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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. randy: breaking news on the eye-opener right now. the standoff in oregon may be coming to an end. the moves from the fbi overnight. >> i just held on for dear life. emily: a man describes a dangerous hit and run. the search for the driver, and what came before the crash. randy: racial tensions growing in boston. the new calls for an administrator to step down. emily: we will get to all of those stories. first, i want to check in with cindy. we' re starting with normal february temperatures? cindy: yeah, but here' s the difference -- these numbers will
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the day. a colder day overall but we are starting in the 20' s with most areas. 27 degrees in boston, and notice on radar across connecticut, we are already seeing a couple snow showers. these are coming out ahead of a funnel boundary, and this is the leading edge of colder air. we' re dropping down into the single digits and teens, the air mass working in. as we go through the day, temperatures in the 20' s. they hold steady through the day, but as we get into the afternoon, you will notice the wind picking up out of the west. just like yesterday, scattered snow showers will be around, especially as we get from midday into the afternoon hours. hit or miss once again, a few quick bursts of snow, and a coating could make the roads slippery until the evening commute. a changeable day, but you will notice the wind picking up. let' s get you out to the roads. we already have some trouble out there.
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olessa: right now, the left lane is shut down the long mass pike east by the 79.2 mile marker. a tractor-trailer slammed into the overpass and rolled over. state police say the driver' s suffering life-threatening injuries and was unconscious when pulled from the wreck. crews are cleaning up a gas spill. rest of the roads are looking ok. so far you were in good shape in both directions -- let' s get over to the map and check the rest of the trip. some overnight construction south of town and 93 northbound. making your way along the pike, no problems is so far. north of town, you are doing fine and we are expecting the trains and buses to start on schedule. >> i' m a dead man. emily: that man was taken for a wild ride, and right now the
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on. randy: frank collins has the clues police are following. frank: good morning. this hit and run happened right here, and this morning than and who held onto that car hood for dear life is just thankful that he is alive. he was very badly hurt in this hit and run but thankfully is still alive after being hit by that car yesterday afternoon. police say the driver was trying to get away after assaulting a police officer. police were talking to the 29-year-old man about a nearby theft, w and he then attacked the ops are and escaped. the victim says he never saw it coming. >> by the time it was coming, it was on me. >> how can you be so oblivious, no conscience whatsoever? frank: the driver eventually stopped, sending him to the ground. he suffered cuts and bruises and
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expected to recover. police are searching for delgado, who faces a number of charges. we will follow this story all morning long it will bring you the latest when we get it. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon may be about to come to a head as the fbi has converged. we are watching the situation closely. erica terry tell is tracking the information. erika: good morning. this really could be over anytime. right now, the refuge is surrounded by the fbi and armored vehicles. the last armed occupiers are holed up there, saying they would turn themselves in today, but they also yelled at officers to back off and talked with line. they were coming out is debtor without charges. all this started over frustration with federal land use policy. we will bring you new
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randy: thank you. police are searching for a motive after a deadly shooting inside the narrow bakery location. investigators say that he shot an officer in the head yesterday afternoon after the officer was called to check on the man. police chased him. he and another deputy were killed in a shootout. emily: a suspicious death investigation his underway after a man was found dead in his home. a list of a wellness check and found he had been shot. he had lived there alone -- neighbors tell us they saw him on monday. results. randy: calls are coming to fire the headmaster of a prestigious boston school. it is amid handling of a racially charged incident. antoinette antonio is live with the scrutiny he is facing.
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leaders in the black community claim that the headmaster failed to take appropriate action after some students allegedly posted racist comments on social media. this is the one we are talking about -- one doc the doctor is the central part of the investigation into the handling of the incident. it happened more than a year ago, and she so far has declined to comment. in recent weeks, students have shown signs of solidarity, posting race positive videos and holding an all-black clothing day. parents were told to bring any complaints directly to the district office and not to the school administration. this investigation is expected to take another week. emily: thank you. right now, a convicted rapist is
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our investigation help expose the flawed evidence that sent him away. he walked out of a new bedford courthouse yesterday free on bail. he was tied to the 1985 sexual assault of a woman by fbi analysis of the strand of hair. that method has since been discredited. >> i' ve been in 30 years for a crime i didn' t commit. don' t give up, don' t give up. that' s for sure. emily: prosecutors argued he should stay behind bars while they decide to appeal or retry the case. they decided his disciplinary record in prison and a prior escape attempt. still ahead, of republican presidential field is now smaller. randy: the candidates are calling it quits at the battle heats up down south. olympic hopefuls in boston. the international event. cindy: and you are going to notice the wind picking up over the course of the day, and that will bring in much colder air. when the temperatures drop to
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randy: 20 minutes before 5:00. commitment 2016. the republican field for the presidency is a bit thinner this morning.
