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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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afternoon cross well into the 50s. well above average for this time of year. in fact, the average high in the mid-to-upper 40s we're toppingut in the upper 50s. eyeopener continues right now. >> a brockton teenager accused in the deadly stabbing of his mother. the search for answers as he goes before a judge. >> breaking overnight, an officer shot and killed in washington state. the manhunt under way right now for the suspect. >> cleanup under way after this water main break in neighborhood. the widespread damage after a flood. on the e. of soaking rain, as you see on the radar. the heaviest rain is making its way out slowly but surely. good thursday morning.
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i'm antoinette antonio in for emily. randy: i'm randy price. kelly ann in for cindy this morning. meteorologist: we've been seeing that over the last 24 to 48 hours. antoinette: we need the rain. meteorologist: we want to get out of it at this point. we're slowly seeing things to clear. here's a look at wt's going on overhead. we did see a good amount of rainfall the last 24 hours, inch to even 2 inches in spots. now this rain i hanging out on the eastern portion of the cape. another flood of moisture making its way into providence right now. showers in western massachusetts will move through and bring light rainfall, especiay onto the north shore and tough much of new hampshire thismorning. watcor some of the fog as well. that's somethinghat will strengthen over the next hour or
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dense, especially along the coastline. 49 degrees in boston. feeling relatively mild. have to watch for the fog. it is becoming dense in boston with visibility atom half a mile. -- at only half a mile. the temperature trend or the next 12 hours looking mild. mid upper 50s in the height of the afternoon. here's what's going on with the roads with olessa. >> so far quiet. thisan the expressway by the gas tank northbound. so far not too bad. the overnight construction we were watching just about out of your way. keep in mind part of the neyland street is closed because of a water main that happened yesterday. sera congi is on the scene. we'll have more from her in a t. other than that, you're good to good. route 3, 95, no oblems. if your commute takes you along
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looking good traveling towards the lever connector. we're expecting trains and buses on schedule. randy: a teenager iseing held, charged in the stabbing death of his mother. antoinette: investigators say the teen's gramother seeing all of it unfold. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live for us in brockton with new information this morning. nicole? reporter: good morning. that teenager will face a judge this morning on a homicide accused of stabbing his moth, 44-year-old mania meneide, at the mily's home on merrit avenue. the plymouth county d.a. says the mother was suffering from multiple stab wounds. the suspect's grandmother was in thehouse. she ran for help. the violence only stopped when a neighbor steppedin. >> zombie-like. and he came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we
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out of there. >> you intervened? >> i did. i did. not knowing what i was walking into. reporter: a knife was recovered at the scene. polynice was taken in questioning and late last night he was charged. we are hoping to learn more this morning after th suspect faces a judge, iluding a possible motive. we're live in brockton, nicole estaphan, wcvb newsceer 5. antoinette: thank you. breaking overnight, a police officer killed in tacoma, responding to a domestic dispute. police say the officer was killed within seconds of arriving at that house. the gunman has barricaded himself in a home. randy: the fourth prison inmate from escaped from a california prison has been captured. rogelio chavez was found in the attic of a friend's house in san jose. he w taken into custody after a seven-hour standoff.
