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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  February 14, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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cold weather in the region right
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phenomenon on the ocean. >> karen: you' re looking at sea smoke in swampscott. that' s what happens when arctic air blows over warmer ocean water. good sunday morning, i' m karen anderson. doug: i' m doug meehan. it' s february 14. we are breaking records this morning. it is really just a nice morning to hang out inside. >> we are breaking really record low temperature readings this morning. nine below zero is the new record we set today. in boston, 16 below zero. we should be around 25 degrees this time of year. we are starting to warm up. we are at one degree now. three degrees in nantucket but still below normal and below zero in most locations. in the next 12 hours in and around boston, we may come up around 11 degrees before falling back down to the single digits.
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temperature out there today. it is the wind out of the north and west. it feels like 23 below zero in boston right now and like 30 below zero in worship sure. -- worchester. it will stay cold until lunchtime and then we are still below zero. it feel like all day long even with sunshine. we have snow showers and other than that, mostly sunny skies. chances for snow and rain, i will have the time lapse ahead. doug: just over 1000 people without power in essex county right now. that number is dropping dramatically or nearly 15,000 customers were without powder -- power earlier this morning. low oil due to the cold weather, and they have been working to get everyone back online. president obama: he influenced a
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students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> tributes are pouring in for antonin scalia. president obama is among the thousands honoring his memory and what comes back -- comes next for the supreme court that is sparking a political battle. karen: this fight after justice scalia' >> president obama says he will nominate the next supreme court justice this election year or republican say the next president should be the one to make the core -- the choice. nominated i president ronald reagan in 1986, scalia became the first -- member of the high court. mitch mcconnell said the senate will not can term any obama nominee. the president says he must fulfill his constitutional responsibility. president
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plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing. >> justice scalia died in his sleep of natural causes and was 39 years old. heelys find a wife and children. the supreme court had a large caseload this term. they can now split for-four on issues. among the controversial debates coming up, abortion, affirmative action, immigration, and the contraceptive mandate of the affordable care act. among those speculated to replace scalia, deval patrick, a friend of president obama , who served in the justice department during the clinton administration. a replacement will be nominated to day. karen: chief justice john roberts released this statement
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his past -- passing is a great loss to the country he loyally served. harvard law school showed us this photo of justice scalia in 2014. doug: a moment of science -- silence before a raucous. the debate happen just one week before the gop primary. the stakes could not be any higher. moment. all six candidates share the same opinion. delaying the successor to the late supreme court justice antonin scully appeared >> he will do it whether or not i' m ok with it. it is up to mitch mcconnell. delay. mr. rubio: it has been over eight years since a lame-duck
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>> front runner donald trump and jeb bush throwing jets over each other' s foreign policy. mr. trump: jeb is so wrong. lobbyists. the truth from his shows. >> marco rubio trying to get some footing and says he had made some tough choices . >> it was a difficult decision to make and when we only had a few days to look at make a decision on it, i voted against barack obama' s plan to use force and it was the right decision. >> john kasich says yes to tell russia what we set from them and to make it we' re the u.s. will protect its allies. >> an attack on nato, any excuse on russian people, it will be an attack on us. >> george w. bush will hit the
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he and laura bush will speak at an event in charleston, south carolina, tomorrow. karen: the democrats are focused on nevada. hillary and since both to supporters in a rally there this -- yesterday afternoon. that is after the state department released more of the e-mails she kept on a private server during her time as secretary of state. bernie sanders hit the trail in nevada and said clinton is progress. he hosted an event in reno to colorado for that same democratic dinner. doug: new information about the health of former boston mayor ray flynn. he' s been fitted with a defibrillator in an operation at mass general hospital. the surgery comes after flynn was involved in a car accident near his south boston home on thursday. according to a family spokesman, doctors believe that flynn may have suffered a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest
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that irregular heart rhythm may have led to a drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. flynn is now recovering. karen: police are still circuit for the driver of a truck they believe intentionally hit a teenager and then took off. this older model struck a 15-year-old in the teenager was thrown to the ground and is recovering in the hospital. police believe they know who was driving the truck. doug: emergency inspections of the manhole covers on i-93 are now complete. to public safety. caitlin clavette was killed friday after a loose manhole cover smashed through her car windshield. inspections began after the accident, and continued overnight into saturday morning. more than 900 structures were inspected.
