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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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leased. >> firefighter are battling this fire. sky 5 is over the scene. about an hour ago. we're still waiting to hear on any injuries. no word on how that fire started but you can see number of firefighters fighting it. the nbta taking new action after some major problems on the orange lines. >> here's more on the steps being taken to protect passengers. >> all side panels on orange cars will be inspected. this is a new policy and is in direct response to last night's incident. i'll show you some video. smoke filling the tunnel causing passengers to panic. kicking out windows and prying open doors. a side panel fell off one train and hit by a second. despite the scene there was never any real danger to passengers. all the orange line trains were
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inspected overnight. a permanent fix is expected to roll out in the form of a new fleet but that won't be complete until 2019. live in boston, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> a corrections officer is on the wrong side of the law. >> newscenter 5 is live in fall river with the charges that have him off the job tonight. todd? todd: he's accused of selling heroin to an undercover state trooper here in fall river. that corrections officer is 40-year-old stephen la brew. he was arraigned this morning and ordered held on $20,000 bail. police received multiple tips that he was dealing drugs so undercover troops were called in. he sold heroin to the trooper four times beginning in late january. each occasion was a larger amount. the last deal had a street value of $1,600. he would leave his uniform to do the drug deal. he was arraigned. following the arraignment, the department of corrections
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pay. >> the man accused in a carjacking of a mother and baby in brockton was in court. she pled not guilty. accused of stealing a woman's car yesterday in the parking lot of the west gate mall. he crashed her car and was eventually arrested by police. right now, homicide investigation continues after a woman's body was found inside an apartment. the victim's body was discovered at the cliffside commons apartments on monday night during a well-being check. management telling tenants it appears to be an issue involving individuals who lived in that unit. the victim has not been identified. investigators aren't saying tonight how she died but they do confirm it was not random. >> the suspect in an overnight murder has now faced a judge. gregory wright is accused of shooting drake scott five times outside city limits. officers nearby heard those gunshots. they arrested him across the street and while trying to get him into custody he allegedly assaulted an officer. a motive has not been released. >> an investigation is under way
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new bedford. >> it happened at 2:00 in the morning according to police. the victim had been stabbed four times sxwl so if a there has been no arrests. >> skeletal remains of three babies were found outside home. where the woman lived with her children and boyfriend. this man has been indicted on charges tied to the murder of a prostitute. prosecutors say he stabbed and strangled the woman in november. inside his home and then hid her body in a close set. police say he got violent during an argument over how much money he owed the victim. >> new at 4:30, a school library is a mess tonight after pipes burst sending water everywhere. pam is live at this hour with a look at the extensive damage. it's hard to tell from out here
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everywhere. one element inside a heating casserole froze. it cascaded down into the library and destroyed 12 computers, countless books, furniture, the ceiling, of half a million. there was an elevator out of commission. fortunately this is school vacation week meaning no students, specialists working on the building. they hope to have everything but the library back in place by monday. heather, back to you. break happened this morning on cole street the cause of the break remains ubtd investigation. a homeowner using a blow torch to thaw pipes sparks a fire that heavily damages a home. this was the scene this morning on turnpike road in new hampshire. crews from nearby communities called in to fight the flames.
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>> a home in the town of templeton that dates back to 1763 heavily damaged. fire crews were able to save much of the structure. the house is known -- right next to the town library but the library itself was not damaged. the cause remains under investigation. >> a serious crash on 293 under investigation. a car reerned an oil truck. it happened this morning in the northbound lanes. you can see traffic was backed up, one person suffered serious injuries. >> the republican presidential candidates are taking part in a two night town hall in south carolina. tonight, dr. ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, will take questions for potential voters and tomorrow jeb bush, john kasich and donald trump will also do that. trump remains the frontrunner in the state of south carolina. trump was in south carolina today where he took questions from a packed crowd. this is in bluffton. water-boarding, which he says he supports. was brought up during this event
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torture does work. >> jeb bush busy in south carolina. he hosted a town hall in beaufort this afternoon. bush pushing back against senator marco rubio. foreign policy experience. meanwhile, rubio was in mount pleasant, south carolina this morning and he was targeting senator ted cruz. >> what we've seen in the last few weeks has been very disturbing. in this race it's been apparent, especially over the last month. >> he went on to say his record is mischaracterized by cruz. >> clinton held a get out the vote event in chicago this afternoon. yesterday she was in new york meeting with african-american leaders and sanders picking up an endorsement in boston. a coalition of latino community leaders, outside the statehouse to voice their support. bernie
