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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: a cool start but warm weather is on the way. a look at the rest of your weekend and the rain that's in the forecast. doug: a police officer shot and killed in virginia on her first full day on the job. the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. karen: these four men allegedly connected to a string of crimes. the mistake that led to their arrests. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody. sunday, february 28. i'm doug mee hand. karen: and i'm karen anderson in for antoinette antonio this morning and this little guy is why she is off this morning.
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she says everyone is healthy and feeling amazing. danielle, you even got to see them. danielle: i got to see them. they were such proud parents. little greyson is the cutest thing ever. i'm just saying. maybe i'm biased. let's talk about that weather though, shall we? this morning we're actually starting out on the mild side. in the upper 30's in boston. low 40's on nantucket. already this morning which means obviously as we go through the day today, temperatures are going to warm up. one of the reasons why is because we're going to have a pretty persistent wind out of the south and west. just an hour ago these winds were pretty gusty. right now we have wind gusts up to 22 miles per hour on block island. those winds are sustained anywhere from 10-15 to even 20 miles an hour through the day. that's going to allow these temperatures by lunchtime already to creep into the upper 40's, maybe even pushing 50 degrees in some spots. so it is a mild one, folks. enjoy it. with a mix of sun and clouds, this is your forecast.
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54 degrees in boston. it's going to be 56 in lawrence and 55 degrees in nashua. so it is a warm start. a couple of showers pushing off into the atlantic ocean. some clouds around though this morning. we're going to see more sunshine breakthrough those clouds as we head through the afternoon. then we're watching a system which is actually out here. it doesn't look like all that much here but it is an area of low pressure. it will bring us a shot of some rain showers. we'll talk about when coming up. doug. doug: danielle, thank you. right now law enforcement mourning the loss of a fallen officer. karen: she was killed in a shooting just south of washington k.c. the eyeopener's frank holland is tracking the new developments frank? frank: that officer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. more than 100 patrol cars lined the roads outside inova fairfax hospital early sunday morning to stand vigil and provide escort to the medical examiner for the body of a slain prince william county police officer. william county police say
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and killed saturday responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers were also shot and taken to the hospital. their conditions are not known. police say guindon had been sworn in as an officer on friday and was on first shift saturday when she was shot. prince william county commonwealth attorney paul ebert says he has authorized a capital murder charge, along with other counts, against the suspect, who is a military serviceman. he has not been identified. he's expected to be arraigned tomorrow. karen. karen: thank you, frank. right now a pepperell teen is under arrest, accused of stabbing a 19-year-old man multiple times. house party in dunstable. the victim was flown to beth israel in boston where he underwent emergency surgery. fled the scene before he was arrested. he is expected in court and battery with a dangerous weapon. under arrest in connection with bedford. our juli mcdonald has more on the evidence that police say could tie these suspects to a .
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road. it all started just before noon friday. this black jeep pulled up with four men inside. >> the gentlemen got out, made an entry through the window. owned the front door. two other gentlemen got out of the car and entered the home. practically across from the police station. minutes. these arrested these four men from quincy in boston but this case was far from over. inside the car police found a notebook that could link them to more than a dozen other crimes throughout new england addresses to several homes in different communities. when we started seeing those communities they were connected. reporter: the suspects had tools
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karen: commitment 2016, and a crucial victory for hillary clinton in the south carolina democratic primary. overwhelming support from black voters key as she defeated bernie sanders by a wide margin. clinton gaining delegates and momentum. bernie sanders insisting the nomination process is far from over. the senator whose only victory says his campaign is just beginning. >> big win here in south carolina likely means a big win in those southern states on super tuesday. bernie sanders can continue to win some states but if he doesn't win decisively, it will be nearly impossible for him to catch up. karen: both candidates are looking ahead to the remaining races. all of the presidential hopefuls will be out on the trail today with campaign stops in several key states. massachusetts among those states and hillary clinton getting some
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ed markey. along with the american federation of teachers, he led a group of volunteers and supporters in lynn yesterday, knocking on doors and stumping for clinton. both clinton and sanders will be in massachusetts tomorrow. she has stops planned in springfield and boston. sanders also has a boston rally doug: on the republican sides, rivals ted cruz and marco rubio frontrunner donald trump and targeting his reluctance to release tax information. summaries of their tax returns last night. cruz speculating that trump exaggerations about his wealth or the support of left-leaning groups. trump says he has not released being audited and will do so once the process is complete. investor warren buffett says the united states's economy is in presidential candidates make it seem. letter to berkshire hathaway shareholders yesterday. the billionaire investor writing