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chavez and three other inmates escaped from prison a week ago. they are all in custody this morning. antoinette: president-elect donald trump and his running mate are set to celebrate their election in a big way. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here with the details on today's victory tour kickoff. erika? reporter: that's right, president-elect donald trump will officially launch the tour tonight in cincinnati, ohio, a crucial battleground state that helped him win the white house. before that event, he and vice president-elect mike pence will travel t indiana toeb his most recent win. the pair will formally announc the deal to keep about 1,000 jobs at a carrier air conditioning plant in indianapolis. for pence the trip is a homeming ae wraps up his tenure at indiana's governor. as for the transition, no new cabinet posts announced yesterday. but former vice presidential candidate sarah palin has emerged as a possible pick for secretary of veterans affairs. sarah palin said she would b
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scott brown has also interviewed for that position. antoinette: erika, thank you. a texas company is set to transmit gas through a controversial pipeline in west roxbury. the action happening despite pushback from residents and boston city aders. for two years there have been protests and arrests tied to at pipeline. this is video of a demonstration in may. city officials, including mayor walsh and police commissioner evans, are concerned for safety. according to the globe, mayor walsh sent a regulators this week accusing spectra energy of failing to share safety plans with the city's police and fire departments. randy: huge cleanup effort is under way at this hour in boston's chinatown. the city is trying to get everything back to normal after a big water main break there yesterday. the weaer in the overnight hours has not been helping the effort. the eyeopener's sera congi is there with conditions right now. reporter: randy, we're reall talking about two cleanup
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and then the other from the underground fire thathat water caused. look behind me. ever source crews are along neyland street as several of the manhole fires -- several of the manholes that caught fire yestery morning. it's about cleanup and also aboutrepairing all theamage that was done. take a look. overnight they were using heavy equipment to vacm out the debris out of those manholes. many businesses were flooded yesterday. you can see the heavy stream of water that went down washington street. some 3 feet of water was pumped out of basents of several bunesses. a lot of small businesses last night. crews are bringing in industrial fans and dehumidifiers to help with the cleanup. >> you can't even put a dollar number on the amount of loss that people endured.
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nes underground. that spaed fires, cutting power to part of the neighborhood. the water mn that broke was 120 years old. now, there e still a lot of street closures in this area around chinatown. you' likely going to wanto avoid this area. however, at least one part of neyland street appears to be open to traffic. that's the eastbound side. we'll keep you posted. if you're coming here, kee sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: the massive wildfires still burning in tennessee has claimed seven lives. search crews found three more bodies yesterday. investigators say the fire was caused by humans, but they don't know if that fire was set intentionally. gatlinburg's mayor, whose home was destroyed, says he hopes
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popular resort area -- >> if you want to do something for gatlinburg, we're going to be back on our feet in ahort time. come visit us. come back and vacation here. antoinette: president obama has spoken to tennessee's governor and offered federal recovery help. new this morning, dolly parton's foundation has pledged $1,000 a nth to all the families who lost their homes in the fire. parton'sly in pigeon forge, which also sustained damage fom the wildfire. randy: we're hearing complaints about squatters weeks before a boston house fire, a woman was neighbors reached out to the city complaining of squatters and drug use. this was at 94 george street. that was in september, according to documents obtained by the globe. earlier this month a fire killed a woman and seriously injured
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antoinette: dighton's fire chief is suspended without pay. chief antone "tonyroderick seen in prior interviews is accused of spending nearly $240 t moneyto buy women's clothing. state police say he claimed the clothing was for himself and that the clothes fit him better after he lost weight. his girlfriend says that heve some of the items to r. the board of selectmen fears the investigation will fi much mo fudulent >> heost my trust. this board's trust. >> i feel betrayed. antoinette: rod rick was arraigned on charges. he also allegedly altered receipts. randy: police searching for a suspect now after a drugstore hold-up in hudson, new hampshire. a walgreens employee called 911 after this man fshed a knife and demanded cash. the man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt got away with money.
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antoinette: new this morning, thinking ahead for a healthier lunch. the tricks to keep you focused and on a budget. also, a smokingan inside homes. when the new rule goes into effect for public housing. lost and found. a special stroller stolen in fall river. >> a standoff is under way in washington state with a man police say shot and killed a police ofcer. it responding to a domestic violence call in tacoma. neither the police officer nor the suspect have been identified. we'll keep you posted. meteorologist: the heaviest rain is on its way. i'm tracking, fog, mist and blustery conditions, plus a cooldown on the wa here's what to expect when you head out the door. showers are moving off the coastline. check out the temperatures. 49 degrees in boston right now
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? have yourself merry little christmas ? . good morning, eyeopener. i'm recording cast from massachusetts. i'm excited to announce that tonight i'll be singing at the 75th annual boston tree lighting on wcvb, or you can h out with us tonight at the boston comm starting at 7:00 p.m. tune in tonight. we'll see you there. happy holidays.
