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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for her and her mom. we tried to give that little girl love. reporter: it wasn't the miracle they prayed for but the sisters know they did the best they could the little girl's mother is expected to survive. anchor: just heartbreaking. right now police are still searching for one of the suspects accused in a violent attack in a umass-amherst dorm. this is the second suspect. a teenager from framingham turned himself in. we were the first with the story on the wcvb app. reporter: umass-amherst police called this framingham teenager their main suspect and earlier this afternoon, he turned himself in to the police. 19-year-old william mckeown leaving framingham court in handcuffs, about to be transmitted to western mass.
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that triggered a a two-hour lockdown at umass-amherst yesterday. campus police say armed with a gun, mckeown and another suspect made their way into a dorm. >> we have looked at the video evidence, clearly shows, as well as our witness interviews, clearly shows thesement ises being led in -- these suspects being led in by a umass student they knew. roirpt targeted victims suffered a head lass ration. the investigation led to framingham overnight, where a locations. by morning, a warrant was himself in by 1:00 to framingham police. meanwhile, the second suspect is still at large. involved in the case, that investigation's still ongoing. reporter: once he's turned over to police in amherst, he'll face several charges, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, as well as armed robbery.
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evacuations this afternoon. a contractor hit a gas pipe at 192 armory street and that caused the leak. the building and neighbors were evacuated until national grid to could shut off service. anchor: flooding has shut down part of the v.a. hospital in jamaica plain. pipes burst last weekend causing major dam -- damage. you can see water moving into several areas of the hospital in the video. the v.a. is extending clinic hours at other boston locations to help veterans and they have brought in six mobile units from as far away as virginia to help. >> that will help us to recover and take care of our veterans for the next two, three months while we get the space back into normal operations. anchor: some of the clinics will be open on monday. but others could take up to eight weeks to clean up. it's an obvious reminder of the contrast between last weekend when it was so far below zero, and this weekend, which seems
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meteorologist: couldn't be more opposite. absolutely. 50's to our west. i expect us to be in the 50's tomorrow. that's good news. but before we get there, a little thing we have to watch. notice how it's still pretty chilly around here and up in southern canada. so before the cold air leaves and the mild air arrives, right near the boundary, we're starting to see some action. we're right around the freezing mark as you can see. here's a little bit of snow, starting to show up on radar. it's initially coming into air that's extremely dry, so this first bunch of snow is not reaching the ground. but there's another strip behind it and probably one or two of these will make it down to the ground a little bit later on this evening. there's a look at our radar. so, what about the timetable? maybe 10:00, 11:00 in boston. now if it holds aufs until after midnight, then it's just going to be rain showers in boston. but to the north and west, especially the worcester hills, that's your best chance of getting an inch or more of snow overnight. the rest of our area, before we see the clearing skies move in
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maybe a dusting to a couple of tents of an inch. obviously that melts tomorrow in the mild air. no two ways about it. just like ed mentioned, this is a huge change. check it out. we were nine below early last sunday morning in boston and 16 below in worcester. we're going to be so much warmer than that this weekend. the rest of the forecast in a little while. heather: a georgia man accused in the 42-year-old murder of a shrewsbury woman has been found not guilty. prosecutors alleged that lonzo guthrie, now 71 years old, kale killed 21-year-old -- killed 21-year-old eileen pharaoh. that murder happened the day after he delivered furniture to her home. the case had been cold until february of this year when police linked guthrie to crime through d.n.a. convicted killer christopher bry -- berry's parole has been denied. he broke into a home in 1987 and stabbed a woman eight times. just two days after christmas.
