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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the scene on merritt avenue still active as police try to determine what happed and why. >> the grandther came screaming out of the house. sheragged me down the driveway. didn't know what was going on. >> she did whaany neighbor should do. she helped a grandmother screaming for help but she had idehat she would find walking into this brockton home. >> the grandson came lunging at us and i pulled her out. as dark in the house, and when i saw the way he was coming at us, i just took off. >> the d.a. tim cruz saying an 18-year-old now being held r questioning in his mother's deat the woman stabbed multiple times. a knife found at the scene along
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front porch when firefighters arrived. >> ft to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic, and we need to find out what happened. a warrant to go inside this home to try to determine exactly what happened. at this point no charges have been filed. live inrockton, wcvb, newscenter 5. >>eather now, a wet commute home again on this wednesday night. a live look atopley uare. it pouring. >> the rain is heavier in some spots. let's go to mike tracking how it will impact you. >> now i think it will be actually getti heavier as head toward the evening hours. scppenintered showers outhere. an occasional downpour and when you look at it, you say it's breaking up a bit but look at this. forcts dn on the coast lifting its way up. all of this has to move through as we head into the overnight hours in. terms of impact, a high impact.
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ds up quickly. tomorrow morning, scattered showers before the dry weather moves back into the forecast. speaking of dry weather i'll show you how long that will hang around and how much sunshine we get for the next few days. all of that comi up in a few minutes. >> water main break and a manhole fire in downtown boston. >> streets flooded with water, smoke and parts of washington street are still shut down. julie live now at the scene with an update. >> there is some good news, guys. portio of is csed indefinitely. broken pipe but they have to by late afternoon portis of the street in boston's chinatown had partially reopened.
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for hours. it all began early wednesday morning when a 20-inch water main broke on washington street at 5:00 a.m. >> sending thousands of gallons of water into the street and into area businesses for forci several to close. >> a series of fire followed. >> residual water. into the manhole system. we have a number oma fire. >> thick, black carbon monoxide sme forcing more evacuations. >> more than auned peopl osta fnd themselves out ithe cold with lile more than blanket. >> i was taking my breakfast. i to go outside in the freezing weather. >> eventy theyere allowed to return but after an underground fire re-ignited
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were not. >> >> tha pipe was first installed way back in 1891. there is no word on en any of these businesses might be able to reopen. we're live in cnatown, wcvb, wscenter 5. >> right now police are vetting a crash involving a plymouth county sheriff's cruiser a deputy and another person were hurt and it happened this morning on beach street in rockland. reid is live at the scene. reporter: the sheriff deputy was on his way restopoinn emergency call. lights and sirens on. one driver apparently didn't see or hear them. >> cruiser ended up an tree stump. a violent collision diane heard while decorating. >> we had been putting up christmas decorations. i didn't know if a tree fell
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was respondi to a call. lights and sirens on, two cars over to the right.ser moved >> unfortunately the trd vehicle did not hear him turn ae t boned the car. >> one person suffered a serious laceration and bron collarbone. both were taken to the hospital and the caninen the deputy's car wak serious injuries. residents who live along beach street say the roadas a notorious reputation for speeding. rosemary williams knew what happened when she heard it. >> anyone who heard that sound noise the sound of anccident. >> my god, there has been an >> because this crash involved a municipal vehicle state police were out here trying to determine how fast that deputy was driving. live in rockland, read lamberty,
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are in contact with a driver accused of dragging a man and thenving t sne. the driver claimed he d not ow he hit someone. this all happened on state street last night. police say a group of people were involved in the incident and they knew each other. the man who was hit suffered serious injies after being dragged two blocks. no word on any charges at this time. >> heavy damage in a restaurant aftecar slams into the building. the front of the silver honda ended up inside o outside the car when they arrived at the scene. not injured. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> a new hampshire man accused of attacking his brother with a front end loader now faces a list of charges. the front end lowered. 54-year-old peter indicted for disobeying an officer, criminal threatening and resisting arrest. back in october police s he used the front end loader to knock over a crane his brother was operating, when lice
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allegedly backed that loader toward an officer's cruiser. >> tomorrow president-elect donald trump steps off on a thank you tour after his housoric win for the white in the meantime his transition continues. he's annoued he'llve his billion dollar business to focus on leading country. >> cutting ties withisillion dollar company. he made the announce on twitter that he'll leave his great business in total to his children in order to fully foc country. >> the busines separation to avoid conflicts of interest comes as trump fls key economic posts. wilbur ross. treasury secretary golan sachs executive. >> this is going to be a tremendous boom tohe econom >> promising to focus on the american worker praised trump's
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factory jobsn indiana. >> t president-elect and vice president picked up the phone and called the c.e.o. of united technologies and told them they wanted to keep jobs re. cat remember the last time a president did that. >> he's expectedrelease details inspect indianapolis on thursday. it's the first leg of his th u tour end whiches later in the day in cincinnati, ohio. trump is still trying to decide on a secretary of state sitting down for dinner with contender mitt romney who once called trump trump's white house chief-of-staff -- >> when he makes a decion it's the decision that's best for america regardless of background. >> trump's team hinted he's down to four secretary of state finalists, romney, bob corker, davideuanfoer mayor giuliani. as for trump's business, house democrats are calling for a congressional hearing to examine his conflicts of interest.