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timmy brown. we can't wait to hear you perform. antoinette: you can watch holiday lights live on channel 5, 7:00 tonight. or eoy it dn there on the common. it's always a beautiful night everyyear. weather pending. amazing. can you please keep singing to us, timmy? >> i'd rather listen to that. >> doesn't matter what the weather is. he's going to feel happy. >> absolutely. meteorologist: rain is movin we have to deal with it for the next few hours, but we're getting out of it by later this travelmpacts are a big high this morning because we have not only the rain, but also fog in place aswell. but by later this morning, eventually we are drying out, clearing out, the sun is breaking out in the afternoon and evening.
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hour. here's a look at what's going on overhead. we have showers that are moving in from the south, moving through providence. that will affect the cape. we also have another batch of rainfall which is making its way now out of western mass, moving into worceer county, especially northern and through much of new hampshire. we're watching that particular band. here's a look at what moved through already. you can see th the cape right now. this is the rainfall that brt in not only the moisture, but also that temperature that is into the upper 40s and 50s, which is why we're seeing areas of fog. it's warm and it's moist, perfect for that fog to form. it's prevalent and moving onto the coastline right now where we are seeing visibility below a mile, especially downtown boston where th visibility is only half a mi
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week. we are starting off in the mid-to-upper 40s. this is temperatures are normal for highsn the afternoon. 50s as we move to the cape. ow. for this afternoon we'll top out in the upper 50s, with the exception of our far western location worcester at 49. but check out boston. 58 degrees, marshfield at 57. notice how things start toar out. su tomorrow. windy conditions still expected. we'll see occasional wind gusts up to even 25 miles per hour heading into tomorrow. the rest of the seven-day is relatively qui with that sunshine breaking through. december well into the upper 50s. essa: where did november go? a look at the expressway by the gas tank. that's northbound heading to the top of the screen. you can see the moisture on the roads and not the best
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right now we are in decent shape. let's check the rest of your ride. still watching the closure because of yesterday's water main break inbost , part of yland street. we'll hear from sera congi in a bit. heading south, 128 looking good. along the pike your ride eastbound about 15 minutes. 495 to 128. north of town, no problems at this point. so far, trains and buses starting on this morning a stolespecial stroller was returned to a fall river family. kaitlin mack stroller was stolen from outside her house. the mother filed a police report, posted notices around the neighborhood and social media. it's how jeffrey hopkins knew
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he spotted it on a sidewalk a few blocks away. >> i knew if it wasn't a baby stroller. if it was, they are expensive. >> by the gce of god it's back because of people like jeff. randy: the family says the stroller is in great shape. they are happy to have it back. antoinette: to your economy. asian markets are up. wall street futures are mixed. investors are waiting for a snapshot of the employment situation. that november jobs report is due out foxborough's board of selectmen says it is on board with a new comter rail program. under the the new program, trains would run regularly between boston and gillette stadium. if approved, it would between in 2018. randy: well, we had better be slowing down in the city of boston. the speed limit is lowered from
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change. it goes into effect monday, january 9. the new speed limit affects every city road except those specifically posted otherwise. the mayor says the lower speed limit is part of the city's goal of reducing traffic deaths to zero by 2030. school kids in portsmouth, new hampshire should get extra sleep. the school board approved moving the start of school one hour later f students from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning. they did it after researching sleep depravation and after surveying parents who strongly fared the time change. antoinette: new this morning, the feds are cracking down on smoking. the department of housing and urban development is banning smoking in public housing across the country. the policy will take effect next year, but agencies will have at least a year and a half to put smoke-free policies in place.