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held tomorrow in winchester. her funeral is tuesday in arlington. doug: new warnings about the zika virus in the u.s. ahead this morning the step one state is taking right now. r something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. r spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' t cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. karen: we' re not alone extreme winter weather also hitting pennsylvania. a sudden snow squall caused a deadly pile-up. doug: the eye' s frank holland is back with the tragic scene that seemed to come out of nowhere. frank: this blinding snowstorm surprised drivers yesterday. at least three people have died. the extent of the damage right here, more than 50 vehicles involved including tractor-trailers here at least 40 people were taken to the house will. >> it sounded like two bombs went off. a couple people laying out and
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cars in between tractor-trailers, and total destruction. frank: the interstate remaining closed in both directions until midnight last night. roads unless they need to go out. doug: a reason to stay inside brutally cold temperatures. oh my. weather we' ve seen all winter. and on valentine' boston was more like a ghost-town last night. many people only going out if they needed to. >> i will not stay outside for too long. just in and out really quick. doug: experts warn not to underestimate the extreme cold and the wind chill. just 10 minutes of exposed skin and you could end up with frostbite. it is so cold out there right now. boston on the right. nobody' s moving. the brutally cold temperatures
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it is not even registering, it was so cold. danielle: it is very cold in both locations. do not let the sunshine full you. the wind feels like 30 degrees low zero. we have the windchill warning in it has been in years. to see the readings we were seeing this morning. 16 below zero. the overnight low, 15 baloney -- below zero, setting the record at nine below zero. it was a chilly start and still cold out there right now. now at three degrees in nantucket. you are balmy. enjoy it. the water temperature is a warm 30 degrees or that difference is creating snow showers for parts of the cape. we' ll talk more about that in a second. first, the wind. creating that windchill and
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feels like 23 below zero in boston. it is a cold start. do not the outside if you do not need to appear we have this warming -- warning is in effect. out to the last, it brings out the next chance for snow, turning into plain old rain. we will talk more about that in a second. first, here are the snow showers we' snowing there for a couple of hours now. everything that has fallen is sticking right to the ground because it is so cold outside. it is obviously creating limited visibility. please be careful out there. on monday, some snow mainly late afternoon into early evening.
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rain and ice for turning over to plain old rain on tuesday as temperatures start to really warm up. monday morning, we are dry and still very cold out there for kids at the bus stop. monday night at 8:00, it is snowing everywhere. it may be a quickie simulation of an inch or two but then will weekly turnover to ice or freezing rain and by 8:00 tuesday morning, it is plain old rain. northwest may take a little longer but once it does, everyone is seen -- seeing plain old rain. we will see a lot in terms of totals. anywhere from a half inch to an inch to an intended half of rain that could fall and that would allow for some snow melt but could also allow for flooding potential.
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record: out there, snow turning to rain on tuesday. the reason why it will be rain is because it will be so warm. take a look low 50' s to mid 60' s. what a difference two days and 48 hours really makes for us here in new england. 40' s, clearing out the sky and a lot of sunshine thursday and friday. it feels more like wintertime by then. doug: thank you. checking stories we' re following now. karen: investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire that left people homeless. the fire started on butler street the for union yesterday and quickly rose to three alarms. firefighters from nearby towns came to help to one' s suffered minor injuries after he was hit by falling debris. doug: hawaii has joined the fight against the zika virus. an emergency was declared to fight be illness.
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there have been no locally transmitted cases of zika but there is a concern that mosquitoes could also carry it. an emergency to bring in more money to control the outbreak. karen: a fundraiser will be held today. lang was paralyzed on new year' s eve. one dollar from every public gating mission today there -- they will match any donation made today to the fund. >> now, sportscenter five with bob. bob : there are few times when a guy who is 5' 9" niche --has an advantage over someone who is 6' 11". thomas loses in the final for the big cap.