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to reach out to spanish speaking voters. >> if a flyover comes. they considered the robert launch a prohibited test in north korea. likely to view the american air power as a threat. >> pope francis is wrapping up his trick to mexico, talking to hundreds of prisoners in juarez. this used to be the murder capitol of the world. he urged the more than 700 prisoners to look to the future and change. >> new steps have been taken to stop the spread of the zika virus. the f.d.a. now recommending u.s. blood banks refuse donations from anyone who has traveled to a high-risk area in the last four weeks. the red cross and the american association of blood banks have taken similar precautions. meanwhile, cdc has revealed that the first sexually transmitted case of zika virus in the united 2008. earlier this month a case with
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that was first time most of us had heard about the virus being transmitted through sex. the man, a microbiologist, obtained the virus after spending time in africa and he transmitted to it his wife. tonight we're getting a glimpse into guzman's life back behind prison walls. >> he's a drug lord and he tells his attorney he's the victim of physical and mental torture because guards wake him up every few hours. he says the guards are turning him into a zombie. he was captured last month in mexico after breaking out of prison last summer. >> lawyers for bill cosby was in a boston courtroom. they are trying to set a trial lawsuit over financial compensation to women suing over rape claims that february. his insurance company issued him a policy in 2014 that protects against personal injury, from
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slappeder >> the victim says he was robbed by five people in ski masks who took several items. wasn't hurt. targeted. >> a report focused on claims of racism at one of boston's most prestigious schools is expected to be released this week. it was last month that black students accused school the use of racial slurs and offensive online taunts. community leaders say they hope that the city ordered review will seriously address those complaints. >> more cameras are coming to downtown lowell. police say they plan to expand their surveillance system adding dozens of new cameras in public parks and other high crime areas. >> that's expected to cost abouted 3,00050,000 that money had been set aside for a detection system but police be more useful. >> it's time flash forward to newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> new concerns tonight. centered around a recent spike in emergency room visits tied to the prescription drug.
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>> the big moment for a local high school basketball star. >> new at 50 tonight, on newscenter 5, transforming a section of door chess tore bring in affordable housing and retail space. the plan under way and tonight, boston booming. >> we would love to feel the tropical air we had yesterday. >> it is turning chillier across the great lakes. i'll let you know how low the around. >> the irs conducting an investigation into the massachusetts state senator brian joyce.
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>> just before 4:45, first, how cool is the sun level already now? look at it sitting up there strong in the sky. it's moving okay, a little slower than normal. the traffic that you see in the foreground is leaving town and the traffic in the background is going into town. let's check drive times. you see a little slow. we're talking a half an hour. mass ab to route 3. upper deck, a little quicker. 25 minutes. about 13 minutes, tolls will slow about halfway. looks like 22 to 25 minutes to get to the tolls and 495. 495 in both directions moving
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mass pike, pretty decent. just about 4:45. >> look at the skies out tonight. overall, i would say it was a beautiful day in february. >> we're about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday but when you had the trade-off of losing the incredible winds and the damage and the downpours. >> pretty nice. >> the sunlight is brilliant. >> brilliant now and all day. >> you didn't notice that so much on the weekends. >> what was that? >> you like that? okay. we can drop that for the time being. let's show you what's happening outside. >> a little -- >> can you please take these keys. >> okay. >> you would never even believe some of the obstacles in the studios sometimes. but anyway, here's the temperature trend. today in the 40's in boston. a little below average which was nice. tomorrow, colder.
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low 30's for a high temperature and friday also will be chilly. but look what happens on saturday. we get a spike up to about 50 degrees for an average high temperature. so it's a little bit of a roller coaster. but as you get into the second half of february and march, you can start to expect that to happen a little bit more often, as we get hints of spring but then still definitely the feel of winter at times too. >> skies mostly clear a few patchy clouds are showing. this is all frozen over or starting to freeze over, during the course of that bitter cold. but yesterday's thaw certainly put a dent in that. 44 in boston but it is colder to the north and west. worcester is at 34. orange is 34. we see signs that will be a little bit colder tonight. temperature-wise, though, rather, wind-wise, winds are at about 10 miles per hour. you compare the kind of wind we had yesterday, this is certainly a lot easier to take. look at the progression north and west. it does get colder.
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credible -- we aren't seeing that incredible cold we saw this past weekend. temperatures will be five to 10 degrees colder and we won't have a huge temperature rise. winds will start out west but then shift to the north and that will bring in colder air during the course of the day. skies mostly clear tonight. notice the clouds, though, that may be flirting with the coastline tomorrow on that northerly wind and a few snow showers just off the cape or might even nick the elbow or parts of the cape with a few snow flurries but it doesn't look like a major situation. for tomorrow. we clear it out for tomorrow night and to start off friday. what i want you to notice is the end of friday. see the clouds coming in from west to east. a little bit -- a brief period of snow or mix. very little, if any, accumulation, maybe coating to an inch north of the pike before we then have the warmer temperatures come in on saturday. that's the good news.
