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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 1, 2016 7:00am-8:51am EST

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good morning, americ trail of destruction. this twister i florida caught onamera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. now the death toll is rising. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> thetorm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking ovnight, protest erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding n to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump' victory tour. the president-elect celebrates his de t save more than a thousand jobs making good on campaignpromise. >> call up the head ofcarrr,
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it's so much f for me? asarah palin raising speculationbout her role in the trump administration. > missing mom exclusive. the husband breaking his silence speaking out exclusively to abc news about that horrif duction. >> i thought about hereing there screaming my name and that i wasn't there. >> now police releas a new description of the kidnappers and for the first time we hear how his wife finally made her escapen that freeway. only and we do say good moing, america. what a powerfulnterview with the husband of that california mom. we're going to have much more of that exclusive just ahead. >> i'm sure they are glad to have her home. dd trump is heading to the carrier plant where lots of
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president-elect will join them later today. >> trump's team is signaling there will be more direct interinvestigaon like this. we'll examine that coming up. first the after. math of those tornadoes in the southeast. homes and businesses destroyed. at least five people dead. abama has en some of the worst destruction and abc's flat starts us off in good morning. >> rr: geported morning. the only way that you can tell that this was a day-care center isy the few toys that remain. this is where a familyfeven rushed over from their mobile home looking for a safe place to rideut they ran right into harm's way. just one d after at least 16 tornadoes devastated much of the south, families in alabama begi. this door frame the only thing remainingor one family. >> we were all holding o to each other. crouched down on floor just deargod, please let me live through this. >> reporter: all that's left of this day care a small room. >> we've been fortunate compared tohe last few times that it's
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parts of the townveled. debris up in the trees. e shelves still standing at th destroyed convenience store. in mississippi, families assessing the damage. as they cut and clean outside their homes. look how this pecan tree sliced right through this house. >> we had to get the ladder over there and get her out the winw because she couldn't get out of any doors. >> tornado warning. >> reporter: in the florida panhandle a powerful waterspout forming off the coast wednesday afternoon. ne atlanta, a tornado warning with strong winds blowing this huge piece of metal from a recycling center about auarter of a mile away ? reporter: students hunkere do in the school hally waiting out the storm. ng winds knocking down trees, severing powelines. and many in this are are still without power this morning. the good news is the storms that caused all of this damage have moved out.
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thinking of everybody there. we'll go to gio benitez in gatlinburg, tennessee, for the latest on those devting and deadlyildfir that have forced thousands of evacuations. >> reporter: so many he lost everything. in many cases they don't have insurance. behind me is a very famous restaurant ithe smoky mountains called the alamo. can get a wide look at the you destruction. u can see so much of it smolderi. i want to show you a video fromh this fire. nds helping sead blaze ense more and more ateast seven people havdied. others are still missing. and now i want to show you the aftermath. this is what you see all over this place, homes a quite literally just disappearing. some 700 structures damaged or destroyed. but we do have some good news that there were heavy rains yesterday that put out a lotf
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is ov. now folks will start rebuilding. >> that's good to hear. we will talk toob about that. so many people are doing whateverhey can to help including someone who's known quite well in that area. dolly parton. tell people what she's doing. as you know dollywood is just miles from here. people go there all the time and this area, this is where she grew up. she's going to be donating $1,000 per month to each family fected by thisnt ite remarkable. >> indeed. such good people ere. gio, thank you. sai that vere weather as you said is moving out this morning and, rob, you're tracking that path. >> i want to say that so much in weather is about good and bad. they so desperately needed rain and were going to get that. in advance of that that's when theins kicked up and devastating firesroke out. those rains so helpful i the past three days. over 4 inches in huntsville, 5 in knoxville close t the fire zone and yes, we have another
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texas getting up into louisiana d aansas and then setching back into the drought zone, northern mississippi, northern alama, by sunday night you'll look at se of these numbers locally possible over 4 inches from eastern tex across louisiana and southf the fire zone and will take every inch they can get. >> thats coming. thanksery much. the latest on the tmp transition. the president-electnd mike pence heading out of trump tower on what they call a thank you tour starting at plant in indianapolis which reversed course, decided to keep mo a thousand jobs in the u.s. after jawboning from trump. abc's tom llamas at trump tower with all the details. >> reporter: that cincinnati rally about be th first public event for the president-elect sinc winning the election and we a know how much mr. trump lovesse big ow.ust checked. there's still tickets available but there's a report out this moing that teammp has purchased radio ads promoting
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but before that event, trump has some business to take care of. today, president-elect donald trump will announce a deal, one he promised on the campaign trail, to show he's already fighting for the american >> i not presidential for the president of the ud states hell this is the president.ier, but i don't care. it's so much fun for me. i love doing it. plea don't take that away. >> reporter: in a statement carrier saying they negotia administration, part of which will rt in preserving more than 1,000 bs. details of the agreent unclear. but a source telling abc news a regulatory incentive was a factor. carrier worker kip glen, a trump supporter, praising the president-ect. >> the spits were high last night. people were actuall han shaking, hugging.
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worker. critics want more details before they celebrate the incoming president. >> yeah, jobs are good. the question is what exactly is the deal? i mean the first thing you learn when you're talking about deals is let's read all the details. >> reporter: trump also working on filling his cabinet. now a familiar face is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs. >> thank you so much. >>eporter: a palin aide trump transition officls in recent days, i feel as though the megaphone i have been provided can be used in a productive and positive way to help those desperately in need. and as trump hosts that event at carrier to show he's fighting washington post" points out this morning that trump is assembling what could be the wealthiest cabinet in the history ofhis country. trum campaigned against wall street and he also said he was going to drain the swamp y
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billionaire, millionaires and some washington insiders. >> we will take a look at that. tom, we'll take a look at it now with matthew dowd and carrie big political win for donald trump and his team is signaling steve mnuchin, his incoming treasury sectary nominee has said that we're going to see more of this. more direct intervention with companies, now, this is opportunity but limits. >> it's real,hose thousand families or thousand indiduals right before christmas jobs that will stay in indna so i'm sure their children and families are very happy, but, two, mbolism. he's just president-elect but presidents rely a lot on symbolism and the symbolism of this, i didn't forget you in the midwest. i didn't forget you. other people have forgottenyou. i'm willing to go through whatever it takes. a broad question what is his economic policy. you can't do one-offs whout defining it and in the end donald trump will beined by
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his new administration. >> meanwhile, as tommeioned, two billionaires being nominated. steve mnuchin several hundred million and they'll push hard r taxeturns from all the nominees as they come up for confirmation. >> you know, before the election was over before election night i described the trump group as a pira ship. well, some of these nominees it looks like it's a pirate yacht i think the confirmatio n this hearings will be some of the most spectacar theater have seen justrom all the questions from the attorne general, fromhe treasury, from al of those questions that are in suchontrt to many this campaign.said durg >> sarah palin. >> sarah palin, i guess is the elizabeth swan, the keira knightley character in "pirates of the caribbean." she will come in. interesting how folks discipline this but i think the interesting thing on janry 20th h turns the black pearl over to the queen elizabeth ii and it's much more difficult to
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>> okay, matthew dowd, thank you much. >> do you sta up at night tryio com up with these. >> it just comes to me. it just comeso me. >> all ght. thank you, matt. butow to charlotte, north carolina, where protests erupted overnight after prosecutorsaid they notld charge the officer who fatally sho keith lamont scott in september. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: overnight peoe taking to the streets. four arrested protesting over a fatal police police officer who fired the fatal shots killing a charlot man. >> i am fully satisfied and entirelyed cvihat ofr brentley vinson use of deadly force was lawful. >> reporter: into keith lamon scott'seath whi evidence points to the 42-year-old being armed. sothing scott's family had disputed. his wife sing as much on the tape from the shooting. >> drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun.