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a. racing down the court for a synchronized lay-up and then rushing back up the court to they have to not down a three. that is the final challenge. whoever knocks down the three first wins. they both take several shots here until finally, there it is. a great showing. the bruins were in minnesota yesterday. scoring in his sixth straight game. 27th goal overall. the eighth straight loss, 4-2, the final. patrice, who missed yesterday' s game with an undisclosed injury could also be out when the brewers get right back at it this afternoon in detroit. have a great day. karen: we' re focused on your economy this morning and keeping your kids busy over february break without spending a ton of money. doug: this morning, we have the activities to keep them
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bucks. >> the institute of contemporary art tops our list, from a boston-based blogger and author. >> we' re standing right here. every thursday, they have a mission from 4:00 to 9:00, which is awesome. >> a local artist will create a life sized comic book for kids to explore. next up, cambridge. the museum of natural history, a lot to see. during certain hours on sundays and wednesdays, admission is free with proof of massachusetts residency. want to get outside? a little off the beaten path but good value. >> you can rent snowshoes and rentals are five dollars for kids and eight dollars for adults. >> try the greenhouses at wellesley college. 15 interconnected greenhouses.
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boston university' s observatory, also free. doug: on our website. head on over for details on all of these inexpensive family friendly activities. doug: a postal worker' s credited with saving a man' s life. karen: the inclination that something was wrong and the quick action he took just in time. doug: an emotional interview in the aftermath of the paris terror attacks. the new message from the american band that saw the horrors first-hand. >> a live look outside. frozen. that shows you how cold it is out there. we could see temperatures in the 50'
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danielle: welcome back. a beautiful view, clear skies and sunshine. it is dangerously cold. feels more like .3 below zero. you are above zero degrees now. three on nantucket. we will take that.
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in the next few hours in boston, we should warm up to 11 degrees by 4:00. factor in the wind and it will feel like a low zero. the good news is we have a major warm-up along the way by tuesday. 50' s in most locations. over 40 degrees jumping up in terms of temperature. that comes rain. we will take that. karen: warming up. [laughter] an attentive postal worker is credited with saving a man' s life. doug: he sensed something was wrong on his daily route. and as newscenter 5' s sera congi explains he was right. sera: tom takes pride that he knows people on his mail route. when one resident broke his routine, he took notice. >> i used to see him once or twice a month, but he would always come out on the 10th of
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when he did not come out, i got a little concerned. >> he contacted police. >> it just did not seem right. sera: called to help get into the locked house, they found the resident living on the floor. it is estimated he was there for at least three days to when firefighters found the man, he was alive and conscious and taken to the will. fire officials credit the postal carrier with saving the man' s life. the man remains at the hospital. his neighbors are hoping for a full recovery and are glad the man-to-man -- mailman is so observant. class i think it is wonderful. >> a neighborhood watchmen who went above and beyond. class i look out for these people and i think every mailman does. karen: it is a reminder to think
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doug: especially the elderly. give them a knock on your door and check to see that they are ok. karen: some serious competition in new hampshire. doug: it' s drawing top gamers from around the country. the special skills needed to pull off a victory. and where the winner is headed next. frank: remembering supreme court justic antonin scalia. his death now setting off a debate over the future of the high court. the reaction from capitol hill and the campaign trail coming
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now. decades. but there is some relief on the way. my timeline for a warm-up. karen: tributes pouring in for supreme court justice antonin scalia, but his death is already setting up a partisan fight on capitol hill. doug: the debate brewing over the future of the high court. the candidates weighing in on who should nominate his
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>> you are watching wcvb, good morning. this is news center five eyeopener. karen: welcome back. inside. there. this morning, record cold. we survived it and we are it cannot be any worse. getting better. danielle: the record we set in boston was nine below zero this morning. steam below zero. we have not seen this cold temperature reading since 1957. we have to go back a while to see that. we still have the cold and it makes it feel like 23 below zero with the wind in boston, 30 below zero, and 16 below zero even though nantucket now is
