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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the waters of the south shore, the cape, still taking some time to switch over. it is turning colder. 30' s in the area and ever so slowly the cold air will work in. it will not be quick enough to prevent this storm' s star, rain. it will reach boston around 11:00 tomorrow night. and in the morning, the rain will be mixing with snow and it will flip to all snow. deeper into the commute, this will be going from north to south east. we could have an inch of snow by them. the potential is clearly therefore -- there for 48 inches of snow. we will have more. >> it depends on the temperature. what happens is the system will
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it will begin as rain, then the cold air will push and. this area will have fluffy snow, so breaking it down. this is what it looks like in worcester. it will be two or three inches around noon. however, in boston you' ll have heavier snow. and because of that, we will get most of it between 9:00 a.m. and noon. most places will end up with 4-8 inches, but a different consistency in the snow. inland, it will be dry snow. harvey: we will be here all night long. eyeopener will have you covered with live team coverage tomorrow morning. cindy fitzgibbon and danielle vollmar will be tracking the snow. olessa stepanova will be watching traffic. it all starts at 4:30 a.m. here on channel 5 and the wcvb mobile app. maria: republican marco rubio seeing a decent bump since the iowa caucuses. in a new poll from our sister
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points among likely voters in the new hampshire primary and that puts him in second place. donald trump still on top holding at 29%. he is right there. ted cruz, john kasich, and jeb bush have all seen small increases. on the democratic side, bernie sanders keeps increasing his lead over hillary clinton, now to 31 points despite the fact that she claimed victory in iowa. tonight will be the last time hillary clinton and bernie the new hampshire primary next week. newscenter 5' s janet wu is live the debate is being held and janet, the latest polls have bernie with a huge lead. ed: -- reporter: 31 points is a big gap. bernie sanders'
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is to hold on to the lead he has. the mission for him tonight at the counter the argument that he cannot win a general election. >> i think he needs to show he is presidential. i think when democrats saw ted cruz win the other night and they' re looking at who could be the opposition, i think he needs to show he can win the whole election, not just a primary. reporter: hillary clinton is likely to expand on her charges that sanders' s tax and health insurance ideas are impractical. >> but she needs to give examples, but simply, concise and with key examples. she has so much experience, that' s what she brings to the table. point out what he' s suggesting is what a back bencher senator from vermont might suggest on a senate floor, but not in the seat that is the most important seat in politics. reporter: for clinton, what won her the election 8 years ago, after being 15 points down the day after iowa, was showing a little vulnerability. could that help her again? >> personality trumps everything else in politics and she did this 8 years ago where she showed some emotion towards that final weekend.
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appealing candidate to voters. reporter: now every election , every presidential election, has one defining moment and tonight the watch is on for that moment. reporting from new hampshire. ed: trump still in the lead in new hampshire. but as the new poll shows, rubio is on the move. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in portsmouth, where trump is about to hold a rally. sarah? trump just took the stage a minute ago. this is the last of several events he held today as he fights off a surging ted cruz and marco rubio. reporter: donald trump returning to the granite state, with just a handful of days to win over nation primary tuesday. >> we have politicians in charge
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care of by special interests. reporter: cutting off an unexpected second-place finish right above -- read below ted cruz. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. reporter: cruz holding several town hall style events in new will deliver a repeat of his hawkeye state win. >> we need to repeal every word of obama care, hillary and -- obamacare. s attacks on cruz yesterday, alleging he stole the iowa caucus, trump never mentioned his opponent' s name. >> if i win, i have a good chance, i have a good chance. do i have people' s votes in here? [cheering] reporter: and the candidate who placed a close third in iowa, is also campaigning hard in new hampshire. >> the american story is a miracle, nothing like it in the history of mankind. reporter: it seems that the donald trump campaign is taking
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he has had a more usual, they are small and included one-on-one contact with voters, which new hampshire important. maria: ok. let' s talk about this with our political analysts mary anne , marsh for the democrats, eric fehrnstrom for the republicans. the clock is ticking, mary anne, tuesday is breathing down these necks, and the latest polls have bernie crushing hillary. what does this mean, what does that around? >> many cannot believe it is 30 points. hillary clinton needs to knock out 15 points by tuesday. this is a game changer. she not only has to show her personal side in the debate, but she talked about the fact that she has a public life with problems. display, but she also has to take this to bernie sanders and show that he cannot get these things done.
