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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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commute. that's round one. round two is tomorrow heavy late in the day. we'll break down the full timeline, break down the extended forecast as well right now as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: a deadly crash in east boston. new details. emily: a search for answers after an assault on an ohio campus. the warning before the attack and what we are learning about the suspect. randy: new moves from president-elecdo overseas. and the big announcements that could come today on the eye. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: and more breaking news now. an officer-involved shooting on the lynn way under investigation right now. this is video just in from our crew on the scene. we'll have an update for you ahead. first, cold temperatures, icy conditions, really a soaking for
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fitzgibbon. she has the impact this morning. cindy: we're watching outside of 495 northern worcester county, southern new hampshire until 10:00 a.m., freezing rain could make things a little bit slippery, so if you are out this way, you do need to use caution heading out this morning. the reason, of course, the temperatures running in the upper 20's and lower 30's. boston closer to 40 degrees. in areas south of town, we do have cold pockets, but look where the rainfall is this morning. pink showing up indicating freezing rain around the this extends into greenfield and southern vermont as well. this is very light precipitation moving in this morning, but it only takes a little bit to make things very slippery. use caution this morning. heavier rain back across pennsylvania. that will get in here with warmer air as we go through the afternoon. those temperatures in the 50's coming our way, but not till the end of the day. by 5:00 p.m., it's in the lower
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from 3:00 p.m. through the evening commute, it does look like we're going to get into heavier downpours. can't rule out a rumble of thunder. impact weather day on the way. fortunately, many roads dry right now, but watching areas north and west of 495. let's get you out there. good morning, olessa. olessa: part of the lynn way is shut down for a shooting. we'll have more coming up. part of that road closed from shepherd street to commercial street. so if you're headed in that direction, plan accordingly. we'll let you know when it the rest of your ride is quiet, good looking on the pike. road work on the expressway into the o'neill tunnel is gone from the early morning hours and so far trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. randy: thank you. breaking overnight, police on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in the city of lynn. emily: the eyeopener's sera congi has the updates just
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take a look. the scene is very active behind me along the lynn way. you can see the center of activity. police officers including the lynn police chief are here discussing the situation. this is in the southbound side of the lynn way. however, both sides of the lynn way are shut down between shepherd and commercial streets. so anyone should be aware if they're heading this way. we have learned one person is shot. again, this was an officer-involved shooting. just unt least it sounded like a building alarm, that was going off. that was turned off recently. we are working to get more information here. again, wcvb has learned this was an officer-involved shooting. one person is shot. we have yet to find out how that person is doing or what the circumstances are. this is still a very active scene, an active investigation. we'll bring you more information. live in lynn, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. back to you a little bit later.
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deadly crash under investigation in east boston. and the eye's doug meehan is right near the scene with what we know right now. doug: hello, randy. yes. this is route 1 on the northbound side through east boston. it is wide open right now. both the north and southbound lanes. no travel problems right now. but that was a different story only hours ago. let's go to the video from earlier. boston e.m.s. confirming that one person was killed in this single-car crash. it happened just before 11:00 last night. e the northbound lanes closed for much of the overnight hours. we're still waiting to learn to see if there was anybody else inside that car. and also what might have triggered that crash. updates all morning long onair, online, and on our wcvb mobile news app. we're live in east boston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: a charter plane crashes in colombia. 81 people onboard including members of a brazilian soccer team. just five people survived.