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country today will live better than their parents. he notes that the country needs to make sure it has a solid safety net to help people who lose jobs. buffett, by the way, is backing hillary clinton. karen: stop & shop union employees are reporting to work today. the united food and commercial workers union contract with the supermarket chain expired at midnight, and a strike was expected today. but the union that represents stop & shop workers in connecticut decided to stay at the bargaining table and continue to negotiate. a company spokesman says they are confident a deal can be reached in a timely manner. doug: right now confusion in maynard over a vital resource. residents are being told there's a high level of some chemicals in the water supply, but town leaders say it's not an urgent threat. newscenter 5's pam cross explains why residents are concerned. >> the drinking water in maynard is safe to drink. pam: maynard town leaders say t.t.h.m.'s were detected in one of four water samples in
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they're working with the state. >> we got that information sometime in january. we have 90 days to come up with a remediation plan. pam: the state said the town had ten days to notify residents. they posted a message on the maynard web site friday and sent notices which should arrive this week. >> we're very upset. reporter: nate marky and his wife laura who are expecting their baby in babies saw a link to. it states pregnant women and women of child-bearing age may be more at risk to the effects of t.t.h.m.'s overtime. >> there's been correlations to bladder cancer, over long-term consumption of water that has elevated t.t.h.m.'s, miscarriage in the first try mess ster, stillborn birth. some birth defects. pam: the standards is 08 parts ber billion. in maynard it was 89. in other parts of the world 100. but the couple wishes they knew about it earlier when the elevated levels were first detected. >> my wife is due on monday so
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that changes how it affects us. we have to hope for the best and impact. pam: the town used to revert a 911 call system to notify residents and businesses. maynard will begin flushing water lines to get rid of the organic build-up. they also plan to conduct their own water tests on monday. i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: pam, thank you. it's 5. 09 on this sunday morning. hackers targeting a large karen: the data breach that people. three middle school girls in florida are charged with trying to poison their teacher. what they allegedly put in her drink. and an outbreak of the mumps hits a local college campus. the warning and the potentially lucky break for students. danielle: mild air on the way in but along with it a chance of some showers. i'll have a timeline on the
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karen: to your health this morning.
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concerns about mumps on campus. frank: school officials are warning students of a mumps outbreak at saint anselm college in manchester, new hampshire. there are two confirmed cases and three pending. all of them are players on the men's hockey team. symptoms of the virus include fever, severe headache, sore throat, and vomiting. while nearly all college students are vaccinated for mumps, the vaccine is only 88% effective so it's still possible to get sick. any future cases are expected to be mild, but doctors want to be proactive to protect those who are more vulnerable on campus. >> we do want to prevent this from spreading to other individuals who may not being totally immune, people who may not be able to get the vaccine. that includes pregnant women or people compromised which can result in more serious infection. frank: some good news. saint a's students are now off campus for spring break. typically the mumps incubation is 25 days, so the school is in that window now which does help
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karen: danielle. doug: aunt danielle. danielle: antoinette's baby was born during the "eyeopener" yesterday. doug: an early riser. danielle: you have to love this weather. it's going to be mild in the 50's. yesterday it said 40 degrees. doug: what were we saying about march or is that april? danielle: that's march. in like a lamb out like a lion. there is a little bit of a lion in this march forecast. i want to talk about snow because you're saying where is the snow, right? so far this year only 25.4 inches of snow. our normal pace is about 33.7 inches. and you remember last year. 102 inches we had at this point. we also had the snowiest ever on record in february. now we have a dry forecast in store for today. but there will be a low chance of some rain showers on monday. and then again tuesday night into wednesday. and this period of rain on wednesday wouldn't be a heavy, steady rain but at the tail end of it, we could have some snow
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north and west you live. we'll talk more about that in just a second. first that rain on monday coming from this area of low pressure you see in this cold front here. it is going to bring in cooler airy vent ally but i say cooler because we're still going to be in the 50's both monday and even into tuesday. right now just a couple of clouds around it. mostly cloudy out there. we will see breaks of sunshine as we head through the afternoon. temperaturewise, low 30's in worcester. but upper 30's already in boston. 41 degrees on nantucket. so it is a mild start for us. we have a reason for it. these winds are from the south and west anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour sustained. that's a warming wind. however, it is going to be breezy through the afternoon. it also creates a little bit of a wind chill so when you step outside the door it still feels like the 20's in most locations so southwest winds all day long. notice though seeing more sunshine as we go deeper into the afternoon. we're talking about 54 degrees in boston potentially today.
