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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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witnessed an epic t-mobile finale. >> thank you guys so much for watching. >> good night, everybody. we made it! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: nominations are determined by chart performance in billboard, based on sales, airplay and streaming data tracked by nielsen music and social interactions measured b next big sound. telescope inc., an independent vote management company and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation. air travel provided by american airlines. ? what didn't you see at the amas? what's been going on backstage? "gma"'s here -- all access with music's biggest stars. now, tomorrow morning, see it
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takes home the mirror ball trophy when the two-night finale event of "dancing th the stars" begins at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central. ? ? >> wcvb newscenter five at 11:00. reid: breaking news. police searching for this man. nichole: a mother is killed. her family is searching for answers. reid: a taste of winter. a strike threat at one of the
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before the damaging direct hit. reid: a brutal attack leaving a mother of four dead one of her sons witnessing the beating. nichole: right now, police are talking to witnesses who saw that attack in lowell. shaun chaiyabhat is live at the scene. shaun: the attack began at a house party nearby. of four beaten and left for dead near this dumpster in front of her son with down syndrome. lighting candles and saying a prayer for this 44-year-old mother of four including one son with down syndrome who witnessed her brutal attack. he was found holding his dying mom and this parking lot. >> he was still caressing his mother and shielding her. >> he is blaming everything on
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group of police, a group of girls savagely beat their mom. they had gone to a party. a fight inside spilled outside industry. >> there was a confrontation. voices were getting higher. and then i saw a woman hit the ground. and i heard another v and that he loved her and he was sorry. shaun: she is being remembered as a caring mom. >> s lived for her kids. for them to take her life away for something like an attitude. everyone knows these girls. th are a pack of will. it is disgusting that they are
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street. right there with her son. shaun: there are security cameras in this area. although it is unclear if they caught the attack. at this point, police have not made any arrests reid a lot of people around the area have seen the first flakes of the snow for the season. this is a video from oxford where they got a coating of snow on the ground. strong moving in tonight. it is the start of a very busy travel week and the site of snow -- mike: no chemicals on the roads or sidewalks so do be careful. there should be -- there could be some slippery spots out there. not much in worcester right no in southern new hampshire, we are getting some reports but lookt what is happening in the
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of w. notice where the snow starts out. band setup here and one here. re still seeing few liked snowflakes. -- a few light snowflakes. there is a band from boston stretching up north. initial snowfall tonight, there will not be too much but we may see some in the grassy areas. that is why you should because just in worcester county. the upper elevations towards the berkshires and the greenmount. this snow will be with us tomorrow. we will talk more about this and the cold air that will reach you for your monday morning commute. reid: massachusetts is not the
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mid-atlaic. heavy wet snow in new york and virginia. other regions expecting to see over 20 inches of snow before thanksgiving. and as mike mentioned, the wind is causing problems for the coast guard tonight. this is a barge grounded on nile speech and gloucester harbor. heavy seas caused the barge to break free this afternoon. the coast guard broad outlines to secure two other barges in the risk of breaking free. nichole: breaking news in texas. this man may have information regarding an ambush murder on a san antonio police officer. he was a 20 year veteran of the force. we have the clues investigators are following. reporter: investigators are combing through surveillance footage to try to find more images of that man and figure out where heas. they are also looking for
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the public to help them identify this man. he may have information about the murder of benjamin marconi who was shot during a traffic stop just beforeoon on sunday. the detective was a 20 year veteran of the force. he was in his cruiser writing a traffic ticket for a driver is he had pulled over when an unknown suspect possibly driving this car parked behind the cruiser and ambushed him. >> driver side door, he shot the dinner -- the detective striking him in the head. he then reached through the open window and fired a second shot ich also struck the detective in the head. reporter: police say this man they have the answers they are looking for. as for the motive for this cold-blooded cop shooting.
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burying one of our own. reporter: at this point, police do not believe there was any connection between the driver that the detective pulled over and the shooter. investigators are looking into all positive -- all possible motives including an officer-involved shooting earlier in the day. reid: we are bringing home a victory against a team that t brady grew mike: he played in front of family and many friends there. he threw four more touchdown passes in their win over the san francisco 49ers. first two times the patriots touched the ball, they scored. brady, first toudown of the day, 6-0. watch brady fake left go right with a scrn pass.