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declared an emergency due to an electric failure just before that crash in rio negro. randy: we're learning more about the man behind an attack at ohio state university. and there was a troubling warning sign just moments before the violence. erika with the red flag. erika: police and the f.b.i. have been searching for a motive, scouring the suspect's home. for now, a facebook post could be the biggest indicator. l driving into a crowd on campus, jumping out, slashing with a butcher knife. 11 people were hurt, one critically, before this campus police officer shot him dead. he was a somali immigrant. he complained saying he couldn't pray openly on campus. he posted on facebook calling on americans to stop interfering with muslim nation saying,
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run, hide or fight. some of them you can see barricading themselves in. >> i ran into a bathroom luckily that was just a single stall and was able to lock myself in there. erika: police are investigating whether artan had links to roar groups. leaders in the muslim community are urging people not to jump to conclusions. randy: ahead in our next half hour, we have a closer look at how to protect yourself in an attack, whether it's on a campus as it was office or anywhere. an expert breaks down key advice from the department of homeland security. emily: right now a man has serious injuries after a fire in tewksbury. this happened last night around 7:00 on south rhoda street. the man who owns the house was inside the time the 84-year-old plan to mass general with severe burns. a neighbor helped get that man
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doorway. we dragged him over here. emily: the homeowner's daughter was treated for minor smoke inhalation. the fire department says the fire does appear accidental. randy: president-elect donald trump is engaged in talks with iraq. the iraqi prime minister says mr. trump pledged more logistical support to fight isis. the report comes as trump is expected to meet once again with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. that will happen tonight. secretary of state, will have a private dinner with trump in new york. last night trump named another member to his cabinet. georgia congressman tom price will be secretary of health and human services. he would be in charge of dismantling the affordable care act. vice president-elect mike pence says more major announcements will come today. preparations are underway in wisconsin for a voter recount there requested by the green
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stein has also filed for recount in pennsylvania and is expected to do the same in michigan. trump has blasted the effort claiming voter fraud in several states including new hampshire. emily: the white house says neither president obama nor vice president joe biden will attend a funeral for fidel castro. people waited in long lines to pay tribute to castro at havana's revolutionary square. more services are planned throho funeral on sunday. randy: right now, a driver accused of driving the wrong way for miles is out on bail and the district attorney involved is outraged. 23-year-old jowaun gamble is accused of leading police 17 miles. this is right along route 1 and interstate 95, driving the wrong way from fairhaven to marion. he registered a .22 on the breathalyzer test, three times the legal limit.
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for a prior oui in brockton. >> to have a person out on bail and engage in this type of conduct, it's a miracle no one was killed or hurt. randy: gamble was released last week on $1500 bail. the district attorney argued the judge should revoke bail. emily: a little girl's death is called homicide. 2-year-old madison hours after she was rushed to the hospital from a home in berlin sunday afternoon. an autopsy shows she died from blunt impact injuries. a neighbor says madison's mother was on the porch when the ambulance arrived and claimed the toddler fell from a bunk bed. investigators don't think that's what happened. >> it's more than just a fall. it's more than just, you know, a glancing hit. a measure of force that is so strong that you're causing not only external but also internal injuries with it.
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a new hampshire day-care is closed this morning after a child was found wandering on a busy road. that child should have been at the his angels learning academy in lee. but earlier this month, the 3-year-old was found walking on route 155 up the ramp to route 4. drivers stopped to help, then checked out the nearby day-care and discovered the child had somehow gotten out. the state says his angels voluntarily shut down after that. state reports going back four years show no major violations h take formal action. randy: the state sanctioned deer hunt at the blue hills reservation begins today. and the protests thatly accompany the hunters there. trouble for the red line as the mbta gets ready for winter. the issues testing the rails' reliability and many communities are changing from paper to plastic. erika: we're staying on top of breaking news in lynn.
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way. it happened early this morning. our sera congi is at that scene. she'll have updates just ahead. also breaking, a deadly car crash in east boston. police searching for a cause at this hour. cindy? cindy: watching for freezing rain and drizzle for part of the area this morning for your morning commute. who will see the biggest impact and the focus for heavier rain late in the day. that timeline is just ahead. first, take a live look at the radar. that pink indicating it could be slippery northernmost worcest temperatures running close to 40 degrees as you're heading out
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>> good morning from leicester high. these are the wolverine cheerleaders. >> good morning, eyeopener. randy: all right. good morning, leicester high. call. that young man you saw is being highlighted in this week's a-plus. emily: antoinette antonio will have his story tonight. check that out. we love to see everybody get together. upload it to ulocal using our wcvb app. ready? [all talking at once]
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good thing. we need it desperately. emily: this is true. cindy: it's going to coincide with the evening commute the next two days. impact weather days the next couple of days. rain is heavy this afternoon. that's round one. we're going to do it again tomorrow. that is round two. it looks like just today, rainfall is going to be coming in anywhere between 1/2 inch and inch with locally higher amounts south of town where we could get real heavy downpours as we get toward the evening hours. the concern this mo just aren't warm enough yet and it's going to rain so that rain is going to freeze on contact. very light this morning. but outside of 495 here in northern worcester hills into new hampshire, if this is part of your commute, just use caution. the roads may look wet but could be very slippery for a time this morning until 10:00 a.m. you see the temperatures are running very close to the freezing mark. nashua 30 degrees. bedford 30 degrees. orange 30 degrees.
