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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at nine. >> right now at noon, three people rescued after a tugboat sinks in boston harbor. the men found in the frigid harbor after the boat started taking on water. emily: a live look at boston where temperatures are now in the even more changes are on the 50' s. way right now. erika: cindy you' re tracking
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cindy: a downpour. you can see that working our way right now. we have time get ready, it is coming. what a temperature change ahead of us care temperatures out of the south right now sustained close to 20 miles per hour. it is that wind that has transported in so much warmth compared to 24 hours ago when we were in the teens. it is your 50 right now in boston, 51 in worcester, 57 in taunton. to the north, we are above the freezing mark after a very icy time this morning. you can see radar picking up on a few lighter showers. fly these into motion, south to north. to the south. as this continues to lift northward to the west, and will continue to pump in the wind, the warmth, but also dry showers into our area. through about 3:00 this afternoon, the focus of these downpours is to the west of the worcester area. thereafter, they come on through.
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this is during the evening commute before this line ships offshore at about 9:00 this evening. talking about don asked downpours between 4:00 and 8:00 drainage flooding. general outsider. come down. there is the potential for damaging wind up to 60 miles per effect. much more to say about this in a few minutes. erika: now to the dramatic rescue in boston harbor. morning after a tugboat sinks in newscenter 5' live in east boston with the harrowing rescue, sera? sera: this is quite a dramatic story. this is a life raft with a tebow. board could actually get in because the swells were so high fast. luckily, another boat was in the and maybe dramatic rescue.
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>> and emotional moment for these longtime friends after a harrowing morning on the water when a tugboat sank. collects it is very quick, it is very fast, it is sudden, but this guy saved me. just before sunrise, boston pilot captain joe maloney heard his friends call for help. >> he got on the radio and said bring it. get here. >> on their pilot boat, maloney and his partner raced full throttle to a tugboat sinking fast two miles off the shore. three men were in the water. >> we could see him visually for the whole time. we didn' t take our eyes off them. then it went dark. sera: this is the life raft that only one managed to get in battling 3-4 foot swells. the other two and a 37 derby water, their only protection was location jackets. >> what it is designed to do is keep us out of the water. your lower extremities are still in there. >> we are right on top of the mess and as i went.
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possible. waxy stepped down this letter into the water to pull the men out with adrenaline pumping. >> they' re all their wet, floating. get me out of the water. i didn' t even feel it. i was doing a lot of swearing. get in here. >> shook up but not hurt, the men added back to shore, grateful for the pilots who responded so quickly. >> my pleasure, another day in paradise. >> the coast guard is calling the crew of the chelsea heroic. they say if not for their actions, the crew on the tugboat may have lost their lives. live in east boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter five. erika: wintry conditions leading to problems in i-93 in new hampshire. the southbound side briefly closed as morning after black ice and fire conditions took several accidents including this one area manchester-boston regional airport reported many
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randy: emily frozen pipes also leading : to problems all across the state today. and crews now warning about moves out. overnight a pipe burst in an electrical room inside the power had to be cut to the evacuated. people were initially taken to a ballroom, then transported to other hotels. the leak has since been fixed. emily: and a big mess in revere. a thick sheet of ice surrounding homes on arcadia street after a it' s supposed to keep the ocean water out at high tide. but the sub-zero temperatures over the weekend caused the floodgate to freeze open. residents aren' t sure how much damage will be revealed when all of the ice thaws out. new this noon, dozens of residents of this senior housing complex in dorchester displaced after flames break out inside. smoke reported on multiple after flames broke out on the second floor and extended to the third floor then thru the roof.