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52 worcester. 54 even in taunton. so it is a mild day. then tonight we're going to drop back into the upper 30's and 40's so a very mild night in store with partly cloudy skies. and then tomorrow it will turn mostly cloudy. there is going to be a chance for a passing shower or two, i think, mid morning through early afternoon from this approaching cold front. notice we stay in the 50's in most locations. the only exception with this will be the interior. you might get cooler from this cold front. let me talk about that. here we go. monday morning 8:00. here is that cold front. notice a couple showers already breaking out in southern vermont in the berkshires. by about 11:00 breaking out in and around the worcester area. there could be some around boston say, about 1:00 or so. then this secondary cold front is going to come through monday night into first thing tuesday. what that will do is bring down cooler air out ahead of our next system you see here out to the west. it's an area of low pressure. a lot of rain with this one. it will bring us soaking maybe a
5:17 am
locations. so let's show you that on the future cast, shall we? on wednesday this is the day for it. it looks like it could start off as early as tuesday night overnight into first thing wednesday morning but really it's one area of low pressure followed by a second one. but as the second one comes by, it is going to bring down that colder air so we could see some snow. not looking for much, if anything, just a coating. however, i want to turn your attention to the weekend because as we get towards friday and saturday we are watching the potential coastal storm. if this were to come to fruition, it would be cold enough for it to be snow and potentially for some accumulating snow especially for southeastern mass and the south coast. we're going to have to watch this one really carefully. one model doesn't even have it. again it's still seven days out. hey, it's not just over just yet, winter is not. karen: we're still hoping.
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stories we're following right now. doug: three middle school girls in florida are now charged with trying to poison their teacher. police say one of the girls distracted the teacher while the other two put crushed red pepper in her soda. after taking a drink, the teacher began choking and experienced shortness of breath. police say the 12-year-olds were angry because one of them was disciplined by that teacher. karen: a cyber attack at the university of california, berkeley. the school says a hacker broke into a computer system storing financial data of 80,000 students, alumni, and employees. the university says there's no has been stolen. potential victims have been notified though, so they can watch for signs of possible misuse of their personal data. doug: the cannon mountain tramway is running again after 48 people were stranded about 40 feet in the air when the tram broke down on valentine's day. state inspectors say the malfunction that caused the breakdown is fixed and the tram is safe to ride.
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yesterday. karen: more than a hundred pythons like these have now been caught in the florida everglades as part of the state's annual python challenge. the snake hunt drew more than a thousand people this year. the goal is to reduce the burmese python population in the everglades where the snakes are an invasive species. the largest python caught this year was 15 feet long, weighing in at 125 pounds. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: good morning, everyone. the celtics fighting for home court advantage and finally home court is an advantage. back in january, the celtics home record was a game under .500. now they've won ten straight at home. their win over miami yesterday gives them a two-game lead over the heat for third place in the eastern conference. marcus smart with the pass to evan turner. turner tying the game at 28. turner with 14 points and nine assists. here is his alley-oop to jae crowder. the celtics trail by three at the break though. stays close most of the rest of the way but the celtics gradually move forward.