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cirettes, pipes, but will allow electronic cigarettes. secrets to packing a healthier lunch that will save you money too. try a new take on leftovers. you have a lot of them from thanksgiving, don't you? for example, you can use tortillas to turn last night's casserole into a rrito. if you find food prep overwhelming, try packing your lunch the night before while you're making your dinner. and how about this you bring two servings a day one day, the coworker brings two servings the next day. just bring every day, randy. you do it. randy: isn'todayour da have to organize it i you're doing that. antoinette: i don't have anything to share with you right sorry. staying healthy at any age. randy: the 105-year-old
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but lawmakers are struggling with how to pay for regulating it. the idea to tap an emergency fund. also, a chilling note. the threat that has local mosques demanding protection. toys "r" us paying it forward. the act of kindness that set off
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>> we're the hopedale boys cross country team. good morning, eyeopener! randy: all t. [laughter] randy: good morning, guys. to the hopedale boys cross country team, congratulations on your fourth big title. they won that this fall. antoinette: oh, coratulations. great job. mike lynch explaining how this team is holding its own. that's in tonight's high five. randy: kelly ann, rain meteorologist: it i moving out. in its place we're seeing winds moving in. that will be the big story today as we seeinds gusting near 25 miles an hour. right now the winds between 16 to 20 miles per hour. that will make the upper-50 highs feel cooler. it's still goingo feel well above mild for this time of year. right now our temperatures are into the 40s and 5. as you can see, torrow we're opping a bit.
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the rest of the seven-day forecast looking a bit closer to average as we eveually all down into the 40s. wel stay in the 40s as we head into the weekend ahead as well. antoinette: kelly ann, thank you. time for this morning's eyepopperses. olessa? >> how about a ginger bread house. in phoenix, arizona, it's a 900 square foot ginger bread village. the pastry chef andis used 500 pounds of ginger ead, 3,000 pounds of sugar, 1,000 pounds o chocolate. antoinette: do we eat this? olessa: of course we eat this. antoinette: it's so pretty. ess inspiration from michigan this morning. meet lil hansen. she celebrate her 105th
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class. most of hertudents are in their 70s and 80s. what's your excuse? [laughter] randy: teaching the young ones now. i should be in that class. senator elizabeth warren at odds with some in massachusetts. the ke drug bill that she backing out on. a college in wisconsin reaching teens on a new level.
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> overnight, a police officer killed in washington state. what we are learning about the situation still unfolding. >> a brotoneenager accused in the brutal killing of his own mother. the new information we are hoping to learn about the disturbing crime. >> the flooding and fire clean the work being done in the overnight hours to get everything back to normal. >> tracking downpours. when we dry out. on the eye. announcer: you're watching wcvb, good morning. leader. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: thursday morning, 5:30. and our radar showing heavier rain. it is on its way out. it's been probably at your house
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m randy price. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio in for emily. cindy is off today. we're here with kelly ann and olessa. a lot of people worried about the commute this morning. how long is this rain going to stick around? >> i'm just sick of the rain. that's just me. >> on the bright side, it's lping out with the drought. it moving out in time for the holiday lights. antoinette: good. meteorologist: if you're hitting the roads this morning, you could run into a few boston, we're seeing fog developing as well. so that's the main concern. you're heading out early this morning, wds are picking up as well. 12 mileser hour out of the west. that will strengthen this afteoon. winds up to 20 miles an hour with gusts near 30. so that means that the temperatures this afternoonre going to feel cooler. right now the visibility is reduced, especially along the coastline.
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a mile visibility. that will be the case for much of the morning as we feel the moisture and also feel the warmth in place. two combinations allowing for the fog to condense in spots. we have a couple of areas we're watching as far as the rainfall. the first one down south moving through rhode island. another batch moving through new hampshire. that's going to move on through for this morning as well. along the coastline right now. what we are watching is the right now that's our concern on the roadways, right, olessa? >> we have moisture on the roads. that impacts your commute, so budget in extra travel time. here's a check of route 1 southbound toward the top of the screen. let's check the restf your ride. we're still watching a problem on neyland street. traffic in both directions is traveling on the eastbound se. it's going to be slow. we have a crew on the scene with more in a bit.