7:12 am
see a gun prioro approaching scott radioingn before the shooting. >> there was a guy that was parked next to us that was rolling a joint had a n. >> reporter: as well as leasing this from a 7-eleven showing mr. scott wit a bulge around his r ankle and previously released police video you can see his pant leg pulled . empty hoter revealed. the d.a. concluding he failed to comply with commands to drop his gun. scott's family disagreeing pick up his kid ended up dead. >> but that does not mean that this officer's killing of keith scot was right. all that means is that under the view of the d.a.'s office it wasn't criminal. >> reporter:nd thed.a. saying that police found a gun at the scene that thehave since identified as scott's. his family saying in none of that video do you clearly see
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ofound disappointed with the d.a. decisions. th are csidering pursuing a civil case. robin. >> we'll see what happens, eva, thank you. to the new clues about that deadly plane crash that killed 71 people. david kerleyas more on what the survivors are now revealing out the accident. >> reporter: this morning, colombian authories confirm this jet did not have enough reserve fuel and radio calls suggest it ran out of fuel. as this new video shows the excited brazilian s ash. their short hau jetwn nearly 1900 miles right at its maximum rank but put into a holding patternbove medellin. the pilots radio the tower asking for pority landing. we are having a fuel problem. seven minutes later the p calls out, total fae. electric, total and fuel. >> they now have nothingut battery power and they're gliding. theye no electronic aids
7:14 am
calling out for directions. veors. a minute later the final plea for help. eight miles from the airport the jet crashes, no fire, no fl found. >> the airplane r out of gas. why it ran out of gas, why the crew made t bad decisions that ey made, could they have saved it if they declared an emergency early on? >> reporter: three players survived. two crew members, one did by curling up position and reportedly telling a south american sports network started yelling after the jet ran out of fuel. the black boxes have now been turned over to investigators from the united kingdom. that'soing to tell us aot about what theilots were saying inside the cockpit an answer a lot of the questions about thi tragic plane crash. >> david, just to hear tha audio like at,th david, thank you. amyas the morng's other top stories starting with anher police officer killed in the line of duty. >> that's right.
7:15 am
responding to a domestic call in tacoma, washington. the neighborhood was placed on lockdo as a standoff with the shooter continued into the early mornind then a somber scene as the fices body was taken away. 133 law enforcement officers in the ud states have died in the line of duty this year alone. that is more than during all of last year. well, the fourth and final inma who escaped from a california jail s been captured. rogelio chavez was arrested at hissister's home in san jose after aneight-hour the attic. and major league basebal owners and players have agreed to a new labor deal avoidg a ckout. both sides reportedly agreed to ban first year players from using smokeless tobacco and the all-star game will no longer dermine home field advantage in the world series. inst the team with the best record will get t advantage. and finally, wo the shape of your chien mcnuggets are not as random as you thought.
7:16 am
shapes which has apparently shocked even the mostoyal mcdonald's fans. each shape even has a name, the bell, the ball, the boot and the bone. and mcdd's says thi -- these shapes are the perfect equilibrium ofipability and fun. >> dipability. >> trying to get that in. dibility. >> ye. they made it one. >> i like the bootauou on to. ittle sething t hang >> right. >> we both said dipability and both thig me pag robin. kyou, am take a look at this video and, yes, that's a man reaching into a truck and wking away with a massive pot ofold and he is not a leprechaun just blocks from tim square and linsey davisas the stor >> repter: a reward leading for information of the recovery of thi slen pot ofgold. you heart right.
7:17 am
investigation operation lucky charms. it was not a sophisticated heist like "the italianjob." >> 13 across 4 high >> reporter: rather police think the robber just stumbled o to an opening and pounced. >> do you think he knew it was a buck of gold at t time. >> i bieve h believed it was a lue. it was in an armored truck w armed guards. >> reporter: it happened in new york city'smodistrict. the barrel was taken right out of t back vehicle at the precise moment wh one of the armeduards turned his back. the guard reportedly only noticed the buck was missing becausehat's the bucket he usedoest his feet whilee sat. loomis, theored truck company told abcews their guards were tr by professional thie the container of gold flake nearly 90 unds, so heavy the ief had to keep putti it down which might expla why it to him an hr to walk half a mile. he thenot into a white car.
7:18 am
what would somebody do with that. pu int cubes and then sold. nd >> reporter: this newly leased video is from late september. so the culpritas a twmonth head start. police say so far they believe the end ofhe rainbow for the man they're dubbing t leapt brinkahn m be florida. pawnshops therere on high alert. for "good morngmerica lins davis, abc news, new >> seems like that was too easy. >> what a story. now what to do with those. back torob. a lot of rain comeing. brings pots of go, i told.hich i haven't seen o in a while. a winter storm warning across maine and rain i boston moving ow. drying out. that low finally kicking up and we will take that for sure your suny cities brought to
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>> for this warmer track, drying out as we head into the afternoon, that sunshin brking through, and temperatures, topping out in th upper 50s for the height of theer seven-day forecast, does include temperatures cooling dn as we head into tomorrow, breezy conditions expected, and ase go towards the weekend, we're comingp an abcs exclusive. the husband of tha mom who vanished breaking his silence revealing what happed the
7:20 am
aren't stoppingecause i h a chain. it looks like i broke out of ison. >> their emotion reunion and the chilling new details aut how e finally got free as authorities search for the suspects. d oz uer fire. what heaid on his show about olive oil that has him facing a lawsuit coming up rht here on "gma." ? happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokeayon?"