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town as well. the moisture is still way off to the west. we're seeing that rain falling around greenfield, freezing on contact around amherst, orange, up toward brattleboro, vermont. so just use caution out this way. you can see everything is very light initially, but it doesn't take much to create a glaze and make things slippery. there is heavier rain back through pennsylvania. we're going to watch this come in closer to lunchtime. it's associated with a storm system that is heading up into canada and pulling up some very warm so you can see it's already in the 50's to our south. and that's where we're headed. here are your high temperatures. this will happen late in the day as we climb up to between 50 and 55. 40's across southern new hampshire. let me step you through the day. very light precipitation this morning. most of it focused out through central parts of the state, southern new hampshire. we get closer to lunchtime, here comes some heavier rain moving in. after lunchtime into the afternoon, there will be rain at times, and then that rain gets
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along and south of the pike during that evening commute. this will carry us through the evening hours. by midnight, most of this is pushing offshore. we're going to dry things out. look for areas of fog, temperatures falling back into the 40's. that was round one. round two comes in tomorrow. heaviest late in the day and getting out of here thursday with gusty winds as well. today and tomorrow impact weather days. tomorrow's wet weather comes later in the day. it's with us for evening commute. we're going t well. looks like another 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches of rain. 50's are gone by friday. but the sun is back. that will be with us through the upcoming weekend. olessa: thank you, cindy. so far this morning we are watching one problem in lynn. part of the lynnway is shut down for a shooting. police investigation ongoing. we do have a crew on the scene. part of that road is closed from shepherd to commercial street. if you're heading that way, plan
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problems. overnight road work by highland ave. pike looks good. heading south of town, construction also cleared on 93 by route 24. as well as on the expressway into the o'neill tunnel. so far trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. and a quick live look outside. zakim bridge looks good. leverett connector as well. that's southbound toward the bottom of the screen. randy? randy: thank you. a four-day deer hunt begins today at the blue hills reservation. e the commonwealth says the preservation is overpopulated with deer. the reservation, i should say. the hunt is part of a multiyear plan to reduce the number of animals. protestors plan to rally at the site. check in today saying that they will be a voice for the deer. service on the red line of the t took a hit last week as the mbta looks towards winter readiness. the mbta says the performance reliability during peak periods was at 85% last week.
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braintree and j.f.k. station are blamed for that. peak performance reliability 90% in the 30 days leading to the incident. the service dip comes as the mbta looks to complete line work before the onset of winter weather. emily: your economy this tuesday -- workers in boston and more than 340 other cities will protest over hourly wages. that protest will include fast-food, airport, other low-wage workers demanding $15 an hour. action for the so-called fight for 15. similar protests have taken part across the country over the last couple of years. here in massachusetts, the minimum wage will rise from $10 to $11 an hour on january 1. boston residents could soon be paying more at the grocery store. the city is weighing a new proposal that would charge residents 5 cents per bag at grocery and convenience stores. the new measure covers all bags,
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the goal, to encourage customers to bring a reusable bad. the council could vote on it as soon as next month and the fee would go into effect a year after passage. a lookt at the markets. asian stocks mixed due to concerns over oil production and a constitutional referendum in italy. right now, stock futures here are higher. investors will be watching for consumer data after a down day yesterday. randy: they are the superfoods to stock up on in season packed with health first, cabbage. health experts say the vegetable can keep you full longer. and also has cancer-fighting nutrients. if you feel a cold coming on, grab a kiwi. that packs more vitamin c than an orange does. and leaving the skin on the fruit will give added fiber. and another green superfood, avocados. they not only are a good fat, but they are rich with potassium, magnesium, and can
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a new taste of italy in boston has arrived, and today is the grand opening of eataly boston. the prudential center has the new marketplace spanning three floors there. you'll be able to eat and shop and learn about italian culture and cuisine. celebrity chef mario batali is among the team heading up a market restaurant and guided tours and cooking classes. the market opening this afternoon at 4:00. special delivery this christmas. emily: the company using reindeer to get that's ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: we're tracking breaking developments in the colombia plane crash. five survivors pulled from the wreck, the plane carrying members of a brazilian soccer team. an overnight officer-involved shooting on the lynnway. sera congi is at the scene and will have updates straight ahead. new at 5:30, a violent attack on a college campus in ohio.