5:20 am
good way. celtics led by 5. and at last tied the game 82-82. from there celtics 22-7. the dunk and the c's win 101-89. if you hear anyone telling you the bruins are in tampa bay they're not. if they were in tampa bay, they'd be all wet. they're in tamp playing tampa bay later tonight. that's sports. doug: tampa bay separates tampa and st. petersburg and clear water. geographic lesson in the morning. speaking of geographics it's a west coast trend come high school senior portraits with a fashion forward edge. chronicle's shayna seymour introduces us to photographer mallory parkington who is bringing the glam to portsmouth, new hampshire. >> there's a huge market right now for this age group. and out west out in california, texas, it's huge. there are girls that really want to have this super model experience.
5:21 am
make-up, and of course. >> i love this look together. this came from the warehouse downstairs. with these shoes and look at this. this is gorgeous. shayna: mall ore and her team fran chess a on hair, kristin on make-up are working to bring this concept to the east coast. michaela is thrilled to step up her senior pik. >> i think this is amazing. i've never had like full make-up and hair and everything done before and then getting to pick out clothes. it's all just so fun for me. shayna: while upcoming high school seniors are mall ore's key, other women are quick to seek out the cover girl experience. >> the other market is the 30, 40 and sometimes 50, 60-year-olds that are coming in. they just want to capture their beauty. they're older. they love themselves, as they should, and some of them actually come in and don't even love themselves.
5:22 am
we're trying to make them feel, you know, beautiful. shayna: mall ore strongly believes everyone should feel beautiful at least for a day. >> it wasn't until i had my daughter that i was like, yeah, i am beautiful. maybe it comes with age and a lot of people will say that. but looking beautiful and feeling beautiful, that means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. and for girls that i'm photographing, they really are looking for that beauty moment and that's what i'm trying to provide for them. everyone has an inner model inside. you know, sometimes it takes the hair and the make-up to really bring it out. and show them from the back of the camera, look at this. this is you. you're beautiful. karen: beautiful by nature. that's the catch phrase. that's the catch phrase on turks and caicos. ted reinstein hits the island fish fry, samples some ripsaw, and hangs with the local iguanas. plus can he conquer the kiteboard? traveling to turks and caicos
5:23 am
i wish i had that say signment. doug: i want to go back to the high school picture thing. when did it become this big extravaganza. we used to sit in front of a gray screen. that was it. you're out and done. next. pushing through. we're all done in a half-hour. it's an all-day event. karen: bring yours next weekend. karen: a new and popular addition to a tennis tournament. doug: the extra help these shelter dogs are providing on the court. and also ahead, another oscar controversy. this one found inside those swank and expensive swag bags. how the gift has become an international debate. karen: we're looking at live pictures on a clear morning. this is looking over the city. if you're just waking up and if
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>> the month of february has been a warm one. the whole winter months, december, january, february, tied for number two right now. going for number one. yesterday was 39 degrees. we were below average but today and tomorrow, we're going to be running above average. in fact, 50-degree days this winter on average, we had about 12. this year we had 33 in boston. last year only nine although february was one of the coldest months on record.
5:27 am
of days, 55 on monday, even 50 on tuesday. in the upper 40's on wednesday. so running well above where they should be. doug? doug: danielle, did you see this? yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. frida, mel, isabelle, and costela-- four shelter dogs rescued around sao paulo, brazil-- were trained as "ball dogs" for the brazil open tournament. their job? retrieve balls that went out of bounds, but they didn't like the "giving back" part of the job as much. they will be taking part in the awards ceremony today. you can sit there and watch that all day. makes you feel good. face with the mayor over racial tensions at a prestigious boston karen: the outcome and what is expected to happen next. and federal investigators looking for answers after a small plane crash at plymouth airport. frightening moments that led to the crash. doug: let's go outside to the zakim bridge. it's cool out there. 39 degrees but we're off like 20 degrees from yesterday.
5:28 am
we'll take that. danielle has your forecast for
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: get ready for a warm-up but there's a catch. my timeline for some rain and the snow that's a possibility by the end of the week. karen: the investigation into a small plane crash in plymouth. the injuries and what the pilot was doing just before the crash. doug: and the new controversy swirling around the oscars just hours before show time.