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>> good morning, i'm randy price, stories we're following on the eyeopener, a commuter rail trainit a car, parked too close to the tracks near the needham heights' station, no one was hurt, the car has been overturned now, and you can expect some dels through that ar t teenager charged with killing his mother inside of their brockton home is due in court today, 44-year-old "the manchurian candidate," was stabbed, heron waited calmly on the porch for police to rive, and dighton's fire chief is off the job suspended without pay, and a criminal
7:24 am
clothing. they are afraidhat ey will
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>> were, it looks like the heavy in is coming to an en? >> finally, right, there is some rely heavy showers, but we're seeing the lingering light rafall, mainly as we move towardshe cape, and outside of that, some fog and some mist, and that's something that you will run into th your travels but otherwise things are looking up as we dry out heading into this afternoon, and highs in the upper 50s, and not b out heading into your friday, and sunshine breaking out as we move towards t weekend. keep in mind t temratures are goin to continue to cool. here's a look at what's going on with the roadw >> it's busy, we have got delay on t orae le, southbod,anch and us minor delays on the needham line becauf a car that overturned near the tracks, and we're watching a crash on 8 south by 128, expressway, still almost 35, braintree to bosto and other issue here over on neland seet.
7:27 am
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i thought about her being there screaming my name. >> that is the husnd of sherri papini,hat missing mom in california missing for three weeks, and came back in ns that exclusive he gave intervie about the h wife went through. we'll have all the latest on that coming . >> that is coming >> also rht president-elec trump is heading to indiana today withik thank you tour after the a election. they'll stop at the carrier plant where trump is celebrang a deal saving morehan a thsand jobs. a major recovery effort is under way after those devastatingornado in the southeast. reported twisters just this week. one flattening a small alabama town. the storm system thankful is now moving out. and also ts morning, dr. oz is facing a major lawsuit.
7:31 am
we're going to tell you what he said tha n has him in some hot water. that's all coming up in just a bit. >> we forwa that. first our exclusive interview whe hith tband of that kidnapped california mom. abc's matt gutman sat d with keitpini i redding, california. morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. t autourours with keith papini and the excruciating detail he describes about whatis wife wen throu wasn't just realing, it was we've heard far. anyg that opening up about his wife 22-day captivity. >> i thought about h being there screaming my name. >>eporter: and describing to "20/20" his wife sherri's heer-skeer release. >>bo shead metal --sorry, a chainround herwais that is correct.she had a bag o. her left hand was in the vehicle >> to mee she dn't jp out of the car?
7:32 am
theypened the door. she doesn't know because shead a bag over her head and cut something to free her restraint vecle and then kin of pusd her out of the vehicle and she st this pnt haso idea where she's at and then ran to the fry. whizzing pat her. otorists kept >> she screamed so mu s reamg tryg to get somebody stop and again just another sign of how my wife is, she's so maybe peoplt stopping cause i have a chain, it looks like i broke out of prisonoshe under her clots. >>eporte this morning the ags couy sheriff's fice reveali out sherri's alleged abductors. deribed as two aispanic women.
7:33 am
accent a piercedears. suspect numbe two was the she had straight black with me graying color. >> reporter: but the big question still remains, where was s held? what was the motive and was she specific targeted or was this a random ac >> you cut their ha. you beat them. yo r talking about behavior of what a cult o >>eporter: now, investors tell us they're starting to work on a composite sketch of those suspects but sherri says she only saw their es. she was hooded most of the time. investigators say they're working on digging out the other details, did she hear a train? was shelose enough to feel the vibrations? what did the roo feel like, anything to get a break in the story. >> such a stran story.
7:34 am
so these details are pilin up. chilling details about her o mo thecaptors, as well but so many big questions sti >> oh,here's no question tha all these questions remain but that's what the investigation who are these people? whi is why did ty do it? i think that's the most important question. you heard mat rer to it which is what was the motiv here was she?rgeted was it random? if they can figure that out -- >> doesn't seem like they're any the investigators will try to keepertain details close to but thosrehe keyuestions that they need to assess. >> you mentied keeping the deils close to the st. the sheriff did seem a lite bit concerned that the sband's interviews may somehow rose the investigation. >> he actually said that, right. and you can understand fro the investigat's perspective yinglook,e don't want the public at laro everything. why? cause in aot o these gh-profile investigations, eyf tons of people coming forward
7:35 am
whoay be real suspects and the way to do that is keep certain formation privatendsecret. now, from his perspective from the husband's persptive you can he wants to go pu, right? i mean a lot of people aretill saying, come on this must be some sort of hoax >> even tho the sheriff kps saying -- hat's right. no evidence to suggest it's hoax but you look under this case on google, for example, the numberne to a hoax. so you can understand why the sband want come forward and say, not only was this not a hoax, but this was absolutely horrific for her and please must beorher. difficult this that the husband is ome of relating but he doesn't directl >> that's rit. and there's sll -- it sms so relavely small because most o the details have been accurate,
7:36 am
sorts o dails that accurate itoesn'tlly matter. the problorhe sheriff is when you're getting all this information which, ocourse, the husbandowhese accurate details, then thesherfs information that the public doesn't kn but i've g -- i syme with the hband in wanting to ge swer, s, it makes the investigation a little er when you haveople around the world saying, oh, this doesn't ke my wife was in chai can d. understand why he wants to get out there and say something about it. >> no question about it. dan abrams, thank very . > and you can see mor of that exclusive interviewh keith papini on a special edition of "20/20" tomorw at 10:00 eastern right here onabc. hey, mhael. >> coming up on o big board, ar we a see the return
7:37 am
does it gooo far? we'l talk about that pl stephen a. smith is here talking about tiger wos to pllf minute, in two dn getting the gift you almost kt for urself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. just around the corner.