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>> hey, good morning, eyeopener. we can't wait to go ice skating. randy: all right. emily: we're looking forward to hearing from you. randy: they'll be performing at
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channel 5. emily: with that kind of enthusiasm, you know it's going to be a good time, cindy. cindy: i would hope so. the weather looks okay too. i think the rain we have the next couple of days is going to be gone by then. rain a concern this morning. look at the temperatures. 38 in boston. but we're running near or below the freezing mark through northern worcester county where you see that pink color showing up. a little bit of freezing rain outside of 495 this morning. today and tomorrow both impact weather days as we've got that heavier rain come in and the rain t heaviest as we get into the afternoon. by the end of the day, we're up in the lower 50's. the heaviest rain today coinciding with the evening commute. tomorrow, we may do that again. another round of heavier rain tomorrow coinciding with that evening commute. full timeline just ahead. cindy: thank you. olessa back with this morning's eyepoppers. olessa: we're going to start with a birthday few people celebrate. today is emma morano's 117th birthday.
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emma was born in italy. she credits her longevity to protein-rich food. in fact, she's been eating three eggs a day for nearly 100 years. randy: good for her. olessa: that is the trick, folks. how about pizza delivered by reindeer? domino's in japan says they're training the animals to do just that in one of the country's snowiest regions. the deer would be equipped with gps owe customers can track the pizza. the deer can move 50 miles an hour. some s randy: yeah. olessa: i can't train my dog to sit. so if they can get their deer to deliver pizza -- randy: you would be welcoming rudolph. olessa: impressive all around. a community comes together after toys meant for military families were destroyed. how one group is making sure this christmas is still a special one. and we're staying on top of that breaking news in lynn. police on the scene of an officer-involved shooting on the
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and she will have an update for us just ahead. a live look here at the zakim bridge at 5:27 this morning. things moving along nicely, but, of course, it is still early.
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eyeopener. emily: a deadly crash. randy: an elderly man flown to a boston hospital. the neighbors who rushed to help. emily: new questions about the man who went on a rampage on the campus of ohio state university. >> and a driver unconscious. a car spinning circles on a busy highway. the witnesses sprinting into action on the eye. randy: 5:30 on this morning. breaking news, police investigating an details just coming in. our sera congi is on the scene there. she'll have an update for us and new details in moments. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa this morning. things looking okay out there now, i guess, but now is the operative word, right? cindy: pouring rain for the evening commute. getting that out there right now. the concern this morning is very light rain moving in and outside of 495, it's cold. so that rain is going to freeze on contact this morning.
5:31 am
into the new hampshire, north and west of the worcester area from keene, jaffrey, new hampshire, you have the potential for slick roads. use caution. we're seeing on the radar now, a live sweep of the radar, light freezing rain falling out in this area. it's just rain, but the temperatures are near the freezing mark. so it could freeze on contact. down in the cape this morning it's near the freezing mark as well but you can see all that moisture way off to the north and west. this initial batch is coming on through. the main event here is back across pennsylvania and this will come with much warmer temperatures as we get into the afternoon. so the rain really gets started near lunchtime through the afternoon as temperatures climb through the 40's into the low 50's by 5:00 p.m. here's the timeline through the morning hours.
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lunchtime. as we head into the afternoon, yes, rain at times, and there will be downpours. you can see the yellow showing up south of the pike. the evening commute is going to be a wet one. roads mainly dry this morning. let's get you out there right now. we have issues already, olessa. olessa: watching part of a road closure in lynn, lynnway closed in both directions for a police-involved shooting. we'll keep you posted. aside from that, quiet. noro 15 minutes, 495 to 128. looking good on 128. as you head south, so far so good on 24 out of brockton. 95 from sharon and your ride on route 3 also quiet. trains and buses starting on schedule. randy: a police officer-involved shooting under investigation in lynn. emily: sera congi has new information from that scene for us. sera?
5:33 am
limited. wcvb has learned this was an officer-involved shooting. take a look behind me. the scene is still very active. a lot of police officers here still working the scene. it seems centered around a tree outside that truck lot, some evidence markers just placed on the ground there. we've also learned that one person was shot but the condition unknown and what the circumstances were also unknown. most of the activity is focused on the southbound side of the lynnway, but both si sheppard at this point. we have seen officers taking a flashlight to roads on the opposite side scouting for evidence. this happened around 4:00 this morning. there had been some kind of alarm sounding off, possibly a building alarm, but that stopped a short while ago. once we learn more information, we'll bring it to you. again, an officer-involved shooting, one person shot. the lynnway shut down in both directions. live this morning in lynn, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5.