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by her peers today as the house minority democratic leader. despite efforts to oust her from the post that she's held since 2002. the 75-year-old beat out challenger tim ryan of ohio. 134 votes to 63. her win comes despite bitterness ong some democrats over the party's disappointing performance in the election. leading to a democratic minority in both the house and the tonight the g.o.p. says an effort to recount votes wisconsin, michigan, and the party filing a federal complaint today saying green part candidate jill stein, who is behind that recount effort is clinton campaign.ating with the janet spoke with stein today. >> wisconsin's republican party today accused jill stein green party of launching a recnt that could only benefit hillary clinton, who the g.o.p. claims also is helping stein to raise money for the effort. steinem fatally denies a
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voters, not behalf of any political party or candidate that has a stake in this. quested a fulland count in michigan where preside-ele donald trump won by er 10,tes i. wisconsin, where trump won by over 22,000 votes, a recou coulbegin by tomorrow. stein will have a harder time in pennsylvania, ere t margin of ctory is over 70,000 votes and the rules govn recounts will be harder to et. >> our votes are in prone storm start with. this is nothat demoy looks like. we should have built in assurance. we shoul be usingallible voting machines. >> she isn't shy about mentioning hacking even from outside the country. >> how likely do you think the s reign untry tampering? >> i can't rule that o. critics that say this is nothing but a wf o time and money in
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not what the voters think. this is a ti of, what should we say, cfidence and trust, have kd of hit rock ?fbottom. >> meanwhile clinton's attorney today stped back from previous statements that their campaign would ticite in the recount." he's now sayintheyre notking, sa recount, and are merely rving t. >> thank you very much. tio >> another wet evening commute. there is the pike. headlightseaving t city, taillights downtown. a lo clog as you drive out of boston. theris the expressway. minutes mass ab toou ed north o of tn, a long drive two nights in a row. there is the pike that you just saw. also a long drive, 26 teh opng the whole way out to newton corner. there is 128. it's a long drive on th southbound se from route 2
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there was an earlier avenue highland at the interchange at ced. backing things up. around the topside of 128, it's acally gten better than it was. 38 minutesoute up t 93 and further out on the pike, from 128 to 495, it's about a half an hour. >> rain rlly making ts another tough xhoome. still to come tonight, no charges r a charlotte police officer who fatally shot a black >> the family ofeith lamont scot decision. >> a golden getaway.e robbery o with gold. the search for the suspect. new at5:a facing criminal charges for using debt funds touy women's
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>> prosecutors in north carolina have decided not to charge the police off a they say it's not the decision they wanted but they appreciate the show of support. >> the officer involved shooting deh ofth lamont ott was caught on his wife's cell phone. >> don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. don't --he gu >> and it ignited protests in the city of charlotte. >> the d.a. announciny the officer accused o shooting scott will not face inal charges.
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when confronted by poli, exit the vehicle with comply with officers who to commandedimt let times to butt the gunown. >> the d.a. walked through idence including footage showin scott's ankle minutes before the shooting, at the sce, same ankle, no bulge where a holster was recovered, and testimony from four offi that scott getting of the suv, after ing confronted by police. >> i think it's safe tsay, yes,. there is no definitive proof th keith had a fearmhis hand. we still have real questions about how they reacted to the information that he had a brain injury, and whether they used appropatdescalation
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situation. >> now, prosecutors have published thrteir ren line. the d.a. iurgi cnghenity to read tuatio in fu. they are withholding judgment. both ses are urging peace and denouncing violence. >> closing arguments have been lived in the murder tri of a whiteormer south carolina police officer michael -- he's charged in last year's fatal shooting of wr scott, -year-old black man who was shot the death while running from a traic stop. video showed him apparently shooting scott in the back. prosecutor say t soting was not justified. >> investigators in kansas city are working to determine what caused this fry pipeline rupture. the explosion, as you can see just lit up the night sky. the line carrying pro pain was buried underground. the compan was able to st off the pipeline and the fire was out in two hours. no oneas h a no property was lost. the death toll fm the wildfire
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tennessee this week has reached seven. search crews found three more dies today. investigators say the fire was caused bmans but they don't know if the fire was set hundreds of buildings have been burned to the ground. gatlinburg mayor, whose home s among those destroyed, says the best thing out of town vising>> if you really want to sothing for gnbur we're going to be back on ourin a short time. come and visit us. come b ar overnht providedome eeded raino help firefighters finally get control of the wdfire. >> speaking ofuch-needed rai they are getting i we're getting someuch-eded rain as well.>> whe t last time talked about major rain two days in a row. >> an inch or so. >> we'll be seeing more good ne for those firefite, cae gotten some rain. the bad ne is there is some severe weathern atlanta.