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fiorina are both out. gop front-runner donald trump hit the ground in south carolina, the next big state on the primary map. he says the campaign trial would demand who came in second in new hampshire, which is ohio governor john kasich, who is saying he is ready for a fight. >> don' t mess with me, ok? i' m not going to be a pincushion or marshmallow, but i am also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. emily: on the democratic side, bernie sanders reached out for black voters support, beginning with the reverend al sharpton in new york city. hillary clinton stayed off the campaign trail, huddling with staffers after the rough loss. a new proposal on beacon hill. randy: the plans that may happy second guessing how you cross the street. a light show from space.
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let's do this. so, if a rearr wheel starts to slip, p the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitive lessees can get this silverado all star v8 for around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 sellingnfull size truck in new england. randy: getting closer to the weekend. some really cold weather. emily: you need 24 hours to find your longjohns.
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cindy: we haven' t seen cold like this all winter. look at those minus signs. randy: -22? cindy: clearly we will not get that cold. the air mass has been modified. the we have some cold stuff on the way, coming in in stages. we have one friend working in through today, bringing colder air tonight and tomorrow. that comes in saturday into sunday. high temperatures will not get at the teens. the wind will be blowing as well, so when she' ll could be up to- -- so wind chill could be up to -30. in boston, -3. in worcester, -11. not completely out of reach, but still we are talking about some really called numbers. right now, mostly in the 20' s. the temperatures haven'
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some patchy clouds out there -- and look at the berkshires. down toward long island there are snow showers as well, coming out ahead of the next funnel boundary. this is the leading edge of that colder air, so as the front gets closer we will see more snow showers breaking out. by 10:00 a.m., they are scattered about areas north of west in boston, but there could be some activity to the south. taht continues midday -- that continues midday answer the afternoon. will everybody see a snow shower? no. but the potential is there for a quick burst of snow because temperatures will be colder. a coating could make the roads slippery. with warmer temperatures and didn' t have much of an impact yesterday. off to the west, single digits into teams. that is the air mass working in. temperature this afternoon still in the 20' s to near 30 degrees,
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the wind. by day' s end, the winds are up near 20 miles per hour. tonight we are in the single digits, and look what happens to the windchill. by tomorrow morning, out the door, wind chill' s are subzero. this next arctic front ignites a storm out in the ocean, which may bring light snow to southeastern massachusetts friday night, and first thing on saturday. we can break that down for you. good amount of sunshine, and the afternoon. for the evening, there will be some snow showers breaking out, across southeastern massachusetts overnight friday. then it pulls away. doesn' of accumulation but there could be a couple issues. -5 on average sunday morning for
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are -20 to -3. -- -20 to -30. cindy: happy birthday. cindy: thank you -- emily: let' s get over to the mass and check out the rest of the ride. all that construction -- 10-15 minutes before it is out of your way full also south of there, the northbound side on the braintree split, no problems. one accident still working. an overnight crash involving a tractor-trailer. we will keep you posted. one lane is closed and there is a gas leak. 93 south looks good, trains and buses should start on schedule. randy: thank you. daring athletes are getting ready to catch big air at fenway park. it is going to be quite the show. emily: todd is on the field with a pretty impressive backdrop, todd.
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it certainly is. over the years we have seen some pretty impressive things on fenway -- some big concerts, championship baseball games, and now take a look at this. they are blowing snow as least week, a monster of a ski ramp taking over the field. they will show off over center field, and we cut some of the practice round yesterday. big air is a two-day event. that ramp is 140 feet high, taller than the light towers. >> i' m really excited to stand up on top and look down to see the fans, then do a trick and slide to home. it will be sick. [laughter] todd: and many of these olympic hopefuls are hoping the high profile will bring more attention to their sport. by the way, this runs for two days here at fenway park full we
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emily: thank you. a new proposal in massachusetts could make you think twice about how you cross the street. increase the fine for jaywalking. either crossing the street or well the indicator says not to, it' s already against the law, but the fine is usually $1. harriette chandler wants to change that -- she says if one person' s head every 7-8 minutes. >> i don' t like to use this approach that this is the only way we will change habit. it' s to make people aware of it. once finds go up, they won' t do it again. emily: she is proposing a $25 fine for the first offense and $50 and $75 for subsequent violations. she is determined to bring the proposal to a vote. randy: 10 minutes before 5:00. your economy headlines.