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prison without parole but the now 44-year-old became parole-eligible when the state judicial court ruled juvee nights -- juveniles may not be sensed to life without the -- sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. ed: a college student facing a judge accused of pointing a pistol at another driver in a road rage incident. we have more on why the suspect may not face charges in the end. reporter: we're told he was rushing to class upset that another driver apparently was crowding him here on route 9 and that's when he admits the gun came out. ian beagan's attorney said he's seen a lot. the 25-year-old is an army vet, did a tour of afghanistan. now he's in the prisoner dock after a road rage incident on route 9. he was behind another car. construction kept him from passing. according to reports he pulled
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>> took out a loaded firearm and pointed it towards the -- in the direction of the other driver. reporter: the alleged victim got the registration number, police located beagan's toyota at the community college where he was in a chemistry lab. officers recovered a gck 23 from the car which he's licensed to carry. beagan had been getting treatment for posttraumatic stress after serving as a medic in afghanistan. his attorney says he saw two buddies blown up by i.e.d.'s. >> when they die, that frustration, not being able to help, doesn't go away. i think that that bothers him now. reporter: his parents not wanting to say much. >> we have nothing to say. we love our son. >> plesac knowledge that this is a problem that he really needs help in dealing with. reporter: so a total of four weapons, two handguns, two rifles, all legal, are now in the custody of police. he's due back in court in about
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his mental health evaluation will determine what if any charges he will face. ed: a wild seen in leominster. a car ripped in after after a driver crashed into a utility pole. they were trying -- poll. they were trying to pull man over. rays crashed and ran away. police later caught him at a nearby supermarket. he was taken to umass medical center and he will face a judge once he is out of the hospital. a boston police officer is on paid leave. his connection to a shoplifting ring that is under investigation. plus, doubling the reward. the f.b.i. making a big push to catch a serial bank robber. heather: why a local acupuncturist is offering free help to recovering addicts. reporter: the record breaking cold of last weekend of course is now history.
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omri: a boston police officer is on paid leave tonight. in connection with a shoplifting ring. ed: that investigation involves whether or not he was profitting from the proceeds. heather: on opioid crisis now. a south shore acupuncturist is offering a different kind of assistance to drug addicts. a free program starts next month. the acupuncturist says the treatment gives a sense of calm and helps with drawl systems. it's free. the strom -- symptoms. it's free. the treatments do involve needles but only inserted in the outer ear. ed: the justice department
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with the judge's order to unlock the iphone that belongs to one of the san bernardino shooters. the f.b.i. wants the tech giant's help to access the shooter's phone which encrypted. the company so far has pushed back saying that that threatens every iphone user's privacy. and yesterday want an extension to respond to the order. donald trump is calling on his supporters to boycott apple. and he says he will only use his samsung phone until they do. might see a few flakes overnight but a big warmup son the way for the weekend. heather: how high the temps will go and the storm systems that harry is -- harvey is tracking nor next week. also ahead, the f.b.i. is asking for help in identifying the so-called incognito bandit. the big new reward and why he's
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heather: tomorrow marks 13 years since 100 people died in the station nightclub fire in west warwick, rhode island. fireworks being used by the band ignited flammable foam inside the club. organizers of the memorial site have now raised $1.6 million of the $2 million goal and started. we're told the project is on track to finish by october. ed: testimony at a coast guard hearing today revealed some of el faro's boiler parts needed to be replaced. director of ship management said that the der tear rated
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and engineers said the ship was safe enough to sail. the 790-foot el faro sank in october during hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members aboard died, including three people who have ties to massachusetts. heather: the f.b.i. is doubling its reward for this man. dubbed the incognito bandit. he's wanted in at least five bank robberies since september and he's considered armed and dangerous. reporter: he targets stand-alone banks located in suburban neighborhoods and always carries a gun. the f.b.i. tonight doubling the reward as this suspected bank robber doubles down on violence. the f.b.i. calls him the incognito bandit because he hides behind a mask and a hoody. but his actions over the past several months have been anything but concealed. >> he enters the bank, displays a weapon immediately, and threatens the tellers and he started to put the weapon on the table in front of them, kind of banging on the table, let them know it's there. reporter: the f.b.i. says this