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24-40 is how he finishes the day along with the four touchdowns. >> there were a lot of people out there waiting for me. it was very cool. it does not get better than that. to have the first ever chance to do that was very special. i felt it in pregame warm-up. reporter: back in warm -- back with more in sports. nichole: police are in for the driver that led them on a chase and then crashed into a home. nicole estaphan is live in northborough nicole: this all began as a police pursuit. it was called off before the accident. look at the damage left behind. the home is now boarded up. >> just shock. this is my neighbor's house. nicole: caught on camera, the
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through a brick walin northborough early sunday morning. >> i heard a loud bang. i came outside and noticed the car had gone into the house. nicole: an elderly couple and their daughter-in-law. >> we were awakened from my son yelling. we could not get out the front door. nicole: this is the aftermath of a driver trying to flee from police crashing after a tight turn. street without headlights. unless you know the corner, you are going to hit something. >> the door was taken off. the mailbox is damaged. nicole: they are thankful that the only damage was to property and not to people. police are still looking for to mend that mped out of the car and ran on foot. >> they were back there arguing.
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nicole: indeed they did and tonight, police are still looking for those two men. nichole: tomorrow morning, as to -- some students will head back to class to the bruce school in lawrence. students from third through fifth grade will go back to school tomorrow but kids from six grade through eighth grade will not havechool for another week. there was a fire. reid: trump continues to piece together his administration. he is wrapping up a weekend of long meeting at his golf club. there are indications he is looking outside of his immediate circle. like a well choreographed reality show, the auditions are in full swing. chris christie standing by for a photo op. he is no longer in charge of transition but hoping to stay in the inner circle.
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make any announcement today? >> we are going to have a great day. >> james mattis is a favorite contender. the former head of the u.s. central command. a warrior scholar known for his tough talk and aggressiveness in combat. he may not have been donald trump's first choice. jack keane tells abc newth but he declined for personal reasons. transition officials would not confirm the offer but said he was very interested. donald trump tweeted about the settlement involving trump university. the only thing -- the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i was unable to go through a winning trial regarding trump university. last week, the president-elect gave a thumbs up after meeting
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>> i can assure the american people that there would not be any wrongdoing or any sort of undue influence over any decision-making. reid: we have learned that the future first lady and their son are expected to stay in new york through next spring. they are hesitant to pull their son out of school in the middle of the year. nichole: mike pence is now giving his take on his hamilton ri friday and the cast gave him a short message following their performance. president-elect donald trump fired off several tweets accusing the cast of harassment. but mike pence offered a more conciliatory response. >> we heard a few boos and a few cheers and i nudged my kids and reminded them that that is what
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the stage and i was not offended. nichole: donald trump renewed his sentiments this morning calling the hit show -- overrated. >> a trip -- a trap on a ship. the trippy -- the tricky rescue. mike: wind and cold for
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reid: we went to show you this rescue at sea. caught on camera. a ship was sinking in buzzards bay. nichole: rhondella rhardson shows us this tricky rescue operation. rhondella: a helicopter crew
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call for help. this boat was taking on water. >> they hit a ledge. and started to take on water. rhondella: drifting and sinking quickly five miles off of it new bedford. the priority moved from salvage to rescue. five men and one woman were on board. >> when i left, the bow was just about undeth of scallops to cl in. >> -- two haul in. >> the captain seemed a little disoriented. >> other than some minor lacerations they are ok. >> they should not have been in that area. rhondella: the flooded boat
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it as close to shore as possible and pump it out. the crew is now at a local tel and they declined comment. >> there was not much talk. everyone was pretty somber on the bow. rhondella: the captain and crew are from north carolina and virginia. they tell me that they are very tired. they just want hot showers and clothing. reid: president obama is in peru tonight for summit and he held his final ne conference with the international press. he says he hopes t u.s. will continue to pursue global trade agreements but he says the world should brace itself two major shifts hpening in american politics. >> politics are a little of for grabs. some of the old alignments within both parties are being reshaped. reid: the president also briefly
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blood and are put was the first meeting between the two leaders since the election. nichole: just days before millions of americans are set for traveling for thanksgiving, a strike is planned at chicago o'hare airport. the exact plans will be announced tomorrow. the union includes target chandlers, janitors, and other workers fighting for a pay increase. they say they plan to disrupt service but not shut down the airport. reid: a popular brand of is issuing a recall for listeria concerns. sabra is issuing this. the fda says the products re manufactured before november 8 at a plant where listeria was found. listeria symptoms can include fever, muscle aches, stiffness, and stomach pain. you should throw these out. nichole: a lot of wind today and -- mike: 34 degrees right now.