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dollars. erika: also new, wareham police looking for an armed robber who got away. a man threatening with a knife held up the 7-eleven on route 6 friday morning. he jumped the counter and took cash from the register before running off. the clerk was not hurt. if you have any information you' re asked to call wareham police. emily: a shrewsbury firefighter accused of inappropriately s 15-year-old babysitter will be in court today. according to court papers the alleged assault happened inside the firefighter' s auburn home. sean bohdiewicz will be arraigned in worcester district court. also due in court, this worcester man for his sixth drunk driving offense. police say scott tatro was highly intoxicated when they found him sunday night. they also say he had an outstanding arrest warrant and a suspended license. he reportedly admitted to police he hadn' t had a license for the past 15 years but kept driving because he didn' t care. erika: lawyers for bill cosby are expected back in a boston courtroom tomorrow. they' re looking to set a trial date for the lawsuit over potential financial compensation
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over rape claims. that trial could happen next cosby' s insurance company issued him a policy in 2014 that protects against personal injury from defamation, libel or slander. services are underway for a young teacher killed in a freak accident on i-93 last week. family and friends arriving this morning to bid farewell to caitlin clavette. the 32-year-old art teacher was driving to her job in milton on friday when a manhole cover flipped up and crashed through her windshield. a burial will take place later today in arlington. emily: today hearings are underway in florida to try and solve the mystery of the sunken el faro cargo ship. all 33 crew members, including three with massachusetts ties, died when the ship sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin last fall. marine authorities plan to address many issues, including whether misconduct, negligence or shoddy safety inspections
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s demise. the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz once again intensifying. the gop front-runner calling cruz a liar and threatening to take him to court. this as hillary clinton doubles down in nevada to boost support as bernie sanders begins to gain ground there. lana zak watching the campaign trail this noon. and bernie to african-american voters. >> my campaign is about breaking every barrier. wax will make an together, there is nothing we cannot a college. lana: while two former their families. say about donald trump. >> in my experience, the strongest person usually is the loudest one in the room. >> president george w. bush reminded voters not to count a bush out. >> i have been missed under
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>> on the democratic side, and animated hillary clinton have a suggestion on how to handle republicans. >> we need to get a dog and follow him around and every time they say these things like the great recession was caused by too much regulation -- >> take his money from my foundation where i used it better than he is using a now. >> those donations to clinton, one of the reasons ted cruz says republicans cannot trust conservative credentials. >> if you live 50 years of your life and have never said or written anything to prove your conservative, you ain' t. next donald trump is going hard against his republican opponents . on gma today, he said that cruz should lose his iowa win and that he is, "seriously considering suing cruz over what
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today, he states fifth medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors. patriot care posted a ribbon cutting on industrial avenue. the company plans to open facilities in greenfield and boston later this year. according to the state, there were more than 19,000 medical marijuana patients in massachusetts. >> another scare in midair, a flight forced to l and minutes after takeoff when smoke started pouring in. whether continuing to slam much of the country. snow, ice, and rain in some areas while others deal with tornadoes. >> energy from that storm is heading our way. timing the heavy downpours and evening commute. >> also, a controversial new virus. trials underrate right now to
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>> opening statements underway most notorious serial killer history. lonnie franklin junior faces the death penalty for allegedly
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teenager between 1995 and 2007, winning their remains and garbage bins. he earned the nickname the grim in the murders. the way today. a former bp rig supervisor is on the 2010 gulf oil spill. robert colors of faces a misdemeanor charge for pollution linked to the disaster which the gulf of mexico. he once faced manslaughter charges for the deaths of 11 workers killed when the offshore oil rig exploded but prosecutors recently backed off those charges. erika: new this noon, terror raids carried out in germany and belgium overnight. at least 10 people detained for questioning after several homes were searched. the suspects are believed to have ties to the islamic state. some are accused of spreading propaganda material and recruiting refugees. a press conference is scheduled in germany later today. this noon russia is denying , claims its warplanes bombed a hospital in northern syria run by doctors without borders.
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attack north of aleppo. the raids come just days after russia and other world powers for the delivery of humanitarian army' starting this summer, prospective soldiers will be put thru a series of gymnastics tests to determine their physical capabilities. the army will also increase the number of female recruiters to better target women. the news comes after pentagon' s recent announcement that it' s opening all combat roles to women. a bitter battle heating up over antonin scalia' s supreme court replacement. senate republicans insisting president obama not fill his vacancy, saying it should be up to his successor to do that. scalia, a leading conservative his sleep friday night after a president obama has said its his a replacement in due time. erika: frightening ride for passengers on board an alaska
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the pilots to request an emergency landing. the plane had just left washington d.c., heading to seattle. it was only in the air for a few minutes, when something went wrong. the pilots and passengers forced to put on oxygen masks while the plane made a quick descent not knowing what happened. in all, six crew members including one of the pilots were taken to the hospital. it' s still unclear what triggered the smoke. emily: it' s not just here. overnight much of the east coast got slammed by that dangerous mix of snow, ice and heavy rain. down south it' s tornadoes that are wreaking havoc. elizabeth hur with the problems still lingering this noon. elizabeth: this morning, amy national weather service will be on the ground looking into 17 reported tornadoes from florida to louisiana. it left homes and businesses damaged and destroyed. rooms bill -- ripped off buildings and depriest run across -- tabriz to run across
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further north, the mix of snow and ice meant a busy morning for emergency crews responding to over 2000 racks in 24 hours across 17 states. more than 500 accidents in virginia alone. it wasn' t just cars unable to get traction. take a look at these pedestrians trying to make it down the street without slipping. >> i couldn' t stop at all. i stepped out and slid all the way to the curb. >> slick conditions also leaving those flying as a rookie or hundreds of flights of artie been canceled today with the storm battering the east coast. in philadelphia, 200 passengers spent more than three hours on a plane without heat or air conditioning because their flight to florida was delayed because of weather and maintenance issues. some stranded passengers and north carolina are taking it all in stride. >> to canceled flights and now a third canceled flight out of charlotte la guardia. you have to deal with it.