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in each he goes out of his way to show bank employees that he's carrying a gun. here's video from a robbery last september and here he goes as far as to lay the gun down on top of the counter, pointed in the direction of the teller. this blatant act of violence has happened over the past two robberies and is most troubling. >> he answered the -- he entered the bank a little more confident. he displayed the weapon immediately. he placed the weapon on the table, banged it down on the counter. reporter: witnesses from an october robbery in arlington able to catch a glimpse of the suspected robber as he took off. this sketch shows how he may look. described to be a black man in his 20's, between 5'8" and 5'11" with a slender build. the incognito bandit always wears socks over his boots. >> it's believed so he can cover up his boot print, if there would be any left, he would cover up a boot print by putting the socks over his boots. reporter: $20,000 is the reward money for any information leading to an arrest and conviction of the incognito
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anyone with information or courage to call the -- are encouraged to call the f.b.i. ed: everybody's talking about what's to come. it's like 50 degrees. heather: i love it. i thought today was beautiful. the weekend is looking even better than ever. meteorologist: it's going to get warmer and warmer which is kind of nice. that's not going to be permanent by any means. but at least it's going -- coinciding with the weekend and at least it's in complete contrast with what we had to endure last weekend. early this morning i know it was cold when you stepped out. around 20. this was a little bit colder than average today. and for the month, we're running just a shade below average with all of our ups and downs. here's the tip-off of the warmup for tomorrow. look at cincinnati. right now, and st. louis. i mean, it's warm. it was over 70 in st. louis last hour. so that mild air wants to work its way in here. and i think most of us should see the 50's because i think we will see some sunshine tomorrow. but notice it's in the 30's now. so there has to be a separation, when you have a quick jump. that's known as a warm front. a little band of precipitation
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so boston, 37 now. wind is around to the south which shows eventually is going to warm up. but for now, it's just cold enough to support some snow. so we see some on radar. but i keep checking the reports, they're not reaching the ground because the ar i had ground level is still quite -- air at ground level is still quite dry. it's going to take a couple of hours to saturate the low levels. the first patch might not make it. might take the next narrow strip to move eastward and then perhaps snow. if it happens before midnight there could be a coating even around the boston area. if it takes the second patch after midnight, then we're going to start warming with that south wind and you'd have to probably go north of the pike and especially into the hiller terrain of worcester county. that's your best chance of maybe getting an inch or two of snow overnight. rest of us have maybe a dusting to an inch. that's not even a guarantee. then we see the clouds start to part tomorrow with a mild westerly wind. that's our ticket to 50-plus in most areas. but a little bit later tonight, a coating to an inch of snow is possible.
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mass pike. for the most part. what a contrast. how can you get a bigger change? we showed you earlier this week, from one morning to the next afternoon, springfield, massachusetts, jumped 72 degrees. from 17 below to 55. something almost as big when you compare one weekend to the neck. early last sunday morning in boston, you remember the nine below. now looks like about 52 for a high in boston. worcester, 16 below with a high of about 46 for sunday. that's not too shabby either in terms of change. how about tomorrow's temperatures? showing you one of the computer models which takes us about 50 and i think there's room to go a couple of degrees higher than that. on sunday we're mild by day, we'll start to turn colder at night. at the same time, a little wave of low pressure passes to the south. it may be far enough south that we don't get any precipitation. but if we do get onto the northern eng as it turns colder, it could mean a period of snow. maybe even a small accumulation overnight sunday night and over by monday morning in any event. once more i'd say still 50-50