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welcome back. time now for ourig a we're breaking down more of this stephen a. smith is he at the tabl as my grandma would say, hmm, hmm, hmm to washington? the former vice presiden nominee a trumpists reportedly beingonsidered for secretary of veteran affairs. abc cokiroberts joins us now to weigh in on this so what are you hearing about this ki >> well, what we're hear something w a news has been reporting andarahalin has taking o story and posting it on social media saying vers affairs. iave to say, robin, that fair
7:40 am
was so adamant throuout the campaign abo the great care that he was going t show to veterans that putting her in that position could be a problem for him. >> well, coe, also if he does appoint her do you think she's going to have trouble with congress? >> sure, she is. i mean, absoluly. she's -- youow, she's a very controversial . now, s forheas trump very early in the campaign, so he probably does feel he owes her something. but this is mehan he probably wants to think of poor john mccain, someone would cares desperately about veterans who picked sarah pan as his runng mate and has been very careful not to criticize h but t he' have toote on her,hat's a tough one. >> that would be a tough situation. controversy and we have another one too >> ah, we havenother controversy. this one involving a new tv show, hbs new show "the young sparking outrage or judw' portrayal of not so
7:41 am
>> i donavinto confess. i'm a contradict >> ihink ian see why a lot of people. rr hackett is joining us. rdis pope is ptrayed as a what ishe t reactn to this show? i have an idea what you'reoing >> he smokes and drinks cherry coke so you can imagine, you ow, thth that wil fall on him. it debutedn ita to critical ravesnd as a formerar boy d boy aur that, you ow, as surely as the eucharist follows the homily on more attack onhe clic ind
7:42 am
for drama. power, itas mystery and it has unbelievable pageantry a outfits. this lends itself toeople prcreating it and thinking osterous things about it. we checked with th pope, the office -- the pope's office says he doesn'tven wat televisn so they're not losing aot of sleep about thisut it's driving thsye conhat people are going want to see it. >> well, wre talking about it. >> absoluty. >> we have to, you know, again, say this is not based on any particular pe, obviously. no, he's an american pope this, ght. >>co covered many popes and, of course, your great mother, the u.s. ambassador, so i saw you watchg the clip as larry was talking. what do you think? >> actually i was thinking as he was talking, pope benedict drank crazy.ade so it' that we watched this just now in the i' got t say it's it is really just tedious a bo and, you know, all
7:43 am
st in these long,ong speeches and really it's not worth getting exeised over because itust so bad. >> ihink it'll be "game of comes out. s it. pe >> stephen, would you w it. >>e'll wch it at least once. jude laws a great ac no question abo that and, ndly, controversy sells. is in an uproar about before i dedenot'm g the comeback ofig woods is what you're here to talk about. in 1 months.e professioll >> right. >> he is back no a lot of people are talking about it. ing looks go >> well, he always looks good in swg that golf club a thend obviously he doesn't looko good when you're ranked 257th in the world at the time. it's b a bad time.hasn'ton a ma
7:44 am
his game but h edge was also psychological. he intimidated opponents and dabody now. you haveuys fng sorry f orhim a successful you get paid. >> i felt bad for the guys he was going agnst. didn't realize, it's been that long. we've seen great comebacks. all of us have seen them is there i'm hopeful. >> i want everybody to answer this question. questior everybody.
7:45 am
successful in his comebackbid, maybe not this weekend but at somepoint? >> no, i don't s it i really i've see nothing in his gamhatele he can come back to the level that we we accustomed to seng. >> if i can follow upn his psychological point, whenou have athletes soting f something, nicklaus' trophy you ed the crowd and audience hind you. i don't think there's a reser ofood will for tiger. he w doi this alon i don't think the public cares ho he perfor. has a factor in >> come on,coe. >> i don'tno thrilled to hav h back and it's really fun to look at him. >> we're all rting f him. >> i'm rting for him. think t's -- i always hold out hope when people say you can't do sething he will prove them wrong andlarry's point you need the fans behind you but i've never -- i love to perform in front ofoos tohat's true. >> you never dispeared for
7:46 am
try to come back. you didn't fall o a then try to come back. games i played fans of the team tught i did. >> i never sawthat. i never saw at. >> 14 majorvictories, 79 overall. >> amazing. >> come on. >> he's the greatest ever but wee tbout -- >> former number one. >> remembered for that >> eventually. >> and the fact h cute as cokie said. >> there y go. evybody hoint of view. thank you thr f being with us today and mites, tt new trouble for dr. oz. what he said about olive oil that's ldinglawst. stay right there.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
that's a market an worth estimated $2 billion. bun h show dr. oz tioned t quality of t vast majority of olive oil on is fighting group an olive oil trade association . >> shocking 80%, 80%f t extra virglive oil that you buyve inr supermarket isn't the real deal. >> reporter: telling his millions of viewers during an episode in may theirve oil in a suit filed this week, the noh american olive oil association saying the famous tv doctor willfully and maliciously disseminated false information about olive oil. "ther. oz show" tells abc news they will aggresvely defend the story which was covered by numerous other reputable news organizations. addinghathe statu the lawsuit is bed on is diredited and constitutionally estionable.
7:50 am
with their seal of appva isgular stdas. e sethey'ring a jury trial and asking punitive dam a legal fee. tryingo fight for their repution. >> dr. oz isn't backing dn saying he'll go after this p. >> not the first one to make these ai. a lot of ns organizes covered is and callet fake the issue is about call and ihink th thedistinction. it's not that it's not olive oil but it meet the quality stanrds. >> youk good >> my catwalk. >> do t catwalkor us. >> n >> you know, i'm an italian girl. 's all the olive oil paid off. >> thank you, ra. coming up, our next hour when harry maie hanna. what is bringing the prince and pop tar together. tory with gre "deals & steals" just ahead.