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it is really hillary clinton who needs to take it to him. maria: ok, marco rubio getting a he is up 7 points. trump still leading but not moving the needle at all. he was 29% before iowa. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that he still even though marco rubio has a stronger than expected finish in iowa, he is smart enough to know that we do not build monuments to bronze medal winners. he needs to finish better than third in new hampshire. he cannot finish third again. maria: both of you, very interesting move by donald trump today. he made some last-minute stops in new hampshire. we all know that he is not usually doing retail politicking up there, until now.
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>> he has to win new hampshire. your full measure and tell the rest of the country who you really are. that is what voters expect in new hampshire and that is what donald trump needs to do to win. >> i think his second-place finish in iowa was devalued by the media. even so, humility is a great feature in politics. things. number one, you have to invest . you cannot rely on just the media alone. get on a bus, go from town to town, show the people of new hampshire that you are not taking them for granted. that is how you win the primary. maria: thank you very much. we appreciate it. republicans will meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary saturday night , and guess where it will be?
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our coverage begins at 8:00. and on primary night, count on us for up to the minute results and reaction. coverage begins at 4:30 on tuesday and we' ll take you all the way until midnight. ready for that? we should bring sandwiches. you can also watch it all unfold on the wcvb mobile app. ed: right now some boston schools are dealing with a potential norovirus outbreak. three different schools are being closely watched. more than 4-dozen students and staff are sick. city health inspectors have checked the buildings, a thorough cleaning now underway. the best defense, old fashioned hand washing. new at 7:00, umass will soon offer student housing on its boston campus. the first dorm will open in 2018. the 1000-bed residential complex will be built via an innovative public-private partnership. economy now. stocks ending modestly higher after a day of wobbling between slight gains and losses. 16,416. the nasdaq climbed 5. the s&p edged up 2. the most active local stocks,
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staples and emc both up less than a point. next at 7:00, mysterious planes flying overhead ed: government surveillance high above us. 5 investigates with a closer look at the secretive program. harvey: already raining and heavy moisture is coming with temperatures slowly cooling down. rain will turn to snow with significant amount. we will have the latest. maria: no super bowl this weekend for the pats, but true to form they' re still making their fans smile. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... pthen you make it... nothing like this. pyou make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. pwith free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." pand checking accounts with
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or fees. pthen you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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maria: stormteam 5 keeping a close eye on that storm that will bring us a messy morning commute. harvey' s updated forecast in just a few minutes. 5 investigates, following up on questions from you about low flying planes you noticed flying overhead. ed: you are wondering what is? it' s government surveillance. and 5 investigates, karen anderson found out what they' re looking for. reporter: this cessna spotted over massachusetts recently, but it is no ordinary airplane. it' s part of a fleet of government surveillance planes that at any moment could be circling above. using a publicly available website, we tracked the government planes the last six months, finding them above
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patterns. the planes drew the attention of our viewers. one emailed us, this flight spent hours circling over foxborough, what are they doing? who are they looking for? similar questions from this viewer in lynn who asked us to protect his identity >> what is it doing, is it taking pictures of everyone, what is going on with it? reporter: the often low flying planes seen before by quincy residents in the weeks after the marathon bombings, made some uneasy. >> is there a threat to the area? reporter: quincy city councilor brian palmucci said the frustration didn' t end when residents learned the planes were watching khairullozon matanov, a friend of the tsarnaevs. >> the fbi knew they were following him, he knew they were following him, but the only people they were keeping in the dark were the residents of the city of quincy. it' s frustrating. reporter: last summer the associated press tracked fbi surveillance planes for one month above more than 30 cities in 11 states across the country.
