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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's 4:30. i'm antointe antio. emily is off today. randy: i'm randy price. breaking news on the eyeopener at 4:30. a policofficer has been shot and killed in washington state. the tense standoff at the shooter's home right now. antoinette: a brockton mhe the search for clues in their home. randy: cleanup under way nearly 24 hours after a water main break in china town. in boston, the blow to businesses forced to close. antoinette: heavy rain overnight. meteorologist kelly ann cicalese is in for cindy. kelly ann, when can we expect rain to move out? >> we have the fog in place.
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travel conditions. the fog continues especially along the coastline. as the rain starts to shift off the coast, the fog will still linger until late this morning and we're clearing out by late this afternoon. we'll see the sun break out, that's going to allow for things to warm up this afternoon. but look at this visibility right now. because of the fog in place, we areeeing visibility to half a mile especially into downtown boston and along t at this point. that's going to stick around through the next couple of hours. take a look at what's going onover head. we have -- overhead. >> this is the heaviest of rain at this point in western massachusetts. showers are shifting eastward off the coast. that will be the trend. temperatures right now are in the upper 40s to lower 50s. as we move throughout the afternoon today, we will see highs popping out in the mid 50s.
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with our traffic with olessa. >> thanks, kelly ann. it's a quiet start. a live look at the pike by allston/brighton. that's eastbound heading to the top of the screen. just a little bit of moisture to deal with this morning. not the most pleasant driving conditions. overall, not too bad. let's get to the maps. the overnight construction not a lot because of the rain. 93 south by the zakim bridge just about gone. no problems on 95. eastbound on the pike, the ride is quiet. 15 minutes 495 to 128. north of of methuen to the lever connector. we're expecting trains and buses on schedule. randy: a teenager has been charged in the stabbing death of his mother. antoinette: detectives say the crime happened inside their home. the teen's grandmother witnessing all of this happen. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live for us in brockton with new information. nicole? looks like we're having problems
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on homicide charges. the crime absolutely horrific. 18-year-old frantz polynice is accused of stabbing his mother, 44-year-old mania meneide, at the family's home. police were called there just before 1:00 yesterday afrnoon. the plymouth county d.a. says the motheras suffering from multiple stab wounds. the suspect's grandmother was in the house and ran for help. the violence only stopped when a neighbor stepped in. >> and came lunging at the kitchen. i pulled the grandmother out of there. >> you intervened? >> i did. not knowing what i was walking into. antoinette: a knife was recovered at the scene. polynice was charged late last night. we are hoping to learn more when that suspect faces a judge later today, including what that 18-year-old's motive was.
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police officer has been killed in tacoma, washiington. that officer was gunned down while responding to a domestic dispute call. police say te officer was killed within seconds of arriving at this house. the gunman is barricaded inside the home at this hour. antoinette: right now the fourth prison inmate who escaped from a california prison has been captured. police found rogelio chavez in the attic of after friend's house in san jose. he was taken into custody after a seven hour-long chavez and three other inmates escaped from prison a week ago. two were initially captured the third was arrested within the last couple of days. randy: there's a huge cleanup in boston's chinatown. the city is working to get everything back to normal after a water main break yesterday. the weather at this hour not helping that effort. the eyeopener's sera congi is there with the conditions right now.
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cleanup efforts under. there's the damage from the water main break and also the repair work from the underground fires. you can see ever source crews are monitoring that. they need to repair the wires and clean up after the fires. overnight. s been going on look at this video. they have been using heavy equipment to suck out debris from manholes. many after the water main rupture yesterday. there was this heavy stream of water down washington street. 3 feet of water was pumped from some basements of businesses last night. crews are bringing in industrial fans and dehumidifiers to help in the cleanup. >> you can't even put a dollar amount on the amount of losses these people endured.
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lines underground. that sparked fire, cutting power to parts of this neighborhood. a lot of the repair work and cleanup is still under way. neil street is expected to be closed down. we have seen one lane of traffic open. we'll keep you updated. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: thank you. president-elect donald trump and his running mate are set to celebrate their election in a big way. the has the details on today's victory tour kickoff. reporter: president-elect donald trump will launch the tour tonight in cincinnati, ohio, a crucial battleground state that helped him win the white house. before that event, he and vice president-elect mike pence will travel to indiana to celebrate his latest win. the pair will formally announce the deal to keep 1,000 jobs at a carrier air conditioner plant in indianapolis. p made the plant's fate a
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homecoming as he wraps up his tenure as indiana governor. no new cabinet posts announced yesterday. but former vice presidential candidate sarah palin has emerged as a possible pick for secretary of veterans affairs. sarah palin said she would be interested in that job. former massachusetts senator scott brown has also interviewed r the position. randy: new threats turn up across the country at mosques, a letter filleded with hatul language was september to the islamic center of rhode island. the massachusetts chapter of the council on american-islamic relations is now calling for stepped-up police protection of local mosques, as well as federal and state investigations. >> you see that the wave of hate is at your doorstep.