7:51 am
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? ? ? ? welcome back to northwest. interstate 90 closed over snoqualm pass, accidents because ofhe snow and lels continue to be low b high pressure a s a winds cranking for southern cifornia
7:55 am
test text1 plain
7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm randy price, the eyeopen trackin somestories enhappgtow. but first, weather kell ann. >> absolutely, we're seeing t sun breaking through already the fois startingo dissipat and theain is startingo shift off the coast, so that's leading int a funnyaf. wafor th kids, they will b guy at times, the seven-day forecast includes theun breaking o tomorrow, as well, breezydion w'roo ekd. awe head into the here's a look at what's going on, on the r wit olessa. olessa: we're watching delays south of towa csh on 24 northbound, by route 27 delays ou brockton, and also an
7:57 am
street and on 128 south by route 28, almost 35 on the expressway, and braintree tooston, and still watching that repairork from yesterday's water mn eak or on nel strt. >> stories we're following, a cleanuperwan chinatown, the city ha been trying to get everything back to nmaler hugeteain break here theorkers have alsoeen back taking out dris from fires manholes, dozen businesses a ployee called 9-1-1 aer this malaed a knife and demanded cash, thman wri a gray one was hurt there.ot away with more coming up in our next hour if youreeading out, you can tch us onhe mobile app. "good morning america"
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning,amera. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly wildfires. search and rescue teams racing through the wreckag in tennesse how selp the families thge on eir feet. crossing the line. n wom b questions about wo, harassment and sis at the offi. their answers may surpre you. now their message solutions that everyone caput to work. ? the prin and pop star. when harry metrinna. the two bond in barbados, we've got them giging center stage. ? > these identical twins are 24 karat magic. meet t mccre. over the inetand and they're saying-
8:01 am
>> we play that again? ju one mortime at was so adorable. >> they're cute. ning, america. >> and ty're young, remind me of my twins and jumped the gun. >> we'll see more of them coming up. 24 days uil christmas. they're happy about that. >> they've been good girl, know they have and that means 2l order. tory johnson, of course, she's e it's thursday, she has her holiday "deal& stea oh, gosh. getting t audience invved all starting at $4.50. >> thens we count down to the competition.ig gingerbad house whic one ofs u hashe sweetest decorating skills? we'll findout. but fit the morning rundownfry. devastatn from t histori e
8:02 am
apocalyptic wasteland. at lea seven people have dd but this morning thes new hope for those tryg toui and benit has the latest. morng. >> reporter: amy,ood morning toyou. to say this is a disaste would take a look.tatement. this is one of t 700 structures here that are just totally destroyed. it's a restaurant and you can even see some of the tles and melted.there just completel at least sen people have died here so far and i say a they're sti being looked for. right now many of these homes have just been totally destroyed and that is why dolly parton, a hu empyer here, of course, noe has dollywood here, she is donating a thousand dollars per month to each family affected. >> we want to provide a handp to all those families that he lost everything in fires. >> rorter:n act of kindness there from someone who grew up in that area. am back to you.
8:03 am
and unfortunately elsewhere in tennessee and in alabama where people a picking up the pieces tornoes, entire buildings blown away and at lst fepl died. many are still without per well, a police officer in washington sasta w shot and killed overnight while responding to a domestic call in coma. that suspect was later killed in a standoff. 133 officers have died in the line of duty so farhis year in th.s the me number all of last year. an four people have been charlotte demandingusce for h scott. he was st by a policoffice back in septem e district attneyas decide not ofyinge shows ott was holding a gun. well, president-ele donal trump is taking a victory lap today as he takes credit for savi 1,000 jobs. trump and mike pence are visitinghe carrier plant in indianapolis after making good on a promise to cvinc company not to send the jobso mexico. reportedly using regulatory
8:04 am
cincinnati as part of tha u ur. meanwhile, trump may have a place in h cabinet forarah palin. she's reportedly bng idered f secretary of veteransaffairs. well, in hlth n researcheray a lack of sle affects more than st our heal, their study found people who routi sle fewer than higher rk ofarly death and % losebout six worth of productivity at their jobs every well, prince harry met up with pop barbados. rinna joined the prince for a celebration marking the island nation's 50 years of independence. the crowd, of cour, cheered for the prince but guess what, then f ha who was born right tre in barbados and finally, a big breakthrough for chocolate lovers. nest nestle, theompanyhat mak crunch bars and baby ruths say it's developed a scientific process reduce the amoun of sugar in chocote by 40%.
8:05 am
taes just as sweet.t still they plan to ben usi t oces in 2018 whis when i eing 40% me >> well played. well played there,amy. yes. anks a lot. lara. out some "pop news" ere, >> thank you vermuch. od morning, ybody. jamie won an oscar legend marvin charles and nown the story that broht us hits "what's going onnd exual healg." it given ahus up by marvin ga'son and motn under rr. his unmistakable voice was silenced too soo shot by his fa old. there is a storyhere to be . >> i remember that. >> yeah. next up, get ready to watch
8:06 am
rerting bradl cooper and irina shayk, rsian supermodel, expecting their fir child together. the world found out yesterday as secret fashion show in heria's second trimester give the dice of little ambulance of a perfect little tummynder a fringe robe and traded in he still sexy tnch ct for annual fhion show. e parents to bent public with their romance duringaris ion we last year. egnancy rumo friends say, th, the couple is a joy to lo and truly a perfect matc >> good them yep. congratulations. >>absolutely. babyews andhen finally, weill forever be in blue jeans thanks tos man. neil diamond and now -- >> so good, so good, s good. >>ow you can say hello again to the man who broughtswe caroline, dmo just anced
8:07 am
years of show business. the first sho is coming u april 7 in fresno with stops l across north america in nyork, los angeles, chicago, toronto, ncouver, ahen europ uk dates i guess will be announced as well. diamond start the as a songwriter who wt on to sell mohan 1 million albums. so if your love is oth rocks, don' bring her flowers, bring her tickets tohis legendary tour. imise you livenati. i am so there. >> gre de. >> it's sure to be so good, so good, so od. >> you startled george and we didn't know -- >> i usuly get into the ba ba, ba. we have been doing this. >> it's coming . >> she's hearing icoming up. >> ready. >> no. swee sweet carolinba ba ba ?
8:08 am
challenge women face at work a the problem that may be more common than you think. christmas, we're going head-to-head in our gingerbread house competition. >> goodluck, michael. that's all i'm yi>> so good. so so [ applau ] what? oh, hi! yospend 0 bello! on holiday d?cor and trees at target.