5:31 am
good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody. happy sunday morning. it's your easter egg team. look at us. we're wearing our easter best here. my goodness. aren't we colorful. danielle: it's getting closer, you know. i like to say that. it feels like spring as you head out today. we'll be in the 50's which is not where we should be this time of year. only in the 40's. low 40s right now. in jaffrey and concord, new hampshire. but we are already at 41 degrees on nantucket. 39 on the vineyard this morning. so you folks down along the south coast, southeastern mass really warming up. and through the afternoon, you are going to warm up into the mid 40's. i think a few of you could hit the upper 40's, maybe even 50 degrees. looking at sunshine for you folks down there as well. now for everybody up through the merrimack valley, your temperatures are going to warm
5:32 am
into the low to even mid 50's. more clouds around in your forecast at least until the later half of the day. but still not a bad-looking forecast overall. one reason why we're warm. strong winds out of the south and west anywhere from 10 to 15 to 20 miles an hour. they're going to stay this way through the day today. so just be aware of that. but low to mid 50's pretty much for everyone. en joil it. we have a mix of clouds out there and then some breaks in the cloud deck. we will see some sunshine once that sun does come up. we are watching an area of low pressure out here to the west. going to bring us some rain. we'll talk about that and the potential for snow later on this week. karen? karen: thanks, danielle. stories we're following right now. tragedy in virginia. a female police officer has been shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. officer ashley guindon had just been sworn in friday and was
5:33 am
job. two other officers were also injured in the shooting. a suspect is in custody. doug: right now, four men are under arrest in connection with a home invasion in bedford. the men charged with breaking and entering, and destroying property. police say they also found a notebook they had with a list of other addresses throughout new england. that evidence suggesting they could be connected to a series of other break-ins. karen: hillary clinton gaining a crucial victor in the south carolina democratic primary, defeating bernie sanders by a wide margin. both candidates now looking ahead to super tuesday. both will be campaigning here tomorrow, with stops planned in boston. doug: right now, federal investigators looking for answers after a small plane crash at plymouth airport. the pilot at a boston hospital this morning. that plane coming to rest upside down. the eyeopener's frank holland is here to tell us how it happened. frank? frank: doug, witnesses descibing the frightening moments just before this plane crashed at the plymouth airport. they say the pilot was the only person onboard this fixed-wing plane.
5:34 am
when something went wrong. the plane landing top down on a grassy area just feet from the runway. the pilot seriously injured, med-flighted to brigham and women's hospital. witnesses say he appeared to have some type of head trauma. >> the wing hit the ground and then he nose dived. he cartwheeled a few times and then landed right on his back. frank: f.a.a. investigators spent several hours sifting through the wreck to try and figure out what caused the crash. the scene has been cleared. doug: another incident involving a small plane at a local airport. this one in chatham where a plane made a belly landing on the runway. the landing gear never deployed. the pilot and a passenger uninjured. karen: right now state police are investigating a deadly crash on 495 in norton. investigators say the driver of a toyota tacoma lost control in the northbound lanes, crossed the median, and hit a toyota yaris head on. the driver of that yaris was
5:35 am
life-threatening injuries. the tacoma driver, a 41-year-old man from mashpee, was taken to a rhode island hospital. their names have not yet been released. right now state police are asking for the public's help to find a blue pick-up truck connected to this deadly crash in somerset. that pick-up was carrying file cabinets in its bed friday morning. at least one of them fell off. the victim in this crash swerved to avoid a file cabinet and lost control of his s.u.v. he was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses reported seeing a blue pick-up truck stop on the side of the road near exit 3 shortly after the accident. doug: right now police are searching for a missing man in waltham. 66-year-old leonard quirk was last seen leaving his home on moody street the night of february 16. authorities say he was walking toward the charles river. quirk is around 5'6" and was last seen wearing jeans, a green coat, and a blue red sox hat. anyone with information is asked to call police. new bedford police are
5:36 am
aboard a fishing boat. news of the death coming just a day after federal agents raided carlos rafael's fishing fleet charging him with conspiracy and falsifying records. the man, whose name has not yet been released, was found dead while the vessel was at sea. police say an overdose is to blame. karen: a lawrence man is under arrest this morning charged with heroin trafficking. this is what they seized-- 300 grams of fentanyl laced with heroin worth $20,000. fernandez will be arraigned tomorrow at haverhill district court. haverhill police, along with several other drug agencies, arrested 22-year-old christopher graciano-fernandez of lawrence in a mcdonald's parking lot yesterday. doug: a special saturday meeting focusing on accusations of
5:37 am
