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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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we wilstay on top ofhis throughout the evening. right now, scary moments for a local mall. heather: she was carjacked this newscenter 5' live in brockton where the terrifying ordeal began. the macy' s here in brockton when she was carjacked. this was around noon. her infant daughter was in the car but the suspect allowed to the mother to get the daughter before he stole the car. thankfully he did, because a few miles down the road he wrapped the car around a utility pole. he showed her a gun and politely told her he was taking the car. but he did give her time to take her infant daughter out of the car. she was said he thought -- she thought he was joking until he showed her the guy. you' ll hear from the terrifying
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thankfully she is her daughter r.o.k.. heather: good news indeed. a lot of questions right now after a body is discovered in a malden home. ed: newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan is live tonight with the latest in the investigation. >> i' m going to start out of the shot and let you take a look at where this woman' s body was found. it was found in this large apartment complex on broadway. police tell us they responded to cliffside comments around 9:00 p.m. for a well-being check. when they arrived they discovered that woman' s body. police are always -- are only saying this is a death investigation. they do not believe the cause of this woman' s death was random. they' re not releasing that woman' s identity at this time, but we are learning details to figure out what exactly was the cause. when we have that information, we will bring it to you. heather: new at 4:30, an arrest in a hit and run in lowell that sent a 15-year-old on a bicycle to the hospital. police believe that teen was struck intentionally by a pickup
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21-year-old calvin sousa is facing several charges, including armed assault with intent to murder. ed: new at 4:30, police investigating after several guns are stolen from a gun shop. heather: newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is live in tyngsboro with the message from the shop' s owner. todd: that break-in happened early monday morning here at hitman firearms. right now the search is on for the suspect. a total of four handguns were stolen, including 38 special revolvers, a 45 caliber mr., at a nine millimeter pistol. the manager is very concerned. from criminals having those deadly weapons. sleep. but i have full confidence in it. todd: police were here within a burglar was gone along with
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surveillance government -- surveillance cameras were not operational at the time. heather: now let' s take you to boston and a dramatic rescue. a tugboat sinking in massachusetts bay. s pam cross is live in east boston with the story. nearby, and it came in the form of a friend. a boston harbor pilots boat heard the distress call and raced to the rescue. they found three crewmembers, two in the water, one on a life raft. their tug had just gone down. >> i knew he was in the water, i didn' t know who else. i was hoping that everybody has the wherewithal to get out. they go down fast. >> he is the man. we wouldn' t be here if not for him. >> all 3 were pulled from the water, cold, but safe. it' s estimated they had only about 10 minutes in freezing water without survival suits.
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began taking on water. back to you. ed: a series of hearings in florida to try and solve the mystery of the sunken el faro cargo ship. all 33 crew members, including three with massachusetts ties, died when the ship sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin last fall. today' s focus, the captain' s email request to change the ship' s course one day before the ship sank. authorities will also address whether misconduct, negligence or shoddy safety inspections contributed to the ship' s demise. heather: commitment 2016, bernie sanders busy in south carolina. this morning, the democratic presidential candidate attended a faith leaders breakfast in columbia. afterwards he hosted a town hall tonight he' s in atlanta for a rally organized by historically black colleges and universities. ed: in the meantime hillary , clinton in new york today. she met with civil rights leaders including the rev. al sharpton in harlem. other organizations represented at that meeting, the naacp and the national action network.
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among black voters. heather: donald trump talked to a crowd in north augusta, south carolina about an hour ago. the latest public policy poll in south carolina shows trump remains the frontrunner with 35% of likely republican voters supporting him. marco rubio and ted cruz are tied for second with 18% each. ed: ted cruz was in mt. pleasant, south carolina earlier today. the republican' s remarks focusing on rebuilding the military. he commented on the proposal of drafting women. >> as the father of two daughters, i can tell you we are not going to draft a american women in the military conflict. ed: cruz has two other events today in columbia and anderson, south carolina. heather: barbara bush will be campaigning for her son jeb this week in south carolina. she' s expected at events on thursday and friday. yesterday, former president george w. bush, who won the south carolina primary in 2000, hit the campaign trail for his brother. ed: three americans kidnapped in iraq are free tonight.