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8:12 am
we are back with our series "crossing the line" where we focus on sexual harassment in the workplace. three out of five women say they've experienced have been more and mor high-profile cases of harasent reported in justhe last few mohs. rebecca jarvis is here. from different industries to n talk about it. >> yes, good moing to you. we sat down with ten women to talk to them about what it's really like on the job and to understand what women in the workplace are facing today. >> i he been sexually harassed. >> theiroi of the 60% .ne
8:13 am
harament. >> it isolated. vulnerable. >> small. >> unsafe. >> we brought together t women from ten different industries from finance to hospitality services to government to hear thr experiences. >> i worked ints res for ten years. every time i walked into the hen someone would whistle. >> this per used guilt tripping to try to get me to do seal activity as compensation. >> he would just stare at me really weird. >> financial services industry. therwapropriate behavior that would happen on a trading floor. >> reporter: according to government statistics the finance sector is one of the harassme but a you're about to see sexual harassment knows no occupational boundaes. how maave you have been sexually harassed over the course of your career? leave it up if it's more than twice. more than three times. and then a shocking drop i
8:14 am
experiee rkace that 70% of who sexualarassment never report it, why? the fear of job ta >> i think it always feels like an uncomfortable choice and i have to really think about pie values and what's important to me and weigh them against my career. >> i often feel like in the grand schem of things i'm not thorta to this company. in that moment i feel like there's an erasure of yourself. >> reporter: all the women facing the pblem in their own way. >> i i didn't even try to get a paycheck. >> i work in engineering with bunc o guys and'm ver front with them and i tell them, look, you're allowed to make comments but the mine you start coming o me we'll have issues. >> reporter: jenny yang heads the program and says gender based putdowns can be a form of sexual harassment because it's harassment based on one's gender. >> sexual harassment is very
8:15 am
involve proposng. it can involve demeaning comments, crude language, that makes women feele ty' in hoile workenvironmen >> reporter: he bean referred to, show of hands, as a girl, a doll, baber honey at work? sweetheart belongs on that list, as well. how many of you have hea you're toootional? you're being too emotional. >> now det so otna that's the now word for and put you down but if you say anything you're emotional because you're a woman. >> reporter: when we asked what can be de t stop this behavior. >> it starts ithe home and it starts with the pents and it starts with our discussion with. >> reporter: and from the family room to the boardroom. >>t starts from the top. it require your leadership to message clearly that harassment isot toleted. >> reporter: and a message from our forum of wenhe workplace that part of the
8:16 am
>> i'm raing my voiceau i want to be an agent of chge. women that they too can take a stand. >> to break out of silenc >> i'm speaking outgain sexual harassment bause it extsecau it even exis. >> because it exists and it shouldn't. >> and ithond as you saw there, when we asked how many women filed a complai with the hr after eeriencing or witnessing harassment, just two of them did which is typical in these situations, statistics do not report it and what happed next is very telling. i asked how many of you felt your report was met with something positive? every one of those womenut their hands down. i was also struck, george, and we were talkingboutthis, by thi. sl of the women on the panel raised thissy idea you have to teach your children relative, sibling, we have to be doing a better job of dra thne in theome and teaching these positive attitudes.
8:17 am
upstairs to robin. >> you got to get up. here tory johnson here with big savings for the holidays. [ cheers and applause ] for your family. can i dois? we'll be right back. ou our mission is to produce ograms and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. myame is yasmin -osagie and i'm a er ndat she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job witut technology. this winws 10 device,
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guest list ri my cookie exchange is ser competitive. mine too. i want to go really big withy appetirs we can do it without blowinr oh yeah, this great! my family really needs to bthis year! standing rib roast! my familywow.lly needs to bthis year!
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welcome back to "gma." the northeast getting a lot of rain butn northern new england it has been snow, sugarloaf, 5 i andun gtingresh snow as well.ingweby. some great day forecast, are topping out in thday,d nd tomorrow, we're cooling down to abou 50 degrees, bezy conditions, but check out this weekend. that's when the temperatures start to fall into t 40s, e [ cheers and applause ] get
8:22 am
help wit "deals & steals" for the entire family. >> ready? >> let's do it. >> we partnered with all these companies. urban mumu. two dierent styles. there's the long as you see here. but then also the short ankle length. ankle length -- sorry, knee length is me popularut w have more than ten colors i both es a variety of comfortable options. this is the kind oin >> i can fee that. >> atea that's what oprah sa normally start from $115 to $125 we're slashing that in half starting at $57.50 that i can do. much better. >> next up quilted co-ol las. pack rea for y for a good is getaway. a really great bag. quilted, premium cotton. >> goodsize. >> really great size and it's
8:23 am
whater ext stuff you need in five differe colors, aonal gift. it's normally b ticket item, $143 and slashed this by 73%, 38 bucks from quilted koala. $3for two pieces. >>oh my. 38 for two. >> yes. don't worry. i'll save it. a brand-new company. so this is really fun. you choose a tassel. i've chosen the navy for you a then you an do initial, so you can symbol right in the middle s d rrr but wanted to bak it there's a bag tag and kinds of different -- i love the key chains, trelso key chains th little mirrors them. >> great gift idea. >> fabulous prices. individually priced. 3 to $38 and slashed that in half so4.50 to $19. putting this whole piece together like this is under 20
8:24 am
is is great. >> julep, love variety sets. i'm a softy for. 12 mini polishes inside. >> beautiful. >> y guys are all gng home t me just tell you now and you guys at home can get a terrific deal on these. so normay the pieces, 20, all the w to106 depending on the selection you choose, lots online and than 50% s $44. fabulous deals from julep. >>e areo incredibly gou t the men's reaction, yay. >> maybe they'llepier with these. sun 'staches. daond john invten this on "srk tank." it's the alternative to the ugly eater. put on a pair of fabulous glasse make everyonesmile. huge assortment onne to choose from. normally $13, we slashed that in , $6.50 and guess what, you
8:25 am
and then another "shark tank" favorite. lori greiner invested in this fromoy. the bean bag is sitting >>baby i'm itting. he's babyting. >> into a bed. this bed is inside what michael is sitting on. there's a variety of the in velvets. micro wade. faux leather. the twinare not included happy as they are.normal these m ll ahe links andes at on yahoo! thank you to all these companies. you're playing. i'm talking. we'll be right back.
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8:27 am
>> good morning, i'm erika tarantal, stories we're folling right now, a brockton mother killed, investigates say, the suspect isur son,he 18-year-old will face a judge this morning, he's accused of stabbing his mother mple times. noordn a motive. crinalnvestigation. chief anton rodrick i accused of snding 240 of town money to buy women's clothing. they fear the investigationill find more fraudulent spending. we turn now to t weather a live look over they, a so nice to see the somebody, kelly ann. >> how about that? a bighange in conditions over the past hour or so, with the rain now shifting off the coastline, and that sun baking through, and it sticks around,
8:28 am
and as we move into the forecast tomorrow we will cool down into the 50s, and tn this weekend we're down into the 40s, closest to where we shoul be for this time of year. here's a lookt what's going on with the roadways. >> thank you, if you are heading t the dll slow south northbound koani street and slown the expressway, a half-hour from braintree into boston, and as you travel over on the still stop d go as well, thorough drive by the longfellow briheredge, ts a crash andor of town, working this accident, 128 by lowell route 3, another accide by route 129. erika. >> all right, thanks so much. we're back at6,f u are headint youan watch the scas
8:29 am
8:30 am
? talk to me baby ? [ applause ] they do everything he says. >> everythin going on here. we love youight bk. [ cheersnd appuse ] thank you guys arewonderful. a wonderful festive audience always fun. . >> i'm looking. george, this is fyou. >> this is festive aswell >> what's underneath these domes is something we talk about all the time googling. >> is it food? is it od. >> it's going to be food. >> google recipes all the time. >> you do? >> a lo of people >> lite known fact. little known also fact, google
8:31 am
soyno what everybody is googling o andoogle news lab teamed up for this graphic design team truth andeauty to dilay this. what topped t list of goods and recipes that people google. what do you thin >> quinoa. >> quinoa? ait w a second. >> quinoa. >> you kn, that's those new mi >> have you bee onney. s quinoa >> i'm not buying it. >> younow what the real answer is -- >> i got it, george. >> there it is, pizza. >> whoa, whoa. >> that's number one. >> that's number one. pizza. >> number two. >> number two is -- >> pancakes. >> now, i won why -- pizza i get. pancakes. pancakes.n't kw how to make >> or also googling where to i think pizza makes a lot of sense. >> delivery in in.