newscenter 5's sera congi was there as mayor walsh and community leaders talked about the tensions coming to light. sera: mayor marty walsh meeting with community leaders this morning about the allegations of racism at boston latin. the closed-door discussion held at the urban league in roxbury lasted about an hour-and.a.-half. darnell williams: it was very productive. it was very positive. it was a deep dive in terms of the issues. sera: some students at boston latin revealed alleged acts of racism within the school. a department investigation found administrators did not properly handle one of several incidents. darnell williams: we also recognize-- and it was acknowledged in the meeting-- that the district as well as b.l.s. is ill equipped to handle these race issues in our city. sera: the head master at boston latin has apologized and pledged to do more, but she vows to keep her post despite continued calls for her resignation. darnell williams: we believe that it's still paramount that the removal of the head master of boston latin school is still on the table and is still being actively advanced. sera: in a letter, some local civil rights groups have formally asked u.s. attorney carmen ortiz to open an investigation. her office is reportedly reviewing the complaints. community leaders say the
5:38 am
a review. after the meeting, mayor walsh deferred comment to urban league leaders. darnell williams: do we have issues? yes, we have issues but i think that what we're showing is leadership and spiritual and and moral guidance that we're going to get this thing fixed. sera: the group plans to meet weeks. in roxbury, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. a key figure in the george w. bush administration weighs in on donald trump's command of the former bush chief of staff andy card says trump is hitting the right note with many voters. andy card: he's kind of telling it like it is. where we're not happy, things are frustrating. so i'm excited by donald trump but a little afraid of him because i don't see how he can deliver on what he is promising. karen: card also explains why governors may make better presidents than c.e.o.'s.
5:39 am
11:00 right here on channel 5. doug: a new effort is underway to end a deep-seated problem on airplanes. karen: one senator says the seats are gradually getting smaller. his call to get passengers a much needed break. doug: they give police and doctors a view like no other. tiny scopes packing big power, and they're made in mass. frank: a new controversy surrounding the oscars. this time it's about a pricey gift inside the swag bags. the luxury five-star trip that's causing an international debate and the calls for a boycott. danielle: warm and breezy today but i'm tracking a chance for rain.
5:40 am
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frank: doug and karen, hollywood's biggest night is now dealing with two big controversies. the latest has the oscars in the middle of a middle east conflict. as if being a hollywood a-lister wasn't enough of a prize, this year's top nominees will pick up an oscar swag bag worth $200,000. >> guys, listen, everybody's
5:43 am
including a $900 toilet paper dispenser, $300 of personalized m&ms, $3 chapstick, and the most expensive gift in the bag? >> surprise! frank: a $55,000 10-day all-expenses-paid trip to israel from the country's ministry of tourism. >> we're going to tell this story. we're going to tell it right. frank: all 25 of the acting and directing nominees and host chris rock will get the unofficial oscars gift. >> wooo, in your face neil armstrong. frank: israel hopes to boost the country's struggling tourism numbers by tapping into the stars' followers on social media. yariv levin, israel's minister of tourism: they will show how good it is here, how interesting it is here. frank: the israel trip is a new source of tension. omar barghouti, palestinian bds movement: we hope that a majority, a great majority of the nominees, will reject this israeli trip. frank: omar barghouti, who fronts the palestinian campaign to boycott and divest from
5:44 am
israel's propaganda. barghouti: we're asking hollywood figures as they did during the apartheid south africa era to not give their names for israel to whitewash its occupation and violation of human rights. yariv levin: i think that they're talking about the occupation or talking about boycotting israel because the current situation is something unfair. >> you should be careful. frank: a new chapter in the conflict lasting decades now moving from the west bank to the red carpet of hollywood. mark rylance, up for best supporting actor for "bridge of spies," is a supporter of palestinian causes. rylance says he won't accept any gift; but most other nominees have been silent about the swag bag and the controversy. and of course, you can watch it all right here tonight. coverage of the 88th academy awards starts at 7:00. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meteorologist
5:45 am
karen: you too have your own oscar party for a great cause. doug: we'll be down there on the red carpet. leading up the big event, the fund-raiser. it's going to be fun. karen: it will be fun. danielle: always for a good cause. doug: do you have your dress. danielle: i have my dress. i'm excited. you know what? it will be really nice for it too. temperatures are in the 50's. they're going to stay in the 40's by this evening so it is going to be mild in terms of february standards. you remember last year we had too much snow on the ground. it was really cold. 52 degrees is our high today. 55 for tomorrow. so even warmer tomorrow. 50 on tuesday and 49 on wednesday. so running about 10 degrees above where we should be this time of year. you can already see it. we're at 38 in boston. 37 plymouth as well as in lawrence. we're already mild this morning. the reason why is we have a very strong wind and it is out of the south and west today.