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west oftown, so far no issues. north, 93 southbound, volume out of methuen. you're gd to go down to the the lever connector. antoinette: breaking new from the eyeopener. randy: erika back with the overnight developments for you. the breaking news coming from washington state. a police officer in tacoma was killed seconds after responding to a domestic violence call. a standoff with the suspect a brockton mother stabbed to investigators say the killer is her own son. the 18-year-old will face a judge this morning. he's accused of stabbing his mother. president-elect donald trump and vice presidentct mike pence kick off their white house victory tour in cincinnati, ohio, tonight. before that, they will be in indianapolis to formally announce their deal with the carrier company to keep about 1,000 job that were slated to go to mexico here in the u.s.
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term as indiana's governor. randy: a new ia is weighed to regulate recreational use of rijuana in the commonwealth. it was legalized recently. the eye's todd kazakiewich is at the state house with a proposal to tap into the rainy day fund. reporter: randy, good morning. in just 15ays it will be legal for anyone age 21 and older in massachusetts to smoke marijuana recreationally. the big question four was passed, how will it be regulated and how will the regulation be paid for. lawmakers may look to the state's ergency saving account. the globe reports senate president stan rosenburg is borring the money and paying it back later with revenue from taxes on pot shops. governor baker and treasurer deb goldberg are opposed to the idea. no comment from house speaker bpb deleo. the house would need to take the first step on the proposal.
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regulation could be up to $30 million. $20 million was borrowed from the rainy day f for the state gaming commission and getting that running. the casino license fees. om reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: todd, thank you. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is catchg heat forfailing to support a health bill. warren claims republicans changed the bill to pharmaceutical comments. addiction treatment advocates say needed funding for their progms isied up in the legislation. a warren aide says money for addiction treatment still needs legislative action. randy: new threats turn up at mosques across the country, cludg in new england. a letter filled with hate language was sent to the islamic center of rhode island on saturday.
5:36 am
of satan and referenced president-elect donald trump. >> you see the wave of hate is really at your doorstep. this is really alarming. randy: similar threatening letters have been sent to antoinette: a new hampshire na, woman who was accidentally run over by her own caras ed on a road in durham yesterday where she had been visitg friends. investigators say it looked like she left her car idling in reverse, got out and it rolled backwards, dragging her and then running her over. she died at the hostal from her injuries. randy: cls t get ready for rising sea levelin new hampshire are under way. it is a new report that finds, while the significant impact won't be felt for decades,
5:37 am
ready now. suggested to commun adjust regulations. s aninette: the big way a store in new hampshire is paying it forward. ahead in "news to go," close calls on the runway becoming more common. the startling new numbers. plus, the trial continues for a
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eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so wre working to increase the supply of cleanaffordable energy across the rion. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ?
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>> good morning. a live loo outside. zakim bridge and lever connector picking up rush hour delays. 's touthbodide toward the bottom of the screen. you can see the mure on the lens and roadways. not the most pleasant start to the morning. so budget in extra travel ti. overall, not bad, kelly ann. >> the heaviest of the rainfall is shifting off the coast. we have fog and also some wind. we top out ith upper 50s. tomorrow 50 degrees, breezy conditions. this weekend we start to really feel t chill as the temperatures dp into the 40s. antoinette: an act oindns at a new hampshire toys "r" us store led to a chain reaction of generosity. it started when chelsea provencher and her 8-year-o daughter violet braved the black friday crowd so that violet
5:41 am
the pair ran into trouble. they were $5 short. the cashier stepped in. sheila nelson paid the difference. >> amazing she was nice enoug to help out. >> it was an instinct. i like to do nice things for people. antoinette: rer provencher was so moved by nelson's kindness that he thenat $552 to help other customers who have trouble paying for their purchases. it keeps going. toys "r" us taking i further. returning provencher's cash and making a donation in the same amount in the family'sname. randy: wow. lots of people paying it forward there. antoinette: yeah. i can do better, i can do better. this is the time you want to top one another. a water main break in boston causing chaos. randy: cleanup going on at this hour. a new ph to move halloween. a trick-or-treat proposal