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thank you. also a deadly crash in east boston. doug meehan is there with the latest information. doug: hey, randy. a better situation than earlier before. this is route 1 on the northbound side just after you get from the curtis street on-ramp. you can see it's wide open. a completely different scene just hours ago. let's go to the video from overnight. boston e.m.s. confirming that one person was killed in this single car crash. it happened just before 11:00 last night. the car much of the overnight hours. we're still waiting to learn if there was anybody else in that car. we also are trying to figure out what might have triggered that crash, whether or not there was another vehicle involved. we're still also waiting to learn the name of that person who died in the crash. we'll continue to update you here all morning long on air, online, and on our wcvb mobile news app. we're live in east boston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: lrlt, doug.
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run, hide, fight during yesterday's terrifying rampage on campus. security experts say those instructions were exactly the right message. everyone needs to be prepared to do the same in a mall, classroom, anywhere. this is video from the department of homeland security website. it breaks it down using an office as a backdrop. your first priority in an attack is to run. if you can't get out, you need to hide. barricade yourself in a safe place and then be quiet. fighting is a former police superintendent says attackers want easy targets. >> so if you've got good countermeasures, good security programs, good training, good personnel, good response policies, they're going to go someplace else. emily: boston university launch add coordinated response to a false report of a gunman earlier this month. experts say that's what you want. they also encourage parents to ask about college safety plans while touring. randy: new this morning, boston
5:36 am
use internet monitoring equipment. the police department is considering buying $1.4 million in software to attract facebook and twitter feeds. some councillors are concerned certain groups would be unfairly tracked. police insist there are procedures in place to protect privacy and civil rights. emily: a man is behind bars this morning accused in a violent home invasion in ipswitch. police say nathan kilgour into a home on blaisdell terrace yesterday afternoon. the person was still able to give police a description of the car. they tracked him down. that homeowner will be okay. randy: a mother who overdosed next to her child in a lawrence store is free after facing a judge. judge let mandy mcgowan free on personal recognizance. the salem, new hampshire, mother faces child endangerment charges after video of her overdose surfaced last month.
5:37 am
release including random drug testing. she's due back in court in january. emily: quincy college is making sure children don't go without christmas presents this year. a fire in bourne last month destroyed storage trailers filled with toys for military families. the college is holding a toy drive to replace the lost toys. the drive runs through december 7 with drop-off locations in quincy and plymouth. randy: a runner inspiring thousands. his incredible feat as he fights a debilitating illness. we're tracking breaking developments as wildfires rage in tennessee. evacuations are underway right now in the gatlinburg area. very popular area. the search now for the cause of the fire. plus making pageant history, how this young woman is breaking
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lynnway shut down in lynn for a police investigation, closed from sheppard to commercial street. that road remains close north dakota both directions. we have a reporter on the scene. the weather not a problem. later on, different story. cindy: we're all going to deal with heavier rain late in the day. the evening commute will feature downpours. concern this morning just outside of 495. you see that pink showing up? that's some very light freezing
5:41 am
we're in the lower 50's. impact weather day today and tomorrow. heavy rain for tomorrow evening and we'll dry things out, cooling it down for the weekend. emily: thank you. an inspiring story now of perseverance this morning. a washington man battling a terminal disease says he won't let anything stand in his way as he fights for a cure. evans wilson, a former competitive runner, suffers from a lung disease. this past weekend, oxygen tank in tow, he took on the daunting task of finishing the seattle marathon,kl his goal, to get the word out about pulmonary fibrosis and raise money for a cure. >> it was the most important marathon of his life. >> feels good. best part of the day is being done. emily: he completed that race in just under 11 hours. he says he hopes to make a difference by bringing in to donations for the pulmonary fibrosis foundation.
5:42 am
a police officer-involved shooting investigation in lynn which has shut down part of the lynnway, plus a deadly plane crash in colombia. rescuers pulled five survivors only from the wreck. and a wild ride in australia.
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready with news to go. following breaking news in lynn and east boston.
