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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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after that, they could try to go for parole every five years. ed: there is breaking news from canton. live sky 5 of the scene of a serious car crash on route 93 southbound. it is friday evening , and as we pull out you can see one lane of traffic is getting by. an active investigation is still underway. one lane is clear, one alleyway provided for, but most of the highway is shut down. that traffic will build up again, again route 93 in canton. heather: there is also news in the race for president. republican front-runner donald trump picking up the endorsement of a former rival, new jersey governor chris christie. ed: newscenter 5'
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stephanos is here with reaction. >> this was a surprise. he did it during his speech and taxes. >> is rewriting the playbook of american politics by providing strong leadership not dependent on the status quo. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night is undoubtedly donald trump. >> that endorsement coming before super tuesday, when 11 states head to the polls. chris christie has been highly critical of trial during the campaign, but did cite their decade-long friendship, saying that he knows from personal experience that donald trump is the man he says who will give the word to the american people. heather: a new poll is finding the democrats in a tight race. hillary clinton as ahead of
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today, clinton concentrated on south carolina, where the democratic primary will be held tomorrow. latest polls give her a comfortable lead sanders. ed: the vermont senator appeared in minnesota. once again stressing issues of called establishment politics. look at the boston skyline is the weekend gets underway. a sunny day, but colder. that windshield adding to the bite. ed: it gets your attention. >> here are the current temperatures. 20' s and 30' s. we do have that wind is sitting out there. look at the temperature change. boston, 17 degrees colder.
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winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. you put those numbers together, and here' s what it feels like, 23 degrees in boston, 17 in worcester. these numbers have not changed at all today. we will start the week in that way, clear skies, cold temperatures, but wait until you see the warm-up i have in store. ed: were learning more about the driver of an suv who lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a west bridgewater home. the damage to that home, extensive. heather: and now we' re learning about a lengthy driving record. jorge quiroga is live in west bridgewater with new information. jorge: that record may be six pages long. construction crews were here all day repairing the front of this house. police say the suv was airborne when it smashed through the
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a person was still asleep in a rear bedroom, the impact nearly tossing her out of bed. the driver ended up and under the vehicle. firefighters had to use an airbag to lift the suv and set him free. >> she was in bed and scared to death. you have a car that flies 30 feet through the air and smashes through the front of your house, i imagine it makes quite a noise. bomb went off. speeding and other factors like distracted driving may have caused this crash. the driver faces some serious charges. ed: sky 5 over a deadly car crash on route-195 in somerset. according to police the driver , swerved to avoid debris in the right lane and the car rolled over. the driver was a 55-year-old man from fall river. lanes were closed on 195-westbound for several hours.
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shooting spree in kansas. ed: the gunman was served with restraining straining order 90 minutes before the attack. cedric ford was an employee at exel industries where the shootings happened. three people killed, 15 hurt, many with critical injuries. it could have been worse if the police chief had not chased down and shot forward. >> -- ford. >> that officer is the hero out of all of this. there were 200 more people in the building while this was going on. this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stop shooting was because that officer stopped the shooter. ed: ford does not appear to have terror ties. he does have convictions in kansas and florida. heather: the maynard fire department is firing a veteran
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a child. they say he assaulted a boy and knew that boy. he was ordered to pay $15,000 cash in order to wear a bracelet. this man accused of robbing people with a kitchen knife. police say that man has gone after two people. ed: the incidence happened in the middle of the day. the suspect is missing teeth. anyone who recognizes him should contact boston police. heather: the weymouth man charged with drunk driving when he allegedly struck a pedestrian had already been ordered to surrender his license. thomas mohan was arraigned from his hospital bed wednesday. he was unable to stand during a sobriety test following tuesday' s crash. the registry of motor vehicles says mohan was ordered to surrender his drivers license by march 4 for another crash in
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carmen ortiz and civil rights leader meeting scheduled for tomorrow. ed: racial tension in boston latin. she said she will stay on the job and work to improve the environment. there have been calls for her resignation. students a she ignored their the schools. "there is no one more committed to improving the learning environment here at boston latin school than i am. the city investigation from the school acted appropriately in the vast majority of those incidents. ." heather: producers of the mark wahlberg project focused on the marathon bombings want to film at umass dartmouth. location scouts for patriots day have asked the university for permission but school officials , want to talk to students and other stakeholders before making a decision. convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev was a sophomore when he and his brother set off two explosions at the race finish line, killing three and injuring more than 260 others. he returned to campus shortly
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ed: in iran today, long lines at polls as voters make critical choices. the vote will shape the nation' s parliament and assembly of experts. the election pits reformers who want closer ties with the west, against hardliners who don' t. this is the first vote in iran since a landmark nuclear deal with a coalition of nations. the u.s. military is launching a new effort in the fight against isis. that includes stepping up cyber attacks against the group. they' re targeting the militants' ability to use social media and the internet to recruit fights and inspire followers. other attacks could also include attempts to stop insurgents from conducting financial or logistical transactions online. heather: apple is asking a judge to vacate the order forcing the company to help the fbi unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino terror suspects. in court documents, apple says the fbi is seeking dangerous power that could have disastrous consequences for digital privacy. the company says code to unlock the phone is a form of protected speech, protected by the constitution.