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fake companies. who the planes are following, and the technology they' re using, all questions the boston office of the fbi wouldn' t discuss, instead pointing us to a statement from headquarters. "it should come as no surprise that the fbi uses planes to follow terrorists, spies, and serious criminals." details about the fbi' s aviation program heavily redacted in this 2012 inspector general' s report, including the number of aircraft available. recently, a rare glimpse of with the release of video of the fatal shooting of one of the armed occupiers at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi also admits it flew over baltimore protests last year. >> we should know a lot more about how the fbi is spending our money spying on us. crockford doesn' t oppose aerial surveillance, but is concerned there' s not enough oversight of the program, including its use of invasive technology like cell site simulators, or stingrays, that collect some bulk cell phone data.
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rarely used from the sky. >> we know that these flights happen routinely, there' s probably one happening right now somewhere in the united states. >> these flights have a legitimate law enforcement purpose, but if the fbi is going to refuse to confirm they are conducting the flights and they remain silent, he gives people' s imaginations the opportunity to run wild. karen: the fbi isn' t alone. other federal agencies, including the dea and u.s. marshals have surveillance planes. coming up at 11:00, a local fbi investigation and the plane we found high above the takedown. karen anderson, 5 investigates. ed: we have snow tomorrow? harvey: inches of snow. yes. you. degrees.
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april fools nor easter with 25.5 inches of snow in boston. we can have flip around. this one will not be that extreme. we hit the 50' s today, we are slowly cooling right now. we have a winter storm warning for most of the area. a winter weather advisory for those in the southeast. and the cape, where it will be harder to switch to the snow. not as much. be aware that there will be heavy, wet snow, that could have issues on power lines and trees. it is 49 in boston. ever so slowly the cold air will work in. as the moisture buildup -- builds up, the temperature will drop and by tomorrow morning, it will be snowing in boston,
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that supports the wet snow. after the storm -- it is raining down on the cape right now. it' s of the timeline on this, as the storm goes northeast, it will pull rain into boston around 11:00. in the morning, the cold air will come in. see the pink? it is mixing. and after 5:00, it will go to all heavy, wet snow. it will do this for several hours. it will continue to move from northwest to southeast, getting to the cape and islands after the morning commute. and then it will wind down for the late evening commute. this is one of the models. this is the most amount of snow, it could be 9-10 inches from boston to plymouth to providence.
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but there is going to be a half foot of snow. the modest idea, there will be about a half foot of snow in the area. a little bit less at the cape and islands. so when timing this, medium chance of having certificate -- significant impact in the evening. very high in boston in the morning. here are the next seven days. we are going to be quiet over the weekend. we have another storm potential in the form of snow, if it comes close enough. that will be monday night into tuesday. we will be watching now one. after we get through with this one. i will have an update, tonight at 11:00. >> now, sports and the one minute drill. reporter: good afternoon we
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and take his place with other super bowl mvp' s in a pre-game ceremony on the field at levi stadium, which is roughly 25 miles from san mateo where brady grew up. brady received this letter from commissioner roger goodell last april 16, less than a month later brady received another notice from goodell suspending him 4 games. the bitterness from the ensuing months ate away at brady and, unlike goodell, who skipped the banner raising ceremony in foxboro in september, brady is demonstrating he is the bigger, better man. in the words of president teddy roosevelt, "it is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles. the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena," so tom brady has shone brightly in that arena. he will proudly take his place sunday among the icons of this great event. now there will never be any could haves, should haves or would haves.
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to attend. no player, including tom brady, is larger than the game. by attending, tom is demonstrating his appreciation to all who have assisted in his ascension to the pantheon of super bowl greats, as well as respect for the game and an example to all who admire him. maria: class act. that is a smart move. ed: it is very interesting that he decided to go. right choice. maria: so true. so true. the patriots making a sweet play ed: and it' too.
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ed: tonight, five for good is a total touchdown. maria: you are the sports guy. gordon richards spent the morning -- jordan richards spent the morning at a local hospital, he was at dana farber. he visted with outpatients at the jimmy fund clinic and provide the children with patriots-themed gifts. richards also donated platelets at the kraft family blood donor center at dana-farber cancer institute and brigham and women' s hospital. ed: as we go to break, we want
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ed: guns stolen from a local store, police are asking for your help. maria: and you just saw the report on the fbi surveillance flying overhead, tonight at 11:00, the plan i was overhead during the takedown. come on harvey. ed: one last word. harvey: it does look like the rain will change to snow at about 6:00 in the morning. it will start raining by midnight.
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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