8:32 am
>> i love banana pancares. >> that gives us number three. banana bread. >> banana bread? >> i'm here f you. >> i tel you right now i think it's wrong. geor. has to be shere here, >>quinoa. >> we're asking all of our facebook and twier followers to weigh in, aswe what's leading now,guys? our livesurvey? >> survey says -- pancakes -- lead. >> quinoa. [ >> who is googling inoa? >> i don't get that one eit bu the people have spoken. >> yes, they have. >> and now i really hungry after doing that segment. >> i'll pass on that forow and wait till i get heated up later. here'shat i'm bringing to the table. we all love the rock. you know, everybo loves dwayne "the rock" johnson. and the man works extremely hard
8:33 am
well now you can add musical to the st o things that he's doing. he's teamed up with lin-manuel miranda to present aus called "millennials: the musical." take a look. >> i think iost my phone. >> is tha s important. >> yes, jack. if i don't post a selfie within an hour i might lose afollower. selfie. what is that? u don't owly? ? w facebook instagram tinde ?ack you're the least knowleeae person i know how ou get take-out ? phone ?help you find yr ? to your miennial life ? >> so ise producing? >>oth producing this play and it's about -- sfwlrs a tire it' behs ad
8:34 am
brooklynite named crystal who use her phone for everything. class, bumble but loses her phone and has to conct with her neighbor who the go in search of this phone but it tes you that, youknow, yove had to live y lif call it the millennial "grse!" >> is this really coming to -- >> yes >> it really is? >> yes. >> i thought it was like a jokel
8:35 am
3 taking the internet bytormeca identical twins and their lovely mom ierviews them and here's a little bit of what you see online about them. >> she's just one minute older. >> one minute older. i'm just one minute older. ah. >> she's trying to give a hug,exi. trying to make you feel better. >> i >> look at her face, ava. does she like your face. >> yes. that means you're twins.s your bestfrnd? >> my sister. >> who is your bestfriend, lexi? ava. why is she your bes friend. >> i like her. >> becse you like her. >> yay. >> ah. [ applause ]
8:36 am
>> memories because they're n like that anymore in you know who is here, ava and alexis just happeno be here. [ applause hey. alexis, mom, ami and dad justi can you give me tips onow t interview thegirls. >> repeat yourself over and over. >> over and over. >> do you have fun? do you like doing the videos. >> yes. >> what's your favoritet what's the most fun wh doing these videos that every do you ? a>>ut- >> canou translate. >> whado you like pose about sitting dow and talking on the video? >> i like -- >> is it talking to mom or being with your sister? >> being wh my sister. >> ah.i see what you do there. leading question. i got that. >> i'm hoping she'd say momma.
8:37 am
idea? >> it was more because at home they run around they always have funny things to say and i'm like do we think they areny or are they little girls so we started just talking and recording things that we talk about in the house already and just seemed to work. >> that's pink. >> do you like pink? >> not blue. >> and blue. all the different colors, yeah. >> thas blue. >> so i kno t the - you wanto be when you grow up? what is it you want to do? do you want to be a doctor, do you want to be a nurse, a teacher. >> did you say hlete. >> princess. >> thank you. >> princess? >> no, no, no. >> whatdo? >> what do want to be?
8:38 am
>> who do they most take aer, >> i would say the absurdity and obnoxiousness me, because i'm annoying. probably the emotional and the sweetns is. >> we thats beautiful. they love jewelry. i can see that. >> she does. she's , very girlie. hands full.oing to have y thank you all. >> thank you. >> wonderful watching in on you two and seeg how you can just tell they just love to bri joy to everyoneo thank you, ava, ava, alexis. ami, justin. >> thank you, thank you so much. [ apau >> the baby isperer. so mess remember mized. coming up great tips for the millions of americans who own small businesses, how you can take yours t the next lel and you know what, ava and lexi, we'll do it right now. right.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
look, michael, maroon and gray right ther we're wearing -- beautiful red you have on this morning. you lookvely thank you very much for cong out. you know, i'm wearing red as we. world aids day and our sponsor coca-cola is helping fight guns aids all year long they've partnered with red a neil patrick harris and he has a special word for our viewers this >> today is wor aids day and
8:42 am
chance for an awesome experience to joi me and my husband david for a night on the town in new york city donate and you might win a dipper, wha see a broadway show, what, with us, what. best of all, you'll be supporting an incredible caus bi were born every day with 00 hiv. and today that numbe is just under 400. we a so close to delering an aids-free generation. visiust need your help. to learn more? what a great cause. get involved for sure. amy robach, these folks from watkinsville, georgia and d news, we are sewing the is up breaking through as the rain is shifting off the coast, highs this afternoon, manage to noquite as war as 50 degrees, and we're cooling into the
8:43 am
tomato. i would imagine that's red too. lara, back inside to you. thank you, rob. we're going i turn to "boosting your business" and tme up with microsoft office to hel entrepreneurs take their small businesses to tk level. rachel smith is here to kick thgs o with a beauty salon owr t midwest and their good morning to you, rach. >> good morning to you, as well. great to ber wis beautiful crowd. [ cheers and applause ] check this ou >> i love it. >> great boost ihemorning. busisses make up a whopping 99.9% of all u.s. companies but only a third of them actually make i to the ten-year mark so we brought in an eert to help one chica company keep beating odds and thrive. gordhe is living the american dream. >> i came from macedonia in 2000. >> reporter: arriving in the u.s. with little in his pockets he settled in chicago.