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last night they wrapped up shortly ter the evening commute. these will be hanging with us througe overght hours. you see what's happening. one area ofry and then a second area of rain. one area on top ous b thi one will just sort of follo behind it and that'why we'll keep then g overght. down to the south this is where we're seeing the strong thundersrms especially around atlanta earlier today. we had reports of eight tornados in georgia. it's been a ry active day. around here, you can see the bands are setting up. noce where it's setting up most. to the north of the pike th's the difference. yesterday we saw the heaviest rains along the sth shore and south of the pike. tonight most of it north. here's that band we're talking about right now. the heaviest band just moving offshore but as you head towards villa rica, steady rain. worcester, dour.owing up as yel screen and look at this little squirrel that's right here through southbridge and headed towards woonsocket. this will be tracking eastward. although the south shore is not
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remember, that's the first h. the second batch,ehind it, it will follow right in the, right behind it. and that's why we've got so much rain in the forecast. >> this is the way the map looks at 8:30, downpours going on. ll sy with af midnight we still get some moreng on. finally winds down early tomorrow morning. 8:0 the rn is offshore e skies are clearing away and it looks like it will end u being a pretty dy. keep in mind as we talk a show back up. how far rain are we talking about? as we saw yesterd we cod see an inch to average and a half of ra to the north. yesterday it was average to an inch and a half down here. so again, we're spreading everything t. everyone is getting some nice rain. the only issue we have is that it's going to credit some pending on the roadways. if youe driving be careful. a lot of water, slow dow as you go through it. rit nowe haveemres it won't g very cold tonight. it will prevent us from having
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shows and downpos, 42 to 48. tomorrow, very early shors turning partly cloudy. temperatures range fo degrees. you see w. as the rain moves through and clears out at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you notice what happens is the skies clear but see how it stays cool up here and warm down here. eventually the temperaturewill collapse andtart cooling things off but there wilbe a ra in temperatures tomorrow. want some warmth? head south. here's how ilooks. temperatures are slowly going down rly morning rain we go to partly cloudy sks. great news for the holiday lights tomorrow night at 7:00. 46 degrees. maybe a little bit on the breezy side but nothierrible. and then welear things out on friday, saturdayunday. su seanable fothis time yearith highsthe 40. s ttleunsettled. there is a chance weld see me medon, may sleet or flurries or sprinkles, and another chance on wednesday,
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>> toys for tots campaign officially kicked off today. the uniteat marine corps reserve teaming up for local families in need. this year is the 69th anniversary. donation drop-off sites are located t state. if you would like to dote you can click on the app to find your nearest drop-off site. >> it's a good thing. >> caught on camera. a man walks o of gold. >> legit. totally serious. that pail wasillewith 8ds of gold slate. thehat helped the suspect get away coulbe now. >> a lawmaker in one local commity wants to change the datehalloween. the push to reschedule >> new at 6:00, hailed a hero. hoa girl saved the li of he
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before a show in san francisco he was struck in the head and died shortly thereafter. ow's founders.f one of the federal investigators are looking into what went wrong. >> caught on camera, a disteovao demoliti have a look the womanho appears be the driv the cars slam into each other rightre, again right there outside the parking lot. so -- kind of a mess. the white suv speeds off and smases into a fire hydrant. if you can belve this, it's l.a., neither driver reported the incident.
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lock your carn w york city. police are looking for this quick thinking thief who is caught on camera swiping a bucketl of gold flakes worth more than a million dos. there he goes. he stole from itn armored backo get hi cell phone.his police think the susay be hiding out in florida. just hanging out. >> question. >>hat's your first one? >> wha are we doing with a bucketful of ldeaf flakes andowu g >>edo thfacade. >> maybe. goldouse. we're joking >> jokin new at 30cal re chief suspended. what he's accused of using public funds f -- >> plus -- >> a woman jumps out a window to escape fire.
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>> thursday on the eye, secrets to packing a hlthy lunch. >> three tricks used by the pros that will alsav money. >> and rain moves outs w edge close to 60, thenseanalstart to,
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[ctioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a water main break causes several uernd fires that
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businesses to close down early. parts of washington street are stilt shut down. dety injured iockland the deputy wespondg to an emergency call at the time. bo drivers were hospalized. >> more rain and more troue for yocommute. >> mike?ke: t just the commute. last night it was the commute and it was over with. soh of the pike, not quite as much. much. as we widen out the view - there is som good news for toow. will be


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