5:46 am
anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour so a bit of a breeze. a little bit of a wind chill this morning but later today won't be so bad we should see more sunshine as we get into the afternoon hours. notice by about 3:00 looking at mostly sunny skies in boston. for today, mid 50's around the area. 56 lawrence. 56 in lowell. 56 even in bedford. in fact, the next three days you notice we are mild on monday at 54 in bedford. 51 on tuesday and notice on monday, too, there is a chance for some showers. we're going to talk more about that in just a second. first for you folks live inning worcester county, looking at pretty warm conditions too. low 50's in most locations. 51 gardner. bury. and then down along the south shore we're looking pretty nice. 5 in in scituate. 52 plymouth. even 50 in new bedford and then on the cape and islands, you folks may stay in the upper 40's forecast. about. where is it coming from?
5:47 am
see here and this cold front, so it is going to come through tomorrow morning, i think, late morning into early afternoon. the timing on the showers, in fact, let me show you this on the future cast. here we go. notice by about 8:00 a couple showers in southern vermont, western mass and it moves on the interior from worcester county, metro west. maybe early afternoon for boston, the south shore and the cape and the islands. and then we have a reinforcing shot of some cold air from this cold front although it is dry. just bringing in some clouds on tuesday and also picking up those winds out of the north and west. here comes our next system you see here to the south. this was grabbing moisture from the gulf of mexico. we're going to see a period of heavy, steady rain beginning overnight tuesday. that lnt could again into wednesday. so let's talk more about that on wednesday because the timing of this one is pretty interesting. in fact, this area of low pressure gets here overnight and then a second one develops
5:48 am
so it it is mostly rain because it could end up as some snow especially the farther north and west you go. not looking for much in terms of accumulation. maybe an inch, maybe a dusting. if it does come over at all. as we head towards thursday and friday, we're watching a coastal storm. this is just one model. not all the models are picking up on this quite yet but i do want to tell you that winter may not be over. here comes this area of low pressure you see and temperatures will be cold enough to support snow. this will begin probably friday afternoon into saturday morning so this could potentially be a long-duration event if it were to occur. and because it's cold, it will be snow meaning that southeastern mass may get some accumulating snow, you know, it is welcoming in march. in like a lion out like a lamb. something like that. karen: i'll take the warm-up. doug: there were a lot of f's over there.