8:44 am
today his flagshipat employs a staff of 18 people. >> i don't see it as a business. i consider myself as a artist. >> reporter: but with a salon seeing up to 50 clients a day, that mind-set can create prlems. enter small business expert and host of microsoft office small business academy, carol. 29 million small businesses in the u.s. and hair and nail salons are bu experts say the biggest stakve types like goran makes is focusing on their art rather than running the business side. >> now, t tip is you could actually bring on a manager, however, i will tell you tt if you're going to delegate responsibility you canno cannot abdicate responsibility because at the end of the day your name is on the door. >> reporter: which leads to the secondissue, how to keep an
8:45 am
>> i think what y need to do is sit down with each of your employees individually. some of them might want to make more money. some might want more recognition. notll are motivated by t sa things. >> reporter: another concern, efficiency. >> the front desk is my biggest challenge. we need toake that - build a smoother process wre we don't get two clients coming at the same time for one appointmen >> reporheres t an easy technology solution from t, a b called bookings that's part of their business pmium office 365 suite. >> reporter: thesoftware, a gift for gon. they pick the date that they want and theime and they press book and it will actually hold that time, put a reminder on their cenda then your receptionist with follow up and make sure it works. it is that simple, easy tose for your customers, the receptionist will be happy, as well. >> reporter: sime tips to help goran with the art of boosting his business. [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
important. expertsay whenarkeng your business, owners must remember to focus on solving their customers' problems as well as their ow it's important to be creative but you have to thinkbout t customer as well. >> the customer is alwayright, thank you. great tips. go to our website on yahoo! learn more from our sponsor microsoft office. [ cheers and applause ] >nd for ways to boost you small business a i'm going to head over here rightow u. talk to mr. michael strahan. rach, see you so gingerbread competition that is coming up. you know things get a little hehen we start competing. , e i'm 0 for and i will not go down easy today. >> our great amecan cookie christmas cookie search is on. i just got neffengerous take look at emi gibson's submission. her take on her grandmother's ngerbread recipe. >> good morning,'m emily gibson a i'm from sandy, utah. when i was a little girl my grandma and i would make homemade gingerbread cookies and
8:47 am
together at the holidays when i make them. most gingerbread cookie recipes are the same, molassmolasses, s eggs. i put them into theer fez five minutes before i cook th that's what helps them h their cuteingerbread shape. merry christmas. >> mryistmaso you. we have gingerbread men for all of you, guys. augustf yere in the audience. >> and the girlsre here to get theirs atle earlier than everybody else. >> uh-oh. >> you want dad. there you go. >>verybody gets a gingerbread man and you can get the repes. send us your videos and your recipes, we want to hear them to our website. >> all right, stay right there. we'reom up with our gingbread h. you don't want to missit. "gma's" boosting your business is sponsored by microsoft office. ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer variety of medicare plans
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$0, you'll have zerohings stopping you from really doing at y le. so call now to learn more about our pl that offer everything from annual wellness visit to routine hearing and vision exams, and prescription drugs. we have new dental coverage options too. and we even offer plans with no medical deductible and no referrals. plus, l our plans meith the peace of mind that you get when youave a health plan with over 50 years of medicare experience. the next chapter of your life should be all about you. that's why we're here. with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at
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? it's the most wonrful te
8:50 am
weo to make the akeoff is back. most decorated house thyou very much.elp us out. hosting gingerbread house making events at the stores from 1:00 to 30 p.m. this saturday. for every person s to make a gingerbread house they will donate $1 to the star light nicole,e know it's hard. we were talking about kids over the holidays. this is i a great wait to do. >> takes anhour. gets you off the phone and makes memories. we have a competition every year with my framily and everyone gets a kit and we raise the roof. >> so i need help. wee done these comon with you. i'm 0 for 2 and what do i need for some curb appeal
8:51 am
throw candy at your opponents there to distract them. >> they would like , though. >> i'll be like -- >> for curb appeal frosting is really good tasting flew. use a lot of frosting, go for the big candy because that's how you get the big pops, grab a big piece,ichael and use a lot of color. right, gingerbread is one color so put all the pizazz, use a lot of color. >> i would grab a really big piecef candy before we say, one, two, three, mak yeah, yeah, okay.chael is bring. michael is bringing it. >> this is really good. >> oh. look at the rainbow. >> oh, they're cheering for you. 'sai the roof. get it.
8:52 am
>> oh! okay. >> you did well. you know what -- y go that was good. ye not going toe >> let's show what we di >> let's show what we did. >> what do you think? i think -- i think he brought it. michael won. [ cheers and applaus >> i had to get dirty to do it, everybody. nicole, thank you for doing this. is isun for us but i can imagine how fun it is for people at home ands sai if you need more tip, d't forget to op by michael's. they have everything you need there. all the tips you need. ay.really awesome aevent this >> a dollar for every house that gets decorated. nicole, thank you and thank
8:53 am
i'll clean my hands and we'll be right back. ? diu w ternet can actually holdyoinesba? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet the phone company. say hetonternet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast busiss.
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brought to you by secrets resorts & spas. experien a only unlimb the luxerhing is included. ? >> all right, that's the musical from lin-manuel miranda and dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> it's real, lara.
8:56 am
>> itsn't happening. >> you know what, if you want to to dwayne johnson's youtube go page.olehing is onli there for youock out. >> is it going to broadway? >> it's broadway called youtube. >>sters 12 >> "star wars," the full cast of "rogne be on jimmy kimmel next friday december 9th. they were so great here. you don't want to miss them. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, 8:56, i'm eka tarantal, the eyeopener tracking a number of stories, but first a
8:57 am
is out, kelly ann but the winds could be an issue. >> absolutely, the winds are going to pick up, despite the temperatures, warmininto the mid to upper 50s this afternoon,nd it is still going to feel ait chilly out there as theinds w gust up to 30 miles per hour at times. the seven-day forect, includes the g out f today, temperatures reaing into the upper 50s, and goi to nr 50 tomrow, andhen this weekend, we're into the 40s. here's a look at the roadways. >> tnk you, so far, green line has minor delays all other trains are on schedule. south of town, expressway, 35, braintree to boston, and then you travel the pike, eastbound, there is a crash over by 128, a westbound accident but slow on theosite side. and another crash on 128 north lowell street, and another acci on 128 south right over byoute 114. erika.hanks so much. stories we're following, a huge cleanup effort in boston's chinatown continues. ews trying to get everything back to normal massive water main break. workers vming out debris
8:58 am
about a dozen businesses are still closed. and a rail train hit the car parked too close to the tracks. this was earli this morningar nehe neeam height station. luckily no one was hurt but incredible to see. we are back at noon. we hope you jn if you are heading out, you can watch the latestewscast now or any time on our mobile app. enjoy the being. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we hamazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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>>ouncer: it's "live with kelly!" today, film, television, and broadway actor liev schreiber. and fromore girls," matt and wetie "live's holiday hottest toysf th at the plus, from the series mark consuelos joins kel at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheering and applauding]


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