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even do that, so we have a possibility of a sunday night mix ending in snow. but over by that morning commute. then monday, we are colder in the 30's. that starts to set us up for what's going to be happening after. notice, later on tuesday night, snow could break out. once we get into that later tuesday night period, here's the deal. if the storm and one storm stayed offshore, we could have snow or mix, a real winter-type storm. if it tracks closer to the coast, which is more likely, we're not going to be able to stay snow. it will turn to rain on the coast and an icy mix over the interior. it is way too early however to get into the specifics. but the possibility is there for a somewhat long duration, meaning sometime tuesday night to begin and maybe lasting into thursday with different forms of precipitation at different times. so we'll continue to follow that. i'll see you next hour. reporter: even with their many question marks, the red sox still have exclamation points
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up the middle, and in the benoit. so they're going to be good period. of course that comes with the asterisk, if they stay healthy. today was the first full workout for pitchers and catchers and only right-hander joe kelly was absent. his wife just had a baby. so he's excused. all the red sox position players are already down there. except for pedroia, ortiz, sandoval and young. so they'll all be getting there long after mike lynch. >> welcome to fort myers. first day of red sox pitchers and catchers workout. it's also our first opportunity to meet the red sox's new closer, craig kimbrel. >> i do better in big situations. i love seeing people in the seats. i love the crowds getting loud. i think that's just a great atmosphere to have. i know as a player i feed off of it, the entire team feeds off of it. i want that ball at the end of the game. i want to wrap it up and let everybody go home happy. so the more opportunities i
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put in that are tight situations, i think that's good. because hopefully more times than not, we can come out on top. i asked that from the guys around me and it usually works out pretty good, i think. i care about the guys in the bullpen. we don't know always know who those guys are going to be yet. especially this time of the year. when that bullpen comes together, i care about those guys. they're part of the time. i care almost more about how they do than i do. because i like to see guys succeed. because everybody feeds off each other. reporter: sox pitchers and catchers continue workout tomorrow. our coverage begins sunday night at 6:00. reporter: and 2 1/2 hours up by 75, the yankees opened camp in tampa. c.c. sabathia, who only won six of 29 starts last year, spent part of his offseason in a rehab facility for alcoholism. he says the experience was great and being alcohol-free should help him perform better. >> my body definitely feels
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i'll be able to go out and, i'll be 36 this summer, so any little thing that i can to stay healthy and kind of feel good is going to matter at this point. not drinking alcohol is probably a huge thing for me at this point in my career. reporter: also tonight, david lee, a member of the celtics for such a short period of time, and a player with so little impact, you may not even know -- that's not him. this is david lee. the guy who hasn't played a minute in the celtics' past 18 games and waived by the sell today. because the sell -- celtics agreed to a buyout with lee, he'll be able to sign with another team and the dallas mavericks are front runners there. he averaged seven points per game, but with a 15.-- $15.4 million salary, he was a big disappointment. celtics who went into the all-star break winning 10 of 12 games opened the second half of their season tonight in utah. we'll have the latest for you tonight at 11:00. ed: i said, that's not david lee. i kept saying, that's not david lee.
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reporter: couldn't fool you. heather: what was your first clue? ed: the golf shirt. reporter: new tonight at 7:00, analyzing d.n.a. with a portable and less expensive system. the invention that's helping everyone. and then, new at 11:00, we investigate digging into a multibillion-dollar building boom at the university of massachusetts. but the other things that are being put off during all the work and who's footing the bill on that. we'll see you then. ed: dining on the street. hanging at the hemingway museum. swimming with the dolphins on grassy key. and catching the sunset in malory square.
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and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. heather: it was so great to see lynch in florida. ed: looked windy there, though. heather: a golf shirt. no jacket. ed: we didn't get the full lynchy. we didn't get the tommy about a hama shirt. who -- about a hama shirt -- bahama shirt. meteorologist: the weekend will be wild sore we shouldn't be
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heather: nice. 50's. meteorologist: nice stuff. back to normal temperatures next week. somewhat stormy in the middle of next week. a whole mess of things. it won't be a straight snow situation, it doesn't appear. ed: into wednesday, into thursday maybe even. meteorologist: yeah. centered around the middle of the week. heather: don't you dare give the kids another snow day.
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tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one passenger trapped.


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