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abducted in southern baghdad last month, reportedly by an organized crime gang. iraqi security officials have released few details, only saying intelligence officials released the trio today. ed: in the meantime, this american woman is one of four journalists released from a prison in bahrain. right now, the group is trying to get out of the country. they were arrested sunday while covering the anniversary of the 2011 uprising in bahrain. police say they were arrested foproviding false information that they were tourists. police also alleged that one took part in an attack on bahraini officers. heather: lawyers for bill cosby are expected back in a boston courtroom tomorrow. they' re looking to set a trial date for the lawsuit over potential financial compensation to the women suing the comedian over rape claims. that trial could happen next february. cosby' s insurance company issued him a policy in 2014 that protects against personal injury from defamation, libel or slander. ed: a planned parenthood clinic in colorado has reopened nearly
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shooting attack. robert lewis dear is charged with murder after three people were killed, and 9 others injured on november 27. was opened to the public repairs remainder of the building. heather: terror raids carried out in germany and belgium overnight. at least 10 people detained for questioning after several homes were searched. the suspects are believed to have ties to isis. some are accused of spreading propaganda material and recruiting refugees. ed: right now, russia is denying claims its warplanes bombed a hospital in northern syria run by doctors without borders. at least 50 people were killed and dozens hurt in yesterday' s attack north of aleppo. the raids come just days after russia and other world powers agreed on a ceasefire to allow for the delivery of humanitarian aid. heather: tonight there has been an arrest in a number of bomb threats at schools in rhode island. a 16-year-old is facing charges tonight. ed: he' s been charged with 15 counts of making threats and two
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the threats were made in eight providence, over the last few months. heather: right now, wareham police are looking for an armed robber who got away. a man threatening with a knife held up the 7-eleven on route 6 friday morning. he jumped the counter and took cash from the register before running off. the clerk was not hurt. ed: right now, a new hampshire couple is in jail accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. heather: those items were allegedly stolen from a neighbor. police say jacob and lauren stibs stole more than $100,000 worth of jewelry from their 70-year-old neighbor. the couple worked odd jobs for the woman starting in 2014. she just recently noticed the items were missing. some of the stolen items were recovered, but police say most were sold to area pawn shops. a seabrook man is accused of driving drunk and causing this violent crash. it happened in hampton, new hampshire last week. duane l' italien is charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated. speed may also have played a role. the other driver involved suffered serious injuries.
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this nashua man is under arrest after being found naked in a bathroom. according to salem police a , witness reported seeing him in a bathroom at southern new hampshire university exposing himself to students. he has been arrested for indecent exposure before in massachusetts. he is being held in $20,000 cash-only bail. heather: tragedy tonight. a massachusetts man is dead after a tragedy on the slopes. varter shirinian of watertown, slammed into a tree yesterday. he was skiing with his family on burke mountain in vermont. state police say the 58-year-old lost control and went into the woods. he was not wearing a helmet. human error is now being blamed for this deadly train crash in germany. 11 people were killed and 80 others hurt when two trains collided head-on last week. a criminal investigation is now who' s accused of sending a wrong signal to the trains. after noticing the mistake, he tried to alert the drivers but it was too late. ed: two pennsylvania now. and it is quite a mess. a tractor trailer jack-knifes overnight causing an 11 car
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it happened on interstate 81 in lackawanna county. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. some fuel spilled on the highway, as well, but has since been cleaned up. heather: the funeral was held today for a young teacher killed in a freak accident on i-93. family and friends arriving this morning to bid farewell to caitlin clavette. the 35-year-old art teacher was driving to her job in milton friday when a manhole cover flipped up and crashed through her windshield. ed: let' s take you to the supreme court, and you can take a look at the chair of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. it was draped in black wool crepe today. justice scalia died over the weekend at the age of 79. his funeral will be held on saturday. heather: dozens of residents of this senior housing complex in dorchester were displaced tonight after a fire. smoke was reported on multiple floors around 10 this morning. after flames broke out on the second floor. they quickly extended to the third floor then up through the roof. no word on a cause but damage is estimated at half a million dollars. ed: tens of thousands gathering
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celebrates mass. it' s one of several stops in morelia, a flashpoint in mexico' s drug war. the pope urged mexican priests not to resign themselves to a society dominated by drug-fueled violence and corruption. later tonight, he' ll meet with a group of young people in the city. today is day 4 of the pontiff' s week-long visit to mexico. heather: time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. ed: changing how kids are screened for autism. the new guidelines from the government. heather: on newscenter 5 at 6:00, a shrewsbury firefighter, sexually assaulting his kids' ed: and new at 7:00, the northborough boy who gained national fame with his bump out cancer campaign is still working to make a difference. how liam is using his birthday to pay it forward. s are at work.
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what's in your wallet? >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. >> that is one 20th in the lexington area. there is a lot of traffic and there is where everybody seems
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part. half-hour from caps off to root three. a lot of issues in the core of the city. first lady of the pike, that is going to be a little slow. remember, you were dealing with, you are still 25 tolls. speaking of 495, in the southern direction and is quite slow. that is what traffic looks like right now. heather: you can see the camera shaking from the rain. it is really a mess out there. harvey: it really is. we think of the chain we have gone through, -- change we have
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if you look on the other and near syracuse, new york, it is snowing. it is all headed north. there is the down for. everywhere you see that yellow and orange, that is the down for. that is tropical air. can you imagine we have gone from the coldest air and 57 years, to tropical air, all in a short timeframe. one of the most amazing turnarounds i have ever seen. we are all experiencing it. some of the heavier bands that you can see here, after newton, down to midfield. outdoor through worcester county, as well. grafton, moving into northridge. even to the so , when you go to new hampshire, there have been some tremendous downpours in the region.