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i' m keeping a positive for a positive. >> those travel delays are not over yet. forecasters say more rain and snow are on the way. possibly up to a foot of snow in parts of new york and pennsylvania. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> storms everywhere, and we have our share, don' t we? cindy: this is a big storm affecting a huge part of the country. we delegate in phases. earlier this morning, it was icy. now we are getting into the warmer phase of the storm. that will mean rain. also gusty wind, downpours, and the threat for flooding as we get into the afternoon. what a change from yesterday. 24 hours ago, it was only in the teens in boston and worcester and now, here we sit, either side of 60 degrees. 51 as the temperature right now in the worcester area. it is 49 in boston. here we are compared to 24 hours ago. looking at dramatic the different temperatures.
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cold as we have been around here since the early part of february. this is the warmest temperature that we are looking at here since february the fourth. incredible differences here in terms of the temperature. you can see we have a couple of raindrops. a lot of cloud cover in the city right now. the ones has come and not via sunshine but thanks to the southerly wind -- the warmth has come in. 49 in boston with strong southerly wind. notice how the wind is stronger in internet valley. that cold has been stuck in the morning. even know it is 54 in lawrence to bedford, nashua, pittsburgh, the valley location, notice the closer to the freezing mark. this colder air will lift on out region. where they have picked up already, 57 degrees in taunton. what a difference from yesterday. the reason is the storm we had been talking about. as it travels to the west, southerly wind on the eastern
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that is going to happen. close to the storm center and ahead of that cold front, look at this line of storms right now. from allentown, pennsylvania all maryland. when you see this signature on winds associated with this. this is what we are watching for later on this afternoon. there are scattered showers out everything is on the lighter side. that will be the case for the as we get beyond 3:00 this afternoon, moving to the worcester area first, then right into boston through 6:00, 7:00 tonight, we get in on those heavier downpours. at that time, we may deal with stronger wind, as well. not out of the question, a rumble of thunder and intense drainage flooding. the last of this will be exiting the cape after 8:00 this evening. then it is done. a quick hit. look at the amount of rain we time. inch of rain. that is why the concern was a little bit of flooding. in terms of wind, a high wind
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this is where we have potential wind gusts of 50-60 miles per hour stronger inland. the wind dies down tonight. mark. tomorrow is a much calmer day, a much quieter day. we see sunshine good watching this frontal boundary cross wednesday night. that will bring in colder air for thursday. for tomorrow, we get a break in the action. it is still on the mild side. average high this time of year is close to 40. we should be in the 40' s would lighter wind tomorrow. thursday, one thing we' re watching, as those northerly winds on the backside of the frontal boundary drain down, they will interact with the warmer ocean water which may lead to ocean effect of snow not expecting any accumulation out of that. do notice that there will be at least a couple of snowflakes coastline on thursday. otherwise, dry into the weekend. emily: the world health controversial methods to combat erika: the agency is
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involving genetically-modified insects. approach, saying it' s impossible wiping out an entire insect population. zika virus continues to spread rapidly across the americas. cases have been reported in the u.s. including at least one here in massachusetts. emily: a new effort to make it easier for people with food stamps to access healthier foods. today, the usda is expected to propose new rules requiring retailers to stockpile a wider variety of healthy foods or they could be disqualified by the government. experts point out recipients can still purchase as much junk food as they want. but they hope the new rules will help people make better food choices. emily: a new effort to make it -- focusing on the economy and an agreement between the u.s. and cuba along commercial air travel between the two countries your this means u.s. airlines will have 15 days starting today to cement route applications to the transportation department. the agreement allows up to 20 round-trip flights per day
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right now, there are only chartered flight between the two countries. wax another round of recalls tied to the caught airbags. 200,000 saw and seven cars are being recalled over faulty airbag inflator is. millions of vehicles have been recalled because too much force can cause them to explode, sending shrapnel into drivers and passengers. at least 10 deaths have been traced to the airbags. quacks the red sox offering a new way to snatch up some tickets. >> the website is launching.
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emily: new this noon, the red sox giving fans a new way to purchase tickets. the team is launching a new online resale platform called red sox replay. it allows sellers to set the ticket price and the team says it will have lower fees for buyers than competing re-sellers. season ticket holders can also earn red sox rewards points with each sale. will go live on march 1. erika: the little northborough
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with his bump out cancer campaign, after fist-bumping bruins players, turns 10 today. and instead of celebrating himself, liam fitzgerald is teaming up with the bs again to help kids in need. liam is asking for no presents, instead he' s hoping everyone will donate new pajamas to the bruins pj drive, to support cradles to crayons. the drive runs through march 15. a big happy birthday to him. >> and impressive little boy. >> enjoy these may like temperatures for a few more hours. [laughter] >> because: i feel too young to be this old. r i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. r i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. r if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance t to find out about senior care options. aging happens.
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