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discounted rides for college students. a the t would sell discounted passes to boston-area schools for each student. schools could make up the cost by raising student tuitions are fees. asian stocks led by mostly sharp drops today in hong kong and korea. u.s. stock futures are also down a day after the markets finish lower. the dow fell 99 points today to close at 15,000. emily: trending stories right now, take a look at this video. do you see the flashes? that is lightning. tim peake posted this to his facebook page, to show what a lightning storm looks like from space. this was captured as the international space station flew over north africa and turkey. great news for harry potter fans -- here is a sneak peek of book eight. a play set to hit the london
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scholastic will print a hard cover of "harry potter in the cursed child" that will only be available in the u.s.. the story picks up more than 19 years after the end of the original story. and forget about burger king -- how about hot dog king? that' s right -- bk will soon serve hot dogs in all its restaurants. the fast food chain calls it one of the biggest launches since the 1970' s launch. randy: i don' t need to know stuff like that. [laughter] emily: a one-on-one with patriots owner bob kraft. randy: he' s recovering from a top season on and off the field. the election confusion -- why one official inc. thousands of massachusetts voters registered with the wrong party. emily: have you seen our fight for good series? we want to know you' re good
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send us your video and pictures of people making a difference and doing good in your community. you can share them on the wcvb facebook page or e-mail them to us.
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randy: we are following breaking news overnight. emily: one man is suffering life-threatening injuries after crashing his tractor-trailer into the mass pike. it flipped onto its side, trapping him on the eastbound side. he was unconscious when first responders pulled him from the wreck. the left lane of the highway is shut down as crews cleanup a gas leak. also breaking, a standoff at a
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the fbi surrounded the refuge overnight. the last armed occupiers are holed up there, saying they would turn themselves in today, but i one point, one of them yelled is they would only come out data or with charges. -- or without charges. it started over disputes with federal land use policy. randy: firefighters are investigating this fire. a brother and sister were pulled out of the burning home and their other sister did not survive. nine people have to find a new place to live now after this fire tore through their home in laconia. firefighters pulled one man from the second floor around 5:00 last night. another was taken to the hospital for breathing problem. emily: a former weymouth middle school cafeteria employee has tweeted guilty to rape charges. she was set to go on trial
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she changed her plea and was sentenced to two years in state prison. randy: a thriller at the garden as the celtics crawl out of a six-point hole. evan turner heating things up against the clippers. they win, 139-134. the celtics all-time great was sent off and last night may have been his final game. emily: this morning, maria stefano is going one-on-one with robert kraft, talking about his team and his regrets about a wild season. randy: he says face showed tremendous toughness, and is one regret is that they didn' t get to play the critical game against the broncos at home. he also says it is his plan to see bill belichick and tom brady retire as atrios.
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he also has a message for family struggling with concussions and long-term brain to injuries. >> i would recommend to every mother out there who wants her young man to grow up special that they play, too. randy: he was on hand last night as the boys and girls club' s celebrated. his son led that organization for 25 years. emily: cindy, not so bad today, but bitterly cold temperatures coming full cindy: we might see a few more developing over the course of the day. they were very persistent yesterday. out in the western part of the state, and especially over connecticut, there were 2-2.5 inch amounts. y ou can see there is a little
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west. an arctic front will bring in a today. compared to last year, we are doing all right. for the season now we are closing in on two feet. last year we only had 78 inches of snow coming in around valentine' s day. we aren' t seeing big storms, but there is a large dip in the jet stream over the east, which will the area. cuts and bays in the twenties the jet stream it is bringing in the cold. close to seven degrees above normal. and upper 30' s. today we will keep it in the upper 20' weekend. high temperatures on saturday only in the teens, but it is the
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by valentine'
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