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degrees so far this morning. the 12 hour timeline on the windchill, notice we will make it feel like that the entire day in boston. we do have a couple of snow showers ongoing this morning. other than that, a mostly sunny day with big changes round the corner. doug? doug: without power in essex county, that number is dropping dramatically over the last couple of hours. a couple of transformers and delays on the orange line right now. m.d. ta just tweeted out a photo working to fix a track problem
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karen: emergency inspections of manhole covers are complete after a tragic crash. massdot says the inspections found no threat to public safety. caitlin clavette was killed friday after a loose manhole cover smashed through her car windshield. more than 900 structures were inspected since then. doug: police say the driver of this chevy intentionally hit a teenager who was on a bike. police do believe they know who was driving the truck. karen: the former mayor of boston had a defibrillator , surging after he crashed his car on thursday. according to a family for spokesperson, doctors believe flynn may have suffered a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest before the crash combat the regular heart rhythm may have when itself to a
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tributes continue to come in for the man considered the most provocative member of the supreme court. and in school he has died. it is what comes next that has an election-year battle brewing. doug: frank is here on how the death of justice scalia is setting off a big debate. frank: president obama will nominate a successor this year but getting a person confirmed is expected to be an uphill batter -- battle. president expresses condolences and called the 79-year-old a brilliant and energetic justice. he also announced his intention nominee. president obama: there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fill its response ability to give a fair hearing. frank: mitch mcconnell says the american people should have a voice in the selection of the next supreme court justice in the vacancy should not be filled
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candidates weighed in on the nomination during the cbs news debate on saturday night. mcconnell and everyone else to stop it here it is called delay, delay, delay. >> we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who will run the supreme court. >> we should think about how we should create healing. >> the constitution is not a living and breathing document. it should be interpreted as it was originally meant. >> the senate is to stand strong and say we' re not going to give up those u.s. supreme court for a generation. >> democratic candidates are throwing their support behind the president. hillary clinton says it is outrageous republicans already pledged to block the nominee. bernie sanders says he wants to move forward and vote on the nomination. karen: let' s turn to what happens in the months ahead, regarding the high court. our juli mcdonald focuses on the
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julie: influential, provocative, and undoubtably conservative. antonin shkreli is remembered for his decades long legacy that did not change with the times. >> he really thinks the constitution is beholden to the past rather than a living document. >> a constitutional law expert tells newscenter 5 that scalia will be known as an advocate for the originalist view. he believes the constitution means what it meant to hundred years ago. and he was not interested in compromise. >> he ended up being an opponent of civil rights advances such as affirmative action or gay-rights or same-sex marriage. class as the supreme court focuses on some of the country passes most divisive issues, abortion, affirmative action, and immigration, shkreli a' s actions will likely result in more tied decisions. the lower court' s position will
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>> case people thought would be 5-4 against, would probably be for-four, which are mean the unions would win. >> with an aging supreme court, a plymouth at already been a topic on the campaign trail. the president is at the to make multiple nomination. shkreli a' s sudden-death highlights what could be a significant shift over the next several years. >> shkreli of passes death brings the possibility of the abstract and into concrete, making it more of a key issue in the presidential election. wcvb newscenter 5. doug: a drug bust in carver. right now, one man is facing charges in a heroin distribution ring. police arrested joshua clements on myles standish drive friday, after a three month investigation. they found this inside the home heroin, packaging materials, and
10:38 am
shell, police station. they blocked off an area outside of the station and eight police bomb technicians determined it round. is over in new york city. doug: plus, death metal. his message months after the terror attacks in paris. karen: up in flames, the historic landmark now destroyed in ohio. danielle: we are setting records this morning. the coldest air we have seen in over 50 years. relief is on the way after today. frank: we are celebrating black history month.