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ed: newport, massive fire is under investigation. rhode island an historic mansion destroyed after flames ripped through the bellevue avenue home. stonor lodge a nine bedroom, 11-bath home was under construction. the mansion is estimated to be worth it sits right in the $3 million. historic section of the city filled with mansions that are popular with visitors. heather: new legal maneuverings in the bill cosby case. the entertainer has dropped a defamation lawsuit against one of his sexual assault accusers. cosby' s lawyers say he can' t fully participate in court proceedings against model beverly johnson because of the criminal case against him in pennsylvania. his legal team says they' ll refile the suit against johnson at a later date. ed: rescue at the bottom of the world. dozens on board a grounded icebreaker off antarctica are safe tonight. that ship broke free of its moorings and got caught-up on some rocks during a blizzard. 68-passengers and crew were taking part in an expedition out of australia. about half were taken to land, the rest remained on board.
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and undergoing a complete inspection. heather: time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. ed: we' ll show you a dicey landing for a cargo jet in the south seas. the nose gear failing to come down. what the pilot did to get the plane down. heather: on newscenter 5 at 6:00 newlyweds who escaped a car , fire on their way to the church get an incredible wedding gift. ed: new at 7:00 what looks like , a child' s toy is actually cutting edge imaging technology. the local invention helping first responders searching through rubble or secure a scene. >> warmer air building to our west. it would take a while to get here. when it does, it arrives with a price, rain. heather: we are following breaking news. the sentencing of philip chism. the judge giving him 40-years, but with the possibility of
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announcer: you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. ed: we are over the scene of a serious accident. the problem is the backup. were showing the backup. the other side of the highway is moving fine, but this moves on and back.
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look at that. one lane is getting by. amid flight helicopter has been called to the scene to take one victim to the hospital, and the active investigation goes on. the traffic in the foreground is going ok, but getting out of town is having difficulty. we just hit the update button. let' s check drive times. a lot of red in the area, 34 minutes to route three. 34 same thing, upper deck. hike, 20 minutes -- pike, 20 minutes. half hour to 495. 45 to 290, 7 minute ride. the sunrise will make it interesting.
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gusty wind bringing february back to february. i can tell you firsthand. i was in downtown boston. it was biting. it' s gorgeous. the sun was out, blue skies. >> this is the wind speed today. airport. s why it feel so cold. are in. that big storm that gave us all that wind and rain, but don' t worry too much about it. this will only be around tonight, tomorrow, and then mild forecast. you will love sunday. right now, looks good until you step out into it, 36. northwest wind at 29, gusting to 40 miles per hour. zero.
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some time. here are the current temperatures. middleton 35. rockport 35. low 34. wister 28. haven' t -- worcester 28 degrees. most of the south shore in the 30' s. bridgewater 36. braintree 36. plymouth 36. most of the cave below the 40 degree mark. the ocean water is 40. -- most of the cape below the 40 degree mark. the ocean water is 40. now it' s coming from the northwest with cooler air. the wind will diminish a little bit. it feels like 17 and worcester. boston feels like 23. the cape 30 degrees.