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mosques in california, indiana, and georgia. antoinette: dighton's fire chief is suspended without pay. there is a criminal investigation right now. chief antone "tony" roderick is seen in prior interviews. he's accused of spending nearly $240 of money to buy women's clothing. state police say he claimed it was for himself. but his girriend said he gave some trust. ost my trust,he brd's >> i feel betrayed. antoinette: rod rick was arraigned on charges. he allegedly altered receipts. this morning massachusetts lawmakers are mulling how to regulate recreational marijuana use. lawmakers say they may need
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savings fund to be ready. the globe reports randy: the feds cracking down on smoking. the department of housing and urban velopment is banning smoking in public houses across the country. the policy will take effect next year. the public housing agencies will have at least to put smoke-free policies into play. the regulation will ban cigarettes, pipes, but will allow electronic cigarettes. the new netflix feature that could make your trip nicer. antoinette: a special stroller lost and found. >> my daughter -- antoinette: we'll tell you where it was foundd the stranger
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how an 11-year-old knew exactly what to do when her newborn sister was in trouble. erika? >> reporter: we're following breaking news in tacoma, washington. an officer was shot when responding to a domestic call.
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randy: fall river family is grateful this morning after a stranger returned a special stroller that was stolen from their home. antoinette: good ending here. 7-year-old kaitlin mack has cerebral palsy and she uses the stroller to get around. that stroller was stolen
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her mom was determined to get the $5,000 stroller back. she filed a police report, posted notices around the neighborhood and on social media. that's how jeffrey hopkins knew where to return the stroller that he spotted on his sidewalk a few blocks away. >> i knew it wasn't a baby stroller. if it was a baby stroller, it was pretty expensive. >> by the grace of god it's back. i think jeff very much. antoinette: the mack family says the stroller is in good shape got it back. it is that time of year. thousands of high school seniors checking the mailboxes for college acceptance letters. randy: students who applied to one wisconsin school are getting their responses in record time. a little girl in stoughton proving she is her sister's
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new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. randy: this has been a steady downpour. >> oh, yeah. continuing into this morning. any chances for the morning commute? meteorologist: we are seeing it let up as it shifts eastward. we are looking to see a clearing for ler this morning. eventh we'll see clearing. antoinette: yesterday's evening commute was a mess. meteorologist: absolute mess. the rainfall stretched from the south. you can see up to 10 inches of rainfall down to the south. we didn't get that much, but that's the rainfall we could use especially with the drought conditions in our area. over the past 24 hours, near an inch to 2 inches fell in our
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that's on top of what we did see on tuesday. as far as the forecast ahead today, a few spotty areas of rainfall for early this morning. but notice how the main access mainly down to our south and also to our west. the only problem really is the fog, which is still going to linger as we move into the next couple of hours. showers moving off the cape, it a few spotty showers to the west. otherwise, things are starting to quiet down and clear out as we move into the next couple of hours. visibility is significantly reduced especially along the coastline. downtown boston, below half a mile visibility means it's the kind of travel where you need to take extra time, especially along the coastline.
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fog. 58 degrees in plymouth. 55 in hyannis, boston at 49 degrees right now. as we compare to what we are expecting for tonight, the temperatures are falling about 10 degrees below that into the 30s. especially western massachusetts could see the upper 20s to lower 30s as well. high temperatures th afternoon are climbing into the 50s. 58-degree high forboston. it's going to feel mild. the only problem is the winds will be between 10 to 20 miles an hour in the height of the afternoon. occasional wind gusts up to 30. that will bring a bit of a chilly as we head into the afternoon forecast. it will stay dry into the forecast tonight. the next chance of rain holding off until next week. things are looking relatively quiet as we move into the next 24 hours and really for the weekend ahead. for your forecast this evening,
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the common. temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow we're starting to drop a bit. high will top out at 50 degrees after hitting near 60 this afternoon. and then this weekend, olessa, we're seeing the sun breakin through, but the temperatures are falling into the 40s. at least we're drying out. >> hey, 58 first day of december. i'll take it. the roads this morning fairly quiet start. not a lot of construction because of the rain. the roads are wet, so you want to give yourself extra time. not the best visibility in some pa here's a look at zakim bridge lever connector southbound. let's get to the maps. so far not too bad into boston. nstruction picked up on 3 south by the zakim bridge. south of town, route 3 looks good. 24 as well. 95, no problems. the pike is quiet. 93 lookingood out of methuen the lever connector. back to you. antoinette: talk about a sister
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aid of her choking baby sier. randy: miranda, two days old at the time, when her big sister noticed her choking. her face was changing colors. alise told the mother about what she learned and turned the baby over and patted her on the back. randy: the nurses gave the sixth grader her own stethoscope. miranda is one week old. she was born a month early but is doing fine. antoinette: good to hear this. to your economy. asian markets are up. wall street futur aremixed. the november jobs report is due out tomorrow morning.