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karen: a powerful glimpse into the paris terror attacks per the american band who was there made an emotional appearance. he spoke about the chaos at the theater last november to 130 people died in the coordinated
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the band was playing when the shoe to start -- shooting started. >> i knew what was going on. i might' ve been the only one in the theater who knew instantly. i think it is important everyone knows what happened to our friends. >> i did not see a single coward or anyone doing anything cowardly. >> you have to stay light and keep your heart light. i will not let the bad guys win, i promise you. >> he says the band takes their return to touring with strength and humility. >> the city of boston is celebrating black history month and the movement. many do not know -- frank is back with a less familiar story. frank: dr. king was educated at boston university and inspired by his time in the city. his work. dr. king: i have a dream that one day, this nation will rise
10:43 am
frank: before dr. king shared his dream, he earned a doctorate at boston university. academic papers, letters, and more. now housed in the reading room at the used library. before winning the peace prize in 1964, the civil rights leader explained to supporters why he donated these documents. >> it meant so much to me in terms of the formulation of my thinking and the ideas that guided my life. class he had a very empowering experience. frank: the curator of the king collection. dr. king explains how studying idealism, changed his life. dr. king: the whole doctrine philosophically is the
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>> it says a person' s' s character and personality was more important than just service to him is the breakthrough where he becomes an activist. >> for more information, you can go to our website. >> now, your store team five forecast with meteorologist danielle. danielle: this is not washington observatory. the temperature was 35 below zero. throw boiling water out there and it instantly turns over to snow or ice crystals. i see a couple of you showing me that on twitter. it is not necessarily the safest thing to do but it is a cool phenomenon. as to what will happen in the next couple of days, today is the coldest day of the week. we warm up by tuesday. we just have to get through the day today. we set some records this morning. 16 below zero.
10:45 am
it is a cold morning. and you factor in these winds and they are still strong at 10 to 20 miles an hour. making it feel like 30 below zero. and like 16 below zero on even though nantucket is actually above zero degrees below it, that is why we have wind chill warnings. high pressures really dominating our weather keeping most of us dry and and we walk the system out to the west. this will be our next chance for snowfall switching to plain old rain. we will time that out in a second. i want to talk about what is happening. we have really warm ocean water at 40 degrees and really cold air is running a ross it.
10:46 am
heard reports of snow leading -- limited visibility. be careful down all the way to chatham we see the snow showers continuing to go this money. they should wind down in the next couple of hours. before they do, we could see a coating to a couple of inches. other than that, everyone else is dry. it is cold. nine degrees in bedford. in bedford, your 12 hour timeline, the next three-day timeline, looks like this. looks at tuesday. 54 degrees 30 comes with rain but we will take that rain if we can get warmer air in here. nine degrees in bridgewater, and cape and islands. i want to talk about the next chance for precipitation because it is coming on monday.
10:47 am
what happens is monday, we try to stick -- we are dry to start the day p snow is falling and we pick up a quick accumulation of a coating to maybe an inch or two. it will then quickly tip over. as we head to ward midnight, it has flipped over to plain old rain in boston. there could be freezing rain and ice for places north and west, which is my concern. could take a little longer to dislodge the cold air. once it does, it could flip over to cold rain tuesday morning. then the rain will fill back in and notice the heavier stuff coming across. we can pick -- pick up an inch to an inch and a half. we will pay attention to that. the other thing is bringing in the mild air.
10:48 am
still mild on wednesday and back to wintertime temperatures thursday. karen: here is something you do not see everywhere, a gathering of the best of the best pinball players. they took part in a competition in pelham, new hampshire yesterday for the state championship. what sets them apart from us regular pinballers? game knowledge. because not all the tables are the same. >> they all play different rule sets. karen: the winner of yesterday' s competition is headed to las vegas to compete for the national championship. and yes, there is a national pinball championship. doug: we have used every single pinball wizard reference this morning. remembering a supreme court justice and a conservative icon.