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mike: this will not only be one of the coldest nights of the year but the wind will make things feel even colder. we have a winter weather advisory and warnings to our west. this is where we picked up our snow. this warning goes until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. the snow will keep going most of the day tomorrow. the winter weather advisory will only go until about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. i there may be a few slippery spots. there is a little bit of snow. we have not seen it for many months. here is the other story. westerly winds at 20 miles per hour. the wind chill index is at 20 degrees above zero. tomorrow morning it will be in the teens and in some places single digits. 15 wind chill in worcester.
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this is definitely a winter forecast. here is what we have going on. most of the snow has been -- has been confined to the two elevated areas. it is scraping off most of the moisture. that is why you are seeing some enhancement. even when it gets here, it will blow into the city. most of the weather watchers are reporting a little bit of 495. mostly in the grassy areas. it is really a fairly warm ground we are talking about. 2:00 a.m., the two bands setting up there. and there is the morning commute. this stays out here for most of the day while and that is why we will keep the winter weather warning all the way through tomorrow. check out these temperatures. into the 30's.
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but i am probably being optimistic. the wind will stay with us all day tomorrow. amateurs stay cool all this week and as far as no-fault, additional accumulation, 2-3 inches. the wind. they are at a howl. gusts at about 50 miles per hour. with temperatures like this and the winds doing -- they could gust up to 40 miles per hour down at the key. tomorrow will be a high impact whether day. temperatures into the 20's. the windchill index in the morning will look like this. teens and single-digit digits. as the day goes on, the clock will move but the temperatures will not move that much.
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tuesday, more breezy and more sunshine. wednesday is a big travel day. issues you could run into. snow across the upper midwest. rain in chicago and st. louis. if you are traveling to the central parts of the u.s., there may be some slow down. on things giving day, we may see a little bit of mixed year. a little bit of precipitatio coming in. if it is cold enough in the morning, we flakes and some drizzle. not much to it. rain showers in the afternoon. not looking at anything big. it is very unsettled on friday. saturday is your best chance to see some rain. nichole: tom brady returning home this afternoon. reid: he made a little bit of
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>> now, here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. mike: tom brady had a will of a homecoming this afternoon. starting with the rain and playing under a rainbow to close it. francisco 49ers. first possession, tom brady and julian edelman. touchdown. 6-0, patriots. next possession, patriots moved down the field. screen pass. 13-3, patriots on top. halftime, 13-10 game. fourth quarter, first play.
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and then, watch brady on the move. he finds malcolm mitchell in full stride. nothing better when you are a quarterback. heading in on the run. welcomes first nfl touchdown. the patriots win 30-17, brady, 280 yards. welcome home, tom. >> they have a great organization. they always have. they have inspired a lot of kids here in the bay area. them. i idolized him. joe montana and steve young. this was a pretty gate -- a pretty great day for me. mike: rain in santa clara and in los angeles. 10-0 lead for the rams but here, the miami dolphins that link back. watch the pile get pushed into the end zone.
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14-10, miami wins. they have won five in a row. state of florida. nascar championship. jimmie johnson somehow avoided this mess right here. and he was one that crossed the finish line first. he wins his seventh great nascar championship tying with dale earnhardt, richard petty, and he held off kyle busch and a host of others. nascar champion, 2016. high school thanksgiving. coming up on thursday. games are in the morning. some games will play wednesday night. we will recap all of those games. we have already selected. tune in to see if i am wearing the sweatshirt from your school. coming up, more from san


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