrate on each element. on floor you think about the tumbling. the beam you want to stay on the beam. you are thinking about the technique of being square and it is four inches. four feet off the ground. check on balance you could fall. i had a running tape in my head i did in practice and in competition i kept that mental game going. >> tim: your games going by dribbling soccer balls up and down fifth avenue.
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on the street i find a teammate. people from all over the world, speak all languages. when i was doing the broadcast for the olympics we were in new york. in the down time. i jog to central park and the way back i put the ball in the ground and see people stop and pass the ball and they pass it back. vian italian. somebody from jamaica, we are all playing together this . is what sports can do. soccer is a global sport. thg something like the marathon brings people together for a common cause. being health and he confucianism challenging yourself. take the strides to create a better environment. tim temi heard in america we are trained with our hands. where as in the rest of the world they are trained with their feet. >> i think that is soccer is
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is. the baseball and basketball and football players and gymnasts deal with hands these players deal with their if he felt you have the agility and kickness and stamina but you have to do it with your feet. >> tim: which is more important to you the gold or the world cup champion? is that a fair question? >> it is apples and orangeses. they are both near and dear to my heart and hold a special place. the world cup only soccer. when 90,000 people came to watch the world cup final. you couldn't believe it when you walked out and looked up. it was stunning. and even just now i get a reaction. it is such an empowering
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knowing that 40 million people were watching on television. a woman's soccer game. you know you have done something when that occurs. when you are in the presence of keri strug. michael phelps, in 96 when they won gold we won a gold, basketball won a gold. it was unbelievable. >> to be in the same breath as those athletes and the others from around the world and the view areship that it gets it is spectacular >> tim: like the viewership of this show.
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huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> tim: back with keri strug and brandy. but first keri strug the magnificent seven gymnastics team that won in atlanta in 1996.
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nobody will ever forget bella carrying you out of the gym. >> it was special. i did so much with bela. looking back it was great i experienced that with him. he was the one who got me there to the medal platform. >> he retired after 92. and came back in 95. he just trained dominic the little one and myself. the little one. >> little one. >> tim: during the break brandy asked if you had a tough time understanding bela. i thought brandy was talking about me. did you? >> occasionally, yes. you gather if he is happy or angry with you and that's all that matters. [laughter]. >> that's all that matters. happy, angry. better get it together if he is angry. if he is happy, enjoy the moment.
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gi coach here and there on the side. i spent so many years in the gym it is important to prove i can be successful elsewhere. i add programs that receive federal funding that has been good for me. on the side i think once gymnastic system in your blood it always simple i do it gymnastic camps in the summer and do clinics on the weekend. take a day off and give them a few pointers. it is different if you say it verse us their coach. even if the coach says the same thing they lynne better. >> yes, because you are a gold medallist. >> you talk about, in your blood grangd father and parents never missed? >> no they were relentless. the idea of teamful i think that was really the lasting
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he coached me until i was in my teen years. they went to sydney for the games and in atlanta for the first one. in china in 91 when we play indeed the first women's world cup. if there was a game and a pick up game on sunday and nobody knew. my mom would get there. and one if you don't mind me saying, when you are a kid nobody is on the side line the parent and it is brothers and sisters. my mother would come with a megaphone that stood as tall as keri. yell down the side line. my dad named us the horizon they thought we were beautiful. >> go brandy. she was a cheer leeder that's what she was in high school. i would be leak, mom. do you have to use that you are one of 12 on the side lines. no everybody loves it. for as much embarrassment i felt when i was young and my
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when it came to 99 for the world cup game and the final when the stadium was rocking i could hear her voice and having her there was -- so incredible ly powerful and meaningful. >> tim: before your kick with the tide 4-4. you said that this amazing calm came over you? >> yea. >> tim: you were not psyched out by the goalie? >> she psyched me out earlier in the year. during the run of play if there was a penalty kick it was my job to take the penalty. as i put the ball down and i stood up, there stood the goal keeper for chien a. this girl is a character. you know have characters in gymnastics, too, looked at me. smiled and winked i was like. what is going on.
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like 2 box ersz iners in the ring before the fight. i was out of my element and shaken. i hit the ball. we lost two-one. as i was approaching this penalty kick the thing i could hear the stands were dead quiet was don't look at the goal keep are. she admitted in an hbo special we did, dare to dream, that she felt she couldn't get on her game no one would look her in the eye. that was a part of preparation to get to a ball and make a save. nobody looked at her and focused on the ball.
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>> tim: keri and brandy are remembered for great successes most fan don't know their struggles and disappointments. and yet, you have said that -- after all these disappointments when you do it it feels really good. that is understating things. i think. >> of course, i think oftentimes you know you have failure it pushes you more and makes a success sweeter. for me in barcelona i had all the high expectations for myself. i didn't meet them all.
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>> tim: won the bronze in barcelona. what were for the novice -- out there and here, what were the two or three techniques you missed in i say -- i don't want to minimize this by only wing the bronze what is the difference with a bronze and gold? is that too broad a request? >> it can be a lot or a minor problem. in gymnastics scoring changed. now you fall and still win inform 92 that was not possible. if you had a minor flaw that's it. they are change itting because they want to reward the higher skills. it is not just about perfection any longer. i like the old scoring system. i think everybody identifies gymnastics with the perfect 10. it is not up to me.
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higher level skills they are rewarded greatly for them. >> tim: the perfect 10 in 96 do you still keep in contact with the other six? >> i do. i think we have a bond because what we accomplished together. it has been years we are all moving forward doing things. some are active in the gymnastic worlds. others are mothers. and they are busy with their life. but what we accomplished together, you know is amazing and nobody can take that away. when we come together we have a good time. we were inducted in the haugh fame that was a time for us to come together. >> you and jewel and he mia see one another? >> absolutely. all new mothers. i think we all have kids two and younger. it is about mia, -- yea.
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>> mia has funny stories. write an e mail. i'm proud of jaden for doing this, this morning. back. you know grace through dirt today. no, like keri said, we all try to spend time together. we had a big 40th birthday party for karla and we surprised her here in new york. we check in with each other weekly if not every other day. christine and i are hope to play in a league coming up. >> tim: it started several years ago. the wusa. unfortunately, we had to fold. i like to call a break now it is a fold. we are beginning again. we have i think a group of investors and players who and players not only for here but from abroad that will make the league exciting.
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mostly it is about kids. >> tim: back with the final segment with keri and brandy after this. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds)
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>> tim: there is life after gymnastics and soccer for customer and he brandy. anything else. we have 9 seconds. you have a found egg. >> i have bay area women sports initiative. b ashgsws i dove org. we are getting young girls on the play grounds moving knowing they are in charge of their health and wellness and courage and asking them to take risks. >> tim: you were nick named hollywood? >> that's julie. [laughter]. you nick named anything? in 96? >> that's what i would say. i can't thank you enough for being on the show. >> we appreciate it and hope everybody will go to
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shoe laces like ours. they are flashy.
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thanks for watching. made in hollywood the animated' venture "kung fu panda 3" is "made in hollywood." >> the dragon warrior po is back in action and i sat down with jack black to find out just how many chapters are left in this epic franchise. >> i feel like these things come in threes. so that's the end of a chapter. so if there is going to be a four, there has to be a five and a six. made in hollywood also on today's show chris pine and ben poster on the true story of a daring sea rescue that's now their new movie "the finest hour." >> couldn't have said that any better. i like the idea of -- it felt like a film that could have been made in the '50s, hollywood motion picture. >> we'll also take a look at the latest installment of the martial arts saga "ip man 3" starring donnie yen and mike
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>> and julia harkness arnold is
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