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with a new commuter rail program. trains run through gillette adium and boston only on game days. the new program, trainsould run regularly between the two locations. if approved, the progr wou run for 11 months beginning in 2018. the t still has to sign off on the new stop. antoinette: forget twitter, instagram, facebook. that's apparently for us old people. snapchat is all the rage with tn one college in wisconsin is using the app to connect with students the university of wisconsin-green bay's admissions team is now sending students snaps to let them know they have been accepted. that means they are finding out immediately. so far, it's been a big hit with the new students. the school says the students are il getting those traditional acceptance packets as well. u know, you've got to get that snap -- i don't know. i don't have snapchat. i'm clueless. randy: clueless past the college
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netflix users. you can watch shows i you're offline. ray: you can download content to itunes. your device, similar you can watch whe you're not online. original series, older movies and tv shows are available now. netflix says more content will be added soon. antoinette: even in their home country, canadian rock band nickelback gets some serious shade. police say that drivers they take intoustody will have to ln to chad kroger and the boys in the backseat of their cruiser. they call it the nickelback treatment and apparently we're giving it to you now. nickelback is a very successful band for you fans out there. take special glee in poking n
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tiffany hall. opened their 2016 holiday pop season along with the tanglewood festival chorus. there were special appearances by santa claus and boston mayor marty walsh. overhe holiday season the pops will perform 41 concerts. antoinette: i'll take that music any day over the nickelback. [laughter] randy: well. a gunman held up in his home after violence. antoinette: killed responding to that domestic call in tacoma, washington. new on the eyeopener, dining out
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"news to go." randy: a police officer has been killed in tacoma, washington. that officer was gunned down while responding to a domestic dispute. it was said the police officer was killed within seconds of arriving at that house. the gunman has barricaded himself in the home. police are working nowo make an arrest. antoinette: a teenager charged with killing his mher inside their brockton home is due in court today. 44-year-old mania meneide found stabbed multiple times sterday. police found a her 18-year-old son, frantz polynice. after neighbors say his grandmother ran for help, neighbors say the teen waited calmly on the porch for police. the grandmother was not injured. randy: well, it's official now. boston's speed limit is being lowered from 30 to 25 miles per the city council approved the change. it does not go into effect until monday, january 9.
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city road except those posted otherwe. mayor walsh says it is part of the city's goal of reducing traffi deaths to zero by 2030. antoinette: the pistons top the celtics. they outrebounded bos 52-33. isaiah thomas pacing the celtics with 27 points. kelly olynyk scoring a season high 19, despite having a cut on his rght elbow that he got monday in miami. c hosting sacramento tomorrow before they hit the road for three in a row. randy: bob bennett, wcvb's first general manager and a broadcasting visionary, died. bennett passed away tuesday in newport beh, california, after a long illness. he bltcvb from the ground up in 1972. by 1981, the "new york times" recognized wcvb as probably america's best television station.
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kept by his election to the broadcting and cable hall of fame. antoinette: 4:57. boston's official tree lighting is happening tonight. mayor walsh and santa claus will be there on boston common. anthony everett and j.c. monahan host at 7:00. you can tune into the action right here on channel 5. randy: kelly, not there -- the meteorologist: we're getting rid of the rain in time for the holiday lights. the only thing we have to watch for is the wind that will pick up as the showersove off the shore. we're watching a couple of batches of rainfall. the first batch is barely making its way off the coast and the cape right now. we also have a second batch to our south. that's making its way through southern connecticut and rhode island. we also have another bch to our west. this is one that's producing
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that will be starting later this morning, bringing light rainfall, especially as we move to our north. here's a look at that. you can see right now, especially as we move north into new hampshire and vermont right now, that's where we are seeing some of the steadier rainfall with that ne batch of rain. fog is also starting to develop at this point. it's not quite as dense as yesterday. but it's something we'll be watching over the next couple of significantly below the mile mark, especially in downtown boston where visibility is only half a mile right now. we're tracking that rainfall. right now it's moving off the coastline. so we're watching some of the sun breaking in from the west as we head into the afternoon. that sunsne sticks around, we stay dry through tonight. the only thing you need to prepare for are those winds that will be picking up. check out the temperatures. we're topping out in the mid-to-upper 40s for inland locations. as move onto the coastline,
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afternoon cross well into the 50s. well above average for this time of year. in fact, the average high in the mid-to-upper 40s we're toppingut in the upper 50s. eyeopener continues right now. >> a brockton teenager accused in the deadly stabbing of his mother. the search for answers as he goes before a judge. >> breaking overnight, an officer shot and killed in washington state. the manhunt under way right now for the suspect. >> cleanup under way after this water main break in neighborhood. the widespread damage after a flood. on the e. of soaking rain, as you see on the radar. the heaviest rain is making its way out slowly but surely. good thursday morning.


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