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for justice antonin scalia. and the trouble already brewing to replace him in the high r something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. mornings. they' re bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. p and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together. p they' re showering, shaving, and shuffling. p and bathrooms that get big families out the door. re number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life' s morning madness.
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back on right now. there are some delays on the orange line right now. a tweet of this photo of crews working to fix the broken rail. the passengers the status of their flights. were operating with delays in boston. karen: tributes this morning for provocative member of the antonin scalia died yesterday of natural causes in west texas. he was 79. the president, despite push-back from republicans, says he will nominate a successor. doug: former boston mayor ray flynn has been fitted with a defibrillator. he had surgery after crashing his car into his house on thursday. according to a family spokesman, doctors believe flynn may have suffered from a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest before that crashed your the irregular heart rhythm may have led to a loss in consciousness.
10:53 am
fixing the manhole covers -- an inspection is complete. on friday, someone was killed because a manhole cover became loose and smashed into her windshield. it is not clear still how that happened. services for kaitlyn will be held tomorrow over winchester before her funeral on tuesday. doug: police are still searching for the driver of a truck involved in a hit-and-run of a teenager. they say he intentionally struck a 15-year-old on a bike or the teenager was thrown from the bike and risk -- is recovering in the hospital. please know who was driving the truck. karen: accused in a deadly stabbing of his goffin and three young children. michael sykes was seen here wednesday in surveillance video at a staten island delly just before the attack on a homeless shelter. his government and a
10:54 am
four-month-old all died. a two-year-old incredible condition p or police say sykes called his mother and confessed to the attack. doug: an iconic and historic store destroyed in a fire. flames engulfing the general store last night. the fire finally not down around midnight after a three-hour battle. no one inside at the store -- reportedly contained items dating back to the 19th century. a fundraiser will be held today to benefit the woman hot player bennett -- injured on the ice. jenna lange was paralyzed new year' s eve. they will donate one dollar from every public skating at -- commission today. the rain also match any donations made today. on this found ties day, a utah teenager goes the extra mile on valentines day.
10:55 am
high school, all 800 34 of them. he is a 17-year-old who says he spent $450. he says it was definitely worth it. doug: all of his that is are going, really? you' re going to do this to me? girlfriend is a very understanding young lady. very understanding. danielle: it is really cold out there. still about 20 five to 30 below zero. the windchill warning is in effect until mint today. doug: be careful out there and check on the elderly as well and take it easy. karen: tuesday will be better. 50' s. >> this is an editorial by wcvb' s president and manager, bill. >> nearly 112 million people watch super bowl 50, expect will starring past m.v.p.' s, bruno
10:56 am
in the previously, three more players, including the quarterback, were diagnosed posthumously. the nfl says the number of player concussions rose by 54% during the 2015 regular season to pressed about player safety, roger goodell defended the league, pointing to an updated concussion protocol and rule changes to limit contact and practice and outlaw helmet to helmet hits. he says if he had a son, which he does not, he would love him to play the game of football. former pro players have greater levels of als and develop alzheimer' s for time higher than the general population. one study claims the concussions may triple the rate of suicides. a staggering statistic nfl players share with military veterans here at football will continue as our national pastime, but it is extremely reasonable to limit his to something like flag football until their brains have matured
10:57 am
commissioner goodell should use the nfl' ' s substantial clout to promote changes in youth football, in addition to stricter rules and more severe punishments for the obvious, intentional hits designed to injure opponents. the league has the ability to institute change even if the current commission lacks the backbone to lead. the nfl owns a day of the week right now and with such popularity comes the responsibility to america' s
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ed: good morning it' s time to go on the record. the lessons learned from and after primary, the second-place finishers need to do to stay in the game. the final takeaways from new hampshire and primary predictions going forward. the record turnout and the key issues driving voters choices. >> from wcvb boston, the inside word from washington to beacon hill. today' s newsmakers are going on the record. ed: good morning. thank you for joining us for on the record this morning. our guest is david paleologos. it' s all is good to see you. he' s from suffolk university and you know him as the director of political research.


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