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the eyeopener tea ready with news to go. we're in boston and chinatown and boston on beacon hill as well. erika is tracking the donald trump victory tour kickoff. antoette: hurricane season is officially over. it was the first sson to be above normal since 2012. governnt scientists say 15 namedtorms made their way through the atlantic this year. we're talking about a little bit
5:45 am
lights. meteorologist: this is nothing compared to last night. some ofs woke up to that in the middle of the night. randy: pounding. meteorologist: at this point, we're looking to see clearing just in time for the holiday lights. things are looking up. we have the rainfall still in spots. so we're not completely in the clear yet. we see the rain moving through, especially traveling down south where it's proved through providence and onto the cape a still hanng out for this morning. behind this, we have winds that are picking up and fog developing through much of the region as well. you can see that most of the rainfall is very light. that's making its way north and eastward through our area, especially from the mass pike southward for early this morning. temperatures, gh, are nice and mild. this is something to be thankful for. we'r starting off in the mid 40s heading into western
5:46 am
degrees. ester at 45 close to the coastline, a lot more 50s. 55 in hyannis. that's leading us into a warm afternoon. by the 8:00 a.m. hour, could see fog. notice how the skies are starting to clear overhead as the showers push off the coastline. drying out in the afternoon. clear skies stick around through tonight as well. so really good news there. your next three days are looking relatively quiet,ut decline. here's a look at what's going on with our traffic with olessa. olessa: thank you. good morning. live look. a little bit wet on the roadways. it's swing things down. this is a check of the zakim brge, the lever connector, and the southbound side heading toward the bottom of the screen. we're still watching the issue on neyland street. part of the roadway affd om yesterday's water main break. the westbound sithe roa is where they are doing the repairs.
5:47 am
24 buildingol out of brockton. route 3 and 95 look good. along thepi, no problems. building delays out of methuen. trains and buses doing ok. randy: a police officer in tacoma, washington has been shot and killed. that officer was responding to a domestic violence call last by a man is barricaded in agedly policere still surrounding that house. they believe the suspect is still holed up inside. randy: mother killed. toinet: nicole estaphan in brockton where there are a lot of unanswered questions. reporter: perhaps one of the biggest questions is why something that might be answered inside court today when face audge on a charge of e
5:48 am
stabbed multiple times byer own son. lice were called to the family home around 1:00 yesterday afrnoon where they diered a horrific scene. the suspect's grandmother was also in e house. with the help o a neighbor, she was able to escape unharmed. a knife was recovered at the scene. again, what we don't know at this point is what sparked this violence. someg that m be revealed in court this morning. we're live in brockton nicole estaphan, wcvb newsce underay here inchinatown. ever source crews working around the clock ater manhole fires along neyland street. workers are vacuuming out the debris from manholes. you can see the charred power lines. the fires were sparked by a water in that ruptured on washington street, flooding the area. zen businesses e -- about
5:49 am
damage. you can seeeyland street, which was shut down for all of yesterday, it isck op to some limited traffic. they are allowing one lane in it's going to still be congested with the repair work. antoinette: president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are ready for their ctory lap. a thank you tour of states that helped the team win the white house gets under way tonight
5:50 am
now we're learning where the money ay come from to pay for the regulation of stores a grow operations. the globe reports that senate president stan rosenburg may suggest borrowing the money from the state's rny day fund and pang it back with taxes on pot shops. start-uposts for pot regulation could be up to $30 million. something si wamilar done when the gaming commission was foed. reporting live this morning from the state house, todd zakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. ra todd, thank country music star dolly parton stepping up n to help families hurt by a devastating wildfire. the dollywood foundations donating $1,000 a month to all families who lost their homes in tennessee. the donations will continue for to six months. at least seven people have died in the fire. officials say that hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed. antoinette: the fate of a former
5:51 am