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windchill index tomorrow, cold, teens, breeze down, but you combine the two and feels like 17 and boston and marshfield. cold start, then we warm things up as the day goes on. the windchill index will improve, but not comfortable. you have to wait until sunday for that to happen. clear and cold tonight, diminishing wind, air temperatures between 12-18 tonight. northwesterly wind at 10-15. tomorrow, sunny, chilly breeze come about as warm as today, 36-40, but the wind going and a 10-20. the cool air in tomorrow, then this high pressure system to the south to as addressed eastern, we get that southwesterly flow on the backside of it. we got the wind out of the southwest as we, we warmed up
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tomorrow, 38, but sunday is 52, a quick turnaround there. clouds on sunday , sunshine on saturday. monday, spot showers, but it' s rain. to be honest, the system is dragging most energy to the north, so just a few scattered showers, certainly not array now. behind it, dropping a couple of degrees. next chance for rain on wednesday, a little more punch and a little more rain. plan on this in-between half an wednesday. behind it, the temperatures cool supposed to be this time of year s. tomorrow, chilly side, then warm up sunday, and scattered showers on monday. hoping monday will be a halfway decent day across the area.
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ed: researchers say obesity has a negative impact on the part of the brain involved in decision, learning. heather: there' s a warning for parents the outbreak of super lice is in 25 states , and that does not include massachusetts. it is resistant to most chemical treatments. you have to get in there and pick the lice out of your children' s hair. ed: a new treatment for migraine headaches is freezing the pain away. doctors use a device that delivers a targeted burst of cold so intense that it deadens the nerves that contribute to migraines. it forces nitrous oxide into a needle shaped two. one doctor claims his patients claim an average of six weeks without pain.
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ready for oscar. and it' s not just about the stars. ed: the last minute preps for the hollywood' s big event. a sneak peak at what to expect. as we go to break, let' s take a check of the numbers on wall
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ed: changes are underway for the
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heather: now they are cast in bronze before it is dipped in 24 carat gold. they have been made by the same company for 30 years. the stage is getting a fresh look. it is glittering and gold and dazzling with crystals. >> my biggest inspiration was 1970' s glam. and the theme this year is everyone dreams and gold. heather: they will mix up the order and are promising other surprises. the one thing that has not changed you can still watch it , all right here this sunday night coverage of the 88th academy awards starts at 7:00. ed: everybody has their oscar pools lining up. heather: jetblue offering flights to orlando and fort lauderdale. numbers show the flights are 85%
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the subsidies that helped jetblue ran out last year. they hope to remain for the long haul. there were some concerns if demand for service would dip, but apparently it is not happen. ed: their contract with a supermarket chain expires saturday at midnight. the united food and commercial workers say the two sides are far apart on key issues. the unions will vote on new contracts this weekend with strikes possible as early as sunday if rejected. heather: subway says it' antibiotic free chicken. out rivals become the first in all stores. chicken sandwich will be available next week. mcdonald' s made a similar move a year ago, but is still working on implementation. have committed in recent years
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eat well for less. only at my stop & shop. >> you are looking live in traffic. 93 south back that. there is an accident in canton.
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if you' re expecting anyone to come home that needs to use that, it' ll be quite some time before they get home. newscenter 5 is staying on the air. one lane getting through, traffic time, but for him intense. a tiny unicorn on the loose in california. heather: this is no fairy tale. this is it. she is juliet. her fake or in makes dreams come true. she posts pictures with small children. five-year-old tatum says juliet got spooked and ran off. that created for odd calls to the police. it took them four hours and a helicopter with heatseeking radar to track her down and bring her home. >> she' s being a bad pony. ed: give her a kiss. there you go. heather: even with the timeout, you can see.
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i think the girl is more cute than the unicorn. she was precious. newscenter 5 starts now. announcer: now on newscenter 5. >> a teacher learns his fate. why the victims family is disgusted with his sentence. >> the surprise endorsement for donald trump from one of his biggest rivals. >> a cold start to the weekend, but wait until you see the warm-up. back in the 50' s. >> the countdown to the oscars and why all eyes will be on chris rock. s news newscenter five at 5:00. ed: breaking news, the danvers teen who brutally murdered his teacher sentenced to life in prison with eligibility for parole in 40 years. maria: colleen ritzer' s family is disgusted and devastated the killer could someday be freed.
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s start with the jack harper the courtroom he' s live in salem, jack? >> the family had to go through this terrible tragedy, and then they went to the process of all the terrible testimony. today the impact statements. tonight, another disappointment. >> i lost my beautiful little girl. i lost my daughter come my friend, someone i can go to for anything. >> we were told to be good, kind, and loving people. in a matter of minutes, that evil took it all away. >> she shows the last photo of all of her children. >> it was supposed to be three children in the picture. it was always supposed to be three. there will never be three again. >> nothing from the killer, philip chism, no emotion, no remorse, prosecutors favoring two consecutive life terms.


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