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look at some of these guest. -- gusts. some localized damage is starting to come in. we will have some trees down in the few hours. there you go in in. more reports are coming in as we go through this. 6:00 p.m. tonight, the back edges around worcester, but the entire coastline all involved. we get 7:00 p.m., the heaviest action is moving off of the cape , off of the south shore. it is still affecting the cape and the island. and it is a done deal by 9:00, 10:00 p.m. tonight. this is the temperature difference.
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hartford is 40 degrees warmer. boston is 30 degrees warmer. yes we have raindrops on city camp to be sure. 52, warm degrees. it is everywhere now. it took quite a while to get to the connecticut river valley and also the more valley. but it is warm everywhere, and there is a lot of melting by tomorrow morning, the work this front is way off shore. we are comparatively tranquil weather. i will turn somewhat colder at that time. by tomorrow morning, around freezing. 14 work with a high temperatures will be moving into the 40' s, which is not too bad for this time of year. it could be just as snow flurries on friday.
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nothing in this time frame, maybe a few showers once or twice. back to you. heather: winter conditions earlier today went to the problems on 93 and new hampshire. the southbound side briefly closed in manchester this morning after black ice and foggy conditions triggered several accidents, like this one. manchester-boston regional airport also reported many cancellations and delays as a result of the wintry mix. our latest winter blast and quick thaw is being blamed for causing the chimney on this home in lynn to fall off. the bricks hitting the ground this morning on waitt street. no one was hurt. ed: former u.n. secretary general boutros boutros-ghali has died. the announcement was made today at the start of a meeting on yemen' s humanitarian crisis. boutros-ghali, an egyptian politician and diplomat, was the sixth secretary-general of the united nations, serving from 1992 to 1996. /mos.] focusing on your health a
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heather: leukemia patients taking part in a trial treatment see their cancer vanish. the treatment modified white blood cells to target certain types of the disease. researchers say 94% of patients saw their cancer cells disappear. it' s still not known how long ed: a settlement between government. pfizer has agreed to pay more than $784 million to settle a federal lawsuit that it over-charged medicaid for a heartburn medication. under the settlement, pfizer avoids liability. a trial had been scheduled for next month in boston. zika virus fears cause mosquito repellant sales to soar. analysts say sales are up more than 11% from this time last year. s.c. johnson, the maker of
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as a result of high demand. heather: a new effort to make it easier for people with food stamps to access healthier foods. today, the usda is expected to propose new rules requiring retailers to stockpile a wider variety of healthy foods or they could be disqualified by the government. experts point out recipients can still purchase as much junk food as they want. but they hope the new rules will help people make better food choices. ed: a new deal between the u.s. and cuba takes flight. heather: the move today making traveling between the two countries easier. but first let' s check wall
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heather: focusing on your economy, a new agreement between the u.s. and cuba allowing commercial air travel between the two countries. ed: the new move means u.s. airlines will have 15 days , starting today to submit route applications to the transportation department. the agreement allows up to 20 roundtrip flights per day between u.s. cities and havana. right now, there are only chartered flights between the two countries. heather: another round of recalls tied to takata airbags. 200,000 saab and saturn cars are now being recalled over faulty airbag inflators. since last year, millions of vehicles have been recalled because too much force can cause them to explode sending shrapnel into drivers and passengers. at least 10 vehicular deaths have been traced to the airbags.
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new way to purchase tickets. the team is launching a new online resale platform called red sox replay. it allows sellers to set the ticket price and the team says it will have lower fees for buyers than competing re-sellers. season ticket holders can also earn red sox rewards points with each sale. that will go live on march 1. heather: still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30, a rare discovery in africa. the big diamond miners dug out, and how much it'
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[applause] heather: it was an extra special valentine' s day for a boston area couple. they invited him on stage for this unexpected proposal, and she said yes. ed: did he give her this diamond? check it out. this is what miners in africa discovered, that' s a 400 carat diamond. it was found in angola and experts say it' s virtually flawless. the company that found it says the diamond is transparent, making it very rare. it is the 27th largest ever
4:58 pm
heather: that would make a line of diamond rings. ed: newscenter five at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. phil: a wild commute. how long the downpours and wind will be with us. j.c.: how a tugboat, thinking fast. the heroes to the rescue. phil: five techniques you can try in your car at or at home to reduce stress. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00 p.m. j.c.: we start with a live look at the roads rainy moving in and it will be heavy in some spots, making for a tough evening commute. phil: there are also concerns about strong winds with this storm. chief meteorologist harvey leonard starts our team coverage.
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there is a line ofvy downurs. moving along places like 495, and it is all moving very swiftly. 495 really getting heavy downpours notice the line approaching the vineyard. there has been a couple of thunderstorms with this. the rest of the cape will be getting involved shortly. closer to the boston area itself, down to norwich, it is all of the place going for the self to southwest. westborough, marlborough being


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