5:45 am
state university. cindy: looking at the radar, some slick spots out there this morning. it could be kind of an issue where? highlighted where we have the concern. it's outside of 495, north and west, northern worcester county. very light rain this morning. temperatures are near freezing. that rain could freeze on contact. the road could be wet and it could be slippery. icing that way this morning. that's a conrn then we'll see temperatures climb. but we have rain on the way both today and tomorrow. boy, do we need it. our rainfall deficideficits. we could get 1/2 inch to over an inch of rainfall. heavier pockets may line up just south of the city. you can see what's happening. heavier rain off to the west. this is going to come in around or after lunchtime. this morning a couple of bands of very light rain moving
5:46 am
temperatures this morning. northern worcester county, southern vermont, southern new hampshire. this is where we have light freezing rain happening this morning. right now from gardner, peterboro, keene, jaffrey, new hampshire, you are all in that area that you need to use extra caution. this is why. it's just 30 degrees in orange, 29 in keene. worcester 37. we're all running in the lower 30's in the cape. you'll miss out on the bulk of the wet weather. temperatures latn climbing with this system. southerly winds are going to bring us into the lower 50's. it will take all day. the bulk of any rainfall stays outside of 495. as we get closer to lunchtime, here comes that steadier rain moving in. rain at times during the afternoon. and then as we approach that evening commute, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tonight, absolutely pouring, especially along and south of the pike. could be some poor drainage flooding. the bulk of this is shifting offshore around or after
5:47 am
tomorrow. tomorrow we start out dry but we're doing it again with heavier rain coming in the afternoon. temperatures staying in the 50's here through thursday. get you out to the roads. olessa: the major roadways are pretty quiet this morning. live look 93 in somerville. you can see rush hour delays starting to pick up. let's get over to the maps. we are watching a road closure in lynn. part of the lynnway closed in both directions for police activity from sheppard to commercial street. we do have sera congi oe north of town, delays building 93 south out of methuen to andover. the pike, 15 minutes 495 to 128. south of town, 24 building volume out of avon. your trip on the expressway almost 15 braintree to boston. trains and buses on schedule. randy: thank you. we're following breaking news in lynn. police on the scene of a police officer-involved shooting along the lynnway. emily: the eye's sera congi live with the breaking details.
5:48 am
so information is limited at this point, emily and randy, but you can see behind me the scene is very active. police focusing on the southbound side of the lynnway at this point. they've put down evidence markers right outside a truck lot. wcvb learning this was an officer-involved shooting. one person shot, but the condition is unknown and what the circumstances were are also unknown. most of the activity is focused on the southbound side but both sides of the lynnway aret commercial and sheppard streets. we've seen officers looking for evidence on both sides of the road. this happened around 4:00 this morning. again, still investigation very early. the scene is still unfolding. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. live in lynn, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: in east boston, reopened this morning. not the case earlier when a deadly one-car accident shut down this roadway for hours. here's the scene.
5:49 am
night when this car rolled over on to its roof. boston e.m.s. confirming one person was killed. still no word yet on what caused this accident or whether anybody else was in that vehicle at the time of the crash or if there were any other cars involved. we're live in east boston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: also breaking, a charter plane has crashed in colombia with 81 people onboard including members of a brazilian soccer team. colombia's police confirmed there are only five survivors. investigators say prior to the crash in rio negro, the plane declared an emergency due to an electric failure. randy: breaking news in tennessee. mandatory evacuations underway in one town as severe wildfires torch this area. smoke blanketed the town of gatlinburg. strong winds fanned the flames. no injuries or deaths reported thus far. the wildfire has set dozens of buildings on fire there.
5:50 am
will likely not make much of a difference. emily: we're learning more about the 18-year-old ohio state student who was shot dead after going on a rampage on campus. abdul razak ali artan was killed after ramming his car into a crowd yesterday, then jumping out and stabbing people. 11 were hurt. investigators say artan posted an anti-american message on facebook right before the attack. the muslim somali immigrant who was a legal immigrant in the u.s. complained to the school paperut overnight police and the f.b.i. scoured his apartment in columbus looking for any links to terror groups. randy? randy: seems to be a trend. you see it happening here. a mob of teenagers bursting into a connecticut store. they then take off with dozens of candy bars. teenagers say this sort of flash mob theft is gaining popularity. videos have been popping up on facebook of these types of stampedes in major cities and
5:51 am
this could be a growing trend this holiday season. emily: syrian government forces have captured more than 1/3 of eastern aleppo from rebel forces, and the gain could be a turning point in the nearly six-year syrian civil war. that offensive threatens to push the rebels out of their last major urban stronghold and reclaiming all of aleppo, syria's former commercial capital, would be the biggest prize of the war for syrian president bashar assad. barrier reef is dying. the coral died in less than a year's time, the worst rate ever recorded at the site. experts blame warm sea water that they say is essentially cooking the coral and turning it white. emily: a bizarre scene in australia. a car driving in circles on a highway caught on cellphone video. that driver unconscious behind the wheel.