the entire incident captured on cell phone video, micha slager is charged with murder after shooting 50-year-old walter scott. a murder conviction carries a sentence of 30 years to life. protests in charlotte, north carolina, afterrosecutors decided against filing charges against a police officer. the district attorney found the ficer was justifi in the shooting death of a black man in an apartment complex parking lot. he misinformation about the shooti. investigators say scott did have a gun, despite clas from his family that he was unarmed. randy: bob bennett, wc's first general manager and a true broadcasti visionary, has died. bennett passed away tuesday in newport beach, california, after a long illness. he built wcvb from the ground up in 1972. in 1981,he "new york times
5:52 am
station. bennett's 50-year career was capped by his election to the broadcasting and cable hall of fame antoinette: kanye west is out of the hoital. he was taken to the hospital reportedly suffering from exhaustion and sleep depravation. he canceled the remaining dates of his tour, including a december 28th show i eye on a spike in runway close calls at airports across thecou runway incidents climbed 25% in the first five month of this year compared to the year before, there have been more than 1,500 instances where plane me closer to each other than permted on the tarmac. the agency reports there hasn't been major runway collisions between large pnes in recent memory. antoinette: abortion rights advocates challenge laws
5:53 am
regulations in missouri,alaska, and north carolina require most hospals orurgical centers. in north carolina, advocates are challenging a ban on the procedure after the 20th week of pregnancy, except in medical emergencies. randy: a college in wisconsin is using snapchat to cnect with students in a unique way. the university of wisconsin-green bay's aissions team is now sending students snaps to let them know that they have been accepted. that mea immediately. the school says it's been a big hit with new students. a lawmaker wants to change a tradition. he wants to move halloween from the 31st to the last saturday in october. state representative josh cutler argues that it would beafer for trick-or-treaters who would not have to dodge traffic and it would no longer fall on a school night. but the bill is already facg
5:54 am
incident of unruliness spike when halloween falls on a weekend. ? antoinette: there you have it. the sounds of the season at keit and the pops opened their 2016 holiday pop season last night along where the tanglewood feival chorus. over the holiday, the pops will perform 41 concerts. speaking of gting into the boston's official tree lighting. mayor marty walsh and santa claus will be there for the 75th lighting. anthony everett and j.c. monahan are hosting the lights right here onnnel 50 or head to the commons. randy: if you're there, you won't need your rain gear. meteorologist: the rain is still lingering. we have the fog in place.
5:55 am
feeling really moist. travel impacts will decrease as we see the dry air move into the area. right now, still medium impact as we see fog and light rainfall. rain is skirting on through right now, especially as we me south of the mass pike. rain through rhode island, making its way through the south shore and the cape. that's where the rainfall w hours. it is going to dry out for this morning and afternoon. that's going to allow temperatures to warm. right now they are looking relatively mild. 45 degrees in worcester. boston 51 degrees. check out plymouth. 61 degrees at ts ur. so that's the kind of warmth that is leading to some of this fog that we are seeing in our area. but check out this afternoon. we're still looking relatively warm out there. keep in mind our normal high temperatures for this time of year are in the mid-to-upper
5:56 am
boston, marshfield at 57. the cape, upper 50s expected for this afternoon. windy conditions fo today. that continues intoomorrow as well. noti how we start to see things drying out. that is key as we move into the days ahead. although we have fog out there, olessa, it's not looking as bad on the roadways as it was yesterday. >> a lite bit of dampness right now. here's what's going o. zakim bridge, lever connector, we have got the southbound budget in extra travel ti. work crews still on nnd street where theare doing the repairs after yester water main break. e eastbound side you have two-way traffic. expressway now 25 minut braintree into boston. pike looks good. 15 minutes 495 to 128. if your commute takes you north,
5:57 am
antoinette: right now, ghton's fire chief is off the job. randy: the investigation into women's clothes and how he spent his expense money. a fourth escaped inmate captured in california. where police tracked this man down. antoinette: we take a live look outside this morning over the city of boston. it's a ltle foggy out there. very damp as tha rain moves out of the way. will itact impour morning commute? both oless and kelly ann are acking i
5:58 am
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randy: a boston enager. wanted for the murder of h mother in a deadly stabbing in her house. >> breaking overnight, an offir shot and killed, the standoff right now wit the suspect. randy: cleanup continug after this water main break in a bostonghborhood. flooding in the streets. on the eye for this thursday. >> als the eye, ather round of soaking rain. as you see o the radar. the hviest rain making its way out right now.


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