5:49 am
karen: time now is 5:48. some stories we're following right now. doug: a ku klux klan rally turns violent in california. between k-k-k demonstrators and counter-protesters in anaheim yesterday. officials say two k-k-k members were stomped on the ground three people were stabbed in the melee--and about 13 people arrested. karen: mourners are saying goodbye to six victims killed in family and friends released bright red and blue balloons from the parking lot of the car dealership where a father and son were shot and killed last week. fireworks also lighting up the sky as the crowd looked on four others were gunned down in a cracker barrel parking lot. doug: new york senator charles schumer wants to require the f.a.a. to establish seat-size standards for commercial airlines, which he says now force passengers to sit on planes "like sardines." new reports indicate that airlines have been slowly cutting down leg room and seat
5:50 am
he said he will add an amendment to the f.a.a. reauthorization bill that is pending before congress that would require the agency to set the seat-size guidelines. schumer plans to formally announce the proposal today. karen: your next trip to disney could cost you a little more. disney world will unveil new seasonal pricing today. the prices will be broken into three categories-- value, regular, and peak times meaning you'll be paying more over spring break and christmas time and get a discount during the slower months of september and october. the changes will not affect the cost of annual passes. doug: the celtics fighting for home-court advantage, and finally home court is an advantage. back in january, the celtics' home record was a game under .500. now, they've won 10 straight at home, and their win over miami yesterday gives them a two-game lead over the heat for third place in the eastern conference. turner with 14 points and nine assists. the c's beat the heat 101-89. karen: the denver broncos will reportedly be seeking out a new quarterback. "the denver post" is reporting that peyton manning will announce his decision to retire
5:51 am
manning, who turns 40 next month, will be ending his career on a superbowl victory. doug: when public safety or someone's health is on the line, you need to use every tool. a sturbridge company is helping with a tiny scope that has extraordinary vision, made right here in mass. paul joyce: at 20 normal, you would never see any of these lines. doug: getting up close and personal with andrew jackson is pretty cool, but the technology being developed and the products that are made here is serious paul joyce: our focus is optics. our focus is visualization. doug: paul joyce is c.e.o. of optim, the sturbridge company making products that essentially allow people to see where the human eye can't go. these precise scopes are used by detect disease and by security professionals all over the world to fight crime. paul joyce: we have a shipment of scopes that are going to actually the saudi royal guard. doug: their patented l.e.d.
5:52 am
illuminate the smallest of spaces with the brightest of light possible so that tiny video cameras can detect hidden criminal activity. so far optim scopes have helped locate hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, illegal drugs, and other contraband; and the emails are pouring in from those using them on the front lines. paul joyce: we just got one last week with a really cute picture of a dog sitting next to a whole pile of cocaine that was found in a car with our scopes. doug: you can find an optim scope at every u.s. border crossing in the country, a fact and a responsibility not lost on those who work here. optim has taken its 40 years of experience and developed a third business element. they produce very precise components for other companies mostly medical. an example? perhaps you've heard of philips. optim actually makes the tubes for all of their cardiac imaging systems. happening right out there in sturbridge. karen: i love your made in mass series. doug: it's fun.
5:53 am
companies and these people really dedicated to their craft. in this case, it's intricate detail in these little scopes. it's awesome. karen: nice job. doug: thank you. speaking of jobs some college student study business or engineering karen: or history maybe english but one local university is the minor it's offering in beer making. doug: look at this. 5:3. and we've got some glimpses of sun already on this sunday morning. beautiful shot out there this morning. does anybody know what we're looking at. karen: winthrop. doug: maybe boston harbor light maybe. we'll find out when we come
5:54 am
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. i want to talk about our next rain chance which is actually coming on monday prosecute this cold front you see here. it looks like it will hit between mid morning into early afternoon and really it's just this new hit-or-miss shower. notice them on the map there about 12:00 or so. 4:00 the cold front is clearing. the region may have a shower from the south shore, cape and the islands. otherwise we are clearing out at this point. i do want to talk about tuesday because temperatures will start off on the cooler side, but they will begin to warm up as we head through the afternoon. we should be back into the upper 40's and low 50's. doug and karen. karen: thanks, danielle. saying that you "studied beer" in college used to be a joke,
5:57 am
for the first time the university of new hampshire is offering students a minor in brewing. the school says these studies will help graduates get jobs producing craft beer, which is a growing industry right now. in new hampshire alone, there are more than 50 breweries. the university is also creating a testing lab and plant which will open early next year. very popular, of course, on campus. karen: i think there's a waiting list. doug: here's something not too funny on the college campus. mumps hits a local college campus. karen: how some good timing could help contain the spread. and a victory for hillary clinton in south carolina. what the pundits are saying about her prospects for super tuesday. t my computer's dying again. p you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. tor, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right.
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: a breezy start but warm weather is on the way. a look at the rest of your weekend and the rain that's in the forecast. doug: a police officer shot and killed in virginia on her first full day on the job. the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. karen: these four men allegedly connected to a string of crimes. the mistake that led to their arrests. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader.


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