5:52 am
until two witnesses jumped into action. they were able to grab the emergency brake to stop the car. that driver is hospitalized with serious injuries. it's believed he had some sort of medical condition. randy: pope francis planning the first papal trip to ireland in four decades. he's going to be there in 2018 for the world meeting of families in dublin. the pope recently met with ireland's prime minister in vatican city to talk about improving relations. the issues dividing the legalization of same-sex marriages in ireland. president obama signed a bill to help veterans. the bill ensures all phone calls through the hotline are answered on time by a qualified person. legislation comes after federal investigators found some calls went into a voicemail system meaning veterans did not get immediate assistance. emily: texas is reporting the
5:53 am
patient lives in brownsville near the mexican border but has not traveled outside the state. a lab test confirmed that case. florida is the only other u.s. state with locally-spread zika. randy: she may not have won, but a miss minnesota u.s.a. conte contestant made history. the 19r- participated in the swimsuit portion as well. she spoke on stage telling all somali girls that they are beautiful. she placed in the top 15. emily: the celtics down in miami last night beating the heat. they had a comfortable lead most of the game leading by 17 at the half. several players off the bench scoring in double digits. isaiah thomas once again the man of the night with 25 points, eight assists. celtics win 112-104.
5:54 am
tomorrow night. check this out. during last night's game, one fan had a chance to win a galaxy tablet. all he had to do was hit a three-point shot while sitting down and nailed it. nailed it. so the celtics were supposed to be listening to their coach, but they decided to watch this fan instead. the amazing thing -- the miami heat, they were just 6 for 30 from three-point land and that was standing up. randy: he's available. cindy: that is awesome. that's so great. not so great this morning, we're watching outside of 495 north and west of town, freezing rain advisory until 10:00 a.m. very light rain falling this morning onto cold surfaces making it slippery. so places like orange over to leominster, pepperell, nashua, use extra caution this morning. we've had light rain come through already. may be freezing on contact.
5:55 am
the ground. just keep in mind that it could be a little slippery this morning. the temperatures are running only around 30 in nashua. 30 in orange. 29 in keene. that's the concern this morning. boston 38 degrees. on the south shore and the cape, we're in the low to mid 30's as well, but the bulk of the rainfall this morning is going to be north and west of you. what we're waiting for is some of this to cross pennsylvania to move in. this will come in or around lunchtime and bring warmer air. we will have a slow climb through the 40's as we get into the afternoon. by 5:00, it's up around 50 degrees. this evening we're going to be in the low to mid 50's. high temperatures happening after sunset today. and you can see that rain spreading in around the lunch hour. heavy at times into the afternoon and especially the evening hours along and south of the pike, downpours possible for that evening commute. we will likely see around an inch of rain. this will shift out overnight. there could be fog overnight as
5:56 am
but again tomorrow, heavy rain coming in in the afternoon. another impact weather day for that heavy rain. this gets started around or after lunchtime. so it's going to be later in the day. we're not concerned with icing. this rain, this goes up until thursday morning. another 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches of rain on the way. great news for the drought. we'll keep it in the 50's. breezy thursday as we dry things out. temperatures fall as we get back to sunshine. back in the 40's for the weekend. let's get you back out to the olessa: we're watching a problem in lynn. quick live look outside at the expressway. delays building by the gas tank. police-involved shooting in lynn. on the lynnway, the road is closed in both directions from commercial to sheppard street. if your commute takes you in that direction, plan accordingly. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you more. 93 south slow from methuen into
5:57 am
from heavy volume on 24 out of brockton. 95 still looking good. no major issues on route 3. expressway almost 20 braintree into pots. -- boston. emily: we're following breaking news in lynn where police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. randy: also in east boston, investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly crash plus a wrong-way driver on bail, the outrage from
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
emily: breaking news on the eye, a shooting lands new information. randy: also a deadly crash in east boston. what we're learning from the scene there. emily: a search for answers after a violent assault on an ohio campus. the warning just before the attack and what we are learning about it's on the eye. >> an officer-involved shooting under investigation. sera congi is there with an update from that active scene ahead.


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