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i think we might be able to add maybe five degrees to the saturday high temperature that you're seeing there so we should be pushing 50 degrees or so and still pretty mild on sunday. a very small system is going to come through on monday. may give us a light mix or so. starting about tuesday night, of next week through the midweek period, maybe even into thursday, there is storminess that we're going to have to follow. it has some potential. we'll start talking more about that beginning at 5:00. >> south dakota could become the first state to aprove a controversial bill that forces transgender students to use a school bathroom corresponding to their sex at birth. the state senate passed the bill 20-15 and it's now headed to the governor. advocates say the bill will protect privacy but opponents say it discriminates. people will need to provide other options like single occupancy bathrooms. >> an 18-year-old is under
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he, was running a clinic out of west palm beach, florida. they arrested him yesterday after he examined an undercover agent in what he called his holistic and alternative medical care clinic. it's not clear how many patients hee treated before his arrest but the clink has been opened for at least three months. >> focusing on your health tonight, state's attorney general speaking out against the legalization of recreational marijuana in massachusetts. >> in her words, she's strongly opposed to the idea. she cited emergency room visits and statistics out of the state of colorado which is the first state in the union to legalize the drug for recreational use. they met about this very specific topic. new bedford is looking to ban sin ynthetic drugs. the board of health will look at how other cities and towns are
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city leaders say they are especially concerned because they are being sold to high school students. >> kate middleton is hoping her name will help put a focus on mental health issues. the duchess of cambridge is a gift editor for the huffington post. the popular website has kicked off a campaign called young minds matter to raise awareness about the mental health of children. >> it turns out that flavored coffee you've been drinking might have more sugar in it than soda. a study find that is some contain up to 25 teaspoonfuls of sugar, three times more sugar than you find in one can of soda and three times the daily recommended intake for an adult. starbucks says it's committed to reducing sugar intake in its drinks by 25% by the end of 2020. >> i stood in the mirror and noticed, where is my belly button? >> that texas woman taking legal action after going under the knife. her belly button gone.
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not tell her about the risk of losing it. >> lori jones, she had surgery back in december to get rid of some of that stomach fast her plastic surgeon performed a hernia removal and tummy tuck. because of surgical tape and gauze it was only recently she realized something was missing. >> what happened to it? did y'all throw it in the trash? where is it? >> we did tell her before, she had previous surgery in that area, and she had a scar and there is no way to save that area. >> the doctor says he can re-create jones a belly button healing. she says she's not interested and has contacted her attorney. taking a fight to the u.s. government. >> a call for help in a terror why the tech giant is saying no. first, as we go to break let's
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>> there is a new fight tonight between apple and the f.b.i. >> the tech giant is opposing a federal court to help crack the encryption. >> apple says to crack it could threaten the security of millions of iphones the white house says the court
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le to change its designs. they only want to get into this phone. >> the green light to eight construction projects that will bring more than 700 residential units to the city. >> a west end garden garage project. you're looking at a rendering. that property will include an underground parking garage and also retail space. it was originally proposed five years ago. >> employees are planning to strike. the union has overwhelmingly rejected a new contract offer and seeking approval from rectors ret regulators to go on strike. >> from massachusetts, a casino is going up. plain ridge just pulled in 12.5 million from its slot machines in january. that's up from just over $11 million in december. it's also down from july's peak of $18 million.
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time to get wet and get creative. >> annual event making a big
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>> >> a
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start-up company taxi fabric creates these colorful works of art featuring everything from faces to meditation symbols. >> and then there is this. no logical segue from one to the other. what is blue -- competitors build a device and attempt to fly off a platform over water. obviously they don't fly anywhere. they just fall in. there you go. that's how it usually ends. if you're interested -- that one was pretty smart compared to the other one. if you're interested, you need to apply by may 13. the [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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the center of an f.b.i. investigation. >> it's a total loss. >> the hazardous material revealed when these pipes burst. >> how low the mercury will dip? request from federal investigators that apple says could threaten the privacy of every iphone user. >> this is wcvb, newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> we begin with breaking news off the top. the f.b.i. and the irs now investigating brian joyce. >> agents are searching his office at the statehouse after spending the day at his law office in canton. here are some breaking details. >> this is still breaking. f.b.i. agents have been in and out of the state senator's law office for hours. they appear to be combing through every inch of senator brian joyce's office, searching for any evidence in an ongoing investigation. we can also tell you the irs is
5:00 pm
the state senator has faced ethics and campaign investigations in the past. last month, he xwraed to -- month, he agreed to pay $5 for using funds to pay for his son's graduation party. the state ethics commission has also been asked to investigate why he's been getting free dry cleaning from the store for more than 10 years. in the meantime, joyce's attorney has come out and said it's unfortunate that recent stories appear to have sparked an investigation. this is according to his lawyer. senator joyce has been cooperating with each inquiry that's taken place resulting from those stories and believes that he's done absolutely nothing wrong. again, investigators still at that office right now. we'll continue to follow this story. >> thank you. let's take a look at this video. a broken pipe sending water as you can see here pouring


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